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    This guy on paper is highly influential. If there was a petition signed by 20-30,000 people calling for his immediate removal as South Yorkshire police commissioner it would stir up a lot of attention to the process used by SYP in influencing SAG. Something like : “I call for the immediate removal of Alan Billings as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner following action by South Yorkshire Police to prepare a report on fans leaving Leppings Lane area of Sheffield Wednesday football ground. The Club knew nothing about this report and was offered no input. It has resulted in future capacity restrictions and limiting of fan movements when leaving the stadium. Whilst policing of Leppings Lane is a sensitive issue, fans have LEFT this area of the ground for decades with minimal issues. I call upon the restrictions to be lifted immediately and reviewed again when all parties have been able to present independent evidence. If Mr Billings does not take action in this regard he should be removed immediately from his role.” We can influence this process through democratic means like petitions. Sometimes action like this is the only way to help shine a light on unreasonable decisions like the restrictions the club currently face. Worth considering?
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    If he's changing his mind now based on our first two games I don't want him. I want someone who wants to manage us not someone who has his head turned after a couple of wins.
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    Also thought Rhodes looked excellent when he came on. Fitter and stronger than I remember
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    Couldn’t give a to55 plays for Reading now, and they lost
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    And his “strenghts” are goal scoring. He’s never been a fast player or a strong player, he’s an old fashioned bog liner. And for the first time since maybe Antonio we have real quality out wide. Since Rhodes has been at the club we have literally never played with any width and that’s changed this year.
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    I thought it clipped his extra finger just outside the box.
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    That's not nice. Stop animal cruelty.
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    Could a former manager be about to make a comeback?
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    I’ve been to both games now and the difference for me is the pure pace we now have our wide Harris has scared both Readings and Barnsley’s full back whether he gets the ball to feet or over the top. Now we’ve added Murphy we ha e pace on both sides and also both wide men want to run and beat a man. Both of them attract 2 men to them every time they get the ball allowing space for others We also now have lots of options on the bench it’s only two games against two bottom end teams but we do look a very good side
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    Nathan Jones you'll be gone before long
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    Just got in after a night shift, and was fully expecting to be having a cuppa and read the OTMD from Snoots before walking the dog. The thread's have become part of any match day for me, so sincerely hope all is well with Snoot's. No way I'm going to be any sleep before the match today as I'm buzzing. Chuffing 47 and the first home game of season has me giddy like kid at Christmas. C'mon Wednesday! I can't wait for 3 o'clock!!
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    His best game for us today by some distance, he will face sterner tests but showed great ability at times, can see why he has also played on the wing.
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    That Barnsley right back will need the mother of all ice baths after the run around he gave him, absolute beast
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    Harris is a speed demon. Very direct. Attacks the fullback. Can go either way but wants it on his right foot to shoot. Murphy seemed more like a dribbler, can stride inside and also get onto through balls. Basically - a bit different but both great.
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    I thought Barnsley were pretty good. we were better
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    With an agent like Jorbachim, If he scores plenty he will get another move and earn us a few quid
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    That's what Vera Lynn sang about, "Veal Meat Again"
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    Nail on’t head
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    For us older chaps we remember the away fans being marched to Wadsley Bridge, all the pubs boarded up and this was early 80's with proper hoolies. 14k Geordies and coaches double parked to beyond Wadsley Bridge club.
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    So the response to poor and over zealous policing is to reduce crowd size and limit access and egress. reyt!
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    The manager needs to pick the players who can beat the opposition without fear or favour. If that means Rhodes plays then great, if it doesn't then so be it.. I think that with the right manager we can at least get to the play offs but we can't pander to players sensibilities, they are part of the squad and need to think of the collective goals and not their individual sensibilities. I don't care if it's Rhodes sulking or FF having one of his strops, if it affects team cohesion they can do one. ( I'm not just restricting it to them, it goes for everyone) Ruthless determination to win and we can do something this year. Bring it on.
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    To get carried away and say WE'RE GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE.
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    I was thinking we might be waiting for him, trying to convince him. But I’d rather have someone who had that feeling from the off that this was the right place. Rowett still my first choice. Plays a similar formation and it’s notebale that his successor at stoke (who is known for attacking) is having a very tough time
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    Like everyone has been saying...he’s just what we’ve needed for a long time, with him and Murphy pushing the midfield it can only be a good thing........for all those who thought they had a given for a place will have to up there game big time now....we have great competition for places now ....UTO
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    No. No there isn't. Which is why we've got to stand up collectively to SYP and the absolute horrible cu.nts at SAG.
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    I did Vere Road both before and after the game mate. Me and the lad were in colours but no one tried stopping us but we it was about 2.55 before and LL was deserted. After the game the stewards and police appeared to have either given up or were satisfied that all the Barnsley fans were on their buses. Next time you should protest and just continue to walk, I don't think stewards will physically try and stop you. Why can't they understand that those that want trouble will find it and the likes of you with health issues or I, and others, with children will avoid it.
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    Early days but it’s looking like we’ve done some fantastic business. Reminiscent of a few years ago.
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    I don't believe he does. He isn't qualified. Simple as. Romantic, he's one of us etc doesn't cut it. If we don't appoint a genuine, manager, it will cost Bully his coaching job with us.
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    We already knew you had one
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    He stays fit then we won’t be far away?
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    Cowley keeping his record up at Lincoln got them unbeaten so far such a good manager
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    That touch though, still got it. F**king golden.
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    Looked great this afternoon....What a start too...could have been 3 or 4 up at halftime,,,,then..No dodgy last ten or owt...perfect afternoon
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    As I've been saying on Twitter for the last couple of weeks! Natural left foot as well, unlike Hector.
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    Wednesday top of league beating dingles,pigs losing
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    Brian Glover?
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    If you are using the M1 northbound for the match, Beware. Down to 2 lanes on the approach to J33 at Cstcliffe, where it merges with the M18. Cstcliffe /Parkway exit closed for bridge repairs, 2 lanes dug up. It's going to cause pandemonium
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    Don't get back to the UK very often these days but when I do I always visit Hillsborough. Hoping to get back this Autumn to see a couple of games.
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    100 spot on. SYP are currupt to the core , have been for decades.
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    I’ve just read the report. I understand the concerns. But to say they can’t keep fans back because of the concourse area being small and the amount of time they’d have to be kept there is ridiculous. It also only relates to when the west upper is full, it’s hardly EVER full. There’s only 2,500 there today!! direct quote from the report When considering the option of a hold back a quick calculation shows that for the 3,951 away fans in attendance for the SWFC v SUFC fixture, only 13% of the fans could be safely “accommodated in this area at any one time. Further reductions of this percentage, as stated previously, would be necessary due to obstructions and a satisfactory clearance to allow free passageway to toilets and facilities, reducing further allowing for the clearance needed around the steps to and from the vomitries. Although concourses are not designed to accommodate the full stand or capacity, a percentage of between 10% and 13% is on the low value, providing a heightened risk should there be a holdback in the stands. ive been held back at Leeds for about 20 minutes. We stayed in the stands. Their concourse area is even smaller than ours ffs.
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    I'm very concerned about what I've read about this issue and support some sort of action. Perhaps a first step is to write with your concerns to Alan Billings and give him a chance to look into the situation. He may be persuaded to be onside? The OP seems capable of articulating a fans view to Dr Billings and can point to the ground swell of opinion on here.
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    Extremely concerned that my cuppa and morning read of Snooty’s matchday thread are being tampered with. Russian hackers got into the power network yesterday and now Snooty’s disappeared....its a conspiracy, I tell thi ‘! Bring back Snooty (or Pauli)...somebody...anybody!! Owls to put the wind up the six fingered kestrel botherers today...but it’ll be a close one, 2-1 to the massive. Come on you Blue and White Wizaaards!!!!
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    P'raps Snoots has done a runner to Newcastle Judas, I tell thi
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    Reach was shocking last week doesnt deserve to start
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    Be fair...Rhodes was given a bigger honeymoon period than most any other striker we have ever had...He didn't produce... Now fair enough you can your opinion on why...Bullying, service...time of the f.ookin' month..whatever... I will get behind whoever is on the pitch, but don't p*ss down me back and tell me its rainin'...Good luck Jordan, lets put it right...
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