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    What a home debut he's having. Strolling around the Hillsborough pitch as if he's been here for years, dominating their forwards, clearing the ball off the line and generally looking as cool as they come...I think I love him.
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    Like a 20 million pound signing
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    Not falling for the euphoria. Good caretaker, but not the man longterm.
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    This guy on paper is highly influential. If there was a petition signed by 20-30,000 people calling for his immediate removal as South Yorkshire police commissioner it would stir up a lot of attention to the process used by SYP in influencing SAG. Something like : “I call for the immediate removal of Alan Billings as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner following action by South Yorkshire Police to prepare a report on fans leaving Leppings Lane area of Sheffield Wednesday football ground. The Club knew nothing about this report and was offered no input. It has resulted in future capacity restrictions and limiting of fan movements when leaving the stadium. Whilst policing of Leppings Lane is a sensitive issue, fans have LEFT this area of the ground for decades with minimal issues. I call upon the restrictions to be lifted immediately and reviewed again when all parties have been able to present independent evidence. If Mr Billings does not take action in this regard he should be removed immediately from his role.” We can influence this process through democratic means like petitions. Sometimes action like this is the only way to help shine a light on unreasonable decisions like the restrictions the club currently face. Worth considering?
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    Probably waiting for someone to light up the beacon Alright, well I'll do it then ...
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    Another one who had me drooling . He's a beast! Reight player. Nearly scored with his first touch as well.
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    You should have gone poo, shower, shave, not shower, poo, shave. Your bum will stink now. Trust me, I speak from experience
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    Some people just can not be relied upon. Snooty, pull your finger out you idle sod. Either Nev or Utah posts the OMDT themselves or we make this the OMDT. Mods, pin and rename. Who are we playing anyway? I bet it's some reyt loppy buggers who deserve to be thrashed six - nil because they shag they own mams. The rascals.
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    We were very good. Look at the first 24 results in this very tough league. They are all over the place. Look at Boro, Leeds, Fulham, WBA, Derby, Town....all dropped surprising points. Two excellent performances. We had 12 shots last week and 16 today....we don’t do that! We don’t win opening games. We drop soft points early doors. We don’t turn up at Preston and Wigan on opening days. WE PLAYED SUPERBLY - ENJOY
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    Sh!t and shave in the shower..... you can force the turd down the plug hole with your toes
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    What an addition this lad is.
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    If he's changing his mind now based on our first two games I don't want him. I want someone who wants to manage us not someone who has his head turned after a couple of wins.
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    can we crowdfund one of them bubble ball protection suits for him ?
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    Easy to say after a good home performance against local rivals, but Hillsborough felt like a different place today. From the pre-match huddle, the way we went about them from minute 1-95 and the players coming to the fans at the end - Fletcher had been subbed could you could have excused him if he hadn't. There was a real sense of togetherness on the pitch and for the first time in ages I am proud of our club. Continue like that and the future is bright.
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    There is no way that an assessment on crowd management for such a nuanced issue can be determined from an anomalous fixture alone and not based over a series of examples/averages. Unless there is a pre-determined result that people are wanting to identify.
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    Father in law is a Barnsley fan as is all her side of the family. I don't class them as a rival but they hate us. I constantly get called arrogant and I love it. I spent the first 18 months of my relationship listening to them bang on about beating us in a friendly. Like a whippet with a rabbit in its gob they would not let it drop. Till finally we met them at oakwell near Christmas time or mad friday I believe and O'Grady scored. They have been relegated a few times since I never bother them really apart from the odd 'Well its your level' comment. They mocked me when we naffed up in the play offs twice, Winnalls a pig, we had the worst ref ever x7, It was never offside, Maguire shouldn't have been on the pitch, that nuhius a cheat, HANDBALL.... so on so on... But its been 8 years (9 games) since they beat us in that friendly and yes like an evil Bond Villian I'm still arrogant to this day.. Long may it continue... uto
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    Just how good is the big man he was class once again today and looks fitter than ever.
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    Get yer crampons on. We're going off trail.
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    Imagine driving that route then having a ticket on north stand. Might as well watch on teletext.
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    First half he scared the living daylights out of me. I'd put Iorfa in next week if I'm honest. He was better second half but in 2 games so far for me he's been the weak link.
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    Barnsley weren't crap its just that we were so much better in every department Bullen got his tactics perfect
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    I've never seen that before, or have I?
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    Why did they persist in playing out from the back when it clearly wasn’t working? One of the oddest tactical performances I’ve ever seen at Hillsborough. Continue to play like that and they will be relegated by Christmas.
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    Carlsberg don’t do specific minutes in a football match, but if they did......
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    What a load of rubbish.....the concourse at the Leppings Lane end is massive.....one of the biggest in the Country and definitely the biggest at our ground......there is a large space between the turnstiles and the actual stand....even larger outside between the turnstiles and the road and at appropriate times you’ve got the entirety of Leppings Lane which is closed to traffic compare this to the other two two main entrance points of a narrow bridge to the centre of the South stand and a busy dual carriageway which isn’t closed to traffic and the Kop end, with no meaningful concourse once inside and you have to come to the conclusion that anyone who thinks we need a larger concourse at the Leppings Lane end is either doing crack on a regular basis or needs committing....and yes that includes SYP and SAG out of interest, have you ever been to Hillsborough?
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    Nice one to have but our best player of last season not sure of a start next game after that performance? Difficult one for Bullen. Personally I'd stay with today's midfield and Bazza gets a spot on the bench. For me it builds team ethos and also everybody knows their place not guaranteed. Lose your place and you have to fight to get it back. All good for team and winning culture. Always been a fan of win and keep your place. Particularly outfield. That said even Dawson made a strong shout today too. Bodes well for the season
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    No, he's lost it.
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    Showing why £5m on Hector would be a wasted £5m.
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    Yusssssss one word : stick that you dingle barstewards
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    I thought we shouldn't have offered him a new deal. fizz me I have missed watching him.
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    Fair point. Other than Sheridan’s goal and Potters 3 corners it’s been rather disappointing this last 40 years.
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    Don't worry - Snooty is like Doctor Who: one departs and a new one seamlessly steps in to fill the void. We're already on mkIII and most don't seem to have noticed.
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    Update after Barnsley.
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    Give Bullen till the end of the month. If we keep it up like this, come September, then Bullen deserves a crack at it. It would also allow us to be a bit more flexible financially speaking. Stability and continuity is key.
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    No that's Waddle and he definitely won't be playing
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    Or somehwere inbetween? Must admit I was expecting a lot more from them after their promotion and the gushing praise for the way the played against Fulham last week. But once we grew into the game, it really should've been five or six goals to us. Their idiocy in continuing to play it out fron the back yet getting caught every time was gobsmacking. Amazed we didn't get more than we did. Was that due to us being good or them being naieve? I'm erring towards us being quite a formiddable oufit. Pace, power and guile all over the park. They couldn't get a hit in and we are the real deal. And that's without Westwoood, Bannan, Iorfa. And could afford to leave Fernando Forsetieri on the bench. Sod it - I'm going to get excited!
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    Also thought Rhodes looked excellent when he came on. Fitter and stronger than I remember
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    Don't really agree, I'd say he goes straight back in, the one to lose his place for me currently is Reach. I'm not really saying Reach has done anything wrong, but round pegs for round holes.
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    Best squad and most balanced since Chansiri bought us.
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    Trouble is if he gets the job full time if/when it doesn’t work out that’s probably him done at the club. I’d much rather we get someone in and he carries on long into the future with us as coach or what have you as I think personally he’s a valuable asset the club
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    FT 2-0 Great win that. Top of the league, get in. Three points, clean sheet. Did very well against a committed and organised Barnsley. Dawson top save in the second half. Had a good game today. Borner great clearance off the line. Hutchinson and Lee put a shift in. Murphy, great to see him on the score sheet. Plenty more to come from him. Harris was a constant threat down the left. Always driving forwards. And mentions to Fletcher, led the line superbly and a great goal too. And finally Bullen, well played. Have a nice evening all Onwards and upwards UTO!
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    Need to be careful here. If we win 2 in a row it triggers an automatic 3 match ban for Forestieri.
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    The club have had decades to sort the matter out? What matter???? Since the Hillsborough disaster the club have hosted (off the top of my head) Euro 96, 3 cup semi finals and a cup final. Since the stadium became all seater and the railings at the front of the stands removed, the Leppings Lane end has been perfectly safe.
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    Lazaar was far from crap in the few games we saw...
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