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    Rousing stuff, but the pigs got promoted because they’ve got a very good manager. We should get one of those.
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    Oh god here we go again
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    Did he sign a playing registration form, just in case? Might as well. Remember Erik Nixon signing one to save a few bob and never expecting to have to play. Then he had to come on against Grimsby. First cross into the box he came out and claimed it and absolutely crushed their centre forward. Marvelous.
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    I don't remember the fans saying we could sell him...what in the name of f.ook is happening down there!!! DC...Ring me!!!
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    Now that the dust has settled a bit and my disappointment and anger has subsided after a very gutsy display on Saturday, I have to say Bruce has brought in three very good acquisitions(the Brentford boy needs a bit more time to fit in). Why did Warnock let Harris go? Bizarre! Iorfa was a snip at £ 200,000 and he also brought a highly esteemed fitness coach on board. It’s so frustrating that Bruce quickly realised what improvements were needed and planned accordingly - he could have been a real Hillsborough hero. Why he wanted the grief of the Newcastle fans & work for Ashley despite his boyhood allegiance, I can’t understand! 95% of managers are sacked anyway (which is why I don’t really want loyal servant Bullen to get the job) and the build up to Bruce’s demise at Gallowgate will be messy and toxic. After a 40 year career in football he surely didn’t need the money or the hassle. Awaking the still let’s be honest sleeping giant that is Wednesday could have crowned his career!
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    He would be judged on his performances.
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    DC was at Reading - unless the people on here who talked to him outside the ground an hour before kick off scared him away
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    Quality aside, we've missed Loovens' leadership. It might not be a popular opinion, but to me, Lees doesn't come across as captain material. It wouldn't surprise me if Börner was brought in to ultimately fill that role.
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    Love it. Like the Thai David Brent.
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    Just stick Bullen in net. 100% clean sheet record
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    You vanish for months on end. Then rock up and upset everyone with Pulis talk on a Sunday night as if nothings happened .It's not on. We've been worried sick. You treat this place like a bloody hotel!
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    I'm waiting for Dotty to confirm before I place any money down.
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    I just read the coffee cup
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    FF is an impact player, and has been throughout his career. He hasn’t been an ever present anywhere he’s been, and I think that’s telling We’ve got too many impact players at this club (FF, Joao, Dave) and that’s partly why were in the position we’re in and haven’t progressed. We haven’t got the players who can do it consistently
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    Other than Hector, it would be loans for me anyway You get better quality than we could hope to buy, and we want pace, energy and guile, the attributes normally found in young Premier League players.
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    After Wembley we wasted up to £20m on the likes of Abdi, Rhodes, Winnall, Van Aken, when all we needed to do was sign 3 players and following Brighton’s example and spending just £8m on the likes of Knockaert, Duffy and Kayal. As for the current team it is almost as good as the Wembley team, just need 3 decent loan players this week and things could get interesting again
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    I'd just bet that more than a few Players have had a "rollicking", under Mr. Interim (Bullen) it's just not for the World to see. It's private. Actually, had Joao NOT scored that goal, my guess is that a rollicking would have taken place, because Bullen was yelling for him (Joao) to get it to the corner, and Joao knew it, but took the shot, and.... No need to launch into the Player, and humiliate him, in front of the whole World, better to do that sort of thing in private, in front of the Squad, whom are his Peers, not the Social Media, and the Player will appreciate the constructive criticism, and do better the next time. Bullen is a field guy, he does not care about grand strategy, that all goes out the window after the first shot is fired, after which, it's WIN regardless of grand strategy. To Bullen, this means ATTACK, right from the start, and right until final time. Don't "fix" things that aren't broken, and SWFC is NOT broken, looking good, even after all that's transpired.
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    I posted this before but go and look at his record everywhere. Take away his “style” and everyone would be clamouring for him. Even his “survival expert” tag is a myth, he’s proven consistently he can excel teams in the Premier League. Stoke: 07/08 2nd Championship 08/09 12th Premier League 09/10 11th Premier League 10/11 13th Premier League, FA Cup finalist and qualified for Europe. 11/12 14th Premier League 12/13 13th Premier League Crystal Palace: 13/14 11th Premier League. He only managed them for half a season taking the job in November whilst they was in the bottom three. West Brom: 14/15 13th Premier League, took over whilst 1 point about the drop zone in January. 15/16 14th Premier League 16/17 10th Premier League Middlesbrough: 17/18 5th Championship, after the season he was forced to sell Ben Gibson, Adama Traore, Patrick Bamford, 3 top Championship players and was expected to improve. 18/19 7th Championship. Joint best defence in the division. His record is much better than his reputation.
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    Forgetting the FA issues - what is his role now within the current starting 11? Bullen doesn't favour him enough to warrant a start - is he going to be on the bench for the foreseeable? Personally, I don't see how we can leave a player of his quality out. Once he gets going, he is still one of the best players in this division and we really need him to step up to the mark. Watching Hernandez yesterday for Leeds, he's nearly 35 and everything for Leeds was going through him and he was making them tick. I still believe Forestieri has that in the locker, he's the one who has the moment of brilliance in the squad and I still think he can return to the form he offered 2-3 years ago.
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    Damn, you're right. Found an old match report here: http://www.codalmighty.com/site/ca.php?article=341 Enjoyed the line: "Beswetherick, a man with hair longer than his name and talent shorter than his socks. Such a shame - we were really enjoying his contribution to world peace. Such generosity of spirit, such determination to please guests."
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    Why is the interview being held in London? To me this suggests DC is going to hire a foreigner, as that would be someone who's unaware that Sheffield is nowhere near London, and who may otherwise not take the job
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    I have concerns about @... timekeeping......
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    Are you blind?
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    This kid is literally live tweeting his FM19 save.......
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    Has there ever been another player that so many of fans wanted and then so many wanted rid of ???
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    Correct that's why we aren't selling Bannan, Reach, Westwood, Lee or Fletcher.
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    Surely there is better out there we can bring in on loan. Personally thought he was very average during his loan spell last season and didn’t look bothered half the time. You would think our scouting network might be able to find alternative players.
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    He's not been particularly great at most of the clubs where he's been on loan. Found his true home with us. Liked by the fans (understatement) and fits in well with the other players. A sensible bloke would want to play for us, it's not like we are penny pinching on wages. He could become a legend here given a bit of luck.
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    Kirk Brandon's leaving Boy George's house ..........
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    Just as an aside point. How disappointing will it be if we don't manage to bring in a couple of players this window. In my opinion it'll be really really frustrating as we finally have some pace, fitness and confidence built up after 2 years of none of that. We just need 2-3 final pieces including Hector. Please make it happen.
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    It's your fault for mentioning him all the time
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    Someone pointed out in another thread that of the 11 on Saturday only reach had a transfer fee. So we appear to do well with free transfers and woeful when we pay a fee.
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    So did the pigs and he kept them out.
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    Would be good business, Rhodes out, Hector in.
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    Wednesday through and through; he bleeds blue and white, plus the players know him. He deserves a chance.
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    Stuart gray would be a great signing and I'd rather have him managing than Bullen
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    Wasn’t they complaining about ticket prices? Saying that, no transport costs for this one - horse and cart job down the road!
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    Render will get a call up for Saturday I imagine, if we haven't brought a new GK in on loan.
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    So you'd change the entire system just to fit him in? Move Harris into a wingback role which he probably can't do. Righto.
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    He is like Joao, one game he will be unplayable and everyone will be raving about him. Then you wont see he for 3 games. And in Forestieri's case its normally because of suspension.
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    He's a dinosaur. He's not progressive enough. His name doesn't end in an "o". Success can go hang. We want to play like Barcelona, as well as gain promotion.
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    Never mind that. Have you all so quickly forgotten the BURTON ALBION DEFEAT!!!
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    No,No,No. Read Peter Crouch's autobiography and he slags Pulls off! All he does is defensive shape with defenders and midfielders and nothing with strikers! It would be dire negative football!
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    He is staying with us you shandy drinking southern wusses. He says you’re too prawn sandwich and prosecco and doesn’t want to play for a team where he can remember every one of the supporters by their first names.
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    I have looked at the league standings roughly 88 times since 5.00 yesterday
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    Would rather lose Rhodes, Winnall and Dave before Joao.
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