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    Dead. RIP Legend.
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    So much i'd love to say but just dashing out to work - had to come on here when i heard the awful news and pay my respects Suffice to say if you're a Wednesday fan - even if way before your era - you owe this guy Complete legend - i am genuinely gutted Lots of football fans will be in mourning today not least us, Boro and Ireland No -nonsense but simple and humble guy It was worth being a Wednesday fan for his programme notes alone But he alone gave this club belief, pride, honesty and an iron will to win coupled with some impressive players plucked from nowhere - in a time when i think we'd given up hope RIP Big Jack One of the best Irreplaceable Thoughts with all those feeling his loss
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    We owe Big Jack so much for what he did for our club. The perfect and fitting way to honour him is to rename the North Stand "The Jack Charlton Stand" No manager has ever done more for our club than this man.
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    Queens Park Rangers V Sheffield Wednesday ----------------------------------------------------------------- Kick Off : 3:00pm Saturday 11th July 2020. Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM NEWS QPR may have to make do without smug13-goal shytehawk Jordan Hugill, who missed out the loss to Wigan with a hamstring issue he obtained while scoring his side's winner against Middlesbrough. Defender Lee Wallace is also struggling with an injury in the same area and will likely have to sit this one out for Warburton's side. Luke Amos is pushing for a recall after coming off the bench during the half-time interval against Wigan, and Olamide Shodipo will be eager to feature from the first whistle. Gaffer- : “We have been guilty all season of missing gilt-edged chances and that was the case again. We need to learn.” QPR Possible - : Amos Kane Barbet Masterson Manning Amos Cameron Eze Chair Shodipo Samuel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday may have skipper Tom Lees back in time for the visit to QPR, and Connor Wickham could return to spearhead the Owls' attack. Maestro Kieran Lee will probably miss out with a calf strain that kept him out of the Preston game. Gaffer: " “The players are wondering how we’ve only got four points from this period of games. Its because we have an issue with concentration at critical moments" OWLS POSSIBLE-: Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Murphy Hunt Luongo Bannan Reach Windass Wickham -------------------------------------------------------------------- Head to head QPR wins: 24 Draws: 17 Sheffield Wednesday wins: 31 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Typical BJ's message to the fan base at the time - this is after trouble @ Mansfield:
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    Some of the best years watching Wednesday. (Short story) I`ll never forget seeing him in the car park, he chatted with my Dad, my Dad worked in the steelworks at the time and was looking at redundancy, in which they spoke about ( following month he was) , he (Jack) asked my Dads name,Jack said next home game come to the players entrance and they`ll be four tickets waiting for you, me and my Dad couldn`t believe it. My Dad nervously went to the players entrance next game, and there they were waiting for us with the steward! Small gestures go a long way, the free tickets were great, but for "Big Jack" to actually stop and have a 5 minute chat with my Dad and me were amazing and something that has stayed with me and my Dad RIP "Big Jack"
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    With the sad passing of Jack Charlton ,Thinking back when he took over the mess we were in ,What ever the EFL hit us with could not care less ,I Just hope we build a team ,With the same grit and determination ,That great Manager built for us ,Some of you that started watching 90s onwards ,Just ask your Dad or Grandad what a mess we were in before he came WAWAW. So EFL get on with it ,We are Bigger than you will ever be.
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    Loved Big Jack. I have some lovely memories of him as a child growing up - he would always take the time to stop and have a chat with me while I was with my Grandad when he worked on the Players Entrance at Hillsborough. The club photographer gave me this photo - as it has Big Jack and my Grandad on it (in the commissionaires uniform). Big Jack would always bring me a Cup Final programme too - signed by the teams. How much we could do with a manager of his standing right now at the club. RIP
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    Seeing that team makes me disappointed I was not picked.
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    Hope we are wearing very dark grey armbands today for an absolute hero of this club. I was a youngster and the scale of his achievements weren't fully understood or appreciated at the time in terms of how big a job he did. 'Legend' is bandied about too easily these days by a society that thinks putting a few YouTube clips from your bedroom or being on a reality tv show earns one that title. Took this club by the scruff of its neck and dragged us to a better place, whilst galvanising everyone to the same cause. Remember the Inter City Owl away days, remember Boxing Day and promotion. Remember that blend charisma, arrogance and absolute ability. Remember a truly great leader of men. Hope we remember today
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    RIP big Jack The man who turned around our fortunes in the 70s Straight talking and understood the club. RIP big man.
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    Oh sweet Jesus! We have another match!?!? Make it fukcing end already!
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    Get rid of those elephants A statue of this man deserves to be outside the ground.
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    The greatest of all in my time amazing man met him lots at Hillsborough behind the scenes . brought us back from the brink . Set the team up for Howard Wilkinson to take over
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    This..... QPR Gaffer "We have been guilty all season of missing gilt-edged chances" SWFC Gaffer - "I'm sure we can help with that"
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    Getting youngsters from top academies is the way to go.
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    Given where we were at Christmas even a significant points deduction should have been nothing more than an inconvenience. Alas, our continued dire form has seen us drawn in to potential danger. The reasons of course are numerous. Setting aside the manager and issues around the way the club is run on and off the field its the players that will drag this club down. For me, the biggest contributing factor is player mentality. We are a team of lightweights when it comes to wanting to win, refusing to lose, giving it everything you have, never say die attitude. There's literally nothing there...... Other clubs and managers get better results from "allegedly less technical players" because they recruit first and foremost on a players mental attributes. There's a saying down here - "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". Our mental weakness is never more evident than when we face a team low on morale and in a run of bad form. Time and again we will be the team that ends another's bad run. Added to this is another Achilles Heel of ours, football intelligence. We play the same regardless of whats at stake and regardless of our status in the match. You won't see another team in this league that squanders possession like we do or that makes as many basic errors as we do. The trap door is opening, do not put it past this group of players to step down it.
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    we are unique in that we arent in financial ruin we managed to get back to the prem a couple of times, auto and then play offs v you lot coutesy of your old mate the dinner lady. our egyptian owners seemed to have the finances sussed and returning to the prem seemed so easy. but our owners were hell bent on being bigger than anyone and but brucey walked hours after beating you lot and we started the season under phelan with 14 players. they then set their stall out to milk the club. input as little as possible and take the 5% interest on our 80 million debt to them. they run our club frugally. but they are quids in. we are one of the best run clubs in the league if the criteria is spend no money and sell players on and pocket the fees. the club sees nowt and slowly sinks down the leagues. they arent daft and are basically allowed by the efl/fa to take the ********. the fans have mostly had enough more people watched us play doncaster at home in div 4 15 years ago then went to wembley v the owls. i remember bradford city being the first club to gamble on staying in the prem with relgation and players on silly money unable to be fielded. its all too much.
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    That's not a team sheet: it's a suicide note
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    If we were ever to name a Stand after someone, this is the man.
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    Wednesday legend. Fishing legend. A sad, sad, sad, day. Thanks for rescuing our club and putting it back on the map like you did Big Jack. You gave people hope and joy in equal abundance. I hope as the club moves forward, it can rediscover the essence of the Big Jack formula. Hard work, honesty on the pitch, the understanding and value of “team” and more importantly the value of family, which certainly Sheffield Wednesday is. It certainly felt like it was during your tenure at Hillsborough anyhow. God Bless you Big Jack.
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    Will it inspire today’s team ??..Today’s team talk ??...Sadly no .....Cos at the moment we are the total opposite of what Jack Charlton stood for
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    The Jack Charlton Effect For my 11th Birthday my grandfather arranged a visit to the ground for me. My first meeting of Mr Charlton was him falling through the door Of his office arse over ********. Howling with laughter at himself. When he stood up he was a giant to man to an in awe 11 year old. He was amazingly friendly took my under his wing and I had the day if my life. Travelled in his car. Blue Ford Cortina with Ian Portafield and Tony Toms. Jack was funny, no airs and graces and just amazing to talk to. I stood with him on the training pitch. Travelled back to the ground with him and he made sure all the players were available to sign autographs etc. He also came back and said bye before I left. Although an owls fan at 11. It was his fault I fell utterly in love with Sheff Wed. I still remember it so clearly 41 years later. What a man RIP Jack. Thank you from a young lad with a lifetime of memories.
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    Heartbroken to wake to this news. A true Wednesday legend in every sense of the word. I was lucky enough to meet Jack on numerous occasions when he came in the Shoulder of Mutton in Worrall with Tony Tom's. He was always happy to have a pint and a chat with the fans. Wil always be my favourite Wednesday manager. RIP Big man. You will be sadly missed.
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    Jack challenging his mum with a header. His mum was a big influence on football in that region.
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    Such sad news to wake up to. RIP Big Jack. One of the few who actually deserve the title of Legend.
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    These two came to the club in April 2015 to form part of a sporting committee to work alongside first Stuart Gray and then Carlos. That summer we brought in the following players; Hunt Pudil Sasso Lopez Bannan Wallace Foriesteri Joao Matias Hooper Turner Sougou Lachmann Ok a couple of duds in there, bot mostly very good signings to add to what we already had. Roeder and Pearson knew the English game and got the recruitment right that summer and it's no coincidence that we played some great football and had the best season in 20 years. Roeder and Carlos would have identified the players and Pearson would have negotiated the deals and at this point they weren't on massive money compared to what they got later. For me Roeder and Pearson should have been kept around a lot longer, rather than getting involved with Doyen and Piaxo. Recruitment would have been better and Pearson would have been more mindful of the finances. This is what we need know, two or three people that know the English game and can get the recruitment right. Then a knew coaching team!
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    The bookies have Wednesday as favourites to win, for some reason. Are they ITK, are QPR playing their under 12 girls 5 a side team? Even then I wouldn't be confident of a Wednesday win.
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    Wise words from BJ which some at Hillsborough could do well talking note:
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    They aren't worth the argument buddy. Snowflake thinking matters now. This thread is about one of our heroes so will just stick to that. Will probably have a very thoughtful drink or two later and toast probably our best leader in my time supporting the club.
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    If the team is reading this this morning, put on a performance for Jack Charlton today. Make him and us proud. Up the Owls.
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    RIP Big Jack The man who turned this club around Some fantastic memories Blackburn away 1980 what a night.
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    The impact he made on Sheffield Wednesday can never be forgotten. For a young kid like me at the time, bitten by the Wednesday bug our starting point was the worse season 74/75, a save our skins game in 76, the Save Our Owls local campaign. We heard our fathers talk about the past, but it wasn't in front of our eyes. We were also told about England winning the World Cup legends the lot of them. We saw this chap Jack Charlton on TV, he had won the World Cup. Suddenly he was going to be our manager. As a 9/10 year old kid it was like why would he come here. What he did was galvanise a team, a club, a support to believe in Sheffield Wednesday once more. For kids like me it was that the stories from our history we were told were achievable. Boxing Day Promotion Cup runs Cup semi finals Year on year getting better He laid those foundations that built the teams of the 80s and 90s. So I will mourn his passing but much more I will remember this legacy
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    RIP Big Jack. I’m in my late 60s and it brought a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat when I heard this sad news. You younger ones cannot imagine how bad we were before Big Jack arrived at Hillsborough.
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    Put BBC news on a second ago and they were showing an old interview with him, immediately knew the worst. Manager when I started supporting Wednesday. Did terrific things for us and always loved his character in the years after he left. My dad is a fly fishing loving Leeds supporter so he’ll be even more gutted. Jack and Norman Hunter were his absolute heroes. How we could do with another Jack Charlton at Hillsborough. Tears in my eyes right now.
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    An absolute legend Thank you for some amazing Memories
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    Yes, all Monk's fault. Nothing to do with any former managers or players, or current players or the chairman. God he's got a lot to answer for. Why is he coaching the players to switch off during the game and give silly goals away? And worse than that, not to hit the net when they can. He's rubbish, get him out of our club - NOW. So we can blame the next cab off the rank 😉👍
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    Walking down Wadsley Lane holding my Dad’s hand, nerves trembling with excitement. Down the hill towards the glow of the floodlights. Sweet cigar smoke, hats and gloves on to see Jack Charlton’s aces.
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    I’ll be shedding tears later if I have a few, I just know it. Brought back so many early memories this.
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    Different era. As a kid we were on holiday in filey circa 1980. On beach and big jack was in his deckchair, flask of tea, hankie tied on his head and wearing a vest! Can't imagine pep doing that!
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    You have to wonder what he'd do with this bunch of wimps and as for Toms he'd have killed em
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    RIP Jack Tears in my eyes Thanks
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    So sad. The guy who really turned it round for us after all those years in the dark. Gave us some great memories In a time when football was still a simple, enjoyable game
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    Just heard the news. How sad he was the manager when i first started watching Wednesday. A great man and character. OOOOOO JACKIE CHARLTON'S MAGIC......
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    wigan look as if they will get their 12 points deduction and stay up (they play us (hull city) next tuesday at their gaff) so theres 3 points innit poo how money now rules the game and has done for decades. whatever happened to jumpers for goalposts, home town players playing for their club for life and enough pay(cash) on the day to keep most chairmens back pockets happy. our club died 2007. the season before we got promoted to the prem. the prem seems to be the holy grail and the desire to get there at all costs is now proving to be an insane gamble by owners who are insulated from real financial damage. its the club itself that loses out. one set of our owners actually borrowed money off the club putting it into debt so as to fund purchases in the prem. by the time we got relegated 2 yrs later the debt was 40 million. nowt nowadays. but 12 yrs ago to tin pot hull city it was almost administration liquidation factor. happy days ... not
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