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    I'd even take Comrade Corbyn being PM if it meant us winning the league. Only downside is no more night games as lights would be off all over the UK.
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    Election for me. Genuinely fearful of another five years of Tory government, and what impacts that could have on my job, my family and my child's future. Wednesday winning the league might give some relief to that, but it isn't going to feed, warm and inspire my daughter's future. That said...it only said winning the title...I'd take a Labour GE win and Wednesday winning at Wembley! Win, Win!
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    Got to love the comrade Corbyn name now it's been clearly proven that the Tories and leave campaigns are both funded by Russian oligarchs and Corbyn has nothing to do with Russia at all.
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    Wednesday winning the league makes life better. Doesn't matter which party is in charge life only gets worse. Up the Owls
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    Seen a few negative comments about these two in the middle from the weekend and it's really frustrated me. We created more chances and were more entertaining to watch than most of the season and the two goals we conceded were calamatous errors from set pieces which had nothing to do with them. And yet this partnership gets scapegoated because they are both small players and not big defenders or tacklers. Lee was my man of the match. His forward runs are invaluable and also often make our crosses much more of a threat too because instead of just having Fletcher in the box, their defence suddenly has more to think about. I also lost count of the amount of times he nicked the ball in the middle and got us on the front foot. But because he's not a 'defensive' midfielder, people ignore that. As for Bannan, anyone with half a brain knows how good a player he is. As frustrating as Saturday was not to get the 3 points, there were lots of positives against one of the better sides in the division this year and Lee looking like his old self with Bannan in the middle was definitely one of them.
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    I can see why you're a Wednesday fan then. Apart from a few brief forays in the UEFA Cup we've been safely out of Europe for 60 years...
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    I heard their latest yellows were being rescinded and given to FF who will now serve a 4 match ban. Hopefully wrong tho
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    Wednesday winning the league for me. At the end of the day it doesn't matter who's in power none of the political parties have a clue about what the man on the street wants & quite frankly I don't think they care. For this election it's not so much a preferred party, more of a which party would I dislike the most & go for the other. Our choice is an idealistic terrorist sympathising clown who wants to take us back to the dark ages. A lying upper class buffoon or someone that wants to ignore democracy & re-run the Brexit referendum. What a stark choice we've got.
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    I'd take Ed the Duck being in charge if it meant us winning the league!!
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    Anyone that would vote Tory after the last nine years doesn't deserve to support Sheffield Wednesday.
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    Anyone around here that can ask 'what exactly has happened in the last 9 years that's bad?' is clearly walking around with their head stuck up their arse. There was a time when Sheffielders would bleed themselves dry rather than vote Tory or God forbid Farage. When people don't want to pay taxes you end up with no funds for essential services and we have a fifth of Corporations in this country paying no Corporation tax whatsoever, it's a joke. Is it a good thing that the NHS has sold off our Blood Transfusion, gathering, storage to the Americans who have since sold it to the Chinese? Is it a good thing that Branson is able to sue the NHS for £840k because he didn't get the contract he bid for? Is it a good thing that the Germans own 34% of what was British Rail and we own just 1%. Just like Brexit we have a large number of clueless losers who haven't a clue what they're voting for. We'll end up with a Johnson government, corrupt af and supported by the Nazi Farage. It's all downhill from here.
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    I still think Loungo is an upgrade on Lee, and we must find him a place in the team
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    It's not life defining but that dont make the pricing right .I pay 18 quid for a bottle of whisky if tesco suddenly start charging 29 I wouldnt buy it.now if they say but if you buy 23 bottles you can have them at 10 quid then that's not a bad deal for me but not so much for the guy who is only an occasional drinker ......so it's no surprise that a lot of fans who can only get to limited amount if games are now rarely turning up
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    yep we have won one trophy since 1935 and have been out of top flight 20 years and counting. And have a cheek to call clubs nothing and tinpot.
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    You would be closer to utopia than ever before. Boris means less holidays, less workers rights and you might get a pay rise to ten pound in five years. Then there will be the poo food and products from Trump and friends. Soon you will be lucky if you get two weeks holiday. The rules have already been rewritten. Wake up. Rise and shine Boris is coming to get you. Ba Ba Ba Corbyn runs the ira Ba Ba Ba.
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    The main facilitator of sitting together is POTG. I can't state this enough. You turn up with your mates, pay on the day and sit together. We have deliberately killed POTG though disgusting pricing. I'll never back down on this, it's plain wrong. The sooner we all unite against it, the sooner we can start repairing the damage.
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    Since Lees has been out injured the central defence has looked more solid than it has for 4 or 5 years the last time I was that confident in the back two was when Looven and Lees were in their pomp. Iorfa is the wake up call Lees needs as his levels have dropped in the last few years. For me based on performance not the persons name, the first two names on the sheet at Centre back should be Iorfa and Borner - Lees need to win his shirt back. This has been the problem with the team over the last few years players get picked based on their names instead of what should matter how they perform in the team. Iorfa did great at full back but since moving to centre back has looked like a star in the making we would be stupid to try and make him into another player when he could be fixture for years to come if he keeps up the level of performance so far.
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    Or here's an idea since he move to central defence we have been very tight and not conceded many goals and he has looked like the find of the year his performance there have definitely increase his value as a player and to the team as a whole - why not call him a central defender. Instead go out in January and buy a box to box midfielder, just an idea.
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    I don’t usually comment on politics in general never mind on a football forum but that is up with one of the most stupid posts I’ve seen on here. Im not saying one way or the other if I agree with the Tory bit, but what in God’s name has it got to do with a if a person can be a Wednesdayite or not. Ridiculous.
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    Dodgy memories guys. It was Bannan-Lee in the middle in 442 that dragged us to the play-offs. Whenever Carlos deviated from that after December our results were awful. The exception was the 3-match ban for Bannan, where a Lee-Lopez pairing was tried (not Hutch) and we won all 3 games. The “Lee-Bannan pairing is too lightweight” has always been pure OT myth. The reality is it was always our most productive duo.
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    Most of us dont visit this site for an intellectual experience it's not the Oxford union debating society.
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    Bloody he'll, Corbyn is worse than I thought if even the Russians aren't on his side. Just how far left is he!
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    Id take Ed the Duck right now regardless of league position
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    How many of that 23k actually enjoy the match day experience and atmosphere? I and my son are two of that 23k and have not attended the last two games because we decided to do other things on the day. He is 6 years old now and been going for 3 years,the only reason I bought season tickets is because I wanted to enjoy match day experience with my son . It was the only way I could ensure having a seat for each game,as if I had to rely on having a " spare " 45 pound every other week then I know it would not happen. Anyway ,the fact is ,he enjoys the drive and walk to the ground,his pre match chips and drink and then the game starts. He used to stand on his seat and clap and sing,but even he said after the Wigan game,"dad,why is no one singing and cheering,it's rubbish can we go home." I know that if it wasn't for my son I wouldn't have bought season tickets and doubt if I would have attended any games this season,and I've had a season ticket for many years. It's not just the atmosphere and pricing that is wrong it's the product,"football",that is in decline . ps my son loves football,he plays for an U7s team ,watches it on tv and plays FIFA,just doesn't like going to Hillsboro anymore.
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    5 fa cups ,a league cup and a league title Not bad for a nothing club Winning trophies more recently than Newcastle who people cream themselves over. Who BTW haven't won anything in over 60 years
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    Atmosphere apart - its a pretty poor stadium in this day and age. I know I may be in the minority but I would love us to move to a clean, modern stadium with top class facilities.
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    Give us a winning team and reasonable ticket prices, the atmosphere will then sort itself.
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    What exactly has happened in the last 9 years that’s that bad? I’ve not seen any difference in any of the public services I use, this austerity business is just a soundbite.. keep those taxes low is the way forward. Much prefer keeping my money than handing it over to the lazy folk
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    Just throwing it out there. I think big Dom could do a job as a box to box midfielder a la big Carlton. Has the athleticism, covers ground really quickly and can tackle. End product would need work though.
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    So how do you correlate that pearl of wisdom then ?
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    You watched a different match to me!
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    I thought it worked ok. Also Lee will get better the more games he has. I would like to see a mid 3 with Luongo. Would be fluid, attacking with all three fully prepared to track back.
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    What abuse? If Rhodes has had any then I have not seen it. Yes he get criticised but that's part of job description of being a professional footballer. People are paying expensive tickets and seeing clubs most expensive ever signing not performing. Blokes on a reported £2m per year and doesn't look interested.
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    Yep let's pay £47 a game. It's only £11 more.
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    but the errors arnt rare hes been accountable for 5 goals of the 13 that's gone past him …...anyone can make errors but when you have a string of them that's costing the club points then summats got to change …...
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    Really don't get how an Apologist doesn't understand this. It's not controversial or disloyal to admit, the POTG prices are ridiculous. It's not long ago that we were slaughtering Leeds for doing just this.
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    Exactly this. Luongo is our box to box midfielder with an eye for goal. Leave Iorfa excelling at centre half as he has been doing.
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    For joe bloggs to come watch the game against Swansea in the cheapest stand (Kop) it would have cost him £36, it’s just wrong , people can not afford this or some cases justify it . £36 is expensive to be playing the blades never mind a club we hold no affiliation towards ! £25 it should be in the kop maximum for likes of Swansea
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    We've got a ground built for 40k half full, not all our own fault, name a ground that's nowhere near full but still has a good atmosphere? I can't think of any
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    All I know is that had Dawson conceded the goals Westwood has conceded in the last two games in the manner they were conceded... fans would be baying for blood. Oh, and some would be saying Dawson should have saved Blackburn's deflected winner too (no such critique for Westwood).
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    This is unfair on Dawson. Last season under Luhukay our defence was an absolute shambles and constantly playing itself into trouble, and Dawson was facing more shots on goal than any other team in the division. Any keeper would have struggled to have kept clean sheets under those circumstances. This season in three starts with a better defensive unit ahead of him, he's kept two clean sheets and only conceded one goal - which was the controversial one against Cardiff.
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    Might not be a popular post this. So far they are absolutely smashing this season. They are seemingly performing miracles, just like they did in their 2 seasons in the champ. We all said they had to spend to survive, they didn't. They work hard and are reaping the rewards. They've spent 50 million this season and the players they've spent it on aren't the ones that are making the headlines. What wilder has done is incredible and I'd love someone to do it for us. I hate em with every fibre in my body but I cannot fault em this season, or the last few to be fair. As for yesterday's game, they were robbed of a goal by a frankly pathetic decision. A wingers toe being offside 4 passes before a goal or whatever it was isn't a clear and obvious error by anyone. Var is ruining football in the prem. OK, it's funny that it happened to them, just like I'd find it funny if it happened to Liverpool, but deep down I know it's not right and it's a hollow chuckle. That's for another thread though. This one's for laughing at the pigs innit?
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    As most of you probably now, I'm not Palmer's biggest fan He always puts a shift in, but it's not enough for a modern day full back His defending has improved over the last 2 years, but he still does silly things If I was our manager, his position would be the first to come under review, I'd want a modern day full back who can actually cross a ball He gets into some great positions, but his crossing is woeful Having said all that, I thought he did okay today
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    My best years for earnings have been under Tory rule. If you want it work for it, not expect to be given it.
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    My initial thought from my view on the North was it was Rhodes that won the header but I've seen the replay and can't really tell I know he really splits opinion in the fanbase but i'd rather see him on the bench than Winnall. I totally agree with earlier comments that a few minutes playing to the u23's hopefully getting some goal under his belt may do him good. If we are going to get rid in January he needs to be in the shop window. Also need to look at the amount of chances Fletcher and Nuhui wasted on Saturday
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    Some good points, but the revenue from POTG is negligible and not the issue. The issue is the clubs culture and fanbase for generations to come. You can't put a price on that. The Blades are investing and have done for years in the fanbase. We on the other hand are deliberately pushing ours away, and they are finding alternatives. Carry on as we are, and we will be sorry.
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    Why don't we try him in net? His long arms will easily pick the ball out of the sky
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    Reach is one of the only players we have who will go for decent money Harris won't get near the assists and goals that Reach offers Reach has had a dip in form, but his form will return In the same way that some supporters didn't understand what Fox offers Some of our supporters don't understand what Reach offers Reach is far superior to Harris
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    Deadwood throughout the squad and if we don't change this squad this season, we'll be playing in League one the year after next, rather than even attempting to hit the playoffs
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