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  2. Sadly my brother and lifelong Wenesday fan succumbed to the Corona virus in the early hours of today. Season ticket holder in the north stand for many years, rest in peace bro.
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  3. First off Jordan and our entire family would like to tell you that it was a total privilege and honour for Jordan to have been involved with such a wonderful club. Our humble gratitude to have met Steve Haslam and have him involved developing Jordan and the support he gave him was second to none. The coaching staff, and physio/sport science who looked after him with his lengthy lay off was terrific and our gratitude is never ending. We are certainly going to miss going to watch him play at Wednesday and to play at such a iconic place like Hillsborough swelled my heart with pride so I can only
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  4. To put things into context. DC is funding the club from his own pocket on a daily basis and is set to lose north of £10m. On top of this he has signed Dunkley,Windass, Kachunga,Fisayo, Brown Paterson. For a combined transfer outlay of £1m! All under 30 and 4 are 25 and under. Tremendous effort and businesss in the circumstances. Well done DC.
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  5. I have tried to be reasonable. We're in an unprecedented situation: -12 points. A staggering wage bill which needed slashing. A money mismanagement situation meaning we're back to signing other teams cast-offs. A manager who had been working on his own for most of his spell here. A seemingly never ended run of injuries which seem to have haunted us for the past 5 years regardless of who the manager was. I try to legislate for that when I'm angry. To reason with myself and not let emotion get the better of me. I tell myself that Steve Bruc
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  6. Good evening everyone, my name is Jay Whittle and I am a big Wigan Athletic fan. I’ve been reading this thread, having noticed that former Latics manager Paul Cook has been linked to the Sheffield Wednesday role. Paul Cook is an excellent choice for any Championship side, and I think he is the ideal manager for the situation that Sheffield Wednesday currently find themselves in. He is a born winner, and he knows how to get the best out of all of his players. His man-management skills are second to none, and he will drastically improve Sheffield Wednesday both on and of
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  7. Dejphon Chansiri get out of my club.
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  8. It seems so long ago. But, also, like so many things in life, also the blinking of an eye. Big Atdhes time at Sheffield Wednesday. I'll be the first to acknowledge I'd never heard of him. The tall stranger now donning the famous blue and white stripes. (My, what a dreadful kit that was.) But his debut made quite the impression. Ner-Hoo-eee, Nu-hoo, Noo-High-you, Noo-oooh. Yes there was problems early on with his name. For some a problem that never went away. Crikey. It's been 7 years and Brian Laws is still calling him 'Newy'. So, Dave then. Bi
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  9. We don't want you. You've destroyed our club. Take your name off our stands and fooook off
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  10. GARRY MONK STATEMENT STATEMENT RELEASED ON BEHALF OF GARRY MONK It is a huge disappointment to be leaving Sheffield Wednesday. It has always been a real honour and privilege to be manager of this historic club. I know from living and working in the city of Sheffield how loyal the fans are to the club and I feel the passion they show for their team to be successful. Arriving at the club last September, I gladly accepted the huge challenge, which was something I was determined to get my teeth into. Making our way to 3rd position in the league at the turn of the year was good
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  11. What it meant to his family back home
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  12. Curse the owner for hiring a proven, experienced manager. Our fans are unbelievable
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  13. Good luck to your mate. What's this got to do with George Hirst, though?
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  14. Appointing Monk cost us our Championship status. The squad he put together was ridiculously unbalanced.
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  15. Just taken my football team to a kids football tournament ran by Liam Palmer’s football academy. Was a 2 day event, spent mostly in the rain. Liam was there all weekend running the show, engaging with all the kids and parents all weekend long. Whatever your opinions on him on the pitch, off the pitch hes an all round top bloke, couldn’t do enough for all the kids, was brilliant. Not a lot of footballers this day and age are like this i would have thought, most of them wouldn’t give you the time of day let alone organise and run Something like this. Top man
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  16. From Daily mail - Martin Samuel 17/7/20 Steve Bruce knew that Sheffield Wednesday’s owners wanted to invest in the club. He also knew Football League rules restricted them, which was one of the reasons why he left for Newcastle. The attempted funding brought an EFL charge and now there is the possibility Wednesday could be relegated instead, for the crime of ambition. If the EFL repeat the nine-point deduction for Birmingham last season for financial misconduct, Wednesday will be level with Charlton, who are one place above the bottom three. If they deduct 12 points, which
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  17. Who the f*ck do the EFL think they are? There are three clubs that get monstrous amounts of money for having the honour of being amongst the three sh*test clubs in the Prem - and incredibly, not only do they get that money, but they get it a proportion of it for another two seasons after that. So in any one season a Championship club like ourselves is up against potentially 9 of the other 23 teams in the division that have this cash injection few other teams at this level could ever hope to replicate in any way. So, make arbitrary rules that essentially forb
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  18. "It's hard for the players at Hillsborough, the expectation of the fans" "There can be a fear factor, the pressure not to make a mistake" "It's a tough place to play when things aren't going well" "The boys need more encouragment. We do seem to travel better" "This is a big club, it's hard for some players when they walk out there with a big crowd" "The home form is something we need to investigate. I'm aware there's issues with the home form. But these are a passionate bunch and sometimes it can get to the players" "There's a great history at this club and a lev
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  19. So, we’re up to 5… Dunkley, Dele, Izzy, Kachunga and Windass have all come in, and I’m excited. It would be very easy to rattle through each one of the above and find flaws, but what’s the point? They’re here now so why not focus on the positives. These lads for me all have a point to prove. They also all knew we were on -12 before they joined, so for me, they all have a bit of character about them. So, why not hope in Dunkley we have another Iorfa but with more goals? Why not hope Dele is our next Whelan? Why not hope Kachunga working under Beattie in his preferred po
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  20. Of course you can't read too much into things. The first press conference all new managers are going to say the things we want to hear. Though it was good to see that the 'everybody has a clean slate' cliché looks like it has truth in it with Westwood called in to train. Clearly the door hasn't been shut there. Pulis is old enough, big enough and ugly enough to be able to deal with big personalities. So it'll be up to the players to show him what they've got. Equally full of praise for Bannan. I don't think the Pulis arrival is the death
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  22. Time now for those moaning about Monk to get put your gripes to one side, get behind him, back him, and give it 100% support
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  23. We could have had a reyt laugh this season just by staying up after the points deduction. It’s not like we haven’t had the opportunities but we’ve failed time after time after time in big moments purely and simply because of lack of bottle and leadership. You can rant all you want about the chairman and the state of the club, various managers etc but what happens on the pitch is really what counts and this spineless bunch should hang their heads in shame. We had a list of the mad stuff that the chairman has done. You could easily make a similar list of stup
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  24. 3 points is 3 points. I'd take that performance and result every single game. It doesn't matter how we play if we win. It doesn't matter how we play if we lose. The lads gave everything out there today and as a Wednesday Fan that'll do for me. Committed performance and 3 points. Anyone moaning about us being lucky, or crap, or not deserving it, or better teams will beat us can do one. I'm celebrating 3 points and escaping the relegation places tonight. That's all I care about right now. I'm shallow, don't bother trying to change my opinion. Why would you spoil my happiness a
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  25. Wednesday welcomed new manager Darren Moore to the club this week and the new gaffer couldn't wait to get out on the training pitch and work with the players and set out a new attacking philosophy ... Moore said in his press that he hadn't taken advice or insider info on the club from within the game and wanted to find his own views and he'd make judgments when he arrived.. Both he and new assistant manager Jamie Smith found out plenty about the squad in this first virgin training session of the new dawn...
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  26. I'd rather start next season in the Championship on -12 than start next season in League 1
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  27. I knew Johnny well. He was my landlord as I rented the flat above the sports shop on Middlewood Road Johnny and Gerry Young would be in the shop all day and I'd nip down with a cup of coffee for a chat about all things Wednesday One thing I'll remember Johnny for the most though is that he was ALWAYS smiling I've never once spent time with Johnny Quinn where he wasn't grinning, smiling and happy. He was also a very calm, very chilled man who was just really really nice bloke. The fact that Johnny and is lifelong pal Gerry have passed within a few days of e
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  28. It's only one game of course, but that felt like the emergence of a new team today. Let's not forget that Cardiff only lost three home games last season - this was a very tough opener, yet we've put in a performance of real character and fight to secure our first three points of the season. We're far from the finished article, but if we show the same effort, discipline and togetherness throughout the whole season, we'll give ourselves a real chance of overturning our points deduction and having a team to be proud of.
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  29. Not good news. Great squad player, regularly makes an impact. Clearly popular in the dressing room.
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  30. Sad news, we shouldn't gloat
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  31. A bit of perspective for us all. Sheffield Wednesday legend John Sheridan lost both is Mother and Father over the Christmas period.May they both rest in peace.
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  32. FFS pulis told chansiri some home truths I reckon
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  33. There are those who think Pulis is a good appointment and there are those who don't. That's fair enough. But to throw your toys out of the pram like this because the chairman has hired him is embarrassing. I know it's fashionable to see Paixao as evil incarnate, but if his sole motivation was to get Pulis a job, you have to wonder why he hasn't done so before now. It's also possible that, as plenty of fans and experienced football men also appear to, he views Pulis as a good fit for our current situation and was in a position to help facilitate his appointment.
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  34. Played in the cup - WON and Clean Sheet Played in the league - WON and Clean Sheet P2 W2 L0 Clean Sheets - 2 Possible League Points - 3 League Points Secured - 3 Win% - 100% Through to the next round of the cup Two tricky away wins on the trot No goals conceded Rhodes off the mark Windass off the mark Van Aken’s defence immaculate New players successfully bedding in Team Spirit - 100% Garry Monk - proving the haters, the ‘westy’ ‘Nando’ and ‘hutch’ lovers WRONG Love it Well done Gar
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  35. There are over 40,000 excess deaths since March, hundreds of thousands of people are about to lose their jobs (as the furlough scheme ends) and people are genuinely angry that we’ve been told that we start next season on -12 points. It really is just football; I don’t care what division we play in, it’s a day out for me and my boys to bond and have a collective interest. For that match day we travel up from South Wales talking about the game, what we think will happen, the anticipation, the excitement, but most of all it’s a chance for me to share my love for Wednesday with my sons
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  36. There are some fans who want to see Monk replaced - I can understand the reasoning behind that. There are some fans like me who are happy to give him the benefit of the doubt given the context he's found himself working within. Both camps want the best for Wednesday. There's nothing to be gained from this kind of divisive nonsense.
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  37. "Well, I can't say I really like what you've done with the place , Sir" " Never mind interesting look, where the bloody hell have you been?" "Furloughed, Sir, Mr Hargreaves managed to get mine sorted right from the off." "I'll wring his bloody neck." "You'll have a job getting your hands around it I'd have thought ,Sir. He's had two months on the digestives and ale" "You've put a few pounds on yourself, Stubbs. Bloody throwing it off down in the village, while I've been isolating up here. Not so much as a zoom call or a SKYPE"
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  38. “The reality is, and everyone should realise this, that the ramifications of relegation from the Championship are huge on the club, it’s people losing their livelihoods. “We’ve seen it before at other big clubs, the club can change forever, so knowing that and having experience of that situation, is key, putting that across to players. Not in a way that they’re fearful, but in a way that can galvanise them. That’s what we’ve tried to do. “It’s a big, big season and that’s why we talk about needing the fans. I know they’re not in the stadium right now but we nee
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  39. YES 100% All we want is the madness to stop, for a proper structure, respect for fans, more transparency, less secrets, more common sense management of the finances etc etc It's not a personal thing for me or about him - it's about what's best for our club (his actions to date haven't been) If Chansiri changed his ways I'd bear zero grudges and we can all just crack on together
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  40. Evening all. Are you excited? It's not a word that many people would probably use after Tony Pulis has walked into their club granted. Rightly or wrongly perceptions are built and then held. But I'll be honest with you. I'm excited. I am honestly. I'll tell you why. Not for pure footballing reasons, Good God, I've seen enough of Wednesday over the years to know that a tap can't be turned on . No. I'm happy that we have a man take the hot-seat who is comfortable in himself. Tony Pulis knows who he is. 'We know who he is too!" you will cry. But what I
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  41. How’s it going everybody? Hope everybody’s doing alright in these crazy times. So this is a letter to the Sheffield Wednesday forum from The Star’s Sheffield Wednesday team, which is me, Joe, and my esteemed colleague, Alex Miller. We’re writing to you because we just wanted to introduce ourselves properly now that we’ve officially started working together to try and bring to Wednesdayites the best coverage of the team that we can. We understand plenty of the concerns that people have, some which go back a long time, and there are some that we can help address and
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