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  1. I work as a turnstile operator,we have had an unexpected email from club saying we have been furloughed. Mr chansiri as kindly agreed to pay extra 20 percent. Thank you wasn't expecting anything.
  2. I am not saying this is a bad thing from the club as they didnt have to do it but we are still taking tax payers money at a time if national crisis when first team players getting full whack of an average of £1m per year. Would have much more praise if players had pay cut (after tax) so didnt have to furlough staff on tax payers expense.
  3. Sorry you have not read the law on this. The employer can seek to place employees on furlough. Categorically the employee has to agree to the change in the contract. The HMRC guidance is fairly categorically on this I suggest you read it
  4. For all of his failings in certain areas, he is still getting a lot right. This is a fine example. He just needs a proper footballing brain/panel of brains around to take care of the footballing matters.
  5. I don't think some people realise how hard the PL are lobbying the govt to resume the season They will do what it takes to get games on and for the avoidance of doubt - fans attending games is so far down their priority list it's non existent + There are so many contractual hurdles to overcome that it seems almost impossible to navigate through them all - and in that sense voiding the season seems the most logical and least troublesome And as unpalatable as that maybe it is the least worst option I think football authorities probably haven't gauged just how much they can lose supporters by playing games behind closed doors I think all fans deep down know they're being taken for a ride - ridiculous prices to watch a substandard product in generally poor facilities - but fans have sucked it up But when it's wiped in their face and demonstrated they aren't important or cared for then i can see quite a few turning their back on the game
  6. Just end the flippingseason and start a completely new season when it is safe to do so.
  7. I don't like this behind closed doors malarkey, I know it's difficult to try and finish this season but yet again the fans are last in the queue of priority.
  8. Why do you feel the need to mock this? An employee of the club simply makes a post praising the approach of his employer, what is your issue with it?
  9. I’m not comfortable about football using privilege to flout the guidance everybody else are expected to adhere to
  10. Name me another club in the top 2 divisions that have done this? If it was that easy it would have been done plain and simple. The PFA are the ones who you should be taking aim at not the Chairman
  11. Let's debunk the 2nd sentence. An employer has NO right to force any person onto furlough. It has to be agreed between the parties has a temporary alteration to the employment contract. So he could not furlough the players unilaterally
  12. Understand the sentiment but the other alternative was simply to make redundant said staff and they would get nothing. Concentrate on those that are benefiting not the players.
  13. It's absurd. People don't want to watch on TV a load of blokes they don't know playing a private game. What makes football special are the fans, the banter, the singing, the chanting, the atmosphere, the history. Otherwise why go at all, just wander into your local park and watch two pub games.
  14. Was going through some old stuff earlier and stumbled across this little gem I'd almost forgotten about. Basically, this was going to be a special Wednesday kit in the 2010/11 season. I don't think theres any harm in sharing with fellow fans as it unfortunately never happened (and never will happen) so it does no damage to share. My idea back then was that a special kit would be produced to be utilised as our 'flip' kit (clubs are allowed to have a change of kit once per season, usually used for adding a charity badge to the shirt to auction off in support of that charity) that year to celebrate the anniversary of the 1991 League Cup win. I helped design the kit with the help of the team at Genesis/Puma and some others at Wednesday. The shirt was to have the famous image of John Sheridan lifting the trophy printed into the fabric of the shirt, like a watermark (remember the old Man Utd shirt around 1997 with Old Trafford embossed in it? A bit like that... but better). For the image to be visible Wednesday would have resorted to a plain-blue shirt for one game only. The Wednesday badge on the shirt would have 'League Cup Winners - 21 April 1991' embroidered under it and had a 'locker tag' stitched to the hem with embroidered details of the game. It was planned to wear this one-off kit for the closest Saturday home game to the anniversary of the cup win (21 April 1991) and so we would have worn it against Hartlepool United on 16 April 2011. We planned, if possible, that the secret would be kept and no-one told about it - the first fans would have known was when the team came onto the pitch for the game wearing it, creating a buzz and getting people talking about it. The stadium announcer would have explained and possibly we'd have had an applause in celebration of the anniversary or something. A limited edition number of one thousand nine-hundred and ninety one (1991, get it?) replica shirts would have been produced and put on sale in the Megastore on the actual anniversary (21 April) for fans to buy if they wanted one. I can't remember if a final retail price was agreed, but I think there was talk of it being £45 (opposed to the usual £39.99 for replica kit) due to the extra expense of bespoke production and the limited nature of the kit. The 'swing ticket' on the shirt would have been bespoke and had the game details and images on, as well as a mini-bio of Sheridan himself. The match kit worn by the team for the Hartlepool game would have all been signed up and auctioned for charity. Alas though, it wasn't to be... Even though the designs were made and production was about to start when we got the go ahead we couldn't get permission to use the change of kit. Hartlepool United agreed to us changing the kit for that game, The Football League gave the go ahead... but unfortunately The FA's rules on what you can and can't have on a kit meant they couldn't give us permission to use the image. From memory, whilst a club can utilise its own badge and trademark imagery as a watermark in the design of a shirt (hence the owl used on the 'silver' Away shirt a couple of years after), other images aren't allowed. We appealed the decision and the FA Executive Board agreed to look into it (we argued our position that it fundamentally was a club image and with examples such as the earlier Man Utd/Old Trafford kit, however the rules had apparently changed since that kit was released), unfortunately they couldn't grant permission for the design and the whole thing was scrapped. :( Anyway, I thought I would share with you the idea for posterity... Thoughts?
  15. #Onthisday in 1966 #swfc beat Chelsea 2-0 in the FACup semi final in the mud at Villa Park Att. 61,321. Goals by McCalliog & Pugh. Heroics by Vic Mobley You Tube : https://youtube.com/watch?v=FDCIo0
  16. For all his faults, he’s definitely a man of honour
  17. So do we take notice of the thousands of scientists who have wasted their lives on decades of research, testing and hypotheses and frittering away millions of pounds of public money in doing so... or do the folks at the EFL really know what they are talking about? I'm looking forward to seeing the EFL picking up their well deserved Nobel Prize for Medicine.
  18. Here's one I made awhile back
  19. Someone posted on here that he'd read Bundesliga teams had estimated that 300 people would be required directly to host a game. Then of course these people go home and exponentially increase the contact indirectly to who knows how many? I've seen one study suggest that even amongst the age group of footballers, with no known underlying health conditions, the mortality rate is at something approaching 1%. So if 100 players were to become infected completing the season... You realise that planes are pressurised at altitude so the same air is being constantly recirculated? No screens in the world will prevent the virus spreading freely in that cabin. This is Donald Trump logic - the power of my will is enough to force the universe to comply with whatever I want. It's clear that scientists are unclear on so many aspects of the virus and how to combat it. The Guardian reported that coronavirus was found present on a cruise ship 17 days after passengers had disembarked, it's been widely reported that it can survive for 9 days outside the body and around 3 days on hard surfaces. I've read parts of a report published in a scientific journal which indicated that the evidence at the moment suggests it could persist in the atmosphere without a host for several hours, but the effects of temperature, humidity and lighting were still largely undetermined. Watching the rate of infection and death these last few weeks, even with many aspects of everyday life on hold, makes it incredible that someone can be so flippant and dismissive about it. My guess is that the situation will remain unaffected by your levels of irritation or selective analysis.
  20. If your going to be s know it all you got to have your facts right or you look a right plonker
  21. That’s a sweeping statement - I’m glad your here to speak on behalf of match day staff
  22. Happy to accept I’m wrong on the agreeing. Still don’t understand why some clubs have done it though. Won’t ever agree with multi millionaires using government money to pay people and being praised for doing so. Think this whole situation has shown the greed that football has become.
  23. That’s the players at fault not the Chairman though isn’t it.
  24. Without a vaccine there is no fxxxing way that there will be mass gatherings. There is no way a vaccine will be ready by next April let alone this October. Why bother saying anything?
  25. Neil Warnock is a very good manager. Makes bang average teams look very good. That’s why I’d have him here.
  26. Waddle speaks sensibly though points at obvious. Our only recruitment plan seems to be signing experienced players who already got promoted from this league on huge wages and on long term deals. It MUST change as we don't need players who were once good enough to have a go at PL football, but those that are right now or that will get there given bit more experience. Big question is, what are we paying scouts to do since we are only signing well known players ?! When will we again sign youngster from PL academy that will prove to be good enough for Premier League football like we did with Whelan and Brunt ? Antonio ? When will we again sign lower league players like Lee or JJ who will become key performers in our side ? It seems that we are happy to settle for players that will never improve, will never earn us profit or get us where we want to be. Our recruitment policy must change if we are ever to get promoted. Buying expensive players on big wages without selling to balance books will get us into constant struggle regarding FFP.
  27. Everything that's wrong with football in one post.
  28. Only problem I see with that is our team is so much worse than bang average
  29. He is a good chairman - he has got things wrong but you do see him trying to learn and improve. We are lucky to have him
  30. If the game returns behind closed doors I’ll be very disappointed, rotten to the core and absolutely NO regard for the fans , this is not an ‘effort’ to get the season done it’s an effort to make sure they can carry on lining there pockets at the top tables of the games authorities Pi55 poor
  31. Tbf I don't disagree but I suggest not conflating the issues. The key aspect is that people who would otherwise have been made redundant still get paid. So that is the main box to tick The fact that DC is using Govt money to do so - it's a bit different to Man U et al that have revenues of plus 100m just from TV DC as we know funds these players wages primarily out of his own pocket. So he is simply reducing that cash outgoing a bit - not money just sat there
  32. You stated he could furlough the players, like it’s purely down to him. Which I questioned. Then you say he’s trying to agree deferrals, which aren’t the same thing. Your posts are confusing.
  33. these are extraordinary times and extraordinary decisions have to be imposed ….whatever the powers that be decide the clubs who miss out should bite the bullet and show a bit of class and accept it like ajax have done .
  34. Millwall decide against furloughing players after concerns over training routines next
  35. If players, coaching teams, club staff etc. can be tested without taking resources away from areas where they're needed, then in theory games could go ahead. However, as soon as one person tests positive or shows symptoms, the whole league programme would grind to a halt again as final games need to be played synchronously in the interests of fairness. Of course, you've then got the issue of fans not being able to attend games, which for me is a complete no-go. Football without fans would kill the game at the lower levels and would be an insult to supporters at all levels. Even then, I'm not sure how football could safely go ahead in the current situation: there's no way that Elland Road or Anfield wouldn't be swamped by fans should their clubs be on the verge of clinching the league title that day, taking emergency services away from what they should be doing to manage and disperse the inevitable crowds. I honestly can't see a way for the game to continue any time soon.
  36. What about when we qualified for Europe with all the money that goes with it. The behaviour of English fans abroad had us banned even though our club were innocent. We had to take it on the chin and try and qualify again. These things are circumstances beyond our control and they'll just have to get on with it.
  37. yep. a bit like that David Beckham bloke was a few years ago....and Harry Kane.....being on loan is a sure sign of a bang average footballer
  38. If I was I player I'd refuse to play until it was deemed safe for everyone. Simple as that.
  39. We need to do the same and thats irrelevant of where we are in the league. Most clubs will have many out of contract players before they would be able to restart and there's no guarantee when that could happen. Call it a day, no winners, no losers and start again whenever we can.
  40. But it will alway have this next to it * * = didnt really win it, just doing well at the time
  41. Have a day off will ya How can it be Monk's fault? We can blame Monk for tactics, subs etc. but how can it be his fault if a player he didn't sign is mentally weak and isn't good enough for this level
  42. If you're stupid enough to go on the home end and then celebrate when you score. You must have an inkling that the home fans may get a tad upset.
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