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    It's just a misunderstanding, as DC had given the players 7 different options on how they would like to get paid, and several players are still mulling over the choice of taking club shop vouchers
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    Sheffield Wednesday are pleased to confirm that Alessio Da Cruz, Jacob Murphy, Josh Windass and Connor Wickham have extended their respective loan deals. The quartet will remain at Hillsborough until the conclusion of the 2019/20 campaign. Ahead of the Championship restart, manager Garry Monk expressed his strong desire for the loanees to remain at the club. Confirmation of those extensions will serve as a boost to the squad with Da Cruz, Murphy and Wickham featuring heavily since the suspension of football was lifted.
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    I'm 100% backing the club up on this one This stinks of a player with a grudge
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    I'm sure this will help sway the independent panel that we are innocent and a well run club.
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    Until I saw this I wasnt worried at all
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    He’s head and shoulders above the rest of our keepers tho’ (Gets coat and fucksoff sharpish).
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    It took only 2 replies. "Quick fellas, there's something slightly positive about Monk. Hit it with a shoe. Set it on fire. ANYTHING."
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    i dont care so long as its not us
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    He should be liable for when the poo hits the fan. He has made the decisions, he has caused the problem. Yet the fans will be the ones to suffer as usual.
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    Last time it was a banking error that put a cap on how much the club could pay out in a single transaction. It meant every player got paid the same iirc, something like 5k each. But the club rectified it a day or so later and the bank acknowledged their mistake. Wasn’t there even a statement on the OS regarding it too, or am I imagining that? All I’ll say is it’s funny the stories leaked on a day where several ‘disruptive’ players have come to the end of their contracts. One in particular who’s agent was quick to run to the local media a few weeks back about something similar let us not forget. Considering DC’s generosity throughout lockdown towards the non playing staff, I find it hard to believe this is anything more than a genuine error somewhere in the chain.
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    “Think the worst”? Players apparently aren’t being paid. We’re in the middle of a hearing which could see us relegated for financial mismanagement. I could go on. There are plenty of reasons to question what’s going on and what the hell he is doing to the club.
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    The willingness of some people to think the worst of DC before there’s any detail known about what’s happened - or even any evidence that something has actually happened - is quite astonishing. Well it would be if it weren’t so predictable.
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    Ourselves with a run of form, playing some good football and against all odds mounting a challenge on the playoffs. Monk showing he can get a team to play, he's identified the dressing room's bad eggs as he knows what a successful dressing room feels like. Chansiri is working hard to avoid a points deduction and with the battle going into the 6th day clearly we have enough of a case to make it this far. On the other side of the city, Sheffield United fall down the table not able to buy a win and crash out the FA cup to a poor Arsenal side. Their average group of hardworking players will be wanting premier league money if they stay up so United have some tough decisions to make-clubs can only run on momentum for so long and they will need to buy some premier league quality, though the signing of Sander Berge has shown that is easier said than done. My prediction is we replace them in the premier league the season after next
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    Second time within 12 months this is alleged to have happened. Bizarre considering the usual bunch on here keep telling us DC has oodles of dolla, he just isn't allowed to spend it.
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    Let him take his dandruff somewhere else
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    Pic : Sheffield Wednesday manager Garry Monk working with The Geoff Horsfield Foundation to help homeless and vulnerable adults Looks like our manager quietly gets out and about helping those who so desperately need it in their time of need So great to see. Well done Garry Monk The Geoff Horsfield foundation provide quality, safe accommodation for vulnerable adults & helping other people in the community where they can Follow them here - https://twitter.com/Geoff_Hors_Foun
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    Apparently DC put June 2018 on the cheques by mistake. Technical error that's all.
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    I'm all for a bit of positive thinking, but this might be stretching the available evidence beyond breaking point. There's more clutching at straws going on here than when Worzel Gummidge pleasures himself.
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    My prediction is, 12 point deduction and relegated. Only kidding like 😎
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    That's the spirit mate!
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    So we’re currently defending ourselves against an EFL charge which might see us relegated. We’ve had to sell our ground as a short term (shortsighted?) means of avoiding embargo / points penalty as a consequence of mismanaging finances. We’ve sold the ground in such a way that may see us with a points penalty anyway. And now this story breaks - given that it’s not the first time something like this has happened, what are people supposed to think of DC?
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    What about their past income ? In Fletchers case around 300-400k paid to him by his employer for doing nothing for 3 months . Are you telling me if your employer was good enough see you right for that incredible amount of money ( almost made for life in 3 months!!) you wouldnt walk an extra yard as a thankyou ? I must be old fashioned, I take it back
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    Anything? No? Ok chaps. As you were.
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    Work harder and have a think about the colour of your boots. Bloody kids
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    Yes, why sign strikers when we can load our wage bill with Hart & Westwood?! I'm in.
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    Warnock weeds out the arseholes in a club - legend Monk weeds out the arseholes in club - get rid crap man manager
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    I was on the cop and heard the crack. He can moan all he wants, but it was an absolutely horrendous tackle. It ruined the career of a potentially top class player
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    No different to any other money losing Club is it? All are dependant on a charitable benefactor/owner. Football is unsustainable in the main. Does this shock anyone? Really?
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    Be reyt...just another muck taker. If it was so bad no one would have been paid. Just an easy target that's all. Sure I have had my bonus calculated wrong on any occasions, funny my 1st call was to payroll not look north! Smells of one of our "toxic" played still wanting to cause issues. I'd say embarrasing for a player on thousands a week personally.
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    A vast number of people on far less a week haven't been paid in full for three months.
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    I though DC was minted as he keeps telling us. Not good if true.
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    This from Alex Millar. The intense legal battle, which relates to the circumstances around the club’s sale of Hillsborough stadium, has had a number of twists and turns and could see the club sucked into a relegation dogfight should a guilty finding result in a point deduction. The Star have provided updates on the case every step of the way and will continue to do so. That's more than a week ago, thanks for the regular updates
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    He's all instagram and zero performance these days
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    Palmer is much improved. Another player that would get a lot of interest from other clubs in the championship if he were to leave. We're not a top 6 team. We won't be for some time given the financial mess we're in. He is a solid, dependable right back for a mid table championship team, which is what we are, and to replace him would be a gamble (we wouldn't know how any new signing would fit in) and no doubt cost us more. There are more important areas we need to improve upon
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    Our goalkeeping department is as healthy as it's been for a while It will be hard enough keeping our two youngsters happy Either of whom could serve us for the next 10 years We have more pressing needs in our team than goalkeeper It's a no from me
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    Sounds like a typical Owlstalk thread
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    I 'worry' about people who worry about things that haven't happened yet. They must go through life permanently looking at how stuff might go wrong. Probably so they can eventually say ' I told you so ' when something does eventually go wrong. A bit like Spike Milligans tomb quote, 'I told you I was ill.
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    Surely there has to come a time when he decides to stop throwing good money after bad. He’s clearly not going to get back what he’s put into the club, I just wish he’d sell up and move on.
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    We should’ve been 5th or 6th this season even tho how crap we’ve been. The top 4 are decent although they aren’t a wolves, Brighton or Newcastle. The rest are meh
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    Hopefully it's all the players who are out of contract tomorrow.
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    12 cherries = 12 point decuction...
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    Again?? he said that 2 pages ago
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    WBA is a must win game if we plan to make the playoffs
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    I knew when I posted this positive thread that it would happen and they'd come on the attack Thing is it doesn't bother me anymore I pity them. Imagine living with that much hate in your heart every day It must be all consuming.. overwhelming....
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