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    Sitting in the ground last night with the other 14k who bothered to show, in almost total silence bar the occasional bang of the drums from the band, Tango shouting "Oh Forestieri", "Hes one of our own" and "We're All Wednesday Arent We", and the enduring memory of the evening "Programmes 3 quid"... and watching another totally mind-numbingly boring struggle to even get the ball in the Bolton half, never mind threaten their goal... I just couldn't stop thinking how sad it all is. In January the Chairman will have been here 4 years. Nobody can deny his commitment - especially his financial contribution to the club. The time he spends in the UK in a hands on role is unprecedented, away from his family in Thailand. As fans we should all appreciate that much. He is passionate about the club and its success, as anybody would be who has sunk so much money into a project. It all promised so much - his first full season under his new charismatic manager was a joy for all fans with Stuart Grays team bolstered by exciting players like Bannan and Forestieri it really did look like the return to the Promised Land would be possible, and even walking out of Wembley we weren't disappointed as we kind of knew deep down that it was a temporary blip. The summer heralded the arrival of players like Abdi, Fletcher and Emanuelson, older players who reportedly smashed our pay structure, and the team spirit that had carried us to Wembley looked visibly shaken - the lingering memory of Forestieri not travelling to Norwich an example. Who could blame him? The undeniable star of our team and he was falling behind in the pay scale to players tweeting about how they were the highest paid at the club. Despite a finish in 4th, you could see we were lucky. Only an unprecedented run of games at the end of the season carried us into the play offs, Carvalhals negative approach to games not appreciated by anybody. The following season the team looked bereft of confidence and ideas, fans arguing amonsgst themselves, with fights amongst our own fans breaking out at most away games. The home defeat to United, and more the manner of it, meant that Carlos's days were numbered. Even then it seemed that he wasn't sacked. Personally I think he looked around at the fans after being booed against Middlesborough and it really hurt him. He knew the offer from Swansea was on the table - a Get of ouf Jail free card, and he walked out - leading to the Chairmans rant about it. The Kop effectively sacked Carlos. The Chairman brought in Jos - and in nearly a year you can probably point to just a handful of enjoyable games in all that time. We have consistently been told we are paying high prices to justify quality on the pitch, but Jos appears to alienate more and more of our experienced pro's in favour of youngsters, low earners, and players more fragile to the worsening atmosphere. Hillsborough wavers between being akin to a morgue - or a hugely frustrated seething mass of boos and moaning. There is little left to support. After the Fans Forum and steering group meetings we've heard nothing from our Chairman, other than seeing a video of him still demonstrating his undeniable passion after the recent Norwich game when fans had a go at him. I feel sorry for the Chairman. He appears to be out of his depth and struggling, but his pride appears to not let him make changes. I know people who have worked with him, and they say that far from being ill advised - he doesnt really listen to advice. He has a very definite idea of how things should be, and insists that this vision is applied in literally all areas of the club. Thats all well and good when its working - but it clearly isn't right now and things need to change. Otherwise we will be teetering on the brink of complete disaster and another relegation. Please don't assume we are too good to go down. We've made that mistake before. I hope Mr Chansiri will make that change soon, as the very last thing I want to do with my time on a Saturday afternoon (or a wet Tuesday evening) is sit at Hillsborough amongst 14k frustrated Wednesday fans, all resigned to whatever the fates have in store for us. Watching a Manager who has been here a year and still doesnt know his best side, sitting on the bench with his hands in his pockets looking like a rabbit in the headlights, sleepwalking our club back to League One. The first really positive change the Chairman can make is to put a man in charge of the team that we can all believe in, fans and players. And then start listening to advice from quality people.
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    Jos in or out.. what’s going on with the formations.. embargoes.. wages.. iFollow.. price of going.. memberships.. What a f*cking mess. Right now this football club is absolutely garbage and the experience of supporting it is trash. The football is crap. We have no identity. We’ve got a manager with all the personality of a pile of socks who doesn’t know what he’s doing week to week. We are sleep walking to absolute disaster. The players look confused and dejected. A promising bunch of young players are being thrown in at the deep end left to sink or swim in what’s going to quickly turn into incredibly toxic circumstances. The mood around the place stinks. The Chairman doesn’t know what he’s doing, dismisses fans concerns at every opportunity and is quite happy to play divide and conquer with the fanbase, while shrugging off genuine supporter concerns with vague tales of abuse or threats. We’ve p*ssed money up the wall on dross, continue to watch talent either being wasted on the field or nowhere near it for whatever reason. Scattergun recruitment, no strategy, a team with no heart or spine or identity. No plan. No clue. And don’t let this weeks news that we are out of an embargo fool you - the club is f*cked every which way off the field. This is a short term reprieve that maybe - MAYBE - allows us offer a new contract or bring in a kid on loan. But at least we’ve still got the fans. For now. Somehow. After £90 memberships (backtracked on), cutting off Radio Sheffield, £99 replica shirts, up to £49 a chuck to watch this failing football club shamble on week in week out for a dwindling, near on non-existent walk up supporter base. Hey.. at least we got a day out at Wembley. And if as we sit now in 2018 with the state the club is in, and you still think that day out was something to cheer or be grateful for, you’re a f*cking loser. Never felt more more disconnected from this club. It’s never had less of an identity or less to feel proud about.
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    > Came to the club under difficult circumstances with the team was in freefall. > Steadied the ship, turning Nuhui into a goal machine in the process. > Didn't have any money to spend other than 500k - a completely different reality to Carlos’. > Introduced youngsters into the first team - something we’re not used to seeing Obviously things haven’t worked out, but some of the petty name-calling has been unfair e.g. ‘Jos the dross’. All the best Jos.
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    Again today when his name was called out pre kick off. On two separate occasions. Our fans are really nasty at the moment. I don’t agree with the way the club is ran at times but, in recent weeks particularly, we really have lost our way. The club has made the first step to change things with replacing Jos. Now we need to do our bit and change the negativity we perpetuate.
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    We have just played:- Saturday Thursday Sunday Wednesday Saturday We have games:- Tuesday Saturday We have had Fletcher, Joao, Forestieri, Hutchinson and Matias returning from from injuries. Jos has mixed and matched and rested and eased back. We have won three and drawn one of the above 5 played.....and yet all many of us can do is moan and winge that Jos didn’t start this player or that player. We we just got rid of a manager that ran players dry, and when they were dry he ran them some more. We had one fit first teamer for a third of the season due to this approach. Cut Jos some slack guys. He is managing a fragile set of players back to health. After Reading we get two weeks off. It will be brilliant if we get thru Tuesday and Saturday with no injuries, threatening the play-offs, and Winnall, Lee and Hooper a couple of weeks nearer action. Im utterly delighted with our position and how we seem to be be managing our valuable assets like athletes rather than dray horses.
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    Tonights been a bit mad Despite us having the best start to a season in years we have still had threads and posts from people all angry about Dawson, the tactics or the manager Passionate threads are totally fine, as is a totally different opinion from those you are discussing and debating with but we can’t have namecalling or aggression The moderator team has had to remove four different people tonight (something we never ever want to do) for being overly aggressive, namecalling or just pure abusive We are all Wednesday fans on here at the end of the day here to have a laugh, get on, and chat SWFC We are trying very hard to improve Owlstalk and make it a more friendly and fun place to discuss Wednesday The main message is respect each other, and if someone disagrees with your opinion that’s normal and totally fine and no reason to throw names at them etc Ps I also totally understand that some people prefer debate with angry abuse, namecalling etc and there are sites and groups out there for that if you want but we want it friendly and calm on here so no offence at all if you prefer another site where you can get all shouty and namecally Differing opinions is what debate is all about and long may differing opinions live Keep it friendly on here though when talking to your fellow fans and there’s no issues at all Hope this is ok - the mod team are all working hard to make this place friendlier for you
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    On what planet are Leeds rivals with Manchester United?
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    Oh here we go. I can hear Doom sharpening his pencil now.
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    Hi Marcelo, how you doing? Here’s some pointers for you. We play a basic 424. Fletch and Bannan all right foot. Keep it on their left peg and you’ll be fine. Every play we make comes through a lad called Pellupessy. Keep the ball off him and let Bannan have it in space. Hopeless. Up top we have two carthorses wide, Joao and Matias. Run like they are pulling a tractor, so you can play a nice high line and worry not. Hope this helps. Trust me it will.
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    Think criticising him for ‘discipline’ is harsh when he’s just been sent off for celebrating a last gasp equaliser. some of our fans are fvckin pathetic
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    Is Dave Jones turning up to finish the talk off halfway through the night ?
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    WIGAN - V - WEDNESDAY "Stubbs! Stubbs! Stuuuubs" "Yes Sir" "Ahh, there you are. Come in, come in don't just stand there." "Is something the matter Sir?" "Well yes, I should say there is." "Yes sir?" "Tomorrow is kick-off day Stubbs. Kick-off day" "But I thought her ladyship wasn't back until Sunday" "No no man. The Football. The Wednesday!" "Oh that." "Oh that. Oh that. What on Earth do you mean with that tone?!" "Nothing sir, it's just " "Just what? Just what, eh?" "Well after the episode last season sir, just before I went on holiday" "What episode?" "When you started blowing the villa up with the shotgun sir, screaming about Portuguese snake-oil salesman and vowing you were never going again" "Oh. Oh that. No, I'm over all that now." "Very good sir" "Anyway. I thought I'd have a bash at the old Match Day thingymajig" "Thingymajig. Isn't he the new mayor sir?" "No no. Thats Magid. Do you even read the papers Stubbs?" " Not really sir, I think they repress our intellectual movements through brainwashing" "What?" "Nothing sir" "Well anyway. Look here. I'm going to do this match day thing and I can't even get the laptop working. Have a look will you. " "Configuring updates. 4%. How long ago did you turn it on?" "About an hour and half ago" "An hour and a half?!" "Yes." "When did you last have it turned on?" "Good God. I don't know. Maybe the Norwich match" "Then I think this could take some time sir. Infact I don't think you'll be logged on before midnight at this rate" "But I must! I need to do the thread" "Well will it really be so bad if you don't. I mean there's nothing much to shout about is there" "What an Earth do you mean?" "Well. I mean. It's hardly been the best summer has it. Eight players out the door. The best young International prospect in 35 years gone for nothing" "Borukov hasn't gone anywhere Stubbs!" "Who? I was talking about Hirs.." "Silence!" "Sorry I.." "Don't mention that name. I never want it mentioned in this house again. He's dead to me. They all are. They mean nothing. They never existed" "Sorry. I was just saying.." "Well don't" " Hunts gone. You liked him didn't you?" "He was ok. Never saw him finish a game for 12 months. Subbed every week. Ankle like my auntie Norma." "Your auntie Norma is ...dead" "Correct Stubbs. Correct." "I know but, Palmer at Right wing back" "What's wrong with that!" "Well come on sir you've said yourself before that..." "No! I won't have a bad word said against that boy. Local." "Worksop?" "Local-ish. Loves the club. Came through the ranks. That's what it's all about to me now" "Switches off though sir" "They all do. It's second division football. For Christs sake. Trippier plays well in the World Cup and it's hammer LiamPalmer time. Well I'm not standing for it. First one to give him some lip tomorrow is going to get a damned good thrashing" "Are you going tomorrow?" "No" "Well, unlikely to find anyone slagging him off then" "Well if I hear Giddings or any of them chumps having a pop" "Erm...haven't you heard sir there's been a...well....Radio...BBC.." "Oh yes. That. Well. I'm not bothered anyway. Radio is rubbish. Rubbish!" "But you said you loved John Pearson and his rampantly biased views." "Yes well. I don't like radio any more. It's a dead medium" "Well what are you going to do tomorrow?" "I'm going to get one of those stream thingies aren't I" "Not on that lap-top you're not. It's still only on 6%" "Pah!" "Well, your not missing anything really sir are you. I mean they haven't signed anyone have they. I mean it hardly bodes well when you can't even get a kid in from the Dog and Duck" "We don't need more players for your information" "Really" "Yes really" "Look sir, I'm all for putting a brave face on it but" "Not a brave face Stubbs. A fact. We didn't need any extra bodies." "I mean you've lost the skipper." "He was too old anyway!" "Wallace" "Don't mention Wallace!" "Are you crying sir?" "No. NO! STAND BACK MAN. leave me!" "Are you ok?" "I have something in my eye" "Oh" "Well at least they're back in the proper kit sir. Looks very smart that?" "That's Wigans kit!" "Wigan! I didn't know they played football in Wigan." "Well they do. Very well actually. Beat Manchester City last season" "Tough game then sir" "Not at all. Not at all. We'll thrash them" "Really" "Oh yes. They're a fourth division club" "I thought it was the Championship?" "It is. I mean they should be in the fourth division" "Why? Have they broken some rules?" "Because I bloody say so. They are a fourth division club. Rugby town. " " I thought you said they beat Manchester City.." "That was in the cup. That doesn't count" "Oh. I see. What about the league. They any good in the League?" " Champions last season" "Pardon sir I didn't quite catch that you'll have to speak up" "I said they won the third division!" "Oh. By much?" "They got 98 points" "Oh. Good side then. Very tough test this. Bloody hell. .." "Bloody hell what?" "Well I mean, there will be an absolute meltdown won't there if Wednesday lose" "We won't lose" "Seven players out. None in. Can't spend. Radio deal unsigned. George Hirst off to Belgium. He's making his debut tomorrow you know against Mechelen." "I've warned you!" "Fans going mad....membership higher than top Premier League clubs.....toilets on the KOP still a disgrace... and you haven't even played a game yet sir" "Where have you got all this wrist slitting blather from?" "Old Bob in the Navvies arms. They're all on about it." "Right. Well I'm not drinking there anymore. I can do without their bedwetting. Tomorrow I shall go to the Cornish Club" "Very good sir. What time shall I call the taxi for sir to take you to the club?" "Taxi?" "Yes sir, the cars in the garage if you remember after you hit that tree when Radio Sheffield announced you couldn't afford to sign Venanncio" "Don't mention them either! I'm in a good mood. I won't have it ruined" "Sorry sir. Anyway. As i was saying. What time do you want me to get the City Taxi here?" "No! No, no, no, no, no! I will never ride in one of their carriages again" "Why ever not sir?" "Never you mind. I'm just not giving money to those traitorous swines! Ring me a D taxi" "What's a D-Taxi?" "There, there look, on the back of that card" "Ok." "The lines dead sir, it's not ringing" "There must be some mistake. Pass it here. Pass it here. It's not ringing Stubbs" "I just said that. Are you sure it's a Sheffield firm." "Look never mind. Get the motorbike out. We'll go on that." "I'm not sure what condition it's in sir. I haven't seen it for months. It's right at the back of the garage. Can't see it for all those Woodburn..." "No! Don't mention Woodburn, I won't allow it. I should have known you were a pig" "Eh?" "Woodburn indeed" " Woodburning stoves sir. I was going to say I couldn't see your bike for the Woodburning stoves that you bought off that conman" " I wasn't conned" "You've bought 30 woodburners on the hottest summer on record" "Silence! I've had it just about up to here with you and your negativity." "Very good sir" "The Wednesday are going to win today. Whether we've lost Loovens, Wallace, Hunt, Venanncio or not. Whether Leicester have done us right up the ricker with Hirst....we canwin today even though we haven't signed anyone.....we can win today even though Wigan have momentum.......we can win today even if I can't listen to it on Radio Sheffield........ we can win today even if we haven't a white hoop on the sock. We can win today even if Membership is £90. We can going to win today even if they score first. You know why Stubbs? You know why I'm saying that? Because.... as bad as people think it is. As much goes on off the pitch....we can win....because it's Seasons eve....and the pre-season hope still burns.... the first day of the God damned season is coming, FFS and hope, yes HOPE!, is all we've bloody got and if we haven't got hope then we've got nothing at all." "Drink sir?" "Yes. Brandy" "Bit early sir" "No. No it isn't. I've never felt so much pressure on a first game result as this" "Match prediction?" "2-0 Wednesday." "Goalscorers sir?" "Joao two and big Adthe" "Nuhiu?! " "Don't mock me Stubbs" "Very good sir"
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    Saw this on Twitter so thought it was worth posting. Positive things don’t always get a lot of attention these days.
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    played well today, tackled well, cleared the ball when he needed too no fannying about with it at the back. Played 2 decent games in a row. one of the shining performers today
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    "What your doin' here?" "It's a free country as far as I can remember, Barry" "Yer don't usually come in 'ere" "I'm just here to enjoy a drink" "Day before the Derby?! Where were yer last year?" "I came down here last year after the game. You remember the 0-0 massacre where you got one point and we got one point. There was no one in though." "Aye well you won't be getting any points tomorrer." "Well, we'll see, we'll see. We weren't getting anything the other year when we had 14 players out injured were we. The game when 50% of our squad was in the sick bay and our skipper got sent off with half an hour left on the clock....but....well...we did." "Bleedin' fluke that were" "Yes. Then we weren't getting anything last time out either ....but, well, we did, again." "Aye, well mebbe you might actually try and gi' us a game tomorrer! If yer can get the ball off of us" "Oh you're right there , quite right, you'll have the lions share of the ball. I wouldn't expect anything else from the club that invented total football" "Eh?" "Would you like a drink Barry? My shout. Stella is it?" "Eh, what , yeah, how did yer know?" "Wild stab in the dark. Yes. Got to fancy you tomorrow. The way you play. Anything less than an annihilation of us is akin to a loss really isn't it. " "Yeah...what....hang on, no!" "Absolutely huge pressure on you chaps tomorrow." "There int" "Oh come Barry, you're the team gunning for promotion. You're team playing the best football in the league. The pressure is all on you. We can go out and enjoy ourselves really. Play with freedom. We've nothing at stake. It's a free hit for Bruce in many ways. Dropped points means nothing to us." "Erm...wey they don't to us" "They do though don't they." "Ney-ow , pressures on your lot." "Pressure's on us? Hahah. You are a wag Barry. Is this that famous banter I've heard so much about?. No, what little pressure on us was not to be relegated after a wretched start to the season. That's gone. No, real pressure....real pressure comes with fighting it out at the top end. Always has done. Teams that can see the finishing line in sight. They're the teams that feel the pressure. That's United." "No!" "No what?" "Just no. Pissoff. "There's no need for that corky. Though I suppose it's understandable with all the pressure on you." "Yer tryna mek out its all on us" "It is." "'t'int." "It really is." "Whey....anyroad, we can afford to loyse this un , we've gorra game in hand" "Oh I don't think so Barry. I don't think so. You can't count on games in hand can you? It's all about points. You HAVE to win those games in hand. They're full of pressure. Mentally it can effect teams can't it if you don't win them? I mean I wasn't going to mention it but...well..since you've brought up the game in hand it's not so long ago that you had a few games in hand coming to Hillsborough. 'Mind the gap' year wasn't it? Then lost. But more...never recovered really. 6 more years of the pub league after that wasn't it." "Look knobheead, that were years ago. We're gonna batter your tomorrer" "There we go. That's better. I should think you are going to batter us too" "Eh?" "Playing Barcelona football. Divisions top scorer on your books." "Aye our Billeh." "Should be an absolute whitewash. Mind, doesn't seem to be able to find the net against us . 5 games and counting last I heard" "We're gonna do yer! Yer won't know what hit yer. We won't come and shut up shop like your lot" "No you won't will you. No you won't. You'll come flying out of the traps" "'kin will!" "Yes. Charging out. Leaving those big gaps at the back while everyone pushes on desperate to put us to bed" "Yeah!" "Mind. We've got some pace now. Always nice to have pace on the counter..." "Counter! We'll have bloody buried yer by aif time" "Indeed. Mind, you said that in...oh when was it... '79? Absolutely flying weren't you as I remember it, yes that's right it was 'gonna be a massacre' . And it was of course, but not in the way you thought. Mind you, that was in the days when massacres were massacres wasn't it. Not two goal leads. Massacres aren't what they used to be. Yes but that Massacre, the proper one....lost the derby and bombed to mid-table didn't you?" "Ugh" "And then down to the 4th division the following year wasn't it? Funny how history seems to have a habit of repeating itself - lose the derby lose momentum" "I'm gonna smash your f*cking head in yer poncy twatt" "Is that a song by the Beautiful South?" "What yer on about you, yer dikk'ed?!" "Oooh hello, who's this staggering over? Your brother?" "That our lass yer cheeky tw-" "Oh sorry, of course, my mistake. Hello dear. Nice tooth." "Nah then!" "Oh wow. Knuckle tattoos. You don't see many ladies with those these days, it's more sanskrit on the back of the hand these days isn't it. You don't see many of the old blue ink jobs at all." "I did it forra" "Indeed. What does it say? Oh yes....I see. So are you a big fan of German Bluegrass rockers then?" "Eh?" "LUVHAT" "It's Love- hate. Yer idiot can't yer read?!" "Calm down Barry. Deary me. Is there's the jukebox in here? I'll put some music on, lighten the mood. You seem a bit uptight. It'll be all that pressure." "Do what tha wants and there int nor pressure ont Blair-des!!" "If you say so Barry. Right, lets see....one selection for a pound.... bit steep. What have we got here .......ahh...453A .....there we go. Ooh, excuse me, I've got a text. It's Stubbs, he's outside. He's come to pick me up. Right, must dash. Enjoy your song Barry. Goodnight. Try not to let the pressure get to you." "Good evening, Sir." "Evening Stubbs. What's for tea?" "Gammon, Sir" "Oooh no. Not tonight. I've seen enough gammon tonight to last me a lifetime." Championship Hillsborough Stadium Kick off : 7:45 Team News Sheffield Wednesday will hope to have defenders Morgan Fox (back) and Jordan Thorniley (concussion) fit for Monday's Steel City derby at Hillsborough. If neither makes it then left back will be a choice of Liam Palmer or a step in from the cold for Daniel Pudil. The match will see Owls boss Steve Bruce go up against the side with whom he began his managerial career in 1998. They have no concerns up front where he will be hoping striker Steven Fletcher can keep up his excellent recent form, the scot having bagged 3 in his last two games, including a terrific overhead kick against Swansea Sheffield United will have defender Jack O'Connell back after missing the past three matches with a hamstring injury. Blunts boss Mardiola will have to make a decision on whether to give a place to George Baldock who has been recovering from a calf problem. John Egan was taken off midway through last weekend's 1-0 win over West Brom but is also fit again, Mardiola has confirmed. Match facts Each of the last two league meetings between Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United have finished 0-0 - they last played out three consecutive league draws between 1992 and 1993. Sheffield United are looking to record back-to-back league wins over Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough for the first time since October 1937. This is the first league meeting between Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United on a Monday since April 1971 - a 0-0 draw in the second tier. Sheffield United have won their last three Championship matches without conceding - they have not won four in a row without conceding at this level since December 1969. In all competitions, Steve Bruce has won seven of his nine matches against former side Sheffield United (D1 L1), though he lost most recently as Aston Villa manager in September 2018. Sheffield United striker Billy Sharp has failed to score in five league appearances against Sheffield Wednesday for the Blades, only facing Charlton Athletic as often without scoring for United (also five games). COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Just think, if we’d have got pasted you would have been able to have a real go at the club
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    I refuse to walk or drive down Bramall lane in case they name a stand after me.
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    F*****g Brucie. Waltzes in from the cricket and by the time he's been here for 3 hours he brings in the 2 full backs and the pace that we've lacked for 3 years.
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    Or maybe he has lost family members this year and has decided he wants some family time and will return to work after his family break.
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    There's a lot been said recently about our fanbase being negative on social media and websites so here at Owlstalk we will be leading the push to show the doubters that our fans aren't all like that and can drive many positives. As well as a number of upcoming events that we've been working on (the Big Ron Atkinson one being the first) we will be trying to work as closely as possible with John Pearson and the community team to bring fun and positive ideas and initiatives aimed at having fun, getting fit, having a good night out or just having a laugh and at the same doing a bit of fundraising for great causes (not least the SWFC community) I want all the readers out there to read all these events as and when they're posted, take part in as many as they can/want to, and help support this push for positivity because all too often only negatives are seen online when in fact the positive people far far outnumber the trolls. So don't keep silent and help us push forward with positives! This one's ace - you get a free Wednesday shirt if you can hit the sponsorship target (easy to achieve too) and it's a fun day where you might even get fitter too Run 4 Wednesday! Date for the diary... 23rd September 2018! Run For All encourage people of all abilities to take part in the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K. Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme has teamed up with the charity run, to make this day extra special! The first 50 people to raise £150 (and donated to the Virgin Money Giving online page) will become a Wednesday Runner. What do I get? A FREE entry to participate in the Sheffield 10K (usually £28). A Sheffield 10K runner pack including Timer, Goody Bag and Medal. A FREE FIRST Team Sheffield Wednesday FC football shirt. Represent Sheffield Wednesday FC and the charitable arm in a once in a lifetime experience. You will get to choose to be apart of either the 'running' group (lead by John Pearson), or our 'walking' group (lead by ex-player Mick Pickering). Charities Your donations will be supporting the charitable arm of SWFC, providing training, health and education projects to the community. You'll also be helping the amazing charity Archer Project, which provides services to the homeless and vulnerable to improve and achieve a better life. About Cathedral Archer Project We help homeless people achieve a better life by supporting them to: · Develop their independence · Improve their ability to tackle setbacks · Improve their ability to identify and change negative behaviour · Improve their wellbeing How do I donate? Once you have fundraised the £150 (or more) click here to make your donation. Leave you Full Name, Contact Number and Email address on the donation page - so we can contact you with your Runner Pin. How to make an account? To make a donation you will need to have an account with Virgin Money Giving (dead simple!) so we can track your fundraising progress. Click here to make an account. For more information about the Sheffield 10K Run, click here. For any questions please contact john.pearson@swfc.co.uk Happy fundraising! Also the person who raises the most money will get an invite, with a guest, into the SWFC Community box for a home match this season ( Subject to availability ) Half of all the profit raised will be split 50/50 with the Cathedral Archer Project If you can’t run or walk the Sheffield 10K and would still like to donate please follow this link - https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Team/SWFCCommunityProgramme10K As a forum let's start showing the club what Owlstalk can do when pushing positives that are worthwhile, fun and for much needed causes such as the brilliant Cathedral Archer project. Plus imagine it when over 50 of us rock up in our free Sheffield Wednesday shirts to do this one! Will look amazing!
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    Young Wednesdayite Cameron Bough had a day to remember on Saturday when Fernando Forestieri dedicated his goal against Hull to him with a special celebration. Cameron, 9, has recently been critically ill in hospital after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an auto-immune disease which paralysed his body. After bravely battling the illness in hospital, Cameron is now in recovery, learning to walk again and building up his strength. The youngster was invited to Hillsborough on Saturday with his family to meet his heroes, he toured the Owls dressing room prior to kick off, and got some one on one time with Forestieri and Cameron Dawson. Fernando said: “I saw him before the game and I was very happy to see him. His father and his mother told me he has had a good recovery after being in hospital. “When I saw him he looked really happy to see me, so I said, ‘if I score today, what do you want me to do?’” “So we decided together that I would tap my legs, because he has done well to walk with his legs not working so well, so the goal was for him.” The Argentinian scored a second half penalty against the Tigers, and he stuck to his word by tapping his legs. Cameron said: “I just thought, this can’t be happening! “I was just speechlessI When I knew what he was going to do I felt really happy.” Forestieri was certainly happy to make the young supporter’s day, as well as that of his brother, Matthew, 12, and mum and dad, Karen and Iain. He added: “I was a kid as well and when I went to see my idols play in Argentina, I always wanted them to do something for me. “I have this opportunity to do it for him, so I wanted to make the young man happy. “The beautiful thing is to see the young kids smile, so for me it’s very good.”
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    Got to love Hutch's salute to the fans at the end of the match today....
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    Getting tired of reading nonsense on here from the some of the ignorant fans on here who have probably never run a business or risked investment in anything. Both the Chairman and Manager getting unacceptable stick. The Chairman has sunk tens of millions into our club. His strategy hasn’t worked and clearly he has been badly advised but the guy has put his money where his mouth is big time. Luhakay is bring hounded by clueless idiots on the radio about an embargo. Let him get on with coaching what is still a large and talented squad. Let Chansiri get on with sorting out the financial situation. Some people should be careful what they wish for and wind their necks in. We could have a lot worse owners and managers.
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    As the dew turns to mist across the land and the milky low winter sun rises across the Steel city to welcome the dawn of a fresh new year full of hope it's only right we look back at and put to bed the memories of the last 12 months. To clear out the memories... and what a year it has been. Highs, lows, frozen outs and thawed outs. Manager in and manager out. Number ones and number twos-" "Sir, what's this?" "What's what?" "This poster stuck over the window. Of that tree, the lawn in the morning. I thought I was seeing things. It's the middle of the night " "Put that back at once Stubbs, I'm trying to create atmosphere." "It's pitch black outside." "Just put the bloody picture back. And go and fetch me a pot of tea. I'm doing the match day thread for Birmingham" "Very good Sir. Hang on Sir. You're a day early." "I know. We're recording it early , like Jools Holland. You don't really think he's playing boogie woogie in a sodding TV studio at midnight on new years eve do you?! I mean I can hardly do this at 11:30 on the last night of the year can I!?" "Sorry Sir. I'll fetch the tea." "Where the hell was I? Ah yes...." Last year. No wins in November and December and Carlos was on his way by mutual consent on Christmas eve. A date which Wednesday seem to have a thing about when it comes to making changes . Mutual consent ..hmm... though one has to wonder with previous approaches knocked back and Swansea heading into the festivities without a manager once more how much of it was one way or the other or whether it was a genuine 50/50 agreement. Either way, it doesn't really matter that much now. We headed into the new year with the most crippling injury record that I can ever remember in all my years following the club with at one stage 16 players all unavailable to play. Most of whom would have been considered match day squad regulars. In comes Jos Lahukay. Somebody who, if everyone is honest no one had never bloody heard of. But you take it as it comes. What choice do you have? No one had heard of Wenger when he rocked up at Highbury. You just have to hope. So in comes this diminutive little chap with a 'tash' and within days the players are praising him making them do proper training. Which starts to prompt more questions online about the previous regime... Luhukays first job is a trip to darkest Morder and Bramall Lane. Crikey I can remember that week, barely had I been more worried going into a new Year. I ordered Stubbs to keep the Christmas lights up a bit longer to try and keep a bit of a warm glow about the place a bit longer so gloom laden was my mood. The blunts at their place. And us down to the bare bones. The absolute bare bones and with a home pummelling by them still fresh , nay , seared in the memory! The trepidation was palpable. I remember doing the match day thread and the early pages were all full of people of the same view- Just hoping that it wouldn't be a pummelling. No Bannan No Lee No Hooper No Forestieri No Hutchinson, No Fletcher No Lees No Westwood. Well he goes and shocks us all, we go there and match them up 3-5-2. Well that caught old Mardiola on the hop. Literally he was hopping about in the technical area having obviously thought they'd steam roller through us in our standard 4-4-2. We'd got the rookie Wildsmith in net. David Jones in midfield playing , what to me is still his best game for us. And wee Ross Wallace charging about kicking folks for fun in central midfield!! I've never seen the like! Then, the skipper Glenn Loovens, who's powers were waning anyway gets sent off. A bit harshly in my book, his stud catches in the ground and propels....but anyway. 64 minutes on the clock and we're down to ten men. With odds and sods in the side in an alien formation. And they still can't beat us. Blimey we even nearly win it at the end. Oh yes the blunts mocked that we were celebrating that 0-0 but make no bones about it, that draw hurt them more than any of them would ever EVER care to admit because in the build up, with our incredible injury crisis and terrible form... (1 win in 11) they genuinely, and don't ever let them tell you otherwise thought they were going to 'properly' avenge the Boxing day massacre. They'd built that game up in their hearts. This was it. And they didn't. Mardiola had looked at himself in the mirror that morning and said to himself that it would be he that would be remembered , out of all their managers, Bassett, Warnock, Harris, Haslam....it would be he Wilder who avenged it. Oh how he rubbed his trotters together with glee. But then this little bloke from Holland had quietly come in and stolen a point with kids and fillers. Venancio who had been keeping himself fit at Ponds Forge because he'd never had a sniff coming into the side and heading crosses away for fun. Yes, this little Dutchman bought some credits that day. And he needed them, because most people after the Carlos project were wanting something else. Someone English, someone who knew this league. He'd got them in for double training. Everyone gets giddy. It's the way things are isn't it. When one man goes you all want someone who's his opposite. Carlos was easy going. So we want someone who's going to make the buggers work. Especially after those photos that surface with most of the players looking like they have a spare tyre under the shirts! We then go and keep two more clean sheets, against much fancied Middlesborough and Warnocks Cardiff City. Games that , along with the blunts we were expecting to take nothing from. We then go and take a point at Oakwell, and then go and beat Derby. We suddenly look more unified. Far from a finished article of course, we're still crippled by injury but he's doing things simple- like playing combinations up front. Joao and Nuhiu are in from the cold and actually looking like a bit of a pairing. But then...then he does something that you only usually see on the International stage... we go to Millwall and play with no recognised strikers. There is outrage, and you can see why ...it's a Tuesday night game 190 miles away. Already the fan base is splitting and he's only been here a month! He says the crippling injuries in the club means he's not going to take chances on players who aren't fit and risk them being out longer. It's common sense stuff and as new drips from the dressing room about the holiday camp session under Carvalhal many people nod that they can see method in the new mans madness. George Boyd agreed saying that he backed the new manager and that the players fitness was lower than it should have been and that Carvalhal’s training sessions lacked intensity and left them ill-equipped for the rigours of the Championship! Despite four drawers , a win and two narrow defeats the 0-0 at the lane was losing its sparkle. The Millwall thing still fresh in peoples minds. The visit of Steve Bruces Villa will be etched in the memory of any who was there. For it was simply the first time in my entire life that I genuinely felt a referee was on the take and not simply terrible. Ironically it was probably , footballing wise the best team performance under Luhukay to date. But it was all over shadowed by the play acting of Robert Snodgrass and the man in the middle. George Boyd tripped in the box- nothing. Snodgrass....eurggh! I can't even talk about it now a year on! That referee. I have never been so incensed and nothing will ever persuade me otherwise that there was something afoot. Swarbrick retired at the end of the season. Which is just as well as the thought of him coming to Hillsborough again...he'd have been lynched. I'd have genuinely worried for the mans safety. I mean those stats. They will stand out like a sore thumb till the end of time! Two more defeats followed. The good performance against Villa boiled down to nothing more than a loss of points. A heavy defeat at Ashton Gate courtesy of a Bobby Reid hat-trick brought the ire of the fanbase and a home defeat to Ipswich had some fans murmuring about why we hadn't opted for an English manger like Johnson or McCarthy. By this stage things were ramping up though in the negativity stakes, what had promised to be a season where many thought it would be third time lucky had nearly turned into a free fall. The new man had come in and given us some manager bounce and had done something which Carvalhal admitted that he had failed to do which was get performances out of his squad players when his best XI were out injured. But still there was huge dissatisfaction. The manager wasn't a 'character' and whilst that shouldn't really matter- to fans it can do. Fans do like a character in the hot seat. They like someone with a quip or a one liner. Whilst Carlos and his endless food analogies started to grate when things weren't going well on the pitch he was certainly value for money most of his time here for the soundbites. As the season started reaching its end the conspiracy theories really started to ramp up not not helped when a clip of a Carlos press conference from earlier in the season reared it's head when he said there were things happening and that he'd "Tell us at the end of the season" suddenly with nothing much else to get excited about and a mid table finish likely on the cards the gossip mongering hit overdrive- for fans love chatting and with little to talk about of note on the pitch it meant that it was time to look for other things to remark on and that thing was the injury crisis. Social media soon exploded with theories that the injured sixteen weren't actually injured at all. Even though many of the players had gone down injured on the park. Now theories started that the injuries were all fake. That the club was forcing players to miss games to save money, to save bonus clauses, to save on auto contract renewals and..." "Your tea Sir" "Ahh, thank you Stubbs." "How's it going, Sir?" "Ok I think. Just looking back, last season really was one to forget wasn't it. So many bad things. I was hoping to put some positives in but..." "Ahh yes. Butterfield" "Bloody hell Stubbs I'd forgotten about him!" "Well perhaps you should mention him" "No. No, I don't want it to be all doom and gloom. I'll leave that to The Star" "Will that be all Sir. I was hoping to get down the Nuns for a quick slurp" "Steady on Stubbs, you'll be getting the post deleted with that sort of talk. Have you forgotten deletageddon in last weeks match thread?" "Sorry Sir." "Yes, anyway. Get yourself off." "Thank you, Sir" Ahh yes. Contract renewals. There were all sorts of theories doing the rounds. Luhukay who had done well in steadying the ship with mainly bench warmers and squad players with a sprinkling of the kids thrown in was now also getting dragged into the conspiracy theories regarding injuries. The quiet Dutchman was now having the finger pointed at him as having been given the job because he was a 'yes-man' who would agree to having players pretending to be injured. It was all quite farfetched but it was gaining more and more followers and questions. In the end Barry Bannan one of the players who had yet to make an appearance under the new manager after sustaining a hip injury at Norwich before Christmas broke under questioning from a social media detective.. But it wasn't enough to stop the rumours persisting. A fortnight later Bannan was back in action as Wednesday took apart Preston at Hillsborough, a game remembered for an Atdhe Nuhiu double and one of the best goals seen at Hillsborough in many a year. Also a game I remember because a chap in front on me had been giving him pelters all afternoon. I looked for him when that magnificent third goal went in and saw his seat was empty. Gutted. Still. When Forestieri came from the bench to bend home the fourth it put a gloss on things. Defeats to QPR and Fulham were sandwiched inbetween wins over Sunderland and Hull. Reading were put to the sword and the season was wrapped up with a smashing of Norwich with a Nuhiu hat-trick. Summer The summer ,people hoped, would be one of rebuilding. He'd come in and been unspectacular but his remit had been to stop the slide, which he did, with mainly fringe players and kids. He'd already got his critics, the Millwall game or Striker-gate as it shall be known was still needling many. But as the summer sun brought some relief most supporters were prepared to see what the man could do after the break when he had a full squad to pick from. The Club revealed we'd be having a new kit and that last years would be getting sold off. Though many fans were disappointing at the high prices for something which was about to become out of date. As the season approached bad news dripped out that Hooper and Lee looked unlikely to be ready for the start of the new season. Ross Wallace and Glenn Loovens were released. Fans started to get wondering who would replace them. Two experienced campaigners and as free transfers two chaps who had provided some of our best business in years. Frederico Venancio it was presumed would come in and help bolster the back line having stood in for Tom Lees whilst the future skipper was injured and many were shocked when he announced to the media that he loved it here and was desperate to stay but then flew back to Portugal with any talk of signing him vanishing with him. Suddenly alarm bells were ringing. There was talk that we might not have been able to afford the affable centre half, yet his asking price was being touted as low as £750,000 an absolute snip compared to similarly talented English centre halves who were moving for four and five times that figure. Jack Hunt was the next out of the door transferred to Bristol City for £1.6m. A decent fee it was thought for a player who had also had some injury problems and had to be subbed off struggling in many of the 28 games he did start the previous season. But again...was he going to be replaced? Rhodes was set up with a loan move to Norwich City, presumably with a view to a permanent move. Also on the move was his father Andy, the Wednesday goalkeeping coach and someone who had been credited with doing much to help Wednesdays two highly promising young custodians Wildsmith and Dawson. Gone to become the assistant manager at Oldham a club where he played 69 games during one of their finest spells in the late eighties and early nineties. There is some good news at this stage though as George Boyd tells the press that the players are going to be much fitter this season and that they have done a lot of quality work in pre season. “As a player, you need that fitness,” he said. If you don’t do a proper pre-season and don’t build up that base of fitness, you can’t do it during the season, especially with the amount of games you play in the Championship. You can’t get fitness sessions during the week so you need to do it now and that sets you up for the rest of the year.” (Amazingly though this interview is one of the few times we see George for 5 months until Bully brings him back in.) So there were tiny threads of positivity. However this was tempered when he announced that he would be having young Cameron Dawson as his number one. Several times he stated it in the press conference. But he kept referring to a "situation" Dawson knew what the "Situation" was. As did Westwood and Wildsmith. But the thing is, the fans didn't know what the "Situation" was...and it was something which was to become a constant talking point throughout the season. As the season approached the rumour mill went into overdrive with people throwing the names of all sorts of possible transfer targets out there. Hundreds were touted and rumoured. But none came in. The manager was given nothing to spend. The club then revealed the new kit Magnificent! (Though the stripes were only on the front it was a step in the right direction. If we get the shorts and socks right next season under Bruce then maybe , just maybe the glory days will come again!) Wednesday were away to momentum powered Wigan on the opening day of the season and fell to a 3-2 defeat, young Van Aken back in the side at the centre of a 3 man defence where he struggled with the physical side of the game whilst over on his right flank Tom Lees ,the best defensive header of the ball in the club, was struggling to get to grips with being charged with pulling wide and starting moves off. The fans , after a poor previous season were worried a bad start could cost us and even Luhukays most vociferous critics were demanding to know why the Dutchman hadn't been given any money to spend, with his only signing to date being Joey Pelupessy, for a meagre £420,000. To be given any chance the man, even his doubters agreed, had to be given something to spend. It was in this early week of the season that the Chairman announced at a fans forum that the club had been under a temporary embargo since April! On the park Wednesday got their first point on the board with a 1-1 draw with Hull City. Sam Hutchinson replacing the shell shocked Van Aken in the back line. Though Hutchinson was used in the centre of the back three, with Lees again on the right side and charged with getting the moves going. So many people wondered why Hutchinson -so much more comfortable on the ball wasn't put in the RCB role and Lees in the central one. A week later against Brentford Hutchinson was back in midfield against Brentford. On paper this was a solid looking Wednesday side. Lees back in his comfortable position as the right sided centre half position in a back four had Pudil alongside him. However left fullbacks Penney and Fox were overlooked for the left back spot by natural centre half Thorniley. A midfield 3 of Hutchinson, Bannan and Pelupessy was on paper a good balance of fitness, finesse , stamina, ticking, tackling. However somewhat bizarrely rather than Hutchinson and Pelupessy sitting, or even just Hutchinson sitting and Pelupessy playing higher up alongside Bannan...Wednesdays ball winning tackler played in what can only be described in a sort of attacking, deep, inside right position. He looked lost, but that could be little excuse for a barmy penalty he gave away. He'll have been as gutted as the next man. However...it would be the last we'd see of Hutchinson in the League for 5 months. Three wins on the spin pushed us right up the table into the top ten and Lucas Joao was in good goalscoring form and showing flashes of the player he always had the potential to be. We've stuck with a back four for a few games and while not pulling any tree up we're at the right end of the table. Josh Onomah and Michael Hector come in on loan to bolster the numbers. There's no sign though of George Boyd or David Jones though and the contract and payment rumours of last season start to flair like embers in the great until the conspiracies become a raging fire once more. When asked why they aren't involved the manager plays it with a straight bat and says he's looking long term and has some kids who are the future of the club and he wants to give them game time and experience. Which is all fair enough. But with the shadow of embargo hanging still over the club many just outright call him a liar. In that situation, whatever you think of him as a manager it has to be said that he and to an extent the club, can't win. On the pitch after some really good results the signing of Hector actually seems to make the manager wobble even more, the recent run of wins and draws (with a defeat to Forest in there) comes to a halt as he then goes back to a back three, almost to squeeze Hector in. It means Lees moving back to right centre back and almost instantly the skipper starts to look wobbly again. Leeds United with Bielsa at the helm (The man I wanted when Gray got the boot and everyone told me would never come to England!!) give us a right old game at Hillsborough raining in an astonishing 25 shots in on young Cameron Dawsons goal, which he manages to keep at bay. It's like the Alamo at the back there, but Wednesday are clinging on to their lead from Reachs wonder goal at the break. Ten minutes after the break though they are back in it when Mateusz Kitch scores as good a strike as you'll see at this level. With changes now happening every week no one has any idea what team will be playing week by week. Pudil, Thorniley and Hector all seem to be rotated. We take a two goal lead against West Bromich Albion at home but squander it all too easily... players start getting some hammer from the fans who seem to be arguing with each other about which players to blame even down to arguing which players should be fouling the opposition! The players are starting to lose the fans, the club is starting to lose the fans. There is no clarity about what it happening with the embargo. The manager is a quiet bloke , and though it makes little difference in real terms, the Sheffield public are getting agitated and they want to see their manager looking agitated in the dugout and getting annoyed like they are. It's all a bizarre thing but it's tribal, they want to know the man in the hot seat is as stressed as them. The skipper had a nightmare against Middleborough and the airwaves were crackling with voices saying he was too quite to be a captain and that he needed Loovens along side him. One or two with a bit of nous wanted him to be stuck back in a two man central defence. As it was he found himself dropped for the following match at QPR... ...along with four others. We get pumped 3-0. Then we're on to Birmingham, but we're back to a back four now and a very narrow midfield, some would say diamond, which is almost completely devoid of width. A week afterwards Jos decides to put the width issue right by going 4-4-2 and making sure we have player in wide areas! Nuhiu and Fletcher start up front and one or two old fashioned types start to have hopes of seeing crosses and headed goals like the good old days. We do actually create a couple of decent chances and Onomah should probably have us 2-0 up going into the break but lines are fluffed. Cameron Dawson saves a penalty which earns him warm applause. However.... after half time Wednesday capitulate and amazingly find themselves 3-0 down in just 11 crazy minutes, and sections of the crowd start chanting Kieran Westwoods name, scuffles and arguments break out in the stand. A fourth near the end and the murmurs and groans around Hillsborough grow. Fans are arguing on-line and Football heaven is full of callers all with a different take on the situation some livid and many quoting what is rapidly becoming 2018's buzzword "Toxic". Wednesday have conceded 28 goals in 16 outings and fans are all agreeing at this stage, whatever their views on the manager, conspiracies and anything else- the opposition aren't having to work for their goals. So many of them are gifts. Though..... "The opposition are going to get gifts," said Radio summariser Brian Laws "if you are allowing teams 15 to 20 free hits at goal every week. One of them will get lucky" In goal, Laws' statement is backed up by the fact young Dawson has faced more shots than any other goalkeeper in the entire division. He's made the most saves, say SKY TV, but it's an accolade he'd rather not have as the reason for it is the fact he's being shelled every week. "This Luhukay," opines one chap on my Twitter feed "I heard he was reight defensive, but I don't know where they've got that from we couldn't get a clean sheet in a Chinese launderatte" We then go to the place where it all first started for Luhukay Bramall Lane. And oh! King-Grunter Wilder is loving it , his team are flying high and Wednesday are struggling and are the only team in the division yet to keep a clean sheet. Mardiola is revelling in the build up all week and The Star can't give him enough column inches! Their reporter also tries to crank the pressure up by claiming that Wednesday are favourites for the clash.. despite Wednesday having just 3 wins in 3 months. Unbelievable! Wilder, in his Bristolian, Bedfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Wiltshire accent goes on to say how he understands how big the game is on account of him being so Northern... Luhukay says "It is the biggest game of the season, the derby match, you play for pride, honour and respect. You play to win a derby , you have to do it for the fans, so the players must also understand that." But the press ignore that totally and concentrate all their efforts on pointing out one tiny part of the 15 minute conference when he said he'd managed big derbies before and so of course he knew what they were about. As it is Wednesday go there and put in one of the best defensive displays of this or any season . Dawson saves a penalty and keeps a clean sheet having faced 19 shots. Wednesday get a point, the United fans make fun of Wednesday fans for celebrating the result and Mardiola can barely hide his upset that once more ,with all the chips stacked in his sides favour he has failed to bring home a double or revenge for the BDM! He resorts to saying how proud he is of his players and finds himself barely able to open his mouth without trying to shoe horn in that he thinks every player in Wednesdays squad is on £40,000 per week. (God knows what he'd make of the £100,000 a week that David Jones is on!) Wednesday fans still bicker though and despite the clean sheet the debate about why Dawson is playing instead of Westwood rages on. The manager says it's down to him, which many fans think is lunacy, some fans claim Westwood is a bad egg, some claim it's to do with a contract clause which means we'll have to extend his deal and one or two of the more fringe lunatics actually think that Chansiri is picking the side and texting it to the manager every week! No one has any idea what the truth is! The chairman when asked outright at a fans forum backs the manager by admitting it is purely the managers decision. But still some don't believe him claiming he's throwing the manager under the bus to cover for an FFP fiasco. There's about 8 factions of fans all with different views on the matter and no one has any idea what the hell is going on. Though all fans from every side of the equation are agreed on one thing...the situation won't be doing the young lad in the net any good. Wednesday go to Blackburn and get demolished by an average Blackburn side. Going with a two man central midfield we don't have anyone to pick up Bradley Dack who is afforded the freedom of the pitch and goes on the rampage. The fans start chanting for Jos out. This is the Winter of our discontent! Ahh the forum. The Clubs fans forum. Fair play to the Chairman. I wouldn't do them, I wouldn't honest. But he did. Booked at the University octagon centre to allow more people to attend ....until the Universities security manager had the event cancelled with worries about fans kicking off. It all seems a bit rich from a venue that has previously held boxing nights and cage fighting all with an open bar. But cancel it they do. Releasing a statement via their Vice chancellors office. But even this is dismissed as rubbish by some fans who are now at mouth-frothing levels of anger and accuse the University of colluding with the club to get it cancelled so not as many people can attend. Funny the effect football can have on people! The Chairman leaves the meeting knowing that most fans aren't happy with the manager and within 14 hours the manager was gone. Lee Bullen is suddenly giving the keys an told to look after the house until a new man can be found. Bullen steps up to the plate with little fuss. He talks common sense in his first press conference. Just as he did when given the same task almost a year before. He's true to his word. Sets us up simply with round pegs in round holes. We go to a traditional and solid back four with the skipper back in his best position as a right sided centre back in a partnership. He plays a formation and system which means we won't be overrun in central midfield by having a holding player behind to shuttlers and frees Bannan and Reach, Onomah and Pelupessy to do their best work further forward. Showing signs he's shrewder than many would give him credit he also recalls two fan favourites from the wilderness in Westwood and Hutchinson. It's a master-stroke not just in terms of tactics but in terms of creating a positive atmosphere at Hillsborough. The fans, for the first time in months are positive before a ball has been kicked. Westwood was barking out his orders to the defence and even people still debating the rights and wrongs of both keepers treatment agreed the benefit of having another experienced head back there in a team struggling for confidence and form. The Preston game isn't a classic but Wednesday are in control, even before dirty get Pearsons inevitable sending off. It's a 4-3-3 when attacking and becomes a 4-1-4-1 when we lose possession. We're compact and we reduce the number of shots at our goal to 4. The lowest of the entire season. Against Middlesborough we again allow them only 4 shots and even against West Brom the top scorers in the entire division we keep them down to just 9 shots . 6 less than we allowed against lowly Rotherham. It's simple stuff. But football is a simple game. It works! Rumours are abound that Bruce is incoming once he's finished his holiday in Barbados. Though some are questioning his eagerness to get here. Well, I don't say I blame him. The Caribbean or a Sheffield winter. Which would you find more appealing. His assistants have already been to watch us and have no doubt been sending back detailed notes from what they have seen and... "Sir." "Stubbs, what are you doing here?" "The Nuns is shut Sir and I've never much fancied the Black Horse since Teds lad took over as tenant." "A wise choice Stubbs. A wise choice" "I did bump into Hargreaves in the village though Sir" "Owen?" "Neil" "Oh yes. What did he have to say?" "He asked me to give you this Sir. It's a Fortnum and Masons hamper, he said he can't believe he isn't paying you considering the quality of your content on this site , especially when he looks at the wedge that's being thrown at proper journalists down the road" "Well he's quite right. But he needn't have bought me this. Listen Stubbs, grab yourself a glass we'll pop open the bubbly and see in the new year" "Ummm..." "Hang on a minute Stubbs, the bloody hamper; it's empty!" "Ahh, yes Sir. He was dropping it off. But then he stopped for a breather by the village Green and sat on the bench there and..well he, well, he drank the lot Sir. But he did tell me to tell you that it's the thought that counts." "Humph!" "Have you finished the Match day thread Sir?" "Just about Stubbs. Just about." "I can't see anything about Birmingham in there Sir.." "Oh Bolllocks. I'd forgot about them lot. Look it's too late now. We'll just have to add a bit on the morning of the game." HAPPY NEW YEAR COME ON WEDNESDAY
  29. 74 points
    Was at the match last night, cracking atmosphere didn’t see any bother then i turn on SSN this morning to see some idiot throwing a bottle then a coin at one of there players (possibly 2 people) Why? Its not big, it’s not clever if you can’t behave like somebody with half a brain don’t bother coming, now it’s highly likely we will face a fine taking away some of the extra gate recipients generated last night. Whoever you are your not fit to call yourself Wednesday
  30. 74 points
    I thought the comments from Gullit and Murphy were f**king disgusting.
  31. 74 points
    Any chance you could actually explain what is happening? Obviously your manager is way outta his depth, but lets be honest...Who brought him in...? Is it not time to face up? I'll take the Flak for buying Jordan Rhodes...I'll take the flak for selling Jack Hunt...but in mitigation..I only did it cos you seemed to be doing sod all. The one thing you have delivered on is the "I know little of football"...O.K we now believe you..Do you really have to keep f.ookin' proving it? Its time to speak to the fans..who are grateful for all the money you have put in..but lets be honest..thats all relative...Wednesday fans have paid ridiculous prices for the last 3 years...might be a pittance to you..but its not to us...The sooner you realise that basic economic fact the better.... The club needs guidance, the fans need guidance...We need a plan, we need something to look towards..and you honestly need to sack the manager...then ask someone who to appoint... I would seriously you ask someone who "Knows a little about football" You need a plan...You need to tell us what it is... You need to tell us what the "serious trouble" you foresee next season is.. .(Of course that was only going to happen if we didn't go up).. Well guess what?...We won't Its time for a statement..Its time for direction...Its time to speak to the fans... We are not "your minions"..we are not some sorta toy to play with..then discard... "WE"..Mr Chansiri..are Sheffield Wednesday...and we will be, whether you stay or go...Threats of serious trouble..You taking your money back...You selling..while unfortunate..Will not change that... "WE" are Sheffield Wednesday..and we are bigger than you... There will ALWAYS be a Sheffield Wednesday...Its up to you to decide what your legacy will be...Cos I assure you...You will disappear a f.ookin lot faster than we will
  32. 73 points
    On this managerial situation I have been thinking and what our great club needs is a young, hungry but most importantly proven manager who is now looking to move to the next level. An appetite to succeed at the highest level, something they simply cannot do where they currently are. That is our trump card. If you look around there are several top managers at much smaller clubs, playing in front of tiny crowds who must wonder what they could achieve with a sleeping giant club and fan base like Wednesday. Outsiders might think it would be a step backwards for them but these top managers know you sometimes have to do that to take 2 steps forwards. Give me any of.... Sean Dyce - got Burnley up, kept them up & then got them into Europe. Burnley fans want him out so he could be available soon. My number 1 choice - we could potentially be in the Champions League in 5 years, maybe less. David Wagner - got Huddersfield up and kept them up. In the play offs at Hillsborough he must have wished he was the manager of the other team with our passionate fans and depth of squad at the time. Eddie Howe - got Bournemouth up and has kept them up. Almost an established Prem team now but he must be sick of managing in front of 7,000 fans each week. Chris Houghton - got Brighton up and kept them up. Does't play the best football but he could do with more creative players and supporters who demand nothing less. Rafa Benitiz - got Newcastle up and kept them up. Only a matter of time before the poo hits the fan up there. The only one I would question we could get because he's a bit older and more likely to move to a Watford or Everton.... unless he thinks he's got one more big job in him. All the above have got teams out of the championship and then also kept them up but their personal projects must be coming to an end where they are now and they will be looking for a change soon and the lure of a big club like ours could persuade them. Or we could just get Gary Megson.
  33. 73 points
    Who after Chansiri had given us a half hour tirade about how we as supporters are to blame for the clubs current predicament; and that we'll have to find the extra money to pay the highest prices in the division because 'we've all got to do our part equally'. Who then gave this complete charlatan a round of applause, just because he ended with the statement 'we've got better players than United'...you all ought to hang your heads in shame. He must've sat there thinking "I could murder their wives and children and as long as I throw them a few platitudes along the way then they'll lap it up". The first opportunity since last seasons debacle to make him accountable and you all sat there like hypnotized clapping seals. More please Mr Chansiri, more please, we love you. The buck for this complete monstrosity of a start to the season is purely down to DC, and the sooner fans stop blowing smoke up his arse the sooner he'll have to make some real decisions, stop behaving like a spoilt child and start acting like a proper businessman.
  34. 73 points
    Hes our talisman and best player at the club,seen a lot of negative posted about whats happened but sir Alex Ferguson didn't turn his back on cantona Come on Fernando im looking forward to seeing you torment the opposition defences this season
  35. 72 points
    There will be an empty seat next to me on the North this Saturday. My lovely mother in law has just passed away suddenly. We have been going to games together for over 30 years. Many of which as ST holders. She loved Wednesday and always had many stories to tell. She loved an away day but more recently just play off finals.... Will miss her and match days will never be the same.... Rest in Peace.
  36. 71 points
    Just woke to read the interview that Bruce gave and how he talked to Newcastle "out of respect". Well Why not show some respect to the man who fecking bent over backwards to get you, the man who allowed you to sun it up in the Caribbean before coming here, the man that has backed you and will continue to do so until the day you leave this great club. My fecking blood is boiling, that's the most disrespectful thing he could have said or done and for me he is finished here. A message to DC, continue to stick to your guns, get the best price you can for Bruce and his entourage and go and get a proper manager and gent named Chris Hughton.
  37. 71 points
    One man is coming out with honour and respect. He’s done a few things I’ve not agreed with but by sticking to his guns on the Bruce/Ashley matter he deserves a lot of praise Well done Mr Chansiri
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    Hiirst Senior has gone to tell Steve Bruce that he once nearly signed for Man United
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    “So Chelsea, Sir. A nice break in the normal routine. Something to look forward to.” “Chelsea eh…” “Yes Sir. I believe that’s what I said” “Not really Chelsea though is it.” “It isn’t?” “No. Not at all. They aren’t really Chelsea are they. Not really. Chelsea really stopped being Chelsea when the Russian came in. Sent everything scewywiffy. What they are now… that’s not Chelsea. No. Not a bit of it.” “Well, they are Sir. They have the same name they've always had. Same kit. Play in the same ground. They're definitely Chelsea ” “The same Ground?! Are you mad! It’s on the same spot Stubbs but it’s not the same ground. Blimey no. It’s a different place. Different club. Blimey, they were averaging 18,000 last time we were playing them every year.” “To be fair Sir, that was nigh on 20 years ago.” “Money has made them Stubbs. Nothing else. You don’t gain 20,000 supporters in a ten year window through breeding,no. It’s glory Stubbs. They’ve gained 20,000 come in for the Glory.” “Well, isn’t that the same for all Clubs Sir? You have a good run and your attendances go up. That’s how football generally works, you said so yourself only last week. I mean, if you look at the stats Wednesday have gained 8,000 fans since Alan Irvine left.” “Well, that’s my point! We’re proper Stubbs. We’re still Wednesday. Yes we’ve gained numbers over recent times again, but we’ve still been scrabbling about haven’t we. attendances have gone up. But it’s not like we’ve gained 8000 fans coming to watch the European Cup. It’s not like we have young kids desperate to get along because of some exotic players . Folks weren’t scrambling to get tickets to see James O’Conner scurrying about the place. They came back because …well, they believed better times were ahead.” “Well Chelsea fans might have come back because they ‘believed’ again Sir. They might have come back because they thought better times were ahead. And they have been right to think that because they have” “20,000 of them? No no. They’re new Stubbs, new. New affiliates.” “Affiliates? Look Sir, I know you’ve never been a big fan of Chelsea, but don’t you think you’re perhaps just trying too hard to discredit them. They’re a popular club, successful club with a large fanbase and-” “Well whatever! I don’t like it one bit Stubbs! Doug Rougvie, Gordon Durie and that big empty open ended stand with the disabled cars parked at the front. That’s Chelsea. ” “Was Chelsea Sir, you can’t live in a time warp.” “I haven’t had a bloody choice but to live in a sodding time-warp Stubbs!” “Sir, times change. You must adapt. Look at the beginning of the season, your first OMDT of the new campaign. You opened up by saying "Wigan were a 4th division club.” “They are!” “But they’re not Sir! They’re a Championship team, on merit, they play in a 25,000 Stadium. You can’t judge them on what they were 25 years ago. It’s only 5 years ago after all since they won the FA Cup. I mean, when did Wednesday last win the FA Cup?” “They’re bloody Rugby-walling pie munchers Stubbs! They belong in the 4th division playing in-front of a couple of thousand. You see, you see, this is exactly what I’m on about Stubbs. And you’ve bought it. This is what is wrong with the world. This is why the world has gone mad. This is why everything is wrong. Awfulness! Awfulness everywhere. This - that is to say "modern football" - is the very nucleus of the Worlds awfulness .It’s hub.” “A bit melodramatic Sir. I mean, Brexit, Trump, modern day slavery, foodbanks, there are more awful things in the world than Wigan not being in the 4th division and Chelsea being a super-club.” “Yes, yes. But why? Why Stubbs? Because things have been knocked off kilter. I mean, Bournemouth. In the bloody top flight. Bournemouth! Say it out loud to yourself.” “The thing is Sir-“ “Say it! Say it out loud!” “Very well. Bournemouth are a Premier League Club” “See Stubbs! See? See how wrong it sounds?” “What’s that got to do with starvation? Or people trafficking?” “Everything Stubbs, everything! Do you think Trump would have got in power in the real world?” “The real World Sir?” “Yes. The real world, because Stubbs, I’m starting to think this isn’t the real world anymore.” “This isn’t about Costellos pickle Jar again is it Sir?” “No. It’s Scudamore. He’s ruined the World. Him, Murdoch and Sugar. They’re knocked us out of our own time stream.” “Oh, here we go again” “Right, listen here Stubbs. Who do you think is the best player currently in the Premier League?” “Well that’s a tough one, possibly that De Bruyne Sir.” “Don’t even start me on City Stubbs,don’t even start me on City. A Club owned by a bloody country. Ye Gods. That’s a whole OMDT on it’s own. Pick another player.” “Hazard Sir” “Hazard. Right, now think back Stubbs to the last time you accompanied me to the Bridge.” “Sir it’s years ago I last went with you.” “Think.” “I don’t know, 86 maybe, or 87. I know it was freezing and we lost.” “How many there Stubbs?” “I don’t know without checking Sir.” “Well check!” “Hang on….right, he we go….it was February 1987, lost 2-0, attendance 12,493” “12,000 on a Saturday afternoon. In the top flight Stubbs. The top flight of English football. Can you remember that day. The ground?-“ “Yes Sir. It being freezing cold and awful, yes” “Right. Now keep that in your head. Now keep that image Stubbs, keep that mental image. Can you imagine Eden Hazard playing for them? That club. In that Stadium.” “No Sir” “Right. Well there go then. That’s what I’m saying. It’s wrong. It’s all gone to pot. The whole thing.” “But Sir-” “I’ll tell you something else Stubbs.” “Hmm?” “That Eddie Howe.” “What about him Sir?” “I think he’s an automaton.” “What? The Bournemouth manager Sir?” “Indeed. They can do all sorts these days. But there’s a giveaway Stubbs. A giveaway” “Really Sir...” “The mouth Stubbs, the mouth. You watch that mouth when he talks. Top lip never quavers. Not so much as a wibble. Then watch an old Gerry Anderson show. Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds any of those. Then see the similarity” “Sir. Please…can we just do the match day thread.” “He’s an automaton Stubbs. I’m telling you. We ever get to the Premier League and visit Dean Court again and I’m going to rip his mask off and reveal his real robot cyborg face to the watching World Stubbs!” “Dean Court? Do you mean the Vitality Stadium Sir?” “This is exactly what I’m bloody well on about Stubbs! Exactly what I’m on about. The bloody Vitality Stadium indeed! Gordon Bennett! Bournmouth. In the top flight. The vitality bloody stadium.” “The thing is Sir. You’re a bit of a football romantic. I thought you’d be behind the ‘minnows doing well’ story, Sir” “Minnows doing well? By bloody cheating Stubbs.” “You mean administration Sir?” “It’s bloody well cheating Stubbs!” “If you say so Sir. Now, I have todays early team news-“ “It all started with squad numbers this did you know.” “What did?” “Football all going off kilter. Do you know what I heard the other day Stubbs? Someone called football boots ‘Cleats’. Bloody cleats I ask you! I mean what the hell is going on.” “I’ve got the Match facts Sir if you-“ “And I’ll tell you something else, that bloody Lovejoy.” “The antiques dealer?” “No, no, that smug chump off the telly. The one who did the cooking thing with the bald scouser” “Sir I really have no idea what-“ “He’s another one another reason it’s all gone tocock. With his laddy fake laugh, dumbing down of the game Stubbs. Bloody tekkers! Nauseatingly smug inane grin permanently etched across his clock. Good Heavens. Then kids watching it. A generation of kids grew up with that paphead. Thinking that’s what football is all about. No wonder they all walk about in Pink plastic boots at £200 a pop. The iconography of the madness of the new game. They’re made out of bloody cling film half of them.” “What are?” “Modern boots Stubbs, modern boots. What did you think I meant? There’s no quality control. Style over substance. Stitched plastic knocked together by some poor orphan in a sweat shop working for a multinational conglomerate who make a killing by persuading sunder-headed chumps to part with their cash so they can look like a modern player who spends half his time on his arris diving about. Man alive! Whatever happened to two players going full blooded into a 50/50 in a pair of Puma Kings and hammering each other. Gone are the days Stubbs. Cheap coloured bloody boots. No wonder they all have broken metatarsals Stubbs. Clingfilm boots! To kick their fly-away 50p shoot balls on their plastic bloody pitches.” “Sir we really must make a start on the..” “Computer games. They didn’t help. They encouraged an entire nation of Lovejoys. Smiley smiley, laughy laughy , chatty chatty fans. Beamingly and banally clucking to themselves about bloody back heeled penalties in the Peruvian third division , is it any wonder they developed an obsession with dropping in random foreign players into conversations. “Oh yeah Couto Van Di Mysterio, 15 years old, plays for Msiepyb in the Peruvian third, I’ve seen a lot of him, really good player in my opinion, someone we should look at”. Well I don’t Stubbs. And they haven’t bloody seen a lot of him at all. I think these kids should go out and get a job and stop being goons. And I blame him. Lovejoy, him and FIFA” “Gianni Infantino? Or the earlier Blatter regime?” “No. The computer game! That and bloody football manager.” “Sir please, stop…” “Nauseatingly self-assured Premier League fans fill the football world now Stubbs. Fill it. I never cease to be bombarded with posts on my news feeds, and is it really news Stubbs? No it’s not. It’s 13 year old blogging from his bedroom about how many Ballon ‘Dors Messi was won. And then a constant pinging while two more kids from Bombay…” “You mean Mumbai Sir?” “No I mean bloody Bombay Stubbs! Two kids one from Bombay and one from sodding Cairo argue about who is better between Messi and Ronaldo. That’s not news. It’s bumph! And you daren’t leave a bloody comment on it yourself or else you have some lad from Nigeria leaping onto your feed telling you your support a crap club and that his team – Manchester City this year incidentally- are far better.” “Sir, kids have always looked and attached themselves to popular clubs of the day. It's nothing new!” “But it’s not just them Stubbs! Your grown man is at it now. Grown men...turned to airheads....they're no better than the kids! I heard a Leicester fan on the radio the other day and do you know what he said? Do you?! Do you know what he said? What he said with no irony, no self awareness?” “No Sir.” “He said that Puel had to go. Because….wait for it Stubbs, wait for it, because “We should be challenging for the Champions League spots.” Leicester Stubbs! Bloody Leicester City. Zero self awareness.” “Sir, they have won title so…maybe that’s not too much of a big ask….and you were as happy as anyone else when they won it!” “It was a fluke Stubbs. A fluke. And yes , yes I was pleased for them, because they are a small club who overcame Lottery winning odds to create the biggest sporting upset of all time.” “Of all time Sir?” “Yes, of all bloody time! The whole thing is a cartel! There’s only four clubs won the bloody league in the last 25 years Stubbs! Four! Then they won it. Of course it’s the biggest upset ever. Great shades of Elvis! You’d die a happy man if you won a fluke League title. I know I would. But no! Oh no! Now, now they think they’re under achieving. Underachieving Stubbs! Leicester City sat ninth in the bloody Premier League table and they think they’re underachieving! They’ve spent more than half their history in the second division and now they EXPECT to be challenging.” “Sir. Wednesday have just spent 20 years in the second and third division it doesn’t mean-” “Yes! And wrongly so we’ve been down there! It’s not right. Our KOP was the biggest standing terrace in Europe Stubbs!” “Yes, but that doesn’t win football matches Sir” “Well, no it doesn’t but bloody hell it should count for something! Not how many bloody twitter followers your centre forwards wife has got. It’s all wrong." "Hang on a moment Sir. Not 5 minutes ago you were saying that having big attendances like Chelsea and to a smaller scale Wigan, didn't mean they should be where they are" "Stop arguing Stubbs, you won't change my mind. Football is all wrong. Ohhhh, and don’t even start me on that new show on 5-live. Don’t even start me on that!” “But you love 5-Live Sir” “Loved Stubbs, loved past tense. I don’t love it now. Not with that new bloody show. Young gobby people on their now Stubbs, young people. People born after 1995 , modern fans, all supporting the big 4. Professional Vloggers. Did you know what was a job now Stubbs? Vlogging. It is you know. Videoing yourself talking absolute bolllocks. It is. And it’s lapped up by morons. Well anyway. Now they have a show. It’s awful and it’s full of these vacuous vloggers. Last week they were discussing “The hard times as a fan” and you know what they thought were the hard times Stubbs?” “No Sir” “I’ll tell you” “I thought you might…” “'Not winning the title' Stubbs. That’s it. Their idea of Hard times was 'not winning the title'. Having to “make do with Cups”, I kid you not Stubbs. I kid you not. Gods honest truth I nearly threw the wireless out of the window. You know what they call this show Stubbs? The Squad. Not in the sense of a football squad obviously, though there’s clearly the play on words with it, but no, it’s called the squad in some homage to daft language used by young people to describe a group of pals. This sort of crud started with that Lovejoy and look where it's ended up. The bloody Fresh Prince of Grange Hill show. Honestly Stubbs. The games gone. The game has absolutely gone! The media circus surrounding it has gone. All of it. It’s all totally and utterly fecked. There’s nothing Stubbs . Nothing. You’ve got lecherous agents sucking all they can from one end of the game and chump fans flicking their fingers and whooping ‘baller’ every time some chump makes a 10 yard pass at the other. The whole scale. It’s all gone. The whole soul has been nearly ripped from the game.” “So shall we not bother with the OMDT today then Sir?” “Oh no. We’ll do it Stubbs. We’ll do it. We have to do it. It’s the FA Cup. It’s the last bastion of what football should actually be about - Even though the BBC are trying to urbanise it by having Grime artists mumbling and heavy breathing while they show grainy shots of kids kicking a ball about infront of heavily graffitied shuttered shops on some sink estate in London – But ignore that, we have to look past that. I’m bothered Stubbs. Oh yes, I am bothered. I’m more bothered than I’ve been for a long time. We have to be bothered. We have to win this game. I mean, I don’t want to put pressure on our lads. But we have to win this bloody game. We have to win it for the good of the game. We have to win it to make some small ***** in redressing the balance of the football nature. We have to win this game Stubbs to restore some normalcy to the football world. We have to win this game for every long suffering fan of every none super-club who has stood in the pisssing rain watching a terrible football team week after week in a ruin of a ground . Not just Wednesday fans Stubbs, all fans of all the teams pushed out the road and crushed on the tidalwave of polish and glitter and marketing bullshite. We have to win this game for every double-denimed bloke who ever walked out of his job and crammed himself as fifth man into a Reliant Robin and travelled 100 miles to see his team stave off relegation to the fourth division. We have to win this game for young and old. We have to win this game so that young fans of glory teams can taste a bit of what our young fans have had dealt them their whole lives. Misery , desolation.... ....Oh I want to win this game Stubbs. You’d better believe me. In a crazy way I want us to win it more than any other I can remember for a long, long , long time. We must go to Bridge Stubbs and we must kill the dragon.” “Right. Well… You’d better look away now then Sir Chelsea v Wednesday The FA Cup - 4th Rnd Sunday 27th January Stamford Bridge Wednesday travel to the Bridge hoping to overcome a pretty poor record FA Cup meetings between the two sides stack the offs highly in the London teams favour with Wednesday getting just two competition wins in that time. Opta stats This is the 124th meeting in all competitions between Chelsea and Sheffield Wednesday but first since April 2000, a 1-0 win for the Owls at Hillsborough in the Premier League. Sheffield Wednesday have been eliminated from eight of their 10 FA Cup ties with Chelsea, last knocking them out in the 1965-66 semi-final. Chelsea have progressed from 47 of their last 49 FA Cup ties against non-Premier League sides, losing in March 2008 against Barnsley and January 2015 against Bradford City. Sheffield Wednesday are facing the holders of the FA Cup for the first time since the 1955-56 campaign, when they lost 1-3 against Newcastle in the third round. Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud has had a hand in seven goals in his last four FA Cup appearances against sides from outside the top-flight (5 goals, 2 assists), scoring in each of his last four appearances, including one for Chelsea against Hull. The Good news for Wednesday is that Chelsea are likely to make quite a few changes to their side. The bad news of course is that it is still likely to be a terrific side on paper. With this the line up that the London press are expecting-: . The Bookies seem pretty convinced their second string will have too much for Wednesday too They're offering 12/1 for a Wednesday win. .....and there's talk that Gonzalo Higuain, one of the most dangerous hitmen in Europe might make his debut. so as you can see Sir. It doesn't look good. It doesn't look good at all. Sir? Sir are you ok?" "Bugger it all Stubbs , I'm fine. I still think we can win. I still believe in magic." The Wednesday!
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    Jos and walk away. That's a popular theme recently isn't it. Grow some bòllocks.... by walking away. Bit of a contradictory phrase but that's par for the course . When things are going cràp its easier to walk away It actually take more bòllocks to stay and stand in the face of adversity Ironically another reason he has to go is because he's one of those rare breed of managers with enough bòllocks to drop fan favourites. He'll be judged on results in the end. Rightly. And people will cast supposition that games would have been won with those heroes in. There's zero chance to prove that of course as a fans team never goes on he park and had to play real opposition. I digress. Thia notion he should ' grow some balls and walk away' when in fact he's knuckling down and trying to build something and at the same time clear out some dead wood is frankly laughable. The football had been terrible at times and he will be judged now, and in the futures on results. But let's not make out that because he's got a quiet public persona that it means he's nesh. That he isn't strong enough. That he hasn't got balls. If anything, carrying on with his stripping down and rebuilding of the squad in an attempt to secure a more stable financial start to next season , whilst developing young players and all in the face of growing criticism of style of play , selection etc I'd suggest he actually has balls of steel. Bigger balls certainly than many folks who think he should grow some. Good manager. Bad manager. That'll be judged when he's gone and his tenure is only remembered as a series of statistics. But weak? No balls? Absolute cobblers.
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    It could mean the end of his rain
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    Sorry for the following attempt at translation (courtesy of Google translate, and a little reading between the lines): Football comes from the street where it's worth everything, where there is a lot of passion to win and celebrate with your friends in the neighborhood. Now we are lucky to be professionals but that passion that comes from the street never changes because you repeat it with your colleagues even though it's no longer just a hobby. And the most beautiful of all this is the passion, the feeling that you have inside for all this. But unfortunately they want to take away the most beautiful thing that football has, that is passion.
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    He missed the train aswell as he didn't get out of his seat.
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    Just had a call from a good friend, the man's son in law The man who had the fall is Harry Johnson , 89 years old, He is currently in the Hallamshire, being moved to a High Intensive ward. He has broken his jaw in 5 places, an eye socket, lost several teeth, several deep cuts and severe facial bruising too. I speak to him most home games, he is a really nice guy and im sure we will all wish him a speedy and complete recovery
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    Why people revel in finding fault with their club’s players is beyond me. As a fan base, we’re not alone in criticising our own players but some of our lot are particularly adept at it. Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy and Dawson aren’t the best player in the division but neither are they the worst - they are good (yes, I said “good”) solid steady Championship players that have all contributed in some way to us currently sitting in sixth position in the league just six points behind the current leaders. It feels to me that some of our fans won’t rest until they chase these players out of the club. What a sorry state of affairs it would be if these fans hounded out the players they dislike; then again, they’d probably feel satisfied and be raring to go to oust their next targets. We all want a squad full of world-beaters but it just ain’t going to happen. I wish that some of our fans were more supportive FFS.
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    Went to watch the under 18s against Brizzle on Saturday morning, spoke to KL , who’d been doing some one on one stamina work about his return. He said he’s just completed his first full weeks intense first team training in a very long time with no adverse effects. Said it’s all about stamina for him now and it’s the best he’s felt in ages! Good news for everyone!
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    Found carrying multiple blades in his back pocket
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    My giddyness levels are rapidly rising. They shouldn't be I know. We've been through it all haven't we. Seens the ups. The many downs. I shouldn't be giddy because one swallow doesn't make a summer etc etc. And things have been so gloomy, no matter how much we try and positive slant it. But I am giddy. Snootys Giddy-ometre For though it's been a terrible 18 months. In the last fortnight -: Our caretaker manager has come in and used a common sense approach to getting the team which was sinking back on track using excellent man managment (The way he handled the Dawson situation - The way he eased Hutch back in etc) , some tactical nous (A solid back four and the same system used over multiple games - Players like to know what they are doing. They like to feel they know what's happening. They like simple instruction.) to get us 8 points that , if we're honest, none of us was expecting. And it could have been 12 points! . Points dropped some may cry. But I'm not going to berate the lads for those points dropped, because though we deserved them there's always going to be the odd mistake from a side whose confidence has been battered all season. And lets be honest, all teams make mistakes, even the best ones. Man City have conceded some goals of late too! We're creating chances. Actually creating chances in and around the oppositions 18 yard box. It's excitment. Remember that? Graham Taylor once said "People talk about sophisticated football. I don't like that phrase. You can call me route one or whatever you want, but I know this -The man on the terraces wants to get excited and he gets more excited when the ball is in the oppositions box" . And he's bang right. that Intervew is thirty odd years old. But it's still true today. Ok, he had his methods. Just as Ron had his. But the end result is the same thing. Getting people on the edge of their seat. Making the goalkeeper work. Who was man of the match on Saturday. Boyd? Hector? I think if you talk about both teams there's a reasonable shout to say Camp was the man of the match. Putting crosses in. Yes. I'm old fashioned. I like crosses. A great cross is an art form in my eyes. There was a time I did wonder if it might die from the game as possesion obsession wracked the footballing world. But I love to see crosses. Whipped crosses, inswingers outswingers, crosses to the man and crosses to the space for the man to attack. I'd rather see a back post diving header nestle into the back of the net than get my hampton away. Attacking the opposition by getting in behind. Lovely football is smashing. Pass, pass. Nice, nice. But I love seeing the ball into space. I'm not on about route one, but people making darts in behind the back four without the ball and trusting a team mate to find them, rather than all this 'showing for feet' thing which seems to be so much the rage these days. Boyd and Matias were really stretching the defence the other day by making runs without the ball. I love that. Maybe I'm old fashioned. But when you see someone dart out of the corner of your eye and then you see someone like Bannan shape up to ping it and try and find him doesn't it make you hold your breath? Doesn't the world momnetarily seem silent as you watch that ball travel knowing it has to have the right height, the right dip, the right speed, does it need to roll when it lands for them to get after or does it need back spin so it doesn't run away from them. It's an art. It's beautfiul. It's as beautiful as seeing 57 passes and a tap in. It is in my eyes anyway. We're looking a lot sharper as a defensive unit moving up and down the pitch together and narrowing spaces. "playing in tandem" as Big Ron used to call it. Full backs doing the old school rope routine. One run and one tucks. And when they both go. Hutch or Joey drops. Simple. Effective football. Centre halves , one heads one sweeps. Simple stuff. We've reduced the number of shots our goalkeepers are having to deal with nearly 50% compared to the rest of the games we've played this season. As Brian Laws said "If you give people the freedom of the pitch to take pot shots sooner or later they'll get lucky." We've cut that down massivly. He's not well liked in these parts for obvious reasons but George Graham once said the "biggest crime in football is your goalkeeper having to make a save". Ok, he took it too extremes! But again the point is valid. You do your job right as a unit and your keeper will have a quiet time of it. The chairman has gone out and approached a manager with a proven track record of promotion from this division and who comes with a glowing reference from our own Chris Kirkland as "the best manager I've ever played for" A manager who knows the division. Know the opposition teams and manager, what they do and don't do. One who knows which grounds are the tough ones to visit. One who knows and understands a Northern fan base. Understands the unique balance needed in a winning dressing room". Yes. Perhaps I should know better. Perhaps I am feeling odd or had a Quality Street overdose playing havoc with my thoughts. But I'm giddy about things. And football should make you giddy ,shouldn't it? I was giddy after years of gloom when Megson said Wednesday chose you and told players they weren't doing us a favour but that they were lucky to come here. I was giddy the first time I walked up those steps and saw that pitch all lit up under the floodlights. I like feeling giddy again.
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