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  2. Sadly my brother and lifelong Wenesday fan succumbed to the Corona virus in the early hours of today. Season ticket holder in the north stand for many years, rest in peace bro.
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  3. To put things into context. DC is funding the club from his own pocket on a daily basis and is set to lose north of £10m. On top of this he has signed Dunkley,Windass, Kachunga,Fisayo, Brown Paterson. For a combined transfer outlay of £1m! All under 30 and 4 are 25 and under. Tremendous effort and businesss in the circumstances. Well done DC.
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  4. I have tried to be reasonable. We're in an unprecedented situation: -12 points. A staggering wage bill which needed slashing. A money mismanagement situation meaning we're back to signing other teams cast-offs. A manager who had been working on his own for most of his spell here. A seemingly never ended run of injuries which seem to have haunted us for the past 5 years regardless of who the manager was. I try to legislate for that when I'm angry. To reason with myself and not let emotion get the better of me. I tell myself that Steve Bruce just the other year stated it would take a minimum of 4 windows and that our manager has had one window. I tell myself that teams don't click straight away. Sometimes it can be a process of time before a team gels. Like any work places when people move to a new town a new city. Have new colleagues and managers. I tell myself that even playing at our very, very best this squad is a mid table championship team. Being built with players from other mid table Championship teams. I tell myself that without the -12 deduction I'd have considered a 12th placed finished a good return. I tell myself that with the -12 deduction then one place above the drop zone would be a good result. Before I fly off the handle I remind myself of things. Remind myself that this is the market we're shopping in. Remind myself that sacking people costs money we don't have. Remind myself that in football, anything can happen. Remind myself we're in an absolute mess of epic proportions. Much of which has nothing to do with the manager. However. The same thing is true of many clubs in the division. In the League. What we have to do is make the best of what we've got. Aye, even if that does mean getting the best out of this group, of Rhodes, and Pelupessy, and Marriot and Harris. We don't have much choice. And we're simply not doing that. For all that is wrong the one thing that is no different here than it is at Barcelona or Bayern Munich, or Hallam FC and Club. Players can be brought to the best of their potential (whatever that level is) and we simply aren't doing that. I thank Monk. I do. For he's had, in many ways a thankless task. But modern management seems to be about clip boards and and drills. And I think we lover look that we're dealing with human beings. I want a change. I want someone who might not be a great tactical innovator. Who might not have badges coming out of his ears. Who probably has never won a cup but someone who has that ingredient so badly overlooked in football. The ability to judge characters, and get the best out of them. And yes, get the best out of this limited group, because these are the players we've got. I'm not going to moan about them. They're ours. But they can do better. Even the whipping boys. The ones who look shorn of confidence. They can do better with the right man. The right motivation. I didn't want Garry Monk to start with. Said he was a spiv I didn't want. It was a cheap line. But once he was here I got behind him. Backed him to the hilt. Have continued to. Until you've been in there the pressure cannot be known to the outside. But it's time for a changes. Because as bad as the situation is. As average as the squad maybe. They are capable of much more than we have seen of late and we need someone to ignite that. This is no knee jerk reaction. It's time for a change. It's time for a change to save this season. Act now Wednesday. Act now before it's too late. We need a leader of men who the players would die for.
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  5. As some of you know on here, I’ve mentioned a few times about the disappointment of my lad failing to show any interest in Sheffield Wednesday, or football in general to be fair. He’s always been interested in other things, mostly his Playstation, for literally years. Took him to a game a few years back, and he fell asleep across three seats. Since then, not shown an inkling of interest. In fact, my daughter has been to more games than Joe. So a couple of days ago, now 15, he says “Dad, can I start going to the football with you if you’re going to watch Wednesday this season”. Well, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. I don’t know what has brought this on other than a few of his mates at school mentioning they go to the football with their Dads, but I wasn’t going to discourage him was I? Might’ve taken until now, but I’m so proud of him. I went with my Dad when about 4 or 5 years old, and we were rubbish at the time I recall, would’ve been about 1970 ish, so not much has changed. I’ve warned him we’re not in the Premier League, we’re not in the Championship, and we’re not that good at the moment, but he simply said “That’s alright Dad, I just want to go to watch some football matches”. So off the back of this, I’ve today bought two season tickets for us. Not had one for years. I doubt we’ll get to see all the games but what the heck.. So proud of him for carrying on the family tradition (though I feel guilty that it may seem like child abuse if things don’t go according to plan this season). Well done for seeing the light son. So proud of you.
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  6. There will be threads on the way. Dunkleys fault. Darren Moores fault. Borners fault. Liam Palmers fault But it's not about today. Today hasn't cost us our status. This is when I really knew we were down. Really knew. Not today. But then. When you can't offer any resistance to the teams around you. Three crushing defeats without the ball in the opposition net. But we were up against it even before that. That little run was just the confirmation of what we all knew from the very start. So yes, Dunkley has had a nightmare. And maybe Moore has made a wrong substitution , but we have been lucky to even go into this game with anything still to play for. But the blame , really, the blame for Sheffield Wednesday demise. . MY Sheffield Wednesday YOUR Sheffield Wednesday OUR Sheffield Wednesday Our Wednesday now facing up to life in the 3rd Division. Yes the third division, not league one. Which makes it sound not as bad as it actually is. It's the third Division And that lies squarely at the door of Chansiri. And it lies at his door because he won't listen. It lies at his door because he takes 'advice' from someone who doesn't know his ar$e from his elbow in terms of what this club needs. Or what's best for this club. It lies at his door, because it is he, and those Spivs who have thrown money around on players not worthy of playing for this club, who were never the right fit for this club, and in doing so...got us in trouble with the football authorities and docked points. 6 points funnily enough. 6 points with which, despite the absolute dross served up this season by the 5 men who have been in charge...Monk, Pulis, Thompson, Moore and Smith... would still have been enough to see us stay up. HE has got us relegated It's at his door, and whoever else is making the ridiculous decisions, that we have seen that has seen this club spiralling out of control over the past 4 years and now about to crash. HE and his hangers on have sent this club crashing. This is at HIS door And I won't forget that. Oh I'm sure Twitter will be red hot tonight with people blaming Rhodes being subbed off. With people abusing the players. But I won't be. I'll be sat here. I'll be sat here thinking on him. And his Chum. And how they have run this club. Aye, there's the rub. So some can call Dunkley out tonight. And some will call Pelupessy out "Worst player ever" etc. And that'll be good for him, Chansiri, him and pal. Because it's takes the spotlight away. Away from the real reason this club is sunk. It won't take my spotlight off them. You want to know why this club is f*cked, Mr Chansiri? You want to know why there's nothing left in the kitty? You want to know why our own kids, Wednesday fans don't want to stay here? LOOK IN THE MIRROR & AND LOOK AT THE FACE OF THE PERSON WHO CALLS YOU MOST ON YOUR PHONE THATS WHY
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  7. Good evening everyone, my name is Jay Whittle and I am a big Wigan Athletic fan. I’ve been reading this thread, having noticed that former Latics manager Paul Cook has been linked to the Sheffield Wednesday role. Paul Cook is an excellent choice for any Championship side, and I think he is the ideal manager for the situation that Sheffield Wednesday currently find themselves in. He is a born winner, and he knows how to get the best out of all of his players. His man-management skills are second to none, and he will drastically improve Sheffield Wednesday both on and off-the field. His personality is infectious, and he was idolised during his time at Wigan. He played a really attractive brand of football, and created a lot of many special memories for the fans of Wigan Athletic. From knocking out Bournemouth, West Ham, and Manchester City in the FA Cup as a League One side, to beating Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United at Elland Road in two consecutive years. He is the only English manager to have recorded wins over both of these highly-respected managers. He will help Sheffield Wednesday stay up this season and then will help you consolidate/push for promotion next season. He won League One with us with nearly 100 points and 100 goals. His track record is absolutely unreal, with three promotions at his last three clubs. Another thing that goes under the radar about Paul Cook is his recruitment. He has signed several players, that have gone on to bigger and better things. If you look at the squad that he built, most players are playing in the Championship or higher. He is also very active amongst the community, and really likes to get involved with the Supporters. He even joined me on my Latics podcast to bid farewell to Wigan Athletic when he resigned, showing what a classy manager he is. If you’d like to watch it to learn more about Paul, I’d fully recommend listening to the podcast to hear about his time at Latics, his managerial philosophies and get a feeling about what his personality is all about- https://youtu.be/vjbBn4aDTu0
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  8. Dejphon Chansiri get out of my club.
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  9. GARRY MONK STATEMENT STATEMENT RELEASED ON BEHALF OF GARRY MONK It is a huge disappointment to be leaving Sheffield Wednesday. It has always been a real honour and privilege to be manager of this historic club. I know from living and working in the city of Sheffield how loyal the fans are to the club and I feel the passion they show for their team to be successful. Arriving at the club last September, I gladly accepted the huge challenge, which was something I was determined to get my teeth into. Making our way to 3rd position in the league at the turn of the year was good progress. Unfortunately we were unable to maintain that form and produce the same consistency to gain the results we wanted. Amongst many other factors, strengthening my staff this summer enabled us to meet the target set for this stage of this season; being out of the minus points and beginning the next phase of climbing the league. It is a big disappointment to be unable to see the project through. Hard work has been at the core of our daily work and the standards of that work have definitely been demanded and raised since I first arrived at the club. I do believe there has been some foundations put in place that will enable the club to be successful in the future. I would like to thank everyone connected to the club; the chairman, staff, players and of course the fantastic fan base for their support and I give my very best wishes for the future. Finally, in what has been a difficult year within the communities and businesses of Sheffield with the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope you and your families continue to stay safe and healthy and that everyone can all return to some normality very soon. Best wishes, Garry Monk
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  10. We don't want you. You've destroyed our club. Take your name off our stands and fooook off
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  11. What it meant to his family back home
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  12. Curse the owner for hiring a proven, experienced manager. Our fans are unbelievable
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  13. "They will have a chance of promotion. Darren [Moore] knows the league, he had Doncaster in the playoffs when he left, on a small budget," Waddle told bettingexpert.com. "He’s been signing a lot of young players. Bannan stayed, Hutchinson stayed, there are two or three experienced players there who’ll help them enormously in that league. "His loans will be key. The club are battling on and Darren’s doing a good job, not moaning." "The club is a shambles at the minute. Chansiri needs to go, he needs to put the club on the market and sell it." "He has not got a clue how to run this football club" "He had two years to try and get out of the Championship, and when they didn’t get out with the playoff final and semi-final, his budget was gone. He had a two-year plan to get to the promised land of the Premier League and it didn’t work. "Look at players who’ve walked out of the club on free transfers: Jordan Rhodes, worth £6m or £7m, Adam Reach, worth £5m or £6m, Forestieri, who was worth £13m or £14m. They’ve signed a lot of old players through agencies, who are on good money and their legs have gone. "The recruitment, the organisation, the way they treat the fans, the prices. Chansiri has been an absolute nightmare and the sooner he goes the better."
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  14. Good luck to your mate. What's this got to do with George Hirst, though?
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  15. 2 points. Less than half of respondents want him to sell. That’s not a clear message, its not even a majority, so let’s not twist the story as usual. Secondly, you need a buyer. I don’t see many knocking the door down.
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  16. Appointing Monk cost us our Championship status. The squad he put together was ridiculously unbalanced.
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  17. Just taken my football team to a kids football tournament ran by Liam Palmer’s football academy. Was a 2 day event, spent mostly in the rain. Liam was there all weekend running the show, engaging with all the kids and parents all weekend long. Whatever your opinions on him on the pitch, off the pitch hes an all round top bloke, couldn’t do enough for all the kids, was brilliant. Not a lot of footballers this day and age are like this i would have thought, most of them wouldn’t give you the time of day let alone organise and run Something like this. Top man
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  18. Imagine the surprise when all 24 are sharing the one room.
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  19. Who the f*ck do the EFL think they are? There are three clubs that get monstrous amounts of money for having the honour of being amongst the three sh*test clubs in the Prem - and incredibly, not only do they get that money, but they get it a proportion of it for another two seasons after that. So in any one season a Championship club like ourselves is up against potentially 9 of the other 23 teams in the division that have this cash injection few other teams at this level could ever hope to replicate in any way. So, make arbitrary rules that essentially forbids competing with such teams and then come down like a ton of brick when these other teams deign to have the ambition to spend similarly to them. The parachute money is killing the game. And yet the parachute money is essential to ensure the gap between the money in the Prem and the money in the Championship is bridgeable. This is where the problem is. Nowhere else. Either the sport imposes an enforced (and huge) reduction in the value of contracts of players getting relegated with Prem teams (if it legally can) (and thus rendering parachute payments unnecessary), or it dies. It can't go on like this. In fact, I don't want it to even if it could somehow financially sustain it (which, in any case, seems unlikely). It's grubby, and I'm just sick of it. I want nothing more than to get back to the football on the pitch. God knows I can cope with our failures on the pitch, but this constant background noise of financial rules being breached is sapping the life and force from the essence of the sport.
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  20. That released list makes great reading but I feel that Tom Lees has had some death by association here, I'm sad to see him go. He's not been at his finest recently but over the course of 5 years or so he's been a very good player for us, has given his all, always acted professionally and generally represnted the club very well. Good luck Tom, you'll always be welcome at Hillsborough.
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  21. Transfer embargoes, points deductions, not sticking to EFL rules, selling stadium to himself, most expensive tickets outside PL, most expensive kit prices outside PL, 6 managers in 1 season, not paying player wages on time, not refunding season ticket holders on time, dodgy unknown kit manufacturers, D taxis. If we hadn’t started this season on -12, we would’ve attracted better players. If we didn’t receive the -6 points (in the end) we would’ve stayed up. How anyone can not blame Chansiri for the state the club is in baffles me.
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  22. On the back of the tragic news of Mick Forbes passing, today has been the funeral of GuruJuan in Oxford! His mate and business partner from the 80’s clubbing scene, Mark Platts travelled down for the service & kindly sent back this photo. If there is an afterlife & they like a party up there they’ve just gained one brilliant party organiser! UTO
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  23. I’m sure to be in the minority, but I’m actually looking forward to next season. I think now relegation is confirmed, we may be finally start to move forward. - high earners off the wage bill - absolutely awful players such as Harris & Kachunga gone - Looking forward to DM implementing a new style of play - Finally getting back into Hillsborough - We might just might, win a few games - Some L1 away days are absolutely class (some are also awful) - Looking forward to a busy & successful? Transfer window, and a new team next year - Meeting my mates down the pub for a pint before a game - Here’s to HMS p*as the league Who cares if we are in league 1 , bring it on!!! WAWAW
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  24. "It's hard for the players at Hillsborough, the expectation of the fans" "There can be a fear factor, the pressure not to make a mistake" "It's a tough place to play when things aren't going well" "The boys need more encouragment. We do seem to travel better" "This is a big club, it's hard for some players when they walk out there with a big crowd" "The home form is something we need to investigate. I'm aware there's issues with the home form. But these are a passionate bunch and sometimes it can get to the players" "There's a great history at this club and a level of expectation that can affect the players. ~ Every Manager we've had in the last decade --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Opposition players have looked forward to their trips to Hillsborough over the years. Nice big pitch. Big traditional ground. And an easy game... Well that's going to change. Teams are going to start hate coming here. AND I WELCOME THAT! And. I suspect many more will once the tear streaks that have chased down the precious cheeks have dried and the reality of the situation dawns. That Simeone wasn't going to drop what he was doing at Athletico and come and build a dynasty at a club stuck in the bottom 3 of the Championship with a squad of journeymen. We're in the bottom places of the Championship , have struggled to beat teams like Wycombe, Rotherham, Luton. I've tired of seeing the likes of bullyboys like Bradley Johnson, and the rat-faced Ben Pearson kicking lumps out of players with no retribution. Sick of smug smooth faced, poncy faced toppers like Patrick Bamford strutting about giving it the big one. Bradley Johnson - a tail tugging tugger No. Those days will be gone. They will be scanning the fixture lists in future. Planning when to get their 5 yellow cards timed just right to miss the trip to Hillsborough. Make no mistake about that. Players coming back from International breaks will be making out they picked up a little knock while they were away to dodge the 'Wednesday at Hillsborough' fixture. We've been a soft touch for too long. Walked over too easily. For years I've heard people talk about "Home" referees. We never have home referees, because we're too nice to them. We don't mump and moan and harangue. We don't tell them how to do their jobs. We make like easy for them, them and the opposition. No more . Here's the thing. The whole scenario where our own players don't like playing at Hillsborough and the opposition do will be a thing of the past. And here's something else. We can be part of it. When we're allowed back in the ground. If we back our team. If we make it as hostile as the players will start making it on the pitch, then we need not worry about seeing our own lads having the micky took out of them on their own patch anymore. TOGETHER! WE CAN GO ON. THE TEAM , THE FANS AS ONE. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THAT PLACE A FORTRESS AND MAKE PEOPLE AROUND THIS LAND MUTTER OF PLAYERS WHO THINK TOO MUCH OF THEMSELVES THAT PHRASE... "BUT CAN HE DO IT ON A COLD TUESDAY NIGHT IN SHEFFIELD" WECOME TO HILLSBOROUGH TONY PULIS
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  25. Delete if not alloud So when I started doing videos on wednesday it was becasue neil found my videos on youtube and gave me the push to do it. I know my videos are not everyone cup of tea and I get that but tonight I just hit a big milestone one the channel at the start of the year I hit 1000 subs I now I just hit 1,500 I know it only about 20% who are subcribe to the 70% that are not sub but thansk for giving me the push to do it and give me some routine back in my life after getting FND. Gave me somthing to do and drive that I can do somthing when I was at one of my lowest times in my life
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  26. And I quote "they are a selling club, they don't have ambition" Can we put this on Chansiri`s honour's board?
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  27. YES 100% All we want is the madness to stop, for a proper structure, respect for fans, more transparency, less secrets, more common sense management of the finances etc etc It's not a personal thing for me or about him - it's about what's best for our club (his actions to date haven't been) If Chansiri changed his ways I'd bear zero grudges and we can all just crack on together
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  28. So, we’re up to 5… Dunkley, Dele, Izzy, Kachunga and Windass have all come in, and I’m excited. It would be very easy to rattle through each one of the above and find flaws, but what’s the point? They’re here now so why not focus on the positives. These lads for me all have a point to prove. They also all knew we were on -12 before they joined, so for me, they all have a bit of character about them. So, why not hope in Dunkley we have another Iorfa but with more goals? Why not hope Dele is our next Whelan? Why not hope Kachunga working under Beattie in his preferred position of 9 won’t flourish? Imagine struggling through a role in your own job for a few years you’re not happy with and then getting a fresh start elsewhere under someone who’s put their faith in you. And if you still don’t want to do that then here’s a comparison taking a look across the pond at Wilder’s early signings; Duffy from Birmingham on a free, Fleck from Coventry on a free, O’Connell cheap from Brentford, Stevens from Pompy on a free, Lundstram from Oxford for 500k, McGoldrick from Ipswich on a free (after a trial), Leon Clarke etc… Imagine Wednesday had signed any of those players? Think of how underwhelmed the fanbase would have been with nearly every one of them. And look where they are now - it’s the sum of the parts. I’m choosing to believe that there's actually a plan in place, a spirit in place, that it’s going to be us against them this season and that we have characters who are properly going to fight for the badge. And that excites me - is that not what football’s all about? The defeats this season are going to hurt either way, and probably more than ever given the position we’re starting from. But until they arrive, the more we can back the club with some positivity the better. Buzzing for Saturday. WAWAW.
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  29. I'd take him if we'd stayed in the Championship. In League One, it's an absolute no-brainer. He's a cut above our current options.
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  30. His decision alone to start dunkley was ridiculous But taking Rhodes off for Kachunga Really? His time here has been awful Can anyone say we've looked good under him ? Yes the players are rubbish but they are a hell lot better than he will be signing next season And his motivation skills are shocking stood there like a absolute plum Get someone in whose actually achieved one little thing Absolutely gutted
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  31. Of course you can't read too much into things. The first press conference all new managers are going to say the things we want to hear. Though it was good to see that the 'everybody has a clean slate' cliché looks like it has truth in it with Westwood called in to train. Clearly the door hasn't been shut there. Pulis is old enough, big enough and ugly enough to be able to deal with big personalities. So it'll be up to the players to show him what they've got. Equally full of praise for Bannan. I don't think the Pulis arrival is the death knell for wee Bazzas Hillsborough career that some might think. Even a side which is likely to be direct needs someone in it capable of hitting those long accurate passes and Bannan is about the best we have. He'll really be judged by what happens in matches of course. Like all managers. But I've keenly watches the training footage that is available and studied the stills. We often see the new man stood with his hands in his pockets in these early session, casting an eye over his new charges. Pulis appears to be of the school of thought that the best way to get to know them is to get stuck in and making himself clear from the start rather than easing himself in. Already there's a sense , to me, of an intensity and demand being made. Day one, straight in and organising. I like that. Set your stall out as you mean to go on. If you ease in early doors and then start turning the screw it can get backs up. He's in straight away and quite clearly "The Gaffer" I did wonder , as you do, whether a man of his age might still have the desire. The hunger. Because let's be honest, once you've made a few bob out of the game it's easy to bounce around a bit doing the minimum and taking a wage. Clearly though Pulis still had that hands on hunger , drive and determination. And will demand it from the players. I don't think he's come here for some semi retirement. He will be judged on results. There might be a quick period where we get some bounce. But there is also going to be some dips. Rome wasn't built in a day. We should , I think, remember that Steve Bruce commented it might take 6 transfer windows to build solid foundations at this club and turn things around. I suspect as a fan base we'd have given him that time. Pulis, whatever we may think of him and his methods is clearly going to come in and work his socks off for this club. He'll not be someone who hides and slithers about. Let's get behind him and the boys when we're allowed back in (and in the meantime not abuse them on social media). And together we might just be able to build solid foundations with this man at the helm like he was able to do at Stoke when given the time and backing.
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  32. Tom Lees is moving on from Sheffield Wednesday after seven years at the club. The defender, who has played 274 games for the Owls and spent a spell as captain, has enjoyed some very happy memories at Hillsborough over the years, but admits that his departure is not going the way he had hoped. Lees, 30, is now in the process of recovering from injury as he hunts for a new club following his S6 exit, and he admits that he will be back in the future to show his family a city that has grown close to his heart. It remains to be seen at this point in time where the former Leeds United man will end up next season, but he says that he leaves with ‘so many great memories’ that will always live with him. His letter read as follows: “To all Wednesdayites, “I could not leave the club without taking the time to thank you all for everything you have done for me over the last seven plus years. The welcome I received immediately and the support over the years really means so much to me and I won’t forget it. “The pre kick-off part of ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ when the music cuts out and the fans take over will never leave me. “I’m proud to have worn the shirt 274 times during my time here, and have been fortunate enough to captain the side for a lot of that period. That is something which no one can take away from me and I’ll always be able to look back on in the future and say I did that for a club like Sheffield Wednesday. “I’ve shared a dressing room with some great players and great people over the years - many of whom I’ll stay friends with for the rest of my life. I leave with so many great memories and moments shared with them. “I would like to thank the staff working at the club behind the scenes who have looked after me since I arrived as a young lad, the managers and their staff I’ve played for, and my sponsors who have always supported me. “I am obviously gutted the situation the club is in as I leave and the way my last game finished. It’s not how I ever envisaged it would be, but looking back at my time I know I can say I gave every single bit of myself in training, playing and in trying to improve the club off the pitch. “I wish the club all the best in the future, and I am sure I’ll come back and show my family where I spent some of the best years of my career. “Thanks, Tom.” Lees joined Wednesday under Stuart Gray back in 2014, and twice came close to helping the Owls reach the heights of the Premier League via the Play-Offs – his exit, alongside the likes of Keiren Westwood, leaves Barry Bannan, Sam Hutchinson, Liam Palmer and Joe Wildsmith as the only players left over from the 2016 final at Wembley.
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  34. Time now for those moaning about Monk to get put your gripes to one side, get behind him, back him, and give it 100% support
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  35. We could have had a reyt laugh this season just by staying up after the points deduction. It’s not like we haven’t had the opportunities but we’ve failed time after time after time in big moments purely and simply because of lack of bottle and leadership. You can rant all you want about the chairman and the state of the club, various managers etc but what happens on the pitch is really what counts and this spineless bunch should hang their heads in shame. We had a list of the mad stuff that the chairman has done. You could easily make a similar list of stupid and pathetic stuff this team have done, out there, on the pitch over this season. Failure to fight back in any game even to achieve a draw, losing from winning positions, stupid sending offs, missed chances, crumbling late on in games, the list is endless. This club lacks leadership on and off the pitch and looks to have denied us, and this city, what could have been a good season of fierce rivalry in the same division next season. Pathetic.
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  36. 3 points is 3 points. I'd take that performance and result every single game. It doesn't matter how we play if we win. It doesn't matter how we play if we lose. The lads gave everything out there today and as a Wednesday Fan that'll do for me. Committed performance and 3 points. Anyone moaning about us being lucky, or crap, or not deserving it, or better teams will beat us can do one. I'm celebrating 3 points and escaping the relegation places tonight. That's all I care about right now. I'm shallow, don't bother trying to change my opinion. Why would you spoil my happiness anyway?
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  37. Wednesday welcomed new manager Darren Moore to the club this week and the new gaffer couldn't wait to get out on the training pitch and work with the players and set out a new attacking philosophy ... Moore said in his press that he hadn't taken advice or insider info on the club from within the game and wanted to find his own views and he'd make judgments when he arrived.. Both he and new assistant manager Jamie Smith found out plenty about the squad in this first virgin training session of the new dawn... The gaffer is a widely experienced player and coach and knows that confidence , a pat on the back and a well done can go a long way in dealing with a players positive self image and psychology and was sure to point out the the good things they did as well... After an informative morning session the gaffer went to his new office at the training ground to try the chair for size, find where the tea bags were and to settle in ... While the gaffer settled in, the coaching staff oversaw the rest of the session and got to know each other better... After a busy first day taking questions from the press, meeting the staff and putting the players through their paces the gaffer was just about to lock up and leave for home when the phone rang... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY V's ROTHERHAM CHAMPIONSHIP KICK OFF : 19:45 HILLSBOROUGH --------------------- ------------------- WEDNESDAY need new boss Darren Moore can make an immediate impact having have lost our last four matches, including a despicable 3-2 defeat away at Luton Town last weekend. Moore's task of keeping Wednesday in the Championship will be a challenging one but a victory in midweek would get him and his side off to a good start and could see the Owls move three points behind Birmingham City, who sit just above the drop zone. Rotherham Manager Paul Warne stated that his side "weren't good enough in the final third" and bemoaned several missed chances to snatch at least a point from the game. The Millers went home empty handed for the 18th time this campaign and they remain inside the bottom three, one point above the Owls. Rotherham can take some confidence into their clash with Sheffield Wednesday, having already beaten them 3-0 in October earlier this campaign. The Millers are looking to complete a league double over the Owls for the first time and a win could move them two points behind Birmingham. ------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Wednesday midfielder Liam Shaw is available after serving a two-match suspension for his red card against Birmingham City. Goalkeeper Joe Wildsmith is expected to start with Kieran Westwood unavailable with a broken rib, while midfielder Massimo Luongo is ruled out for up to six weeks with a thigh problem. Darren Moore used a 4-2-3-1 formation throughout the campaign with Doncaster and may decide to use the same system in midweek. Wednesday possible: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROTHERHAM Rotherham will be without Michael Ihiekwe, who is to serve the final game of his two-match suspension, while club captain Richard Wood is still out with a groin injury. Defender Clark Robertson has been ruled out for a month with a hamstring injury sustained against Reading, which could see Wes Harding fill in at centre-back alongside Angus MacDonald. Rotherham possible : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORM GUIDE Wednesday form: L-W-L-L-L-L Rotherham form: W-L-L-L-L-L ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All joking aside, a big welcome to Wednesday to Darren, Jamie and Paul. You've got a hell of a job on your hands chaps. But if you stick to your principles and go out and set the team up to have a go and to play some football then you'll find there's a tremendous, loyal and patient support at this club. It's a mammoth task, but get it right, and there's huge potential here. Welcome and good luck! COME ON WEDNESDAY
    73 points
  38. As your owner and chairman, I take full responsibility for everything that happens at our club. I am the leader and in good times or bad, the responsibility for Sheffield Wednesday lies with me. I am sorry to you all that we have been relegated. This was never what I anticipated when I came to Hillsborough in 2015, my vision was to take Wednesday into the Premier League. We came so close in 2016 and then again in 2017 and since then the times have not been so good at all. In football, in sport, there are highs and there are lows and right now, this is the lowest I have felt and I know you will be feeling the same. There are no guarantees in football, we have tried our best but our best was not good enough. We must now face the reality of what lies ahead and for next season at least, that is League One. We must pick ourselves up from the floor and move forward in a positive way. We have had plans for both scenarios and now our immediate future is clear, we can start to put those plans into place. I can pledge that as chairman, I will give everything I can and offer as much support as possible to everyone as we try and achieve promotion at the first attempt. There are issues we must address in the short and long term and some things will not happen overnight. Darren Moore will be the manager for sure and the moment I mention Darren’s name, I must wish him all the very best as he continues his recovery from illness. Health must come before anything else, as this past year has taught us more than ever. I would like to say thank you to the coaching staff who stepped up in Darren’s absence and also to everyone who has worked so hard during what has become one of if not the most challenging season in the history of Sheffield Wednesday. It has ended in the worst possible way but we have to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. We will rebuild on the pitch, and off it, the day when fans return cannot come soon enough. I say thank you to our fans, it has been soulless without having you following the team home and away and I know all clubs say the same but we have missed your support so much. Like all of you, I hope that life can return to normal soon and in football, that will mean having our fans back into Hillsborough and following the team around the country in the numbers that you do. You do not deserve this end to a season that in so many ways we will want to forget but in others we can look back on in time as a turning point for the revival of our club.
    72 points
  39. It's only one game of course, but that felt like the emergence of a new team today. Let's not forget that Cardiff only lost three home games last season - this was a very tough opener, yet we've put in a performance of real character and fight to secure our first three points of the season. We're far from the finished article, but if we show the same effort, discipline and togetherness throughout the whole season, we'll give ourselves a real chance of overturning our points deduction and having a team to be proud of.
    72 points
  40. Possibly more fans may be sympathetic towards the owner if we knew what the problems were and the plans going forward. Remaining in hiding is not the way forward.
    71 points
  41. Are you taking the Pi55 Must win game Patterson in defence Rhodes on the bench 5 at the back Car crash Harris and Borner playing Summed up when sky zoomed in on the touch line And Smith with Ainsley Harrot looking like a set of simpletons just stood three doing nothing Get well soon Moore but seriously f#ckoff And take Reach, Harris and Borner with you
    71 points
  42. Played in the cup - WON and Clean Sheet Played in the league - WON and Clean Sheet P2 W2 L0 Clean Sheets - 2 Possible League Points - 3 League Points Secured - 3 Win% - 100% Through to the next round of the cup Two tricky away wins on the trot No goals conceded Rhodes off the mark Windass off the mark Van Aken’s defence immaculate New players successfully bedding in Team Spirit - 100% Garry Monk - proving the haters, the ‘westy’ ‘Nando’ and ‘hutch’ lovers WRONG Love it Well done Garry Monk Best manager we have had in absolute YEARS
    71 points
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