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  1. I read with some concern that you and you family are the subject of some abuse from a small group of people that consider themselves fans of Sheffield Wednesday. This club has a long tradition of outstanding support from fans that have remained loyal and hopeful that one day this great club will be where it should be, in the top flight of English football. It has never reached the heights it should but with you running it we could get there. For reasons that 99.9% of us cannot fathom, a very small minority of fans have taken it upon themselves to voice their frustrations. Their frustrations are at administrative and transfer privacy matters that serve the club well and I'm sure that any other successful business in any other field would do the same. I believe I represent 99.9% of the fans by saying: Thank you for risking so much and investing in SWFC. Thank you for engaging with every part of the club. Thank you for becoming a true fan of the club. Thank you for being so committed to our success. Thank you for changing a very poorly business into something that's outstanding. Thank you for creating a culture of expectation and success. Please accept from the 99.9% of us, that any disquiet created by a small and insignificant number of moaners is done so by a group of small minded and small picture people. We see your big picture and we're with you all the way. The 99.9% of us are fully behind you and your family...we will show you this at every match day and not on social media. Thank you.
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  2. Just wanted to pass on the very sad news I learned today that a good friend of mine and long-term regular poster on Owlstalk Wolfmanjack sadly passed away this morning. I'd known Jeremy for sometime having worked with him for around 8 years. He was kind, generous, and extremely funny and witty and he would often make me laugh, especially during the frequent banter we had with fellow Owls, Blades, Millers and Tykes at work. He was also a passionate Wednesday fan who would often tell me about one of his all time favourite players, Bronco Layne. I'll miss my friend, our constant Wednesday related texts and coming onto Owlstalk and having a good laugh at his posts. Rest in Peace Jeremy, aka Wolfmanjack. WAWAW.
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  3. For anyone who is stressed. For anyone who is panicking that we might not get the job done. This isn't worry, stress or panic. This is excitement. Worry is watching Nick Parker on the steps of the high court begging someone to save us. It's sitting in the corner of your kitchen listening to the radio waiting to hear if we've been put out of business. It's not knowing if our kids will have a team to grow up supporting the way we did. Stress is needing a win against Palace with Leon Clarke and Francis Jeffers up front. It's relying on other results to survive. It's being thankful for last minute equalisers in other games that keep us up. Panic is all of the above being repeated because we've seen it before. It's the Wednesday way. It's the same old same old. It's inviting pressure when we're a goal up. Today isn't about that. Today is why we buy our season tickets. It's why we buy our memberships. It's why we get up at crazy times in far flung countries to listen to the match. It's why we buy on the day. It's why we only watch Wednesday live at Wembley or Cardiff. It's why we always choose a blue shirt or jumper or jacket over a red one. It's why we eschew streaky bacon. It's why we exist. It's our reason for spending time, money and effort week in week out on a few blokes trying to put a ball into a net. It's why we take our kids the way our fathers did. It's why we remember every single one of us who has passed away and keep their memories alive every time we look to them for solace and inspiration. This is why we tried to save our club. It's why we had the time to go protests, the black balloons and the 2 seater Bentley rants. Regardless of how you felt at the time, the ones doing it were doing it so we could have days like today. Tonight we are all Wednesday. Tonight we roar.
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  4. Months ago on a trip to Wednesday (The villa game I think) my lad Jacob came with me and got lots of photos with the players and getting autographs etc. When in the car on the way home he realised he lost his programme with the signatures on, the one he was most disappointed about was Jordan Rhodes. As a homework project (he struggles massively with his writing) combined with a genuine ask we wrote to Jordan asking for a signed photo for Jake to replace it, explaining what had happened and now we couldn’t attend much etc. THIS is what he sent back..... Thanks Jordan, you have made my 8 year olds bloody year!!!!! Above and beyond - love this club so much sometimes.
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  5. Whatever happens tonight, enjoy the build up. Enjoy the nerves and the worry. Embrace them. You wouldn't be feeling em if we'd finished 7th. We are where we want to be aren't we? Competing at the right end 9f the table, OK, automatic would have been preferable but I'll take this. It's why we do it week in week out. It's why we buy our season tickets or our pay on the day tickets or our Ifollow passes. It's why we get up at stupid o'clock cos we live in far flung countries. It's why we bring our kids up to support Wednesday, even though we know deep down we're signing em up to a life of stress and worry. It's for nights like tonight. One shot. One aim. One Wednesday. The players have put in one hell of a shift in the 2nd half of the season and with a bit of luck and skill the season isn't over yet. 90 minutes of noise from us could push them on to greater heights. Cheer every pass, forgive every mistake and lift em back up. They are human and will make mistakes, show em that we don't care as long as they try and rectify it. Give them the confidence to achieve. Tonight, just before kick off, take a look around. A full Hillsborough is a thing of beauty, drink it in and use it as fuel to get you through. Be part of the team for those of us who are no longer with us. We are Wednesday through and through, let's show em tonight what this means.
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  6. Good. Don't moan then. Christ on a bike. We'd have got rogered in that game a month ago. It's going to take time. It wouldn't have been a surprise if we'd lost the last two games even with a new manager all things considered. But in bugger all time he's managed to make us more resolute, harder to break down and at the same time actually look marginally better going forward. He's done this with 9 first team plauers out including 4 Internationals and had to use an aging winger in centre midfield. He's pulled in and used 4 kids put of the U23s. And we've kept 4 clean sheets. It's going to take time to undo the clusterfuck that was happening. Those players looked crushed a fortnight ago. Heads down. They can't be built up overnight. Though amazingly he's also managed to spark Jones, who I've been a big critic of to life. We're going to lose some games. Thats a fact. So get ready for that. But we'd be losing a lot more if this fella hadn't come in. Pigs, Carlisle and Cardiff. Three clean sheets. Two vital points and the next round of the cup. Would anyone genuinly have banked on that 3 weeks ago, because I bloody wouldn't. I'm I an easily pleased happy clapping twatt because I'm pleased with that point? I don't think so. Ok, I might be a twatt, but I'm far from easily pleased. But let's have some b'stard realism here. Jos has come in and stuck his finger in the hole in the dam! And that bloody God he has. We're going to have to ride some bloody rough waves in the next few weeks. Cling on tight. Ready for the calm waters of summer when Jos can really put his own stamp on the club. Fukcs sake.
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  7. Summary of results for people who don't want to traul twitter/45 pages of a thread. The meeting went on for well over 5 hours, which is abnormal. Hillsborough A Richard Stanford was introduced to the group, he is SWFC's representative when dealing with SAG?SYP etc. He's working closely with them to resolve issues causing reduced capacity and fan segregation and it's hoped that we will be able to increase capacity once more to 38,000, including opening the west stand both to home and away fans more regularly. Richard seems to be working hard on filling Hillsborough to capacity. His strategy is to work stand by stand through the ground, debating/reasoning with SAG/SYP over each in turn. This begins with the South Stand. Richard is addressing security issues with a hands on approach too. He says many stewards still regard fans as "hooligans" and he describes them as "set in their ways". He says attitudes need to change and one of his first objectives this season will be a new recruitment drive for better stewards and training courses for existing ones. He is looking for more locally based stewards who presumably are more sympathetic toward the club. His next meeting is with SAG on the 7th of August, and it's hoped for a positive result inching towards relaxing safety regulations. The West Stand is under review. Plans have been drawn up to improve the concourses there. The club would like in future to seat both home and away fans there. These plans and segregation issues are being addressed, rest assured there is no intention to keep Hillsborough at a 33,000 capacity. Richard personally expressed frustration at having to leave empty seats segregating fans. Electronic Advertising Boards will be put in place at Hillsborough over the next couple weeks. The Kit The company we were working with previously was all on track however they turned around in May and attempted to alter the deal we previously had, demanding double the amount of money. This forced the club to find another supplier and do designs, manufacturing etc in just 3 months. Seems the club really worked round the clock to get the kits ready for the season as the delay was beyond their control. The new kit will be in the shop at the end of August. No news on pricing however Chansiri said the quality was "Better than sondico". Interpret as you will. The club wants to apologise for the delay in the kits and they accept the delay has had a major impact on pre season revenues. The third kit will be available at Owls in the Park, manufactured by the same company Elev8. Performance An abnormal topic for a Steering Group meeting, on-pitch matters were discussed with DC giving his personal opinion. He agrees with fans that we were an unexpected success in that first season and teams were much more prepared for us to stifle our football in 2016/17. DC expressed frustration with this too. He was happy we have improved and stabilised our position as one of the Championship's best sides, going from 6th to 4th place over 2 years. He agrees we missed a golden opportunity last year however reassures fans everything will be done this season, within the bounds of FFP, to achieve promotion this season. Social Media Chansiri confirmed he doesn't personally go on social media but he's aware of the negativity from "fans", including abuse of his family - presumably Att. He said this was totally unacceptable but seems to realise it's a vocal minority. He encouraged anyone with concerns about the club to write to him as he'd respond to any (respectful) questions/concerns. Club Communication It was claimed that the reason for the lack of info R.E new kits etc on the Official Site is to prevent further negative speculation. It is the view of the club that explaining the issue with kit production would just generate further negativity. Negativity on social media was described as "damaging". It was further reiterated later on that part of the reason for lack of online updates was because the club are reluctant to make statements out of concern it could cause "social media frenzy" resulting in further misinterpretation. Pricing Policy DC "very strongly" defended his pricing policy for kits, boxes and sponsorship. Club Shop Stock Far too many shirts and kits after Christmas were delivered by Sondico to the club shop, hence the huge surplus in kits there even now. DC did however defend the price of these, and is looking to sell remaining kits from last year to "markets abroad". It is confirmed that the shop management are talking to various suppliers to find new merchandise for the club shop. We can expect a "significantly larger" range of quality products in the club shop over coming months, however Chansiri asks for patience as it's understandably a work in progress. A cafe is still being considered inside the club shop. Meadowhall SWFC Branch This was deemed too expensive by the club as the rent prices in Meadowhall/other retail outlets are far too high to make the shop profitable. This seems reasonable considering the Megastore is already quite big, and with work could become really good. From what has been said, there are great plans in place for the megastore. 150th Anniversary Celebrations Barcelona and Real Madrid were approached to play at Hillsborough to celebrate the anniversary. Barcelona were enthusiastic however due to conflicting starts to seasons they were unfortunately not available on the date of the anniversary. However from this we can see the club is trying really hard to make the anniversary special. Away Fans Allocations The club is obligated to offer a minimum of 2000 tickets. Some fans wanted to put away fans on the lower tier of the West Stand however that tier only seats 1500, so we have to put them on the top tier. The club went into some detail on how negotiations on allocations happened. Apparently 4 meetings take place before figures are agreed upon between clubs. Sheffield United will offer 2,300 away tickets to Wednesday fans at the away derby fixture. The number is so low due to recent restrictions also imposed on Bramall Lane by SAG. It was asked whether or not we could offer them the same number. I can't find whether there was an answer to this question though. Fulham will allocate 2700 tickets to us for our away fixture with them. Season Ticket Holders Loyalty Scheme Season ticket holders will be able to earn points by using your card in kiosks at the new "Cashless Hillsborough". I assume you can use those points as some kind of loyalty scheme like a Nectar card or maybe they mean Ticket Priority Points. Presumably the former. Record numbers of season tickets have been sold beating the 19,700 sold last season. WAWAW. Misc The club's technical team is working on allowing fans to access the online merchandise shop without having to go through the ticket queue. Don't expect another Rangers friendly. Rangers fans were sat in both the South Stand and Kop, due to Wednesday fans selling them their tickets. This led to fighting in the South stand. Rangers fans dealt a "serious amount of damage" to the North Stand whilst there and a number of private properties outside the ground after the match. The atmosphere was much more hostile than the club anticipated. They expected a very friendly atmosphere like last time hence the loosened safety regulations. From impressions from the meeting, this mistake will not be made again with Rangers. iFollow will be available on a match-by-match basis or a seasonlong basis. The club is requesting feedback from subscribers on how to improve and develop the service. They are working on including live commentary in the future however this is quite tricky due to technical limitations. (I'm a tech person, they're not bullshitting this it can be quite tricky). Additional portacabin kiosks will be placed in the Kop and North Stands to reduce queuing there. Kit/Player sponsorships are more expensive this season as an attempt to raise revenues and make the club profitable. The person who leaked the financial details of the Sean Morrison deal will be banned from future meetings. Revealing our hand like that can jeapardise future dealings in the Transfer Market as explained by DC. Final DC described Sheffield Wednesday as now being "part of his blood" as he and members of his family have become great fans. WAWAW.
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  8. I’m not sure if it’s been covered before, in fact I’d think it had. Before anybody says anything either, I’m not a blade- I hate Sheffield United and those on here who know me will testify. You can’t ‘smell pork’ either. Those abusing Chris Wilders daughter are an absolute disgrace and should never be allowed to watch a football game at Hillsbrough again. I know about the rivalry but football and someone’s personal life should be separated. Don’t abuse a mans daughter especially one who is under 16 because he is doing a good job with a team we hate. Quite frankly, you are pathetic and a very shallow human being if this concerns you. Thankfully, this only appears to be a minority of Wednesday fans as I expected. Most of us are decent people. However, to you if you know anyone involved in this then give them up. They should be punished for such deplorable actions. As the Celtic fans signing about Lee Rigby were.
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  9. I want to say a heart-felt thank you and offer our love and respect to everyone who sent in such kind comments regarding the passing of my uncle Jem in April, aka "Wolfman Jack". His wife Carol, his sister Steph and I found comfort and inspiration in your condolences at a time of such unspeakable loss. Once again thank you, fellow Owls supporters..
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  11. Just wanted to post this to recognise what absolute star and true gent we have in Keiren Westwood. On Wednesday, a lifelong friend of mine, Dave Holden, lost his short battle with Cancer. Dave was a huge Wednesdayite and did a huge amount for the club, as do his family with the disability group, SODA. Keiren learnt of Dave's battle and went to visit him in hospital. Instead of a token brief visit, he spent over 2 hours with Dave, talking all things Wednesday. This meant a huge amount to Dave. He's obviously kept Dave in his thoughts, putting a heart felt message out on the day he died and then dedicating the clean sheet and today's victory to Dave. The guy is such a fantastic down to earth person and knows what it means to be part of the Wednesday family. Can not thank him enough.
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  12. I give you Sheffield United - - The club formed by their biggest rivals' chairman to give them some competition. - The club that took over ownership of their rivals' ground when when they left to build their own ground - they've never built their own ground. - The club that last won a major trophy before the Wall Street Crash. - The club that demolished a fine cricket pavilion to build a smaller replica of Hillsborough's north stand, but with pink cladding on it. - The club that evicted Yorkshire County Cricket club from their home, thus stunting the growth of cricket in Sheffield for decades to come. - The club whose only involvement in European football was when taking on village teams from picturesque Tuscany in the Anglo-Italian Cup. - The club who whored themselves out to a businessperson who's gender was never really confirmed, and an Asian consortium who brought the club good publicity on Horizon. - The club whose fans create fake ordnance survey maps and alleged library articles in a desperate attempt to prove their rivals are pigs, while their team plays in bacon coloured shirts. - The club whose fans urinate on visiting supporters and fire distress flares at children. - The club who tried to get an embarrassing home defeat wiped from the record books by attacking their opponents in an attempt to get the game abandoned. - The club whose fans take the moral high ground over the financial troubles suffered by their rivals (including closing Co-op bank accounts), while ignoring the fact they owe upwards of £50m to creditors. - The club whose fans started a hate campaign against their manager - before he'd took charge of a single game. - The club supported by Sean 'rumbleing' Bean. - The club that blew a ten point lead in the fight against relegation, only to blame someone else and sue them for all they'd got. - The club that then planned on suing the local council and the FA for choosing their rivals' ground over theirs for World Cup selection, then forgetting all about it when England failed to get the World Cup anyway. - The club whose fans wanted Russia to be awarded the World Cup because of the afore-mentioned preferences shown by the FA. - The club who gate-crashed the 150th anniversary of the oldest club in the world just to get a picture of Pele in their shirt. - The club who built a statue for a man who did their accounts, just to wee wee off their rivals. - The club who, three weeks after their star player was jailed for rape, still refused to take any action on the matter, leading their fans to set up a hate campaign aimed at the victim of the crime. They've had it coming for years - now they've got their just desserts, and I for one am loving it. £50m+ in debt, key players jailed/released - I hope they rot in the lower leagues for years, no-one deserves it more. I've never known a fanbase as deluded, stupid, classless and vile in my entire life. This summer is going to be absolutely brilliant. GET THE **** IN!!!!!
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  13. Hello, I just had to sign up to say thank you the Owls fans who travelled to Cardiff on Wednesday and joined us in paying their respect to the tragic events of the Aberfan disaster. Those who travelled were impeccable throughout the minutes silence and are a credit to your club. The events of Friday 21st October 1966 will never be forgotten down here in Wales and the people of Aberfan lost a generation in an instant. They will never be forgotten.
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  14. My lad. Does anyone else get this with kids? Im honestly sick of him coming home from school having the absolute bobber ripped out of him for supporting WEDNESDAY. Take a wild guess who these little sheep support? Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City etc etc etc. None of which they have ever been to see. I buy him the stuff (bag, pencil case etc) and all he gets is "they are crap" "support someone good" he's only 7 and fair play to him he still wants to come to every game we go too. We live a fair way away now so none of his mates are owls BUT WE STILL GO to games. If We go up, I hope it will show these these stupid kids what I already know "WE ARE ON OUR WAY" and are a great side and have a wonderful future. Stick with us my boy
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  15. Sadly my brother and lifelong Wenesday fan succumbed to the Corona virus in the early hours of today. Season ticket holder in the north stand for many years, rest in peace bro.
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  16. Given myself a bit of time to calm down and compose some non-knee jerk reactions on today's game. So here goes. That was an absolute f*cking disgrace. An embarrassing shambles. I can't remember the last time a Wednesday side played that badly. The absolute BASICS of football looked utterly beyond us. Poor first touches all over the park, the passing was all over the place, we persisted with the same balls into the same areas that didn't work all afternoon. Defensively we were unfathomably bad. Infact I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It was.. unbelievable. I'm genuinely struggling to put down the right words for how bad that performance was. Utter garbage. An inspid, disgusting performance that should have wider consequences. All these little niggly complaints like our disastrous commercial department or our exploitive rip off ticketing policy become quite a lot harder to stomach when the product served up on the pitch is as offensively insulting as it was today. Those wider consequences should start with the manager. His press conference midweek was worrying and you could see the differences between the two sides in the first 10 seconds. This is a man who has CONSISTENTLY set us up wrong for the big matches. Our record under Carlos of getting results against the best sides, in the biggest games, when we've needed to put in a performance - isn't good enough. There are gaping wide holes in this team and in this squad that haven't been addressed over subsequent years and transfer windows. This man has spent MILLIONS on a second division side that still doesn't know how to set up against more determined opposition, still can't win or retain possession well enough in the middle of the park, still lacks pace, still lacks options off the bench, still can't put games away despite the scoring pedigree assembled upfront.. It's absolutely pathetic. It really is. That we sit back and accept this garbage because he drops the odd humerous quote and cried at Wembley is becoming a running joke. We are going NOWHERE under this manager. And I'm absolutely SICK to the back teeth of hearing "but who else is out there!?", as if there isn't a football manager alive who could set a side out for a derby game or achieve more with the likes of Rhodes and Hooper upfront. How about we roll the dice and see where it lands instead of settling for this pitiful mediocrity and this man who - ultimately - has twice and is still continuing to fail the task asked of him. Oh and the best thing? All that applies to today's game with NO mention or acknowledgment of the opposition. No mention that a man we cast off years ago and has spent his career in League One since made us look like absolute fools. THEE dopiest looking motherf*cker to ever play for either team ran absolute rings around us. Or that a local teenager who has been given a chance by his club tore us to f*cking pieces while a similar player on our books is.. well who knows the f*ck where. Probably doing the best for his career and plotting a move elsewhere. Seeing our transfer business fail to address concerns after Wembley was worrying. Watching the football last year was tedious. Our surrender to Huddersfield was frustrating. Today was a f*cking catastrophe. Garbage. Carlos out.
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  17. Just like to say I’ve been following this site for a long time but never had the courage to sign up as I suffer from mental health (depression) and never felt comfortable to comment but after seeking help and talking to different people I know feel comfortable enough to join the group and join in with the banter …. stay safe and WAWAW …
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  18. Crossed hell and high water to get a ticket for Sunday. Finally got one in with the Udders fans. Was excited to say the least then I went and had a bloody heart attack. So now I'm stuck in a hospital bed hooked up to all sorts of tubes and monitors with no chance off going. Here's hoping im out for Wednesday night.
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  19. First off Jordan and our entire family would like to tell you that it was a total privilege and honour for Jordan to have been involved with such a wonderful club. Our humble gratitude to have met Steve Haslam and have him involved developing Jordan and the support he gave him was second to none. The coaching staff, and physio/sport science who looked after him with his lengthy lay off was terrific and our gratitude is never ending. We are certainly going to miss going to watch him play at Wednesday and to play at such a iconic place like Hillsborough swelled my heart with pride so I can only imagine how Jordan felt running out the tunnel. He leaves Wednesday a double U18s title winner and has told me he wants to repay the Wednesday coaching staff and Steve Haslam by returning to the Club as a proven player in 5 years time. Special thanks to Ken Ryder and Big John in admin and every single one of you guys on here for your support of Jordan and his teammates. I will be sticking around to chip in every now and again and to keep you updated on Jordan’s journey back to Wednesday. Thank you all so much.
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  20. Hi all ,thank you for giving me the above, today i was the most nervous man on this planet , tbh i didn;t know what to expect ,my friends , i was shaking inside from late last week , not sleeping properly or even eating ,the day started with me meeting Darra for the first time , this man is a perfect gent , he knew how much this day meant to me and went out of his way to make me feel special , Also driving some 40 miles out of his way to take me to the ground ,as we arived at Hooties and met himself and his family we were treated with the utmost respect ,by himself his son and wife , who then went out of her way to drop us off at the Nigra , on entering we were met by john gath, who introduced me to Nigel, who took it on himself to introduce myself and darra to all and sundry,from owlstalk , on this note , i met Reading, weshallovercome ,33, jd,hullowl phil,sonofbert,the unforgetable ultras (,my paintwork and their ideas could do some serious damage )and the one and only SiJ, And Rodger wylde who pm's me regularaly to chat , all these people treat me as one of the family, which was kindness in it's self,And made me feel so very welcome, the only thing i was upset about is not meeting any more of you , ,also i recieved a signed football shirt from wednesdayite,and i suspect Gandiaowl had a hand in this 33 even bought myself and my Diane some of his superb Chorley cakes ,these were an unexpected suprise and will be duly dispatched first thing in the morning Mick ,thank you, all in all my hour with the lads was truly awsome ,at 11 am Darra and i ,made our way to the 1860 lounge where we were treated with the utmost courtecy ,we were served a selection of Gammon .sausage, scrambled egg ans tomatoes ,with fresh rolls ,this can't have been lindly's as it was very nice after our meal we spoke to king david of swfc who duly autographed our programmes , We then made our way out into the south where we found our seats way up at the back , lovely view ,and drank in the atmosphere that only swfc can provide( awsome) every one of you played your part today the noise and chants were deafening, we even joined in with the songs we knew , as the game kicked off, we where suprised how awfull the pigs were tbh ,i was expecting more of a showing than what they produced, i think our lads were a bit slow to start but once they got into the groove i could see us winning it ,their 1 chance of note was the crossbar shot , after that we seemed to rise to the occasion , antonio looked a class player i can see him doing us a power of good when settled ,every player gave his all today and we are unfortunate to not go in to half time 1 up, in the second half we were a little better and o grady's drive was a screamer pity it didn't rip the net out , and his goal was something else , we deserved the win we were the better side ,if we were more consistant we would be well ahead in second maybe pushing for first ,I can't fault any player today they gave their all , the pigs gave nowt ,and the croud were awsome today my ears are still wringing ,as i type this i can't help but laugh at the shed song it had me in stitches ,all in all lads and lasses ,the team the club , garry megson , and uncle Tom cobly , today owlstalk You gave me the perfect day and no one will take the memmory away from me , WTID uto and deffinately the city is ours ,we earned it today, respect and a MASSIVE thanks ,Trev
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  21. First thread in a long while, and I don't apologise for it being a long one. I stopped posting because I've got a very thin skin and get too easily hurt by criticism and abuse that came my way over the last couple of years - not posting has done me good but I am seriously worried for the club we all love so need to get this off my chest. If you think I'm being a smug attention-seeker, so be it. I don't think my opinion is worth more than anyone else's. Not going to talk too much about the football as it's already been covered - in the summer of 2016 we all knew that we needed to sign 4 or 5 key players who would push us on to promotion - but in the 18 months since then all we've done is replace one set of back-up players with another set of back-up players - and at great expense. You need 2 good players for each position and we haven't, so an injury crisis has exposed our recruitment policy for the utter shambles it is. We're in a relegation battle, and we'll only stay up if the likes of Hutchinson, Hooper and Lee can retain their fitness. But that's only scratching the surface of what is wrong at the club. Since he took over as chairman, Dejphon Chansiri claims he has invested over £150m into the club, and I think his financial input has blinded many to the appalling decisions he has made. The first season seems to have been a case of 'if you throw enough money at something, you'll do alright'. Sadly, money alone isn't enough. Alarm bells rang when he decided to hike ticket prices up to among the highest in the country. He claimed this was needed to lessen the impact of FFP worries, yet the extra £3m per year we are gaining from the changes (£150 extra for 20,000 season ticket holders - POTG revenue in freefall) has been a drop in the ocean compared to the overall transfer outlay. Still, he got more and more frustrated with questioning about it at fans forums - to the point where talking about ticket prices became a taboo subject. So now we just accept that the prices are what they are and you either pay them or you don't. Next, he changed key components of the club's identity. The club badge was changed to one chose by the chairman, and then the striped shirts were ditched because he liked plain shirts, and then the squad numbers were changed on his say-so. But as long as we were doing alright on the pitch, it didn't matter. "How is our playing record affected by a change of badge? How is a full-back wearing number 9 detrimental to the cause? We've ditched stripes before so it's ok" Nobody dared ask "If these changes are so irrelevant, why make them in the first place". As long as we're winning, who cares about history and tradition? Then his name was plastered on the North Stand, to replace the SWFC lettering. "It's obvious why he's done it - to alleviate FFP concerns" Does that really mean he had to put his own name on there? Did he have to put his own name on this year's anniversary season tickets alongside legends such as Crawshaw, Spiksley, Wilson, Waddle et al? How many Wednesdayites would think of doing that? I'll not talk about the scare stories we've all heard about how he conducts his business. Although I trust the different people that have told me worrying tales about Chansiri, I accept that without concrete evidence many will say it is at best rumour, and at worst some kind of agenda that I have, and I don't want to get into the sort of trouble that has befallen other Owlstalkers many years ago. It is incredible, but the most worrying part of today, as a Wednesdayite, wasn't the utter humiliation we saw on the pitch. Chansiri admitted on his first day that he knew little about football or football business, and his appointment of Adam Pearson and Glenn Roeder in advisory roles gave us optimism that he was willing to engage the services of people that could help. Pearson was gone with two weeks, Roeder soon after. They were never replaced, and we eventually began an association with Doyen Sports, who just happened to be the agent of the team manager, and Joe Palmer came in as Chief Operating Officer. For the best part of 18 months we have needed someone to bridge the gap between chairman and manager, and someone to help improve our commercial arm. In the Wednesday family alone, we have Milan Mandaric, Lee Strafford and Howard Wilkinson among many who would jump at the chance to help the club. Brian Laws, Terry Burton, Chris Waddle, John Pearson, Alan Smith, Jon Newsome - all would give their right arm to give Chansiri help in areas where we need it. Then think about those without ties to Wednesday who could do just as adequate a job. The key attribute anyone needed to have was an understanding of the English game, and the relationship between club and supporter. Without that understanding (and Chansiri hasn't got it), you're up bobbar creek. Instead, Chansiri has today appointed Katrien Meire as CEO - “I have said for some time that I would only appoint a CEO should the right person fit my specification to lead the structure of Sheffield Wednesday on a day to day basis." Meire is one of the most despised figures at any Football League club, having been a key figure at Charlton Athletic during their catastrophic fall from grace. Quotes from Meire - "I shouldn't say this but I don't care about the history of the club" ".................they do it with a football club and that's very weird because they feel a sense of ownership of a football club...." "fans don't see themselves as customers" "We have done no planning for a relegation" "Our ranking improved after each of the five managerial changes" Personally, I think she'll put her foot in her mouth like she did at Charlton and end up being the new club scapegoat, just as Roeder (recruitment) and Palmer (kits) were. Chansiri will maintain his nice-guy reputation and escape the brunt of the criticism. Even I still think he's a good guy at heart, with good intentions, but being a nice guy didn't help Carlos Carvalhal, and it shouldn't mask the job Chansiri has done so far. The list of baffling decisions and mistakes he has made has grown year on year, yet many still claim that he is learning on the job and that he'll learn from the experience. That might have been an acceptable response after six months, twelve months, even a couple of years. Claiming naivety after three years isn't good enough. I think he's been taken for a ride by many differing parties and hasn't learned from it one iota. Good businessman learn fast. Trawling the footballing world for a CEO and opting for Katrien Meire is the final straw for me - in the past I've been skeptical while holding hope he could change his ways - now I simply think he's unfit to run a football club, or any business, of this size. His next appointment will be our new manager - who believes he will make the right choice? He has said himself that he has spent £150m on this football club - and what does he have to show for it? How can he look at his track record so far and think his tenure has been anything but an abject failure? He has had more than enough time, spent more than enough money, and made more than enough decisions to have made a positive impact on this club, but after all this time we are looking in far worse shape on the pitch than we were under Milan Mandaric and Stuart Gray, which is a damning indictment given our financial position back then. It is time for him to go, and it won't be easy. He claims he had spent £150m, so any prospective buyer would have to pay at least that, which ain't gonna happen. And that's not the biggest problem, because I think Chansiri remains 100% committed to the club and will refuse to budge. I've no idea how we go about escaping the Chansiri era, but while we keep giving him a round of applause as he walks through the club shop, and while we keep our 'Thank You Chansiri' banners around the ground, we won't get anywhere.
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  22. I don't think many are aware, but yesterday, just before kick off, on the kop, my uncle, Nigel Goodinson, collapsed and suffered a catastrophic bleed on the brain. Paramedics were there in seconds and after treatment in hospital yesterday and today, he sadly lost his life with his family around him. All the family are devastated, but we all agree as a mad Sheffield Wednesday supporter, if he was to go anywhere it would be at Hillsborugh with his beloved Sheffield Wednesday. They pulled through and won for him as well. As popular as my uncle Nigel was, many on here may know him and will have nothing but good things to say about him. With the families blessing, I'm going to contact the club with a view to a minutes applause at 58 minutes on the clock at the Fulham game...58 being my uncles age. The family and I would be ever so greatful if my fellow Wednesday fans would join us in this applause for a true gentleman who died in a place he loved. Rest in peace uncle Nigel we all love you very much
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  23. A view from the East Bank..........
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  24. Some of the stuff going around on here is absolutely shambolic, and I'm talking about some of the cretin's who claim to be Wednesday fans on this forum. Lee Clark is the new man. Sky Sports camped outside the ground. Megson's clearing his desk. Just some of the rubbish that's been perpetuated on here to go along with Key's and Grey spreading b*llshit on TalkB*llocks. Key's and Grey who, lets be honest, are two of the most insidious, poisonous and out of touch w*nkers left in sports punditry. They don't give two sh*ts what happens in League One and they know less about it than your average football fan cares about how many yards Steven Gerrard has covered on Grey's "Final Word" analysis. They talk b*llocks and clearly a small but vocal section of w*nkers on this forum follow. And to achieve what? To pile the pressure on a man who is Wednesday through and through and doing his best to manage this team? To undermime the authority of a Chairman who is trying to do his best for this football club? To spread malicious rumours about another man's job? Absolutely abhorrent. I know people are frustrated and annoyed at the team's recent form (and we're still 3rd in the f*cking league) but Owlstalk has really hit the pits this week. Fair enough we all want a moan and fair enough neither Megson or Milan are beyond criticism. I actually described my feelings on Megson being sacked as "indifferent" in another thread. But there's a difference between that and going out of your way to make life difficult for a man who cares about this club as much as you or I do. There's a line there, and with Megson I think it's been crossed. To start throwing names around like Lee Clark when a more qualified, experienced manager who is one of us and has achieved FAR more then Clark has ever done is already here, is in my opinion disgraceful. I'd question whether or not some of these people are Wednesday fans at all. Sort yourselves out. Rant over.. 'kinell.
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  25. > Came to the club under difficult circumstances with the team was in freefall. > Steadied the ship, turning Nuhui into a goal machine in the process. > Didn't have any money to spend other than 500k - a completely different reality to Carlos’. > Introduced youngsters into the first team - something we’re not used to seeing Obviously things haven’t worked out, but some of the petty name-calling has been unfair e.g. ‘Jos the dross’. All the best Jos.
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  26. To put things into context. DC is funding the club from his own pocket on a daily basis and is set to lose north of £10m. On top of this he has signed Dunkley,Windass, Kachunga,Fisayo, Brown Paterson. For a combined transfer outlay of £1m! All under 30 and 4 are 25 and under. Tremendous effort and businesss in the circumstances. Well done DC.
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  27. Evening all. I've never signed up to another club's forum before so this is a first for me. Part of it is therapy. I'm still struggling to process the end of the season and just want to air it all. The trouble is that most people I know don't give a damn. It's only on a forum, even a rival's forum, that people really "get" it. I started following Brighton in the early 80s during the good times. I was eight when my Dad took me to my first match. It was a 0-0 draw with Stoke. God knows why I ever went back! My point here is that I only had the briefest of times watching us in the top flight before we reverted back to our historical role of being not at all good. I've seen a few of you on here complaining how unlucky you've been for a decade or two. Well I've been waiting 33 years to get back to the big time now and thanks to your boys I can add at least another year to that. Today has genuinely hurt. Around every half an hour my mind has drifted back to last night and I get a fresh slug of sadness right in the gut. A season as good as ours simply shouldn't hurt that much. However, I am also glad I was at the match. It was an amazing experience: the kind of night you'll be glad to say you were there for in years to come. We WERE unlucky in many respects. Decisions and injuries did go against us for the last few fixtures. I will admit that we bottled the Derby game though and that cost us in the end. Had we found a way to win that we could have afforded a draw at Boro' and then who knows? Anyway, why am I here? Apart from the therapy bit, I wanted to pop by and applaud you and your team. I wasn't at the Hillsborough game but the TV made it pretty clear that your support was phenomenal. At The Amex you turned up in force and made yourselves heard. While I could barely bring myself to look at you all partying at the end I have to acknowledge that your end looked like a very fun place to be. As for your team, quite a few I our message boards would have you believe your win was purely down to luck. That's obviously wishful thinking. Your boys did a thorough, professional job on us. The home leg could have been won by more. We made you sweat out the first half last night but your second half was monumental. Your boys shut down every last inch of space. We got urgent, then careless, then rattled and made almost nothing. I kept waiting for you to break out with pace and grab the winner but at least that never came. I've no complaints. None against you anyway. You've had long enough in the wilderness to have earned this shot at the top flight. I was always impressed/amazed with the numbers that turned up to cheer you on when you were in the third tier. That speaks volumes for what you are and could be in the future and I've got to admire it. For what it's worth, I hope you do it. All year long we have been the underdog. The fact that we've fallen short pains me but the underdog mantle passes to you for the playoff final. Hope it fits you. I may never post on here again but I felt I needed to get that little lot off my chest. Best of luck.
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  28. Again today when his name was called out pre kick off. On two separate occasions. Our fans are really nasty at the moment. I don’t agree with the way the club is ran at times but, in recent weeks particularly, we really have lost our way. The club has made the first step to change things with replacing Jos. Now we need to do our bit and change the negativity we perpetuate.
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  29. As some of you know on here, I’ve mentioned a few times about the disappointment of my lad failing to show any interest in Sheffield Wednesday, or football in general to be fair. He’s always been interested in other things, mostly his Playstation, for literally years. Took him to a game a few years back, and he fell asleep across three seats. Since then, not shown an inkling of interest. In fact, my daughter has been to more games than Joe. So a couple of days ago, now 15, he says “Dad, can I start going to the football with you if you’re going to watch Wednesday this season”. Well, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. I don’t know what has brought this on other than a few of his mates at school mentioning they go to the football with their Dads, but I wasn’t going to discourage him was I? Might’ve taken until now, but I’m so proud of him. I went with my Dad when about 4 or 5 years old, and we were rubbish at the time I recall, would’ve been about 1970 ish, so not much has changed. I’ve warned him we’re not in the Premier League, we’re not in the Championship, and we’re not that good at the moment, but he simply said “That’s alright Dad, I just want to go to watch some football matches”. So off the back of this, I’ve today bought two season tickets for us. Not had one for years. I doubt we’ll get to see all the games but what the heck.. So proud of him for carrying on the family tradition (though I feel guilty that it may seem like child abuse if things don’t go according to plan this season). Well done for seeing the light son. So proud of you.
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  30. I have tried to be reasonable. We're in an unprecedented situation: -12 points. A staggering wage bill which needed slashing. A money mismanagement situation meaning we're back to signing other teams cast-offs. A manager who had been working on his own for most of his spell here. A seemingly never ended run of injuries which seem to have haunted us for the past 5 years regardless of who the manager was. I try to legislate for that when I'm angry. To reason with myself and not let emotion get the better of me. I tell myself that Steve Bruce just the other year stated it would take a minimum of 4 windows and that our manager has had one window. I tell myself that teams don't click straight away. Sometimes it can be a process of time before a team gels. Like any work places when people move to a new town a new city. Have new colleagues and managers. I tell myself that even playing at our very, very best this squad is a mid table championship team. Being built with players from other mid table Championship teams. I tell myself that without the -12 deduction I'd have considered a 12th placed finished a good return. I tell myself that with the -12 deduction then one place above the drop zone would be a good result. Before I fly off the handle I remind myself of things. Remind myself that this is the market we're shopping in. Remind myself that sacking people costs money we don't have. Remind myself that in football, anything can happen. Remind myself we're in an absolute mess of epic proportions. Much of which has nothing to do with the manager. However. The same thing is true of many clubs in the division. In the League. What we have to do is make the best of what we've got. Aye, even if that does mean getting the best out of this group, of Rhodes, and Pelupessy, and Marriot and Harris. We don't have much choice. And we're simply not doing that. For all that is wrong the one thing that is no different here than it is at Barcelona or Bayern Munich, or Hallam FC and Club. Players can be brought to the best of their potential (whatever that level is) and we simply aren't doing that. I thank Monk. I do. For he's had, in many ways a thankless task. But modern management seems to be about clip boards and and drills. And I think we lover look that we're dealing with human beings. I want a change. I want someone who might not be a great tactical innovator. Who might not have badges coming out of his ears. Who probably has never won a cup but someone who has that ingredient so badly overlooked in football. The ability to judge characters, and get the best out of them. And yes, get the best out of this limited group, because these are the players we've got. I'm not going to moan about them. They're ours. But they can do better. Even the whipping boys. The ones who look shorn of confidence. They can do better with the right man. The right motivation. I didn't want Garry Monk to start with. Said he was a spiv I didn't want. It was a cheap line. But once he was here I got behind him. Backed him to the hilt. Have continued to. Until you've been in there the pressure cannot be known to the outside. But it's time for a changes. Because as bad as the situation is. As average as the squad maybe. They are capable of much more than we have seen of late and we need someone to ignite that. This is no knee jerk reaction. It's time for a change. It's time for a change to save this season. Act now Wednesday. Act now before it's too late. We need a leader of men who the players would die for.
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  31. We have just played:- Saturday Thursday Sunday Wednesday Saturday We have games:- Tuesday Saturday We have had Fletcher, Joao, Forestieri, Hutchinson and Matias returning from from injuries. Jos has mixed and matched and rested and eased back. We have won three and drawn one of the above 5 played.....and yet all many of us can do is moan and winge that Jos didn’t start this player or that player. We we just got rid of a manager that ran players dry, and when they were dry he ran them some more. We had one fit first teamer for a third of the season due to this approach. Cut Jos some slack guys. He is managing a fragile set of players back to health. After Reading we get two weeks off. It will be brilliant if we get thru Tuesday and Saturday with no injuries, threatening the play-offs, and Winnall, Lee and Hooper a couple of weeks nearer action. Im utterly delighted with our position and how we seem to be be managing our valuable assets like athletes rather than dray horses.
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  32. There will be threads on the way. Dunkleys fault. Darren Moores fault. Borners fault. Liam Palmers fault But it's not about today. Today hasn't cost us our status. This is when I really knew we were down. Really knew. Not today. But then. When you can't offer any resistance to the teams around you. Three crushing defeats without the ball in the opposition net. But we were up against it even before that. That little run was just the confirmation of what we all knew from the very start. So yes, Dunkley has had a nightmare. And maybe Moore has made a wrong substitution , but we have been lucky to even go into this game with anything still to play for. But the blame , really, the blame for Sheffield Wednesday demise. . MY Sheffield Wednesday YOUR Sheffield Wednesday OUR Sheffield Wednesday Our Wednesday now facing up to life in the 3rd Division. Yes the third division, not league one. Which makes it sound not as bad as it actually is. It's the third Division And that lies squarely at the door of Chansiri. And it lies at his door because he won't listen. It lies at his door because he takes 'advice' from someone who doesn't know his ar$e from his elbow in terms of what this club needs. Or what's best for this club. It lies at his door, because it is he, and those Spivs who have thrown money around on players not worthy of playing for this club, who were never the right fit for this club, and in doing so...got us in trouble with the football authorities and docked points. 6 points funnily enough. 6 points with which, despite the absolute dross served up this season by the 5 men who have been in charge...Monk, Pulis, Thompson, Moore and Smith... would still have been enough to see us stay up. HE has got us relegated It's at his door, and whoever else is making the ridiculous decisions, that we have seen that has seen this club spiralling out of control over the past 4 years and now about to crash. HE and his hangers on have sent this club crashing. This is at HIS door And I won't forget that. Oh I'm sure Twitter will be red hot tonight with people blaming Rhodes being subbed off. With people abusing the players. But I won't be. I'll be sat here. I'll be sat here thinking on him. And his Chum. And how they have run this club. Aye, there's the rub. So some can call Dunkley out tonight. And some will call Pelupessy out "Worst player ever" etc. And that'll be good for him, Chansiri, him and pal. Because it's takes the spotlight away. Away from the real reason this club is sunk. It won't take my spotlight off them. You want to know why this club is f*cked, Mr Chansiri? You want to know why there's nothing left in the kitty? You want to know why our own kids, Wednesday fans don't want to stay here? LOOK IN THE MIRROR & AND LOOK AT THE FACE OF THE PERSON WHO CALLS YOU MOST ON YOUR PHONE THATS WHY
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  33. You will all know that I've had many many issues over the years with Sheffield Wednesday, from the major issues with Dave Allen to the lesser, almost comical ones with the club shop. And whilst I'm sure all is not perfect there really is a change in attitude and a "we will help if we can" thinking from all I come in to contact with these days. My mum and dad are in and approaching their 80's and have always been season ticket holders but recently match day for my mum has gone from being what she looked forward to to something she made herself ill thinking about...whether this be the continual cold night matches in winter, having a long walk from the car to the ground and more recently the number of steps she had to climb to get to her seat in the South Stand. A combination of Tim Barlow and Katie Johnson at the club have this week sorted a number of things out for her, with a minimum of fuss, that means tonight for the first time she is looking forward to the match day experience and not dreading the start and end And I don't think this is a one off....its an attitude I see more and more at Hillsborough and its contagious. Well done Sheffield Wednesday
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  34. The club and it's organisation gets a lot of stick, so for balance here is a big thumbs up to SWFC. My Mum is currently 88 not out, and during a long conversation around Christmas we were reminiscing about all the games we had been to together as a family whist my dad was alive. She said she would really like to attend one more match while still (just about) being able, and as a fool I replied OK if that's what you would like I will sort it! I never thought about the logistics, she can walk a bit, but longer distances needs a fold up wheelchair, she feels the cold, needs to be comfortable, even if I could get her to the ground the sudden thought of her on the concourse queuing for the ladies filled me with dread. So I contacted the club, and after speaking to Hazel in the ticket office, and getting put on to Richard Stanford and finally to Alistair, a plot was hatched. I was offered a reasonable Hospitality package of drop off, parking, lunch, and then most importantly use of the balcony seats of an empty box, where my mum could enjoy the atmosphere of the game in comfort, and without constant interruptions (You now 5 mins after KO, 30 mins sweet or wee break, 5 mins before half time for another pee and a pint, 5 mins after second half ko, leave on 86, that sort of thing) I jumped at the chance and the day went like a dream, got mum safely and early to the ground, parked up in Hillsborough Park, a wonderful lunch in the Dooley Suite, a talk from Rob Jones (just how tall is he?) lift up to the box, a wonderful seat approching the half way line, coffee, drinks and a snack at half time, a 3-0 win, sunshine, coffee and a pie at full time. Collect car and mum, home at 6;00 well happy. A big thank you to all, especially Aliaster and James who looked after us on the day. Made my mum's day and all of us very happy UTO and well done SWFC for helping to make this happen.
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  35. I just cant understand what has happened to Wednesdayites .......Low lives asking the Chairmans son to sack Carlos on his youtube channel....Cringe worthy ......Get a grip folks.
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  36. Last ever game for Wednesday goes off with concussion trying to grab us a goal. Quite fitting eh? Forget that mistake in the first leg, that’s not the reason we didn’t get promoted. Warrior for us for years. Thanks for your service Sam, will always be welcomed back. Oh Sammy Sammy
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  37. I’m sick of this, last minute capitulations, bizarre team selections, clueless tactics, woeful set-pieces at either end. He’s just got to go now while we’ve still got a chance. We should get Roy Keane in and offer him a massive bonus to get us over the line. We need someone who can pick football teams that actually win games and see them out when we’re in front. We also need someone to motivate these players because I’ve no doubt they’ve got the ability. Moore’s post match interview said it all. Went on about how we’d left our shooting boots in Sheffield. No, you left them on the bench (Berahino) you stupid tŵat. Why oh why has he not consistently played Berahino with Gregory. He scores a hat trick then doesn’t get a look in. Football is all about partnerships and he hasn’t given our best front two a chance, why? Chopping and changing sides, bizarre substitutions, refusing to change the way we play during games even when it’s clearly not working, ie when we come up against the so-called “low block”. Lump it föòkin long Darren and get some big lads in box to cause mayhem. Why do we never leave anyone on the half way line when the opposition have a corner? We let them pack our area because we give them nothing else to worry about we should be leaving Bannan, Berahino up so it at least means they have to keep two or three back, but we don’t! Why not? Our defending from set pieces is woeful so why not try something else. He’s supposed to be a defender yet here we are conceding the same soft goals that we did at the start of the season with 5 games left to play. It’s inexcusable. And the least said about our corners and free kicks, the better. Moore will not get us out of this division. He’s assembled a superb squad for nothing and he should be commended for that. It’s a fantastic achievement. But he hasn’t got a clue how to use them. Time to go and get someone in who can before it’s too late. Either way, whichever division we’re in next season, I don’t want him here as manager.
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  38. "Need to win this one ,Stubbs" "Indeed, Sir. If other results go the right way it would put Wednesday in the play-off places and be a real morale boost to the squad." "Eh? No. I'm not on about that. I'm on about Fatty Evans! We have to win because it's him visiting. By God, I can't stand the man. The thought of him booming down the touchline gloating, it doesn't bear worth thinking about" "Yes, but you're playing the Club, Gillingham, not the man" "No. We're playing the man, Stubbs. Playing the man. That's the thing with you none football folk, Stubbs, you think it's just club versus club. But it isn't. No. It's the little stories that make the game and this odious toad is one of the games villains. Literally a villain too he couldn't lie in bed straight him...more bent than a nine-bob note..." "Hello?....oh good evening Mr Harg.....yes, yes of course. Of course....goodnight ,Sir" "Who was that?" "That was Mr Hargreaves, Sir. He says careful with the accusations, he can't afford the lawyers at the moment as he's bought a new HDR Camera for filming the beautiful historic towns of England." "Oh. Where's he been?" "Dewsbury" *Shudder* "Oh right. Well, he needn't worry on that score because it's nothing we can get in bother for. It's a fact. Evans was a proven to be a crook.." *TEN MINUTES LATER* "Now come on Sir , don't sulk. Mr Hargreaves was only thinking of the site" "But Evans is a bloody croo-" "Sir!" "Fine. Fine." "Besides ,Sir. As you said before. IT's the side show isn't it. The little side stories. Isn't Evans just playing a character? Like Wenger was as the Professor who never saw anything? Or Fergie the gum chewing Glaswegian. Warnock the 'Wednesday hater. For all we know, behind the facade there might lie a very different character. In fact, in reality I've heard Evans is a little shy" "What of, a metric tonne?" "Sir. Really. We're not just going to engage in infantile remarks about his weight now are we? Now lets get down to football." "Ok" "I do recall Evans at Leeds ,Sir but he fell off my Radar a bit after that where did he go?" "Mansfield, Stubbs" "Oh, made the move to Nottinghamshire did he?" "Didn't really move Stubbs, as much as expanded over two borders" "Sir!" "Sorry" "Anyway Sir, he can't be that bad a chap. His assistant manager Paul Raynor has worked with him at his last 5 clubs. You wouldn't keep doing that if someone was horrible" "Raynor doesn't like him Stubbs. He's just stuck in his orbit" "Sir. Really. This is a bit much." "You're right Stubbs. I'm sorry" "I mean, you're talking about another human being here. A football manager to boot. They work under extreme pressure, and it must have a negative effect on their health. Its an all consuming job-" "He's all consuming all right" "Sir, really. I can't continue if you're going to carry on like this." "I'm sorry. Go ahead." "Right, thank you, Sir. Now a recent report about the health of football mangers suggested that they all need to find relaxing pastimes outside of the game to help them unwind." "Quite right, Stubbs. Common sense." "Steve Evans has apparently bought a race horse" "To stick between two slices of bread?" "I'm done" "Come back Stubbs! I can't do the OMDT without you!" "Ok. But this is your last chance. I mean, it really is puerile. And besides which, it's not very brave you know, is it Sir. Saying all these things behind the mans back" "I'd say them to his face!" "Really?" "Yes. I would. But there's not enough petrol in the car to get around to the front of him" ----------------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY -V- GILLINGHAM Sky Bet League One Saturday 13th November 2021 Kick off 3:00pm Hillsborough. Wednesday have only lost one of their seven league matches at Hillsborough this season and have conceded the fewest home goals in League One this season (four) Gillingham will be trying to make it four league matches unbeaten for the first time this season, after winning one and drawing two of their last three in the third tier. Steve Evans's side have only won three of 16 league games in 2021-22, with just one of those coming away from home. Meanwhile, only Crewe Alexandra and Doncaster Rovers have scored fewer goals in League One than the Gills this season (15). ----------------------------------------------------------- -------- WEDNESDAY ------ Sheffield Wednesday will be without Bailey Peacock-Farrell who is on international duty with Northern Ireland, meaning Joe Wildsmith should start in goal. Though he probably should be anyway in my book. George Byers and Massimo Luongo played 72 minutes in the EFL Trophy in midweek as they returned from injury and should be involved in the matchday squad. Sam Hutchinson, Dominic Iorfa - well, that's just the Wednesday way isnt it. Josh Windass is back but needs some "volume" ----------------------------------------------------------- -------- GILLINGHAM ------ Gillingham's already extensive injury list was made worse last weekend as Robbie McKenzie, Rhys Bennett and Ryan Jackson all hobbled off in the FA Cup and will face late fitness tests. Max Ehmer also suffered a knock in that game but was fine to continue and should be able to feature at Hillsborough. Stuart O'Keefe is also in contention to return, having been forced off with a hamstring strain against Accrington Stanley a fortnight ago. ----------------------------------------------------------- UTO
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  39. We have now played 10 matches. Despite what people say about one team always coming from nowhere - this is absolute rubbish. It hardly ever happens! As a general rule if you are not within touching distance after 15 matches, you rarely make the top 6. Indeed, I will go on to show that unless you have at least 20 points after 15 matches you can practically forget it. IN ACTUAL FACT IF YOU GET BELOW 20 POINTS IN ANY THIRD OF THE SEASON IT MAKES LIFE VERY DIFFICULT FOR YOU! The league table after 15 matches looked like this last season:- Hull 31 Burnley 31 Brighton 31 Derby 30 Boro 30 Brum 25 Reading 24 Wednesday 24 Cardiff 22 Ipswich 21 Brentford 20 Fulham 20 Familiar look to the final table? This is the top 6 for 2015-16 broken down by final points - first 15 matches - second 15 matches - last 16 matches Burnley 93 - 31 - 24 - 38 Boro 89 - 30 - 28 - 31 Brighton 89 - 31 - 25 - 33 Hull 83 - 31 - 28 - 24 Derby 78 - 30 - 21 - 27 Wednesday 74 - 24 - 26 - 24 So last season, the only team to get below 24 points in ANY third of the season and still make the play offs was Derby with 21 in the second third. Below is the top 6 for the season 2014-15 with the same breakdown:- Bournemouth 90-27-31-32 Watford 89-29-24-36 Norwich 86-26-24-36 Middlesbrough 85-27-32-26 Brentford 78-22-30-26 Ipswich 24-27-27 Again, there is only one team (Brentford) to get below 24 points in ANY third of the season and still make the play offs. In 14/15 Derby suddenly fell away, showing that unless you have an exceptional 15 matches you really can't afford a mediocre 15 matches (77-26-31-20) Points needed to reach play offs followed by points total of the 6th team after the first 15 games: 2015/16 = 74 (Wednesday). First 15 games Wednesday had 24 2014/15 = 78 (Ipswich). First 15 games Ipswich had 24. 2013/14 = 72 (Brighton). First 15 games Brighton had 21. 2012/13 = 68 (Leicester). First 15 games Leicester had 26. 2011/12 = 75 (Cardiff). First 15 games Cardiff had 24. 2010/11 = 75 (Notts Forest). First 15 games Notts Forest had 20. 6th spot average over 6 years = 73.7 6th spot teams after 15 games = 23.2 So in conclusion, it is highly unlikely that any team that has under 20 points after 15 matches will make the play offs. Ideally, you want at least 24 points. In the last two years, if you are going to make the top 2, you need at least 27 points. To highlight how difficult it is to come from a long way back - Derby currently have 9 points from 10 matches. To get to our total of 74 from last season they need to get 65 points from 36 matches. This extrapolates to 83 points from 46 matches (almost automatic form) - tough but not impossible. If they carry on that form until the 15 match mark and have 14 points from 15 matches, it becomes a lot tougher. They then need 61 points from 31 matches. This extrapolates to 91 points over a season - starting to look highly unlikely now. The first 15 matches completely shape the whole season and dramatic changes after this point rarely occur. Our first 15 matches could go either way in the next 5, they are simply huge matches. We currently have 17 points from 10 matches. Are we confident of getting to at least 24? Can we get to 27? Our next 5 matches to take us to 15 are:- H v Brighton A v Huddersfield A v Cardiff H v QPR A v Derby
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  40. Good evening everyone, my name is Jay Whittle and I am a big Wigan Athletic fan. I’ve been reading this thread, having noticed that former Latics manager Paul Cook has been linked to the Sheffield Wednesday role. Paul Cook is an excellent choice for any Championship side, and I think he is the ideal manager for the situation that Sheffield Wednesday currently find themselves in. He is a born winner, and he knows how to get the best out of all of his players. His man-management skills are second to none, and he will drastically improve Sheffield Wednesday both on and off-the field. His personality is infectious, and he was idolised during his time at Wigan. He played a really attractive brand of football, and created a lot of many special memories for the fans of Wigan Athletic. From knocking out Bournemouth, West Ham, and Manchester City in the FA Cup as a League One side, to beating Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United at Elland Road in two consecutive years. He is the only English manager to have recorded wins over both of these highly-respected managers. He will help Sheffield Wednesday stay up this season and then will help you consolidate/push for promotion next season. He won League One with us with nearly 100 points and 100 goals. His track record is absolutely unreal, with three promotions at his last three clubs. Another thing that goes under the radar about Paul Cook is his recruitment. He has signed several players, that have gone on to bigger and better things. If you look at the squad that he built, most players are playing in the Championship or higher. He is also very active amongst the community, and really likes to get involved with the Supporters. He even joined me on my Latics podcast to bid farewell to Wigan Athletic when he resigned, showing what a classy manager he is. If you’d like to watch it to learn more about Paul, I’d fully recommend listening to the podcast to hear about his time at Latics, his managerial philosophies and get a feeling about what his personality is all about- https://youtu.be/vjbBn4aDTu0
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  42. Enough is enough. I've cracked. Don't like sacking managers, but with this budget the league position and performances are both totally unacceptable. And it's been going on for months. I thought it was the right decision in the summer, but I was wrong. This squad is stale, lethargic, comfortable and clearly lacking in direction, motivation and an old fashioned kick up the Harris. The whole thing needs a complete re-hash, and it fans need to strap themselves in for the long haul. We have blown it. Years of no money, then suddenly we hit the jackpot. We have blown it. Typical Wednesday Chapter 478. I didn't pay £1650 for this. We are losing and drawing to very poor teams. The situation reminds of when Laws, Irvine and Jewell went. You just know it is time. I've tried to stay positive, tried to back him, but can't anymore. Can't do it anymore. Do the honourable thing before it gets toxic, because that is one thing that is not deserved.
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  43. Can I just say what a class club and set of fans yous have . Travesty that yous are down here with sunderland . Been to Hillsborough twice this season and yous are always a credit to your club magnanimous in defeat . Nothing too separate the two teams in the semifinals it could of went either way thoroughly enjoyed both matches . It would of made the perfect final us against yous lot but I seriously hope yous romp the league next year (providing we go up of course ). Our own forums are full of praise for your fans and a club as a whole so best of luck to for next season hope yous smash it . The Wycombe chairman has just done our team talk for us in his statement about us lot so I hope Alex Neill pins it up the dressing room pre game next Saturday. Hopefully 7th time lucky for me at Wembley. Yous will always be made to feel welcome whenever our paths cross again hopefully in the championship in the very near future . Best of luck in the future owls
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  44. Manager Defends players = Clown Manager nails players = Clown 5 managers. Same players...
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  45. You are completely and utterly corrupt. Your badges should be ripped from your shirt. Your cards rammed down your throat. You are an absolute disgrace to refereeing. You make me sick. Sick!
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