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    Again today when his name was called out pre kick off. On two separate occasions. Our fans are really nasty at the moment. I don’t agree with the way the club is ran at times but, in recent weeks particularly, we really have lost our way. The club has made the first step to change things with replacing Jos. Now we need to do our bit and change the negativity we perpetuate.
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    played well today, tackled well, cleared the ball when he needed too no fannying about with it at the back. Played 2 decent games in a row. one of the shining performers today
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    Or maybe he has lost family members this year and has decided he wants some family time and will return to work after his family break.
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    Got to love Hutch's salute to the fans at the end of the match today....
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    As the dew turns to mist across the land and the milky low winter sun rises across the Steel city to welcome the dawn of a fresh new year full of hope it's only right we look back at and put to bed the memories of the last 12 months. To clear out the memories... and what a year it has been. Highs, lows, frozen outs and thawed outs. Manager in and manager out. Number ones and number twos-" "Sir, what's this?" "What's what?" "This poster stuck over the window. Of that tree, the lawn in the morning. I thought I was seeing things. It's the middle of the night " "Put that back at once Stubbs, I'm trying to create atmosphere." "It's pitch black outside." "Just put the bloody picture back. And go and fetch me a pot of tea. I'm doing the match day thread for Birmingham" "Very good Sir. Hang on Sir. You're a day early." "I know. We're recording it early , like Jools Holland. You don't really think he's playing boogie woogie in a sodding TV studio at midnight on new years eve do you?! I mean I can hardly do this at 11:30 on the last night of the year can I!?" "Sorry Sir. I'll fetch the tea." "Where the hell was I? Ah yes...." Last year. No wins in November and December and Carlos was on his way by mutual consent on Christmas eve. A date which Wednesday seem to have a thing about when it comes to making changes . Mutual consent ..hmm... though one has to wonder with previous approaches knocked back and Swansea heading into the festivities without a manager once more how much of it was one way or the other or whether it was a genuine 50/50 agreement. Either way, it doesn't really matter that much now. We headed into the new year with the most crippling injury record that I can ever remember in all my years following the club with at one stage 16 players all unavailable to play. Most of whom would have been considered match day squad regulars. In comes Jos Lahukay. Somebody who, if everyone is honest no one had never bloody heard of. But you take it as it comes. What choice do you have? No one had heard of Wenger when he rocked up at Highbury. You just have to hope. So in comes this diminutive little chap with a 'tash' and within days the players are praising him making them do proper training. Which starts to prompt more questions online about the previous regime... Luhukays first job is a trip to darkest Morder and Bramall Lane. Crikey I can remember that week, barely had I been more worried going into a new Year. I ordered Stubbs to keep the Christmas lights up a bit longer to try and keep a bit of a warm glow about the place a bit longer so gloom laden was my mood. The blunts at their place. And us down to the bare bones. The absolute bare bones and with a home pummelling by them still fresh , nay , seared in the memory! The trepidation was palpable. I remember doing the match day thread and the early pages were all full of people of the same view- Just hoping that it wouldn't be a pummelling. No Bannan No Lee No Hooper No Forestieri No Hutchinson, No Fletcher No Lees No Westwood. Well he goes and shocks us all, we go there and match them up 3-5-2. Well that caught old Mardiola on the hop. Literally he was hopping about in the technical area having obviously thought they'd steam roller through us in our standard 4-4-2. We'd got the rookie Wildsmith in net. David Jones in midfield playing , what to me is still his best game for us. And wee Ross Wallace charging about kicking folks for fun in central midfield!! I've never seen the like! Then, the skipper Glenn Loovens, who's powers were waning anyway gets sent off. A bit harshly in my book, his stud catches in the ground and propels....but anyway. 64 minutes on the clock and we're down to ten men. With odds and sods in the side in an alien formation. And they still can't beat us. Blimey we even nearly win it at the end. Oh yes the blunts mocked that we were celebrating that 0-0 but make no bones about it, that draw hurt them more than any of them would ever EVER care to admit because in the build up, with our incredible injury crisis and terrible form... (1 win in 11) they genuinely, and don't ever let them tell you otherwise thought they were going to 'properly' avenge the Boxing day massacre. They'd built that game up in their hearts. This was it. And they didn't. Mardiola had looked at himself in the mirror that morning and said to himself that it would be he that would be remembered , out of all their managers, Bassett, Warnock, Harris, Haslam....it would be he Wilder who avenged it. Oh how he rubbed his trotters together with glee. But then this little bloke from Holland had quietly come in and stolen a point with kids and fillers. Venancio who had been keeping himself fit at Ponds Forge because he'd never had a sniff coming into the side and heading crosses away for fun. Yes, this little Dutchman bought some credits that day. And he needed them, because most people after the Carlos project were wanting something else. Someone English, someone who knew this league. He'd got them in for double training. Everyone gets giddy. It's the way things are isn't it. When one man goes you all want someone who's his opposite. Carlos was easy going. So we want someone who's going to make the buggers work. Especially after those photos that surface with most of the players looking like they have a spare tyre under the shirts! We then go and keep two more clean sheets, against much fancied Middlesborough and Warnocks Cardiff City. Games that , along with the blunts we were expecting to take nothing from. We then go and take a point at Oakwell, and then go and beat Derby. We suddenly look more unified. Far from a finished article of course, we're still crippled by injury but he's doing things simple- like playing combinations up front. Joao and Nuhiu are in from the cold and actually looking like a bit of a pairing. But then...then he does something that you only usually see on the International stage... we go to Millwall and play with no recognised strikers. There is outrage, and you can see why ...it's a Tuesday night game 190 miles away. Already the fan base is splitting and he's only been here a month! He says the crippling injuries in the club means he's not going to take chances on players who aren't fit and risk them being out longer. It's common sense stuff and as new drips from the dressing room about the holiday camp session under Carvalhal many people nod that they can see method in the new mans madness. George Boyd agreed saying that he backed the new manager and that the players fitness was lower than it should have been and that Carvalhal’s training sessions lacked intensity and left them ill-equipped for the rigours of the Championship! Despite four drawers , a win and two narrow defeats the 0-0 at the lane was losing its sparkle. The Millwall thing still fresh in peoples minds. The visit of Steve Bruces Villa will be etched in the memory of any who was there. For it was simply the first time in my entire life that I genuinely felt a referee was on the take and not simply terrible. Ironically it was probably , footballing wise the best team performance under Luhukay to date. But it was all over shadowed by the play acting of Robert Snodgrass and the man in the middle. George Boyd tripped in the box- nothing. Snodgrass....eurggh! I can't even talk about it now a year on! That referee. I have never been so incensed and nothing will ever persuade me otherwise that there was something afoot. Swarbrick retired at the end of the season. Which is just as well as the thought of him coming to Hillsborough again...he'd have been lynched. I'd have genuinely worried for the mans safety. I mean those stats. They will stand out like a sore thumb till the end of time! Two more defeats followed. The good performance against Villa boiled down to nothing more than a loss of points. A heavy defeat at Ashton Gate courtesy of a Bobby Reid hat-trick brought the ire of the fanbase and a home defeat to Ipswich had some fans murmuring about why we hadn't opted for an English manger like Johnson or McCarthy. By this stage things were ramping up though in the negativity stakes, what had promised to be a season where many thought it would be third time lucky had nearly turned into a free fall. The new man had come in and given us some manager bounce and had done something which Carvalhal admitted that he had failed to do which was get performances out of his squad players when his best XI were out injured. But still there was huge dissatisfaction. The manager wasn't a 'character' and whilst that shouldn't really matter- to fans it can do. Fans do like a character in the hot seat. They like someone with a quip or a one liner. Whilst Carlos and his endless food analogies started to grate when things weren't going well on the pitch he was certainly value for money most of his time here for the soundbites. As the season started reaching its end the conspiracy theories really started to ramp up not not helped when a clip of a Carlos press conference from earlier in the season reared it's head when he said there were things happening and that he'd "Tell us at the end of the season" suddenly with nothing much else to get excited about and a mid table finish likely on the cards the gossip mongering hit overdrive- for fans love chatting and with little to talk about of note on the pitch it meant that it was time to look for other things to remark on and that thing was the injury crisis. Social media soon exploded with theories that the injured sixteen weren't actually injured at all. Even though many of the players had gone down injured on the park. Now theories started that the injuries were all fake. That the club was forcing players to miss games to save money, to save bonus clauses, to save on auto contract renewals and..." "Your tea Sir" "Ahh, thank you Stubbs." "How's it going, Sir?" "Ok I think. Just looking back, last season really was one to forget wasn't it. So many bad things. I was hoping to put some positives in but..." "Ahh yes. Butterfield" "Bloody hell Stubbs I'd forgotten about him!" "Well perhaps you should mention him" "No. No, I don't want it to be all doom and gloom. I'll leave that to The Star" "Will that be all Sir. I was hoping to get down the Nuns for a quick slurp" "Steady on Stubbs, you'll be getting the post deleted with that sort of talk. Have you forgotten deletageddon in last weeks match thread?" "Sorry Sir." "Yes, anyway. Get yourself off." "Thank you, Sir" Ahh yes. Contract renewals. There were all sorts of theories doing the rounds. Luhukay who had done well in steadying the ship with mainly bench warmers and squad players with a sprinkling of the kids thrown in was now also getting dragged into the conspiracy theories regarding injuries. The quiet Dutchman was now having the finger pointed at him as having been given the job because he was a 'yes-man' who would agree to having players pretending to be injured. It was all quite farfetched but it was gaining more and more followers and questions. In the end Barry Bannan one of the players who had yet to make an appearance under the new manager after sustaining a hip injury at Norwich before Christmas broke under questioning from a social media detective.. But it wasn't enough to stop the rumours persisting. A fortnight later Bannan was back in action as Wednesday took apart Preston at Hillsborough, a game remembered for an Atdhe Nuhiu double and one of the best goals seen at Hillsborough in many a year. Also a game I remember because a chap in front on me had been giving him pelters all afternoon. I looked for him when that magnificent third goal went in and saw his seat was empty. Gutted. Still. When Forestieri came from the bench to bend home the fourth it put a gloss on things. Defeats to QPR and Fulham were sandwiched inbetween wins over Sunderland and Hull. Reading were put to the sword and the season was wrapped up with a smashing of Norwich with a Nuhiu hat-trick. Summer The summer ,people hoped, would be one of rebuilding. He'd come in and been unspectacular but his remit had been to stop the slide, which he did, with mainly fringe players and kids. He'd already got his critics, the Millwall game or Striker-gate as it shall be known was still needling many. But as the summer sun brought some relief most supporters were prepared to see what the man could do after the break when he had a full squad to pick from. The Club revealed we'd be having a new kit and that last years would be getting sold off. Though many fans were disappointing at the high prices for something which was about to become out of date. As the season approached bad news dripped out that Hooper and Lee looked unlikely to be ready for the start of the new season. Ross Wallace and Glenn Loovens were released. Fans started to get wondering who would replace them. Two experienced campaigners and as free transfers two chaps who had provided some of our best business in years. Frederico Venancio it was presumed would come in and help bolster the back line having stood in for Tom Lees whilst the future skipper was injured and many were shocked when he announced to the media that he loved it here and was desperate to stay but then flew back to Portugal with any talk of signing him vanishing with him. Suddenly alarm bells were ringing. There was talk that we might not have been able to afford the affable centre half, yet his asking price was being touted as low as £750,000 an absolute snip compared to similarly talented English centre halves who were moving for four and five times that figure. Jack Hunt was the next out of the door transferred to Bristol City for £1.6m. A decent fee it was thought for a player who had also had some injury problems and had to be subbed off struggling in many of the 28 games he did start the previous season. But again...was he going to be replaced? Rhodes was set up with a loan move to Norwich City, presumably with a view to a permanent move. Also on the move was his father Andy, the Wednesday goalkeeping coach and someone who had been credited with doing much to help Wednesdays two highly promising young custodians Wildsmith and Dawson. Gone to become the assistant manager at Oldham a club where he played 69 games during one of their finest spells in the late eighties and early nineties. There is some good news at this stage though as George Boyd tells the press that the players are going to be much fitter this season and that they have done a lot of quality work in pre season. “As a player, you need that fitness,” he said. If you don’t do a proper pre-season and don’t build up that base of fitness, you can’t do it during the season, especially with the amount of games you play in the Championship. You can’t get fitness sessions during the week so you need to do it now and that sets you up for the rest of the year.” (Amazingly though this interview is one of the few times we see George for 5 months until Bully brings him back in.) So there were tiny threads of positivity. However this was tempered when he announced that he would be having young Cameron Dawson as his number one. Several times he stated it in the press conference. But he kept referring to a "situation" Dawson knew what the "Situation" was. As did Westwood and Wildsmith. But the thing is, the fans didn't know what the "Situation" was...and it was something which was to become a constant talking point throughout the season. As the season approached the rumour mill went into overdrive with people throwing the names of all sorts of possible transfer targets out there. Hundreds were touted and rumoured. But none came in. The manager was given nothing to spend. The club then revealed the new kit Magnificent! (Though the stripes were only on the front it was a step in the right direction. If we get the shorts and socks right next season under Bruce then maybe , just maybe the glory days will come again!) Wednesday were away to momentum powered Wigan on the opening day of the season and fell to a 3-2 defeat, young Van Aken back in the side at the centre of a 3 man defence where he struggled with the physical side of the game whilst over on his right flank Tom Lees ,the best defensive header of the ball in the club, was struggling to get to grips with being charged with pulling wide and starting moves off. The fans , after a poor previous season were worried a bad start could cost us and even Luhukays most vociferous critics were demanding to know why the Dutchman hadn't been given any money to spend, with his only signing to date being Joey Pelupessy, for a meagre £420,000. To be given any chance the man, even his doubters agreed, had to be given something to spend. It was in this early week of the season that the Chairman announced at a fans forum that the club had been under a temporary embargo since April! On the park Wednesday got their first point on the board with a 1-1 draw with Hull City. Sam Hutchinson replacing the shell shocked Van Aken in the back line. Though Hutchinson was used in the centre of the back three, with Lees again on the right side and charged with getting the moves going. So many people wondered why Hutchinson -so much more comfortable on the ball wasn't put in the RCB role and Lees in the central one. A week later against Brentford Hutchinson was back in midfield against Brentford. On paper this was a solid looking Wednesday side. Lees back in his comfortable position as the right sided centre half position in a back four had Pudil alongside him. However left fullbacks Penney and Fox were overlooked for the left back spot by natural centre half Thorniley. A midfield 3 of Hutchinson, Bannan and Pelupessy was on paper a good balance of fitness, finesse , stamina, ticking, tackling. However somewhat bizarrely rather than Hutchinson and Pelupessy sitting, or even just Hutchinson sitting and Pelupessy playing higher up alongside Bannan...Wednesdays ball winning tackler played in what can only be described in a sort of attacking, deep, inside right position. He looked lost, but that could be little excuse for a barmy penalty he gave away. He'll have been as gutted as the next man. However...it would be the last we'd see of Hutchinson in the League for 5 months. Three wins on the spin pushed us right up the table into the top ten and Lucas Joao was in good goalscoring form and showing flashes of the player he always had the potential to be. We've stuck with a back four for a few games and while not pulling any tree up we're at the right end of the table. Josh Onomah and Michael Hector come in on loan to bolster the numbers. There's no sign though of George Boyd or David Jones though and the contract and payment rumours of last season start to flair like embers in the great until the conspiracies become a raging fire once more. When asked why they aren't involved the manager plays it with a straight bat and says he's looking long term and has some kids who are the future of the club and he wants to give them game time and experience. Which is all fair enough. But with the shadow of embargo hanging still over the club many just outright call him a liar. In that situation, whatever you think of him as a manager it has to be said that he and to an extent the club, can't win. On the pitch after some really good results the signing of Hector actually seems to make the manager wobble even more, the recent run of wins and draws (with a defeat to Forest in there) comes to a halt as he then goes back to a back three, almost to squeeze Hector in. It means Lees moving back to right centre back and almost instantly the skipper starts to look wobbly again. Leeds United with Bielsa at the helm (The man I wanted when Gray got the boot and everyone told me would never come to England!!) give us a right old game at Hillsborough raining in an astonishing 25 shots in on young Cameron Dawsons goal, which he manages to keep at bay. It's like the Alamo at the back there, but Wednesday are clinging on to their lead from Reachs wonder goal at the break. Ten minutes after the break though they are back in it when Mateusz Kitch scores as good a strike as you'll see at this level. With changes now happening every week no one has any idea what team will be playing week by week. Pudil, Thorniley and Hector all seem to be rotated. We take a two goal lead against West Bromich Albion at home but squander it all too easily... players start getting some hammer from the fans who seem to be arguing with each other about which players to blame even down to arguing which players should be fouling the opposition! The players are starting to lose the fans, the club is starting to lose the fans. There is no clarity about what it happening with the embargo. The manager is a quiet bloke , and though it makes little difference in real terms, the Sheffield public are getting agitated and they want to see their manager looking agitated in the dugout and getting annoyed like they are. It's all a bizarre thing but it's tribal, they want to know the man in the hot seat is as stressed as them. The skipper had a nightmare against Middleborough and the airwaves were crackling with voices saying he was too quite to be a captain and that he needed Loovens along side him. One or two with a bit of nous wanted him to be stuck back in a two man central defence. As it was he found himself dropped for the following match at QPR... ...along with four others. We get pumped 3-0. Then we're on to Birmingham, but we're back to a back four now and a very narrow midfield, some would say diamond, which is almost completely devoid of width. A week afterwards Jos decides to put the width issue right by going 4-4-2 and making sure we have player in wide areas! Nuhiu and Fletcher start up front and one or two old fashioned types start to have hopes of seeing crosses and headed goals like the good old days. We do actually create a couple of decent chances and Onomah should probably have us 2-0 up going into the break but lines are fluffed. Cameron Dawson saves a penalty which earns him warm applause. However.... after half time Wednesday capitulate and amazingly find themselves 3-0 down in just 11 crazy minutes, and sections of the crowd start chanting Kieran Westwoods name, scuffles and arguments break out in the stand. A fourth near the end and the murmurs and groans around Hillsborough grow. Fans are arguing on-line and Football heaven is full of callers all with a different take on the situation some livid and many quoting what is rapidly becoming 2018's buzzword "Toxic". Wednesday have conceded 28 goals in 16 outings and fans are all agreeing at this stage, whatever their views on the manager, conspiracies and anything else- the opposition aren't having to work for their goals. So many of them are gifts. Though..... "The opposition are going to get gifts," said Radio summariser Brian Laws "if you are allowing teams 15 to 20 free hits at goal every week. One of them will get lucky" In goal, Laws' statement is backed up by the fact young Dawson has faced more shots than any other goalkeeper in the entire division. He's made the most saves, say SKY TV, but it's an accolade he'd rather not have as the reason for it is the fact he's being shelled every week. "This Luhukay," opines one chap on my Twitter feed "I heard he was reight defensive, but I don't know where they've got that from we couldn't get a clean sheet in a Chinese launderatte" We then go to the place where it all first started for Luhukay Bramall Lane. And oh! King-Grunter Wilder is loving it , his team are flying high and Wednesday are struggling and are the only team in the division yet to keep a clean sheet. Mardiola is revelling in the build up all week and The Star can't give him enough column inches! Their reporter also tries to crank the pressure up by claiming that Wednesday are favourites for the clash.. despite Wednesday having just 3 wins in 3 months. Unbelievable! Wilder, in his Bristolian, Bedfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Wiltshire accent goes on to say how he understands how big the game is on account of him being so Northern... Luhukay says "It is the biggest game of the season, the derby match, you play for pride, honour and respect. You play to win a derby , you have to do it for the fans, so the players must also understand that." But the press ignore that totally and concentrate all their efforts on pointing out one tiny part of the 15 minute conference when he said he'd managed big derbies before and so of course he knew what they were about. As it is Wednesday go there and put in one of the best defensive displays of this or any season . Dawson saves a penalty and keeps a clean sheet having faced 19 shots. Wednesday get a point, the United fans make fun of Wednesday fans for celebrating the result and Mardiola can barely hide his upset that once more ,with all the chips stacked in his sides favour he has failed to bring home a double or revenge for the BDM! He resorts to saying how proud he is of his players and finds himself barely able to open his mouth without trying to shoe horn in that he thinks every player in Wednesdays squad is on £40,000 per week. (God knows what he'd make of the £100,000 a week that David Jones is on!) Wednesday fans still bicker though and despite the clean sheet the debate about why Dawson is playing instead of Westwood rages on. The manager says it's down to him, which many fans think is lunacy, some fans claim Westwood is a bad egg, some claim it's to do with a contract clause which means we'll have to extend his deal and one or two of the more fringe lunatics actually think that Chansiri is picking the side and texting it to the manager every week! No one has any idea what the truth is! The chairman when asked outright at a fans forum backs the manager by admitting it is purely the managers decision. But still some don't believe him claiming he's throwing the manager under the bus to cover for an FFP fiasco. There's about 8 factions of fans all with different views on the matter and no one has any idea what the hell is going on. Though all fans from every side of the equation are agreed on one thing...the situation won't be doing the young lad in the net any good. Wednesday go to Blackburn and get demolished by an average Blackburn side. Going with a two man central midfield we don't have anyone to pick up Bradley Dack who is afforded the freedom of the pitch and goes on the rampage. The fans start chanting for Jos out. This is the Winter of our discontent! Ahh the forum. The Clubs fans forum. Fair play to the Chairman. I wouldn't do them, I wouldn't honest. But he did. Booked at the University octagon centre to allow more people to attend ....until the Universities security manager had the event cancelled with worries about fans kicking off. It all seems a bit rich from a venue that has previously held boxing nights and cage fighting all with an open bar. But cancel it they do. Releasing a statement via their Vice chancellors office. But even this is dismissed as rubbish by some fans who are now at mouth-frothing levels of anger and accuse the University of colluding with the club to get it cancelled so not as many people can attend. Funny the effect football can have on people! The Chairman leaves the meeting knowing that most fans aren't happy with the manager and within 14 hours the manager was gone. Lee Bullen is suddenly giving the keys an told to look after the house until a new man can be found. Bullen steps up to the plate with little fuss. He talks common sense in his first press conference. Just as he did when given the same task almost a year before. He's true to his word. Sets us up simply with round pegs in round holes. We go to a traditional and solid back four with the skipper back in his best position as a right sided centre back in a partnership. He plays a formation and system which means we won't be overrun in central midfield by having a holding player behind to shuttlers and frees Bannan and Reach, Onomah and Pelupessy to do their best work further forward. Showing signs he's shrewder than many would give him credit he also recalls two fan favourites from the wilderness in Westwood and Hutchinson. It's a master-stroke not just in terms of tactics but in terms of creating a positive atmosphere at Hillsborough. The fans, for the first time in months are positive before a ball has been kicked. Westwood was barking out his orders to the defence and even people still debating the rights and wrongs of both keepers treatment agreed the benefit of having another experienced head back there in a team struggling for confidence and form. The Preston game isn't a classic but Wednesday are in control, even before dirty get Pearsons inevitable sending off. It's a 4-3-3 when attacking and becomes a 4-1-4-1 when we lose possession. We're compact and we reduce the number of shots at our goal to 4. The lowest of the entire season. Against Middlesborough we again allow them only 4 shots and even against West Brom the top scorers in the entire division we keep them down to just 9 shots . 6 less than we allowed against lowly Rotherham. It's simple stuff. But football is a simple game. It works! Rumours are abound that Bruce is incoming once he's finished his holiday in Barbados. Though some are questioning his eagerness to get here. Well, I don't say I blame him. The Caribbean or a Sheffield winter. Which would you find more appealing. His assistants have already been to watch us and have no doubt been sending back detailed notes from what they have seen and... "Sir." "Stubbs, what are you doing here?" "The Nuns is shut Sir and I've never much fancied the Black Horse since Teds lad took over as tenant." "A wise choice Stubbs. A wise choice" "I did bump into Hargreaves in the village though Sir" "Owen?" "Neil" "Oh yes. What did he have to say?" "He asked me to give you this Sir. It's a Fortnum and Masons hamper, he said he can't believe he isn't paying you considering the quality of your content on this site , especially when he looks at the wedge that's being thrown at proper journalists down the road" "Well he's quite right. But he needn't have bought me this. Listen Stubbs, grab yourself a glass we'll pop open the bubbly and see in the new year" "Ummm..." "Hang on a minute Stubbs, the bloody hamper; it's empty!" "Ahh, yes Sir. He was dropping it off. But then he stopped for a breather by the village Green and sat on the bench there and..well he, well, he drank the lot Sir. But he did tell me to tell you that it's the thought that counts." "Humph!" "Have you finished the Match day thread Sir?" "Just about Stubbs. Just about." "I can't see anything about Birmingham in there Sir.." "Oh Bolllocks. I'd forgot about them lot. Look it's too late now. We'll just have to add a bit on the morning of the game." HAPPY NEW YEAR COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    He missed the train aswell as he didn't get out of his seat.
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    Think the lad deserves some praise for his efforts this season. It cannot be easy knowing you are not the crowds #1 choice and hearing Hillsborough chant the name of another keeper, whilst having that team in front of you defending like a bunch of numpties... which is not their fault btw. He has done a good job this season in difficult circumstances. It is harsh what has happened but at the same time totally understandable. I hope he realises that he has a bright future and that Westwood had to come in. LB is right that Westwood’s selection picked the crowd up, and given our defensive record this season it was right to change the keeper in my opinion. But that is not to criticise Dawson in any way. Also worth a thought for Wildsmith who went from #2 to #3 yesterday. Another quality keeper with a bright future. UTO WAWAW
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    I thought this was a wind up. Ridiculous that a football incident should end up as a criminal prosecution. What a waste of public money and time.
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    1 game in, clean sheet, solid, organised, defence in front of him. Enough said. Goodbye Jos
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    A few weeks ago I thought we were heading for a relegation battle, confidence was shot and we were leaking goals. DC returned to the fray met with players and fans and decided to rightly dispense with JL. We are then heavily linked with a manager who fits the bill that most have wanted (British, knows the league) under caretaker Bullen crowd favourites return, the performances are better and we get 7 from 9 from three tough fixtures. Yet despite all the above some so called supporters seem to not be happy until they’ve scoured around for a negative and posted it to oblivion (despite most being revealed as nonsense in the fullness of time). Can I ask the people who do this why they do it, why do you seemingly get off on unsubstantiated bad news against a club you purport to be a fan of? What do you expect to gain from it or how does it help the club? Some don’t believe the words of our caretaker manager today (a man who bleeds blue and white) yet we’re quite happy to believe the words of ex SUFC player Michael Brown recently. I can honestly say if I had to be this negative about the club I’d seriously consider doing something else with my time rather than following it.
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    Do you think he can break his own record with 22 games left? Thanks for nothing Jos.
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    "Stubbs, what are you doing here?" "It's time for the Match day thread Sir." "I know. But what are you doing here?" "Well it is customary is it not Sir, for me to bring you all the details of the weeks goings on." "Yes. But with this being the new year episode and what not I thought I'd do a bit of a monologue. You know, go through the happenings of the last year and what not like Clive Anderson used to do on the telly." "But this isn't the new year thread Sir. It's the 28th. The new Year thread isn't untill Tuesday" "Tuesday? What day is it today?" "It is Friday Sir." "Well how's a man to remember that sort of thing! I mean to say, it's Christmas for heavens sake. No one has any bloody idea what actual day of the week it is do they. I mean, It's Christmas eve, Christmas day, boxing day, that funny day in between when everyone is trumping the sprouts out and what have you. How's a man to know what bloody day it is!" "Very true Sir. Though that isn't really an excuse that would stand up in a court of law" "Why would it need to stand up in a court of law?" "Well Sir, if for example you had forgotten a court summons. "Christmas eve, Christmas day I'd had a few sherrys" isn't going to wash as an excuse really is it." "Forestieri" "Forestieri Sir" "Welllllll...I mean to say. He's forgotten hasn't he. Easy to do. Little nipper running about the place all excited. Last thing you're thinking about is a trip to sodding Mansfield 6 months ago and a bit of argy-bargy. Hey! Argy-bargy. Do you get it?! that should have been the thread title." "Yes Sir. Very Kelvin McKenzie" "Well like I said.... kid running about all excited and what not. Father Christmas coming to drop off the presents. What did he ask for by the way?" "Client confidentiality Sir. I can't..." "Humph. Well....anyway... Well done on that by the way. I didn't twig it at first. One of the chaps had to put me right. But well done" "Thank you Sir. I was hoping I might get some time off next year to do the same again. What with the old uncles diabetes and angina" "Certainly not! Tell him to drink less!" "But Sir, you did say-" "No!. It's all good for a one off. Helping the kids and what not. But I mean to say, what about me Stubbs. What about me!" "You're middle aged Sir, you don't get gifts from Father Christmas you-" "I'm not on about gifts man. I'm on about being abandoned on Christmas day!" "The agency cook was here Sir." "And don't I know it Stubbs. Don't I bloody know it. Do you know what I had for Christmas day dinner while you were off gallivanting? Eh? Do you?" "No Sir." "I'll tell you. A Findus bloody crispy pancake and some bloody oven chips. And they weren't even proper oven chips. They were fries. Fries Stubbs. On Christmas bloody day. I mean where the hell did you get her from." "The agency Sir. She'd got a decent C.V." "Yes, 'She's worked with Jamie Oliver.' you told me." "That's what it said on her CV-" "Oh really Stubbs. Really? It's interesting you should say that because when I asked her where she came from she said she was from Rotherham and when I pushed her about the Oliver bit... it turned out she was one of this bints pushing burgers through the bloody school gates!" "Oh." "Oh indeed Stubbs. Oh in-bloody-deed. Anyway. You're not going next year." "I've got you that train-set, Sir." "Train set?" "The one you wanted when you were ten. But which you never received on account of your father leaving you at boarding school with the..." "Mebrible.mwa ahahahahah" "There there Sir it's all right. Don't cry Sir" "The thread...waaghh,....(blubber)...the bloody thread Stubbs" West Brom - V - Wednesday "Right, well Sir. West Bromwich Albion will assess 13-goal top scorer Dwight Gayle before the visit of The Wednesday. Hal Robson-Kanu may deputise again, having replaced the on-loan Newcastle striker who hurt a hamstring setting up Jay Rodriguez's opener in the 2-0 Boxing Day win over Wigan. Wednesday could be unchanged after their , 1-0 win at Middlesbrough- on Boxing Day " "After their Excellent one 1-0 win at Middlesbrough, Stubbs" "Very well Sir. Ahem, Wednesday could be unchanged after their Excellent, 1-0 win at Middlesbrough- on Boxing Day" "That's better. Positive spin anD all that. It's all in the wording Stubs. That's why they call it spelling you know" "Pardon Sir?" "Words, how they're slung together. Spelling. Spell. Cast a spell." "I'm Sorry Sir but I'm just trying to read the notes" "It's word play Stubbs. Word play. Cast a spell on the reader. The hacks have been doing it for years. Look at the locals. Wednesday win it's 'Wednesday won at boro. But when United win it's 'Brilliant United win at...' Do you see? It's a weapon. They're all magicians conning us with their slight of hand or word. Your words can create the imagery, the belief. Cast that spell" "Like your nut-custard in the other thread Sir." "That's a bit different. But yes." "Hang on Sir, are you trying to that......are you trying to tell me that Doom, Shield all those chaps...are sorcerers Sir?" "In a fashion Stubbs yes. Not a powerful ones. I never fall for the necromancy. But it works on some. So we must work our own spells." "Right Sir. Well, cracking on, Wednesday will have to assess Lucas Joao and Josh Onomah who both had to go off against Midlesbrough and Fernando Forestieri could again miss out with a hamstring injury or being in the clink." "Stubbs!" "Sorry Sir. I mean, Forestieri looks likely to miss out... but isn't far away from full fitness and will provide a timely boost going into January" "You're getting it Stubbs, you're getting it!" "Wednesday are back up to 16th in the Championship table, having won both games 1-0 under the caretaker charge of Lee Bullen" "Stubbs! come on man, think!" "I mean, Wednesday are back up to 16th in the Championship table, having won both games 1-0 with two brilliant and full deserved clean sheets under the excellent stewardship of caretaker manager of Lee Bullen, who has won over both players and fans with his no nonsense approach and excellent man-management skills...." "Superb Stubbs. Superb" "Albion's eight-match unbeaten run, which has lifted them back up to third, has coincided with their change of formation from three at the back to 4-3-3." "Eight matches?" "Eight Sir.It's hard to put a negative spin on that" "We don't have to. Pass me the pen.....here ....Try this." "Albion's eight-match unbeaten run, which has lifted them back up to third, has coincided with their change of formation from three at the back to 4-3-3 , something that Wednesday will be hoping to replicate with their own recent use of the same system." "Much better." "But Sir. The match facts are next. And I'm not sure how we can spin that..." "Give me the pen again Stubbs.... ..........There. That's better." "I think people are going to notice you've just crossed it all out. Sir" "Nonsense Stubbs. Anyway I've another little trick up the old sleeve. Pass me that folder over there." "What's in it Sir?" "Big picture of Westwood and Hutchinson. People will soon forget the match facts!" "You genuinely think that will make people more positive...and ignore the fact you''re playing one of the divisions strongest sides and from teams." "I don't think it Stubbs. I know it." COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Love beating shithouse teams like them. Spend the game timewasting and faking injury, then get all stroppy and indignant when they go a goal down and they get a bit back.
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    Special moment when your first born wears the stripes for the first time! Merry Christmas
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    Thank fuuuuuuuck yer not.
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    Twas the night before Christmas and in a nearby wood, Were the seasonal ceremonies of The Cult brotherhood, Exercises done, with ginger wigs to wear, In hope that soon Saint Meggo would be there, Cult members lie in fallen leaves for beds, Reciting ''Its all about winning'' in their heads, With HIM in our thoughts its impossible to lose, So, happily all fall into a deep winters snooze, When from a clearing, he could hear a rattling @Simaniac Owl rose to see what was happening, The noise came from where The Cult did their dances, He entered the glade as he moved back the branches, The light was so bright he was almost bowled over, Like being caught in the full beam of a manager's Range Rover, But transfer deadline day was weeks away, it couldn't be 'Arry, So he knew at that moment it must be Saint Gary, Faster than Antonio the rest of The Cult came, And as if leading training HE called them all by name, ''Come Simaniac now @hirstyno9 now @Dronfield Blue now @Jarvy On @poite on @Blue and white on @Ozymandias Owl on Cosby. (The above are used for the purpose of rhyme, But rest assured every follower was named in time) HE lit up Greno woods with his knowing smile, While HIS followers stood in awe for a while, Until Megson, who's firery ginger locks looked anything but frozen, Told them not to bow as just like HIM they were chosen, To follow The Wednesday, to work for the cause, Like Tricky Dicky, The Reverend and the wife of Brian Laws, He said not to worry about the owls and instead enjoy Christmas, For very soon he'd be back to finish his business, Not for the first time he had to leave too soon, ''I've another job to finish tonight by the light of the moon'' ''I'm helping a friend out'' said Gary to answers of ''who?'' ''who!?'' The Cult knew he was better than being a number two!! But their cries of concern turned to approving roars, As from shadows, stepped forward Santa Claus They had to leave quickly in order to beat the snow, As Gary asked the big man, ''who is there still to go?'' ''We've that piece of mind to deliver to Milan, Ian Holloway's cider, A dead phone battery for Bruce and a turd for Chris Wilder'' Said Santa as he beckoned Megson his way, HE gave one last smile as he hopped on the sleigh, The reindeer pulled and Santa bellowed as they took flight, ''Meggo Christmas to all and to all a good night!'' 
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    Evening folks, It wont be a long one tonight. Three reasons. Firstly the old laptop is on the blink and this is being done with my knackered old phone. Secondly Im half cut. Thirdly I've had to do the thread all by myself. Stubbs you see, came to see me last night in a bit of a tiz. Asked for some emergency leave. Great great uncle works for himself. Some sort of courier service or whatnot. Well, usually I'd have laid down the law. Told him no, I need him and besides. Im not paying you to do some other chumps job. Thats what he's paid for. But then it turns out that he does it for buggerall money says old Stubbs. As if to shock me. So I told Stubbs, I said to him 'I know, I was talking to the Amazon lad the other day in the village, says he's on a pittance'.. 'No' says Stubbs 'he, the great relative, he doesn't do it for any money at all'. 'Well,' I said 'no wonder his business is trouble. You can't go around working for free. No one with sense would. Well, apart from maybe some floppy haired gap year student putting some water pipes in some foreign backwater in the hope his charity work gets noticed by some other student bit of fluff ,with grubby matted hair and a nose stud who might let him have the leg over.' Anyway, Stubbs insisted this old relative has been doing it time in memorium. For free and it's nothing to do with trying to impress the skirt. Anyhow, it turns out this old goat got himself in a bit of of bother apparently... flying over Russia. They'd shot him down. Why he was in a light aircraft I've no idea. A Mercedes Sprinter is the usual vehicle of choice for that sort of delivery gig. Isnt it? Anyway, usually as I said, I'd have laid the law, I don't pay a man to go and work for someone else. But he got this look in his face old Stubbs. Started on about dissapointed kids or some such and we'll, I don't know, something stirred in my old heart and I let the chap go. Last I heard I got a telegram from him about 9 am this morning saying he'd just finished and was dropping the old boy off home or near enough in Svalbard where a couple of his friends would pick him up on a connecting boat. Then Stubbs would head back here. Funny because I thought all Stubbs' lot were from down south and I doubt the cold weather up there in that neck of the woods would be conducive the old mans recovery from being shot from the skies. Anyhow, Stubbs said he'd be back some time today. I havent seen him yet. Maybe hes having trouble with the animal visas. Because he he also asked if we had any hay in the old barn as he's bringing a few of the old man's pets back here with him for a convalescence! It's bit much. Bit much. But it is Christmas I suppose. So that's how I come to be....hold on readers ..excuse me a moment...who's that at the door.... "Stubbs is that you? Good Heavens man, you've put on 40 lbs! And how the hell did you grow a beard in 24 hours?!" *** Middlesbrough V Wednesday So Bannan in? Hutch to make a start? Who knows. Haven't been able to call a line up for the while of 2018! But suspect Bullen won't go as random as Jos was doing. Suspect it'll be something similar to Preston, bar perhaps the wee man's inclusion somewhere Whatever he does... Merry Christmas & COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Can you only start talking crap once you've reached 500 posts?
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    Well we finally got what we wanted (Jos out), now let's get behind the chairman/ owner and his family and show him how much we appreciate what he has done for us. Lets get a full house on New Year's Day and cheer the Owls to Victory. WAWAW
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    Our fans are a disgrace at times. Yes it was time for him to go, but the hatred towards him is not fair. He didn’t come here and deliberately try to lose games. You saw last week after the Swansea match that he was trying and he cared. He thought playing the likes of Dawson ahead of Westwood was a good decision for the long term health of the club. I agree with him. Westwood will be gone in the summer and Dawson needs experience. He had the clubs interests at heart. It proved to be a risky decision and his biggest mistake was sticking to his guns. Is he the first manager to be stubborn? No, and he won’t be the last. He’s gone and I wish him well. I believe he had a long term vision for the club, but he just couldn’t implement it. Was dealt a tough hand and kept us up last season when things were looking pretty desperate under Carlos. But it went wrong and he had to go. I just won’t understand why people think it’s ok to go on social media and call him every name under the sun. Regardless of his pay package, the bloke has lost his job near Christmas. Never nice. Let’s have some humility.
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    Well they will. They've been desperate for something haven't they. Though his isn't in the same league as having a player on the books who turns up at a hotel room and licks his mates nut custard out of an unconscious birds chuff while his seedy brother plays with his Hampton while he films it from behind the curtain before they all hot tail it down the fire escape.