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    2009. Brian Laws has just been sacked. Sean Macaulay is in temp charge before we secure the worst manager in recent history, Alan Irvine in January. A creditable 2 2 draw at home to Newcastle means our winless run stretches to 10 games. We ain't got a pot to pizz in. We of course get relegated. God we've been through some sheet. .Enjoy the relative good times fellow Owls and be kind to each other. Merry Xmas.
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    Bloody loved JJ, me. Agree with Sally that Harris is a far superior player but JJ was the only source of entertainment for a few awful seasons. Is he gonna dribble past the entire team and belt it in the top corner from 25 yards, or will he trip over his own feet before shanking it on to Herries Road? Who knows!
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    Different rules for Hillsborough...We all know why
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    Merry Christmas to you all I hope you have a good un
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    I’ll be watching ESPN+ on my 65 inch TV. I’ll basically have a life size Barry Bannan in my living room.
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    I like that we get to see your workings out, from your original thread title and the start of the post. If it was me there would have been a mucky webpage open at the top but you haven’t fallen into that trap
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    Probably Lee for me with Bannan a close 2nd. Westwood probably third too. Really surprised Nuhiu hasn’t had at least a mention. Fair enough he’s not the most talented but he’s been here since 2013. Held his own in play off chasing teams and helped out massively in seasons where we’ve battled off relegation. When people look back on this era in 20-30 years I’m sure he’ll be one of the first names people look back on fondly.
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    Christmas eve and I'm bored ! . WTF do you do for the rest of the year ?.
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    Glenn Loovens signing was the moment it all started to turn around for us, took us from relegation candidates to solid mid table to promotion contenders, brilliant captain and always made the cb next to him twice the player they usually were
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    Whose fault was it the previous 19 yrs.? Seems to me ...a good chance of play- offs this year..if not better. Which would make it 3 good chances out of 5 since he's been here. Thanks to the actions of the chairman..
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    Nearly 20m worth that defence
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    Rotherham Owls will be taking a coach
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    Infuriating to see the Spurs / Chelsea game where the two sets of supporters are separated by a few spare seats and a line of stewards. Will we ever see that at Hillsborough? No chance!
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    Liam Palmer, turned pro with us at the start of the decade Wednesday fan to boot Come on leaps and bounds season after season Absolutely brilliant to see someone here still from the youth set up. Who was the last person that lasted this long? Pressman maybe?
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    Westwood by a country mile. Fantastic servant to the club, fantastic with the fans and will do anything to help local charities. Cost nothing, lost count of how many awards he has won. His performances have been top draw for us and whilst it appears his time is coming to an end it's been an absolute privilege to have him at our club.
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    Christ, bunch of absolute Pansies in here I’m extremely confident that the days where we bottle games like this are long gone Stoke 0-2 Wednesday
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    Don't give up yet. Look at last seasons table. Still a lot of games to go and a lot of points to play for. Nobody will like playing us. We just need a bit of luck to get auto. Nothing we can do about the EFL so forget about it and see what happens. If something is outside your control there's no point worrying about it.
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    Keiran Lee for me. In the pre Chansiri days if he played well the team performed. Post Chansiri he stepped up to the increased competition for places and was integral to us getting to the play offs twice. The only midfielder we've had who could get ahead of our forwards and score often vital goals.
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    I was hoping you'd seen a good deal on a toaster.....ffs
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    Nailed on 3-0 Stoke win it is then.
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    His first season is seen as the apex of our achievement under DC, when it was meant to be the beginning. Says it all really!
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    I know we were in the Prem although struggling but we managed a 39.981 attendance against Man Ure. I can't see the day we'll get such attendances at home again. The SAG thing is embarrassing with that green line of stewards in the North stand, a large gap then the West corner empty & a handful of away fans, pathetic, do they have rocket launchers ffs. The West corner is a great view btw. They hate us don't they.
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    No.....it’s on bein 7 !
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    Modern sex toys -beyond me I got some good Owls gifts.
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    Butterfield, no question.
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    This is a very valid shout
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    Who couldn't love JJ? An absolute shining light in the dark days and was there to help us back into the light again:
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    Barry Bannan for me, not just for his performances and influence on the pitch over several seasons, but also his enthusiasm and obvious love of our club. Just look at his reaction when we score or on those post match on pitch videos. He is passionate and we are now his club.
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    Founded in the year 2021
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    I'll give you credit for Martinez, I keep forgetting he was on loan at us. God Isgrove was gash, and Melo, I remember that deadline day when DC took us over and 90% of OT wet themselves because we thought it was the former inter and juve Melo
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    I haven't got to hide from family the rest of the year
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    All had biscuit knees though, FFS
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    Alex Lopez , thought he was superb
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    My worry is lack of quality, we really missed Fletcher against Bristol City there was no focal point and should we lose him for any length of time then we are going to be seriously undermined. We need to get another quality attacker in the January window.
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    It's on the Red Button. Oh no it isn't Oh yes it is Oh no it isn't . .....it isn't. You can get it on a Mobdro channel as suggested above.
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    Coke and Lines for having the best named CM partnership going. Daryl Lachman for having a monster weapon. Chris O'Grady for playing through gangrene.
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    Leeds WILL fall apart again
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    Antonio for the late goal vs Carlisle That goal set us on course for automatic promotion
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    Bothroyd for being the most laid back , chilled , static person on the pitch ever. All others looked like they worked hard. Bothroyd made the dream of being on a football pitch accessible to all .
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    If Lee had not suffered the injuries then he would get my vote. Quality player. As it is, a throw up between Bannan and Westwood. Honorable mention to Lees too who doesn't always get the credit he deserves.
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    There might be something in that y'know. Anyone else remember United fans calling into Radio Sheffield during our Mind the Gap season complaining that Llera's skull cap gave him an unfair advantage when heading the ball? I bet they've notified the EFL about Fletcher's artifical hair as well now. 6 week ban for Forestieri coming up
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    Appreciate there is a fair bit of uncertainty surrounding us with the whole EFL thing, but the standard of our team now to back then... Yes, Chansiri's time here had brought more than its fair share of problems, but you can still see the difference his investment has made. Odd one.
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    To be fair Spurr and Beevers showed plenty of promise in their first season with us. Suffered hugely being part of such a bad side full of mercenaries. Simek was quality until that bad injury against Crystal Palace. When he came back he was never the same.
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    It's unbelievable mate. It seems to reflect every aspect of society at the moment. Everything is a 'day of reckoning' scenario with hysterical, wrist slitting outpourings. Birmingham get a points deduction and guess what, they have carried on. They haven't gone bust, their East stand hasn't been swallowed up into the dark depths of Hades. They are still being run pretty much as before. (for good or bad). I assume they still have an owner / board of directors and function as a normal club. (I suppose any club that can survive Karen Brady can survive anything). The doom & gloom merchants delight in taking the moral high ground & as seen on here earlier in this thread, regardless of which cause celebre they are currently embracing, whether it is climate change, football, or whatever; push the line that if you're not parading the latest doom scenario or prophesying imminent disaster you somehow don't give a f**k or are incapable of any "concern", or the default classic "you don't understand". In most cases we DO understand, we just don't agree with the exaggerations. Keep things in perspective, maybe try a bit of 'glass half full' thinking rather than the 'half empty' alternative & if the worst happens, get behind the club & support them when they may need it the most. Probably help a lot more in the long run than 'concern' (however well meant) & hysterical talk of "liquidation".
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    Why would anyone want to sell Westwood what happens if Dawson picks up an injury that leaves us Wildsmith who has not played a first team game in 18 months or Jones who has not played in 3 years. Lets keep Westwood where he is, try and loan out Wildsmith and push on and try and get promoted. if that does happen or the EFL scupper the plan then reassess in the summer, but there are other areas such as the strikers all out of contract in the summer that I would be focusing on rather than goal keepers. next thing we will be selling Fletcher and Bannan because they are on big wages and the wrong side of 30
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    If good offers come in for Westwood and Bannan I'd accept them, purely because of their ages. Van Aken is one we need to get rid off asap, Stobbs and maybe Preston and Kirby too. Obviously we need to add a sell on fee to any we do manage to get rid of.
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    Being a Wednesday fan is all about hope rather than expectation .
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    Take her La chambre Its not just the tables that are on all fours
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    those itk about 'modern terminology' in the workplace will know full well what the above in bold is all about. it's just more ****ing bullshit to clog things up with, it's talking *****x rather than doing anything worthwhile. shyte like that will impress someone who knows very little, whilst someone clued up will have his boot in contact with the charlatan's arse in no time. can you imagine trying to walk into Shankley, Cloughie, or Fergies office spouting that shyte?, you'd be cleaning the s***holes without a brush in less than 5 minutes.
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