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    Take them to the cleaners DC we’re all behind you
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    What a bloke Lee Bullen is. True Wednesday legend. Steps in when the club and players need him the most and conducts himself fantastically. The only reason I don’t want him appointed is because I’d hate to see any Wednesdayite turn on him if it started going wrong. The man just simply wouldn’t deserve that.
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    Respect is earned, you clearly showed none to SWFC, players and fans! Fu*k off!
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    I don't really think anyone begrudges him going to Newcastle. its the way he's gone about it that has made people so angry.. its that simple.
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    Lee Bullen is 100 times the man Steve Bruce is
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    We're definitely lucky to have him, safe pair of hands for the time being until a new manager comes in.
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    Not a lot, he's been dead for 25 years. RIP Mr President.
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    He's had that many Chinese takeaways he probably has dual nationality
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    Gianfranco Zola is now 2/1 favourite on Sky Bet. Would be the one of the worst appointments we could make imo. Has had no success at any clubs and took Birmingham from Top 6 to the relegation zone. ANY of the other names linked would be better appointments. Even rubbish like Pulis and Keane would still be better than Gianfranco Zola. Please Chansiri, look elsewhere!
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    He shouldn't have signed an extension last summer then. The moron.
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    Who would've thought travelling to continental Europe to watch Wedesday in a pre-season friendly could end up being an unfulfilling experience?
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    Why have the Newcastle fans taken an instant dislike of Steve Bruce ? Simple.... to save time.
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    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/club-statement_steve-bruce/ Club statement Just now 813 views The Club is disappointed to learn via public statement issued by Newcastle United that it has appointed former Sheffield Wednesday staff Steve Bruce, Steve Agnew and Steve Clemence. Regardless of the fact that the staff resigned from their positions with the Club on Monday, there remains outstanding legal issues to be resolved between the club and the staff and Newcastle United. The Club is currently considering its position and taking the appropriate legal advice. No further comment will be made by the Club concerning this matter.
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    Be very happy with Wagner. Streets above Carlos as a manager
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    Always had a MASSIVE soft spot for Wednesday. Shocking what Bruce has done and hopefully you can get the best man in to carry on your forward momentum backed by a chairman who clearly wants to see you back where you belong!
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    Sorry if the Pope's dead......good read though More on Steve Bruce, Sheffield Wednesday & Newcastle ESPN reporter Dale Johnson ‏has posted this excellent thread on Steve Bruce and Newcastle. 62 people are talking about this See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets See Dale Johnson's other Tweets 18 people are talking about this https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/after-steve-bruce-quit-sheffield-wednesday-bruno-genesio-may-become-newcastles-manager/
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    Were the fans in attendance pandered too enough before during and after the game? Did they receive enough compliments about how great they are, and was there enough clapping from the players? Did Westwood clap the fans as he ran to his goal and also on his way back for half time? If not Bullen must be held responsible for this injustice, time to go.
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    It's a bloody ridiculous situation driven by a bloody megalomaniac Geordie fans are disgusted by the actions of both Ashley and Bruce Wednesday fans are the same, Bruce name if not tarnished already is now lower than his dogs belly and 2 football clubs preparations for the coming season are in turmoil Simply because of one fat greedy chairman . A chairman whose sole intention it seems is to further alienate his own fan base. Has anyone else ever known the fans of both clubs involved in a managerial change being so utterly against it? As for Chansiri? What on earth is he expected to do? Simply take it? He's faultless in this no matter what your opinion of past actions
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    Back once again, Back once again with the Lennegade master.
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    This made me smile
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    We should be pointing the finger solely at Mike Ashley. We shouldnt be naming Newcastle United collectively in this - its disrespectful to their fans who are as much against this move as we are.
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    Judge orders us to pay £4m in royalties for use of WAWAW
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    Kieran Lee training as normal. Bully stepping up again, what a rock he’s been for the team last few seasons.
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    V @ Sixfields Stadium K.O - 7:30 Another day, another round of rumours as Bruce's cantankerous departure rumbles on. The Geordies clearly driven around the twist are now inventing stories about some French manager turning up to save them at the last minute. Though a 2 second internet search by one of our own number quickly showed that it was photo taken in France and not the Metro-centre. Still, when your world is falling apart you cling to the fantasy, so you can understand them. Living in a dreamed, an imagined existence seems to be preferable to the reality of having the former Mackem join the club. And us? Who knows? Perhaps our own fans are filled with dread. For Hougton tops the polls by Wednesday fans and bookies alike. Despite apparently having turned us down over the weekend! Again...fans must be allowed their fantasy when the reality could be so appalling. Monk, Rowett and Zola about as inspiring as 8 pints of liquid mogadon. Are these fantasies dangerous? Is blocking out the horrid realities worrying, head-in-the-sand behaviour that will only inevitably lead to greater disappointment when the reality strikes? I think so. So lets get back down to Earth! ============================== In the real World ,Bully take the chaps to sixfields tonight to take on Northampton where we carry on our preparations for the season ahead against Keith Curles lot. Two positive performances at the weekend, albeit against lower opposition, were pleasing to see. Especially Harris and Odubajo seeming to fit in well. Aye, this isn't the 100mph stuff of the season proper, but it's nice to see the net getting billowed. Northampton is famous for leather. Shoes. And Alan Moore who wrote Watchmen and V for Vendetta. Alan once said that " reality's not a fixed thing. The reality that we see about us every day is one reality, and a valid one – but that there are others, different perspectives where different things have meaning that're just as valid." Oh right. Well, if Alan says there's different realities then there must be. So....... Bruno Genesio to St. James's , Chris Hughton to Hillsbrough, laurab974 to Snoot Hall and Steve Bruce to the job centre it is then! Everyones a winner! ==============================
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    Damn, thought we'd signed someone!!!
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    Yeah It's Sports Direct...
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    In all seriousness, I’d rather have Holloway than Rowett, Monk, Pulis, Karanka, Cook and Cowley
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    They weren't right. Reasons for delayed start were justified. It could be argued we were wrong in waiting - but for different reasons.
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    Using the width Pressing high up and winning it in the opposite. Half Creating chances for strikers Excellent bonding trip Positive , enthusiastic mood in camp. Great stuff. Got a lot of time for Bullen. Can never understand some of the stick meted out to him. Just the sort of character vital in a club. Brings a vital continuity which provides a stsbility for the players which can never be underestimated in a game like football which is so transient.
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    I’m hoping this isn’t just a typo. That’d be ffp sorted!
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    Don't think DC can be blamed in anyway for this,and rightly so
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    Loves a good deal
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    Proper. The Gods will like this. They'll like this a lot. Football as it should be. I don't want to get carried away, but a green keeper shirt....and stripes on the back of the home shirt. ... We're going up. Definitely.
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    How anyone can lay the blame of this shítshow onto the Chairman is quite frankly beyond me.
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    Was wondering who'd be the first to blame Chansiri. Congrats.
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    800 miles. Hundreds of pounds. Fighting to get into the ground. And what happens at full time to the few hundred who made the trip? Sweet F.A! 3-4 players clapped us from the halfway line and the rest couldn't even be bothered to do that! Can anyone in the local media ask Lee Bullen why he didn't command the players to show a little respect? Looks like another afternoon in Hamburg on Sunday. If they think we're travelling to Kiel they're wrong. Neg away but I'm right! Rant over WAWAW
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    But the pen is mightier than the applaud.
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    Really rate the bloke , proper professional in an industry full of bell ends
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    Literally who cares? It's one pro wishing an other pro well in the new role, complaining about it and moaning that Sky have an agenda over us makes us look small time and pathetic We've lost a manager, we'll get a new one and move on.
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    Ok try this for size Inks still wet mind No touching ......... I'm calling it "Waiting For Mike"
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    If they'd been booing him he'd have resigned & claimed the moral high ground. This way he can't. Ridiculous of you to say that they should be ashamed
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    Bruce signed a contract yesterday as manager of catering.
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