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  1. Whilst the old ones are here, another question... At what age did you start having to get up 3 or 4 times a nite for a pisss?
  2. The Wednesday Tap. About 12:30 lunchtime last Saturday.
  3. If we loan him to Wigan, can we stipulate he must start against us on Tuesday.
  4. I just stay in the bog weeing and get up 3 or 4 times a night to go to bed
  5. Bloke went to the doctor for a check up... " Do you go to the toilet regularly?" Yes Doc, I go every morning at 7am... That sounds perfectly normal sir... Trouble is, I don't get out of bed until 8.
  6. It's all right, in the end he ran out of patience
  7. A special mention of thanks is surely warranted to the tv companies who this afternoon have treated us to some pure romance of the cup. I love the romance of watching man City at home to a lower league side, then being treated to watching man utd reserves, and later have the absolute pleasure of watching Liverpool's kids. Thanks. Shove yer romance bolloxxs up your arsse
  8. Much simpler times mate. No social meeja, no 3 day post mortem’s, no stultifying PC gone mad. You went to the match, had a bevy, if you had a grievance you vented your spleen in the letters section of the Green Un. You even had to use full stops, capitals and things like that. Just imagine!!!!
  9. Think about your own circumstances. Do you perform better at home with the Mrs, or when you’re playing away from home?
  10. Coming soon(ish). June 2020. Give me a follow on Twitter @ourlowestebb1 if that's your thing. Or look out for further details nearer the time. Featuring interviews with management, players, club staff and the views of hundreds of fans - it aims to rescue the era for posterity. Hopefully it'll be something that Owls fans young and old will enjoy. If nothing else, it puts today's issues in some perspective :) Cheers and UTO John Dyson
  11. I laugh whenever I hear about winter breaks If we had a winter break, clubs would take advantage and jet off to some far place to play lucrative friendlies
  12. Going on my feelings when we drew 2-2 with Liverpool ( 83 season I think) and then the buzz of going to anfield..... I will never forget that night. I would take a replay.
  13. I’m surprised he’s not hitchhiking. as he usually sticks his thumb up as something goes past him.
  14. I know this will be a tough one so here is my one and only clue ...ones a Friday night and the other one is a Saturday around 3pm ish .
  15. Think the difference then mate, was you went to watch the game, have a laugh, (all the other stuff that went on in those days) & you felt part of something. You had to stick together for the obvious reasons. Mainly though you went to watch a match. It probably wouldn't have had any bearing on anything, probably didn't really matter in the scheme of things if we won or lost, it was just another match that you attended because you did. Nowadays, everything is purely a means to an end. People brag on here that they won't go again until we are do this or do that, or are competing at the top, or until there is a better atmosphere. The whole experience is in context with getting into the Prem. If that's not happening, then it's a waste of time. Every game is seen only in the context of a 'means to an end', not as a stand alone experience, whether good or bad. Re the Kop, i've got a photo somewhere where the Kop is only populated by the 'Mob' in the middle & the rest is just about deserted.
  16. I once hitch hiked to Carlisle around 1972ish we drew 2-2 and on the way back got a lift by some bloke who asked me if I ever got the cane at school and if so did I like it ….
  17. I for one absolutely love the cups. Absolutely love em.
  18. I'd wager that just about every Shrewsbury fan given the choice of an extra 30 minutes or a replay at Anfield would have taken the replay.
  19. GREAT TIME'S When football meant some thing and it was a working class game. Not like today when Football is all about corporatiion
  20. I think if you just start with Home v Away games that probably leads you where you want to go.
  21. If palace want 25k per week for Wickham and Wigan give us 500k for Rhodes then don’t they basically cancel each other out?? If so it’s a no brainer for me
  22. Looking forward to this coming out John / Bearwood. We’re friends on Facebook and I happily wrote a few memories for you of my times actively supporting us through our ‘lowest times’. Moved to Sheffield when I was 5 in 1970 and despite living the other side of Sheffield toSWFC I chose us to support, or was I was destined to be an Owl. My badge of honour is still being on Look North filmed in our then 55,000 capacity ground, stood on our cast pretty empty Kop, in a record low crowd of 6,905 against Colchester. Still got 150+ programmes from that era. As a previous poster alluded to, some of the over entitled drama queens on Owls Talk wouldn’t have been able to handle those formative early years of supporting this Club
  23. To be fair, he's not exactly set the World alight in the A-League. Only two goals, and he's failed to start in over half of Wellington's games. He was a fine player, my favourite over the course of his time here, but it was absolutely the right time to let him go.
  24. Wednesday went into a downward vacuum after the betting scandal,Brown was a shadow of Buckingham,lacked ambition and vision,his judgement was clouded by his beliefs,he made some awfull decisions on players,he didnt have the skill to manage at the highest level. But the blame for the decline was in the boardroom,they were so far detatched from football and how it operated and what it required they just sleep walked us into oblivion,millionaires applied to be directors,but the board ALWAYS turned them down,it wasnt untill Mandaric rode up that we finally rid ourselves of the cancer that was the directors,an old boys club that took more out than they ever put in and used the club for tax rite offs and bigger pensions
  25. I'm sure West Brom would be more than happy to have their £4m signing who's featured in 21 of the 28 games they've played since he signed 'rescued' from them. I expect this to be done by lunchtime.
  26. Might have been one of the worse periods for Wednesday on the pitch but, off the pitch as a supporter was the best time I can remember, results apart the fans were fantastic, I traveled all over England with the best set of supporters ever, I hardly missed a game from 1970 to 1979 & the memories are brilliant, I will definitely be getting that book, can't wait for it. Love Wednesday, loved the 70's, I'm in my sixties now & still think about those days.
  27. Playing both semi finals at Wembley have killed it for me
  28. FA Cup Final for me when we played in the1993 final was all about kicking off at 3pm and finishing round about 5.15-5.30pm so that fans can get there safely and go home safely.Not any more,the ldiotic Kick off times for both the semi finals and the final itself,means that fans especially from the North now face getting home in the early hours of morning where there's no public transport at all.
  29. Me too....would rather win the FA Cup than get promoted
  30. Shrewsbury drew? Chuff me, turned it off at 2-0.
  31. The ending of replays smacks of elitism from the top six clubs. Stop whinging, take it seriously in the first game.
  32. when I read your post it started me off ,lol
  33. Does that mean we are due another Cakeball?
  34. When I started watching footy in 1958, the year of our founding was always given as 1866 in our programmes. Obviously it was corrected by Sept 1967 because we celebrated our centenary then with an evening 4-2 win over Fulham. It was half price and we all got a free metal lapel badge at the turnstiles. Wednesday had wanted to let everyone in for free but the FA objected. Wednesday didn't advertise the special offer and, on a dark wet night, only about 24k turned up. With Chesterfield and Notts Co being non league now, I think only Forest and Stoke were formed before us.
  35. Get yourself checked out mate, seriously. I speak from experience.
  36. I personally can't wait for the summer meltdown threads about how the kit isn't available for everyone's summer holidays.
  37. Perhaps we were all masochistic in terms of what was served up on the pitch but the football was a side show or amusingly poor - we went for the day out and as others have said it was fantastic to be part of thousands who went for the laugh, a steaming sing song and a few beers, to be part of 12000 on 3 sides of a ground that was only at capacity when Wednesday were ever in town was a sight to behold. Yes, we got mullered on the pitch but we were unbeatable off it - the stories of those away days are embedded in the very foundations of this club and are literally folklore.
  38. 24 goals in 70 appearances since he signed permanently Fantastic talent, but a bit of a mercenary and another one who was poor value over the full length of his contract
  39. A fantastic player for us and only the idiots seek to trash him.
  40. best player??? He was out for a year and a half with housemaids knee!! He was that good, he went on to play in the magnificent New Zealand league
  41. Ridiculous signing tbf... When we signed Winnall who was banging them in and on form for next to nothing, in reality I was pretty happy with that as a god solid signing for what we needed. It was insane to then blow all that money on Rhodes a few weeks later. Crackers.
  42. Less pressure on the away side. Suits the players and the way we play. Amazing vocal support. Three things we don't have at Hilsborough.
  43. If you had the b0ll0x to support this club during that time, trust me anything since has been a birthday football wise...
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