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    Just wanted to post this to recognise what absolute star and true gent we have in Keiren Westwood. On Wednesday, a lifelong friend of mine, Dave Holden, lost his short battle with Cancer. Dave was a huge Wednesdayite and did a huge amount for the club, as do his family with the disability group, SODA. Keiren learnt of Dave's battle and went to visit him in hospital. Instead of a token brief visit, he spent over 2 hours with Dave, talking all things Wednesday. This meant a huge amount to Dave. He's obviously kept Dave in his thoughts, putting a heart felt message out on the day he died and then dedicating the clean sheet and today's victory to Dave. The guy is such a fantastic down to earth person and knows what it means to be part of the Wednesday family. Can not thank him enough.
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    First off Jordan and our entire family would like to tell you that it was a total privilege and honour for Jordan to have been involved with such a wonderful club. Our humble gratitude to have met Steve Haslam and have him involved developing Jordan and the support he gave him was second to none. The coaching staff, and physio/sport science who looked after him with his lengthy lay off was terrific and our gratitude is never ending. We are certainly going to miss going to watch him play at Wednesday and to play at such a iconic place like Hillsborough swelled my heart with pride so I can only imagine how Jordan felt running out the tunnel. He leaves Wednesday a double U18s title winner and has told me he wants to repay the Wednesday coaching staff and Steve Haslam by returning to the Club as a proven player in 5 years time. Special thanks to Ken Ryder and Big John in admin and every single one of you guys on here for your support of Jordan and his teammates. I will be sticking around to chip in every now and again and to keep you updated on Jordan’s journey back to Wednesday. Thank you all so much.
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    Manager Defends players = Clown Manager nails players = Clown 5 managers. Same players...
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    I have been on here many years but never been ITK with stuff. However, today is the day after nearly a decade on Owlstalk that I join the highly esteemed likes of The Bizzle, Big Guns, Penguin and John Bloodaxe in being truly ITK. One of my friends (not an Owl) works at another Championship club and a guy who he knows from university currently works for us (I won't say the role but it is with the first team and U23). They met last week and got talking about Wednesday as he knows my family are all supporters and season ticket holders. This is what he passed on to me, some of it is very obvious stuff we can all guess, but some other things might be surprising. - The first team were told that a points deduction is inevitable and is imminent (although DC is still committed to appealing it). He had heard 12 points was what had been mentioned to the first team and he does think this has really affected the performances etc - DC wants out and has hardly spent any time at the club this season. He is also quite widely disliked by staff there - If we do manage to stay up after a points deduction he doesn't believe DC will be spending much on big signings again - Monk is apparently liked by the players and staff (surprising) and the way he speaks seems to indicate he plans to be here long term and use a new younger side - Westwood and Hutch have been pushed out after falling out with Monk. Apparently they both aren't that well - liked behind the scenes, especially with the newer players. He also described one of them as not a nice character - There are some divisions within the dressing room - Fletcher is a legend and everyone loves him - Rhodes was due to sign for Celtic on transfer deadline day on loan but DC requested a ridiculous loan fee that Celtic didn't want to pay - Monk has been told he can bring in his own backroom staff and wants a big turnover in the current playing squad in the summer - In his opinion as an employee and not a supporter, the club massively lacks leadership and direction and it seems that things are just plodding along without any real aims. Just a sort of, 'let's hope we get promoted' without having any real plan. This stems from DC - He has no idea why we haven't got a Chief Exec or an equivalent to run the day to day things at the club, especially seeing as DC is rarely ever at the club nowadays Most it seems pretty plausible and nothing too groundbreaking. Enjoy .
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    We're becoming one of those grubby clubs that I was always glad we weren't. Pushing the rules to their limits, being unco-operative, not holding ourselves to a higher standard. What a shameful episode in the club's history that at the moment looks likely to result in relegation. Incompetence of the most heinous kind.
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    We shouldn't let this stupid narrative become normalised. A tight 1 0 win in the championship against a team who've won their last two games and made one single chance in the game is not playing 'awful'. We were excellent in defence, the midfield held their shape and we scored one of our two chances.Call it dull or unexciting fair enough. Just to remind some that we spent f all this summer and lost our manager just before the season started. Now a 1 0 home win against Stoke City to take us 3rd in the league is an 'awful' Wednesday performance. Believe me we can do a lot worse.
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    Transfer window closed and he's still an owl. He's on good money, he's our record signing so use him. We've made perfect signings to play to his strengths. Finally we have pace to get down the flanks, put that ball in the box and let him do what he does. I don't think there is any owl who doesn't want this guy to succeed. Let's get behind him, make him feel wanted and watch him tear up this league like he has so many times before. He could be as good as any new signing. UTO
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    Yeah, he's showing all those who've been negative about him, eh?
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    Quality tonight. Ended the season well, pretty much from when Bruce came in. Still gets loads of grief when named in the line up. Faces up to the criticism, and just gets on with it. He's tall, has a decent whipped cross on him. I get that he's not a flying full back, but I think he'll go on to have a very decent season, and plenty will have to hold their hands up for their criticism of him. 2 brilliant challenges tonight, 1 early on and the 2nd late on when, if Luton had equalised, the whole atmosphere would have changed. Passing, positional sense, all spot on. I think he gets grief in almost a sheep mentality. Fair play to him, joint MOM for me with Borner and Harris. He must have some strength of character to crack on, despite all the criticism. First topic start on here, prepared for it...
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    So the Monk has arrived. The work of the bookies in the previous 48 hours had muddied the waters and pointed the vain eastward to Lincoln creating a diversion which only added more fuel to the fire when the Sincil bank incumbent Cowley didn't rule out the possibility (as he had done the Huddersfield talk) by saying he 'knew nothing about it' (just as Bruce had) and then made vague comments about perfect opportunities and "the 3 parties involved". If there was nothing from Wednesday then there would surely only be the two parties wouldn't there? His team and the Lincoln hierarchy. It remains unclear what went off. It is possible that Cowley might have been playing the game and trying to encourage a Wednesday, hope that a bidding war could be matched with Huddersfield or even to get some sort of further backing from Lincoln. All these things can be used as bargaining chips. What can't be argued is that all of this had an effect on the announcement of Monk. Had sky not started spinning the Cowley yarn and we had simply gone from post terrible-QPR-loss to announcing Monk I suspect the news would have been greeted with far happier response from the fan base. Yesterdays response from supporters was almost muted. Of course it is not only the Cowley story that has affected the response to the new man, but also the timescale which has spanned from Bruce going and Monk being announced. The man has been out of work. Why the delay? Many will put that down to it being "Typical Wednesday" or "Chansiri not doing owt" I suspect that is far from the truth. Chansiri , far from looking pi$$ed off and mardy at the press conference as some have suggested looked, IMO, a man totally drained. Someone who had been burning the midnight oil and who having jetted from one side of the World to the other and then half way back across again in the previous two week looked like it was starting to catch up with him. Anyone who has ever done a lot of travelling knows only too well the effect it can have on the sleep pattern, the body and how physically and mentally tiring it can be. Add to the that the stresses of the SAG, SYP City Council Witch-hunt of The Wednesday and the stadium sale investigation and it's not hard to understand, if you have a reasonable about of grey cells why the owner might have looked a bit tired at the press conference. Not including the pressure of 30,000 fans demanding regular updates Frankly , that anyone could have seen the man yesterday and not see that he had obviously been running about like a looney trying to get things sorted is astonishing. . He said when the Job became available that there had been 100 applicants. Given the way that he's been previously shafted and before that got the appointment badly wrong, this process won't have been a case of sitting at a desk and casually flicking through those applicants "yes, no, no, yes, maybe, no, yes". He'll have been looking into them in detail and will have also have been seeking advice from other people. He's also, as we know, someone big on the respect side of things. Chansiri won't have been making snide phonecalls to in work managers like other clubs do. He'll have gone through the proper process of approaching clubs seeking permission. They might not have answered the requests until the 4th time of asking. There are all these things to consider and they all take time. He's then had to talk to people on the shortlist. Preliminary chats. Does he like them? Do they like him? Can they see each other working together? You don't just pick a name out of the list offer them a contract and get off to the pub in time for last orders. Then there will have been second rounds of talks , trying to lay out the vision you have to the candidates, and them there's to you. They need to know the conditions they will be working under and they will have had their own ideas that they want to get out in the open before things proceed. Then...one of them says no and you move on again to the next man. In the meantime Bullen and the team have been holding the fort and doing ok. The Chairman was probably happy with this in knowing that it meant he could thoroughly investigate the possible candidates and make sure no stone was left un-turned. It might have frustrated us, but in the long term shouldn't we be happy that the best possibilities have been investigated and looked at to ensure we get the right man at the right time. After all timing is key in football. Which brings us to Monk.... Currently in a war with his previous clubs about the transfer activities and the use of his agent in brokering deals. Am I not the only person who believes another reason for the delay might be that Chansiri had been seeking reassurances about these affairs and had possibly been getting the clubs briefs had been drawing up a water tight contract to avoid any possible future disputes between themselves and their new manager? I think that there's every chances that some things have been included in the wording to make sure there are no future 'coincidences' occurring at Hillsborough. So what of Monk the manager? Starting at Swansea as a caretaker after the Laudrup experiment went wrong Monk saved them from the drop with a game to spare. He then took the role full time in the summer. In his first full season he guided The Swans to eighth position with a club record points tally. Monk signed a new three-year extension. However he was sacked before Christmas following a run of one win in 11 Premier League matches, which left the club 15th L**ds June 2016, Monk was appointed head coach of Championship club L**ds United on a one-year rolling contract Leeds were firmly in the playoff positions and in the hunt for automatic promotion, having pulled 11 points clear of 7th place. However, after a dramatic loss of form in the final 8 matches of the season, Leeds mathematically missed out on the playoffs on the final day of the season, finishing in 7th place. Despite this L**ds were set to activate a 1-year contract extension with the option of exploring a longer term deal, but on 25 May, Monk resigned as Leeds United head coach, with (new owner) Radrizzani saying that Monk's decision to quit the club had been a 'shock'. Middlesbrough On 9 June 2017, Monk was appointed as the manager of newly relegated Championship club Middlesbrough. Monk stated that he aimed to have the club promoted immediately back to the Premier League. On 23 December 2017, it was announced that Monk had left the club to be replaced by Tony Pulis three days later. Boro were just 3 points from the play-offs when he was given the boot! Birmingham City March 2018 he signed a three-and-a-half-year deal, and became Birmingham's fifth permanent manager in 15 months in a time of great disharmony at the club! With the team in danger of relegation, he led them to five wins out of the eleven matches remaining to save them from the drop. Monk said he would be "relentless" in raising the mentality throughout the club, and "whoever is not on board with that won't be here." He excluded several players, including both senior goalkeepers, from consideration for the 2018–19 first team. Despite a 9 point deduction and a hampered transfer summer because of EFL restrictions Monk finished the season 17th. Xuandong Ren announced he was dissatisfied with Monk's playing style. Monk said Ren knew nothing about football. After making it clear he would not resign, Monk was sacked on 18th June much to the total disgust of the Birmingham fan base disgusted at the way their club had been run and who had, in Monk found someone to galvanise the football side and the supporters. This was a man afterall who managed to get a tune out of Jaques Maghoma! Management style? Playing Syle? Whilst at Swansea Monk’s tactical philosophy was keeping hold of possession and cautiously building from the back. With a three point midfield in a 4-3-3, the 3 often rotate around each other creating gaps and space to play passes out to the two wingers. In the course of this season, the two wingers , both coming with bags of pace and directness in running at the opposing full-backs. The central midfield rotation usually evolves around having one man on his own, with the other two either in front or behind. However..... ..........in more recent times .Both Middlesbrough and Birmingham made comment on his exit about his style of football not being what they were after, wanting a more continental possession based, nice looking aesthetic game. Monk himself has offered comment on this perceived shift to a high tempo high pressing style... So will Garry Monk be a success at Hillsborough? Will he be the man to change our fortunes? The truth is non of us know. No one can predict the future no matter how desperate they might be to convince us otherwise. The Chairman doesn't know, the players don't know, and we sure as hell don't know. All managerial appointments are gambles. You have to just pick the person you think best suited and then.... require a bit of luck! "We have some lucky elephants" "I was hoping you were gonna say a proper left back" What I do know is that despite only having a short time as a manager in the game Monk has managed to get more experience in those 5 years than he will have in his entire playing career and than many managers will have gained in careers twice as long. Why? Well, because you truly only learn the most when there's a $hitstorm. When you have to batten down the hatches as the storm rages around you. In his 5 short years he's worked for clubs and fans with expectations well above their level, some crack pot owners, he's had to work under EFL restrictions!!. Despite his short career he is probably the perfectly experienced man in that sense to take on the Wednesday All that and he's only 40 ! Get this right and he might have a secure job for a long time. Chansiri is a man who backs his managers. Monk taps into the club and gets us in the right direction he's as much chance as anyone of going down as one of the best!!! GOOD LUCK GARRY MONK You'll bloody need it! Also a quick thank to @OWLERTON GHOST I'm back in the game after Dottys tip nearly ruined me. Thank you Brother!
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    Take them to the cleaners DC we’re all behind you
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    I don’t get the hate for Carlos. Yeah, it went wrong in the end like it does for most managers but his first season was fantastic. I like the guy
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    There was a massive overreaction on the radio last night. People laying into monk, saying he should go etc. Really venemous. Then I look on here and see more venomous, nasty poo aimed at Chansiri. Calling him a spoilt rich kid? Is there really any need for that? A man who has poured alot of money into our club (and yes, made some mistakes) Everyone complaining , no balance. How does that help matters? Monk has been brilliant this season. Look at the league position until yesterday ffs. Let's just support him and hope the club can get the players in we desperately need to compete in a very tight division. The season is still alive and we still have plenty to play for.
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    What a bloke, that is all.
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    MIDDLESBOROUGH - V- WEDNESDAY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saturday 28th September 15:00 Kick Off Riverside Stadium ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE TEAM NEWS ****** (3-5-2): Randolph Fry Ayala Shotton Dijksteel McNair Clayton Saville Johnson Assombalonga Fletcher (4-1-4-1): Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Hutchinson Reach Lee Bannan Harris Fletcher ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is Steve Gibson. He looks a happy chap here doesn't he? Well he was! In 1994 Steve bought and became chairman of his boyhood club Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough had just finished 9th in the Championship. They played in a windswept traditional old ground call Ayresome Park where they averaged 10,000. The Taylor report meant Clubs had to put seats in their grounds. Early estimates said that with the seats in Middlesbrough would have a capacity of 20,000 . Fair enough, you might think. For a club averaging 10,000 . Who hadn't averaged 20,000 since 1977. And who just 7 and 8 years before had averaged 6350 and 5135 No. Mr Gibson wanted to build a new stadium. So he did. They built a brand spanking new stadium. And it cost a lot of money. Crikey! That's a big stadium for a club with low attendances isn't ? Especially when it costs a lot of money. How do you fill something like that? Well. You have to get some good players. And so Steve did. And they cost a lot of money. He signed Jan Fjortoft for £1.5m pounds. Which was a lot of money in those days. And then he signed a little Brazillian lad called Juninho for £4.75m. Which really was a lot of money in those days. And then a lad from Hull called Nick Barmby for £5.5m. Then he signed a Brazillian left back with 70 odd caps who was on a wage which wouldn't be out of place now. And some people did come and watch his team. In his shiny new ground. So he signed some more. He signed a player from Juventus. Yes, a player swapped Juventus for Middlesbrough. He was a boy called Ravanelli. He cost a whopping £7m pounds! And then it seemed like Steve just couldn't stop signing cheques. He let his manager get another Brazillian called Emerson. Another £4m and a former Geordie nicknamed Gazza for another £4.5m In a very short space of time he'd spent over £25m. Or £47,663,296.09 in 2019 money. Those transfers and Steve changed English football forever. Steve was happy. These days lots of other clubs spend lots of money as well Steve isn't happy any more. The End
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    What a bloke Lee Bullen is. True Wednesday legend. Steps in when the club and players need him the most and conducts himself fantastically. The only reason I don’t want him appointed is because I’d hate to see any Wednesdayite turn on him if it started going wrong. The man just simply wouldn’t deserve that.
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    Well that could have been another apocalyptic night at Hillsborough. There were at least 300 mild mannered Luton fans ready to reign havoc on us or for our fans to have possibly drove them into the river with pitchforks. You never know do you. Thank God that SAG commissioned a student from Manchester Poly to tell them that far from their policing and communication being to blame for the Derby kicking off, it was actually that the layout of the ground was so dangerous that despite all evidence to the contrary ANY game could result in a major catastrophe. Yes, a Tuesday night game with 23000 Owls and 300 away fans with no history of animosity is so potentially dangerous that we must close exits and wee pipe everyone around. What a great risk assessment meeting SAG must have had. Imagine the anguish when considering whether to call the game off in case of lightening causing the police box to fry or the potential of a meteor strike. What a bunch of thick agenda driven tools.
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    Just seen an outrageous video posted by the Star headed ‘This was the scene outside Sheffield Wednesday ground on Saturday’ The footage shows a minor disturbance outside the Rawson Spring Hotel. Message to the Star. We know you have an agenda that likes to stir things up against our club. But please the Rawson Spring is not outside Our Stadium, rather it’s at the far (east) side of Hillsborough corner, roughly three quarters of a mile distant. Sheffield Wednesday cannot be expected to be responsible for policing the streets so far from the stadium. Stop your stirring and report accurately.
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    Yep..I know its another one.... SYP, in my opinion..are desperate for the name Hillsborough to disappear offa the face of the earth. When you used to type it into google..You either got Our ground..or the castle in Northern ireland... ...Type it in now It reminds them of the shambles they made in the policing of that game in 1989....It reminds them that they altered statements in the aftermath of that disaster...and were quite willing to go along with lies that were peddled in The Sun..... It reminds them that they were culpable..it reminds them that their name will forever be associated with it.. Do SYP honestly think that Wednesday changing grounds...will expunge that? Its about time they owned it...and left Wednesday fans the f.ook alone..Cos we had sod all to do with it..bar Owls fans helping the injured in their roles at Sheffield hospitals...and Wednesday fans offering drinks and phone calls in the environs of Hillsborough,,,,Vere rd etc None of it was the doing of Wednesday fans...It simply happened at our ground... I no longer go to Hillsborough ashamed...I'm saddened that so many lost their lives over a football game..and sometimes I look over at the Leppings lane and think about... The only thing I had to do with it was to go into work at the Hallamshire...The same afternoon..as a porter...The wife came with me..as a Nursing Sister..and we all donated our wages to the bereaved families... Why in the name of f.ook should any Sheffield Wednesday fan still suffer from it? Cos thats what its all about now.. A thin veneer over what actually happened...A "look at us" attitude from the powers that be...Its unfair...its transparent...and its cowardly. Hillsborough these days..is not unsafe..If it was how come the powers that be let nigh on 40'000 in against Wycombe? Was I unsafe in that crowd..If so,,,who is answerable for that..? Its absolute b llx!
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    Previously on Owlstalk... "Home" "Right then, have I missed much?” “Sir... I....” “Come, come Stubbs, let’s hear all the pre-season good tidings! A quick review of the unbound summer optimism!" “Right, well…(*inhales deeply) The club have signed a German centre back Julian Borner, six foot odd with a natural left peg and a stereotypically German air of self- assurance.... also on-board is Cardiff flyer Kadeem Harris who has pace to burn likes to take on the full back and can play on either flank..in a four or a front three....they've been joined by Pudils play-off nemesis Moses Odubajo… Kieran Lee has re-signed but; the announcement was delayed because of embargo… but then it was announced the club is out of soft Embargo or maybe even full embargo- …so then Lee was then officially announced… but the embargo lift is only for the time being as this season has now become “Endgame”…..or maybe not …Newcastle came in for the manager….Bruce said he knew nothing about it and just wanted to take his dog for a walk….the shirts were revealed and we're back in proper stripes ….then it turned out Bruce had indeed walked his dog...;to Newcastle for talks... ....Then he came back ( Bruce that is, I'm not sure about the dog) and told Chansiri he wanted to go to Newcastle…Chansiri wouldn’t let him….So Bruce quit…. but Chansiri didn’t let him quit either….but he went anyway…. Fat Mike Ashley offered us a Sports Direct Mug and a £5 golf driver so Chansiri told him to cobblers…. the bookies had Zola installed as favourite for the Wednesday job….20,000 people had a mental breakdown...and hundreds pumped money on random names , including Rui Silva and Jesus Christ just to push Zolas name off the top spot….then it was Chris Hughton as favourite….though some people thought it was Ray Houghton....and some people thought Hughton was Houghton.... then a bombshell! - there were no kiddies socks in the Megastore… then Hughton turned us down... twice…maybe it was three times, who knows…. Then Rowett became the new favourite but he says he hasn’t spoken to the club…. body language experts say he has spoken to the club because when he was interviewed on 5-live he kept “looking up and to the left”, which is apparently a classic and well known tell-tale sign of someone who is lying …However the body language experts seem to have forgotten to take into account that there are live-feed TV screens in the 5 live studio attached to the wall in the corner which means guests have to glance up and to the left if they want to keep an eye on the cricket scores... ...so he was lying or watching a sticky wicket...... Vulva has moved to an island in the sun….or might be trapped in a suitcase…it's unclear..... Megson has thrown his hat in the ring for the job…..but only if he’s number one, he doesn't want to play number 2 to Pulis…. Pulis has thrown his cap in the ring….which is rare as he never usually takes it off, but it turns out he’d been wearing two caps all these years, so even though he's thrown it in, still no one has seen the top of his head because there was another one underneath it…. Chansiri announced he wanted £4m for Bruce and then went on holiday to Disney land …. Jordan Rhodes has been scoring goals again in friendlies but friendly goals (like Nuhiu taps-ins & headers) don't count , but it's still been enough for Norwich to make a cheeky bid of ten bob , two pear drops and a toffo with a hair on it….Chansiri told them to get fecked as well...he'll be growing very wary of clubs beginning with N soon....... Newcastle then paid up for Bruce, it was 1,2,3, or 4 million depending who you believe….meanwhile some of the fans didn’t get clapped in a friendly game which could cost Bullen the chance of getting the job that he's previously said he didn't want ,because teams not clapping fans is the sign of a bad manager....the Chairman held a clandestine meeting in London, Florida and California all at the same time.....either some of it isn't true or he's been cloned......also it's been revealed that The Star are advertising for a partner in crime for Doom Howson .... . .......Bullen -despite "Clap-gate"- remains in charge for the foreseeable …though the Burton game two years ago might still cost him as that's the one episode in his whole career that he will always be judged on..... there was a water main burst on Pinstone street which caused some chaos...but no-one knows if it was that that stopped the kiddies socks making it to the megastore…No one knows if Newcastle paid for the two Steves, you know, the little bald one and the other one....meanwhile on here.concern is growing for the health of walthamowl who’s taken this pre-season pretty badly….. Forestieri has been banned by the FA for 6 games the week the season starts for shouting at someone - a year ago…even though there’s no hard evidence and he’s been cleared in a court of law …we have no permanent manager....no more players have come in...no players have been sold......the transfer window shuts soon....and we kick off tomorrow in one of the toughest divisions in World football...against a Reading side in confident mood and fancying they can put 3 or 4 past us due to the "turmoil Wednesday are in" ...anyway.....i think that's about it.......Sir? Sir, are you ok?” “Proper stripes on the shirt you say?” “Yes...” “Excellent. Promotion it is then. Pop open a bottle we'll celebrate." Reading - V - Wednesday Saturday 3rd August 15:00 Madejski Stadium Cloudy, 22c READING Predicted line-up (4-3-3): Joao Virginia; Yiadom, Miazga, Moore, Blackett; Rinomhota, Swift, Adam; Loader, Meite, Barrow Unavailable: Obita (Injured) Doubtful: Richards (Injured) Reading manager Jose Gomes will be glad to get a first pre-season under his belt after taking over from Paul Clement last season and he continues to trim down and hone the squad that battled to avoid relegation. Seasoned Championship players Charlie Adam and Michael Morrison join the Royals from Stoke and Birmingham respectively, while Matt Miazga has re-joined on loan from Chelsea after his success in defence in the second-half of last season. Gomes has been putting the Royals through their paces with a mammoth 10 pre-season friendlies played over the summer as he aims to avoid the horror start suffered last season that saw them go six games without a win. SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Predicted line-up (4-3-3): Westwood; Odubajo, Lees, Borner, Palmer; Reach, Lee, Hutchinson, Bannan, Harris, Fletcher Unavailable: Iorfa (Suspended) Doubtful: Forestieri (Looming ban) Caretaker manager Lee Bullen leads the Owls - he won three, drew two and lost just the one of his six league games in charge earlier this year. Wednesday will line up 4-3-3 unless Bullen changes tack and starts with Jordan Rhodes partnering Steven Fletcher. throw up for places in the wide areas where Harris, Reach, Forestieri and Joao are all hoping for a spot Left back remains an issue. Palmer is the more consistent out of the 3 options of himself, Odubajo and Fox. Fox has a natural left peg and has been putting it to good use in the friendly games putting plenty of crosses in. COME ON WEDNESDAY! UTO ================================= ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RING, RING! "Hello?" "Hello?! Is that Dejphon?" "Yes, who is this? Can you phone back later, I'm trying to enjoy the show with the family" "It's only a quicky" "What?" "This Toffo that Norwich offered for Rhodes. What flavour was it?" "Banana" "The dirty bstards. You did the right.thing. Enjoy the show. Cheerio."
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    Because without football directors, a comprehensive coaching team, comprehensive scouting networks, up to date training infrastructure, a thriving commercial set up and youth team with players loaned out accordingly, a good analytics team etc we are basically a second rate club that's stuck in the 20th century. The opposite to the Brenfords of this world if you like. 20 years of systemic failings at wednesday with no long term strategic planning, and all a lot of us can do us blame one isolated head coach after another. We as a club need a LONG Term comprehensive, coherent strategic plan going forward in the summer that needs to be presented to the fan base. My incling though is that we will continue to lerch from one random manager to the next and sign over 25 ex stars such as Whickham to try and paper over the cracks...
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    Already having a pop at Monk or calling it a dreadful appointment. The guy hasn't been in the door more than 24 hours Some need to get a grip, we aren't going to get Mourinho I would rather have Monk over Cowley Similar age and one has managed in the Prem meanwhile the other hasn't managed above league one A no brainer and didn't cost us any compo
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    I'd actually written something today. Usually I don't. Too busy running about with one thing and another and manage to sit at the lap-top at about this time and start tapping away the drivel that appears in my crackpot mind. But today, today I'd actually made some notes in advance. Got a bit to put in without having to make it up off the cuff. But like all the best laid plans....that's out of the window now. Because I cant get my head around the wider football picture today. A picture that has seen Bury Football Club unceremoniously dumped from the football League after 125 years. The Shakers ( the club's manager once delivered an early team talk with the words "We shall shake 'em! In fact, we are the Shakers" and it was adopted as the clubs nickname) enjoyed 17 years in the top flight until the first world war and once won the FA Cup beating Derby County 6-0! They have played at Gigg lane since 1885. 5 years ago Bury were debt free and owned Gigg Lane. Now (or rather before todays events) their debts were £12 million and they no longer , in law, owned their own ground anymore. Two Spivs have, in a very short space of time, destroyed a club which had been at the heart of it's community since 1885. The first , Stewart Day, borrowed money secured on The Gigg Lane Ground at 10% interest a month, which compounded into 138% annual interest, to build some student flats for his property portfolio. When his business collapsed and Bury were ranking up the debts, he then sold the club, and it's losses to another businessman Steve Dale, (a man who had a trail of insolvent businesses behind him) for £1. Amazingly the club were promoted last season , but debts were ever growing, an unpaid £250,000k Electricity and water bill came to light and towards the back end of the season it was reported that some of the players hadn't been paid for a 12 week period from February. The Football League says tonight that it's with deep regret that with no buyer found in time they have had no choice but to remove Bury from the League. The football League....the same football league who two years ago said they were reviewing their Fit and Proper persons test for club ownership. That worked then. Desperate fans have done what they can. Trying in various ways to make money. Others have been giving up their time doing things around the ground as Staff have been laid off. The supporters have shown the very soul of what a club is. The hub of the community. An estimated 300 volunteers from 8-80 turned up at the club's Gigg Lane home on Tuesday to help get the ground ready for Saturday's scheduled game against Doncaster Rovers, but their efforts were in vain. Now Bury have gone ripped from the League because of the overspending , over dreaming actions of people desperate to get involved in the World Richest game. That small town, of just 190,000 people ,8 miles from Manchester where Alexis Sanchez enjoys a half million pound a week wage, have seen their rich history brushed aside and been given the boot. Thoughts from me tonight go to those Bury supporters, one who I saw on the news who had been going for 70 years, as his father did before him and now finds his club removed from the league like a fleck of dandruff on an Armani suit. What a f*cked up thing our beautiful game has become. What a really f*cked up monster it is. We might come on here and bicker about the merits of selling or Keeping Fox. Whether Jordan Rhodes will ever hit a donkeys arris again with the right service, About whether our stripes are thick enough, or the slow service at our snack bars. But at least we've got our club. #buryfc ============================================== ROTHERHAM - V - WEDNESDAY 7:45pm New York Stadium ROTHERHAM Predicted line-up (4-3-3 ): Iversen ; Olosunde , Ihiekwe , Wood , Robertson ;Wiles , Barlaser ,Crooks ;Vassell ,Ladapo , Smith Unavailable: SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Predicted line-up (4-3-3): Dawson; Odubajo, Bates, Borner, Palmer; Luongo, Pelupessy, Reach; Forestieri, Nuhiu, Rhodes Unavailable: Wildsmith (Injured) Doubtful: Palmer (Back)
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    Keith Andrews: "The defining moment is very controversial. I don't see it as a clear penalty. Nuhiu's clever as he puts on the brakes ever so slightly and Tommy Rowe shouldn't get as tight as it's risky. Lee Johnson: "The penalty is an absolute nonsense. The referee has been sucked in. The linesman didn't give it and it's questionable whether it's even in the box. Everyone knows it is a poor decision.
  27. 81 points
    For proud Wednesday fan and hero - Lance Corporal Laim Riley #RIP who lost his life this day in Helmand ten years ago.
  28. 80 points
    they didn’t really like that did they. Great noise from the Owls when we scored!
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    I don't want to take any attention away from the rivetting 'whos going to be our next manager' threads but I thought I'd just post something a little different. I spent the day in Sheffield today with my wife and two kids. My son is 3 and my daughter is 1 so it's quite a drive for them as we live in Leicester. While the ladies were shopping I took the chance to take my son on the supertram and headed to Hillsborough. We got the new shirt which made my son's day and had a photo outside the ground. Having a son to take to Hillsborough has literally been my dream and it brought a lump to my throat. Seeing him in the blue and white outside our historic ground meant the world to me even on a Monday afternoon when there's no game on. But I just wanted to comment on Sheffield really. It's been years since I've been to the city centre which has changed a lot since I was last there. Throughout the day I saw many people wearing the blue and white stripes but I also saw a couple wearing United shirts and a couple wearing Barnsley shirts. Yes, we hate United and they hate us, but I love that we have a two team city with a proper derby (not one of those fake ones like you get in L**ds). Both clubs unfortunately have a minority of idiots determined to let their side of the city down, but the majority I expect feel like myself and recognise that we are better for having United in our lives and they are better for having us. For the majority of us it brings out the best in both clubs. But it made me think what a great city Sheffield is. I know we have our rivalry and there's certainly no love lost between us but I was really proud to be associated with a city where people of all our local teams wore their colours so openly and so proudly. It was fantastic to see so many young ones wearing the shirts of our local clubs. Probably not the most interesting post you'll read but we all had a great day today so I just thought I'd share it. And it's true. Sheffield really is wonderful.
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    HULL CITY - V - WEDNESDAY Tuesday 1st October, 2019 19:45 Kick off THE TEAM NEWS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- HULL Predicted line-up (4-1-4-1): Long Lichaj Burke De Wijs Kingsley Stewart Bowen Honeyman Irvine Grosicki Magennis Unavailable: McDonald (Injured), Fleming (Injured), Jon Toral (Injured), Elder (Injured) Doubtful: Henriksen (Out of favour) -------------------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY Predicted line-up (4-4-2): Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Reach Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Nuhiu Unavailable: Forestieri (Suspended), Wildsmith (Injured), Doubtful: Hutchinson (Injured) , Lees (Injured) -------------------------------------------------------------- Hutchinson has got a knee problem. Of course this isn't news. But there's a chance that it might keep him out of tomorrows game against Hull. Lee's has been back in training. But we will either be risked? I can't see Monk throwing them in. He's been in the game long enough to have known the issues that Wednesday have had with players coming back and tweaking something and then being out for the next 10 games. Or in Almen Abdi's case, 3 years. Our Sammy - Knee tweak again 'boro Luongo will be chomping at the bit for a midfield birth and was one of Wednesdays better performers against Everton. Besides, what is the point of having a decent squad if you don't use people when needed? If Sams knee is playing up and we can stick a lad in for a game and make sure Sam doesn't risk making things worse- then great. That's what it's all about. Monk keeps reiterating the importance of the whole squad. I don't think he'll take risks when they can be avoided. As for the skipper, he had his own problems last term with the injuries and again, why take the risk. Especially when at centre half Big Dom Iorfa seems to be having a lovely time out there at the minute! Yes, I know, I'm the same, even when he's doing well there's those moments. The Warhurst moments. Brilliant for 99% of the game and then suddenly you poo your pants. Cultured centre half always in control... ..until that weekly overly casual moment But anyway...Dom's a beast in the air and he seems to blend well with Börner. There's another tool in Iorfas armoury aswell, other than his gargantuan size -( 7"2. Only an inch shorter than Stars in their eyes host Mathew Kelly, but a good 3 inches taller than Vernon Kay. And quite why they had to ruin family fortunes by throwing 'celebrities' into the mix I don't know. Thick normal people are what made that show great.) Where was I? Oh yes. Doms armoury. Pace! Or more to the point 'recovery pace.' Big Dom has it. Ok, recovery pace by it's very nature is usually reserved for recovering something that's gone wrong. But this is Championship football -Stuff goes wrong all the time! If you admit that to yourself you can look at solutions and Big Doms rangy stride is one of them. It's a great tool (his pace, you filthy b'stards, his pace!) when things go pear shaped. Yes. The big lad has done well. What of the rest of the side. Will we go back to the 4-1-4-1 and match them up? Will we perhaps stick with the 4-4-2? Truth is I don't know. Monk has brought a tactical flexibility to this group and that, in modern football really is a useful weapon. It's not just being able to pick horses for courses in tough away games. But also in being able to make changes within that game, either to come back if they (the opposition) have caught you on the hop or mixed things up themselves, but also in terms of nicking points, or seeing them out. I didn't see Fletcher and Nuhiu coming as a partnership. I really didn't. I'm not usually bad at the old 'guess the line up game' but I'd have never have come up with that one. But it worked! Jones rated you, Gray rated you, Carlos rated you, Jos rated you, Bully rated you and I rate you On paper, two big lads, it doesn't sound right does it. You want that blend or skills. In the words of The big useful f*cker and the little lively one. Do two big ones work? You wouldn't think so. But Middlesbrough didn't know what had hit them. They were bricking their pants everytime the ball looked like coming in. Will Monk do it again? No idea. Absolutely none. Keeps his cards close to his chest but he's clearly giving the lads the right words in the ear holes and got them onside. And lets be right, that's half the job in this game. COME ON WEDNESDAY! ------------------------------------------------ PS- FOR THOSE OWLS FANS HEADING UP THERE , THE WEATHER DOESN'T LOOK GOOD. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE! AND IF YOU CAN'T BE CAREFUL... GO IN ONE OF THESE .
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    How’s it going everybody? Hope everybody’s doing alright in these crazy times. So this is a letter to the Sheffield Wednesday forum from The Star’s Sheffield Wednesday team, which is me, Joe, and my esteemed colleague, Alex Miller. We’re writing to you because we just wanted to introduce ourselves properly now that we’ve officially started working together to try and bring to Wednesdayites the best coverage of the team that we can. We understand plenty of the concerns that people have, some which go back a long time, and there are some that we can help address and some that we can’t. Ultimately we work for you guys – the fans – so we want to know what you want from us and how we can keep improving. Myself and Alex are looking to change things up a bit, and part of that means content being available across social media that’s completely free. Part of our plan is to utilise Twitter and Facebook more and engage with Wednesdayites on a more consistent level, bringing videos, imagery and other sorts of content to the audience on those platforms. The Star was there when Wednesday won the first division in 1930, we were at the FA Cup final in 1966 and at the Play-Off final 50 years later (I cried that day!). The Star covered every one of those cup finals in the early 90s ,and it will right there in the midst of Owls moments - good and bad - in the future. We know how important it is that the city’s local paper reflects the fanbase of its biggest club. I’m a lifelong Wednesdayite myself, I went to my first game when I was about seven-years-old, and Alex has fallen in love with the club since his arrival at the Star. We’re hoping that between us we can help change the way that the Star is seen by some of you. We, as a paper, changed the way we work towards the end of last year also and, since that point, Chris - our Football Editor - has looked to eradicate the types of stories that have been unpopular in the past. We’re here to tell SWFC stories. And you guys are part of that. You might have seen some of the walks down memory lane that we’ve been taking, and we want to carry those on even when football does resume, but we also want to hear what else you want to read about. At the end of the day, we’re just two guys trying to cover all of the bases of this incredible fanbase, so there will be stuff you like and stuff that you don’t. We’re trying to cater to old-school diehards, long-term Wednesdayites and also the younger generation of fans who have different tastes completely. It won’t all be good news, it can never be in our industry, but we’ll make sure that we’re always fair, balanced and well-intentioned in everything that we produce. If you want to have a chat with us personally, you can find us here: [email protected][email protected] [email protected] Thanks for your time! Alex and Joe ⚽️🦉 (@AlexMiller91 and @YesWeCrann)
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    I'd have been gutted to lose to a team throwing themselves to the ground in the way that Fulham did in the last ten minutes or so today. For all their decent football at times, Fulham's gamesmanship was shameful today. Thank God for Harris and thank God for Nuhiu. It felt like three points at the end.
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    "Well, I can't say I really like what you've done with the place , Sir" " Never mind interesting look, where the bloody hell have you been?" "Furloughed, Sir, Mr Hargreaves managed to get mine sorted right from the off." "I'll wring his bloody neck." "You'll have a job getting your hands around it I'd have thought ,Sir. He's had two months on the digestives and ale" "You've put a few pounds on yourself, Stubbs. Bloody throwing it off down in the village, while I've been isolating up here. Not so much as a zoom call or a SKYPE" "You don't have any internet, Sir" "Well would it have killed you to come up and visit me?" "Well possibly, sir, yes. Besides, I didn't want to get into trouble with the law." "The law?! You should have just told them you were driving up here to make sure your eyes were working, stuck an infant in the backseat to tug on the old heartstrings a bit" "I was just doing my duty for the country, Sir" "Ahh, yes, doing your duty eh? And how is Mrs Wankskill?" "Very welcoming, Sir" "I'll bet. And what news from the village?" "Nothing really, Sir. Everyone has pretty much been adhering to the rules. And the local shop has actually been doing very well. Chap called @S36 OWL has more or less kept them afloat single handedly by cunningly making his one dog walk a day last 23 hours" "Well good. Not about the restrictions and what not, but good he's kept the business going. We can't have things sinking" "Oh, talking of sinking, Sir. That's one other thing, there was a small protest in the town." "What about?" "Black Lives Matter" "Well, good on them, shocking state of events over there in the states." "Indeed ,Sir..." "Whats that face for?" "Well there were some local white kids from Gasworks Poly attached themselves to it." "Good. Solidarity, Stubbs. Good on them. That's what it needs. My family have funded the Poly for 50 years. I'm pleased the education isnt' being wasted on them!" "They've toppled the statue of you in the Town square and hurled it into the Don" "Good God! Why?" "Historical discriminatory remarks, Sir" "I'm not racist Stubbs!" "Previous comments you have made ,Sir. Added up it would make several tomes..." "But I've never.." "Things you have written about the French, Sir" "Eh, hang on a minute ,you can't be racist against the French, Stubbs. For heavens sake." "I didn't say racist ,Sir. I said discriminatory" "But..but... they're...they're French, they deserve it!" "I think its this sort of thing they're on about" "Good God. I need a seat. Get me a glass of water. ....thank you. It's the shock ,Stubbs. The shock. Take my mind off it Stubbs. What news of the Wednesday?" "Well,Sir, Pelupessy has signed a new deal" "Pelupessy" "Before you say more,Sir I'd remind you that Pelupessy is of Indonesian heritage" "Oh, right yes. Top lad old Pessers. One of my favourites y'know" "Very good,Sir" "But what the hell is Monk doing giving him a contract, the ginger-" "Sir, Gingerism is very much frowned upon" “You know what Stubbs. It’s getting to the stage where you won’t be able to abuse anybody!” “I think that’s the point,Sir. The one thing this Covid has shown is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. Bad news can come at anytime. So why be nasty. Why don't we make a better, less abusive World for everyone while we're here” “By Jove Stubbs! You might be right. Shocking disease like this, and we're all still wrapped up in some backward thinking tribalism. I hadn't thought of it like that. It's all so stupid isn't it?" "It is, Sir" "Well I'll amend my ways that's for sure. Anyway, any team news in for the game against the scabs tomorrow?” “FFS!, Sir, FFS!” Wednesday - V - Forest Sky Bet Championship 3:00pm Tuesday 20th June Hillsborough TEAM NEWS OWLS Forestieri's deal runs out at the end of the month but he is expected to be in the squad to face Forest. Steven Fletcher is also expected to start despite strong rumour linking him with a move away from Hillsborough over the last few weeks. Sam WInnall and Josh Windass look o miss out through injury. As does Kieren Westwood with a 'shoulder injury' Forest Young midfielder Yassine En-Neyah is struggling with a hamstring problem, however whether he would have been called upon anyway is doubtful. In terms of those returning from injury, striker Nuno da Costa is fit, as is Tendayi Darikwa who is available for selection for the first time this season, having failed to make a single appearance under Lamouchi. Dedicated to Wednesday supporters and their relatives lost to Covid REST IN PEACE FELLOW OWLS
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    Gunna leather a Blackburn fan on leppings lane to celebrate
  36. 73 points
    SYP have just been in touch We are only allowed 4 on the show for safety reasons
  37. 71 points
    Clearly one thing we need to learn is how to count...
  38. 71 points
    Just woke to read the interview that Bruce gave and how he talked to Newcastle "out of respect". Well Why not show some respect to the man who fecking bent over backwards to get you, the man who allowed you to sun it up in the Caribbean before coming here, the man that has backed you and will continue to do so until the day you leave this great club. My fecking blood is boiling, that's the most disrespectful thing he could have said or done and for me he is finished here. A message to DC, continue to stick to your guns, get the best price you can for Bruce and his entourage and go and get a proper manager and gent named Chris Hughton.
  39. 71 points
    One man is coming out with honour and respect. He’s done a few things I’ve not agreed with but by sticking to his guns on the Bruce/Ashley matter he deserves a lot of praise Well done Mr Chansiri
  40. 70 points
    It's Garry with 2 fuckingR's!! What with Crowley and fuckingHoughton already linked, now we actually have a manager let's spell his name right. Welcome and good luck Garry Munk!!
  41. 70 points
    Respect is earned, you clearly showed none to SWFC, players and fans! Fu*k off!
  42. 69 points
    To any player that can be bothered to read this. In the grand scheme of things your time at this club is minuscule. We, the fans have always been here. We will be here long after your overinflated ego and pay packet have gone. We can stand a defeat. We know we aren’t going to win every game. What we can’t comprehend is the total lack of commitment when you pull the shirt on. Fans see things as they are. If you put in a shift it will be appreciated. If you can’t be arsed this too will be noted and like v Luton you will feel the fans anger. You earn more in a week than most of us do in a year. Some of you are raking in your huge pay packet and aren’t even playing. You’re not injured you just can’t be bothered. This is what hurts the most. You need to buck your ideas up. We pay our hard earned cash to travel away and more often than not we sell out our allocation. We are paying Harrods prices for Aldi quality at Hillsborough. Shape up or ship out.
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    God it's so, so satisfying when a team who start their shithousery in the 4th minute of the game finally get their just desserts in the time added on for their own shithousery...
  44. 68 points
    Calm down areNOTwhatTHEYseemsy
  45. 68 points
    quite distressing opening that little square brown envelope and only finding £17,000 in there for a hard week's graft.
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    "Home Sir?" "Yes, home Stubbs. No place like it. Though its been a decent few days away, its aways good to see the old relatives eh" "Sir, the man trussed you with a bell rope and threatened to pull up the timbers and lower you into the blood-pit as a sacrifice to Mithras!" "Aye, he's a tad eccentric old Cedders it must be said. Nevertheless, blood is thicker than water and what not. You help out where you can" "Well perhaps Sir, he might help himself by paying his bills and keeping the bailiff from the door in future. They'll be back if he doesnt" "Bailiffs? Dear, dear me, Stubbs, but I wish you'd pay more attention. They weren't bailiffs" "They weren't?" "You really must pay more attention. Did you not notice that all these bailiffs had six fingers?" "They did?" "Indeed they did Stubbs, I spotted it straight away. They were Dingles Stubbs! Dingles! The whole thing was little more than a ruse to get me out of the way before the big game" "Well if you knew it was a ploy, why go along with it?" "First and foremost it kept me away from here and extolling the virtues of our man Bullen, which Id have been tempted to do after the routing of Reading and that would have only added pre - match pressure to the erstwhile Scot and I didn't want that. Secondly, it allowed me to get into cousin Cedrics place without having to push for an invite. I've been wanting to get round there for a while so this episode was an opportunity too good." "And why , if I may be so bold ,Sir, did you want to get inside cousin Cedrics dilapidated old pile?" "For this, Stubbs! For this!" "Sir, please don't , you nearly had my eye out. What is it?" "This! This Stubbs! It is one of the 13 treasures of ancient Britain." "It looks like a rolling pin" "It is a rolling pin!.." "And what use it to you sir? We already have a rolling pin.Infact we have several." "But this is the Rolling pin of Elmet" "We have a lot of those too, have you been under the concourse at an away game recently?" "The Kingdom of Elmet,Stubbs! The Kingdom of Elmet. Here this ancient land, before Fargate, before Montys motors, way back through the mists of time, before Sheffield!" "Right oh, Sir" "The 13 treasures wield great untold power Stubbs. We're going to use them to steer us to promotion, with Bullys help." "And what are the other 12 treasures Sir, I've seen nothing lying around the house.Unless they're all rolling pins.." "Your facetiousness shows you up Stubbs!" "Sorry Sir, it's been a long week" " Stubbs, you remember the boy Stevie May?" "I do Sir, you once described him as having a shot as powerful as a rhubarb leaf blowing gently in the wind" "Yes, yes, forget about that though. His footballing prowess wasn't the reason he was brought to the club" "It wasnt?" "No, of course not. He was brought because he was the only jock warlock with a time travelling shark... Stuart Gray wasn't only a superb defensive coach capable of coaxing clean sheets out of a team with Jeremy Helen and Jaques Maghoma in it Stubbs, though by heavens that was a miracle by itself, no, Gray was a top level necromancer and had already plotted our return to the promised land harnessing the power of the 13 treasures. That's why he brought May to the club! Sadly a small squad, and injuries meant May had to waste much of his time here playing togger rather than searching the kingdoms. He did retrieve some though." "Such as?" "The arrow of Gwynedd" "Like the silver arrow in Robin Hood?" "No Stubbs, like the tungsten arrow of John Lowe" "A dart?!" "Oh yes, they loved a dart the ancient Taff's ,Stubbs. Still do." "And where is this arrow, I've never seen it?" "It's in the front room holding up the picture of great uncle Hubert. Thats why the Gods made them like ordinary intems Stubbs, hidden in plain sight. And this year we're going to track them down and power to promotion!" "Crikey Sir, this could end up be a long and drawn out storyline. I fear it could end up losing its way like LOST after season 2." "Don't worry about that Stubbs, if the worst comes to the worst we can just ditch it half way through. No one will notice." "Very good Sir." " Are we nearly home yet? I'm gagging for a brew." "We're here ,Sir" "Great shades of Elvis, what's happened!" "Well, the roof caved in during the rains, the electric and water have been cut off, the gas too has been cut off, the Gardner has walked and got a job at Chatsworth, the builders have downed tools." "But why?! "Well, they haven't been paid ,Sir.Any of them." "Well why haven't you bloody well paid them!" "I did warn you not to "lump everything we've got on Rowett", Sir" "Oh, bolllocks. Right then, get the messenger Rook out Stubbs, we'll have to send Hargreaves the Match facts the old fashioned way." Millwall - V - Wednesday 3pm The Den Millwall will start either Bartosz Bialkowski or Luke Steele in goal, with Frank Fielding out with a thigh injury. Steele, on loan from Nottingham Forest, played in the Lions' Carabao Cup first-round win at West Brom on Tuesday. Sheffield Wednesday hope to have Barry Bannan back after the midfielder missed their win at Barnsley last weekend with a calf problem. Manager Lee Bullen has goalkeeper Keiren Westwood and defender Dominic Iorfa back from suspension. Match facts Millwall have won just one of their last 11 league matches against Sheffield Wednesday (W1 D4 L6), winning 2-1 in February 2018. Wednesday are looking for their first league win at The Den against Millwall since February 2015, when they won 3-1 (winless in two since). Millwall striker Matt Smith has scored 14 Championship goals as a substitute - since his debut season in the competition in 2013-14, only Lucas Joao has scored more often as a sub (16 goals). Wednesday are looking to win their first three league matches of a season outside the top-flight for the first time since the 1990-91 campaign, winning promotion at the end of that season. Millwall have kept eight clean sheets in their last 13 home Championship matches. Wednesday have named the oldest average starting XI age in the Championship so far this season (28 years and 192 days).
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