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    Not exactly exciting, but really think who ever is on social media this year is smashing it. love all the retro stuff, and some really good videos too I’ve seen on Facebook. Small things, but for years we have had some embarrassing kit releases and things, this does give a nice feel good factor.
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    He's neither a carthorse or genius. He's a player who gives is all, loves the club, seems to be appreciated by the players and gets picked to play by GM as well as recent managers. Good squad player in my opinion.
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    Banned from SWFC by the club not got a banning order from the courts What's so difficult?
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    12th October Macclesfield 2-1 Port Vale (att: 3,467) Understatement to say this is a welcome 3pts for Connor Kirby & co Macc's first league win in eight, and only their second win in eleven (all competitions) They had to work for it too - going behind and levelling things up before half time They were good value for their lead but were clinging on a bit towards the end Connor played the whole game Despite such a lousy run, the win moves them above Vale on goal difference and up to 12th
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    Neither. Steady player. Handful on his day, terrible on occasion. Works hard. Over analysed by our fans
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