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    If an out of contract player suffers a career threatening injury, that's him finished I don't blame players refusing to play The season should be cancelled, just think of the benefits Liverpool don't win the Premier, and Leeds don't get promoted Bonus
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    My money is on Nuhiu playing the remaining fixtures, scoring goals, saving the day and STILL being subject of ridicule from our fans It's the Nuhiu way
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    The wording of the announcement is absolutely CRITICAL It's very sensitive times right now and we could really do without some kind of controversy over a clumsy announcement We need it to be 100% bang on first time It should be that everyone reads the announcement and says 'yeah fair enough that' Anything else will be a disaster right now
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    It would be obscene for no refunds to be paid, and players to continue on full pay.
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    Is he out of contract soon?
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    Refund for the remaining season or credit note towards another, not we'll knock some merchandise your way. i want the money or the live match, Fik live streaming.
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    What happens if the Coaching staff get the virus? Say for instance, Bielsa / Bilic / Parker / they could well have a dip in form, in the same vein, we could push into the play - offs if Monk and Bully got it.
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    Can't disagree with that. Empty stadiums, cardboard cut outs, playing in recorded crowd noise is just desperate and sad. On a wider note, this virus has not gone away, we dont have treatment or a vaccine. All that has happened is that the government have settled on a number of people they are prepared to sacrifice daily as collateral damage to deflect from the walking wankstain Cummings and restarting the economy. History will not judge some decisions kindly and that includes football.
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    It's the Chairman's birthday today No matter how you feel he's doing as our chairman I think we should all wish him a very happy birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR CHAIRMAN/CHANSIRI
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    Apparantly that photo was taken during a sprint session and the rest of the training group were already finished and back home playing Fifa 20.
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    So start planning massive BBQs for all your Wednesday mates and watch the games, what could possibly go wrong?
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    I have 2 season tickets for this and next season …..I don't want a new shirt ,I don't want free streaming, I don't want a discount on the next one I buy I just want the money back for the games I cant gain entry to …..
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    All season ticket holders are to be given a free crate of ELEV8 energy drinks and a 20% off all bookings you make with D-Taxi’s as compensation for being unable to attend the remaining home games this season.
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    Didn't our squad refuse to play since Christmas?
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    This 100%. On the whole footballers have really shown what they are all about these past few months, themselves (yes there are some exceptions). Can't say I'm that excited about football coming back, I'm sure I'll start getting the same emotions once it starts but i just hope this whole experience forces the game to reboot, doubt it will though as already rumours of £100m transfers.
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    Will Wednesday do a cheeky offer by adding a season ticket deal for 25 or 50 years
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    If he does go he will be hard to replace.
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    To be fair to Garry Monk, his recruiting at Leeds was excellent. Rob Green, Luke Ayling, Kyle Bartley, Pontus Jansson, Ronaldo Vieira, Pablo Hernandez and Kemar Roofe all signings he made.
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    Reckon this could be the players agents gathering up some rumours to create a fear of loss Maybe Wednesday have held off on offering new contracts till they know the outcome of the EFL meeting
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    Bournemouth preparing for the Championship if they get those two.
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    You'd think so wouldn't you but you'd be wrong. No fans, nofucks. Its all about money and the greedytwats at the top of the food chain getting their share.
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    Our best team; Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Luongo Hutch Bannan Murphy Fletch Forestieri
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    If you’ve heard Sam Hutchinson speaking about mental health, you’ll know how much he thinks talking about it can help… Young Emmie Bathgate, 16, is testament to this, and her mum says that the SWFC midfielder really helped her in a tough time. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/how-sheffield-wednesdays-sam-hutchinson-helped-struggling-fan-shoot-stars-2870248
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    I want a refund of £119.56 for my seat on the North. Nothing less will do. Next season I'm willing to wait to see what the EFL come out with but if any games are to be behind closed doors I'll want my £550 quid back pro rata for that season too. I might even go so far as saying that if the season starts with us behind closed doors I may jack it in all together, we obviously aren't needed.
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    I honestly think it would be the issue that would force me away from the game for good.
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    Same here. I'm more concerned about what he's going to do about next year's season tickets rather than what's left of this season.
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    They haven't named a road after him now have they!
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    Only took him 7yrs to get fit.
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    He's lost a bit of bulk. He's only an A cup now.
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    Its a complete farce and the book stops with the most inappropriate leader for a crisis the UK could have wished for. In times of such crisis what you need is strong decisive leadership, not a narcissistic assisted by a weirdo maverick.
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    Surely if they're refusing to play before 30th June they're in breach of their contract. After that, fair enough.
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    Fletcher and Fox are not Prem league players, this will most likely be chit chat from their agents looking to secure a new contract. If the grass looks greener down the road then thanks for your service and good luck at your new club..
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    A difficult question to answer. However, the way not to answer that question is to do what the Government has done which is to throw around arbitrary dates such as the 1st and 15th June and then to justify those dates by scurrying around trying to find the science and then make it fit ! Test track and Trace is the key but the current 8k new cases per day needs to be driven down in order to give the newly trained testers, trackers and tracers to produce the viable figures. I believe it could be two or three months before we have confidence of science in that method. We must be patient !
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    Football is just like any other business, they, just like other businesses want to start operating again. Can't understand the outrage TBO. Of course it's going to be poo without fans but if it's deemed safe to start working again, then I don't blame them one bit.
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    Whilst there is still over 100 people dying daily in the UK sporting events of any kind should not be taking place until this pandemic is under control. It will resume but only down to greed and that's very sad.
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    Footballs is poison And run by selfless morons
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    I'm hoping a new manager is top of our shopping list, closely followed by a rebuild of the current squad.
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    Wooo and indeed Hoooo. The footballing gods of greed and money have decided to risk the lives of people just to bring this sham to a conclusion. The whole thing should just be brought to an end now and this year should be written off and put down to unprecedented circumstances.
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    The thinking that we are ruining young players is pretty bizarre imo People have to realise that the general standard of an academy 3rd tier U23 team is probably around Northern Premier standard - U18's significantly below that The non leagues are full of ex academy players who didn't cut it Around 1% of academy graduates actually cut through at the level of the academy they were at - and that is heavily skewed by the productive academies such as Chelsea and Saints So that means that taking out the outliers who are productive then the success rate of everybody else at producing a player is vanishingly small I have watched a lot of youth team football over many years - and the thought that most of the players have any type of chance of a pro career is ridiculous The vast majority of players in academy football are there to provide a vehicle for the one or two who may have a chance - every player no matter how brilliant needs water carriers to help them shine The vast majority of academy players - even at 23 and especially 18 level are water carriers the professional game is literally a completely different entity
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    Boooo. 3 weeks to enjoy stress free weekends before the embarrassing performances and results start again. Roll on the summer when we can have a massive clear out! Being serious though it’s a ridiculous risk, something that doesn’t need to be happening.
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    Happy birthday DC. Hopefully one of his presents will be a book called “how to run a successful football club for dummies”
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    Time to move on, we need better than the big lummox.
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    Yeah be dead easy to find a player as good as Bannan, would be looking at least 5 mil for a younger model. We would be lucky to get 2 mil for him at the moment.
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