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    Let's get behind the guy and give him support. He needs a transfer window or two. The chap has inherited a squad of ageing players, needs his own backroom staff. I think he wants to belong and become a true Wednesday Manager. Let's give him support and time to develop.
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    Some decent crosses, last ditch tackles, good block tackles and that fantastic forward run. I know Iorfa has run away with the MoM vote on here but I think Fox was our best player.
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    Not denying Foxs fault in their goal but the way Bannan reacted as captain after was pathetic. Fox clearly was upset at the goal but Bannan was shouting at him and waving his arms around like a 12 year old. Taking a teammate down in front of the fans on the North especially when you are captain is not leadership. Bannan then made 2 errors far worse than Fox's but was lucky that they didn't capitalise.
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    I've seen enough to give him time. Christ he's not had any opportunities to bring in his own players yet. We need to give him at least until next xmas before we can really judge him.
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    Iorfa was man of the match by a mile last night. However, Morgan fox has improved so much since he came to the club. Given the dogs abuse he has had to endure, fair play to the lad!
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    Bannan is a gobshite at times. Nothing wrong with giving people a b0ll0cking but he often does it after he's made the mistake. Westwood does the same. Leadership is a skill some people have, we are short of that type of player. It doesn't come from being a great player yourself, having a gob on you or being hard, it's instinctively knowing when someone needs a pat on the back, a quiet word or a serious talking to. A slagging off infront of 20,000 people rarely works. Borner is the nearest I can think of in our currrent team who might make a good captain, enthusiasic, supportive, a warrior and always got a smile on his face. Give him the rest of the season to settle in and he might be the man.
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    Perhaps the noise from the crowd prevented him from hearing the call.
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    Theyre nothing like the same. We’ve been nothing but supportive with Forestieri. More recently backing him through criminal proceedings and then an FA charge Hes had it all here, throws toys out and a refused to play and gets a new contract. Arm around his shoulder, big public praise but he still struts round pitch with face on. I don’t doubt his ability but players with his kind of attitude are a cancer on clubs like ours. I’ve supporters him for long enough, done with him now, patience totally gone.
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    So BB confirms what I posted in the other thread. He’s a good player but a big fuckingbaby. Ever since he did the bike stunt and turned out his pockets which gullible fans fell for because Fletcher got a car as part of his signing on fee I’ve felt the same. He’s good but not that fuckinggood. Needs to grow up, tow the line and prove it.
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    IMHO it is a sign of how far we have fallen in the last 2-3 years that Palmer and Fox, who , most on here were saying three years ago were not good enough as BACK UP full backs are now first choice. They may have improved slightly, but they aint improved THAT much.
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    That run where he pointed ... If his shirt had a breast pocket with a packet of 20 Bensons.. it would have been "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Johan Cruyff".. Most improved player we have at the moment.
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    Monk not done owt wrong... we are playing good football at times. Need to be more clinical and bit more luck. That’s not Monks fault. Players are doing their job. Organised. If someone not quite in their game he subs them or drops them. Got to be more to it with Forestieri than being said but we prob never know. as said above he hasn’t had chance to sign a single player yet and working with back room staff he didn’t know.
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    Bannan was an absolute imposter last night. Shouting and moaning at everyone yet skulking away when he dropped a b0llack (of which there were a few). He spent most of the second half hiding when he Lee went off because he couldn't be bothered to do any work. Luongo ran his blood to water and was carrying Bannan after the Lee substitution. Bannan barely got out of the centre circle and he isn't happy unless he's spraying wonder balls left and right. I was really really disappointed in him last night and for the first time I thought we might have been better without him.
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    Perhaps he does want to play but is getting fecked off of being overlooked in a team that is crying out for him.
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    Still our best striker by a country mile though
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    He’s a target man, not a finisher. So is Nuhui who is also much maligned because of his ‘expected’ conversion rate. They are both big lumps up front who can hit a decent shot now and again. Be a good season if a target man gets 10 goals a year...Fletch has 6 so far. In the 80s, McCulloch was the big man up front with Bannister playing off him and bagging 20 goals a season. Andy Mc got around 10 goals alongside Banno but provided the balls For him and others to run onto and/ or finish. Unless you have an £80M all rounder up front on his own, like Lewandowski, then the expectation is unrealistic. The problem is the managers tactics, not necessarily the player.
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    Don't know whether he has been treated fairly or unfairly but last night he would have been down the tunnel if I had been Monk. Told him he was coming on,Weaver whistled him twice down the line and Forestieri ignored him. Then Bullen was shouting him and you could see he also was being ignored, One of the subs had to go down the line to tell him and then he spent a good 3 mins messing about changing shorts ,shirt etc. If he doesn't want to play he should not be on the bench. Get rid.
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    Sounded like a good night - Tony Kay in the wars - salute to hat-trick hero - Gerry Young.
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    Whats the point of comparing him with Bruce?..You may as well compare him with Atkinson or Catterick..Whats your answer? Sack Monk ..and then what? Its all fine sayin' tat like f.ookin' Mourinhio would be better...its all fine saying "if we had better players"...Not happening, doesn't f.ookin' exist..Its beyond stupid... are we going to give EVERY incumbent a few months then say..."Nah..he's not Alf Ramsey..he can f.ook off"? Apart from it costing money we don't have...It serves no useful purpose than having a sodding "Bleat" on here.. You can't simply sack a bloke who hasn't even had time to pick ONE player of his own
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    who the **** do we think we could get IF monk went? we've an aging side, built for lightweight football, in need of a damn near total rebuild, it couldn't get promoted in it's pomp, we've got Christ knows how much of an embargo hanging over us, along with who knows what additional punishment, loss of points/relegation etc. WANTED! manager to rebuild team, got 5 bob and a blackies egg to spend (IF the league allow it). I bet managers would be kicking the door down for the job... some on here, really.
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    Dawson - 7 - Quiet game. No chance with the goal. Dealt with everything else with ease and confidence. Odubajo - 6 - Some good, some indifferent. Defended alright, his pace got him out of a few sticky situations. Generally, his possession play wasn't great, but great effort in the first half. Iorfa - 8 - Man of the Match - Superb. Loving the amount of confidence he's playing with at the minute. The way he's bringing the ball out of defence is something we really need to exploit. Borner - 6 - He plays aggressively, and looks to nip in front of attackers, but he got it wrong on a couple of occasions, and ultimately cost him a yellow card. Fox - 7 - Had a lot of the ball, especially in the 2nd half when Forestieri moved out wide. Got caught out for the goal, but he wasn't the only one guilty during that phase of play. Bannan - 6 - As always, he's our main creative line, and he provided a large amount of the impetus. Just felt, generally, he was a little sloppy with the ball at times. Lee - 7 - Thought he was the best player on the pitch before he was inexplicably substituted. Looked like the Lee of old...drifting in between lines, exploiting space, and was unfortunate not to score in the 1st half. We lost total control of the midfield for about 15 minutes after he went off, and had Birmingham been better, and more ambitious, they could've killed the game off. Luongo - 6 - Thought he had a very good 1st half, and both he and Lee provided good options from midfield (I can see them working within a three). However, 2nd half, he looked leggy and off it...whether it was tiredness or just that fact he struggled with the change in shape, I don't know. Reach - 4 - It seems, every time he get himself back into the side, he performs like a buffoon. Should've been dragged off when Forestieri was introduced. Harris - 6 - Not his best game. Bit wasteful at times, but scored a good goal. With Forestieri impressing, he's going to have to up his game. Be interesting to see if Monk shifts him across to the right hand side to accommodate FF. Fletcher - 6 - He brings to the side a consistency. You know what you're going to get with him...he'll battled away, chase lost causes, link up play...but he won't score an abundance of goals. It's an issue. Lees - 6 - Caught cold when introduced at half time. Dragged out of position for the goal, leaving a huge void in behind him. But felt he dealt with Jutkiewiez very well when he came on. Forestieri - 7 - Provided a spark. He's something we haven't got, and on football reason alone...has to play. Although I felt he lacked quality and composure, the fact that he looked to drive towards goal from wide areas provided oceans of space for Fox, and made us really dominant in central areas. He needs to smarten himself up (I personally think he's already got more than half an eye on his next destination)...if he does, he could be the difference. Unfortunately, I just don't think he'll provide it. Hope I'm wrong. Nuhiu - 6 - Did well. Linked up nicely with FF. Overall... It was a game we should've won...but much of the same issues keep holding us back. That said, I thought the trio of Bannan, Luongo and Lee offered some positives, especially the movement and licence to get forward both Lee and Luongo were given. The introduction of Forestieri showed us a glimpse of how we could function if we got him playing week in, week out. He HAS to play as a wide forward...he creates space, is a real goal threat and is really difficult to pick up. The amount of space Fox was awarded when FF moved out left was ridiculous. We dominated the game for 70 minutes. In the 1st half we controlled the game without really doing enough to stretch and worry Birmingham. We lost our way for 20 minutes after Birmingham's goal when Lee was taken off and FF went up front. But once Nuhiu came on, and we went to a 4-2-4, we finished the game really strongly.
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    Monk's not daft, he's an experienced manager at this level, has been here 3 months, there's a reason he's not starting this thread is related to his attitude, I thought his attitude on Wednesday and in other games when he's been benched has been very poor, then Bannan comes out with that.... there's the evidence! If he wants to get back in the team then it's simple, stop sulking and show the same attitude as everyone else and you'll play! No questioning his ability or even his performances this season, he's been good since he come back from his ban but it's in his hands if he really wants to play for us
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    The whole Forestieri situation essentially started the day he refused to get on that team bus to play against Norwich. He should have been sold then. Instead DC rewarded his petulant behaviour by giving him another contract with more money. That's where all these problems stem from. Now onto present day, you can kind of see how these circumstances arise. Not good to see a player (Bazza) come out with stuff like this. It should really be coming from the manager if at all. Bannan's own form hasn't been particularly great this season. I guess his position at the club makes him exempt from any scrutiny. I think it is dangerous territory for another player to come out and blast another player. No togetherness whatsoever. We are seeing more and more examples of this recently, Westwood on Palmer and Bazza blasting Fox. It seems to me, more and more players are turning on each other with each passing week, when they should be fighting alongside each other. It is Monk's job to bring this group together, it is also his job to get the best out of each player. Two things which I am not seeing right now.
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    Tom Lees is too quiet, he should be encouraging, directing other players, keeping their heads up and generally doing captain stuff. Bannan is too noisy because it's the wrong noise. He berates people after a mistake, often after he's made the mistake. Basically gobbing off and belittling people. Shouting encouragement and advice is what's needed. At times it looks like we've got 2 teams out there. On that is dominant of some of our players and some who are just there to be shouted at and abused. What we need is a team where they all help one another and cover each other when they make mistakes. We've got decent individuals but no team. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like plenty of others on OT think the same. Not much Monk can do about it until we can shift some out and bring in some new players.. That nucleus of failure we've had fot the last 4 or so years needs breaking up.
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    And now it's got to the point where we're unhappy with Bannan. This feels like when we all boo'd Sheridan to the bench. Yes, he's probably too fiery and passionate to be a leader of modern men but to use this one example and stretch that to fit the feeling that we're better without him is pushing it. I understand our collective patience is wearing thin with the lack of wins but he's still pretty much up there with the best in the division. Most pundits/ managers on the TV seem to think so whenever we're on. And I'd much rather he was on our side than on Brum's last night. Or anyone else's. No one's irreplaceable but I think he's such an emotional player he reacts to the game like a fan. I'd defo like to see Borner have a go at the captaincy though. Leave Bannan to get on with doing what he does best.
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    We can't worry about the EFL side of it. If the EFL f3ck us over then we and the players need to use it as motivation. Fans want too see us win games. Eventually they won't be able to f3ck us over anymore if we keep on getting it right on the field. Birmingham went through it last season, under Monk. They appear to have come out of it a stronger team. Monk has a point to prove. It will come good in the end I'm sure, because if they strike us down we'll become more powerful than they can imagine...
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    Someone shafts you, you have every right to have nothing to do with them if you choose not to. Don't see the fuss myself.
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    I could hear the players last night too.... They were talking about some sadcunt who trolls on his rival’s website and posts like a 6 year old. No doubt Saturday they’ll be having a laugh about he can’t spell SIX.
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    Harsh. He is a quality player but he just needs to concentrate on his own game and stop rollicking everyone else.
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    Sorry nearly spat my drink all over. Immune from Criticism? I don't think Fox has ever been immune from criticism, his entire Wednesday career he has been criticised except October this season. Bannan made countless errors last night, no one was screaming at him. Maybe Barry needs to look at his own game before shouting at everyone else. I love Bannan, but he ain't a captain, give it Borner.
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    Bannan is never captain material in a million years. Should be one of the last players on list to be captain.
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    He was one of the last off the pitch during warm up. Ran his little fat legs off when he came on and made a massive difference. But yeah let's criticise his attitude when he's not being picked in the 11
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    Hooper would probably be out injured and doing his rehab on a golf course somewhere abroad, I'm glad we didn't offer him a new deal as he didn't deserve one.
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    I'd hate to see it when you turn against him
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    TBF i have seen more "hate" (or criticism for anyone over 25) in the Bannan and Forestieri threads this week
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    our fans have an obsession... See somthing another club are doing and then find out we aren't doing it. Instantly decide to take a swipe at the club. Black Friday is a load of crap and reducing some stock for a day will make damn all difference.
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    If "Little Jimmy Krankie" has her way you still will be.
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    Fùck him. He was dead to me the second the refused to travel to Norwich.
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    Listen if someone dose you wrong, a real wrong, you don't just forgive and forget. Most men would have melted away under the pressure of it and shook the guys hand but Monk stuck to his guns and I respect that. It's obviously somthing to do with the way he lost the job there, maybe he feels Pep talked to chairman behind his back who knows
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    I’ve played and watched plenty of football over the years and will continue to do so thanks very much. Bannan is certainly a tidy footballer, but I’m now coming round to the view that he is part of the problem in the middle of the park. I think we need more energy and drive than Bannan has to offer - he lacks physicality and can’t tackle. He sees a lot of the ball but doesn’t create enough for me, and his goal scoring record is poor. I’ve no doubt he’s one of our better players, but I don’t believe he has the qualities to get us out of the Championship and I’d be tempted to sell in the summer. If Bannan is as good as you think he is there should be no shortage of offers.
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    He’s short, he’s a bit ginger, he’s had a hair transplant that didn’t work, he believes his own hype and to cap it all .... he’s Scottish and he can’t get in the Scottish football team !.... you’d be a bit irritable wouldn’t you.
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    Don't get me wrong I love Bannan but he does it nearly every game, not just Fox, it's the same with Palmer and Pelupessy. Considering Bannan's form and his suicidal attempted header back to Dawson last night he should probably wind his neck in a bit.
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    If I was fox I’d suggest him venturing over the half way line then maybe there wouldn’t be as much to defend
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    Striker, Forward, whatever He's our focal point If he's just there to bring other players into the game, then we're struggling because he doesn't win that much in the air, watch the recent WBA game If he's there just to stop the opposition centre back from getting a free header, then that's not working either Whatever label you want to put on him, it's not working He doesn't create enough openings for other players, and he doesn't score enough himself We are a team lacking in goals We need our focal point to lead the way, but his conversion rate is nowhere near good enough We need to find a goalscorer, you can call him striker if you want, or forward if that's your thing Fact is, our striker/forward will not fire us into the top 6 We need to find one that will
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    Not a striker, he’s a ‘forward’. Needs a striker playing off him. Fletcher is the battering ram; bit pointless kicking the door down if you don’t actually send anyone through it.
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    Thats because to play 442 you need two very good strikers and two all round midfielders who can tackle and play. We have neither of those.
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    He is decent at this level but he has never been a prolific striker, couple this with the fact he is getting older and plays week out week in as a lone striker and everything points to one answer, HE IS GOING TO SCORE LOADS OF GOAL. The team is crying out for Fletcher/Fessi Fletcher/Rhodes Dave/Fessi Dave/Rhodes Fletcher/Winnall Dave/Winnall. We need to play with 2 strikers and Monk needs to stop shoehorning players into a formation that doesn't allow for 2 strikers.
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