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    Yep, agree with all this. Other sports teams I follow - Cas RLFC, YCCC, Bristol RUFC - have been doing it well for some time. I suspect there may be some cynicism, but in the end following a sports team ought to be a bit of fun and that's pretty well it; so if this adds to it for some of us, then that's a good thing
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    Anyone who knows anything about football knows what he brings to the team.
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    Has a part to play and people should appreciate his skill set; no point in booing and botching cos he doesn’t do this and that. Appreciate what he does bring to the team and don’t expect more. Battering ram (Leeds away spring to mind), hold up play, aerial power against team scared of his size, and a bit of link play is what we’ll get. He’s not going to effectively run the channels or break the offside trap and break through.
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    Correct. No one but Joey and Hutchinson are disciplined enough to play the defensive role. So if we need a dm infront of the back four, which we will probably need 90% off the time then it's always gonna be one of them two.
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    You are a one !!
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    Fingers crossed next season we will. For now though I think he's shown, he's not quite physically ready for the championship. I know few on here rate him and fox may be no world beater, but is solid enough when just expected to defend with the odd forays forward in support of his winger. Would love to see penney come back and next season, establish himself and become our new left sided "Mel Sterland"
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    End of the season, apparently.
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    Justified the sale hasn’t he . On his day unstoppable, his day happens twice a season
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    The Reach bit just reminded me of when the band used to play Steptoe theme when an opposite made themselves look like a piece of cheese. Was brilliant that. How come all they do now is join in with a chant halfway through, at a different speed and in a different key? Boo!
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    Are you getting mixed up with Ray Wilson. He went into family undertaking business after retiring. Wilf Smith was a very good full back. Very pacy.
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    Jutkiewicz scored 14 goals last season too. We all know Guru though; loves to be negative. About owt.
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    From memory it was the former QPR chairman that sold out due to ill health,heart attack? then later bought out Portsmouth that relayed SBs parting shot after he was relieved of the hot seat,was his name Gregory?
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    We should have loaned in a striker,one up tops no good for us,our MF isnt blessed with goals
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    First they came for our manager and then they stole our thread. Next it will be our stripes.
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    The Owls board over reacted,failed to protect their asset and payed the price,the chairman was handjobbing the FA under the table for an exit stratergy once his tenure became untennable,PdC handed him the perfect opportunity,the fans were shafted and fed loads of bile to cover their tracks,the rest is history
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    Chansiri is just too chilled
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    You can pay cash at turnstiles still,its the concourse,food and drinks ect thats cashless
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    True,Id would never had Swansea up where they are just now,but leeds have a good squad and leader,Forest have looked decent in the early games,youd expect the fallen millionaires to hit the ground running and yet Huddersfield have looked awfull,not unlike sunderland did,its early days torry but were entitled to vent our frustration if we dont give it our best shot and we looked very poor at PNE for 70 minutes with a HUGE following,and once we introduced the better players it was a different game,WHY wait so long?
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    But everyones entitled to an opinion
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    This thread screams out to me,its fine having money,but if ya dont spend it right,ya may as well be skint!
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    The squads worse than last season,its another year older,its got no solid spine,too many injury prone players,weve no heavy goalpoacher,we lack goals from MF,we wont make the playoffs and once again its midtable 12th?If they all stay fit,were so predictable,its untrue,even I could pick the players subs n tactics,were clueless and it starts at the top
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    Luton have a pretty decent record at our place in recent years,havent lost since 1992
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    Sooner wait for Farke to get the bullet,when it goes bras up at northwich,put bully on a temp and bide ya time,delia has a trigger finger shes not as respectfull as Thia owners,our guy could learn a lot from northwichs best gravy maker
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