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    I've not missed Wednesday ruining my weekends, that's for sure.
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    Wednesday, clean bill of health, that will be a first.
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    Going into this lockdown, I thought I was really going to miss football. As time's gone on, I've been left more and more exasperated by the game's response to the crisis: from the PFA telling players to reject pay cuts; Premier League clubs furloughing staff; and the desperation to continue the season, prioritising money above health and safety or sporting integrity, I've almost been embarrassed to call myself a football fan at times. I don't think I'll even watch the rest of the season should it actually transpire now. How long this feeling might continue, I don't know.
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    Not at all. Personally would be happy if it didn’t start for at least a few more months. Really enjoying weekends not being ruined and me being pi$$ed off because those bunch of wasters have put in embarrassing performances week after week.
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    The football authorities have shown their true colours during this pandemic and whilst I was cynical about them before, I certainly have no respect for them now. All motivated by money and no care for the lower league clubs or the grass roots of the game. Frankly I haven't missed it. My Sky Sports subscription has been suspended and I doubt that I will restart it. The whole game needs a reality check, but I'm not convinced it will happen
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    Through the summer months I'm usually ticking off every Saturday knowing it's a week closer to the August start of a new season. Couldn't be less bothered now ... No enthusiasm at all for either this season restarting or whenever season 20/21 comes around. Football has shown it's true colours during this shutdown and just one thing motivates ... Money! They couldn't give a sh*t whether supporters are allowed or not as long as they grab whatever money they can. It needs to come crashing back to earth for a full reset.
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    I find it’s always a good idea to delete your search history
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    Hardly an article; more a rambling collection of obvious statements. Two minutes of my life I will never get back.
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    Bruce said we needed at least 4 transfer windows to sort this squad out. That’s the shifting of a lot of players. The Cowleys would have come in.... no pre season, same coaching staff at the club, same lack of experienced people running the club behind the scenes, the exact same set of players and the exact same set of problems that Monk inherited. Fans would be calling for Cowleys heads and declaring they would have brought in X,Y or Z instead ....and round we go.
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    No pre season no player purchases no coaching team Whether you like Monk or not, it is way too early to judge his capabilities until we rectify the points above. You can’t hire someone and then not give them a chance to shape the team as they see fit. FWIW, I would have preferred Bruce to have stayed but now he’s gone, we need to give Monk a proper chance.
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    In pretty much every post in this thread that I have written I have stated that it is not my place to say what you as fans of Sheffield Wednesday should or shouldn’t accept. It is not my place to say that, it’s not my place to say that to any set of fans of any club. Right now me and my fellow supporters are being told by outsiders what we should and shouldn’t accept, what we as supporters and citizens of our city should sacrifice, by people who do not know us, understand us, under the sacrifice that they are asking us to make, nor care about us, our club, or our city. In my posts on here I have been very deliberate in saying that it’s not for me to say what you should accept for your club, because that’s a position I and almost all Newcastle fans take and something we have learnt to take because it has been applied to us. Never have I said or will I say that Sheffield Wednesday shouldn’t accept Ashley or any other owner, or the prospect of being promoted or hoping to achieve promotion. The points that I have tried to make about Ashley on here are from first hand experiences as life as a support of a club he’s owned. All I can say is that Ashley could come into your club and say his aim is to win promotion and have you as a stable Premier League club. I can understand how many of you if not all of you would jump up at the chance of that. All I’m saying is that when he came into Newcastle he said he wanted us to be finishing in the top 4. The examples I pointed out in my first post on here were done to show how that was never his ambition and how every action he took was preventing us from achieving, be it from the mangers he appointed, the lack of investment in the playing squad, and even the financial deals which meant that we couldn’t compete even if he had a change of mind. When he bought House of Fraser he stayed that he wanted to save the high street and rerun the company to the top. In reality his real aim was to get his hands on their stock. He bought them for £80m and immediately earned over £100m worth of stock. The big labels clothes he had was immediately transferred to his Cruise/Flannels stores. In came regular SD clothes to HOF, at least the stores he kept open. The sofa’s and other house hold furniture at HOF was immediately transferred to his Sofa.com business. Despite saying he wanted to safe HOF many stores were immediately closed, and quite a few others quickly followed. A lot of stores that remain are now a shadow of their former selves, if you go into one of their stores now you’ll see a sharp decrease in quality in the stock on sale, and in the views of former staff members and retail analysts, ‘A deliberate run down in stores’. Everything I have said on here has not been an attempt to say you should or shouldn’t accept Ashley, it has just been a first hand account of how what you are promised will not be delivered. In the column that I wrote which sparked this thread, I said that Ashley’s ambition would very well start out as wanting promotion and he would be happy if you turned into a yo-yo team. However his ambition is never matched by his actions and his ambition may very well be that for the next club he buys, but I believe his actions would result in a lot less, and as I said in the column, my fear would be that he would turn you into a yo-yo team between the Championship and League One instead. I think it is also important to consider that it’s not just Newcastle fans who have a gripe about him. If you talk to Rangers fans then many of them would put him in partial blame to situation they find themselves in now, where they have been turned from 1 of two clubs who could win the SPL/SPFL, to a team who has to finish 2nd at best and watch as their bitter rivals ease to each title win. When time comes for Sheffield Wednesday to be taken over again, be that Ashley or anyone else, you will all be asked what you will take and what you expect of your new owner to do with your club and if they would be suitable owners for your club. It is my belief that this question can only be asked by yourself and your fellow fans, and can only be answered by yourself and your fellow fans. My participation here has never been to interfere in that, my participation has been to give you all information so that when that times comes, and if that prospective owner is Ashley, then you are able to answer those questions with all the information you’d need. TL;DR: I come in peace.
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    So let’s get this right - hundreds on here are castigating Chansiri for his running of the club but would have accepted administration! I give up I fcuking do
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    In my opinion the reason we had so many injuries was because the players were totally unfit. Like him or loathe him Jos was correct on identifying that straight away when he took over.
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    The whole covid lockdown has made me see football for what it is and I'm starting to to take a bit of a dislike to it. Sadly the sport I love and have devoted a large part of my life to is completely broken and ruled by the gods of greed and money. In many ways I wish it would just go under and start again.
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    As part of said forum, how does that make you feel?
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    Spot on mate.... I'm sick to death of hearing players, ex players , ex managers ex f.ookin' managers formerplayers cousins twice removed ..saying what Wednesday fans should wait for ... 20 F..OOKING YEARS We have been waiting.. Loovens preaching patience....Patience!!..as though we have been stood waitin ' for the 95 to Walkley for 10 minutes 10 year season tickets, plaques on a seat when you would rather be standing...Season tickets sold before we know which sodding division we are in..halfway through a current dogs breakfast of a season!!!......Its like watchin' a sodding dog vomit...
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    Yeah the ones I speak to mostly ridicule an idiot called bladeshater
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    No club has an automatic right to be at the top, not Newcastle, not Arsenal, not Man Utd, Liverpool etc. Newcastle fans were never comparing about finishing 12th, it was about how the club was being taken apart and had no ambition at all. To me the Arsenal fans going on like they did when they were winning 3 FA Cups out of 4 didn’t sit well with me. I can understand how they felt overall and in the long term their club could fall away and become a shadow of themselves. They are entitled to have that view, however how they went about it didn’t sit and still doesn’t sit well with me, I feel like they could have done better with it. Us Newcastle fans probably have to take similar criticism, how could we have handled it and done better? In my opinion if you read and watch what fans say on social media etc then it’s easy for emotion to overshadow everything they are trying to converse, and that can easily come across as arrogance. As I have said before the Newcastle fans worked with other clubs to help their efforts. There wasn’t just a demand to change ownership at our club, but to change it at every level and to give fans greater power and ultimately a bigger say in how their clubs are run and potentially ownership. We worked with fans of other clubs like Blackpool, Charlton, and Coventry. Behind the doors and away from angry kids on Twitter and such there was a good section of our fans working for the greater good. There was never a ‘my club is worse off attitude’. It was always a ‘How can we help you and everyone else?’ idealism. A couple of weeks ago I rang my Sunderland season ticket holder friend of mine who was besides himself with what’s happening to his club. There isn’t much written in the media about it but they are dangerously close to going out of business. If this season is ended and they aren’t promoted the owners can not afford to keep them going. In fact even if they do get promoted they likely still don’t have enough money and promotion would only really help in attracting new buyers. The people who bought them were complete chancers who were effectively given the club for free by their former owner in order to prevent him from having any liability to them any longer, and they took the club on in the hope that they would quickly be promoted and they could sell them for a quick profit. Anyway I rang my friend to tell him about the various things the Newcastle fans have done to change football ownership rules and inform him of ways of how theirs ways of gaining funding for fan groups of teams so they can buy their clubs. At the Premier League level the funding just isn’t there, but further down it’s a possibility. My phone call was designed to let him and his fellow fans about it so they can start getting the ball rolling, because honestly they are very likely to go into administration. As for Bury, I said it at the time that it was a disgrace. It’s a disgrace the EFL and FA allowed it. It was a disgrace that the EFL prevented them from playing games early on in order to help them bring match day income into the club to give them a fighting chance. It was a disgrace how they have Bolton more time to save themselves on the same day they kicked Bury out of the league just because Bolton are a bigger name. It’s a disgrace that the EFL has gained money 72 clubs for years and years and have chucked it away with nothing to show for it and had nothing to give to Bury. It’s a disgrace that the FA get all the money from the Premier League and the EFL, still haven’t paid Wembley off, haven’t invested in grassroots football, and have nothing in the bank to give to clubs like Bury. The Bury situation should have been the end of the EFL and the FA. That should have been the moment where fans asked where the money has disappeared too. Instead we are about to face a few clubs go to the wall, watch the EFL ask for the begging bowl from the Premier League, watch the FA and EFL to ask for the taxpayers to help them out, and see them do nothing. 100% the EFL and FA will do nothing to help any club facing difficulties in the next year or so. They will allow these clubs to go to the wall, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see rumours of them trying to attempt the old firm into the Championship in order to fill the gaps within the league and to help sell their product to the TV networks.
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    Missed the beers in the pub with the lads before going to a game. Missed the drinks with the lads during the game when watching on ifollow in Lanzarote. The football not so much.
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    Gary Hooper found choking on NewZealand Chardonnay.
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    I thought it was a machine gun. The Russians came down hard on the OCS. And I’ll ask the question. Did Rotherham owls take a coach?
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    well done Matt. but if that's been voted goal of the season their division must be well poor
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    Every so often down the years I've explored the psychology of football supporters generally, and particularly that moment when they decide the panacea is a change of manager. Any hint of a positive must be extinguished, excused, attributed to someone else or denied outright. All possible negatives are assumed, exaggerated or even made up entirely. It's a bizarre compulsion that betrays a lack of perspective and can be interpreted as something of a tantrum; demanding to get something they want by just about any means necessary. Can't think of why I thought of that again in this thread.
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    Delete your history. It forgets you’ve been on and you get another 5 free articles
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    The way we've performed this season we'd lose against the Salvation Army
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    As every year passes the more I dislike the stench of the premier league. I wish the big six prem clubs would feck off and join a European league and let the rest of English football reset and go back to being a game about football and the supporters, not money. Money and greed at the top has destroyed the game.
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    This is absolutely the position. Imagine being in Monks position without having your preferred sidekick to bounce ideas off or perhaps have the confidence to question you. This is clearly what has been missing. Allow him to get his coaching team together, have the summer to prepare for next season and judge him fairly. At the start of this season and post Bruce, most on here thought mid table and 2/3 windows to rejuvenate the squad. Let’s stop knee jerk reacting and accept this is not a short term solution
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    I’d take Ashley with the likes of Bruce or Hughton as manager over Chansiri, his advisors and their choice of boss, any day of the week. People’s main worry with Ashley is once we get to 12th in the PL we wouldn’t progress. I’d say getting to that point for the first time in 20+ season would be the biggest progression we could make. Yes Ashley is not a nice businessman but frankly there’s no room for nice in football if you want to be a success
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    would I welcome Carlos back as manager? Maybe. He is still my favourite boss since Big Ron. I’d have him back on the following conditions 1) The club signed players Carlos wanted and not Chansiri’s son or the fans or whoever 2) Carlos kept Strudwick on staff and acknowledged player’s fitness is as important in training sessions as tactical work. And they shouldn’t be rushed back from injury too soon 3) Be less stubborn about sticking with 442 when something different may be needed. Though if he’s able to sign the players he wants maybe that would help
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    If we carry on being ran the way we are things could become very bad for us.
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    In fairness, and I say this as someone who's likes Carlos and fully appreciate the good times we had with him, the stated aim of the club in 17/18 was to gain promotion to the Premier League. We won 3 of his last 16 games in charge and after losing to Norwich we were 10 points off the Play Off positions, 6th being occupied at the time by Sheffield United who had only just come up. I kind of feel whichever way you look at it, unless you were going to rebuild it completely in the summer of 2018, which would have been very difficult, then you have to accept we needed to make a change. Add to that the fans patience with him had run very thin it was the correct decision. Also what happened afterwards has little to no relevance for me, just because Jos was rubbish doesn't mean sacking Carlos was the wrong decision.
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    In front of 50k in the Hamburg Derby to secure the three points?
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    Really would like to see this guy offered a new contract
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    Here's the problem probably better than anybody we've had since him, but was a step down from the likes of Sterland, Nilsson and Harkes. For the £800k I think we paid a solid performer but we needed to sign better to progress.
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    Still class in Blue n White Stripes in his size 14 boots ......
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    I had this conversation earlier this week. We decided that we're missing the social side not the football. I can't wait to have a few drinks and something to eat with friends and family. At the moment I honestly couldn't give a throw if football never restarts.
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    I haven't really missed watching Wednesday, it was starting to become a bit of a chore if I'm being honest but I do miss the match days, meeting up with my mates before, having a bet and a few beers while watching the early kick off on Hillsborough corner. The match itself is often the worst part of day.
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    Put it this way... I'd rather go to a pool party as Barrymore's +1 than attend Hillsborough at the moment.
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    Think opinions might be different if we were decent before all this. Ask the blunts the same question, I'd wager their fans will be chomping at the bit to get back to it. But yes - I miss it. I miss the feeling of getting up knowing it's match day. Booze, food and optimism walking in to the ground. Fresh air, your tribe around you all wanting the same thing. Can't wait to be back.
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    Believe me I talk to an hell of a lot of Wednesday fans through the week and owlstalk is nowhere near a fair reflection of our fanbase in my opinion I wouldn't worry about what gets posted on here a lot of of our fanbase ridicule owlstalkers and the forum
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    Trouble is Chris, no matter how ambitious the fans of the clubs are..or how delusional. ,The lack of "ambition" in the Premiership is stark. Too many clubs are happy to paddle in the shallow end and take the money...Newcastle are a prime example of a club that has the fan base and, the facilities but not the money such as City have, or Man utd..or liverpool. Below the top 5 or 6..its a battle to stay in the League and take the money...even after that theres the parachute payments that give you a better than even chance of making it back quickly, unless you balls it up royally . Wednesday had finished 3rd in the Division prior to the Prem, then 7th twice during the mid 90's...The crowds were not like they are now, nor is the money, We then dipped out before parachute payments... I don't know enough about Mike Ashley to argue the point of whether he is an asset stripper or whatever, but you can see why at the moment Sheffield Wednesday fans would take someone who is "happy to paddle about" mid table in the Premiership. I'm sure after a couple of years of it..We would be exactly the same as Geordie fans are...cos thats the nature of football fans. Newcastle fans may now have their chance, and lets be honest if they were all as moralistic as some pretend to be about the practices of such as Ashley...how about the Saudis then?...Thats were The Premiership has taken us I'd take it...I'd take bloody Pol Pot if it got Wednesday back . In my opinion, the Premiership is probably the most stagnant league in the country..I still want to be in it, cos thats what all football fans want..I'd love Newcastle to win the league...Ive always liked the club and the fans...Ive always loved going to St James'....(apart from Robsons first game).... But i'll only give you the one title with shedloads of money...then I'll regard you in the same vein as City Chelsea et al...cos its trophy's bought in a market mate... Having said that...I'd love a day at the market...Hypocrisy?..course it is..we ALL know it is...thats football fans... Its the reason why "Dire" warnings about Mike Ashley fall on deaf ears down here...cos its simply threatening the "Status Quo"...What we got to lose? Thx for your time
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    Correct. Football without fans is just like any other sport without fans....rubbish. It could be the world cup final. It would still be rubbish. No amount of canned fan noise being played over the tannoy will help. It's pointless.
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    You say this then in the next breath say lets go into administration to give us a foot up. Which way do you want us to go? Administration equals points deductions, bad credit for the club and local businesses not getting paid, but you would accept that as a way of moving forward?
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    What a phenomenal shambles this whole affair has been, the SPFL have once again been exposed as not fit for purpose. The only positive I can take is that the last footy match I went to before lockdown (which now feels about a million years ago) was Hearts knocking Rangers out of the Cup, that was a cracking way to end the season
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    I’d have him back.,,,,,,,over the current coach.
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    They had been sidelined before Monk came, then brought back, then sidelined again. Seems to be a pattern there?
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    Wasn’t he just, maybe like a lot of youngsters, he can be a bit inconsistent, but I think he’s easily good enough to be one of our left side options
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