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    Cracker makes perfect sense. He could also put the pies up to £50 per pie, but hide a £50 note of his own money in each pie in a little plastic bag. Sell 5000 pies per match. That's £250k per game and 5 million a season. The logical next step would be to charge £20 for a dump in the ground, but make the toilet paper out of his own £20 notes. Im onboard with this idea.
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    Wait for it price increase the fans paying more for sub standard games and players and the chairman putting no money in because he can't because of FFP. What I say to DC is simple there is a team in the same city as ours who have invested in youth and currently are not spending £10's millions a season in players and don't have £200,000 a week in salaries Sat in the stands not playing and they sit second in the league. Before we get the hard luck story let's look at the cold hard facts for 4 years ridiculous amounts of money have been wasted on poor recruitment and continue to be, how much have we paid for Omomah to watch the games each week from the stands. Stop blaming everyone else, the fans, the league, FFP, parachute payments the problem is simple the club continues to be run like a time bomb waiting to go off. No advertising income, no shirt, stadium or stands sponsorship, no corporate income. But don't worry the fans can loan the club £2,000 each so we can sign more players on £40,000 a week to sit in the stands like hooper, abdi, hutch, westwood, van aken, Jones and the list goes on. Stop finding excuse and simple do the following sack the whole marketing and advertising department go out and hire a qualified football experience marketing manager with the goal of increasing merchandise, advertising and sponsorship income. Go and get in a qualified director of football who has experience of English football as you should have done 4 years ago. Then finally any players not in the first team plans such as abdi, jones, van aken and the rest loan or sell. When a good offer comes in for a player if we can replace and make money on the deal sell them to help FFP its not rocket science but each season we sink further and further into the sh it and there is only one reason the person who is causing the club to have no direction or control.
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    As honest as you like, fair play to him.
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    Delivered again Well done big man
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    DC if a good offer comes in for ANY of our players then don't be afraid to sell them no one with a brain would hold it against you if that's what you choose to do, we have the right man in Steve Bruce and we will come back stronger with a fresh approach.
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    Whos brave enough to click on that?
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    No mate, this is the food version of Wilder.
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    That would indeed be a miracle if they change the rules of the competition just before the 4th round.
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    You only have to be on here 5 minutes to know that's true. It's the entire basis of Owlstalk's existence. No offence anyone
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    Open and honest. Say what you like about him, he clearly flippin cares.
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    The decision I am making now... What decision?
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    Emotional blackmail and manipulation at its finest and a lot of people are getting suckered in by it.. Appreciate his honesty? Where was that honesty when we were heading in to an embargo last year? Or heading right up sh*t creek without a fecking boat let alone some paddles. Basically, we need the support from many that live in one of the most financially impoverished regions in northern europe to invest more money in to a club that, currently is shambolically run, otherwise we are in the sh*tter come March. I’m appalled that it is has come to this yet again. Begging from the chairman thanks to his and whoever’s total incompetence trying to balance the books through lack of player sales, lack of income generation and an over reliance on promotion and the fan bases wallets. Investing in what will probably be a dud scheme though.. jesus wept .. I know what he’s hoping from the Club 1867.v2 scheme. 10k fans stump up £1200 for it, that’s £12m towards P&S … or something similar. The problem is .. when will it end? Those at the club are showing they aren’t savvy enough at the moment to generate income for the club through player and product sales or generating income via other methods .. so back to square 1 – get money off the fans. Then same will happen what, 12 months down the line, and again probable. Never ending. And where I appreciate him coming in with his dosh, buying us a nice new pitch and scoreboard, investing in the squad and his honesty with these statements and sometimes buy in to the fact that he does want to get it right at SWFC .. its seems he only brings them out when he wants to make or prove a point or needs more cash stumped up by the fans .. and that he is still absolutely useless at running the club.
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    Favourite bit, the colour commentator: "Corner... that's a corner... THAT'S A COR-NAH!"
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    I'm driving and taking my 7 year old boy, he'll be buzzing when he wakes in morning and I tell him we made it, he went to bed at half time
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    "Sir, what are you doing here. I've been looking for you" "I always come here on a Tuesday Stubbs" "But it's been nearly three days Sir." "You saw the last performance Stubbs? No. You waited in the tavern. Well I'll tell you it was the worst of the entire season. Saying something after some of the absolute gribble we've been served." "But Hull is gone Sir" "Is it though Stubbs? Is it? I thought the slurge was gone when Jos got the boot. But that....that was the worst I've seen. 90 minutes of abject despair. You didn't come inside. You didn't watch it." "I heard it on the radio Sir" "Exactly. You didn't witness the horrors which I saw Stubbs. The absolute horror. Two of the chaps have developed PTSD after watching that. So don't tell me what I saw and didn't bloody see" "But today is another day Sir, the match day thread" "What match day thread?" "The Cup replay Sir, with Luton" "Oh that. Are we doing that?" "Well yes Sir. We always do." "You'll have to do it Stubbs, I'm not in the mood." "But what will people think Sir" "They can think what they want." "But your reputation Sir" "Oh, just tell them I've got a stubbed toe or something." "But Sir.." "Waiter"...more Brandy." "Really Sir?" "Yes really. Now go. Come and fetch me on February the 1st" FA CUP REPLAY Luton will be without Danny Hylton when they take on Sheffield Wednesday in their FA Cup replay on Tuesday night. Their third-round tie at Hillsborough ended goalless and Luton go into the game with an unbeaten home record in Sky Bet League One this season. Luton caretaker manager Mick Harford revealed they will be without their star striker after deciding not to appeal his straight red card picked up in the 1-1 draw with Sunderland on Saturday. He told Luton's official website: "We were debating it, long over the last few days whether to appeal. It's got to be a clear error by the referee to get Danny off this one and it's just not conclusive in any way. "All the angles we've looked at, it's just not conclusive and we don't want to run the risk of Danny getting an extra game for a frivolous appeal, so we just believe it's the best way forward and we'll have to cope without Danny Sheffield Wednesday caretaker manager Steve Agnew says the Sky Bet Championship club need to "get back on track" having not registered a win in all competitions since Boxing Day. "We've got to find out about the group and what we've got to do to improve them," Agnew told Wednesday's official website. "We've got to try and get back on track with an FA Cup tie and then obviously pick up as many points as we can for the remainder of the season. "You learn every day with players, from the training sessions, to the warm-ups, to the very last finishing drill that we do in a session. "We are continuing to observe and it's important to look at players during difficult times and see how they react." Team news Hylton has begun his four-match suspension. Harry Cornick is unlikely to be fit with an ankle problem so Elliot Lee could be pushed into a more-forward role as the League One side aim to set up a fourth-round visit to Chelsea. Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Sam Hutchinson is rated at 50/50 after sustaining a knock in the 3-0 loss at Hull. Fellow midfielder Joey Pelupessy is also a doubt with an ankle injury and will be assessed ahead of the trip to Kenilworth Road. The Owls are also worrying over goalkeeper Kieran Westwood's toe injury. The experienced stopper has gone for a scan on the problem, with Cameron Dawson ready to deputise in goal. Match stats Luton have lost just one of their last 13 games against Sheffield Wednesday in all competitions (W5 D7) and are unbeaten against the Owls since a 2-3 defeat in the top-flight back in February 1992 (W4 D5 since). Sheffield Wednesday have failed to score in five of their last seven FA Cup games (W2 D3 L2) and in each of their last three (D2 L1). Luton have progressed from six of their last seven FA Cup replays, most recently beating Bury 1-0 in 2014/15 to progress through to the third round. Sheffield Wednesday have been eliminated from the FA Cup by third-tier sides on each of the last four occasions they have come up against such opponents, most recently losing 2-3 against Shrewsbury in the fourth round in 2015/16. Erm, come on the Wednesday. Or something.
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    How about you go and watch another side, you self righteous nob.
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    he keeps quiet and everybody slags him off, he releases a statement and people slag him off, not exactly sure what some people want from him.
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    I've been a big advocate of DC, really wanted him to succeed but more importantly to be treated fairly. I think in the main, most fans have abided by this. Reading the statement, the second paragraph, in particular, is like a Russian re-write of history we see in the "Putin era". I find it incredibly difficult to accept that version of events. Under no circumstances have we operated like a team that was looking to maintain its position in this league or build from the bottom up. Over the last week, we've played (twice) a team assembled with a collective value between 5-10m. They gave us a proper run for our money, looked organised and more importantly were a "team". I think most fans would be supportive of a club that ran efficiently and bought wisely, even if that comes with fairly regular sales of its star players. Hopefully, we can start to take that approach now, but please don't tell me that's what we've been trying to do because then I have little to no hope left!!!
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    We are a mess. Basically we will be under an embargo in the summer and we have around 10 players out of contract and we will not be able to replace them. He needs to sell now. Sell whatever players he can. Do not risk this all on promotion this season because that is never going to happen
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    So in January 2016, with 50 points on the board he decided to sign Rhodes for a £10m fee and gave him a £10m contract to avoid a relegation scrap.... Either he is an idiot or he thinks that the fans are idiots...
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    Then pack in telling fans to go and follow other sides. We are in the poo due to the chairman’s incompetence. Saying it’s not as bad as another time we were even worse isn’t good enough.
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    I bet we make a hell of a lot more from the FA Cup 4th round than we'll make from a new Club 1867 scheme. People just aren't going to shell out hundreds of quid for no tangible reward. If somebody offers £12m for Reach we need to snatch their hands off.
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    Sarri’s parting words before his players leave the dressing room. ”Their pace is deceptive. They are even slower than they look”.
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    Is this the marquis signing we've been promised and have been waiting for?