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    Reda was perfect for us at the time, a colossus of a man with a heart is big as a lion. After some of the weak dross that we had put up with for many years, he along with the likes of Liera helped us become a team that never gave up. A great representative of the club at charity events. If I remember correctly sometimes stood with the fans at away games. Great goal scoring record better than most of our forwards. Might not have been the most skilful but will always remain one of my favourite players.
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    There's been many ups and downs following the Wednesday. Many special memories. But this man gave me the single greatest ever season of watching the Owls. Scintillating free-flowing football and a wonderful team full of passion and character. A team that had a unique and unequalled bond with the fan-base which has lasted the test of time. The promotion and a Cup final win are almost bonuses really from a period when I have rarely felt so 'at one' with the club. Happy 80th Birthday Big-man Still, simply the best
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    Changes need to be made to this mess. Total joke that clubs like Man City continue to spend what they like without being penalised or getting tiny fines. And clubs such as Wednesday have to compete with parachute payment clubs. Many have cheated recently and also received only small punishments. Pathetic English Football League!
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    I just want to get home. 5 Nations is a bit different to Wigan at home and Mattias falling over whilst some tart reminds me for the 8th time I can’t exit via Leppings Lane. And the bloke next to me smells like a zoo. I just want want to get off not hang about in the rain listening to Clive from Burnley pretending he’s Bono.
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    So the EFL basically wait until they won't go up, or down, and then deduct their points. Cracking decision making. The whole thing is a complete an utter farce.
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    One of two obvious issues we had, along with a lack of pace. Funny how it took Bruce less than 48 hours to address what neither previous manager could see in the entire tenure
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    Starts for Scotland. Good luck to the lad, well deserved international debut.
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    Wonderful to hear Bruce suggesting Hooper might be back in two weeks for Stoke. “Whether that’s too early we’ll have to wait and see”. What a boost to our chances if we have Hooper on the bench for Stoke, Villa and Forest, and starting with Fletcher v Leeds, Norwich, Bristol C, Preston and QPR. (and the play-offs of course). Plus, Getting Hooper back even in a part-time role allows Bruce to give Fletcher time off here and there. Right now there is too much on Fletcher’s shoulders and we will be very lucky if he doesn’t break between now and May. Fingers crossed we hear nothing but positive news about Hooper’s ongoing recovery.
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    Thats no punishment, neither is it a deterrant. Punishment would have been 20 points - Or start next season with a 20 point deduction. It wont make any difference to their season, they arent going up and they wont go down, even after the deduction. Teams will get relegated this season who havent broken any rules trying to compete in a league agaisnt teams who have broken the rules. Teams like Luton and Rotherham have been hammered with much larger points deductions in recent years.
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    We could very well do with him Singing . What's his voice like ? Sign him up Sign him up Sign him up ..
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    This was 7 years ago - the Charlton player is still rehab:
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    Not fully convinced by him yet. Although a player of his type is definitely one thing we need. Depends what the deal might be, I guess.
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    “It’s been a long, tough journey and it’s nice that all the hard work that I put in has paid off and got me the start against Blackburn. You take playing for granted as a footballer and when you’re not playing, whether that’s through injury or through not being selected, it’s tough for any footballer. So for me, to get back out on the pitch and playing in front of those Wednesday fans was really special. It’s something I will never take for granted again. It’s a great time to be back with the team firing on all cylinders. We’re on such a good run of form and we’ve got so much confidence in the squad. The more minutes I get, the sharper I will get, and I am confident the goals will flow as soon as I am back up to my best.”
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    Not a lot to bo over the weekend so I got my toolbox out.....
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    The title of this article misses out several key words - namely ‘could’, ‘presumably’ and ‘potential’. Daily Mail.
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    Can't help but think there is a bit of Karma going on here, if I remember correctly a few years ago when Bolton were in the prem their chairman ( Gartside or something) was one of the main protagonists in trying to get all promotion and relegation from the premiership stopped.
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    Top merchandise... or not...
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    We're very quick to write people off. Lets see how he looks in a team playing well and for a manager who has a clue once he's over his injury.
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    Hooper to score the injury time winner against dem blavdes then run over to Wilder shouting “That’s what forty grand a week gets you”.
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    Hope Birmingham take them to court over it regardless of the size of the points deduction. While ever there is money flooding down from the PL inflating transfer fees and wages that we have to try and compete with, P&S is unfair, anti-competitive and in need of a serious rethink.
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    Not a bad goal per game ratio really but for me it’s his link play that I admire
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    This whole bullshit system needs a huge revamp and things scratching. Parachute payments were brought in to help handle losses and help with things lien wages, not gamble on getting back to the prem. Money just gets spent on transfer fees and big wages. Within 5 years I’d suggest a total scrapping of parachute payments and have it wrtitten into contacts that players suffer something like a 50% pay cut in their wage. Make it compulsory. Just like it’s compulsory to have minimum fee release clauses in Spain. I think the longest contract players receive is 5 years (could be 6 now). So easy to start from the beginning of a season and phase out these payments and any new contract signed has this clause implemented. Now they’ve levelled the playing fields. Let chairmen/owners spend what the hell they like. As long as they can prove finances over x amount of years so it can have no negative impact in the club. Then so what. So many clubs are already light years ahead and now there’s pretty much no way to catch them. I think Man City dropped lucky just before they got a little stricter on the rules. If anything FFP and P&S and the money involved in premier league football has made clubs gamble more and put their futures at risk. Let clubs spend what they like and are able to.
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    Feel sorry for Palmer, Scotland had a mare on his debut and won't have helped his transition. That said though when I was younger I always wanted all the home nations to win and would cheer them on. You grow up though and find yourself working in Wales or Scotland and the hatred they had for England, only watching it in the hope England would lose. So Hahaha hahaha, hope they're all crying into their haggis tonight
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    Did you notice how tall our side were compared to Blackburn on Saturday? In the pre-match walking hand-shake line we towered over their side it was obvious we held a very significant height advantage. And that was without Nuhiu in the starting Xl. Both Bruce and Mowbray refered to it in the post-match comments, with Mowbray admitting they struggled to cope with it. Our attacking set-pieces are now a huge threat. In normal circumstances defences have to cope with Fletcher, Hector, Lees, Iorfa and Hutchinson. That’s some threat. If Nuhiu (or Joao If fit) is on too it only increases our impressive threat. At defensive set-pieces, our phenomenal height combined with Bruce’s defensive nous ( he was only a modest height for a CB but highly intelligent and effective) we can anticipate a very successful approach to defending corners and free-kicks. Compare this to where we were. An unusually short back four before Hector arrived (great loanee) and Iorfa the beast signed. What a transformation. And it hasn’t turned us into a Pulis-ball side. Iorfa and Hector can both play and we look so strong on the floor and aerially now.
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    Steve Bruce took a week, To give ourselves a squeak, We had some rust so we had to purchase some oil, From front to the back, He's fixed all the cracks, We're Sheffield Wednesday, We're on our way back.
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    Well I for one am bothered, like our lads to be picked for their country, although some cant be bothered to join the squad though Would not have watched Scotland if Liam had not been playing. Gives a little more interest to the international break. So to answer your question again . . . yes
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    Villa losing £60m even with their parachute payments is disgraceful.
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    The forcing yourself not to celebrate because it's a nothing game thing. Ok, it does mean nothing. And fair enough don't celebrate. But there's a couple in here where you can see people are wanting to wheel away like Tardelli and having to hold it in. Don't hold it in boys. No such thing as too cool for school.
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    (Police Spokesman) "it is the most expensive university match in England to police", "but with the help of sag we where able to allow both sets of supporters to attend" "albeit in reduced numbers", " we also have a special unit of baton wielding police at a moments notice to curb any over zealous youths" . "We hope every one enjoys themselves tonight".
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    Proper Gaffer Proper Team Proper Kit
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    Scale and Pace. One for the younger fans.
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    We never time owt right do we We stumbled around League 1 and the championship for years with a massive debt around our neck whilst other clubs went into administration and came out smelling of roses, most notably Leicester and Southampton. Then we finally get a minted owner and we can’t bleedin spend his bleedin money
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    I’m more concerned about the Bolton fans losing their club. They have done nothing wrong but they face losing something that they love.
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    I like to be as positive about things as the next guy......but you watched a different game to me.
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    I could be wrong, but I believe what happened is that 31 years ago he was born, and then 31 years later he turned 31.
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    There are 2 things football could do with taking from rugby: 1) Referees should take the same no nonsense attitude as rugby refs. Players (and I would imagine fans to an extent) would start behaving a bit better if they stamped their authority on the game a bit more. Chat back, yellow card. Shout abuse, yellow card. Etc etc. If Nigel Owens, a 5ft 6 openly gay, openly bulimic man can command the respect of thirty 6ft 6, 23st players, then I don't see why football referees can't deal with 22 petulant footballers. 2) Football fans (the nawty minority anyway) could take a leaf out of the rugby fans behaviour at matches. I've watched England vs Wales at the Millennium stadium, sat amongst the home fans, wearing an England shirt and openly cheering and the only thing that happened was that when a Welsh fan spilt my pint, he apologised and bought me another one.
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    https://stv.tv/sport/football/1436359-three-out-and-two-in-for-scotland-ahead-of-qualifiers/ HOME Sport Three out and two in for Scotland ahead of qualifiers Peter Cassidyan hour ago Jordan Archer, Barry Bannan and Charlie Mulgrew are out of this month's double header. McLeish: Will be hoping to pick up six points. SNS Group Three players have pulled out of the Scotland squad ahead of this month's double header against San Marino and Kazakhstan. Millwall goalkeeper Jordan Archer, Sheffield Wednesday's Barry Bannan and Blackburn's Charlie Mulgrew have been replaced by Livingston goalkeeper Liam Kelly and Kilmarnock defender Stuart Findlay. The national team travel to play Kazakhstan on March 21 before heading off take on San Marino three days later. Alex McLeish will be hopeful of picking up six points to get off to the best possible start in a group that also includes Russia and Belgium. Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney could also be a doubt after he was taken off during their 1-0 win over Dundee on Sunday. On loan Premiership stars Marc McNulty and Oliver Burke have been called up to the squad as has Sheffield Wednesday full back Liam Palmer- whose father Carlton was an England international in the 1990's. Scott Bain is widely expected to replace Rangers Goalkeeper Allan McGregor who recently announced his international retirement.
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    I really liked his partnership alongside Rhodes I thought at the time these 2 are going to run wild but sadly no service!!! This has been an underlying problem for some time?
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    Still in Wigan, running round claiming offside.
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    Never cut the mustard did Simon.........
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