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    Dawson deserves the shirt ahead of him at the moment. Simple as that.
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    He's a solid Championship left-back who's performing well in our current setup. A new deal is a no-brainer.
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    Half the championship is up a creek without a paddle next year because of ffp. The constant points deductions reduce the competition to an even greater farce than it is, and that's just the championship. In all three divisions, we have clubs with potential point deductions. And one league missing a club. That means every final league position, will be decided in court rather than on the pitch. Utter madness.
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    I wouldn't start Nuhiu, Let Winnall tire them out first then bring Atdhe on for the last 20 minutes to go for the kill.
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    [email protected]@k me I hope we don't all exit the grounds at the same time.
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    be capital news if we can
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    From what I understand, Westwood has suffered a bruised ego.
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    Come all the way from Belfast but its a bit of an arse going to the ticket office behind the South Stand?
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    2 year extension makes sense, if we get a decent offer for him we should sell though and strike while the iron is hot. Too often we've held onto players the last few years until they are worth nothing, Forestieri the biggest example.
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    I haven't thought this through have I Torry ?..
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    Very similar statement. This is the beginning of the end of the EFL as we know it
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    A couple of “media outlets” reporting that we’ve moved to offer Fox a new deal. Quite possibly agent generated although based on his performances this season I suspect there’s genuine interest from us and outside parties. Personally, I always felt Fox got more grief than he deserved, albeit his performances were rarely better than indifferent. This season it’s a different story entirely, not only is he playing better but also his body language is different, theres more passion, more energy, more intent. What an incredible transition from favourite of the boo boys to the player we’re seeing this season. He’s rapidly building a genuine rapport with fans and he’s shown enormous strength of character to come through that. On that basis, shouldn’t he be rewarded accordingly? So, the million dollar question, are we right to renew or do we cut our losses. Would seem crazy to let him leave for free but......There’s always a chance we’re seeing a player finding that bit extra to get a new deal or an offer from another club. Deal or no deal?
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    Forestieri & Palmer - They’re back on the grass. To join in parts of the training. But they won’t really be in full training until next week. Then it’s a case, more so for Fernando who’s been out for a longer period , he will need some conditioning work to go with that. Liam hasn’t been out such a long period and will not need so much, but will still need a certain amount to the fitness and condition side of it (required to play). We assess that as we go. There’s programmes in place they’ve been following. Transfers - My Job is to try and help us progress, and as I’ve said, if there are options where we can help the squad and add to it and will contribute to it….obviously with what’s happened to Fletch that has changed that dynamic a little bit with him being out for a sustained period, of course we need to recruit in those attacking areas. But it will only be someone I feel can help us. It’s not an easy market, the loan market we’re in you have a number of clubs going for the same targets and there are a lot of things that go into it. It’s not as simple as “We’d like that player” and in he comes and away we go. Has somethings clicked? No. I think it changes week to week. I think it’s more understanding what you have to out into every single game. This is the most physically and demanding league in the world for sure. We had a good period and then a bad week. It’s the mentality to respond. So it’s not about clicking. It’s more a realisation about what we said after those 3 games regardless of tactics or performances. What our fans need to see from the team regardless of whether we win or lose. Blackburn Rovers- They were 5 unbeaten and in really good form. Then they have a bad couple of weeks. It happened to us. Going well, we had a bad week and were punished for it. So you don’t really take what’s gone on before in the other games. (there will be tactical elements of course. Similarities we look at ) You look at that period we conceded late goals. Then you look at last Saturday and it was us scoring the late goals. So we just prepare ourselves for the best Blackburn that can turn up and prepare ourselves to beat that.
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    The problem is - we don’t have a plan. the chairman’s aim is to get to the premier league - but he doesn’t have a plan. so what he did was invest a lot of money into the playing squad to fulfil his aim - but it didn’t work - and now were a loss making club without a squad capable of fulfilling his initial aim and are outside the ffp rules. so now the chairman is trying to come up with initiatives to forward sell our revenue to keep in the Ffp rules - but those options are running out - we’ve had taxis, drinks, season ticket offers, ground sale, ridiculous pay on the gate prices, daft corporate box prices , all just to keep us in the rules for the time being. all that has been done instead of formulating a sustainable plan to improve the club. we are in real danger of being a club unable to recruit, with points deducted and having already spent our gate receipts on an ageing unbalanced squad - and the only strategy is to come up with another front selling idea. its an awful approach to running our club - and all people are bothered about is when we can spend some more money to permeate the problem. a mess.
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    Same old derby copying us
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    Westwood needs to accept he was out of form. Great keeper but if he loses form he needs to work harder to get his place back when Dawson has a drop in form. Football is a cruel game and despite his great record he's only as good as his last 3 games. He's well paid and needs to look at himself to see what's wrong. Obviously a big ego which isn't a bad thing if it drives you on to improve.. Dawson is growing in stature every game
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    Everyone straight down to Ole In Road, let's give em a kicking.
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    All this because of Gibson IMO Terrible waste of time and money
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    Great servant But he must've known this would happen sooner or later - gone are the days he can walk back in and I'm glad we've got a manager who's enforcing the players on form and not favourites.
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    Can’t believe people get so irate over press conferences. Infact I can’t believe people even bother listening to them.
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    Drby have joined us in taking legal action against the EFL Derby County Football Club acknowledges receipt of an EFL notice of charges in respect of the Club’s valuation associated with the sale of Pride Park stadium in June 2018, and further in respect of the Club’s amortisation policy associated with intangible fixed assets (players). The club will strongly contest the challenge to the valuation of Pride Park stadium, as well as the newly notified charge in respect of intangible fixed asset amortisation. As a matter of law, the EFL is not entitled to bring either of the charges, having previously agreed to all of the arrangements surrounding the stadium sale and never having raised the issue of player amortisation before. The Club shall argue that the very bringing of the Charges itself is unlawful. At all times, the Club has acted transparently with the EFL in its submissions for both FFP/P&S and, in respect of the charges above, had received written approval for all of its submissions in respect of this legislation. No allegation has been raised to the contrary by the EFL. Rather, the EFL now claims that it made a “mistake.” The Stadium was valued by professional valuers immediately prior to the transaction. The transaction and valuation were discussed extensively with the EFL Executive, which asked for a relatively modest price adjustment which was accepted. The valuation report was prepared by a highly reputable and professional and independent firm, with industry experience, who had valued the stadium on two prior occasions, one in 2007, and one in 2013. The Club discussed the rationale for the stadium sale with the EFL Executive, ahead of the transaction, supplied and discussed the valuation, and bar a small adjustment in respect of its FFP/P&S submissions, the Club was given written approval. With regard to the Club’s player amortisation policy, this has been a long-term accounting policy and was again reported transparently to the EFL Executive as part of the Club’s submissions and these were again approved and signed off in writing. While the Clubaccepts the EFL’s FFP/P&S regulations are complex and open to interpretation, it is critical when such matters have been discussed and reviewed in detail, that written approval from the EFL is the only basis on which a Club can be assured it has complied. These charges by the EFL Executive bring this fundamental aspect of governance into question. The EFL now claims it made a mistake and seeks to punish the Club that relied on the EFL’s approval. Such conduct is neither lawful nor fair. Had the EFL not given the green light in writing in respect of both charges, the Club would have reacted accordingly. The Club cannot re-trace the steps of the actions it legitimately took in good faith as a result of EFL approval of both matters. The EFL can choose to correct what they now see as an error in their decisions. However, it cannot punish the Club for its own errors. The Club shall therefore vigorously contest the charges and the EFL’s legal right to bring them. The Club and all staff will be making no further comment on these matters. So many similarities, EFL agree one thing then go back on it and try to punish the club. This has got to be great for our case
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    Personally I agree with the idea of FFP but it's practical application has been a disaster. (Parachute payments apart) It did seem to have some merit when there were possible sanctions but the main focus was in helping the clubs abide by the financial plans with points deductions if they breached the agreed plan. That was what happened with Birmingham, they breached the regulations, agreed a plan to get on side and then proceeded to buy a player and breached the agreed budget. They got what they deserved. They wouldn't have been penalised if they stuck to the budget. Even then the independent panel castigated the EFL because the rules weren't clear and the points deduction was reduced. The problem then became ground sales, apparently the EFL never intended to allow that to happen but the rules as written allowed it. Clubs took the opportunity to raise money and the whole thing became a shambles. No good Parry coming in and trying to retrospectively change the rules and penalise us and Derby. That is not allowed in English law. If we had agreement to our actions in writing and EFL are trying to find a loophole to bring us to heel they are on very shakey ground. I did have my doubts if the clubs case was as sound as we were led to believe but now Derby have raised the same questions about the EFL's actions it looks like we might be on solid ground. I hope we are.
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    ive spotted a fault …..the 5th round as 16 clubs in it …..add on the 20 premier clubs and that's 36 , the 6th round would have 18 , the 7th round would have 9 then you come to the tricky bit of getting 4 semi finalists from 9 teams …...
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    You've got some bloody Gaul fella ......
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    If it's full of asterixs then the clubs should just say Obelix to it all, FFS
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    Here we go full of of accusations but nothing to back it up , goodness sakes !!!! Maybe Kieran Westwood is finished with us but he has been a brilliant keeper , can’t understand some fans thought process on here
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    No easy threads this time of year so we are taking it one post at a time.
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    Realistically, it's not in his interest to feign injury. If it carries on he definitely would not be offered a new contract next season. And if it was suspected he was coming the old soldier so as not to play, no one else would take him on either. At his age his best plan is to get fit, get picked and then convince Monk and or any other managers that he is a valuable asset in order to get another contract. So...can we please stop these pathetic conspiracy rumours, it's not doing our club any favours.
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    We should be allowed to compete on a level playing field with clubs on parachute payments.
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    Mainstay of one of the best defences in the league, already here, not expensive, decent age... why would anyone not want him to sign a new deal?
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    I agree with your mentality but it’s all about hindsight. To sell a player at the top of the game is a gamble as you don’t know if the replacement-if you can find one-will fit in and be equally as good as the player you’re selling. It also sends out the wrong message to a team striving to progress. If Bannan left today how would we feel?Would we be comforted that he’s at the top of his game? I wouldn’t. I’d want him here at Wednesday,with us benefiting from a peak performing BB. If we had a crystal ball and could see that in a couple of weeks he’d be injured or suffer a massive decline in ability then I’m sure we’d be happy enough to sell, but without the benefit of hindsight selling your top players, when you’re pushing for promotion, isn’t the way forward in my opinion. Had we sold FF when the alleged £10M bids were coming in people would have been severely upset, it would have also weakened us considerably, but with hindsight i don’t think there’s a single fan that wouldn’t have sold him even for £5M looking back. Every fan would no doubt have offloaded Fox for £200k 18 months ago, without the benefit of hindsight. Football is so unpredictable. That’s one of its charms.
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    Don’t think he is accepting anything, just outlining where we are at the moment
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    This is the moment Bannan saw the pass to Reach, the ball hadn't reached Borner yet, but Bannan could see the big picture He knew Leeds were stretched, he knew the run that Reach would make if he could get the ball quickly Not all midfield players have this vision, to some like Bannan, it comes easy, John Sheridan had this talent in abundance, and Bannan has it too It's like a second sight, knowing where colleagues are going to be at any given moment There's still an awful lot of work to be done when Bannan gets the ball, fortunately Reach has the quality to be in the right place and deliver the right pass, and Nuhiu has the quality to deliver the shot But it all started here, in the mind of Barry Bannan
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    Just had a look on Wayne Rooney's Derby County forum....they is reyt mad...They say they ain't going to sing any anti EFL songs because they say, we (Wednesday fans) will claim we sung em first.
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    A dodgy pass back from Tom 'Iniesta' Lees
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    who plays doesn't really matter its how you play …..if we play well we have enough to beat blackburn .
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    Did the same lawyer write that, that wrote ours
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    The similarities has got to lead any sensible person the question the integrity of the EFL. My main interest in this is that it makes it much more difficult for EFL to take action against us quickly. That might mean we get away without a points deduction this year. Time to go for it and get promoted out of the EFL's grasp. Sign Wickham now and pray Leeds bottle it again.
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    Reading between the lines its seems Westwood and Monk dont see things eye to eye. You have to say odds are against Westwood playing for Wednesday again.
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    Deal. 26 Rarely ,if ever, injured. Never any bother. Can also play left centre half. How much would a similar standard replacement cost? Considering we cant spend any/much money , more than we can afford. 100% should be re-signed.
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    He’s improved massively. Deserves a new deal but there needs to be better competition for his position next season.
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    Look out Duty I'll do Hornes Holmes- Cockaynes Costello -Walshes Cognac -Marples Blenky -Claymore ..
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    Any news on the transfer front Gary. No... Yep see what you mean.
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    Is the league not that strong this season because we are winning and in the top 6? Had we been stuffed every week and been in the bottom 6 would we be saying, really difficult league this season. Some good teams in it.
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    This sounds like the urban myth of the Muslim woman saying keep away from Meadowhall at Christmas..
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