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    The fact this is seemingly becoming more and more common says it all about the fairness of FFP/PS, especially with failure/parachute payments. When clubs are in a position that they have to sell their grounds to remain within the limits and/or remain competitive, it says it all.
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    I bought it with money borrowed from the Middle East
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    Why wouldn’t I be happy about selling the ground we’ve owned for over a hundred years in return for paying the likes of Urby Emanuelson to sit on their arśe.
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    I get the distinct impression none of this will stop until anyone involved has been hung at dawn and the ground flattened.
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    Hey up. My young lad has once again compiled all Wednesday's goals for 18/19 season, go easy on the comments, he's only 11, I think he's done pretty well. Worth 15 minutes of your time! Cheers
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    Stopped reading after the initial prologue going on about Kenny Dalglish wonderful football team versus Clough's forrest... Decided there and then it was going to be some Liverpool love in nonsense by some plastic fan who only became a fan becouse they grew up in the 80's when they won everything. Going on as usual blaming the entire world of football for anything that ever goes wrong involving them. So didn't bother to read anymore.
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    My gran always told me if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it, for that reason I'm staying tight lipped.
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    You are pìssing into the wind here mate. We all know what happened who caused it and the reasons why . And the mistakes made by the FA by giving Liverpool the Lepp The police commander in charge not having the balls to halt the game until order was restored by containing the ticket less fans outside gaining entrance .. Don't any one dare say that there wasn't thousands turned up without tickets .. This practice is still going on now even though there is a public order offence in place to prevent this happening .. There are a lot of people who were participants to this tragedy that have never been brought to book and never will be either .. A lot of them will be fighting for that same justice the parents and family members crave for ? The reason they get away with it is because they shouldn't have been there in the first place ... Very strong consciences these people must have ?
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    Another day, another made up rumour about the pigs and one of our players. Bored of hearing about them. Joy
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    Awaits Carlos muttering something about Seagulls & always the club he wanted to manage
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    Ok, let’s stock pile players we have no intention of playing, and sell the family silver instead. This isn’t going to end well.
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    Very concerning if true. Doesn’t sit right with me at all.
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    In the grand scheme of things Chansiri owns the ground, he is ‘the club’. And the only way the sale of the ground helps FFP is if he affectively buys it off himself. I don’t think there’s much to be worrying about realistically.
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    Don’t know where Trevor Hicks is coming from saying it’s the same club today as it was then, it’s a million worlds away , them getting a charge against Mr Chansiri will give them ‘justice’ will it ?? Sorry, massive respect and understand the magnitude of the situation but I don’t understand at all why they want the Sheffield Wednesday of today hung out to dry
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    Your mate or Odubajo?
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    As far as im concerned , the EFL have brought all this on themsrlves by stopping teams competing with those armed with pockets full of failure payments. It was obvious teams would have their lawyers looking for loopholes in the rules to enable them to compete on a level playing field.
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    Courage is truth. Learn some truth. The truth starts with testimony from Liverpool fans that were caught on BBC camera, but that footage was deleted - the footage that said "We often held back at games, then ran the gates because we didn't have tickets and they would let us in because the alternative would be carnage" That footage got deleted.
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    I'm told by someone who has links to Chris Wilder that they have made a call to us about the availability of Bazza. Hopefully they got told to fu(k right off!
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    I'm bookmarking this thread, for when all you fickle fookers inevitably start calling for his head in October.
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    I've still got my Spirograph & Etch a Sketch if you want to borrow them ?
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    Close the club down, flatten the stadium, disband South Yorkshire police, sentence everyone (except Liverpool fans) involved on the day to death by firing squad. Job done
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    When we were one of the best in the land.
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    Why do you keep trying to bring up Brexit out of nowhere, I've seen you do it earlier on in this thread and the Borner one. It's nice you have your own opinion but it's got absolutely nothing to do with Sheffield Wednesday or football and just derails the actual threads and turns it into another boring debate about Brexit. Find some friends/idiots down the pub who'll listen to your soapboxing instead.
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    Not wantng to turn this forum too political, but it baffles me why people are so keen to leave the EU and be run without control by the very people that can't even negotiate a deal to get us out. Do people really want those buffoons running the show unchecked..?
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    On the upside, you can do this with them
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    Isn't this the part where someone is suppose to say 'f4ck off Bez'?
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    I live across the road, in S6 alongside people who would, if asked, testify to what I say. Those aren't my words, but words of locals who were there on the day and witnessed this first hand. I was a child watching it unfold on the TV, but a lot of people who live around me now, including some blades fans, and indeed a lot who don't follow football t all - remember the day very well.
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    Anyone who looks down on League One signings need to stop supporting football asap. League One players have just got the pigs promoted and another one Jack Marriott just fired Derby to the play off final. Its a different type of hunger.
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    They've been saying for past couple of years that not one of our players would get in there team so why would they all of a sudden want to start signing em? It's all a load of
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    You mean the one we offered him and he turned down?
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    Based on actual performance at Hillsborough? Michael Owen.
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    On the face of it i can understand why the ground would need to be sold. End of the day we're in this FFP situation like it or not, and the sale of the ground is a solution to that. But it does make me feel a little but uneasy, i quite liked the thought that Wednesday owning it. I hope some lessons have been learnt in the last 2 - 3 years, better and more intelligent recruitment...because we ain't got another ground to sell.
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    So busy Thursday then... Westwood 2yr deal Palmer 2yr deal Lee 1yr rolling Odebajujebobooja 3 yr deal Big Hec 3yr deal which will make u get a Borner 2yr deal
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    They shafted this club outta a fee f**k em i say
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    If Chansiri ran the club properly in the first place they would be no need to sell the ground (assuming that is what is happening). Where do we go in 3 years time if we are still a mid table Championship club? I would be very, very uneasy about selling the ground.
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    I was there all day, worked on the turnstiles. You are not wrong.
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    I have always been sympathetic to the Liverpool fans on the the terrible events of that day. I have always believed from the time it happened until now, and I still believe the fault lies with inept policing decisions. The people in charge didn’t understand the footballing environment. However how many pounds of flesh do these people want? There has never been the any drive from these people to understand the truth behind Heysel.
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    Hi Everyone Just after a little help, I was wondering if anyone would know who the best person at Wednesday would be to contact regarding requesting donations? My wife and i lost our son in January this year to stillbirth. We have recieved a lot of support from a charity called "forget me not", they have really helped through some dark days, so we are arranging a charity fundraising event to help raise funds in Jacks memory. On the evening we will be holding a blind auction, so we are seeking support from local buissnesses for donations, so thought i'd request help from Wednesday but don't know who to ask. Thanks for any info in advance and appologies if it's in the wrong section. Im also running the GNR in his memory, our story is here. https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/PaulNaylor13 Kind regards Paul
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    I've got one in my tool box but Im not lending owt out until I get my lawn mower back.
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    I will answer when i recieve the decoded post back from Bletchley park.
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    So just to be clear, the guy who owns the club and who has already given us more money than any other owner, sells the ground to another business he owns so we avoid ffp. This then means he can continue to give funds to the best manager we could have got and keep his promises. And some on here are still not happy ! It's not jumpers for goalposts anymore.
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    Not see it posted on here. Added to sheffield wednedsay YouTube channel today. 16 Adam Reach goals for us. Great viewing. Some unreal goals and you forget how many he’s scored. Could be key next season if we decide to keep hold of him. Nobody better at striking a ball especially when his confidence is high. Enjoy
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    FYI, Coventry City FC never owned the Ricoh Arena. It was built and owned by Coventry City Council and The Higgs Charity (a grant-making charity set up to benefit those within a 25 mile radius of Coventry). CCFC agreed a rent of the stadium of £1.2m per year, with no rights to the matchday income. Which is where it all went boobies up, because SISU, the new owners, decided that they wanted the matchday income and refused to pay the rent. The owners of the stadium then decided to call their bluff and gave the stadium to Wasps. Which is why they are fizzed. Now, our ground is owned by Mr.Chansiri, who also coincidentally, owns the club. So unless he has a rent dispute with himself, I think we will be fine. Oh, and here is how easy it is to add sources, you titbeak. https://trustees-unlimited.co.uk/become-a-trustee/5585/higgs-charity-independent-trustees https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricoh_Arena#Rent_dispute https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/23/coventry-city-sisu-homeless-future-wasps-ricoh-stadium
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    2 points: “ we” don’t own the ground Chansiri does. “We” currently have no control over what happens to it, he can turn it into a Tesco and make us play on Hillsboro Park if he wants. So he sells it to his dad, or himself or his brother, what difference does it really make? Dem blavdes will no doubt point and laugh. But look at their ground. McSue lent them money secured against the ground, training ground hotel etc. When they couldn’t pay the properties were all transferred to Scarborough holdings to repay the debt. What is the difference? Chairman takes assets in return for money. Difference is McCabe didn’t already own those things, the club did. We sold everything to Milan, and whoever subsequently bought from him. wonder if Gibson is the one raising these complaints? Why doesn’t he just buy his own ground quickly before the loophole is closed?
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    I still find it incredible to this date that the FA & Government have never been brought to task, never likely to either.
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