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    Hi John I know we've had the odd spat on here. But I'd just like to send you my best wishes at this sorry time for you and the family. UTO Paul
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    Dutty Teabags is obviously a complete and utter bellend!
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    We love Jon Beswetherick, Jon Beswetherick we love you
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    Hi mate just seen you're post about the Fulham game, if you can make you're way to Andover I'm driving up on the Sunday morning,you can travel up with me and my son's if you want? UTO
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    We park in Morrison's, not that far to walk and cafe OK to get a meal or drink.no good on night games as closes early so use dog track.hope this helps you
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    i asked a similar question re ibbo yesterday,mine,like yours has ended up in the ether,why and who is responsible for this mccarthyism?
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    Ta for the 'positive reputation'. I've been a long time lurker on here and you and Pauli have always been my favourite two posters, so it was quite an honour!
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    Shithouse....You got me there, well played
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    Well said bez. I agree 100% with you. Too much greed and being ripped off year after year. Thats me finished with going after 40 years untill they stop ripping us off. let the Sheep keep being fleeced,
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    Did you go to High Storrs?
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    Hi Nigel (Hirst1867) *waves*
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