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    Fitness- Everyone is fit except Wildsmith but he's back out on the training pitch too. Credit the medical team. We have a full squad. That's good. Perfect timing. Tough decisions. Centre half- The good thing is it's perfect timing to have a clean bill of health as we approach the busiest time of the season. These next two or three months are hectic and I said before the international break everyone is going to have to be ready for when called upon. Bodes well for the coming period. Liam Shaw Loan - They come through the academy and unless you're an exceptional talent coming straight in to the first team and playing 30 ,40 games, which is rare, especially if you look at the Championship, maybe less in the Premier but in the Championship it's a lot more difficult because of the demands of the league physically. Young players come through and 23's football isn't quite enough but they're not quite ready for the first team they're in that in-between bit so it's great they can go out and get experience and , proper football, mens football, and playing in a team where you have to play to win. EFL - It's a surprise. The communication between the club and the EFL has been really good. I don't think anyone saw this coming. The charges are a surprise. The strangeness is that the EFL ratified and agreed to everything. But that's a club issue. It doesn't affect my daily training. West Brom - They're the best team in the league so far. They have huge quality in their squad. Their manager has come in and done a great job. But these are the challenges , but the players are looking forward to it judging by the two weeks we've just had together. Every team feels they can beat every other team on the day. It's doable , that's how we view it. We focus on ourselves! We fear no one! Conceding late - Frustrating of course, we want to win, but that's football. It happens, we work on things we can work on. The Game management for example. Situations. We've gone through that. Those periods. IT's not so much things you can work on tactically, the state of the game , the last 15 is emotional, you can't recreate 30,000 people and the atmosphere in training. But you can show the players visually and try and show the players what to do and we've done that work, plus more. It's been a great period. I can't wait to get into this next tough period . It'll be a tough one, but we have that mentality, we'll come out fighting hard. Doom - What's the mood been like? Great! We've done a lot of work. We spend a lot of time with each other. You need a positive atmosphere to do well, we're always going to have stones thrown at us or whatever you want to call it. Hurdles. We stick together,y'know. We have to have the mentality and we've done really good, hard work in the International period. We're very positive. Doom - Oh... erm..how happy have you been? Me? Really happy. Really good. It's been a brilliant couple of weeks. Defensively there's things we need to get better at we've looked at those. We've worked on the offensives side of it. The application has been really good. The proof is in the games of course, but it's been a good two weeks on the training pitch but we're itching to get back into playing games. Doom - Coming back to (the more depressing) EFL charges, how confident are you that the players won't become distracted by it? The reality is it doesn't directly affect how we train every day. We approach games to win matches and that's what we focus on that's what we've seen in the mentality in the International break. Club, fans players we come out playing. We just focus on that. We're really positive. Doom - Mmmm --------------------------------------- West Brom - V - Wednesday Saturday 23rd November 15:00 Kick off The Hawthorns ---------------------------------------- West Brom take on Sheffield Wednesday minus midfielders Jake Livermore and Romaine Sawyers, whose bookings in the 1-0 win at Hull took both to five - and earned them an automatic one-game ban. Owls old boy Chris Brunt, Gareth Barry, Rekeem Harper and Filip Krovinovic are all in contention to plug the two gaps. Barry, Brunt, Kieran Gibbs and Chris Willock all stepped up their match fitness in the Baggies reserves' 4-0 Central League Cup midweek win over Port Vale, while Albion also have the option of redeploying Ahmed Hegazi or Semi Ajayi. Wednesday manager Garry Monk has a fully-fit squad to choose from to face the Championship leaders. Midfielder Massimo Luongo is available after missing three league matches. The Owls have not won in three games since Luongo limped out of the 1-0 home victory over Stoke on 22 October, in which he scored the winner, and have dropped from third to eighth in the table, now eight points behind table-topping Albion. Kosovo striker Atdhe Nuhiu and Scotland defender Liam Palmer, though, are fit to play following international duty. ---------------------------------------- POSSIBLE LINE UPS WEST BROM ------------ Johnstone Furlong Ajayi Bartley Townsend Krovinovic Brunt Phillips Pereira Diangana Austin --------------------------------------- SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY ------------ Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Hutchinson Reach Lee Bannan Harris Fletcher ---------------------------------------- COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Sucker punch aside, I enjoyed watching that. We were more aggressive, more positive and although we only mustered a couple of shots on target I though we looked quite dangerous at times. I thought Monk dropped two balls by starting Palmer and Harris, neither had really justified their selection I can understand when Monk didn’t make the final change 10-15 mins earlier. The game was so finely balanced that he needed to hold one back...still want to see FF starting though. Referee let a bunch of stuff go which helped the game, but thought he was a little more in our favour than theirs. Still haven’t beaten a good side all season.
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    Just having a Bacon, egg & sausage then I'm off to catch the rattler to Brum. Come on you blue and white wizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddddddsssssssssss!!!!
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    Don't worry about me lads. I'm still about. He thought I'd got a bit above my station. Not sure why, I only copied and pasted the team news off the BBC for him. But there we go. He's the boss so that's that. Don't fret about me, I won't vanish full stop, I'm still here, somewhere, lurking around the back of the twisted mind of the Hargreaves fella. Like most of us are. Invented and then left to our own devices. It's a bit like Pinocchio really isn't it? Hargreaves fashions us all but then we become real. Who knows, maybe some posters are real. Are you real? It's hard to know. But it's not a bad life here in Snoot Town. I can't complain too much, I've got Friday nights off now too. Back in the darts team after a 3 year absence. I'm sure he'll be back on the blower as soon as results start going south. Anyway, must dash. Mrs Wankskill at the Navvies Arms has asked me to nip over and give her pipes a good clean out.
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    From 56 years ago. Alan Finney x 2 Colin Dobson x 2 and a wonder goal by David (Bronco) Layne. A superb performance from Dobson who created Laynes goal in super fashion keepy uppy with a series of overhead kicks as Layne raced in from 40 yards out. The timing of Dobson was fabulous as he timed his lob into the box. Layne met the ball diving header style with his nose close to the ground about 15 yards out and crashed his unstoppable header to the left side of the net. But this wasn't West Brom, it was Wolves and it was exactly one day after Kennedy was shot. It was upsetting because not long before we thought we were all going to die in a nuclear war, but Kennedy and khruschev got their heads together. The Cuba crisis was dissipated and the cold war began to cool. Wednesday 5-0 Wolves.
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    We just gave West Brom a game at their place and deserved at least a point. Still, let the drama commence.
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    Past it keeper , no goal scorers and a midfield that need upgrading several years ago . Dropping to where we belong , average mid table side
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    Right let's stop saying we'd be happy with a draw (me included). If we are serious about getting out of this rubbish league, we need an winning mentality from everyone, fans included. Come on Wednesday - 3 points !!!!!
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    This is a good test for the players. WBA will be up there come the end; a good team who probably expect promotion. I'd like to think we can compete and perhaps get a result - we'd all take a draw if we're honest. I hope the players use the club's misconduct charge as an extra incentive and not a distraction. Hope this brings them together and creates a team spirit of resistance. No more last minute capitulations please.
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    Indeed. Which is exactly why this is early
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    Thought Murphy and Harris played well today, playing FF and Luongo changes the game plan a bit... Might work, might not. Having said that Luongo definitely brings something to the game and we know what FF is like on his day?
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    How exactly is that Westwood’s fault? Palmer all day long! Are you Dawson’s brother or sommat??
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    Stop with the overly emotional threads every week @TodwickOwl Your at it every Saturday
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    Every single game . It’s pathetic . If the club hadn’t been so poorly run since chansiri took over , I’d clear every single player out . How people defend this idiots is beyond me
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    I’d have started Reach, FF and Luongo today instead of Harris, Murphy and Lee
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    6 of us going on the 9.56 choo choo, a few beers in Birmingham then tram to the Hawthorns. Will be happy with a point today and over the moon with a win , I suppose we are due a result but this will be as tough a game as there is.
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    Ahhhhh..........and it's back to the football, thank god for that. Thanks Snoots, and good to hear from Stubbs, hope he uses enough chemical cleaner on those pipes. Give us a brave and battling performance today please, a win if possible, but getting properly stuck in will suffice if not. Thank you.
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    Oh yeah, and Ffuuvck the EFL!!!
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    We need a win. Been a very bad week off the field.
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    The Athletic have done an article on Chansiri. It looks like they have spoken to Milan. (affiliate link) https://theathletic.com/checkout?pc=raf40&plan_id=45&shared_by_name=Matthew&shared_by=2448207&source=referral
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    Late goals and individual errors are doing us at the moment. Such fine margins are what stand between us and the top 6, dare I even say top 2. We held our own against a team who will be there and there abouts and they certainly know they have had a game. Things look good under Monk, just hope he gets the chance to build his team and clear off some of the dead wood which needs shifting.
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    I said this a few weeks before the international break and I'ts looking more and more likely as the season goes on. The Westwood situation is really beginning to look like loovens last season. He's having to try harder to do his job becouse age and injuries are catching up with him, so he's making rash or bad decisions trying to compensate for this. He's probably already made far more mistakes this year than he's done the last two years. This season will probably be his last in the championship, he's already sorted that thing with Cheadle fc out, which to me points to him knowing himself he's not got long left at this level. I know I'll upset a few on here for criticism of their hero, but the one thing in life you can't stop is the march of time, all players get old and retire in the end.... No one stays the same forever. It's just the way of life.
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    Football isnt a 45 minute game How many points did we get today? How many points are we gonna drop but played well before people are allowed to question the players? Performances don't win points and get you up of this league Players need to start justifying the wages they are getting (some highest in the league) because they are taking the p!55 out of this club
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    I'm for one delighted we finished 12 th under gray ,gone £57 million in ffp Got players on 40k a week and still gone up 3 places Players taking p!55 out of this club and still fans defend them
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    Can you actually debate the game or are you just that obsessed with me and deluded about Wednesday you can’t say anything worth while . Debate the game / topic or bore off you bitter little irritant
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    Which means absolutely feck all if we’re going to keep throwing games away
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    As I’ve said earlier and despite what the deluded few on here think. westwood is finished . He’s dreadful . As is lee reach does nothing . Harris has faded. bannan needs a fresh club and Wednesday needs a fresh face there. Hutchinson has served his purpose , the list goes on. Every other club are bringing in fresh , younger players are we are peddling this bunch of past it guff week in week out . I feel for monk as he’s stuck with this dross due to the stupidity of chansiri , Carlos and all those connected in players recruitment / running the club
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    Quality keeper .... said nobody bar a few deluded fools on here . Needs putting out to pasture with most of this squad . It’s embarrassing . I’m sick of watching the same dross players year in year out and pay through the nose for it . Club is a joke
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    Same players ... same mistakes... same results Unless we have a mini clear out, this is a bang average mid table side
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    All that money wasted and still relying on the same players to do something they couldn't do 3 year ago . Other teams have progressed, we've stayed still
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    Bannan is one if the best players in the league. Lee looks good today.
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    With Bannan, Hutchinson and Lee in midfield, do people honestly expect the outcome to be any different? A definition for insanity if ever there was one
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    Will go along with the team selected, but would like to see FF given a start. For me we've persisted with that midfield now for too many years. Need to try something different as I know exactly how they will play, the runs they make etc. Teams have worked us it in that area.
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    He was a PR dream, he knew what to say and when to say. Just to correct a few of your points, we didn't tread water, we saw year upon year progress. The squad was never neglected and players were signed in line with our budget, granted if we were struggling he would loosen the strings slightly but that's how he makes his money. Milan signed players such as Westwood, Lees, Lee, Hutchinson and Dave all of whom are still at the team and consider regular first team players.
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    he's built like a brick craphouse ....
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    Oi, Stubbs. I did them pipes at lunchtime...enjoy. Cmon Wednesday, cheer us all up. UTO.
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    Bit of a joke really, the EFL are appealing a decision made by an independent panel who were appointed by/working on behalf of the EFL. What next..........................................EFL sues themselves
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    I have no idea which cinema you go to but a family ticket at Cineworld to watch Frozen 2 is £23. Also charging a lot more for the family stand is a joke, So over 3x more expensive to take the family in the family stand to Wednesday compared to the cinema. 2.5x more expensive for the Kop where your kids will hear swearing more than likely. Ticket prices are a joke.
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    He's 28 and has played almost 300 professional games. If he hasn't learned by now, you might suggest he never will.
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    How come every other post seems to come from you when we lose? I've checked through your posts and you posted NOTHING while we were drawing, deservedly, away to the league leaders. Seems you like a moan. You frequently referred to Carlos as a clown even when we were top six. Can't you do us all a favour and support Chesterfield. You'd have more to moan at.
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    How many games are we going to throw away ?
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    We are so poor in front of goal
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    Either that or it's all going to go to poo within the first 10 mins. Goal down, player sent off, EFL announce 12 point deduction and FF placed under investigation for saying he prefers the"white" ball to the winter yellow one.
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    Thanks Milord. Good to have the OMDT back, but they are getting earlier.... I’m expecting to see the Birmingham one on here before 6pm tomorrow. As for the Throstles game, I’ll be happy with a draw tomorrow. We’ve had better weeks off the field, but hopefully it won’t have got to the players. Nice to see Doom is on hand to cheer us up though as ever. I’ve actually started my Christmas shopping by purchasing one of the new range of Howson mugs for Mrs Bonvin. Hope she likes it. Up the Owls. Ferk the EFL.
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    22nd November VfL Bochum 1-1 VfL Osnabruck (att: 20,760) Joost van Aken left out of the starting XI for the first time and watched the whole game from the bench Meanwhile, Bochum got off to a flyer with a goal after just 2mins Osnabruck then missed a penalty, but made up for that when they were awarded another in 1st half injury time Second half and it was Bochum's turn to miss a penalty Honours shared but the point was probably more valuable to the visitors Erzgebirge Aue 3-1 St Pauli (att: 14,000) Matt Penney missed this one altogether, presumably still out through injury We know all about the home side, don't we? (p.5) The minnows of the division The crowd figure is probably approximate, but it's not far off a full house And no wonder, this comfortable-looking win moves them up to 3rd in the table, for now Leaving Jos's side looking anxiously over their shoulders
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