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    Well I for one am bothered, like our lads to be picked for their country, although some cant be bothered to join the squad though Would not have watched Scotland if Liam had not been playing. Gives a little more interest to the international break. So to answer your question again . . . yes
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    I would have thought on a Sheffield Wednesday fans forum a lot of people would be bothered about a Sheffield Wednesday player.
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    They could have done with him. They've come out of a double header of Kazakhstan and San Marino with negative goal difference.
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    Regardless of all of this factual stuff, I would personally still like to carry on speculating about how many points we aren't going to get deducted. My opinion matters, regardless of how ill formed or ignorant it is. I have a voice and you have to listen to me. 12 points a week on Thursday. Thank you.
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    Dodged a reyt bullet Fletch Stuff Scotland .. We are more important ...
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    Is that a fans forum? Surely that hasn’t been written by a journalist because it reads like it’s been written by a school kid. If that’s journalism then I’m in the wrong job.
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    See the post above yours. We have to submit at least a projected set of accounts that will show we will either be predicted to be in breach or not of the P&S rules. This current season is dealt with and we are not in breach of the regulations. It's done. Over. No points deductions or fines coming for us or anyone else and this has been confirmed by the EFL. Next season is a different matter. Though we have a significant amount of savings coming (wages, signing on and agent fees and transfer fees for several players being removed from the books). Worst case is currently a 'soft' embargo at the start of the season again with a points deduction coming at a similar period to Birmingham *if* we are deemed to be in breach of the regulations. But seeing as we have managed to avoid it this season and with the additional reductions in expenditure, we shouldn't be in that bracket.
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    Yes http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=Is+nuhiu+in+the+kosovo+squad+
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    FFS don't let them find out they had a better home average attendance in 1901 It'll be on their wall of achievements
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    Not fully convinced by him yet. Although a player of his type is definitely one thing we need. Depends what the deal might be, I guess.
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    There are a few reports knocking around suggesting that the geordies have offered us the chance to sign Aarons on a permanent deal, there is no speculation on the fee or even if there is one but I would be delighted if we could make this happen.
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    Thanks for your input, but I asked whether he was in the squad, not whether you were bothered. Is anybody bothered whether you are bothered?
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    I struggle to watch Wednesday when Nuihu is playing...
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    Not if it was a rubbish country, like Kazakhstan
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    Isn't the delay in submitting accounts purely for Companies House, financial regulations requirements. Accounts submitted to the EFL for P&S purposes will need to be submitted by the same deadline as every other EFL club.
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    Another twohat who obviously hasn’t done his homework. What on earth is wrong with these pundits? First dumb and dumber Murphy and Ruud with their comments on Bruce, now this
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    James Shield
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    The risk is that an owner could inject a sum of money (e.g. £80 million for the sake of argument) and use all of this to sign new players. That is OK at the outset but most players are offered 3 or 4 year contracts. At a later stage, the owner may not for a number of reasons, be able to continue funding the salaries and bonuses. The club would then become insolvent and subject to being dragged into administration..
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    Cat Power....
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    Oh well it will just be like having Jos back for a month or two
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    Not a problem mate. David Jones is out of contract in the summer, so that frees up the 300 grand a week he's on.
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    £80k a week, am i missing the joke. £10-15k max. Shelvey was on £80k a week, Aarons would have been nowhere near. He would be a great signing for me.
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    If you recognise the tune it's probably not our kop band!
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    For getting picked for Republic of Ireland U-19 squad. I believe he made his International debut at that level getting on at 90'th minute in a 2:0 win against Azerbeđan. If I'm not mistaken at 17 he is youngest player in the side that is doing very well, and is draw against Russia away from getting qualified for Elite Round finals for the first time since 2011. If anything about his call up was mentioned on OS I missed it.
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    When HE speaks, all must listen https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/there-s-got-to-be-a-big-change-gary-megson-on-the-challenges-of-being-sheffield-wednesday-boss-and-the-problems-facing-steve-bruce-in-the-hunt-for-promotion-1-9665694
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    I just heard from a mate down the pub that his mate on Facebook heard from an inside source that sky have made a last minute change to their schedule and rearranged the Villa game for a Monday night ko 7.45pm. Only joking. Enjoy the game.
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    Thanks to everyone who has replied, 4 tickets booked for the South, and 4 tartan blankets and a family sized packet of Werther's ordered from Amazon.
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    Some folk seem disappointed that we look to be in the clear for now.
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    6 point deduction for this season and reset our P&S limits for next season Spend £39mil in the summer on players with 'big hitter contracts
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    Probably a pundit not knowing what they're talking about.
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    EFL have confirmed that no other club has breached the P&S this season. We may or may not be under a similar embargo (sorry, Umbongo) at the start of next season, but won't be having any points deductions until a similar period next season. “The Profitability and Sustainability Rules, aligned with those in the Premier League, became effective in 2015/16. Season 2017/18 was the end of the first full reporting period with Birmingham City the only Club found to have breached those requirements, when it incurred adjusted losses of £48.787 million, £9.787 million in excess of the permitted losses." https://www.efl.com/news/2019/march/efl-statement-birmingham-city/
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    Save If there is one tale that encapsulates why David Hirst is a cult hero among Sheffield Wednesday fans — myself included — it is this. At 8.30am on the morning of New Year’s Day, 1990, Hirst and the rest of his Wednesday team-mates had checked out of their rooms in a Sheffield hotel and had headed downstairs to the restaurant. The Wednesday players needed a good breakfast inside them as they would be playing Manchester City at Hillsborough at noon, but their manager Ron Atkinson had left a little treat out for them too. “I put a bottle of pink champagne on every table,” Atkinson recalls 29 years on. “I said to the lads: ‘Right everyone, have a glass each and wish each other a happy new year. Come on, it won’t hurt us. Then we’ll get off to the game.’” As Wednesday fans will know, Hirst is a man who loves a good swill, so he gladly accepted Atkinson’s offer. What “Big Ron” did not know was that Hirst did not have one glass of champagne. He had upwards of six. Roland Nilsson, the Swedish right back, and a few other Wednesday players were not big drinkers. They had not touched their glasses, so Hirst embarked upon what he described to team-mates as a “minesweeping operation” to scoop up any untouched champagne, and he struck gold. “I had probably six or seven or maybe eight glasses that morning,” Hirst would later recall. This would ordinarily be enough to make a 22-year-old man pine for his bed, but not “Hirsty”. He was a well-built 5ft 11in unit who could handle his booze, so he thought nothing of getting on that coach to Hillsborough. What followed further underlines his status as a Wednesday legend. Not only did Hirst put Wednesday ahead, he also came to his team’s rescue at the other end of the pitch by taking the goalkeeper’s gloves after Kevin Pressman went off injured following a tackle by David Oldfield. Hirst broke a finger but still managed to keep a clean sheet and Wednesday won 2-0 against one of their rivals in the battle for top-flight survival. Hirst holds the world record for the fastest recorded shot in historyJULIAN HERBERT FOR THE TIMES “We didn’t have any substitute goalies then,” Atkinson explains. “Carlton Palmer was just about to put the goalie’s shirt on and then all of a sudden Hirsty flies down the field, knocks him out of the way, grabs the shirt and puts it on. “At the end of the game he takes a bow in the middle of the pitch to all corners of the ground. It was only a couple of years later that the lads told me the real reason he wanted to go in net — because he was knackered after his minesweeping episode.” Hirst scored 106 goals in 294 appearances for the club he loved. He had all the attributes that top strikers dream of. He was aggressive, tenacious, a superb header of the ball and could strike venomously from range and close distance with either foot. In 1996, the left-foot volley that he struck the crossbar against Arsenal at Highbury was clocked at 114mph. It remains the fastest recorded shot in history and Hirst has a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records in his downstairs toilet to prove it. As a boy, I remember hanging around the car park behind the South Stand with my dad hoping to get players’ autographs as they arrived. Hirst’s was the one I’d cherish above most. We are not related, but I would sometimes tell my school friends that he was my uncle. Hirst had a penchant for scoring spectacular goals from long distance. Whenever the ball dropped at his feet the Hillsborough Kop held its breath. “I remember playing at Newcastle once and Hirsty picked the ball up on the halfway line with his back to goal,” recalls Chris Turner, the former Wednesday goalkeeper. “It was injury time, and we were 2-1 up so you think he’s going to run it into the corner, but instead he cuts inside, starts running towards goal and he smashes it right in the top corner. That was Hirsty.” Hirst had pace in abundance too. Whether over short or long distances, he would regularly win athletics competitions at school. He scored some important goals too, like the equaliser against Arsenal that took the 1993 FA Cup final to a replay, which Wednesday ultimately lost, and the second goal in the 1991 Rumbelows Cup semi-final first leg win over Chelsea. Wednesday would go on to win the cup after defeating Manchester United in the final even though they were in the second division at the time. Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign him six times, but on each occasion, the then-United manager received the same response: “He is not for sale.” Had he not suffered a series of ankle and knee injuries, Hirst would have replaced Gary Lineker as England’s primary attacker in the early 1990s. He ended his career with just three caps. The reason why Wednesday fans hold Hirst in such high regard is not because he did not push to leave for United, nor is it because of the volume of goals that he scored. He is adored because he embodies the dreams of every Wednesday fan. He is a working-class lad who grew up in Cudworth, an impoverished Barnsley village. His father was a miner and his mother worked in a bakery. During his school years, Hirst would play Sunday and Saturday league football with grown men. He went through Barnsley’s youth system and had one year in the first team before Howard Wilkinson paid £250,000 to bring Hirst to Hillsborough, which was a huge amount in 1986, especially for an 18-year-old. He immediately became a popular figure within the dressing room. “Hirsty is arguably the funniest footballer I’ve ever come across,” said Atkinson, who managed Hirst for two years at Wednesday. “His one liners were brilliant.” When it came down to business, he took his job seriously, but off the pitch, he was a bit of a wind-up merchant. Hirst would cut holes in the socks of his team-mates when they were in the showers to wind them up. He would regularly mock John Harkes’ American accent on trips to games. Hirst was old school by today’s standards. On Saturday nights he would pop up in drinking establishments across south Yorkshire. Wilkinson, Atkinson, and his successor Trevor Francis knew this, but as long as he kept scoring goals, they had no problem with him doing so. Hirst was also a regular in the pub when he was injured. Rumour has it that during one layoff, the Wednesday medical staff were worried that Hirst was putting weight on. They knew that keeping Hirst out of the pub was going to be difficult so rather than try to ban him from doing so, they advised him to change his tipple from Barnsley Bitter to gin and tonic. For Wednesdayites, Hirst symbolises the club’s most successful era in recent times. With Hirst in the team, Wednesday visited Wembley four times in three years. As well as winning the Rumbelows Cup — their most recent piece of major silverware — they qualified for Europe after finishing third in the top flight. They were simply irresistible to watch. Carlton Palmer worked tirelessly. John Sheridan, probably the best midfielder in the club’s history, developed a telepathic relationship with Hirst. Chris Waddle would later arrive to add more stardust from the wing. It was also the most romantic era of the club’s recent history. On the week of the Rumbelows Cup final, they travelled down to London on two coaches — one for the squad and another for the wives and girlfriends. Atkinson held a champagne reception at the Lancaster Hotel on the Friday night after conducting an impromptu training session in Hyde Park. The night before the final, Hirst and Turner, who roomed together on away trips, took a few cans of lager to bed with them “In that cup run we’d always had a couple of beers in the room the night before the games,” Turner says. “We thought: ‘We’ve won every game so far doing this, we can’t stop now, so we took three or four cans out of the fridge and drank them even though we were playing in the final the day after. That’s just how we were.” On the morning of the final, Hirst played snooker with Viv Anderson. After the 1-0 win, he was sinking cans of Hoffmeister in the dressing room with Stan Boardman, the Liverpudlian comedian who was friends with Atkinson. Earlier that day on the team coach, Boardman grabbed the microphone, told a few jokes to relax the players. Upon seeing a sea of blue and white shirts as they turned on to Wembley Way, Boardman remarked: “This lot here have used all their giro to get here today so make sure you don’t let them down.” Hirst left for Southampton in 1997 and would retire three years later. He started working the hospitality suites at Hillsborough and joined the academy’s coaching staff in 2013, but left four years later following a conflict with the club, some say because of their treatment of his son George Hirst, who was not getting any first team action under Carlos Carvalhal despite excelling in the youth teams. George Hirst left for OH Leuven, the Belgian club last summer. His father rejected an invitation to Wednesday’s 150th anniversary dinner in 2017. “It’s a great pity that his relationship [with the club] has soured,” Atkinson says. Hirst’s relationship with the club’s supporters will never be broken though.
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    Several years ago I was in Sliema in Malta at an Italian restaurant where all the pizzas were named after footballers. Wish I'd taken a photo of the menu then but I remember there was a Steve Bruce one, which was the most fully loaded one on the menu. Thought it very funny back then, but of course it's totally disrespectful now......
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    Still not fully convinced just yet. He’s had some very good games and some games seem to have passed him by. We definitely need pace though. I would reserve judgment until the end of the season.
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    The thing I don't get is P&s is there to 'protect clubs' but isn't it relative. for instance if Villa lose £40m over 3 years they will lose no sleep. If Roverum say lost £30m over 3 years they would be with in the rules but that could ruin the club. How does that help the smaller clubs?
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    "Uri Geller makes cup of tea during international break"
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    You borrowed someone’s fingernails?
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    No need to be bored...it doesn't take much imagination to see SB prowling the corridors in the bowels of the south. Opening a door here or there and popping a morale lifting head in... Go home.. you've done enough.. thanks for going the extra mile. "It's Sunday night boss and you've called us in.. we're only the technical review team!" Yes..stay here bonny lads.. we're going to mastermind f*cking Stoke up. Put the oil can away lads... I like that noise that mice make....
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    It would be a great deal for them, Abdi is a far better player with proven premier league record who will be back to fitness in a couple of weeks, whereas Aarons is just some guy who happens to have the pace that we need. We'd love to keep Abdi and will be sad to see him go, but we have one too many top class midfielders in the same position and can't afford to pay his wages due to FFP,
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    Don't think we will be deducted points but if scaremongering is your agenda crack on
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    Anyone that’s got a bad word to say about David hirst as a Wednesday player needs to give their head a shake. he was a magnificent player for us.
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    The title of this article misses out several key words - namely ‘could’, ‘presumably’ and ‘potential’. Daily Mail.
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    This whole bullshit system needs a huge revamp and things scratching. Parachute payments were brought in to help handle losses and help with things lien wages, not gamble on getting back to the prem. Money just gets spent on transfer fees and big wages. Within 5 years I’d suggest a total scrapping of parachute payments and have it wrtitten into contacts that players suffer something like a 50% pay cut in their wage. Make it compulsory. Just like it’s compulsory to have minimum fee release clauses in Spain. I think the longest contract players receive is 5 years (could be 6 now). So easy to start from the beginning of a season and phase out these payments and any new contract signed has this clause implemented. Now they’ve levelled the playing fields. Let chairmen/owners spend what the hell they like. As long as they can prove finances over x amount of years so it can have no negative impact in the club. Then so what. So many clubs are already light years ahead and now there’s pretty much no way to catch them. I think Man City dropped lucky just before they got a little stricter on the rules. If anything FFP and P&S and the money involved in premier league football has made clubs gamble more and put their futures at risk. Let clubs spend what they like and are able to.
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    Changes need to be made to this mess. Total joke that clubs like Man City continue to spend what they like without being penalised or getting tiny fines. And clubs such as Wednesday have to compete with parachute payment clubs. Many have cheated recently and also received only small punishments. Pathetic English Football League!
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