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    Looks to me like there will be 6 clubs at the top voting to end the season 3 clubs at the bottom voting to continue. Those hoping for a play off place will vote to continue. Those near the bottom and in danger of the drop will vote to end the season now. Clubs will vote with self interest. It could be a close call. I still don't see how the season can continue.
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    How would you know what they were really thinking? How do you know what they felt like when they were alone? How do you know what troubles they had? You don't, because they simply would have hidden it from everyone. And I mean, everyone. Maybe they didn't have any, but maybe they did. Either way, you personally wouldn't have known about it. Mental health isn't something people talk about, because it makes them feel weak, stupid, pathetic. In a dressing room full of other testosterone driven footballers, you cannot show one ounce of weakness, otherwise you'd feel exposed. The same will have gone for the men working in the very tough steel and iron works you talk about. Or in the coal mines, but every human being has feeling and emotions, so please don't just dismiss this as a non-existant entity. My brother is an ex-professional footballer, alcoholic, gambler and drug abuser (11 years sober on all counts). He tried to commit suicide twice after leaving the game but has since gained a PhD due to his research in to mental health issues during footballers career transitions (natural retirements or early retirement through injury). I consider myself to be exceptional strong minded, but when I found out almost five years ago that my former partner, later to be my wife, had stage 4 cancer at 49, it blew my world apart. She died 39 hours after we married at Weston Park hospital - four and half months after being diagnosed. I hit the drink hard for three months and needed counselling. I probably still would if it wasn't for my new partner. I met my new partner just over 3 years ago. Her previous partner had committed suicide, as he was raped as a teenager. He was unable to deal with the consequences of that awful ordeal and was alcoholic for about 20 years of his life, before it just became too much. He couldn't turn to anyone for help as he couldn't bare to relive those experiences. His own parents dismissed what had happened and disbelieved him. He felt abandoned. He decided to end his life the day before my partners birthday, so can you imagine the impact that has on her birthday, every year, probably for the rest of her life? So please, don't dismiss mental health as something that you can just shake off within a few months or that you are not susceptible, because everyone is and at one time or another, we have all suffered from this. I am just glad that in this day and age it's not something to be ashamed of, and that people like my brother, like me and my partner, can go and talk to trained people to discuss these issue and find peace again. I'm going to end this post on a positve note to show life can turn around, if you seek help when it is needed. I became a dad for the first time in December, at 50 years of age. My son, and my partner, are the stars that light my sky and I am so grateful I have them both in my life, along with my family and friends. So mental health is something that can treated affectively and something that an individual can move away from, if you have courage and strength to say "I need help".
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    So you'd have to think votes would look something like: Leeds - End it WBA - End it Fulham - Play on Brentford - End it Forest - End it Preston - End it Bristol City - Play on Millwall - Play on Cardiff - Play on Blackburn - Play on Swansea - Play on Derby - Play on QPR - Play on Reading - End it Wednesday - End it Birmingham - End it Stoke - End it Hudds - End it Boro - End it Wigan - End it Hull - End it Charlton - Play on Luton - Play on Barnsley - Play on So by that count I have Play on = 11, End it = 13. It's on a knife edge!
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    Of course they are clueless. As clueless as any Government seeing as no Government of any country in the world have has this situation to deal with before. It would have been no better, and no worse, if Labour were in power or we had wee Jimmy Krankie talking to us every day. When will people stop politicising this world wide pandemic. It's pathetic.
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    Can we not go to the table as of 23 games whereby each team has played each other once and promote 1st, 2nd and 3rd and relegate 22nd, 23rd and 24th?
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    I wonder if the Premier League are in accordance with promotion being retained as that would probably require relegation from the top flight as normal?
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    Dont forget hes good at putting the cones out...
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    If players have to do tests themselves it will all unravel quickly. Christ there have been enough examples that they can't even manage to just stay at home so expecting them to perform a medical procedure correctly on themselves seems a bit of a stretch!
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    Anyone else sick of all this and genuinely losing interest in everything football/Sheffield Wednesday related ? Or is it just reading this forum that’s depressing me
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    I saw Matt Hancock on Question Time just after lockdown saying the Government had solved the PPE problem and millions of items of PPE to fulfil all NHS needs was on the move that night. It was a blatant lie - and one that was repeated several times. When the reality on the ground and in the wards failed to match what the Government was telling us then they earned as much scathing criticism as came their way. If they'd come clean from Day One and explained the problems and how they were trying to deal with it they would have some sympathy from me. But repeatedly they've manipulated information and figures to suit their overall political PR strategy - showing international comparisons when they were favourable, disavowing them when they started to look bad, changing the basis on which they counted tests to hit a meaningless target they'd spouted on about. From herd immunity to claiming they protected care homes from the start to how important testing is they've changed their story time and again to try and get out of PR holes. They played politics from Day One. To blame Starmer for reacting to that and to ignore the inadequacies of a system run by a Tory party that's been in power for a decade that's now run by a bloke who is a well documented and proven liar is pathetic desperate stuff and would mark someone out as much more of a bellend than Keir Starmer. Maybe someone who should go and crawl back up Jordan Peterson's anus.
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    I'm absolutely no Tory, but Keir Starmer has been a bit of a bellend since he became Labour leader; constantly politicising the issues. He spent ages nagging the Government for an exit plan, caring not for the confusion this would (and did ultimately) cause and then tried to take credit for it when they finally did so. Half of the world was trying to source medical protective gear in volumes that it had never done before, yet the lack of it in this country was repeatedly used as a stick to beat the leaders with. Some of those doing it must have known it was disingenuous. You might as well berate the cabinet for not finding the man in the moon.
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    I often think Wednesday fans will never be happy til we've got a full team of Chris O'Gradys or Akpo Sodjes
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    A chairman is slightly different to a manager though, come on. Pleat got us to 7th and we had some great players after Francis and before Danny Wilson eg Di Canio, Carbone, Degryse. All bought by Pleat ( who I wasn’t a fan of) Francis didn’t ruin us. Letting big Ron go 2nd time was a major factor. We got Wilson and his second season, is the worst I’ve felt supporting Wednesday. We were so dire, towards the end of the season when Shreeves took over, there was a brief flicker but ultimately we went down. Absolutely in no way shape of form can that be attributed in any way to Francis. For the record, I thought Francis went at the right time, but his first two seasons and the second half of his third, we played some brilliant stuff and had the best team we have had for many a year.
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    Hi guys, Newcastle fan here from the Ashley thread. I thought I’d let you know that the rules state that any points deducted after March would be applied to the following season. I think when Birmingham were deducted points a few years ago they moved to clarify the situation. Some fans thought a points deduction late in a season for clubs who had nothing to play for wasn’t a punishment and allowed them to get away with whatever they did. In saying this I think with the situation as it is at the minute, the league are quite a while away from making a decision about deducting points from anyone. On top of that, I’m not convinced they will deduct you points. The EFL are about to face a few clubs going to the wall which will damage their product, they aren’t about to make it harder for the clubs who do survive by handing out points deductions on FFP matters when they are likely going to have to relax FFP and financing rules.
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    When fans are critical of the likes of Forestieri it’s not because they prefer poo players and just because a player is good doesn’t give him the excuse to act like a fool and believe he’s too good to be here. its just as embarrassing, if not more so, for Wednesdayites to forgive a player anything just because they’re decent when they decide to get their head down. Fact of the matter is he’s done next to nothing since going on strike and forcing the club to give him more money after serving just one year of his first contract.
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    Completely feel the same way. Though I felt like that from Christmas onwards
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    It's the sanctimonious media and their ridiculous questioning in pursuit of ratings that is stirring the politcal debate. All the Government are doing is answering their questions. If the media are trying to force them in to holes, you can hardly blame them for trying to get out. As for the health system, some would argue that the Tories haven't invested enough. Others would say that Labour typically left nothing in the pot when they left power, and prior to that invited everyone to come and live here, putting all of our infrastructure under immense pressure. I understand and appreciate accountability. If Labour had been in charge - and I am no fan of Labour at all - I would be defending them in the same way. It's tough for any Government when they have no previous information, processes or ideas to fall back on. When all of this is done and dusted, then both parties can sit down and look at what went right and what went wrong, and find a way to ensure that in the future, should this happen again, that as a country we are better equiped from a knowledge base, and better prepared to deal with it.
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    Basically, a lot of mistakes have been made, and a lot of unnecessary deaths have happened because of this. There's no reason we should have higher deaths than say Germany, a country with a larger population and much greater land borders. And one of the few chances to hold the leadership to account are those 6 questions at PMQs - the PM couldn't even be trusted to look after his own health, never mind any one else's. When responding to a crisis the principle is to over-respond and then to gradually pare back, when it is safe to do so. So I don't understand when it is our own most vulnerable people at stake, this softly-softly approach was implemented. If the reasoning was to save the economy it has failed spectacularly because by having a much deeper and longer crisis the economy is twice as badly affected. We can't say we weren't warned, there were reports coming every day for over 50 days, before those fateful decisions were made in early March. And all that wasted time when we could have been putting in procedures to protect people in hospitals and care homes. I don't have an issue with Starmer or anyone else politicising it, because all those wrong decisions made in March were for inherently political reasons.
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    Here's the problem probably better than anybody we've had since him, but was a step down from the likes of Sterland, Nilsson and Harkes. For the £800k I think we paid a solid performer but we needed to sign better to progress.
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    The only continuity in this thread is going from Grandad’s breakfast to the EFL’s dog’s breakfast.
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    What an absolute mess - going to rumble on for months or even years is this. They can’t relegate teams when there’s 9 games to play and 3 points separating 6 clubs. It’s not right that
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    Unfortunately as he’s been at Bournemouth I doubt his wages meet our definition of ok!
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    Surely we would need to know if they are going to deduct points this season before we vote. Under this system anymore than 9 and we would be down. it would be so Wednesday to vote end it and the next day the EFL dock us 10 points!
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    It will be interesting to see how clubs vote. I was under the impression that most wanted a resumption of the league but it might just suit many financially and current league position wise to say sod it we vote cancel.
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    Who would you trust more to be able to perform their own Covid test, an ICU nurse, or Leon Clarke? A man who had to be stretchered off after kicking an advertising board and breaking his own foot?
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    Purely assumption on my part based on what I've read, but I think EFL were consulted about the ground sale and agreed, perhaps reluctantly in the absence of rules to the contrary. The transaction itself is the additional information and the basis of their complaint. While compliant with HMRC and UK law, EFL wont like the transaction being 'backdated' in their opinion, to the previous years accounts or payment terms. I suspect their authorisation assumed a clean transaction and neither side explicit regarding the details. From our point of view, we obtained agreement and subsequently conducted the transaction in a legally compliant manner. The EFL equally negligent if so for not stipulating explicit terms, certainly more than us. The onus surely on the governing body to interpret rules and provide clear guidance. If not grounds to acquit, certainly significant mitigating factors to reduce any potential punishment. It wasnt against EFL rules, even so we sought and obtained agreement and proceeded to complete the transaction to the satisfaction of Auditors and HMRC. Nothing is ever certain with EFL, I have serious doubts about their 'independent' panels, but put this in court and I think we would win.
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    A few days ago I saw a report that most people who self-test do not do it properly; thus leading to inaccurate results.
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    But now I see where you are coming from. Nuff said.
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    He was for a time a quality player. . That time has gone . What would we do without him , some ask? We’ve been without him for years. Too many passengers for too long aboard the Wednesday gravy train.
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    At the end of the day the transaction was signed off by an accountant and accepted by HMRC. So I’m guessing it was legal. How can the EFL have rules that prevent a company doing something that’s legal.
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    Deaths in South Korea.... 263 Deaths in Germany... 8,270 Deaths in the UK... 35,704 But how dare that bellend Keir Starmer question our glorious leadership and their policies? Doesn't he know his job as Leader of the Opposition is to stay quiet save for a polite clap at 7pm each evening?
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    I'm not saying it was easy - but for supporters of a government that has played politics on this from Day One to complain about people criticising playing politics is a bit rich.
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    Fairs fair? We got relegated by Palace who had been in admin....We all got f.ooked by Wolves who flouted the rules and got outta jail by ecaping through the sodding attic..Numerous clubs have burned it down, lesft creditors in the lurch and are now well above us in the sodding league...Parachute payments start AFTER we got relegated.... I don't give a flyer how we get outta this one...fair, unfair, court, coin throw, or simply stopping the current season... I won't feel any guilt whatsoever...Because when virtually every single club in the league is r *ppin' the p*ss...Where do you point the finger?
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    Awwww nowt like worshipping a player that hasn't shown form for 3yrs. What would we do without him?!
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    whole thing is a shambles Birmingham got 9 points deduction QPR got a 10m fine paid over 10 years and a 1 window transfer ban for massively exceeding the limit if Villa are relegated nothing will happen to them. Bournemouth flouted the rules to get promoted, nothing happened to them. Leicester went bust to clear the decks got promoted and nothing happened to them
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    What a load of old codswallop. If we get relegated it'll be on merit, not because the 6 fingered gang have got face on because they haven't been able to 'visit family' during lockdown. Dirty dingles.
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    Given that we finished 3rd in the top flight, challenged for European qualification for three consecutive years and made both major cup finals in the same season, it is nothing but hindsight to suggest that the club made a mistake giving him the job in the first place. Francis came within a hair's breadth of making himself an all-time club legend. There's no denying though that when things started down the other side of the mountain that the process started accelerating. He apparently lost respect amongst a significant proportion of the squad, the fans started turning against him in large numbers, performances and results went into decline and his signings got worse and worse. Between manager and boardroom, the club squandered the position it had put itself in and within just a few years was drowning in debt with a mediocre squad.
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    If play cannot resume season will end with tables reflecting a Points Per Game - leaving Championship as it is. The EFL Board met yesterday to consider the feedback and subsequent implications of last week’s divisional Club meetings, as the League continues to address the many complex financial and operational matters resulting out of the COVID-19 crisis, including how the 2019/20 campaign is concluded. The various proposals and counter proposals received from Clubs have been reviewed and, as a result, the Board has finalised the draft framework that would be adopted into EFL Regulations, in the event that a division is to make the decision to curtail its season as League Two indicated last Friday. Clubs are now required to give the matter further consideration, before the Board formally proposes the appropriate Regulation changes, which will then be voted on by all Clubs. The recommended framework is as follows: 1. Resuming the 2019/20 season with the existing format remains the most appropriate course of action from a sporting integrity perspective, but the Board accepts there are circumstances that may lead to curtailment (as has been demonstrated with League Two) or a situation subsequently transpires whereby the season is unable to conclude. 2. This means that, in the event of an early curtailment: a. Final divisional placings should be determined on unweighted points per game (if required). b. Promotion and relegation should be retained. c. Play-Offs should be played in all circumstances but should not be extended (beyond four teams). 3. If a scenario arises whereby the Play-Offs cannot be played, the EFL Board will determine the appropriate course of action. 4. The Board considers that the majority required to curtail the 2019/20 season in any division should be 51%. Determining whether or not to curtail the season is a decision for each division to take. 5. The principle of relegation across all three divisions is integral to the integrity of the pyramid, from the Premier League down to the National League, provided we have assurances that the National League will start season 2020/21 (i.e. the relegated Club in League Two has somewhere to play). 6. Any regulatory solution should be relevant and specific to the current challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak and reach a conclusion that is clear and effective with the impact and justifications easy for all stakeholders to understand. EFL Chair, Rick Parry, said: “In the event that a divisional decision is made to curtail the 2019/20 season, the EFL Board is recommending that the League adopts the original framework with the amendments as identified, as there is a strong desire to remain as faithful as possible to the Regulations and ensure there is consistency in the approach adopted across the EFL in all divisions. “The Board has always acknowledged that a single solution to satisfy all Clubs would always be hard to find, but we are at the point now where strong, definitive action is need for the good of the League and its members.”
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    Indeed, a simple majority of 51% sets a low bar. For the majority, there is little to play for aside from the 9 at either end of the league. That leaves 15 with nothing to play for and I'd be astonished if any of the current bottom half wanted to risk a relegation scrap, Hull's leaked letter to EFL to void, perhaps indicative of how a few more may vote. Irrespective, there will be no matchday income so assume purely a loss making exercise to jump through hoops to put on pointless games in empty stadiums. Unless the EFL have many millions stashed away to compensate clubs?
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    I can't wait to potentially start next season playing behind closed doors with a big points deduction. How f**king thrilling will that be!
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    I shudder to think at the quality of players he’s looking at if January and his constant selection of Dawson and Pelupessy are anything to go by?
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    It's not like those press briefings aren't politicising it in any way - telling us how great they've been at dealing with it. Lying to get out of political holes. Some governments have dealt with the pandemic better than others - and maintained health systems over the years that are in a better shape to deal with it than others. And that performance at its heart - for better or worse - is a political thing ultimately.
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    Now you are talking. Great thighs!
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    Do I miss the Forestieri of 15/16 and some of 16/17? Yes Do I miss the 17/18, 18/19, 19/20 version - not at all.
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    I think a lot of that is to do with the fact the retire 20/30 years before very one else and suddenly have a vacuum. For olden days players they might takeon a boozer or a shop, something to have to get up for. Theses who've earnt a fortune and don't need to do anything after, while they are still quite young have time to fill. And the devil makes use for idle hands or sumat.
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