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    --------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday - V - Swansea Saturday 9th November, 2019 15:00 Kick Off Hillsborough Stadium ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seems a long time since Blackburn. It isn't of course, but it seems like it. Always does after a defeat, especially one like that. But it's going to happen over the course of a season. There are going to be defeats. We're not going to win every game. It was the nature of the defeat really wasn't it, the crushing end to the game. It was a hammer blow. A late an painful hammer blow just when we thought we'd nicked it. Of course we were upset and one or two went to town on the team on the wireless and twitter and here. But the style of the performance wasn't a million miles away from what we've been doing when we've been winning either though...was it? A couple of rare lapses of concentration from a couple of our best players and a win which looked like it had been snatched one way was suddenly snatched the other. Blackburn had of course been on a dreadful run, but that means nothing in the Championship, and it seems to mean even less when facing Sheffield Wednesday. Genuinely there have been so many times in the last few years where a club with 6, 7, 8 defeats on the spin or "Not won for 6 months" etc etc come up against Wednesday and their dreadful form comes to a halt. We always seem to be the club against which terrible records come to an end. As soon as Blackburns terrible run was mentioned last week - be honest- how many of you thought "FFS, bound to lose". It seems to ingrained in our DNA. Play a team going the worst spell in their 100 year history and you just know it won't be the 4-0 win that other teams would get. and this isn't against Monk, or the current crop of players, it seems to be a long standing curse. So Mowbray, the aggressive uncle at a Wedding got the spoils. But a quick look at the table and the defeat hasn't really done that much damage. We're still well placed, and all this considered, with this squad....I think we've got to say that's not a bad start. Could be back in the top six this time tomorrow. We'll have to be better than against Blackburn, and at home I think we will be. There's also a bit of that thinking that comes in where in my bonce I think we're likely to do better against Swansea because....they're a better side. Of course there is sod all evidence to back up this feeling. In fact it has to be said our record against the better sides over the past few years has been one of the issues. And yet...it's a sensation I can't shake off. On paper, Swansea are a better side than Blackburn , which in my head means it'll be a better game, will suit us and give us a better chance of winning. It's a terrible theory and not backed up by historical evidence. But it's one of those Wednesday fan cliches which I don't think I will ever shake off. So how will we line up tomorrow? Will be be more positive against a side with a reputation for being positive themselves? I'm not sure. There's part of me that liked us with Big Adthe and Fletch up top against L**ds and 'boro. Being quick and direct. It's not to everyones taste of course, but one thing I do like a spectator is seeing the ball in the oppositions box more than it's in our and those two up there give us something to hit! As it is, Monk has made a lot of making Hillsborough a fortress and somewhere that teams have to come and work their socks off. A place where they don't get an easy ride. I have to say I think we'd all agree with the principle, even if it's not always entertaining. Workmanlike wins will always be given passage. It's workmanlike defeats that aren't so easily tolerated. As it is, I don't really think Monk gives a hoot what anyone else thinks and to that ened I think he'll stick with what-so far- you have to say has been working for him. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Hutchinson Reach Lee Bannan Harris Fletcher Will this side score enough goals? Possibly. Possibly not. One thing is for sure , we do need those wide lads to chip in with the goals. Harris made a positive start and Murphy seems to have a knack of arriving in the box, though seems too inconsistent a performer for Monks liking to nail down a regular starting spot. Reach, we know is capable of scoring goals and he has actually got a few shots away in recent weeks but hasn't really looked likely. We know it's in there. We know it's a tool he has in the locker. We're going to start needing to see it though if we're to keep a little bit of the pressure off Fletch. Luongo had started to look vital in this system before he picked up his knock. A player with that knack of getting on beyond the striker. A gift that many players wish they had in their repertoire. He looks, sadly, like he miss out again though with this ankle strain. Lee is surely the most likely candidate to come in for that spot, especially at home, and it's a position and role we know he's more than capable of performing in. I thought he was very neat and tidy in his play at Blackburn in what was a poor game of football, and though not 100% I think we still have to have some patience and bear in mind the length of time the lad has been out and also that there is a huge difference between training fitness and match fitness. He's still getting his legs, IMO, and when he gets going we know we have exactly the sort of player that you need to thrive playing this system. One this we did miss at Blackburn was wee Barry Bannan, many a time when Wednesday struggle Bannans enthusiasm for the 'Hollywood ball' is touted as a problem. Against Blackburn the lack of anyone being able to ping a decent long pass showed how important it can be to have a player on the books with the confidence and ability to attempt those sorts of passes and the ability to switch the play in a tight tussle of a game. ------------------------------------------------------- Swansea? ---- Woodman Naughton Wilmot Van der Hoorn Bidwell Byers Grimes Dyer Celina Routledge Ayew ------------------------------------------------------ Not going to lie, I've not seen much of Swansea this season. I do know one thing though I look at the pace they have in that attack with Routledge, Dyer and Ayew and think to myself that I wouldnt mind us having a little bit more of that available for our manager. Players with that extra yard in their legs can really open up so many more options for you on the park. - If they have intelligence too of course! You can have the pace of a smacked up Ben Johnson but it doesn't mean much if you don't know where to run. I think our full backs are really going to have their work cut out tomorrow. And Swansea's away form suggests they've been giving away defences a hard time all season , they're a team who will go away from home and gets shots away. Credit to their manager Steve Cooper. Though I note that once more we face another manager who looks like a drunk relative. "Mum, cousin Steve puts me about. He's a bit weird." "Don't be horrible. It's not his fault, your aunty Jane dropped him on his head when he was a kid." -------------------------------------------- Match facts Sheffield Wednesday have only lost one of their 14 home league games against Swansea, a 2-0 defeat in December 2009. Swansea City have won two of their past three games against Sheffield Wednesday in all competitions after winning just one of their previous 10 against them. Wednesday are looking to keep four consecutive home league clean sheets for the first time since February 2017, in a run of five games. Swansea face their ex manager for the third time as manager- both of his meetings last season with Birmingham City were draws. --------------------------------------------- UTO
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    Election for me. Genuinely fearful of another five years of Tory government, and what impacts that could have on my job, my family and my child's future. Wednesday winning the league might give some relief to that, but it isn't going to feed, warm and inspire my daughter's future. That said...it only said winning the title...I'd take a Labour GE win and Wednesday winning at Wembley! Win, Win!
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    Shame that a minute after this shot was taken the mood changed considerably !!
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    We’re just not very good Roll on January because the overhaul has got to start soon
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    Anyone that would vote Tory after the last nine years doesn't deserve to support Sheffield Wednesday.
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    I thought Nuhiu was one of our better players today, and was surprised when he was subbed. Harris is struggling at the moment. Murphy has been poor since he arrived, but he looked a lot more effective than Harris this afternoon.
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    We need a lot more mental strength before we can say we are credible challengers
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    I'd like to see it come back. I know there's the U23's and clubs arrange the odd behind closed doors Freindly games. But I'd really like to see the stiffs brought back full time. It's not the same tempo. But it's football. It's match action on a full sized pitch. There's no amount of training and 5-a-sides that can replicate being on a 115x75 pitch m with proper dimensions, against 11 a side opposition. I look at the likes of Rhodes, Winnall, etc and they're getting no football. An odd game here or there with he kids is no use to man nor beast. Rattling a few goals in for a proper stiffs team wouldn't do them any harm at all and might even give them a little boost for when they do get a call to the firsts. Similarly those kids who aren't out on loan but are ready for a bit more than playing other kids. It would benefit them surely? BRING BACK THE STIFFS LEAGUE!
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    If they hadn't scored from the corner the thread would've been calling Westwood a God for that point blank save.
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    How the **** did he save us against Blackburn - we lost ....my auntie could have been in goal and we’d have got the same amount of points.....and he cost us 2 today (goals and points)
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    Like I said. We don't welcome or want POTG fans. Short sighted policy killing off future generations.
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    This is serious, stop being silly. Our lass is in Meadowhall with my credit card.
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    Yeah, Michael Fish once said summat similar
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    Under normal circumstances and in any of the seasons since DC came in, we’d be no where near good enough. But this league is gash. Absolute gash. And that’s the frustrating bit. A tripe side will get promoted this year, and it could be someone like Preston or Brentford. Monk looked at Swansea’s side and went for power. Had we been able to finish early on, we’d have won that game 4 or 5. Early goal, play on the break with Murphy and Harris. That was the plan. It didn’t work. Missed Hutch massively, and Lee isn’t strong or fit enough anymore to play in a 2 with Bannan. That number 10 was playing in acres of space. We are playing for 6th spot.
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    If you have no interest in statistics stop reading here. Please do not spoil the readability of the thread by quoting the opening post. Summary for those that do not want to read the Stats and Research I have posted this topic for the last four seasons (this time my research is over 20 seasons rather than 10) and shown that after 15 matches most of the outcomes have already been decided. Or more to the point it has been decided what will not happen. Therefore, already this season, we know that most likely:- The top 2 will come from WBA, Leeds, Preston, Swansea and Forest. It is highly unlikely that anybody outside of this five will get automatic promotion. The top 6 will come from the above 5, Bristol City, Wednesday, Fulham and QPR. Charlton, Hull, Birmingham, Brentford, Cardiff and Derby have outside chances. The bottom three will come from Barnsley, Stoke, Boro, Wigan, Luton or Reading. The Past 20 Seasons Relegation 15 teams have had fewer than 10 points after 15 matches. 13 of those 15 teams have finished in the bottom four and 11 of them have been relegated. 56 of the 60 teams to be relegated had fewer than 18 points after 15 matches. Only two teams with over 20 points after 15 matches have been relegated in the past 20 seasons. Luton in 2006/07 (22 points after 15 matches) and Wolves in 2012/13 (21 points after 15 matches). Play Offs 90 of the 120 teams to finish in the top six have had at least 24 points after 15 matches. Only 8 teams in the last 20 seasons have finished in the top 6 after having fewer than 20 points in the first 15 matches (8 out of 219 teams). 25 of the 27 teams that have had more than 30 points have gone on to finish in the top 6. The average amount of points required to finish 6th over the past 20 seasons has been exactly 74. 72 points is often spoken about as the amount of points required for the play offs but this total would have missed out on 16 of the previous 20 seasons. 80 points would have been sufficient to obtain a play off place in all of the last 20 seasons. There have been only three seasons when more than 75 points has been required in the past 20 seasons (99/00, 14/15 & 16/17). 73-75 points have been the magic figure in 13 of the past 20 seasons – remarkably consistent. The lowest points total to obtain a play off place was 68 (12/13). Automatic Promotion In the past 20 seasons, only 7 teams with fewer than 27 points after 15 matches have finished in the top 2. 19 of the 27 teams that have had more than 30 points after 15 matches have achieved automatic promotion. The team in 2nd has finished with an average of 87.9 points in the last 20 seasons. The lowest total to achieve automatic promotion is 79 points (07/08 and 12/13). The highest points total achieved by the 2nd placed team is 93 (13/14 and 16/17) In 12 of the past 20 seasons you have needed at least 88 points. Points % top 6 % top 2 <20 4% 1% 20-23 19% 2% 24-26 47% 5% 27-30 62% 25% 30+ 93% 70% This Season Relegation Barnsley and Stoke have 9 and 8 points respectively. Over the past 20 seasons, 73% of teams with fewer than 10 points after 15 matches have been relegated. It could be particularly difficult for them this season as teams at the top are concertinaed due to no teams running away with it. As such, with all teams taking points off each other, everybody but the bottom four are taking at least one point per match. Blackburn and Millwall are only 16th and 17th but they are already on 18 points. Therefore, it looks likely that the points total for avoiding relegation could be quite high this season (average points for 21st place 48.9). Play Offs & Automatics No team has over 30 points this season. This has only happened in four of the past 20 seasons. Looking at the spread of points, it looks highly unlikely that this will be a season where you can sneak in to the play offs with a low total. A team at the top is not taking a large share of the cake. Looking at previous seasons points totals after 15 matches and at the end of the season, it looks likely that the 6th team may achieve at least 75 points (above the average of 74 points). Conversely, the points total required to gain automatic promotion looks like it could be relatively low. The second placed team has obtained 88 points in 12 of the last 20 seasons. This season, it appears likely that it could be less than that or they would need to get less than that (i.e. the third placed team will not get an historically high total). Predictions Taking the past history and then by adjusting the figures on a pro-rata basis to take account of this seasons spread of points, the following table can be calculated showing the percentage chances of each team getting in the top 2, top 6 or relegated. Before anybody says it, this is done to the nearest percentage point, so for instance I am not saying that there is a 0% chance of Wednesday getting relegated or Blackburn coming in the top 6, I am saying that the chances are less than 0.5%. Pts top 2 top 6 Relegation 1 West Brom 30 41% 73% 0% 2 Preston 28 33% 66% 0% 3 Leeds 28 33% 66% 0% 4 Swansea 28 33% 66% 0% 5 Forest (played 14) 25 27% 59% 0% 6 Bristol C 25 12% 50% 0% 7 WEDNESDAY 24 6% 42% 0% 8 Fulham 23 3% 34% 0% 9 QPR 23 3% 34% 0% 10 Charlton 22 2% 21% 1% 11 Hull 22 2% 21% 1% 12 Birmingham 22 2% 21% 1% 13 Brentford 21 1% 13% 1% 14 Cardifff 21 1% 13% 1% 15 Derby 21 1% 13% 1% 16 Blackburn 18 0% 3% 7% 17 Millwall 18 0% 3% 7% 18 Huddersfield 16 0% 1% 16% 19 Reading (played 14) 15 0% 1% 16% 20 Wigan 15 0% 0% 23% 21 Luton 14 0% 0% 33% 22 Boro 12 0% 0% 50% 23 Barnsley 9 0% 0% 69% 24 Stoke 8 0% 0% 73% Predictions It is statistically unlikely that anybody other than Blackburn, Millwall, Huddersfield, Reading, Wigan, Luton, Boro, Barnsley or Stoke will be relegated. Blackburn and Millwall only have a 6% chance each of being relegated, therefore for prediction purposes they can be ruled out. Huddersfield are the next least likely to be relegated and are on an upward trajectory following the appointment of the Cowley’s. Therefore, they can too be ruled out. It appears that Stoke and Barnsley will most likely be relegated with one from Reading, Wigan, Luton, and Boro joining them. The most likely team to join them is Boro (oh dear Mr Gibson!). Stoke obviously have a fine squad and cash to spend therefore a new manager may turnaround their fortunes. If they do so, Luton, Wigan and Reading will be looking nervously over their shoulders. Even at this early stage, it looks highly unlikely that anybody else other than Stoke, Barnsley, Boro, Wigan, Luton and Reading will be relegated. It is highly unlikely that Blackburn, Millwall, Huddersfield, Reading, Wigan, Luton, Boro, Barnsley or Stoke will make the play offs. Fulham, QPR, Charlton, Hull, Birmingham, Brentford, Cardiff and Derby have it all to do on an individual basis as they have less than 24 points which puts them at a statistical disadvantage. However, collectively their chances are better as in 15 of the last 20 seasons, at least one team from this group (20-23 points) has managed to achieve a play off place. Fulham have the best squad and the most points from this group. West Brom, Leeds, Preston, Swansea and Forest (depends on outcome of their 15th match – used their average points per match for the calculations) are each odds on to come in the top 6 – with the former two taken as favourites to come in the top 2. It will be interesting to see if Preston can hold onto Alex Neil and if they can’t the impact that this has on them. Bristol City and Wednesday are statistically the teams that would appear to be the closest challengers. West Brom are the most likely to get automatic promotion, Leeds look the next most likely. It is highly unlikely that any body but West Brom, Preston, Leeds, Swansea or Forest will be promoted automatically. What's next? If you are on less that 44 points after 30 matches you can totally forget about the top 6! You are highly unlikely to make the top 6 if you have less than 48 points after 30 matches. Therefore, Wednesday must get at least 24 points from the next 15 matches.
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    We know but it's nice to see.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50139190
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    You would be closer to utopia than ever before. Boris means less holidays, less workers rights and you might get a pay rise to ten pound in five years. Then there will be the poo food and products from Trump and friends. Soon you will be lucky if you get two weeks holiday. The rules have already been rewritten. Wake up. Rise and shine Boris is coming to get you. Ba Ba Ba Corbyn runs the ira Ba Ba Ba.
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    Yeah cause it was rocking before Carlos came. During his era there were some of our better atmospheres in certain games. You shoe horning a dig at him is hardly surprising
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    I'm thinking of bringing a block of wensleydale A tin of Jacob's assorted n a bottle of lock keepers cottage.. Any recommendations of a nice tangy pickle ? Too late maybe ?......
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    I'm ex forces and take remembrance day very seriously, I don't think any offense was meant by the comments, just highlighting how poor our luck is even over a hundred years ago. #WAWAW #WEWILLREMEMBER
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    The main facilitator of sitting together is POTG. I can't state this enough. You turn up with your mates, pay on the day and sit together. We have deliberately killed POTG though disgusting pricing. I'll never back down on this, it's plain wrong. The sooner we all unite against it, the sooner we can start repairing the damage.
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    A proper leader. That voice that rallies the team and keeps them focused. Especially when you're a goal in front with minutes left on the clock. Tom Lees isn't one of those guys. Neither is Bannan. When was the last time we had one? I can't remember.
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    It’s not Westwood’s fault that everyone loses their sh*t near the end of games
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    Nor Westwood. What the point in screaming at defenders when we’re high up the pitch if he can’t open his mouth to his left back that’s it’s his ball?
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    Wednesday have made it a pretty easy decision for me and no doubt many others, whether to attend or not.
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    Utter rip off for championship football
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    Yep, at least a week's worth of negative material there for The Star's finest to regurgitate
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    Total overreaction. Since Lees' injury we've conceded 8 goals in 10 games. Iorfa has played centre half in all of those games since Lees' injury, and has been immense for the most part. I do not get Wednesdayite's fascination with moving one of our most consistent performers from the position he's excelling. And this clamour for Lees to come back, on the premise that collapses won't happen with him in the side. Have people forgotten he's been part of that back four for over half a decade now, which has been renowned for such collapses and weak mentalities. I'm not criticising Lees as a player, at all. He's been a brilliant servant for us, and I'm sure he'll get his opportunity at some point. But, since his injury, the sides most stable and consistent positions have been the centre halves (Iorfa and Borner). Why would you disrupt that? Competition is great, and something Lees has never had since he arrived here. He sits, and waits until an injury, drop in form or even a system change, gives him his opportunity.
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    I thought it worked ok. Also Lee will get better the more games he has. I would like to see a mid 3 with Luongo. Would be fluid, attacking with all three fully prepared to track back.
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    It would.be more appealing to sit outside in nice weather. Let me be clear i don't claim to be a True Super Fan but i enjoy going to Hillsborough. However I will not be ripped off.
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    Imagine how many windows he put through to appear this calm in the interview.
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    I feel a bit sorry for Monk. He's inherited what he's inherited and he's made a decent fist of it so far all things considered. That said you're only one game away from being declared not being good enough to manage us due to the fragile mentality of our fan base that is the result of two barren decades away from the premier league. As I've said thousands of times before the squad is an unbalanced mixture of experience, decent quality in some areas for this level, a general lack of pace and physicality (though Bruce in his short time here did his best to address this problem), some solid players but not good enough to take us to the next level plus a weak mental state due to the play-off disapointments and the last two seasons of management upheaval. The full-backs aren't good enough, they're both triers but that's all they are. The decision to give Palmer a three year deal was ridiculous. I think for now Monk has to make do and mend with his midfield but long term this has to be addressed. I like Bannan but I do wonder if he has to be moved on in the long term because there tends to be a general focus on him when he plays therefore you stop Bannan, you generally stop us? Hutchinson's class but his availability will always be a problem. Pelupessy's not good enough, pure and simple. I don't think Reach is good enough to build a side around and Lee, will he ever be the same player as he was a couple of years ago? I think only being offered a one year deal probably tells you the answer to this? Harris and Luongo have only just arrived at the club and have made solid starts and will be probably be part of the solution going forward but it's early days for them? The forwards? A department that has seen little change in three years or more. Fletcher's top drawer but will never score a lot. Nuhiu is an acquired taste. He will work hard for the cause and have his moments but I think he goes into the type of trier and as a result will probably not take us to the next level? Rhodes and Winnall, they've both had spells away from the club on Loan which perhaps says it all. At the moment the best they can hope for is a place on the bench. I don't see either having a long term future here under Monk. The shining light may be Forrestieri but I suspect this will be his last season here? Once again it's make do and mend until Monk can address the issue. In summary Monk's doing his best and we could perhaps still challenge for a Top 6 spot but in truth with this squad this really is the best we can hope for?
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    Please stop calling him Fessi
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    C’mon we win one game by a few goals away at Boro and we think that’s it. We have been distinctly average without any cutting edge all season if the truth be told.
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    How many times have we screamed for westwood to be the number 1 and how many times as he gained us points.. Yes he has made a few errors this season but its only because of how good he is its gets highlighted more.. He is by far and away a better keeper than dawson in my opinion and should still be backed.He will no doubt atone for today during the season.
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    Dawson makes saves like that and he never gets credit for them 7 days after the fact. This isn't the first absolute howler he's made this season, but they seem far more quickly forgotten than Dawson's.
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    Plenty of room in Tango's corner.
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    Called Don ...........
  39. 5 points
    I agree. Time to remember those who gave their lives so others could live a better life. Not a time for joking about it.
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    Here's a better idea, Borner and Lees were first choice centre halves before Lees got injured. Why spend money if we can utilise what we already have. No need to try and be a comedian.
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    I was going to say it's down to apathy but i can't be bothered
  42. 4 points
    Love grown men that cry because somebody slags off their favourite player / points out the truth . Provided me with endless entertainment over the years
  43. 4 points
    If you charge fans top half Premier League prices, expect them to have high expectations every game.
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    The only goal Dawson has conceded in the league this season was the controversial free-kick against Cardiff, keeping two clean sheets in the process. Bizarre comment, really.
  45. 4 points
    He won 9 headers; Fletcher won 11. No Swansea player won more than 4.
  46. 4 points
    I would go further its second division regardless of the opposition it's not meant to be a luxury product.
  47. 4 points
  48. 4 points
  49. 4 points
    Really need Luongo fit right now.
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    So can the council also print in the local press the similar restriction currently in place for games at S2, presumably using the same logic Bramall Lane will be shut for an hour before and after games the adjoining roads of St Mary's Gate, Shoreham Street and all of the roads off these will also be shut at the same time and no parking on pavements will be allowed on any of these roads causing hazards to pedestrians and cyclists and all access to business such as the Copthorne Hotel, Arnold Lavers, the exhaust Centre and Go out etc will be prohibited unless you have a sticker to show the stewards to get through to these places. Or are these restrictions just in S6 thus proving these restrictions have nothing what so ever to do with safety.
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