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    I bet on the pigs to beat us in every derby. If we win it feels like I've paid for the win which i'd gladly do anyway. If we lose it sucks but I can buy cocaine and hire a prostitute to forget my woes.
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    We’re a club with a misconduct charge pending that’s losing over £20 million a year, with an ageing squad and a high wage bill, falling attendances and have issues with the ground and SAG that need sorting. Good luck finding a buyer if DC does want to sell. I think you have to give Monk and the players a lot of credit this year. The fact we’re currently in sixth place and the performances have been decent (in the main) is a great effort considering all the off field issues
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    To win money that's why people normally bet.
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    OK, I'm happy with the start made by GM and he speaks alot of common sense etc etc, but when defending corners why can't we please leave somebody with a bit of pace up towards the halfway line? For me the ideal candidate would be Harris. Not a great defender of a high ball, but, fast, capable of beating a man, and got a good shot on him. At times against Brentford there was every player on the pitch less than 25 yards from our goal line with the exception of their keeper who was stood just inside his own half ! That means they virtually had 9 men in a goal scoring position, being marked by 10 + Dawson. Leave Harris up, their keeper drops back to his goal, they bring 2 men back to mark him and that leaves us marking 7 with 9 + Dawson. Defensively the odds are better; when the ball comes out we have someone challenging for it which at the very least buys or defence time to get organised before it comes back in, and there's always the chance of a breakaway goal. I know alot of teams defend a corner with 11 but I just can't see the advantage - but that's probably why I'm sat in the North rather than in the dugout,
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    You do realise betting on something doesn't mean you want it to happen right? Nor will it make it happen, It just makes you richer if it does. Leave emotion at the door if you're gonna gamble.
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    My nan always said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all and for that reason I'm staying tight lipped .
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    quite distressing opening that little square brown envelope and only finding £17,000 in there for a hard week's graft.
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    Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Harris Bannan Hutchinson Reach Rhodes Fletcher
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    Is that kid having a feel at his mum's clout.
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    Shocked me how many in this thread think otherwise. We’ve got an aging team and will recoup nothing on the players that have cost us a fortune. How will we fund a new side next year under FFP restrictions? Now compare that to Brentford’s approach. Its alright calling Brentford tinpot but so are Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley and the pigs. All of whom are miles ahead of us.
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    Far more reliable sources of football news online without paying the Scum for the privilege. Ladybird books for under 5's are easy to read and will probably give you more facts than that rag.
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    My thoughts exactly. And do you know the thing that really tears me up - Knowing that the Club is doing it’s upmost to not attract the fans of tomorrow. How stupid is this concept. We will lose support to Sheff Utd. You’ve got a progressive Club across the other side of the city. A club that is in the Premier League and charges very fair ticket prices and is getting good healthy attendances. I have no doubt that if we continue to charge through the nose for match day tickets, we will lose out on future fans in the local area.
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    I prefer Moses honestly. Better athlete and offers more going forward. Neither are great defensively.
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    Have never and will never bet against Wednesday. Just wrong.
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    Absolutely nailed it mate.. We could lose a whole generation of fans here if the club isn't careful
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    Whatever happened to the Daily Sport. Excellent read.
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    He was MotM against Charlton
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    With Uber surges and City taxis nowhere to be seen, try D-Taxis
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    One of the major drawbacks of being a football club with a "philosophy" is your fans end up becoming pretentious d!ckheads.
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    I think the rules are the same for everyone .
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    Thought he was pretty good today, blatant error for the corner they scored from aside. He set his stall out early by allowing a pretty robust challenge, let the game flow consistently and didn't give free kicks for people being blown on or looked at funny. 8.5/10. Would use again.
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    I'm in no rush for DC to leave us TBH. I acknowledge mistakes, but appreciate unprecedented investment (whether some speculate if spent wisely or not) and genuinely believe he has the best intentions of the club at heart. I also remember the likes of Dave Richards, Dave Allen etc along with tyre pickers like Geoff Sheard and that chancer from Azerbaijan the last time we were for sale.
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    Only paper I would buy is the Sun. Easy to read, good for football, fairly cheap. Can get more highbrow stuff from other sources. Really don’t get the snobbery on here.
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    I’ve never hid how I disagree with the majority of things during his ownership , I think he’s set us back years . But that’s been done to death so another criticise the owner thread isn’t needed . for me I’d love to see somebody new in , I think it’s in the best interests of everybody . With all currently going on , can’t see it .
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    Ironically, everything thats happened makes you realise what a good buy we were at the original sale price. In many respects a blank canvass. For me, its not impossible to imagine that parties are keeping tabs on our status. From DC's perspective after 4+ years he has already reached a point where it is incredibly unlikely he'll recover even a fraction of what he's spent through any means other than a sale. Now, if someone gave him a chance to recover a part of that, maybe he'd take it. The fact that many of us believe DC to be a good bloke does make this harder to be critical but we shouldn't allow it to cloud our judgement. I don't recall the alternative to DC being Allen?? But, if the point you are making is would we prefer DC to someone like Allen I'd say it's almost academic if both lead you to failure and discord. Admittedly, we are some considerable way of Allen levels of fan distress.... It's fair to say hindsight is a wonderful thing, mistakes were always going to be made. I think what annoys me personally is that lessons don't seem to be learnt, advice is either not sought or ignored and there has been absolutely no evidence of the short, medium and long term planning DC would often refer to. In relation to the EFL dispute, the truth will lie as it always does somewhere between both parties version of events, lets just reserve judgement and hope the documentary evidence points in our favour.
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    and..If you reckon Nuhiu is the worst player ever to play for us...You haven't fookin' followed us for long enough to deserve a bloody opinion on it
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    Can I just say as an observation .... Harris has got a great pair of Didds too ...
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    Basically the same sort of stuff what gets said on here every time we lose.
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    I've seen many worse than him pal in 53 years
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    Only for someone who’s already spent £50 on a membership. To anyone outside the 22k home fans that are currently going, it was £30 for a seat on the kop. When tickets are priced on the south stand against Leeds at £46, Swansea at £43 and Brentford at £36, how many are the club actually forecasting us to sell on there?
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    Yeah. I think he needs a rest anyway. He's been off it a bit the last two or three games. Give luongo and Lee a run out in the middle.
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    Forest will be a much tougher test than Derby. We need to go to Derby looking for a win - get at them from the off. See how we look, squad wise, after Wednesday. 4 points from the next 2 would be fantastic.
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    well done for rectalfying that
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    45′ 1st Half Half time It's all square at the break 0-0 Sounds like a close game But I reckon we're just edging it on goal kicks
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    Completely agree with this. There's potential for Moses to be significantly better than Palmer given their histories, and giving him a run in the team seems the best way try to realise that potential.
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    You eliminated Elev8 when you used the c word ........"company"
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    Said this before but we won’t score enough goals playing one up front when the wide forwards are Reach, Harris and Murphy. So need to play 2 up FF can’t play in a front two, doesn’t work. Fletcher is a shoo in and the most effective striker we have. Nuhui isn’t someone you want to play every game as he doesn’t score. So that means Rhodes or Winnall.. I’d play Rhodes alongside Fletcher because although his record for us is poor, he’s mostly been played with an unsuitable partner or on his own. Can’t remember too many games alongside Fletcher and the second half was much better yesterday Has he been a poor value for money signing? Obviously. But given our current predicament means we probably won’t be able to bring in a replacement we go with what we’ve got. If he can get some confidence and fitness back then it might work.. we won’t score enough goals for top 6 with any other combinations so nothing to lose
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    The mind boggles as to what a didd is. Fair play to all the people coming out in this thread.
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    Exactly this. 100% agree. Quite frankly, us non-season ticket holders are getting well and truly fleeced. Ive been to one home game this season and that was against Swansea. My ticket was £43. What a criminal price, particularly so considering the opposition. I couldn’t stop thinking about how exploited I felt. So much so, I haven’t gone to any home games since. And I honestly can’t see myself going again this season.
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    Membership is overpriced. For me it was either my ST or nowt
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    They played some nice football but a lot of it going nowhere, I can't recall Dawson having many saves to make. I bet they've not mentioned fact that corner they scored from should have been a goal kick.
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    And the amount of arm waving is getting ridiculous In the first half, 2 of their players were holding Atdhe, he was clearly getting fouled, yet Bannan ran 20 yards to give him a rollocking. I just spilt some coffee on the kitchen table and fully expected to turn round and see Bannan windmilling at me
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