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  2. Just like to say I’ve been following this site for a long time but never had the courage to sign up as I suffer from mental health (depression) and never felt comfortable to comment but after seeking help and talking to different people I know feel comfortable enough to join the group and join in with the banter …. stay safe and WAWAW …
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  3. As some of you know on here, I’ve mentioned a few times about the disappointment of my lad failing to show any interest in Sheffield Wednesday, or football in general to be fair. He’s always been interested in other things, mostly his Playstation, for literally years. Took him to a game a few years back, and he fell asleep across three seats. Since then, not shown an inkling of interest. In fact, my daughter has been to more games than Joe. So a couple of days ago, now 15, he says “Dad, can I start going to the football with you if you’re going to watch Wednesday this season”. Well, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. I don’t know what has brought this on other than a few of his mates at school mentioning they go to the football with their Dads, but I wasn’t going to discourage him was I? Might’ve taken until now, but I’m so proud of him. I went with my Dad when about 4 or 5 years old, and we were rubbish at the time I recall, would’ve been about 1970 ish, so not much has changed. I’ve warned him we’re not in the Premier League, we’re not in the Championship, and we’re not that good at the moment, but he simply said “That’s alright Dad, I just want to go to watch some football matches”. So off the back of this, I’ve today bought two season tickets for us. Not had one for years. I doubt we’ll get to see all the games but what the heck.. So proud of him for carrying on the family tradition (though I feel guilty that it may seem like child abuse if things don’t go according to plan this season). Well done for seeing the light son. So proud of you.
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  4. There will be threads on the way. Dunkleys fault. Darren Moores fault. Borners fault. Liam Palmers fault But it's not about today. Today hasn't cost us our status. This is when I really knew we were down. Really knew. Not today. But then. When you can't offer any resistance to the teams around you. Three crushing defeats without the ball in the opposition net. But we were up against it even before that. That little run was just the confirmation of what we all knew from the very start. So yes, Dunkley has had a nightmare. And maybe Moore has made a wrong substitution , but we have been lucky to even go into this game with anything still to play for. But the blame , really, the blame for Sheffield Wednesday demise. . MY Sheffield Wednesday YOUR Sheffield Wednesday OUR Sheffield Wednesday Our Wednesday now facing up to life in the 3rd Division. Yes the third division, not league one. Which makes it sound not as bad as it actually is. It's the third Division And that lies squarely at the door of Chansiri. And it lies at his door because he won't listen. It lies at his door because he takes 'advice' from someone who doesn't know his ar$e from his elbow in terms of what this club needs. Or what's best for this club. It lies at his door, because it is he, and those Spivs who have thrown money around on players not worthy of playing for this club, who were never the right fit for this club, and in doing so...got us in trouble with the football authorities and docked points. 6 points funnily enough. 6 points with which, despite the absolute dross served up this season by the 5 men who have been in charge...Monk, Pulis, Thompson, Moore and Smith... would still have been enough to see us stay up. HE has got us relegated It's at his door, and whoever else is making the ridiculous decisions, that we have seen that has seen this club spiralling out of control over the past 4 years and now about to crash. HE and his hangers on have sent this club crashing. This is at HIS door And I won't forget that. Oh I'm sure Twitter will be red hot tonight with people blaming Rhodes being subbed off. With people abusing the players. But I won't be. I'll be sat here. I'll be sat here thinking on him. And his Chum. And how they have run this club. Aye, there's the rub. So some can call Dunkley out tonight. And some will call Pelupessy out "Worst player ever" etc. And that'll be good for him, Chansiri, him and pal. Because it's takes the spotlight away. Away from the real reason this club is sunk. It won't take my spotlight off them. You want to know why this club is f*cked, Mr Chansiri? You want to know why there's nothing left in the kitty? You want to know why our own kids, Wednesday fans don't want to stay here? LOOK IN THE MIRROR & AND LOOK AT THE FACE OF THE PERSON WHO CALLS YOU MOST ON YOUR PHONE THATS WHY
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  5. "Need to win this one ,Stubbs" "Indeed, Sir. If other results go the right way it would put Wednesday in the play-off places and be a real morale boost to the squad." "Eh? No. I'm not on about that. I'm on about Fatty Evans! We have to win because it's him visiting. By God, I can't stand the man. The thought of him booming down the touchline gloating, it doesn't bear worth thinking about" "Yes, but you're playing the Club, Gillingham, not the man" "No. We're playing the man, Stubbs. Playing the man. That's the thing with you none football folk, Stubbs, you think it's just club versus club. But it isn't. No. It's the little stories that make the game and this odious toad is one of the games villains. Literally a villain too he couldn't lie in bed straight him...more bent than a nine-bob note..." "Hello?....oh good evening Mr Harg.....yes, yes of course. Of course....goodnight ,Sir" "Who was that?" "That was Mr Hargreaves, Sir. He says careful with the accusations, he can't afford the lawyers at the moment as he's bought a new HDR Camera for filming the beautiful historic towns of England." "Oh. Where's he been?" "Dewsbury" *Shudder* "Oh right. Well, he needn't worry on that score because it's nothing we can get in bother for. It's a fact. Evans was a proven to be a crook.." *TEN MINUTES LATER* "Now come on Sir , don't sulk. Mr Hargreaves was only thinking of the site" "But Evans is a bloody croo-" "Sir!" "Fine. Fine." "Besides ,Sir. As you said before. IT's the side show isn't it. The little side stories. Isn't Evans just playing a character? Like Wenger was as the Professor who never saw anything? Or Fergie the gum chewing Glaswegian. Warnock the 'Wednesday hater. For all we know, behind the facade there might lie a very different character. In fact, in reality I've heard Evans is a little shy" "What of, a metric tonne?" "Sir. Really. We're not just going to engage in infantile remarks about his weight now are we? Now lets get down to football." "Ok" "I do recall Evans at Leeds ,Sir but he fell off my Radar a bit after that where did he go?" "Mansfield, Stubbs" "Oh, made the move to Nottinghamshire did he?" "Didn't really move Stubbs, as much as expanded over two borders" "Sir!" "Sorry" "Anyway Sir, he can't be that bad a chap. His assistant manager Paul Raynor has worked with him at his last 5 clubs. You wouldn't keep doing that if someone was horrible" "Raynor doesn't like him Stubbs. He's just stuck in his orbit" "Sir. Really. This is a bit much." "You're right Stubbs. I'm sorry" "I mean, you're talking about another human being here. A football manager to boot. They work under extreme pressure, and it must have a negative effect on their health. Its an all consuming job-" "He's all consuming all right" "Sir, really. I can't continue if you're going to carry on like this." "I'm sorry. Go ahead." "Right, thank you, Sir. Now a recent report about the health of football mangers suggested that they all need to find relaxing pastimes outside of the game to help them unwind." "Quite right, Stubbs. Common sense." "Steve Evans has apparently bought a race horse" "To stick between two slices of bread?" "I'm done" "Come back Stubbs! I can't do the OMDT without you!" "Ok. But this is your last chance. I mean, it really is puerile. And besides which, it's not very brave you know, is it Sir. Saying all these things behind the mans back" "I'd say them to his face!" "Really?" "Yes. I would. But there's not enough petrol in the car to get around to the front of him" ----------------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY -V- GILLINGHAM Sky Bet League One Saturday 13th November 2021 Kick off 3:00pm Hillsborough. Wednesday have only lost one of their seven league matches at Hillsborough this season and have conceded the fewest home goals in League One this season (four) Gillingham will be trying to make it four league matches unbeaten for the first time this season, after winning one and drawing two of their last three in the third tier. Steve Evans's side have only won three of 16 league games in 2021-22, with just one of those coming away from home. Meanwhile, only Crewe Alexandra and Doncaster Rovers have scored fewer goals in League One than the Gills this season (15). ----------------------------------------------------------- -------- WEDNESDAY ------ Sheffield Wednesday will be without Bailey Peacock-Farrell who is on international duty with Northern Ireland, meaning Joe Wildsmith should start in goal. Though he probably should be anyway in my book. George Byers and Massimo Luongo played 72 minutes in the EFL Trophy in midweek as they returned from injury and should be involved in the matchday squad. Sam Hutchinson, Dominic Iorfa - well, that's just the Wednesday way isnt it. Josh Windass is back but needs some "volume" ----------------------------------------------------------- -------- GILLINGHAM ------ Gillingham's already extensive injury list was made worse last weekend as Robbie McKenzie, Rhys Bennett and Ryan Jackson all hobbled off in the FA Cup and will face late fitness tests. Max Ehmer also suffered a knock in that game but was fine to continue and should be able to feature at Hillsborough. Stuart O'Keefe is also in contention to return, having been forced off with a hamstring strain against Accrington Stanley a fortnight ago. ----------------------------------------------------------- UTO
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  6. And save our season. This squad is going to be our best opportunity to get out of this league but it needs the right manager. Moore is truly awful and has lost the fans many games ago.
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  7. Your Happiness is our Goal tm Why not join the thousands of happy customers from Fleetwood, Shrewsbury. Oxford, Bolton and Lincoln who have already experienced their seasons 'cup final' on the West Stand at Hillsborough. Highlights - Guaranteed - 'Darren Moore's Wonderful Plan' tm - Darren puts together a bespoke tactical masterclass for each visit that ensure your journeymen pro's are not embarrassed by the supposedly strong Wednesday squad (bonus; this will include players you will have heard of). He will willingly play players out of position and pick a formation which enhances your teams capabilities. Guaranteed - 45 minutes on Top (minimum) - It doesn't matter how bad your season is. You can enjoy a whole half where your team bosses the game in front of around 24,000 fans. Guaranteed - The scary 15 minutes where Wednesday look like a good side - No away day is complete without a bit of jeopardy and your day will be enhanced by a period where Wednesday players rise like zombies and rouse their fans. Dont worry as it doesn't last. Usually ended by a 'Costly Individual Error' see below. Guaranteed - 1 x 'Costly Individual Error' (minimum) - The players join in the fun by ensuring that your day is made even better due to a key event such as a goalkeeping howler, missing a penalty or simply forgetting what to do at a corner. Bring your gran, there's plenty of room. Laugh at the angry Wednesday fans as they suffer the same fate over and over again. Dust off the hilarious 'is this a library' and 'how shxxt must you be, we're winning away' songs. Just enjoy it because this is a one season only deal - Wednesday wont be in this league next year
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  8. We don't want you. You've destroyed our club. Take your name off our stands and fooook off
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  9. "They will have a chance of promotion. Darren [Moore] knows the league, he had Doncaster in the playoffs when he left, on a small budget," Waddle told bettingexpert.com. "He’s been signing a lot of young players. Bannan stayed, Hutchinson stayed, there are two or three experienced players there who’ll help them enormously in that league. "His loans will be key. The club are battling on and Darren’s doing a good job, not moaning." "The club is a shambles at the minute. Chansiri needs to go, he needs to put the club on the market and sell it." "He has not got a clue how to run this football club" "He had two years to try and get out of the Championship, and when they didn’t get out with the playoff final and semi-final, his budget was gone. He had a two-year plan to get to the promised land of the Premier League and it didn’t work. "Look at players who’ve walked out of the club on free transfers: Jordan Rhodes, worth £6m or £7m, Adam Reach, worth £5m or £6m, Forestieri, who was worth £13m or £14m. They’ve signed a lot of old players through agencies, who are on good money and their legs have gone. "The recruitment, the organisation, the way they treat the fans, the prices. Chansiri has been an absolute nightmare and the sooner he goes the better."
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  10. Owlstalk as always will be open, operating and welcoming on Christmas Day this year Over the years Christmas Day on Owlstalk has been a very lovely friendly place, and in particular a great place to hang out for those who might be on their own for whatever reason I really look forward to chatting to you all on Christmas Day and want every Wednesday fan to know that if you're on your own at home or elsewhere that we would love to see you and hear from you on Christmas Day as we spend time chatting, laughing and getting through the day See you on Christmas Day!
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  11. 2 points. Less than half of respondents want him to sell. That’s not a clear message, its not even a majority, so let’s not twist the story as usual. Secondly, you need a buyer. I don’t see many knocking the door down.
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  12. Regardless of the quality on show, the opposition we face, or even the final result we achieve, the effort levels tonight are surely what all fans want to see in each and every game. I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure how, but we suddenly looked like a team this evening: the closing down from the front was exemplary; we hunted the ball in packs all game; and we didn't give Sunderland a moment to settle into their stride. No team will win every game, nor will they play attractive football each week. But if we see that work rate replicated in every game, then I for one will get behind it, and I reckon the vast majority will too.
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  13. Well I want us to win. Like I do every week regardless of who’s in charge
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  14. Appointing Monk cost us our Championship status. The squad he put together was ridiculously unbalanced.
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  15. "I'll tell you what Stubbs, I don't much fancy this one much, I mean to say it's...wait a minute. Who the hell are you!? And where's Stubbs?" "Oh yeah. I'm the new apprentice chef innit" "What?" "Chef, you know. Do the cooking and that" "Where is Stubbs?" "At this actual minute , like?" "Yes, of course at this actual minute. When else would I mean when I say "Where's Stubbs?" "Ye ye ye, I getchoo. He's actually at this minute, like, cleaning the stables." "Cleaning the stables? Cleaning the sodding stables. We have a girl who clears the stables. Wonderful job of it she does too." "Yeah. But she's been dropped innit. And Stubbsy boy doing it now" "By order of who!" "The new Estate manager ,n'that. He says he knows best what we is all good at" "Right. I'm not having this. I'm off to see this oaf. Press me a pair of trousers and get my cuff links and..." "I dunno how to press trousers. I mean, I'll have a go and that. But..nah man. I aint done no trouser pressin before." "Well what are you good at?" "I'm pretty good at club sandwiches and my pastry is getting a lot better, you get me?" "Right, well, go and make me a sandwich then" "Nah, you aint listening. I dont go in the kitchen no more. The gardener is in there now" "The gardener, Mr Wilkins? He doesn't know the first thing about cooking!" "Yeah, he said that to the gaffer too. Said he'd be better in the garden and leaving Cook in the kitchen showing me the ropes" "Too right. And what did the manager say?" "He said he'd soon get the hang of it. He just needed to spend some time in the larder. IT would help him get his volume in" "Get his volume in? What the bloody hell does that mean?" "To be honest bruv, no one knows" "Well, it certainly explains why last nights plum duff looked, tasted and had the density of a piece of coal." "Yeah. Mr Wilkins didn't want to serve it to be fair to him. He left it in the oven two hours too long. He was saying it was the most horriblist thing what he'd ever seen on a plate" "He was right!" "But the gaffer just said it was ok. It was burnt n'that. But for the first 15 minutes or so, it looked all right" "Really..." "Ye ye ye, thats what he said. Then Mr Wilkins said he dint want to do no more cooking" "Good." "But the manager , he just looked at him, y'know with this really, like, focussed look in his eyes, and said "We go again" "Right. That's it. I'm sacking the sod. I'm not having this. You go and fetch cook and you two get back in the kitchen. Send Mr Wilkins out to the garden hut and get Stubbs in from the sodding stables. This house might be a decrepit ruin but we can at least having people doing the jobs they were trained to do. FFS" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday -V- Sunderland EFL League One Kick Off 7.45pm Hillsborough Two of League One's giant clubs clubs with big stadiums for the third division go head to head on Tuesday evening in search of three points, Wednesday hosting Sunderland at Hillsborough . The Owls are looking for the winning formula to turn draws into wins after recording four in a row against the footballing powerhouses of Cheltenham, Lincoln City , Cambridge and AFC Wimbledon. The visitors are looking for a response after their 5-1 hammering by Rotherham United on Saturday. It's almost as if having a lot of fans doesn't count for anything on the pitch isn't it? ------------------- WEDNESDAY -------------------- Massimo Luongo and George Byers will remain unavailable after a couple of months out, but the duo did make it through a "volume building" run out during the U23's drubbing by Sheffield United. them down the road. Sam Hutchinson has suffered a setback during his recovery from injury . As for those that are fit; well your guess is as good as mine. --------------- SUNDERLAND -------------- Denver Hume may remain unavailable depending on the results of his scan after he was forced off against Queens Park Rangers in the cup last week. He was forced to sit out the defeat at Rotherham, as did Nathan Broadhead, who suffered a setback in his recovery and is expected to return against Mansfield Town at the weekend. McGeady will serve his one-match suspension after his red card on Saturday, with Lynden Gooch possibly deputising in his place. ---------------------- FORM GUIDE -------------------------------------------
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  16. Imagine the surprise when all 24 are sharing the one room.
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  17. Transfer embargoes, points deductions, not sticking to EFL rules, selling stadium to himself, most expensive tickets outside PL, most expensive kit prices outside PL, 6 managers in 1 season, not paying player wages on time, not refunding season ticket holders on time, dodgy unknown kit manufacturers, D taxis. If we hadn’t started this season on -12, we would’ve attracted better players. If we didn’t receive the -6 points (in the end) we would’ve stayed up. How anyone can not blame Chansiri for the state the club is in baffles me.
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  18. That released list makes great reading but I feel that Tom Lees has had some death by association here, I'm sad to see him go. He's not been at his finest recently but over the course of 5 years or so he's been a very good player for us, has given his all, always acted professionally and generally represnted the club very well. Good luck Tom, you'll always be welcome at Hillsborough.
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  19. YES 100% All we want is the madness to stop, for a proper structure, respect for fans, more transparency, less secrets, more common sense management of the finances etc etc It's not a personal thing for me or about him - it's about what's best for our club (his actions to date haven't been) If Chansiri changed his ways I'd bear zero grudges and we can all just crack on together
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  20. On the back of the tragic news of Mick Forbes passing, today has been the funeral of GuruJuan in Oxford! His mate and business partner from the 80’s clubbing scene, Mark Platts travelled down for the service & kindly sent back this photo. If there is an afterlife & they like a party up there they’ve just gained one brilliant party organiser! UTO
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  21. I’m sure to be in the minority, but I’m actually looking forward to next season. I think now relegation is confirmed, we may be finally start to move forward. - high earners off the wage bill - absolutely awful players such as Harris & Kachunga gone - Looking forward to DM implementing a new style of play - Finally getting back into Hillsborough - We might just might, win a few games - Some L1 away days are absolutely class (some are also awful) - Looking forward to a busy & successful? Transfer window, and a new team next year - Meeting my mates down the pub for a pint before a game - Here’s to HMS p*as the league Who cares if we are in league 1 , bring it on!!! WAWAW
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  22. Delete if not alloud So when I started doing videos on wednesday it was becasue neil found my videos on youtube and gave me the push to do it. I know my videos are not everyone cup of tea and I get that but tonight I just hit a big milestone one the channel at the start of the year I hit 1000 subs I now I just hit 1,500 I know it only about 20% who are subcribe to the 70% that are not sub but thansk for giving me the push to do it and give me some routine back in my life after getting FND. Gave me somthing to do and drive that I can do somthing when I was at one of my lowest times in my life
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  23. I'd take him if we'd stayed in the Championship. In League One, it's an absolute no-brainer. He's a cut above our current options.
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  24. And I quote "they are a selling club, they don't have ambition" Can we put this on Chansiri`s honour's board?
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  25. Tom Lees is moving on from Sheffield Wednesday after seven years at the club. The defender, who has played 274 games for the Owls and spent a spell as captain, has enjoyed some very happy memories at Hillsborough over the years, but admits that his departure is not going the way he had hoped. Lees, 30, is now in the process of recovering from injury as he hunts for a new club following his S6 exit, and he admits that he will be back in the future to show his family a city that has grown close to his heart. It remains to be seen at this point in time where the former Leeds United man will end up next season, but he says that he leaves with ‘so many great memories’ that will always live with him. His letter read as follows: “To all Wednesdayites, “I could not leave the club without taking the time to thank you all for everything you have done for me over the last seven plus years. The welcome I received immediately and the support over the years really means so much to me and I won’t forget it. “The pre kick-off part of ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ when the music cuts out and the fans take over will never leave me. “I’m proud to have worn the shirt 274 times during my time here, and have been fortunate enough to captain the side for a lot of that period. That is something which no one can take away from me and I’ll always be able to look back on in the future and say I did that for a club like Sheffield Wednesday. “I’ve shared a dressing room with some great players and great people over the years - many of whom I’ll stay friends with for the rest of my life. I leave with so many great memories and moments shared with them. “I would like to thank the staff working at the club behind the scenes who have looked after me since I arrived as a young lad, the managers and their staff I’ve played for, and my sponsors who have always supported me. “I am obviously gutted the situation the club is in as I leave and the way my last game finished. It’s not how I ever envisaged it would be, but looking back at my time I know I can say I gave every single bit of myself in training, playing and in trying to improve the club off the pitch. “I wish the club all the best in the future, and I am sure I’ll come back and show my family where I spent some of the best years of my career. “Thanks, Tom.” Lees joined Wednesday under Stuart Gray back in 2014, and twice came close to helping the Owls reach the heights of the Premier League via the Play-Offs – his exit, alongside the likes of Keiren Westwood, leaves Barry Bannan, Sam Hutchinson, Liam Palmer and Joe Wildsmith as the only players left over from the 2016 final at Wembley.
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  26. We could have had a reyt laugh this season just by staying up after the points deduction. It’s not like we haven’t had the opportunities but we’ve failed time after time after time in big moments purely and simply because of lack of bottle and leadership. You can rant all you want about the chairman and the state of the club, various managers etc but what happens on the pitch is really what counts and this spineless bunch should hang their heads in shame. We had a list of the mad stuff that the chairman has done. You could easily make a similar list of stupid and pathetic stuff this team have done, out there, on the pitch over this season. Failure to fight back in any game even to achieve a draw, losing from winning positions, stupid sending offs, missed chances, crumbling late on in games, the list is endless. This club lacks leadership on and off the pitch and looks to have denied us, and this city, what could have been a good season of fierce rivalry in the same division next season. Pathetic.
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  27. Its only 1 game where the 50/50 breaks went our way. An enjoyable night where we did play better but wouldn't read too much into it at the moment.
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  28. ...Is when all the fans agree on whats wrong Coming out post match..It was TOTAL agreement on what was wrong, fear, a defensive mindset, pedestrian build up, an ever changing line up. The absolute crap of "Waiting for it to "Gell" is nonsensical, cos nowt sets when you keep stirring and adding water EVERY sodding week "Try this...Try that"..... As fans most of us KNOW that we haven't the tactical nous...but crikey, when you walk up Parkside and EVERYONE says "It walks like a Duck, it Quacks like a Duck, it looks like a DUCK..Its a f.ookin' Duck!!!! Time to go Darren mate....
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  29. His decision alone to start dunkley was ridiculous But taking Rhodes off for Kachunga Really? His time here has been awful Can anyone say we've looked good under him ? Yes the players are rubbish but they are a hell lot better than he will be signing next season And his motivation skills are shocking stood there like a absolute plum Get someone in whose actually achieved one little thing Absolutely gutted
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  31. Possibly more fans may be sympathetic towards the owner if we knew what the problems were and the plans going forward. Remaining in hiding is not the way forward.
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  32. Wednesday welcomed new manager Darren Moore to the club this week and the new gaffer couldn't wait to get out on the training pitch and work with the players and set out a new attacking philosophy ... Moore said in his press that he hadn't taken advice or insider info on the club from within the game and wanted to find his own views and he'd make judgments when he arrived.. Both he and new assistant manager Jamie Smith found out plenty about the squad in this first virgin training session of the new dawn... The gaffer is a widely experienced player and coach and knows that confidence , a pat on the back and a well done can go a long way in dealing with a players positive self image and psychology and was sure to point out the the good things they did as well... After an informative morning session the gaffer went to his new office at the training ground to try the chair for size, find where the tea bags were and to settle in ... While the gaffer settled in, the coaching staff oversaw the rest of the session and got to know each other better... After a busy first day taking questions from the press, meeting the staff and putting the players through their paces the gaffer was just about to lock up and leave for home when the phone rang... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY V's ROTHERHAM CHAMPIONSHIP KICK OFF : 19:45 HILLSBOROUGH --------------------- ------------------- WEDNESDAY need new boss Darren Moore can make an immediate impact having have lost our last four matches, including a despicable 3-2 defeat away at Luton Town last weekend. Moore's task of keeping Wednesday in the Championship will be a challenging one but a victory in midweek would get him and his side off to a good start and could see the Owls move three points behind Birmingham City, who sit just above the drop zone. Rotherham Manager Paul Warne stated that his side "weren't good enough in the final third" and bemoaned several missed chances to snatch at least a point from the game. The Millers went home empty handed for the 18th time this campaign and they remain inside the bottom three, one point above the Owls. Rotherham can take some confidence into their clash with Sheffield Wednesday, having already beaten them 3-0 in October earlier this campaign. The Millers are looking to complete a league double over the Owls for the first time and a win could move them two points behind Birmingham. ------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Wednesday midfielder Liam Shaw is available after serving a two-match suspension for his red card against Birmingham City. Goalkeeper Joe Wildsmith is expected to start with Kieran Westwood unavailable with a broken rib, while midfielder Massimo Luongo is ruled out for up to six weeks with a thigh problem. Darren Moore used a 4-2-3-1 formation throughout the campaign with Doncaster and may decide to use the same system in midweek. Wednesday possible: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROTHERHAM Rotherham will be without Michael Ihiekwe, who is to serve the final game of his two-match suspension, while club captain Richard Wood is still out with a groin injury. Defender Clark Robertson has been ruled out for a month with a hamstring injury sustained against Reading, which could see Wes Harding fill in at centre-back alongside Angus MacDonald. Rotherham possible : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORM GUIDE Wednesday form: L-W-L-L-L-L Rotherham form: W-L-L-L-L-L ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All joking aside, a big welcome to Wednesday to Darren, Jamie and Paul. You've got a hell of a job on your hands chaps. But if you stick to your principles and go out and set the team up to have a go and to play some football then you'll find there's a tremendous, loyal and patient support at this club. It's a mammoth task, but get it right, and there's huge potential here. Welcome and good luck! COME ON WEDNESDAY
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  33. Today is the first home game open to fans since the whole pandemic started Many of the staff today around the ground will be brand new, never worked at a game before etc There are going to be teething troubles They might serve your beer slowly, we might run out of pies, the stewards might not know their way around the ground as well as you do. Please - don't come on ranting about these things after todays game This is a big day for the club, it's a big day for the fans, and there are 100% going to be teething troubles Anyone who comes on and cries about anything that wasn't perfect today will be disregarded as just a bit of a d11ckhead Be patient with the club, let them take their time with your beer, if they sell out of pies, don't cry and spit the dummy out like a baby, just buy a burger. The learnings from today will help SWFC understand what's needed for the coming season and help the club identify things that need sorting so it will be a really useful and helpful day for the club. Most of all have fun and come back happy that you had a day out at Hillsborough again Thanks
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  34. Trust Statement Written By Sheffield Wednesday Trust SWFC Trust Statement following relegation to League One. Although relegation to League One has been expected for several weeks, expectation does not lessen the pain now it is confirmed. The twelve, and ultimately six, point deduction we began the season with cast a cloud over the season before it began. The two Independent Panel hearings confirmed that the points deduction was imposed, not because the sale of Hillsborough was outside of the permitted rules, but simply because the paperwork associated with the sale was not submitted to the correct deadline. Derby County managed to get this right, Sheffield Wednesday did not, and it seems this act of gross incompetence is a contributing factor to our relegation. To add insult to injury, in pursuing its strategy to avoid a points deduction our club has ultimately lost ownership and control of its historic home. Rather than playing there for free, the club must now pay £2.5m in rent for each of the next 30 years to continue to play at Hillsborough. With significantly reduced income in League One this is a huge sum to factor in annually and will take precedence over player wages. We fear the club now faces a real crisis that has been building for four years whilst those in charge of the club have done little to avoid it. As Steve Chu, a member of our Advisory Panel, recently commented on Twitter, “Sheffield Wednesday has become a team without enough heart, and money without a soul”. In December 2020, almost 6000 supporters signed an open letter to the club, penned by the Trust, seeking urgent and substantial changes in the way it is being run. In response the club set up a fan engagement panel that has met twice. Although welcome, this limited response to a much broader problem was not acceptable then, it most certainly is not acceptable now that relegation is confirmed. Wholesale changes are needed at our football club. You can read our letter to the club here…… Relegation to League One presents huge challenges on and off the field. The only way any positives can come out of it are if it acts as a catalyst change. The priorities for change are: Mr Chansiri to take a clear step back from the running of the club; instead adopting a modern, forward thinking structure that is likely to include a new Chairman, a CEO and non-executive board members in place to lead and manage it. Implementation of a long-term strategic plan for the club; that plan must be focused on sustainability and building the capacity of the club so that it can operate successfully in a challenging environment. Affordable ticket, merchandise and hospitality pricing that attracts fans and businesses to the club rather than repelling them. Effective engagement with supporters and the Sheffield community, so that we all feel “we have our Wednesday back.” The Trust is owner neutral. This is not about Mr Chansiri personally. We would be making the same arguments if the club were owned by another individual whose leadership and management had been equally disastrous. Business organisation at SWFC, whereby the positions of Owner, Chairman, and effective CEO, are held by one person, (Mr Chansiri), plus only having one board member, has now been demonstrably proven to have disastrous consequences. Leadership and management at our club needs to change. Fans now need to see and hear from Mr Chansiri on what he intends do to ensure that our club does not drift further into crisis. We need to see our club rebuilt and refreshed with a new approach that is fit for purpose. We need a credible strategy for leadership, a new plan to stabilise the club and then move it forward. Without this the demands from supporters for Mr Chansiri’s departure, and for new ownership, will grow louder and louder. SWFC Supporters Trust Board May 2021
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  35. First there was the absolute 5-0 humiliation at Sunderland where the Wednesday players literally gave up. Second there was a 1-0 defeat at impoverished Shrewsbury Town which should have been 3-0 but Bowman missed two absolute sitters. Third there is now Wolves saying that they do not trust one of their decent young players to be placed under the "management" of Moore. Many of us remember going to the likes of Tottenham, West Ham and Chelsea in the days when we had a football team. Everyone who went there will know that there would be riots in the stands if they had to endure what we are having to endure under Moore. WBA sussed Moore out pretty sharpish. As a fan base Wednesday fans need top stop being so passive and give Moore sheer hell if there is not a resounding win against Plymough in a week's time. Enough is enough!
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  36. Imagine the wildest goalscoring celebration of your entire career being against a second string Sheffield Wednesday team, for Mansfield Town, in the Papa John's Trophy. And still losing the game.
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  37. My name is Robert and I'm the Supporter Liaison Officer at Accrington Stanley. As it is the first meeting between our two clubs and the majority of you won't have been to Accrington before I thought i'd start a thread for Wednesday fans to ask questions about your visit on Saturday. I'll do my best to answer.
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  38. As your owner and chairman, I take full responsibility for everything that happens at our club. I am the leader and in good times or bad, the responsibility for Sheffield Wednesday lies with me. I am sorry to you all that we have been relegated. This was never what I anticipated when I came to Hillsborough in 2015, my vision was to take Wednesday into the Premier League. We came so close in 2016 and then again in 2017 and since then the times have not been so good at all. In football, in sport, there are highs and there are lows and right now, this is the lowest I have felt and I know you will be feeling the same. There are no guarantees in football, we have tried our best but our best was not good enough. We must now face the reality of what lies ahead and for next season at least, that is League One. We must pick ourselves up from the floor and move forward in a positive way. We have had plans for both scenarios and now our immediate future is clear, we can start to put those plans into place. I can pledge that as chairman, I will give everything I can and offer as much support as possible to everyone as we try and achieve promotion at the first attempt. There are issues we must address in the short and long term and some things will not happen overnight. Darren Moore will be the manager for sure and the moment I mention Darren’s name, I must wish him all the very best as he continues his recovery from illness. Health must come before anything else, as this past year has taught us more than ever. I would like to say thank you to the coaching staff who stepped up in Darren’s absence and also to everyone who has worked so hard during what has become one of if not the most challenging season in the history of Sheffield Wednesday. It has ended in the worst possible way but we have to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. We will rebuild on the pitch, and off it, the day when fans return cannot come soon enough. I say thank you to our fans, it has been soulless without having you following the team home and away and I know all clubs say the same but we have missed your support so much. Like all of you, I hope that life can return to normal soon and in football, that will mean having our fans back into Hillsborough and following the team around the country in the numbers that you do. You do not deserve this end to a season that in so many ways we will want to forget but in others we can look back on in time as a turning point for the revival of our club.
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  39. Are you taking the Pi55 Must win game Patterson in defence Rhodes on the bench 5 at the back Car crash Harris and Borner playing Summed up when sky zoomed in on the touch line And Smith with Ainsley Harrot looking like a set of simpletons just stood three doing nothing Get well soon Moore but seriously f#ckoff And take Reach, Harris and Borner with you
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  40. "You seem in very good spirits this evening ,Sir" "Indeed I am, Stubbs, indeed I am!" "I must say I am surprised. I thought perhaps you would be full of trepidation about tomorrows game, Sir" "Not a jot. Not. A Jot. And shall I tell you why, Stubbs?" "If you would like, Sir" "Because." "Because what, Sir?" "Because Stubbs, I didn't think we'd get this far. Didn't think we'd get to this stage. I really didn't. My God, but it's been an awful season. Take out the Cardiff game and we have had literally nothing to be happy about. At all. This club is a complete shambles on and off the pitch." "Well yes, exactly, Sir, and today could seal your fate to the third division" "Yes, yes it could. But it won't." "It won't?" "No. Because the Gods are with us. Taken a shine to us. Lady Luck is with us!" "She's has a funny way of showing it ,Sir" "Not at all. I mean to say, you've seen some of our games this year?" "Indeed I have, Sir, which is why I'm afraid I can't see where you have acquired this belief that Lady Luck is on your side." "Well, we've been tosh, haven't we? Absolute pants. Poo. Complete and utter bobbins, the whole season through. One of the worst seasons on record. Really. Some of the worst football we've seen. Some of the most depressing, inept, poke yourself in the eye with a splintery chip-fork performances that any Owl has ever had the misfortune to suffer. We couldn't win a kick in a riot. We've had 5 men picking the team from this desperado squad this season. We've never looked like a unit under any of them. Never looked like a decent football team. Never looked like we'd score goals. We seemingly pull names and formations out of the hat before kick off each week. We play players who struggle in their own positions...out of position, for a whole season! We've had long term Injuries to our best players right down the spine of the team too. And did I mention the points deduction? A mentally crushing points deduction. It has been absolutely ,100%, disastrous this season. Disastrous. But we're still here. On the last day of the season we're still here. We should have been dead and buried, Stubbs! Dead and buried with everything that's gone on. With all that lot. Yet here we are. Here we are, one win from safety. After all that! If that doesn't tell you we're lucky then nothing will!" "Well, when you put it at that angle, Sir. I mean, I suppose you could look at it like that..." "Exactly, Stubbs. Exactly! And I do." "Very good. More tea, Sir?" "Oh, this isn't tea Stubbs. It's red turps. I'll have another though. Only 14 hours until kick off." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Derby County V's Wednesday Championship Kick off: 12:30 Pride Park Rooney may decide to match Sheffield Wednesday and start with a back five, which will likely see Nathan Byrne and Lee Buchanan feature as wing-backs. Goalkeeper Kelle Roos has started the last two matches ahead of David Marshall and could keep his place in the side on Saturday. Strikers Colin Kazim-Richards and Martyn Waghorn – who have scored a third of Derby's goals in the Championship this season, with 11 combined – are the most likely pair to lead the line, while midfielder Lawrence, who has three goals in his last six appearances, is set to start just behind them. You'd pick yourself if you were Rooney. Wouldn't you? I mean ok, he's 35. But he's got to be better than anything they've got. You'd be tempted wouldn't you. "Ok Chaps, I'll play number ten. Give me the ball all the time and I'll take all the free kicks and any penalties." I mean to say, you would, wouldn't you. He's got great discipline. He really has. Not with the booze and the grannys of course, but in terms of not throwing himself in there like Roy Race, a Boys own hero saving the day and the club. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE WEDNESDAY Although Liam Palmer, Sam Hutchinson and Julian Borner started as the back three against Forest and kept a clean sheet, Moore may decide to start one of Chey Dunkley or Osaze Urhoghide, which would allow Palmer to play in a more natural right wing-back role. This would also allow Callum Patterson – who began the game against Forest as a right wing-back – to start further forward and he could be joined in attack by Josh Windass and Jordan Rhodes. Captain Barry Bannan has played in all 45 Championship matches this season and is set to lead the Owls out once again this weekend, playing in central midfield alongside Joey Pelupessy. There's talk of Luongo. But really. Who knows. Who knows what we'll see. I hope we've taken the blue shirts and just put some white shorts in the kit bag. I don't fancy that grey kit tomorrow or the green one really. They've got black shorts and white socks. I think we could get away with our stripes and blue socks if we just took a change of shorts. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!
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