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    Transfer window closed and he's still an owl. He's on good money, he's our record signing so use him. We've made perfect signings to play to his strengths. Finally we have pace to get down the flanks, put that ball in the box and let him do what he does. I don't think there is any owl who doesn't want this guy to succeed. Let's get behind him, make him feel wanted and watch him tear up this league like he has so many times before. He could be as good as any new signing. UTO
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    This must be one of the best windows we've had since Chansiri bought the club, squad has been given a far better balance, 7 new faces, apart from the cover goalkeeper all good ages with good resale value which has helped bring the average age down, Odubajo, Harris and Murphy have added the pace we've lacked since 2015. Pleased we haven't just paid the inflated fee for Hector, yes he did well last season and seemed a good fit for us but we managed to bring in Tom Lees and Glenn Loovens for a nominal fee and a free so glad the club have looked at other options and not had tunnel vision. Having just come out of a soft embargo I would have actually been a bit frustrated if we splashed 5M on a player who's had one good season. Bates has good pedigree and having 4 caps already at 22 for Scotland should be well up to the required standard. All in all we've spent a million quid on outgoings and brought in 5 million rising to 7 with a 20% sell on clause in the future. With League One and Two windows not closing for a few weeks it'd be good if we can get some more young lads following Kirby out on loan. Good to see us being run like a proper functional football club again, don't see why we can't be in the top 10 pushing top 6 this season.
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    Another excellent close season where you have fully backed the team management in the transfer market. This year we appear to have been more disciplined and leveraged better deals for players and not been bullied by other clubs like Chelsea. I am as disappointed as most that we didn’t sign MH but would rather miss out than pay £5m. i have supported this club for the last 50 years and Mr Chansiri is the best chairman we have had by a country mile!!!!!!!
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    Long time follower first time poster ("hi everyone, my names outrageousowl - dramatic pause - and i am a sheffield wednesday fan") and I feel compelled to share my wild excitement for this season. Maybe its because its transfer deadline day or maybe its what ive just smoked, but I'm giddy as a goose for the year ahead. Squad are like besties from back in the day, signings (so far) look well thought out, giving us a real dynamism, and we showed class and experience on the opening day. We may or may not be good enough to go up this year but we are gonna scare the b'jaysus out of the championship this year.. And i for one cant wait because WE ARE THE MIGHTY SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY!!!
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    It's easier to leave the Hotel California than Hillsborough.
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    Just say good, positive stuff or fuckright off! So horrrrrrrrrny for this season!!
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    Meanwhile... transfer deadline day at the Owlstalk server...
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    You might find some pertinent information in the 15 page thread entitled Michael Hector.
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    I find it hard to believe anyone would fail a Wednesday medical.
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    AS PER FRED TITLE https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/owls-land-massimo-luongo/
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    Maybe Chansiri just thinks we're all exasperated Yorkshiremen when we keep telling him "buy Heck".
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    Why don't you get everyone to lump on? Maybe stake your account on it?
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    Come on, Dejphon - you'll have to try a bit harder than that to pull the wool over our eyes when you log on here!
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    Now we have some pacey wingers he just needs to be in and around that box and start smashing them in... come on Jordan. Be our hero!
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    With all the wingers we might end up with...
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    So what happened to the Gayle that everyone on here called a diving, cheating little s**t ? Hes suddenly become the guy to jizz over. Crazy, isn’t it ?
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    I would imagine their parents.
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    Typical Owls fans... Spend bloody years moaning we do nowt in the Transfer window...Then we do... and its "Have we got too many"
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    Language barrier could be difficult, if he only speaks Scottish and German.
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    And there but for the grace of God go Wednesday. Hopefully something can be salvaged from this sorry mess so that the Bury fans still have a club to support.
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    £6m for Carter Vickers. Whoever signs that off needs urgent medical assistance. Ran around like Russell Grant at Hillsborough last season.
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    Yes..sign ALL the wingers!!!
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    If we got Gayle then I'm cracking one off at my desk at work.
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    I don’t know why but it makes me laugh when I hear a player is coming for a medical at S6, I always imagine them sat in the medical room with a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits having a 45 minute long natter and walk out saying “he’s passed”. Because there is no way Abdi actually passed a medical surely?
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    This would make a pretty strong opening to a wedding speech.
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    So , here we are again . Last chance to shift some out and get some in before it slams shut and Jim White puts his yellow tie away till January . Im Hoping we get Hector and a fast, direct striker Enjoy the ride
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    We still need Pelupessy if we are playing 3 in the middle - otherwise we only have four players for three positions (Lee, Bannan, Hutchinson, Luongo). I guess Reach could fill in there if necessary.
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    We put plenty in the box for him before? we haven't had had a winger since 6000bc.
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    We will continue to use 4-3-3 and rightly so. He doesn't fit into that formation. Cant see him playing much however much we want him to succeed.
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    I'm sh!tting myself like Fred West watching Ground Force, I'm that much on edge.
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    No exit for the South Stand at the Leppings Lane end on Saturday.
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    He's 22, so probably too old for Guru
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    My daughter came home about a year and a half ago and randomly said she supported Rotherham... (she was 6 at the time)... all hell broke loose. So all I can say is, she now knows what is and is not acceptable in my house. She now knows that she is a Wednesday fan and she has no choice but to be put up for adoption if she ever comes out with shíté like that again.
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    HOW FUCKINGEXCITING IS TODAY?? And I support Man City!
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