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    FFS Where were you 60 pages ago?
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    FFS flo, it's ten past midnight and I just doobied up a couple of times. After reading that post my eyes are spiralling and the top of my head is floating round the ceiling. That Einstein bloke has a lot to answer for, FFS.
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    Loads of parking though.
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    Still think he would be like a new signing under Bruce and that Bruce is the man to get him back to his best. Bruce has proved he can do it with Fletcher why can't he do it with Rhodes.
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    Hmmm I trust Bruce's judgment. He could be thinking if we can get a pair of real old style wingers. We've had Been using inverted wingers playing on their wrong side for crossing and playing narrow prior to Bruce's arrival. Its not condusive for getting good quick ball into the box from out wide and I think it will be something he'll hopefully address. This for me is the sort of service that the likes of fletcher and Rhodes thrive on, so possible if we go back in that direction we could get him firing again, but it's not guaranteed.
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    Makes sense on paper to sell him, I never really saw anything in him in his time here to show that he was going to score a hat full of goals. Seemed off the pace and lost somehow. If he does stay with them then good luck to him, his off-field activities show that he is a dam decent bloke. Should he stay then hopefully Bruce can get him back to his best.
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    2-3m, wages off payroll, use cash to buy Hector, ban all future Rhodes threads on Owlstalk thus finishing total number of Rhodes threads at 6,538,901 and total replies at 242,487,424. More than enough for anybody in a lifetime.
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    So Reginald is actually called Andrew. Does anybody else feel really let down by this deliberate deception?
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    The great thing about education is that it starts when you get out of the school gates.. but I appreciate my particular school.
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    Oh ffs you really do need you're own science section.
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    Good idea. I just checked on Google and it's 59 hours and 10 minutes from my house to Hillsborough.
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    It could have happened at any ground in those days it was just a matter of time before it happened. I have been in crushes at Villa Park, Anfield, Old Trafford and Highbury all those grounds were considered to be the best in the land at the time. Also been in many crushes at much smaller grounds. Football, in general, was to blame, Fans, owners, media and government officials all should take their blame. Terrible tragedy.
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    Keep him. Hooper has already gone, Bruce clearly doesn’t fancy Winnall either and he’s been a long term admirer of Rhodes. In a Wednesday side that doesn’t employ the slow boring build up play that we did under Carlos and Jos he’ll score loads. A lot of teams in the Championship are very much of a muchness, add a proven 20 goal a season striker into the mix and it can make all the difference.
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    Poor old Pat...the best keeper I've seen in the flesh.
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    Individual fan record of sorts from myself......
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    For us; Hirst before Bould and intermittently afterwards. Waddle. If only Hirst had been fully fit to benefit from Waddle's creativity. Best opposition player I remember is Jurgen the German. However out of English players it has to be Gazza or Barnes. What I would like to add is, however ungainly he 'appeared' Carlton Palmer was immense in midfield. He was able to wrap those lanky legs round much more skilful players to win the ball, his energy was relentless and he NEVER gave up. He was the engine that allowed that luxury of Sheridan and Waddle. He didn't do anything less than Vieria afterwards at Arsenal it's just he didn't 'look the part'. A truly underrated and unfairly dismissed player.
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    Only if your suit is brown pinstripe 4" lapels 22" trouser bottoms a shirt with large Butterfly print , & kipper tie Hush puppies n a light tan double Breasted gannex mac .. Mrs C is steaming the creases out for you ... Don't forget to take the mothballs and the locarno tickets out of your top pocket ......
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    West Brom wins .......
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    If this is a photo of Colin coming, how has he been married for so feckin long?
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    True, but then his ratio of a goal every 168 league minutes for Norwich would work out at 24 goals per season if played for 90 minutes in every game. I'm not suggesting he's going to be 20 a season striker for us, but his goal ratio for Norwich suggests he's still got plenty to offer, especially if played in the right kind of system to suit his natural game. I suspect neither us nor Norwich will be playing this kind of system from the start of too many games next season, but Norwich are better-equipped to have a multi-million-pound striker starting on the bench than we are.
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    Last year of his contract though...not sure we'd be able to ask for that much. Bruce seems keen though, so win/win. Ask for a high fee and get it? Great. They refuse and we keep him? Great.
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    I have salad on my Kebabs , so it cant be that.
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    I'm normally large, but needed XL for mine.
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    Seeing as the post you were replying to was about the impact our chairman's decisions have had on the cost of attending Hillsborough, I take it you reckon we've got cheaper ticket prices to look forward to next season, then? We'll wait and see, I suppose.
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    Thats like me sayin' I put the house on Watford to win today mate....doesn't make it a sensible thing to do. Its worrying that we have to sell the ground to compete... I would sooner do it slowly....we gambled and lost, we should have built carefully again..Its another rash move in my opinion.........
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    I've still got my Spirograph & Etch a Sketch if you want to borrow them ?
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    Seems a bit raw, but is aggressive, strikes the ball really well and winds up the opposition. Perhaps lacks a bit of pace and precision as some of his shots in the playoffs were wide of the target but he clearly has something. Would be a gamble but if he did well next season he’d be harder to get. Would be rubbish in a Carlos or luhukay side but if we are simply getting the ball into the box or feeding on little flicks he could be decent.
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    Really not sure why it is so difficult to understand that our club is, legally not the same entity and not the same people.
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    Not strictly true though. At the moment SWFC Limited owns the freehold on the ground and facilities. Chansiri owns 100% of the shares in the company. Semantics maybe but if the club and DC were to part right now, the ground and facilities would still belong to SWFC Limited and not DC. If DC buys the ground, that will no longer be the case.
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    It doesn't force clubs. Technically if we'd have managed oursleves better finanically instead of paying millions for failures like Abdi, Rhodes etc then we wouldnt have to do this. I can see how FFP frustrates fans but surely people can see how we've contributed to leading ourselves down this path. Its not the EFLs fault that we've spunked some real money away on absolute garbage and have failed to sell a single player of worth during Chansiris tenure.
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    How do you effectively gain anything by buying something you already own then renting it back to a company you already own? All that he is basically doing is inputting capital to fill a financial black hole of his own making. He can only profit by achieving promotion otherwise we will be pretty soon back to square one financially just without the only saleable asset.
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    So the EFL allows him to sell the ground and the surrounding areas and lease them back based on the filed accounts from 2 years ago the ground and club is valued at £24m or just a little more than we loss in the account to May 2017. It buy's DC another season of mismanaging the club and then next season we find ourselves in the same mess again, breaking the £39m losses on the 3 years rolling, no players sold, players on £30-40,000 a week not playing. What then do we sell, the future revenue from season tickets sales - no wait a minute he already tried this with the 1867 club and the fans where not stupid enough to fall for it. DC running of the club is lie a bucket with a hole in it, until he sures up the hole the club will continue to haemorrhage money. I really don't care this may get us around the P&S rules for me this is a stupid idea that will end very badly for SWFC.
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    Odubajo and Powell would be a big improvement on Palmer and Pelupessy IMHO.
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    If Chansiri ran the club properly in the first place they would be no need to sell the ground (assuming that is what is happening). Where do we go in 3 years time if we are still a mid table Championship club? I would be very, very uneasy about selling the ground.
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    Very worrying if true. Those behind FFP need to take a long hard look at the effect the rules have had on the game. Not just the positive behavioural changes FFP has engendered in the running of clubs, but the negative ones such as this. Yes, this may seemingly get us out of a hole right now, but the risk we'll just dig ourselves even further into it have in reality increased. And even if DC has effectively just passed ownership of the ground to another company he either directly or indirectly controls, this merely increases our entanglement with him.
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    Ok, let’s stock pile players we have no intention of playing, and sell the family silver instead. This isn’t going to end well.
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    In the grand scheme of things Chansiri owns the ground, he is ‘the club’. And the only way the sale of the ground helps FFP is if he affectively buys it off himself. I don’t think there’s much to be worrying about realistically.
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    Why wouldn’t I be happy about selling the ground we’ve owned for over a hundred years in return for paying the likes of Urby Emanuelson to sit on their arśe.
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    Hardly cream of the crop? Aarons looked promising but then was out for 6 weeks. Lazaar played 2 games. We will do well to attract a Tammy Abraham or a Harry Wilson, if we are sailing close to FFP do not expect Bruce to pull of these type of signings.
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    whoever Reda plays for gets my support.
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    Might have been a bit later in the south I used to sell them for the supporters club seem to remember still doing it in 82 v Liverpool in the milk cup ? . Someone with a fully functioning memory will be able to confirm or deny.
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    Bring back the cushions.
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    Happened almost every game in the early 70s, wish some of today's moaners would just realise how good things are for the club right now!
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    Recall a game V Liverpool when an equaliser was denied by ref - must have been the 70's. Came on from the North. I was on the Kop so had to limit discontent to shouting.
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    I believe it was on trend to express one's disappointment at the time to propel said items onto the field of play, probably late 60's at a guess?
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