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  1. I read with some concern that you and you family are the subject of some abuse from a small group of people that consider themselves fans of Sheffield Wednesday. This club has a long tradition of outstanding support from fans that have remained loyal and hopeful that one day this great club will be where it should be, in the top flight of English football. It has never reached the heights it should but with you running it we could get there. For reasons that 99.9% of us cannot fathom, a very small minority of fans have taken it upon themselves to voice their frustration
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  2. Just wanted to pass on the very sad news I learned today that a good friend of mine and long-term regular poster on Owlstalk Wolfmanjack sadly passed away this morning. I'd known Jeremy for sometime having worked with him for around 8 years. He was kind, generous, and extremely funny and witty and he would often make me laugh, especially during the frequent banter we had with fellow Owls, Blades, Millers and Tykes at work. He was also a passionate Wednesday fan who would often tell me about one of his all time favourite players, Bronco Layne. I'll miss my friend, our co
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  3. For anyone who is stressed. For anyone who is panicking that we might not get the job done. This isn't worry, stress or panic. This is excitement. Worry is watching Nick Parker on the steps of the high court begging someone to save us. It's sitting in the corner of your kitchen listening to the radio waiting to hear if we've been put out of business. It's not knowing if our kids will have a team to grow up supporting the way we did. Stress is needing a win against Palace with Leon Clarke and Francis Jeffers up front. It's relying on other results to survi
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  4. Months ago on a trip to Wednesday (The villa game I think) my lad Jacob came with me and got lots of photos with the players and getting autographs etc. When in the car on the way home he realised he lost his programme with the signatures on, the one he was most disappointed about was Jordan Rhodes. As a homework project (he struggles massively with his writing) combined with a genuine ask we wrote to Jordan asking for a signed photo for Jake to replace it, explaining what had happened and now we couldn’t attend much etc. THIS is what he sent back.....
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  5. Good. Don't moan then. Christ on a bike. We'd have got rogered in that game a month ago. It's going to take time. It wouldn't have been a surprise if we'd lost the last two games even with a new manager all things considered. But in bugger all time he's managed to make us more resolute, harder to break down and at the same time actually look marginally better going forward. He's done this with 9 first team plauers out including 4 Internationals and had to use an aging winger in centre midfield. He's pulled in and used 4 kids put
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  6. Summary of results for people who don't want to traul twitter/45 pages of a thread. The meeting went on for well over 5 hours, which is abnormal. Hillsborough A Richard Stanford was introduced to the group, he is SWFC's representative when dealing with SAG?SYP etc. He's working closely with them to resolve issues causing reduced capacity and fan segregation and it's hoped that we will be able to increase capacity once more to 38,000, including opening the west stand both to home and away fans more regularly. Richard seems to be working hard
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  7. I’m not sure if it’s been covered before, in fact I’d think it had. Before anybody says anything either, I’m not a blade- I hate Sheffield United and those on here who know me will testify. You can’t ‘smell pork’ either. Those abusing Chris Wilders daughter are an absolute disgrace and should never be allowed to watch a football game at Hillsbrough again. I know about the rivalry but football and someone’s personal life should be separated. Don’t abuse a mans daughter especially one who is under 16 because he is doing a good job with a team we hate. Quite frankly, you are pat
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  8. I want to say a heart-felt thank you and offer our love and respect to everyone who sent in such kind comments regarding the passing of my uncle Jem in April, aka "Wolfman Jack". His wife Carol, his sister Steph and I found comfort and inspiration in your condolences at a time of such unspeakable loss. Once again thank you, fellow Owls supporters..
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  9. Jos in or out.. what’s going on with the formations.. embargoes.. wages.. iFollow.. price of going.. memberships.. What a f*cking mess. Right now this football club is absolutely garbage and the experience of supporting it is trash. The football is crap. We have no identity. We’ve got a manager with all the personality of a pile of socks who doesn’t know what he’s doing week to week. We are sleep walking to absolute disaster. The players look confused and dejected. A promising bunch of young players are being thrown in at the deep end left to sink or swim in what’s goi
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  11. Just wanted to post this to recognise what absolute star and true gent we have in Keiren Westwood. On Wednesday, a lifelong friend of mine, Dave Holden, lost his short battle with Cancer. Dave was a huge Wednesdayite and did a huge amount for the club, as do his family with the disability group, SODA. Keiren learnt of Dave's battle and went to visit him in hospital. Instead of a token brief visit, he spent over 2 hours with Dave, talking all things Wednesday. This meant a huge amount to Dave. He's obviously kept Dave in his thoughts, putting a heart felt message out on the day he died
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  12. I give you Sheffield United - - The club formed by their biggest rivals' chairman to give them some competition. - The club that took over ownership of their rivals' ground when when they left to build their own ground - they've never built their own ground. - The club that last won a major trophy before the Wall Street Crash. - The club that demolished a fine cricket pavilion to build a smaller replica of Hillsborough's north stand, but with pink cladding on it. - The club that evicted Yorkshire County Cricket club from their home, thus stunting the growth of cricket in Sheffield for dec
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  13. Hello, I just had to sign up to say thank you the Owls fans who travelled to Cardiff on Wednesday and joined us in paying their respect to the tragic events of the Aberfan disaster. Those who travelled were impeccable throughout the minutes silence and are a credit to your club. The events of Friday 21st October 1966 will never be forgotten down here in Wales and the people of Aberfan lost a generation in an instant. They will never be forgotten.
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  14. My lad. Does anyone else get this with kids? Im honestly sick of him coming home from school having the absolute bobber ripped out of him for supporting WEDNESDAY. Take a wild guess who these little sheep support? Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City etc etc etc. None of which they have ever been to see. I buy him the stuff (bag, pencil case etc) and all he gets is "they are crap" "support someone good" he's only 7 and fair play to him he still wants to come to every game we go too. We live a fair way away now so none of his mates are owls BUT WE STIL
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  15. Sadly my brother and lifelong Wenesday fan succumbed to the Corona virus in the early hours of today. Season ticket holder in the north stand for many years, rest in peace bro.
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  16. Given myself a bit of time to calm down and compose some non-knee jerk reactions on today's game. So here goes. That was an absolute f*cking disgrace. An embarrassing shambles. I can't remember the last time a Wednesday side played that badly. The absolute BASICS of football looked utterly beyond us. Poor first touches all over the park, the passing was all over the place, we persisted with the same balls into the same areas that didn't work all afternoon. Defensively we were unfathomably bad. Infact I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It was.. un
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  17. First off Jordan and our entire family would like to tell you that it was a total privilege and honour for Jordan to have been involved with such a wonderful club. Our humble gratitude to have met Steve Haslam and have him involved developing Jordan and the support he gave him was second to none. The coaching staff, and physio/sport science who looked after him with his lengthy lay off was terrific and our gratitude is never ending. We are certainly going to miss going to watch him play at Wednesday and to play at such a iconic place like Hillsborough swelled my heart with pride so I can only
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  18. Crossed hell and high water to get a ticket for Sunday. Finally got one in with the Udders fans. Was excited to say the least then I went and had a bloody heart attack. So now I'm stuck in a hospital bed hooked up to all sorts of tubes and monitors with no chance off going. Here's hoping im out for Wednesday night.
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  19. First thread in a long while, and I don't apologise for it being a long one. I stopped posting because I've got a very thin skin and get too easily hurt by criticism and abuse that came my way over the last couple of years - not posting has done me good but I am seriously worried for the club we all love so need to get this off my chest. If you think I'm being a smug attention-seeker, so be it. I don't think my opinion is worth more than anyone else's. Not going to talk too much about the football as it's already been covered - in the summer of 2016 we all knew that we needed to si
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  20. Hi all ,thank you for giving me the above, today i was the most nervous man on this planet , tbh i didn;t know what to expect ,my friends , i was shaking inside from late last week , not sleeping properly or even eating ,the day started with me meeting Darra for the first time , this man is a perfect gent , he knew how much this day meant to me and went out of his way to make me feel special , Also driving some 40 miles out of his way to take me to the ground ,as we arived at Hooties and met himself and his family we were treated with the utmost respect ,by himself his son and wife , who
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  21. Some of the stuff going around on here is absolutely shambolic, and I'm talking about some of the cretin's who claim to be Wednesday fans on this forum. Lee Clark is the new man. Sky Sports camped outside the ground. Megson's clearing his desk. Just some of the rubbish that's been perpetuated on here to go along with Key's and Grey spreading b*llshit on TalkB*llocks. Key's and Grey who, lets be honest, are two of the most insidious, poisonous and out of touch w*nkers left in sports punditry. They don't give two sh*ts what happens in League One and they know less about it than your average foo
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  22. I don't think many are aware, but yesterday, just before kick off, on the kop, my uncle, Nigel Goodinson, collapsed and suffered a catastrophic bleed on the brain. Paramedics were there in seconds and after treatment in hospital yesterday and today, he sadly lost his life with his family around him. All the family are devastated, but we all agree as a mad Sheffield Wednesday supporter, if he was to go anywhere it would be at Hillsborugh with his beloved Sheffield Wednesday. They pulled through and won for him as well. As popular as my uncle Nigel was, many on here may know him and will have n
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  23. To put things into context. DC is funding the club from his own pocket on a daily basis and is set to lose north of £10m. On top of this he has signed Dunkley,Windass, Kachunga,Fisayo, Brown Paterson. For a combined transfer outlay of £1m! All under 30 and 4 are 25 and under. Tremendous effort and businesss in the circumstances. Well done DC.
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  24. > Came to the club under difficult circumstances with the team was in freefall. > Steadied the ship, turning Nuhui into a goal machine in the process. > Didn't have any money to spend other than 500k - a completely different reality to Carlos’. > Introduced youngsters into the first team - something we’re not used to seeing Obviously things haven’t worked out, but some of the petty name-calling has been unfair e.g. ‘Jos the dross’. All the best Jos.
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  25. A view from the East Bank..........
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  26. I have tried to be reasonable. We're in an unprecedented situation: -12 points. A staggering wage bill which needed slashing. A money mismanagement situation meaning we're back to signing other teams cast-offs. A manager who had been working on his own for most of his spell here. A seemingly never ended run of injuries which seem to have haunted us for the past 5 years regardless of who the manager was. I try to legislate for that when I'm angry. To reason with myself and not let emotion get the better of me. I tell myself that Steve Bruc
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  27. Evening all. I've never signed up to another club's forum before so this is a first for me. Part of it is therapy. I'm still struggling to process the end of the season and just want to air it all. The trouble is that most people I know don't give a damn. It's only on a forum, even a rival's forum, that people really "get" it. I started following Brighton in the early 80s during the good times. I was eight when my Dad took me to my first match. It was a 0-0 draw with Stoke. God knows why I ever went back! My point here is that I only had the briefest of times watching us in the top f
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  28. Again today when his name was called out pre kick off. On two separate occasions. Our fans are really nasty at the moment. I don’t agree with the way the club is ran at times but, in recent weeks particularly, we really have lost our way. The club has made the first step to change things with replacing Jos. Now we need to do our bit and change the negativity we perpetuate.
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  29. We have just played:- Saturday Thursday Sunday Wednesday Saturday We have games:- Tuesday Saturday We have had Fletcher, Joao, Forestieri, Hutchinson and Matias returning from from injuries. Jos has mixed and matched and rested and eased back. We have won three and drawn one of the above 5 played.....and yet all many of us can do is moan and winge that Jos didn’t start this player or that player. We we just got rid of a manager that ran players dry, and when they were dry he ran them some more. W
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  30. You will all know that I've had many many issues over the years with Sheffield Wednesday, from the major issues with Dave Allen to the lesser, almost comical ones with the club shop. And whilst I'm sure all is not perfect there really is a change in attitude and a "we will help if we can" thinking from all I come in to contact with these days. My mum and dad are in and approaching their 80's and have always been season ticket holders but recently match day for my mum has gone from being what she looked forward to to something she made herself ill thinking about...whethe
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  31. The club and it's organisation gets a lot of stick, so for balance here is a big thumbs up to SWFC. My Mum is currently 88 not out, and during a long conversation around Christmas we were reminiscing about all the games we had been to together as a family whist my dad was alive. She said she would really like to attend one more match while still (just about) being able, and as a fool I replied OK if that's what you would like I will sort it! I never thought about the logistics, she can walk a bit, but longer distances needs a fold up wheelchair, she feels the cold, needs to be com
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  32. Good evening everyone, my name is Jay Whittle and I am a big Wigan Athletic fan. I’ve been reading this thread, having noticed that former Latics manager Paul Cook has been linked to the Sheffield Wednesday role. Paul Cook is an excellent choice for any Championship side, and I think he is the ideal manager for the situation that Sheffield Wednesday currently find themselves in. He is a born winner, and he knows how to get the best out of all of his players. His man-management skills are second to none, and he will drastically improve Sheffield Wednesday both on and of
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  33. I just cant understand what has happened to Wednesdayites .......Low lives asking the Chairmans son to sack Carlos on his youtube channel....Cringe worthy ......Get a grip folks.
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  34. We have now played 10 matches. Despite what people say about one team always coming from nowhere - this is absolute rubbish. It hardly ever happens! As a general rule if you are not within touching distance after 15 matches, you rarely make the top 6. Indeed, I will go on to show that unless you have at least 20 points after 15 matches you can practically forget it. IN ACTUAL FACT IF YOU GET BELOW 20 POINTS IN ANY THIRD OF THE SEASON IT MAKES LIFE VERY DIFFICULT FOR YOU! The league table after 15 matches looked like this last season:- Hull 31 Burnley
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  35. Manager Defends players = Clown Manager nails players = Clown 5 managers. Same players...
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  36. You are completely and utterly corrupt. Your badges should be ripped from your shirt. Your cards rammed down your throat. You are an absolute disgrace to refereeing. You make me sick. Sick!
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  38. At least you got out of Leeds for a few hours.
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  39. On what planet are Leeds rivals with Manchester United?
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  40. I hope you'll all indluge me a bit today. It's my Dad's funeral this afternoon and I'd like to pay a little tribute to him as he was responsible for my lifetime love of the Wednesday. Born "on Shiregreen" in 1939 my Dad, Bill Whitaker was a Metallurgist and after in his early working life worked at BISRA and Samuel Odborns and then all over the world before retiring to the Lincolnshire Fens. He ignited my interest in Wednesday history and the proud traditions of this great club with tales of Dooley, Sewell, the 1966 Cup Final and his favourite Johnny Fantham.
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  41. Enough is enough. I've cracked. Don't like sacking managers, but with this budget the league position and performances are both totally unacceptable. And it's been going on for months. I thought it was the right decision in the summer, but I was wrong. This squad is stale, lethargic, comfortable and clearly lacking in direction, motivation and an old fashioned kick up the Harris. The whole thing needs a complete re-hash, and it fans need to strap themselves in for the long haul. We have blown it. Years of no money, then suddenly we hit the jackpot. We have blown it. T
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  42. Just had a look on their forum. Missus walked in, only just managed to switch to P0rnhub in time to avoid embarrassment.
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  43. Dejphon Chansiri get out of my club.
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  44. It seems so long ago. But, also, like so many things in life, also the blinking of an eye. Big Atdhes time at Sheffield Wednesday. I'll be the first to acknowledge I'd never heard of him. The tall stranger now donning the famous blue and white stripes. (My, what a dreadful kit that was.) But his debut made quite the impression. Ner-Hoo-eee, Nu-hoo, Noo-High-you, Noo-oooh. Yes there was problems early on with his name. For some a problem that never went away. Crikey. It's been 7 years and Brian Laws is still calling him 'Newy'. So, Dave then. Bi
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  45. Oh here we go. I can hear Doom sharpening his pencil now.
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  46. Firstly mods could you leave this post where it is as this began on here,Thanks in advance, Well lads,what can i say ,this morning you unknowingly reduced , a man to tears , i was awoken by a knock on the door at about 8 -30 am , so spitting and cursing (as i had only 3 hours sleep after a bad night with the Mrs)i made it to the door to be greeted by a man with a parcel ,now being half asleep i told him it was probably for next door ,(as he buys reguler off ebay) No the man say's it is for this address , So in bewilderment i took said parcel indoors , , i then began opening the said pack
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