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    Election for me. Genuinely fearful of another five years of Tory government, and what impacts that could have on my job, my family and my child's future. Wednesday winning the league might give some relief to that, but it isn't going to feed, warm and inspire my daughter's future. That said...it only said winning the title...I'd take a Labour GE win and Wednesday winning at Wembley! Win, Win!
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    Anyone that would vote Tory after the last nine years doesn't deserve to support Sheffield Wednesday.
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    You would be closer to utopia than ever before. Boris means less holidays, less workers rights and you might get a pay rise to ten pound in five years. Then there will be the poo food and products from Trump and friends. Soon you will be lucky if you get two weeks holiday. The rules have already been rewritten. Wake up. Rise and shine Boris is coming to get you. Ba Ba Ba Corbyn runs the ira Ba Ba Ba.
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    The main facilitator of sitting together is POTG. I can't state this enough. You turn up with your mates, pay on the day and sit together. We have deliberately killed POTG though disgusting pricing. I'll never back down on this, it's plain wrong. The sooner we all unite against it, the sooner we can start repairing the damage.
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    I thought it worked ok. Also Lee will get better the more games he has. I would like to see a mid 3 with Luongo. Would be fluid, attacking with all three fully prepared to track back.
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    We've got a ground built for 40k half full, not all our own fault, name a ground that's nowhere near full but still has a good atmosphere? I can't think of any
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    My best years for earnings have been under Tory rule. If you want it work for it, not expect to be given it.
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    And I think that's the difference between a Tory voter and a labour voter. One gets on and challenges themselves to get their own pay rise. The other sits on their ar5e moaning and whining waiting for the government to force their employer to give them a payrise
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    Always puzzles me this. Bannan and Lee were good enough to get us to a PO Final and Semi Final, the team as a whole did not get us over the line alas. People always saying that the "failures" from then are still playing now so we will only get worse giving no thought to the fact that players can learn from these experiences and continue to develop and get better.
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    Love em both, but whenever i see the lineup and we have them two in a 2 man midfield i always fear the worse. When the ball turns over there are huge gaps in there for opponents to exploit as neither are defensive enough. We have to play with 3 in there so we don't get overrun imho. Luongo has to start for me too.
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    Looked like men against boys tbf It can't have been easy for Connor - given the captain's armband for this one, picked up another yellow card too (probably in frustration) Media reports suggest Macc's senior players are still refusing to train, never mind play So the situation is likely to continue for Wednesday night's trophy match away at Shrewsbury
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    It would.be more appealing to sit outside in nice weather. Let me be clear i don't claim to be a True Super Fan but i enjoy going to Hillsborough. However I will not be ripped off.
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    Think that's the thing. It gives us a solidity. Just need to cut out the concentration lapses at both ends of the pitch.
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    Someone suggested put home fans in West stand and visitors in South. Might be a decent idea. Visitors in the Leppings Lane half of the South stand and make them exit over bridge. Our fans to exit via Leppings Lane and Penistone Road. Barriers up to stop our fans going over the bridge. The advantage is we could continue to charge high prices for South so away fans help to pay for policing, stewarding. Chansiri could lower prices for West stand and Kop so our poorer fans can afford POTG. Would improve atmosphere for TV. Our problem is we have 23,000 fans and almost 40,000 seats. But we need that capacity if we eventually get back to the top division, which historically is where we feel we belong. Whats the point moving? We could build an atmospheric 28,000 seater which would look good in the 2nd tier but nowhere big enough in the top tier. Of course we could be stuck in the 2nd tier for the next 20 years...... nobody knows. But if the likes of Hull Bradord, Boro, United and Huddersfield can manage the top division(they've all done it after 2000) I suspect our time will eventually come.
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    Here's a better idea, Borner and Lees were first choice centre halves before Lees got injured. Why spend money if we can utilise what we already have. No need to try and be a comedian.
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    I was thinking about this over the weekend. Odubajo is a ready made wb and Reach can play there at a push. However, I can't see where Harris would fit in and he's been one of our best players this season. What ever we do, we need 3 in midfield, we get overrun every time we play with a two.
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    I agree, we need two strikers on the pitch and this formation allows that without compromising our midfield. We have 3 very good centre backs (and depth behind them) and you don’t necessarily have to be a defensive minded player to play wingback so using Harris in this role could work. Also Odubaju is more of a natural wingback ( can also play left I believe?)
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    Both starters for WBA And both picked up their 5th bookings of the season meaning they will miss our visit , little bit of good news potentially
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    Honest question for anyone on here, Tory voter or Labour or whatever. Can you name 3 good things the Tories have done with 9 years of government?
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    Let’s not forget, in the UK the richest 1% pay 28% of UK tax revenue. If you increase that burden they’ll just leave. Socialism is wonderful, until you run out of other people’s money.
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    B**ger I’d have nowhere left to go, being a Unionist, Tory-supporting Brexiteer from Northern Ireland (an unfortunate choice of emoji too...)
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    this hindsight is great. I saw Abdi’s debut for us when he played 45 mins in a preseason friendly against Port Vale (I think). Poor opposition but he came on at half time and looked a great player. Perpetual motion and great on the ball. Turned out to be his best performance for us!!
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    So you’re happy that our fullbacks are of a good enough standard to see us compete towards the top of the table? It’s pretty obvious to see that if your full backs offer nothing at the top end of the pitch then it’s a damn site easier for the opposition to defend against the so called more creative players.
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    Whoever gets in will be owned by Putin anyway, so let's focus on the more important issue of promotion.
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    Is it just me who finds these threads infuriating? It's as if people are waiting for us not to win so they can lump all the blame on their old scapegoat again.
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    Not helped by the lack of service. Both full backs offer very little going forward and whilst both have shown some improvement, Palmer and Fox are still the weakest part of the team - and have been for years now.
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    ... can't say the same for Jack Stobbs though Haven't a clue what's going on up there, whether he has fitness problems, is out of form or out of favour I've tried a little internet research but drew a blank What I did discover though is that Livingston are running away with it at the top of the SPFL Reserve League 2 Has Jack been turning out for them? Dunno I do recall him doing well for Port Vale's reserves and still not getting anywhere near their 1st team - bit of a coincidence? Probably not Maybe there's a Scottish Owl out there who could dig around on our behalf and come up with some info (other than him not being good enough) ... which might be the real reason anyway
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    In the context of my post The club told us we were paying high ticket prices for investment in the team, I said that for the last 3 transfer windows we have signed mainly free agents and loans with very little spent on fees I think Iorfa and Luongo is the only money we have spent. From the mad Carlos days of spending money like confetti. The end of this season Rhodes, Fletcher, Forestieri, Winnall and more are out of contract. Looking at the squad still in contract only Reach we will have spent significant fee on. So the argument was for lower ticket prices on the basis of not spending million on fees and salaries. Fessi, Fletcher, Hutch, Dawson, Fox ( I would not have said that 3 months ago), maybe Lee if he can prove he is over his injuries. That's leave Rhodes, Winnall, Pelupessy, Nuhiu, a few of the kids and the loan players that's going to be a significant saving on wages. Add to this if we can reduce what we are paying Fessi and Fletcher it is not being on realms we could be saving £7m on wages. Add to that what left last season with Jones, Matias, Hooper, Abdi - the accounts for July 2020 could have a wage bill £15-20m less than in 2018. Add to that the money we got for Bruce. Without knowing the figures in the accounts it is just speculation but the last of the big earners other than Reach, Westwood, Lees could well be gone this summer.
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    I'd be tempted to bring him home given the circumstances. A toxic atmosphere like that can't be doing him any favours.
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    Lot of factors... Reminds me a bit of that season under Gray when we finished about 12th. Just a sense of apathy and indifference within the fanbase. At the moment we are doing pretty well, but I just think there's a degree of mistrust between the supporters and this current side. They (the team) took us very close on two occasions and then followed it up with 18 or so months of crap. Things have picked up since Jos buggered off and Bruce/Monk came in, but you still sense there is a way to go. You've of course got Dem Blades doing well in the Prem and the fact you have to pay a shedload for POTD. It isn't all that attractive a proposition to the more casual supporters. As we've seen on here, it also appears very easy to find a link to stream the game live too, so I guess that might not be helping with stay away fans.
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    Nah Im making a suggestion and a point about how its not unafordable as made out. I wish prices were lower but they ain't. Don't call me an apologist when you ran about being best mates with Sheard. You have no shame and try to pretend its not true.
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    I know why don't we leave Iorfa as a CB and use Hutchinson as a Def Mid. Either that or I'll lend you a sledge hammer so you can try to bang some square pegs into round holes. Someone else tried to suggest he'd make a great striker. Personally I think he'd be a cracking keeper, ok I don't but it's as sensible as the other options.
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    At some stage realisation will hit with more and more supporters that a new and more accessible ground away from Hillsboro is the only way. That may come sooner rather than later if SAG keep getting their way.
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    I don’t think it’s that simple as bringing in a striker TBH. The supply line probably needs to be looked into just as much? That said I’d like us to bring in a pacy mobile striker not too unlike Joao but to do this we may have to unload first and I can’t see us getting rid of Winnall or Rhodes anytime soon? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we weren’t as busy in January as much as some expect us to be?
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    Correct. Both he and Palmer have improved drastically. BUT.... if we are gonna go up we need better full backs.
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    Shame that a minute after this shot was taken the mood changed considerably !!
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    Imagine how many windows he put through to appear this calm in the interview.
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    Yeah cause it was rocking before Carlos came. During his era there were some of our better atmospheres in certain games. You shoe horning a dig at him is hardly surprising
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    10th November Macclesfield 0-4 Kingstonian (att: 996) Connor Kirby was one of five loanees selected to fulfil this fixture The rest of Macc's side being youngsters drafted in to cover for senior players who'd voted for strike action Clearly no match for their non-league visitors Kingstonian aren't tearing up the Isthmian League but they were fired-up for this game Leading 2-0 after about 10mins, grabbing a third straight after the restart - Macc barely had chance to get a foothold Livingston v Rangers 3pm ko And once again, seems like there's no place for Jack Stobbs in Livi's matchday squad
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    Palmer lucky to get so many starts imo, can be shaky on ball and make errors at back, compounded by rarely offering a threat by getting a decent cross in. Decent bench player for rb/lb maybe. Moses was unlucky to get dropped and deserves another chance imo
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    He’s been sub par for weeks. That clearance was amateurish but to try to pin some responsibility for the goal on him is harsh
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    C’mon we win one game by a few goals away at Boro and we think that’s it. We have been distinctly average without any cutting edge all season if the truth be told.
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    We need a lot more mental strength before we can say we are credible challengers
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    If they hadn't scored from the corner the thread would've been calling Westwood a God for that point blank save.
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    We’re just not very good Roll on January because the overhaul has got to start soon
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    Nor Westwood. What the point in screaming at defenders when we’re high up the pitch if he can’t open his mouth to his left back that’s it’s his ball?
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    Westwood Lees Palmer Bannan Lee Nuhiu Fessi All these players who played today played in the play off final three years ago.
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    DC mentioned in a forum last year that a player was too scared to play That’s an anxiety issue. Anxiety is a mental health issue
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