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    First off Jordan and our entire family would like to tell you that it was a total privilege and honour for Jordan to have been involved with such a wonderful club. Our humble gratitude to have met Steve Haslam and have him involved developing Jordan and the support he gave him was second to none. The coaching staff, and physio/sport science who looked after him with his lengthy lay off was terrific and our gratitude is never ending. We are certainly going to miss going to watch him play at Wednesday and to play at such a iconic place like Hillsborough swelled my heart with pride so I can only imagine how Jordan felt running out the tunnel. He leaves Wednesday a double U18s title winner and has told me he wants to repay the Wednesday coaching staff and Steve Haslam by returning to the Club as a proven player in 5 years time. Special thanks to Ken Ryder and Big John in admin and every single one of you guys on here for your support of Jordan and his teammates. I will be sticking around to chip in every now and again and to keep you updated on Jordan’s journey back to Wednesday. Thank you all so much.
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    "Well, I can't say I really like what you've done with the place , Sir" " Never mind interesting look, where the bloody hell have you been?" "Furloughed, Sir, Mr Hargreaves managed to get mine sorted right from the off." "I'll wring his bloody neck." "You'll have a job getting your hands around it I'd have thought ,Sir. He's had two months on the digestives and ale" "You've put a few pounds on yourself, Stubbs. Bloody throwing it off down in the village, while I've been isolating up here. Not so much as a zoom call or a SKYPE" "You don't have any internet, Sir" "Well would it have killed you to come up and visit me?" "Well possibly, sir, yes. Besides, I didn't want to get into trouble with the law." "The law?! You should have just told them you were driving up here to make sure your eyes were working, stuck an infant in the backseat to tug on the old heartstrings a bit" "I was just doing my duty for the country, Sir" "Ahh, yes, doing your duty eh? And how is Mrs Wankskill?" "Very welcoming, Sir" "I'll bet. And what news from the village?" "Nothing really, Sir. Everyone has pretty much been adhering to the rules. And the local shop has actually been doing very well. Chap called @S36 OWL has more or less kept them afloat single handedly by cunningly making his one dog walk a day last 23 hours" "Well good. Not about the restrictions and what not, but good he's kept the business going. We can't have things sinking" "Oh, talking of sinking, Sir. That's one other thing, there was a small protest in the town." "What about?" "Black Lives Matter" "Well, good on them, shocking state of events over there in the states." "Indeed ,Sir..." "Whats that face for?" "Well there were some local white kids from Gasworks Poly attached themselves to it." "Good. Solidarity, Stubbs. Good on them. That's what it needs. My family have funded the Poly for 50 years. I'm pleased the education isnt' being wasted on them!" "They've toppled the statue of you in the Town square and hurled it into the Don" "Good God! Why?" "Historical discriminatory remarks, Sir" "I'm not racist Stubbs!" "Previous comments you have made ,Sir. Added up it would make several tomes..." "But I've never.." "Things you have written about the French, Sir" "Eh, hang on a minute ,you can't be racist against the French, Stubbs. For heavens sake." "I didn't say racist ,Sir. I said discriminatory" "But..but... they're...they're French, they deserve it!" "I think its this sort of thing they're on about" "Good God. I need a seat. Get me a glass of water. ....thank you. It's the shock ,Stubbs. The shock. Take my mind off it Stubbs. What news of the Wednesday?" "Well,Sir, Pelupessy has signed a new deal" "Pelupessy" "Before you say more,Sir I'd remind you that Pelupessy is of Indonesian heritage" "Oh, right yes. Top lad old Pessers. One of my favourites y'know" "Very good,Sir" "But what the hell is Monk doing giving him a contract, the ginger-" "Sir, Gingerism is very much frowned upon" “You know what Stubbs. It’s getting to the stage where you won’t be able to abuse anybody!” “I think that’s the point,Sir. The one thing this Covid has shown is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. Bad news can come at anytime. So why be nasty. Why don't we make a better, less abusive World for everyone while we're here” “By Jove Stubbs! You might be right. Shocking disease like this, and we're all still wrapped up in some backward thinking tribalism. I hadn't thought of it like that. It's all so stupid isn't it?" "It is, Sir" "Well I'll amend my ways that's for sure. Anyway, any team news in for the game against the scabs tomorrow?” “FFS!, Sir, FFS!” Wednesday - V - Forest Sky Bet Championship 3:00pm Tuesday 20th June Hillsborough TEAM NEWS OWLS Forestieri's deal runs out at the end of the month but he is expected to be in the squad to face Forest. Steven Fletcher is also expected to start despite strong rumour linking him with a move away from Hillsborough over the last few weeks. Sam WInnall and Josh Windass look o miss out through injury. As does Kieren Westwood with a 'shoulder injury' Forest Young midfielder Yassine En-Neyah is struggling with a hamstring problem, however whether he would have been called upon anyway is doubtful. In terms of those returning from injury, striker Nuno da Costa is fit, as is Tendayi Darikwa who is available for selection for the first time this season, having failed to make a single appearance under Lamouchi. Dedicated to Wednesday supporters and their relatives lost to Covid REST IN PEACE FELLOW OWLS
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    It pains me to say it but I am less interested than ever. Does anyone else feel like that?
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    Good day today. Astonished that there hasn’t been unanimous congratulations and praise, for the lads that wore the shirt today. I’ve watched us for too many years - both tears of joy and disappointment, I've afforded them. Ive seen victories, when we haven’t deserved it - and seen us robbed. That’s football. But I’ve always been a pragmatist - we cant win every game and every player isn’t going to be flawless in every match. Therefore, I try to be objective - viz a viz the current context and background. You can’t win every game - and have no right to do so. What do I want from my team? In childlike terms? For them all to try and care, to the best of their individual abilities. Regardless of the outcome. They did that today - No complaints from me. Some of you need to revaluate your expectations - or following Wednesday is going to give you a lifetime of misery.
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    It's just a misunderstanding, as DC had given the players 7 different options on how they would like to get paid, and several players are still mulling over the choice of taking club shop vouchers
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    Now that was a performance!!!! Don’t get me wrong he still has work to do get me convinced after some off the embarrassing performances / results earlier in the season. I’ve not been his biggest fan But these two latest performances, n particular the one today is the best way to start repairing those wounds. So credit where credit is due!!!! Not many managers, turn it around after the point of no return where the fan base turns , but fair play today’s result can be the way back for him. Shows good character!!!!! More of the same!! Let’s push on now, finish the season strong and give us some momentum going into next season. Well done Wednesday, Well done Monk UTO WAWAW
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    Whilst we didn’t deserve to win I am not at all dejected by that performance. Despite their better quality we could easily have got a draw on another occasion, and the scoreline certainly flattered them. We won plenty of dead ball situations, and not many teams will defend them as well as they did. I’ve walked away from Hillsborough dejected plenty of times this season, but nobody could say that they didn’t give their all tonight. The lads that we have left deserve to wear the shirt, and a defeat won’t stop me from saying that. Let’s stick behind them even though we can’t be heard!!
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    Da Cruz did quite well when he came on. Did you actually watch the game?
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    The last week sums up football. Clubs begging fans to donate money, and multi millionaire footballers refuse to play on for a few weeks, after 3 months of doing frig all. I quite happily empty their lockers into black bin ah and dump it on Middlewood Road. Send them down the road now and don’t wait for the contracts to expire. Absolute disgrace.
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    It’s a no brainer from a business perspective. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. To let him go means we’d have to replace him. Bare in mind that our other CDM’s are Sam Hutchinson who’s deal is also expiring and won’t be renewed...and Luongo who’s injury record speaks for itself. The club will be more aware than anyone as to how bad our financial situation is, the likelihood of a transfer ban (or even worse a points deduction) - and therefore how the land lies in terms of being able to sign players and of what standard in the next couple of seasons. Joey is cheap. Clean injury record. Keeps himself in good condition. Happy to be here. Seems like a good enough bloke around the club. Id have been shocked if he wasn’t offered a deal. It’s not ideal and I bloody hope he’s not a starter. I hope he’s a ‘just incase we need him’ filler player. I would much rather trust a youngster. BUT we’re not the club we were back in 2016. We’re really on dodgy ground and it’s gonna take a whole restructuring to get us back to where we were. All in all I think we’re gonna have to go backwards to go forwards, and accept that players like Joey are gonna be a part of that.
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    “Any particular reason you've lowered the Portcullis,Sir?” “Absolutely there is, Stubbs absolutely there is. The pigs have been losing since football lockdown was eased and the game restarted” “And what does that have to do with us, Sir” “I’ll tell you what it has to do with us, Stubbs. Everything! For when the pigs lose and their simple minds start wandering they always happen back across their favourite talking point” “And what's that, Sir?” “Sheffield Wednesday, Stubbs. Sheffield Wednesday. Always has been and always will be. We’ve been absolutely awash with them of late. Of course it’s all very predictable” “So why the issue. You know they walk among us. They’re branded are they not?” “Well here’s the thing, Stubbs. No they are not. Once they were of course, in the good old days. When we marked the riff-raff. But no longer. The furnaces have been cooled and the neggin’ irons sit idle on the workbench.” “You mean they are walking about the place with carte blanche to post what they like with no fear of marking. No fear of being highlighted”? “Indeed Stubbs, indeed. It’ll lead to disaster. Unmitigated disaster. For not all our support are armed with the spotting skills. Many just take things at face value and believe that all on here are fellow Owls.” “Still..” “No Stubbs! No! IT’s this weakening of values. The breaking of the borders than leads us to the precipice. For these Trolls aren’t something that sit at the other side of the gate to be mocked. They have been invited in. And it is here under our very noses that they do their damage. Encouraging the quiet malcontents. Stirring the pot. Whispering in the pubs. “ “The pubs are still closed” “The virtual pubs, the virtual pubs. Heavens man, just go with it. Whispering. Dropping negative vibes in like the fisherman casts bait. A bad result at Bristol tomorrow and they’ll not have to do any trolling. The more rabid amongst the support will do it for them having been stirred to a veritable frenzy. Some of them are stirring now. They're out there now. And us sat here doing nothing “ “So they can’t be marked at all?” “No. All part of the new and encompassing be kind to others and what not” “But Pigs ,Sir..” “I know. I know, Stubbs. You don’t need to tell me. It’s the Governor he’s gone soft. Avatar rights or some such I shouldn’t wonder. But the end result is the pigs can no longer be scarred with the sign of the red arrow.” “But they can be banned surely” “Banned? Banned? They are being invited in! Hundreds of them and we sit here limp like Elphinstone's army in Kabul about to take it right up the ricker without so much as a wimper. Then the turncoats…” “Perhaps a mutiny, Sir? Take command yourself.” “How can I. The money is secured in donations. The mods won’t overpower him. They know which side their bread is buttered.” “Then what can we do, Sir” “We can do nothing, Stubbs, but hope that the Wednesday win. And if they don’t, brace ourselves for the Storm” “Crikey. And I thought the worst thing this week was the three F’s not signing their new deals.” “pet shop them right off, stubbs. We’ve bigger things to worry about. Now fetch the brandy and the rifle” Bristol City - V- Wednesday Ashton Gate Kick off: 12:00 Jun 28, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------- Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Murphy Luongo Lee Bannan Reach Wickham Rhodes
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    Good luck to Wigan Athletic. Never nice to see a football club enter administration.
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    "Hello?" "Stubbs,where are you?" "I'd have thought it was obvious, Sir, given you've telephoned me on the land line of the Nuns" "Lose the attitude, I need you to come home at once" "Has there been some sort of disaster,Sir?" "I'll say there has, I've had to sort out my own evening meal." "You haven't burnt the place down have you ,Sir?" "Of course not, I haven't made anything myself. I've been down to the chip-shop in the village" "Then if i may be so bold as to ask,Sir, what is the issue?" "I'll tell you what the issue is Stubbs, I'll tell you what the issue is. I had to queue for 20 minutes-" "That is the way of things now, Sir." "I'm not on about the wait, I was just giving you the whatsit, the background." "The background to what,Sir." "To the issue, Stubbs. To the issue" "Which is?" "Which is, I got home , eventually , after my treacherous and gruelling expedition , got in the kitchen, unwrapped the spoils of war" "Yes?" "And the cloth-eared bint in the Chip shop had given me a carton of baked beans! Baked beans I tell you. With fish and chips! What sort of world are we living in!" "I see the problem, Sir" "I should think you do. Anyway. I've had to throw the lot. Man cannot have fish and chips without mushy peas. It's a crime against, whatsit ,culinary...thingy" "So you haven't had any supper,Sir?" "Of course I have. I'm not completely useless without you. Despite what you'd like to think. I'm quite capable." "Then,may I ask why my presence is required?" "I don't feel well Stubbs. Not well at all." "What have you eaten?" "About half a pound of liquorice. Giving me terrible visions. Ghastly vivid dreams" "What about?" "Allsorts" "FFS, Sir. These jokes are right out of the 1970's. Who writes this drivel?" "Never mind that. You need to get back at once. Knock me up one of your concoctions and then help me with the matchday thread." "Can't you copy and paste one? We usually do, including the wrong date and kick off time." "No. It's all to do with this black screen thingy that the young ones like. Something to do with making Owlstalk look like a 1990's website. All very groovy or some-such" "I'll be there at once,Sir" ***************************** "Have you heard the news, Sir?" "What news?" "The players haven't been paid. Happened once before this I recall" "Where did you hear this news?" "Look North si-" "Ah ha! I thought as much. They love it don't they, eh. A bad news Wednesday story. Don't you think the timings odd? Eh huh? With us having a good restart, the court case looming over like a black cloud. Someone has blabbed Stubbs. Someone in the camp. A mole. Some malcontent determined to undermine our excellent re-start since lock down eased." "To be fair,Sir, if they haven't been paid they've every right-" "Blast it Stubbs, they've just had 3 months sunning themselves. Every right my foot." "A contract is a contract, Sir" "Well maybe so. But lets be right , If you're on a huge goal bonus and you haven't been playing then you're not going to score goals. Therefore you aren't going to get those bonuses. Ergo, they haven't been paid what they think they are due. You can't expect and appearance fee when you haven't bloody appeared!. It's simple enough Stubbs." "I doubt it's that simple,Sir" "Oh, you do do you? Well let me ask you this Stubbs. How many players do you think sit at home poring over the small print of their contracts when they sign them? I'll tell you. Not many. The agent does his bit 'leave it to me ,Corky' and all that caper. Cuts himself a huge slice of the pie, hands the boy a signing on fee for him to go and buy a car with and that's that. They don't know the ins and outs." "Well I wouldn't be so hasty in saying that the-" "By Jove leave it Stubbs. I simply won't have it. This is clearly a small issue pumped large to try and put a negative slant on things. That's what it is. We've had a good start back. Look a solid outfit, we're playing some half decent stuff the, boys look like theyr'e enjoying themselves and this comes out. Someones trying to hijack the good feeling .I tell you there's always someone looking to put a negative slant. It makes me sick!" "A bit paranoid if I may say-" "No you may not. And I'll tell you another thing. This is this the sort of doom tale we're used to around here. This sort of tittle tattle is manna from heaven for the mumpers. Defeat tomorrow and there'll be baying for Monks head on a spike, tearing the club to pieces" "You've had more of that liquorice than you're letting on aren't you.Sir?" "Send a telegram" "A telegram? No one sends telegrams" "To Spain, to Son of Bertrand,The Second. Tell him I want a troop of his Saracen assassins ready to kill the mumpers." "Saracens?" "Ok, Moors then. Don't be finickity" "Show me this liquorice,Sir?" "It's over there in that bag by the back door." "As I thought. Old electrical cable that the electricians were going to weigh in. To bed, Sir. To bed" Wednesday - V - West Brom Championship Hillsborough Kick Off- 19:45 ********************************************** Wednesday will be without Fletcher and and there remains a doubt over Julian Borner. otherwise Wednesday look unlikely to make too many changes after amking a positive post-Covid comeback. Monk may consider resting Lee or Luongo who have have put in lots of miles after such a period of absence and with one eye on long term fatigue issues. Wednesday look likely to keep the Wickham Rhodes partnership together. Wednesday are down to three recognised strikers and this system does allow Monk to pick Rhodes in a way he's best used - In a partnership with a handy unit alongside him. Sheffield Wednesday-: Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Murphy Luongo Bannan Reach Harris Wickham Rhodes ********************************************************************************* West Bromwich Albion-: Johnstone Furlong Hegazi Ajayi Gibbs Livermore Sawyers Phillips Pereira Robinson Zohore Albion's goal struggles continued against Brentford last time out and Bilic may now be tempted to try something different up top. Kenneth Zohore has underwhelmed since arriving from Cardiff last summer, scoring just three league goals, but he could replace Hal Robson-Kanu on Wednesday. On-loan midfielder Grady Diangana has injured his hamstring and will play no part at Hillsborough, meanwhile, opening up a gap for Callum Robinson to return in attack Albion will hope to expose Wednesday in the wide areas withthe pace of Robinson and Phillips supported by Furlong and Gibbs overloading. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    As has been said them leaving for free is a joke. We wonder why this club is in such a financial mess. It’s decisions like not selling players when we had the chance. FF should have been sold a long time ago.
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    The best player we've had for donkeys years, but the day he had a paddy because a proven premier league player and international was paid more than him was the day his side of any story became worthless. Good riddance to the lot of em, shame we can't shift more.
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    Not like him to act like a baby on social media. On your bike FF!
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    A few people slating him, but I don’t think he’s that bad. Works hard, runs into the channels and has a bit of something on the ball. Made the keeper pull off a good save and win us a corner to see the game out. Assist last week for the equaliser. Am I missing something? Not a world beater but not this pub player some people are comparing him to.
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    Will there be artificial crowd noise in the courtroom?
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    Which manager sent him onto the pitch today?
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    Would make a great flag for the North during until we get us back in the ground...crowd fund?
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    This will do. Simple and classy
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    Come on, this is an agent talking and people immediately believe his spiel and use it as a stick to beat the club with? 😄
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    Considering a move away from Burnley at the end of the season. He’s been there a long time - would he consider a move to a championship side such as ourselves. I think we should go all out for him, possibly even try and entice Hughton again. A major rebuild is needed and an experienced, proven manager would be needed to give us the best chance. Thoughts? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8457063/amp/Sean-Dyche-eyeing-Burnley-exit-breakdown-relationship-chairman.html
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    Apart from the playoffs twice in his first 2 years, agree, it was full on misery.
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    It's great Monk's getting rid of the problem characters like Hutchinson though...
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    What is going to make a lot of this hard to swollow for fans all over the championship, is they have fork out big sums of money to support their club and in difficult times everyone is being asked to chip in and pull together. EXCEPT The players who continue to be paid their full excessive salaries.
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    He's been out for a long time but looks to have come back a better keeper. First half save was world class. The save that unfortunately still resulted in a goal also outstanding. Looked confident and the added bonus of decent kicking. Very impressed. Keep it up Joe.
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    Scumbags. Just a kid as well at the time. hope he calls some of these players out by name.
  33. 28 points
    Absolute gent, tragic that it hasn't worked out for him here.
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    Yeah I reckon the decisions been made and they told the Sky presenters first
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    He will be remembered for the Norwich fiasco should have binned him them. His heart was never in it after that.
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    He should be liable for when the poo hits the fan. He has made the decisions, he has caused the problem. Yet the fans will be the ones to suffer as usual.
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    I like Reach. Could be a real asset in a confident team. Got a great engine.
  39. 26 points
    Hopefully not hungrier.
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    These clubs make me sick to the stomach. Grovel on your hands and knees for a fully entitled refund, add in a bit emotional blackmail and sprinkle in a bit of truefanism. Meanwhile, Millions and millions of pounds are paid to their players. F### the lot of em'.
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    21/22 year old lad in a foreign country for the first time, different language and culture and teammates want to treat him like that. Disgraceful.
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    We sign a top goal scorer in the championship for peanuts.. Yet we have even somehow screwed that up!
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    There’s people sat in the stand that would more than fulfill that profile, doesn’t mean we should start offering them contracts. The day you stop signing footballers for footballing reasons is the day you start sliding down the league.
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    Should definitely had Viv Anderson in it
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    i dont care so long as its not us
  47. 23 points
    Until I saw this I wasnt worried at all
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    Van Aken might be eligible. I am not sure he can play though.
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    Unbelievable replies from our so called fans, anything to beat the club with. So when Monk comes in talksport last week and says the club are due to speak to all out of contract players this week then nobody says anything, now an agent comes out and says this we get called a s hithouse of a club. Get real some of you.
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    If that's the final list of options then nobody can have any moans whatsoever about it Well done Sheffield Wednesday It's been worth the wait to get it right and it's been communicated really well too
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