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    In other news, Prince Andrew threatens defamation lawsuit against The Athletic after being compared to Dejphon Chansiri.
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    In principle Being objective and fair - wouldn’t you feel aggrieved if your Club was relegated, whilst others having flouted the rules, maintained their status? So I understand the sentiment. However, nothing has been proved/decided yet.
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    What a load of old codswallop. If we get relegated it'll be on merit, not because the 6 fingered gang have got face on because they haven't been able to 'visit family' during lockdown. Dirty dingles.
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    Live footage of Hargreaves stirring the fans before the season recommences
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    Fairs fair? We got relegated by Palace who had been in admin....We all got f.ooked by Wolves who flouted the rules and got outta jail by ecaping through the sodding attic..Numerous clubs have burned it down, lesft creditors in the lurch and are now well above us in the sodding league...Parachute payments start AFTER we got relegated.... I don't give a flyer how we get outta this one...fair, unfair, court, coin throw, or simply stopping the current season... I won't feel any guilt whatsoever...Because when virtually every single club in the league is r *ppin' the p*ss...Where do you point the finger?
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    Yes. Don't get the hate against him. Look at what he is doing in lockdown its brilliant. Playing negative styles will never suit him but he'd be getting tied down to a new contract for me, we'll miss him when hes gone.
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    Really don’t understand people saying relegation doesn’t matter. For this club to be back in league one (especially if it was from the mismanagement of the owner) it would be a disgrace.
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    whole thing is a shambles Birmingham got 9 points deduction QPR got a 10m fine paid over 10 years and a 1 window transfer ban for massively exceeding the limit if Villa are relegated nothing will happen to them. Bournemouth flouted the rules to get promoted, nothing happened to them. Leicester went bust to clear the decks got promoted and nothing happened to them
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    “We want other clubs relegated” - Barnsley Wonder why. 😂
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    I've read some sh!t but not quite such a large pile of sh!t as this.
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    Carlton, you fool! YOU'VE FORGOTTEN THE FIRST RULE!
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    How can anyone forget, Michael Gray? Quality player. Suggest the OP is a part time owl or a pig?
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    How would you know what they were really thinking? How do you know what they felt like when they were alone? How do you know what troubles they had? You don't, because they simply would have hidden it from everyone. And I mean, everyone. Maybe they didn't have any, but maybe they did. Either way, you personally wouldn't have known about it. Mental health isn't something people talk about, because it makes them feel weak, stupid, pathetic. In a dressing room full of other testosterone driven footballers, you cannot show one ounce of weakness, otherwise you'd feel exposed. The same will have gone for the men working in the very tough steel and iron works you talk about. Or in the coal mines, but every human being has feeling and emotions, so please don't just dismiss this as a non-existant entity. My brother is an ex-professional footballer, alcoholic, gambler and drug abuser (11 years sober on all counts). He tried to commit suicide twice after leaving the game but has since gained a PhD due to his research in to mental health issues during footballers career transitions (natural retirements or early retirement through injury). I consider myself to be exceptional strong minded, but when I found out almost five years ago that my former partner, later to be my wife, had stage 4 cancer at 49, it blew my world apart. She died 39 hours after we married at Weston Park hospital - four and half months after being diagnosed. I hit the drink hard for three months and needed counselling. I probably still would if it wasn't for my new partner. I met my new partner just over 3 years ago. Her previous partner had committed suicide, as he was raped as a teenager. He was unable to deal with the consequences of that awful ordeal and was alcoholic for about 20 years of his life, before it just became too much. He couldn't turn to anyone for help as he couldn't bare to relive those experiences. His own parents dismissed what had happened and disbelieved him. He felt abandoned. He decided to end his life the day before my partners birthday, so can you imagine the impact that has on her birthday, every year, probably for the rest of her life? So please, don't dismiss mental health as something that you can just shake off within a few months or that you are not susceptible, because everyone is and at one time or another, we have all suffered from this. I am just glad that in this day and age it's not something to be ashamed of, and that people like my brother, like me and my partner, can go and talk to trained people to discuss these issue and find peace again. I'm going to end this post on a positve note to show life can turn around, if you seek help when it is needed. I became a dad for the first time in December, at 50 years of age. My son, and my partner, are the stars that light my sky and I am so grateful I have them both in my life, along with my family and friends. So mental health is something that can treated affectively and something that an individual can move away from, if you have courage and strength to say "I need help".
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    Awwww nowt like worshipping a player that hasn't shown form for 3yrs. What would we do without him?!
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    I remain fascinated by the disparity of how he is viewed by Wednesday fans as opposed to just about everyone else. I'm in full agreement with you; he was an absolutely vital part of the team and we've had no one like him since. Arguably, Kieran Lee comes closest. Every single game he must have covered the most ground and despite his ungainly appearance he was much more talented than the simple-minded gave him credit for.
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    It's weird how people think the press would bother to have a vendetta against a middle-ranking second division football club - or that they'd make loads up because Wednesday are such a major player in the football world that it will have people flocking to buy their papers.
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    The EFL won't charge us with anything, Chansiri was at Pizza Express on the day of the alleged misdemeanour.
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    Tells me hes not allowed by the rules to put anymore of his own money in
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    Agreed, the governance of football leaves a lot to be desired. Its broken - more a business now, than a sport. Needs to go back to playing the game - not win at all costs. Surprised how it has grown and grown in popularity and not eaten itself by now - how fans aren’t sick of the greed and vested interests. Don't think this current crisis will change anything either.
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    3rd in the league? Cup finals? Some our best football in our lifetimes? More fatal mistakes, please! And don't forget the circumstances in which he was appointed. Yes, things went downhill at the end, but that happens to almost all managers eventually.
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    Given that we finished 3rd in the top flight, challenged for European qualification for three consecutive years and made both major cup finals in the same season, it is nothing but hindsight to suggest that the club made a mistake giving him the job in the first place. Francis came within a hair's breadth of making himself an all-time club legend. There's no denying though that when things started down the other side of the mountain that the process started accelerating. He apparently lost respect amongst a significant proportion of the squad, the fans started turning against him in large numbers, performances and results went into decline and his signings got worse and worse. Between manager and boardroom, the club squandered the position it had put itself in and within just a few years was drowning in debt with a mediocre squad.
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    I can't believe what I'm reading here, after crap we've watched for over last 20 years there's people actually slagging Trevor Francis off, ok it went a bit pear shaped at end but this man contributed to the best Sheffield Wednesday team in my lifetime of watching us. It might have been Big Ron's team at start but he did bring in some fantastic players and had us playing fantastic football, football that almost won us the title, took us into Europe and took us to 2 cup finals beating our biggest rivals in FA Cup semi final. We were signing players who were turning down the likes of Arsenal to come and play for us. Des Walker, Chris Waddle, Chris Woods, Mark Bright, Chris Bart-Williams and not forgetting Paul Warhurst who we signed as a defender and Francis spotted his potential of being a striker, these players could walk into any other team in Premier League. How many times have we been able to say this about our players? And besides being manager let's not forget what a fantastic player Francis was for us even though it was towards end of his playing career. Even after Francis left we did reasonably well under Pleat who also had us playing some great football with signing players like Di Canio. The rot set in after Big Ron got pushed second time round and we appointed Danny Wilson who hadn't a clue how to deal with players like Di Canio and brought in players who were either not good enough or just didn't care. Are some posters just trying to wind others up to keep us interested?
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    I often think Wednesday fans will never be happy til we've got a full team of Chris O'Gradys or Akpo Sodjes
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    Half a dozen means well over 80 are sticking to the rules.
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    Technically that is correct. As is driving at 145mph and the defence barrister arguing the speed limit should have been set at 146mph.
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    Agreed. If we were to be relegated as the result of a points deduction, it would be an absolute disgrace and would be Dejphon Chansiri’s fault entirely.
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    Might not be the same faces but the same old mind set with a few two bob millionaires waiting in the wings. It's a Chimera it will all blow over ! As for promotion or relegation it matters little still love my trips to Hillsborough watching The Wednesday.
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    How can you forget his lay off to Tommy Spurr?
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    Do I miss the Forestieri of 15/16 and some of 16/17? Yes Do I miss the 17/18, 18/19, 19/20 version - not at all.
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    Missing him? He's been missing for the last two seasons.
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    The rules were brought in to protect clubs from errant owners. Since they came in, many owners have took the pisss and dig into their deep pockets to hire expensive legal guidance. Playing devils advocate I do think there is a strong argument to just let clubs and owners just spend what they want. The fallout from that will be many, many clubs going bust. And then the EFL will get the blame for that as well.
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    Bit of a timelord is old Carlton, seems to bob into one year grab a player and then take him off and put him in another squad. I like when he says Batty was the best trainer at Leeds. Forgetting the fact that he'd gone there to replace the ball winning midfielder who'd gone to Blackburn the previous summer. Or Giggs and Cantona playing in the Cup final. When one was in the Man Utd youth team and the other was at Nimes. Still, an excellent player for us. Genuinly one of the best. In fact. .some 20 odd years later we still never quite replaced him with anyone capable of doing anywhere near as good a job.
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    If the Daily Mail posted irrefutable video evidence on their website of Chansiri telling somebody that Wednesday fans were w*****rs - there are posters like Casbah who would say "Yeah, but Daily Mail" I really wish I believed in anybody as much as that.
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    Given it's unlikely that the 10 year season ticket would generate sales from people who were new customers meaning it could have adverse effects on FFP figures it suggested cashflow was possibly an issue - the same for the very early early bird. It may also be an attempt to firm up future season ticket sales but it was a strange tactic and a strange deal.
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    That side did not include Warhurst, Waddle, Walker, Bart-Williams, Bright all of which were added by Francis and enabled us to compete in the top flight for the next three seasons. Francis was far from being a disaster but like nearly all managers after a few years had gone stale and done all he could do. The time was right for him to go, but to blame him for everything that went wrong over the next few years (leading to our relegation a whole five years later when maybe only two or three of his squad were still at the club) is total and utter nonsense. Neil clearly is pursuing a vendetta based on a personal problem with him.
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    Decent free transfer was Michael Gray, added some experience to a young squad
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    We always got the line ‘ it’s big Ron’s team ‘ when Francis’s team did well , don’t people realise big Ron as good a manager as he was took big Ron’s team down . Nilsson, Pearson , king, worthington, Palmer, Sheridan and hirst went from relegated under Ron to qualifying for Europe under TF that says to me he knew what he was doing. He also bought some of the best players this club has ever had who added to what big ron and wilko had done before gave us some of the best times and football we’ve ever seen . I also believe as the game changed Francis’s connections that helped bring the likes of waddle, Walker and Petrescu to the club would have been invaluable. I will always be grateful to trev for the times and memories he gave us and thought when he left it was a case of ‘ be careful what you wish for ‘ and sadly looks like I was right , as someone said earlier we’ve had few better and many many more worse
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    Francis built on big Rons legacy and produced the best Wednesday team I have seen. For 3 seasons we were up there with the Man Utds Arsenal and Liverpool. As some have said on here we failed to build on this and sell players at peak values. I for one will remember Tricky Trev with fondness and thank him for the memories his team gave me . Sadly I doubt I will see anything like again in my lifetime.
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    As it is with Carvalhal, you cannot accept his tenure came as two halves and then pretend one of them didn't happen. If we were Manchester United, then you might have the beginnings of a case. But we're a club who has amassed precisely one major trophy in 85 years, and for most of that time we haven't been anywhere near one. Francis put us right on the brink of being the best team in the country, bar none. Yes, he (and the board) made an arse of it in the end, but "regrets" !? Only that we came so close without adding to the honours board. Even if we'd maintained that kind of status for a while, the odds are that we'd have gone back to our historic level before too long. Even at that time, the debts were starting to mount and would have caught up to us in all but the most exceptional circumstances.
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    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but things were going wrong. He was replacing good players with average players. Where as Pleat came in replaced good players with poo, and average players with poo. The rest is typical Wednesday history. So near and yet so far. Still gave me some of my best memories. Four trips to Wembley in one season. You tell the kids of today about that.
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    Our mismanagement is entirely down to arrogance and a refusal to work within the rules.
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    It’s a misleading quote really the person doesn’t actually say Chansiri doesn’t have cash. Also we’re in economic Armageddon. The EFL are faffing around financial fair play. There might not be two full divisions soon... never mind four. The entire premise is just stupid to be honest, the principals are arguable, however the football leagues shouldn’t be in the business of stopping wealthy owners injecting cash into clubs. Especially at this time. If someone wealthy wants to buy Wigan and spend £100 million living their dream so what. Couldn’t happen now. Administration with no sporting penalty needs to be re established in these uncertain times to give clubs needed flexability moving forward. FFP was designed to cripple Man City. It seems madness it’s now preventing owners keeping clubs alive in non top flight football. Football needs to revert to how normal business operate. The football creditors rule should be abolished as well. There is numerous risks in doing business on a small scale. Football needs to be radical in the current environment to survive and move forward.
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    I've not missed getting annoyed by football/FFP the EFL and all the rest of it. What a mess.
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    The season was over before it begun in Scotland. Celtic should have been crowned Champions on the first day of the season anyway.
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