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    I watched about 10 minutes of the Bundesliga - Union Berlin - Bayern Game out of interest. It might have well as been a FIFA 20 game for all it mattered. Absolutely will not be watching football in that kind of environment. Its a joke.
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    Its a tenancy. 8k is the buy in and then its 10k per year to rent it. After 5 years, if you do well, they raise the rent. You have to buy beers from the landlords - Greene King - usually at way above market rate. No way is this a viable business in the state its in. Would be different if it was a lease.
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    We're no different to any other fans. Give your all, obvious effort and win - great atmosphere. Give your all, obvious effort and lose - still get clapped off. Nesh tackles, be second to the ball and not match the opposition for determination - players will know about it.
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    The padding was to protect the ball.
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    Just don't bother, who cares?
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    I always thought Steve Banyard was very good.
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    A bit of self sacrifice and integrity in football Contrast that with the PL.
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    Nigel Clough, Wednesday legend League appearances 0.5 goals 0 League Cup appearances against Grimsby 1 goals 0 Number of games lost in his 2 appearances - 2 Thank you and good luck Nigel Clough
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    Another player like Clare who thought he was better than he was.
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    I’ve never understood this kind of comment. Do other clubs fans not expect them to play their best every match? Theres no excuse for a dismal performance, especially when it becomes the norm. It just means you aren’t good enough as a team and set of coaches.
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    I wouldn’t TBH as I think like yourself we have to stick with somebody for a period of time. I know you’re going to turn round and say why not stick with Monk? Why, because of the car crash that has happened here, happened elsewhere at other clubs he’s managed. Lowe has got respect for the way he plays the game from some of footballs top personalities, notably Klopp. You think Monk could get someone on Loan from Liverpool. I bet the only manager who stands any chance of this here is Lowe? You talk about FFP, transfer embargoes, points deductions. Didn’t Lowe manage Bury with these type of problems hovering in the background? He still got them promoted to League 1. Also we’re going to have to play the youngsters here soon, are we not? Aren’t Hunt, Waldock and Shaw, lifelong fans of the club? They will have watched Lowe here has a player in a successful side. They’ll want to play for him. But let’s stick with Monk eh.?
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    Loved him in Maverick and The Rockford Files.
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    That's the problem , a lad I used to work with one of his mates took a trouble pub on , cheap to rent so thought , see what happens . He put a lot into it , got rid of the trouble , got decent patrons back in , started doing food and it was doing well . The landlords literally trippled the rent as soon as they could . He told them he didn't mind paying more as it was doing well but he wasn't paying that much as he would be on less than the bar staff . They said take it or leave it so he left . Pub back to being boarded up earning nothing . They'd rather have nothing at all than charging a reasonable amount . Its totally bizarre to me . I've spent loads in that pub going between there the gate and travellers , this was the late eighties and early nineties though
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    Best video he's done since he covered himself in horse shìt that time
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    an anonymous £70 has taken us onto £2530 Guys - you have no idea just how gratefully received that will be by the people at the charity. They genuinely appreciate all the help they can get in a city with so many high profile charities - like Weston Park and the Childrens Hospital. Homeless people just arent seen as needy enough by many people - but we are ALL human and I can assure you all that every penny you have donated will make a difference to the most vulnerable people in our city. Thank you. I'm extremely grateful to you all
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    Havent got a clue what you are on about Sham... "At the tone Leave your name and message and I'll get back to you"....
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    Teams with nothing to play for will just go through the motions. Farce.
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    Monk deserves a chance at the club with his own staff and his own players. This will be a step in the right direction.
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    Given his time at Wednesday, linking this article to us is about as tenuous as it gets to be fair. PS: You don't know what you're doing!
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    Yep. Its got 1799 on its crest. Greene King was an independent brewer for 200 years. Now its a cash cow for corporate greed.
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    Let's not forget whilst your in you also pay: a) rates b) gas c) electric and whatever else is chucked in the pub companies then take the wee wee, it costs them nothing to run the risk is yours good luck!
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    “Following today’s decision to end the 2019/20 Premiership season and expel Heart of Midlothian Football Club from the top flight, the club would like to provide a brief update to both its fans and the wider Scottish football audience. We have stated from the outset that we don’t believe it is right that any club should be unfairly penalised because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was previously indicated that league reconstruction would not generate enough support to pass a vote between member clubs. In recent days a number of positive talks have been held with both the SPFL and member clubs and this topic is currently being revisited. Hearts will shortly submit a member’s resolution that we believe is a pragmatic solution to the issues the game currently faces and a way forward that the clubs can unite behind. It is our belief that this resolution, if supported, will provide an opportunity to avoid disproportionately disadvantaging - financially and otherwise - any club. This is possibly the final chance for our game to stand together, protect each other and not only survive but flourish in the aftermath of this terrible pandemic. Players from across all leagues have shown a desire for reconstruction and having already received support from some clubs we are hopeful that this resolution can positively progress Scottish football. As previously intimated the club has been taking legal advice throughout this process and are continuing to do so. We hope that the resolution being prepared will avoid the need to go down this route. Legal action would be both time consuming and expensive. However the cost to the club of relegation would outweigh these considerations. To our supporters, we thank you for showing patience and continuing to back the club. We will continue to fight against what we believe is an unjust outcome.” ——————————————- Not quite harsh or blunt enough from Hearts in my opinion. If it was me in charge I would be leaving reconstruction up to the SPFL to sort out and if they fail then make it clear that we take them to court. The SPFL messed us about last time with the reconstruction task force, they should sort it this time. Congrats to Celtic. I’m not bothered about the title but Hearts, Partick, Stranraer, Brora and Kelty all have an injustice to fight. I also think we should be putting an interdict in place now to prevent the SPFL from starting the following season and to stop funds being released to clubs now. That could potentially put some other clubs out of business but frankly given what’s happened now, and how most of them voted, I don’t care. There has to be consequences for actions. We are on our own, Hearts are being shafted more than any other club, fizz the lot of them and if it kills some clubs then so be it. That is on them. There is absolutely no way Hearts should be accepting this. None whatsoever
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    That’s Hearts heading to court and maybe even Rangers?
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    and on the other side was Bob Jackson and his military music to get the teams scoring.
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    The desire to get some of those goals typified how passionate and hard working he was. I love that photo of him in 2012 when the fans lift him up on the pitch. Good times 👍🏻
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    Clearing the high earners isn't leaving them sat at home on full pay if they couldn't be used by Monk and Jos, why could Bullen and Bruce use them
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    Thanks guys - as I said last night this kind of thing doesnt work without everybody pulling together Im still buzzing that we dd it The Archer Project contacted me last night - theyre amazed about how quickly we did it and I told them how supportive Owlstalkers have been She sent a few messages but these were the best Will do thank you. I’m in there again tomorrow and going to start sorting the offices. One water/smoke damaged the other heavily smoke damaged. I’m sat here reading some of the messages when people have donated on your page - makes you feel very humble. I love people they can be the most beautiful humans. And when I asked if they were ok for temporary office space she sent this I think so. The office I am normally in is mainly water damaged and we had one of those water sucker machines in ( don’t know proper name) yesterday. Most staff are on furlough so only really Tim and Jo using office space at mo. I will know more tomorrow when we take a better look. (Seh meant a pump)
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    More fast food in the area means even bigger waistlines; the Kop turnstiles will need to be widened
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    As strange as it has been I've enjoyed the weekend's Bundesliga games. I get Waddle's point but we're a long way from crowds being back. This is the fairest way for me, as long as everything is done in the safest way possible.
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    Bruce was stil wanted at Wednesday tho ! Beattie isn’t wanted at brum that’s why he is on gardening leave. Totally different situations
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    Not really the point though is it? At the end of the season yes.
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    We should give him a round of applause for his noble gesture and of course his time at Wednesday with his 2 appearances. We should also remember another Wednesday legend with 2 appearances, Dean Windass 😀 Seriously though, fair play to him for thinking of the club.
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    to be honest I don't know how most pubs survived pre covid , many what used to be heaving in 1990s early 2000s now are dead even on fri sat nights , some get the odd function ,wedding party etc what gives them a bit of cash but how they survive selling a few pints ive no idea. for them to survive now the gov would have to pay there rent/lease or something daft. there must be loads of other businesses in the area what make a fair packet on match days what is the difference between a viable business and one what cant survive . the chippies for instance they make a bomb on match days but I doubt non match days they would be that viable.
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    I agree I don't think the frenzy to want Monk out is growing, if anything the time away from the game has made this less likely. If football is to start again this season then the pressure not to want him managing another season will increase if results and performances don't pick up. If this season isn't finished I think it is a bit in limbo in terms of where the fan base stands with him. As this thread has shown, there are some who wouldn't be averse to giving him more time but not many who are absolutely convinced this is the right approach and plenty don't want to see him in charge at the start of a new season.
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    Made a real contribution in that promotion season, that goal away at Brentford was massive
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    My pub of choice coming off afters or Mornings when I worked at Achesons 73-83. Lol our press operator on B-Forming was a larger than life regular with a Beard that was even bigger. A good few of our crew would congregate in there and if we got a Saturday morning in there it would be pre match if the Owls were at home. Hope Lol is still around and doing well. Fondly remembered !
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    Playing for Wednesday cant be any different from playing for about half the other clubs in the football league
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    Bring into the mix Enterprise Inns, Punch Taverns and the Government created a mess out of dividing the big breweries up at the time. There was one thing that managed houses got and that was looked after by their respective employers - Not anymore I'm afraid
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    The only thing it makes a difference to is takes account of games in hand. No fairer way than PPG in my opinion if null and void is completely off the table as widely reported.
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    For me there isn't the structure in place at the club for any manager to be successful. Personally I think our club would benefit from having a DOF/Technical director. Someone to be the go between with DC and GM. Someone who can do a root and branch exercise on the club and design a set of fundamentals for the club to follow. Although I'm not convinced Monk is the man to take us forward however I do feel for him in some respects. Let's be honest he's inherited a bit of a sh*t show. There are clearly issues with Hutchinson and Westwood and either their influence in the dressing room or their attitude in general. Bruce may have thought sod it I need them i'll put up with their crap if it gets me the results I need in the short term. Then there is the whole FFP issue and all of the uncertainty that brings with it. Add to that and we still have a very unbalanced and bloated squad although there is light at the end of the tunnel with that as a lot of players will be leaving the club this summer.
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    Minimum £3-4m losses. We smashed that league last time and won it by 20+ points with Rangers and Hibs in it so we should get promoted. We shouldn’t be in this position though
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    Blimey, I didn’t need a reason to drink tonight, but now I’ve got one!
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    Love Bullens stints - always the same play book. 1. 'A good man has lost his job.' 2. 'The Chairman is a good man, he says I will have at least until the (PICK RANDOM CRAP TEAM) game. 3. 'I just thought Kieren and Sam could give us that bit of experience we needed.' 4. A storming win follows 5. 'The players have been great, I just told them to play with a smile, and they enjoyed that. 6. A narrow win or draw follows 7. ' I thought we were a bit leggy ,we had to battle and we did. 8. ' I can't say that I don't want the job but the Chairman is his own man. I know I have at least until the (PICK RANDOM CRAP TEAM) game. 9. A twotting against said random crap team follows 10. 'These players have let a lot of managers down. It was heartbreaking out there. All the work we did on the training pitch was for nothing, You can't legislate for that.' 11. 'You'll have to ask the Chairman. 12. 'I know the Chairman has got an appointment in mind, I'll just have to see if they want me around. In the meantime I'll prepare the players for another twonking against (INSERT RANDOM CRAP TEAM); 13. Repeat 8 months later.
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    With the kop band missing at Hillsborough, at least our home games will have an improved atmosphere!
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    There's something a bit off with Garry Monk's mouth. I can't stop staring at it.
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