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    Clearly one thing we need to learn is how to count...
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    Rousing stuff, but the pigs got promoted because they’ve got a very good manager. We should get one of those.
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    I've just had a £5 e/w double... Rowett in Rhodes out.. Lump on quick...
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    How much do I have to lump on it
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    If it's done why is he waiting til Thursday FFS? Can you all stop wanting to be in the f*cking know and wait for news to break naturally
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    Does he look like a man about to employ Gary Rowett? Any body language experts on here this morning?
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    6.dont leave before the final whistle
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    1. Pace is so important Harris offered something we've not had since JJ, Antonio and Helan left - pace in behind. When you've got that kind of pace you don't even need need great playmakers. Our first two goals came from balls knocked into an area behind their left back and Harris did the rest, running into the space to score for number 1, and win a corner for number 2. 2. So are set pieces Bannan's delivery is hugely important for us. We've got decent height in the side with the two CBs, Hutchinson and Fletcher/Joao complimented by Reach and Lee in the box. A good set piece got us right back in the game just after we'd conceded that goal. 3. Even the best can have an off day Westwood has been consistent for us for five seasons and is the best SWFC goalie in my lifetime. But he probably had his worst ever game for the club at the weekend, flapping at a few corners and then that rush of blood to the head. Hopefully just a one off and normal service will be resumed at Milwall. 4. Palmer at LB is only sticking plaster Reading's two big moments came when they targetted our left flank. For the Lee's handball/clearance off the line he got caught under the ball because his body shape was facing in field when a natural left footer would be facing outside to their winger who beat him and ran into the box. For their goal their big striker pulled onto the back post in his area and was somehow left with only Harris to beat in the air. Palmer might be our best RB but please Mr Chansiri bring us in a proper left back by Thursday. 5. Smells like team spirit Whatever is happening with the manager there is a clear togetherness in this group. It was noticeable how the whole team celebrated together when we scored, how Hutchinson organised everything in the middle, how Reach didn't have his best attacking game but was diligent in defence, how even Harris tracked back, how Joao put his body on the line and put in a real shift for the team and was prepared to get booted in the air. Spirit like this will take you a long way and I hope we don't jeopardise it with the wrong managerial appointment.
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    This reminds me of the Rowett by Sunday thread
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    Cardiff want Reach for 4 million - QPR and Middlesbrough ! interested too
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    It'd be the same with any manager then...
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    Am I the only one who doesn't feel a siege mentality at all? We barely register with a lot of clubs, and the Bruce affair will be forgotten, if not already, by most outside of Newcastle and Sheffield in a week or so now that the season is up and running. Nando's ban will barely register with a lot of fans. No one at work has mentioned it, and that includes fans of teams such as Birmingham and WBA, so teams in our division. I just dont get the feeling there is anything like a siege mentality at all. As for Bullen, no thanks.
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    Just looked on Google Streetview and they're not there now https://goo.gl/maps/bpwJNmfCgNTZKqPa8
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    He's got a wry smile in that photo, almost smug..... He may have landed his man or that could just be the look of a guy that's absolutely minted and doesn't give a sh!t....... In essence my extensive body language analysis has revealed f**k all.......
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    Oh god here we go again
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    Did he sign a playing registration form, just in case? Might as well. Remember Erik Nixon signing one to save a few bob and never expecting to have to play. Then he had to come on against Grimsby. First cross into the box he came out and claimed it and absolutely crushed their centre forward. Marvelous.
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    I don't remember the fans saying we could sell him...what in the name of f.ook is happening down there!!! DC...Ring me!!!
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    How we all laughed at Newcastle going from Benitez to Bruce. Let's not take it to a further extreme and go from Bruce to Bullen, eh?
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    Now that the dust has settled a bit and my disappointment and anger has subsided after a very gutsy display on Saturday, I have to say Bruce has brought in three very good acquisitions(the Brentford boy needs a bit more time to fit in). Why did Warnock let Harris go? Bizarre! Iorfa was a snip at £ 200,000 and he also brought a highly esteemed fitness coach on board. It’s so frustrating that Bruce quickly realised what improvements were needed and planned accordingly - he could have been a real Hillsborough hero. Why he wanted the grief of the Newcastle fans & work for Ashley despite his boyhood allegiance, I can’t understand! 95% of managers are sacked anyway (which is why I don’t really want loyal servant Bullen to get the job) and the build up to Bruce’s demise at Gallowgate will be messy and toxic. After a 40 year career in football he surely didn’t need the money or the hassle. Awaking the still let’s be honest sleeping giant that is Wednesday could have crowned his career!
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    He would be judged on his performances.
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    We have to let someone go. Rhodes is on huge wages and if Norwich are willing to cough up a few million, then it is a no brainer. There are issues with FFP that still need addressing and, by moving Rhodes on, it may allow us to bring in Hector and a couple of others. No chance I'd have Reach go before Rhodes. That's bonkers.
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    DC was at Reading - unless the people on here who talked to him outside the ground an hour before kick off scared him away
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    Quality aside, we've missed Loovens' leadership. It might not be a popular opinion, but to me, Lees doesn't come across as captain material. It wouldn't surprise me if Börner was brought in to ultimately fill that role.
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    Doesn't matter who's in charge. If one of them midfield trio gets injured, we go from hoping for top 6, to finishing 14th, if we're lucky. You're only as good as your tools.
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    I opened this fully expecting it to be some tw@t saying they’d just booked a holiday
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    Where did you come from where did you go Where did you come from odubajo (cotton eyed joe)
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    Love it. Like the Thai David Brent.
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    He did it by building a team. Not with individuals stuck together with celotape. Journeymen, has beens, League one standard, past it etc etc...means nothing. He knows what he wants from his team and he focuses on how he wants his team to play. So he gets the players that fit his vision. That's how he does it. It's very different to us who have (over the past few years) bought players based on individual ability and then tried to shoehorn them in to a system to stop the other team playing their game. Carlos cracked it in his first season. We played how he wanted us to play and took the game to the opposition and he let them worry about us. After that he got found out and decided to focus on the opponent to much
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    Title decider on Saturday.
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    I know a Barnsley fan who got a two for one discount. He's taking his wife AND sister to the match on just one ticket. But then they are the same person.
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    I think this could go on the star website, apply for the role. Purposely getting the score wrong will get you more clicks too. Well played sir.
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    Just stick Bullen in net. 100% clean sheet record
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    Don't let sentiment rule your head, Bullen's a nice guy but nice guys rarely make winners, better required if we are to progress.
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    He's been 10 pin bowling again . He's still got the shoes on.
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    It maybe the right time if he wins six from six. Until then let's just see how he gets on game by game. 3-0 to Barnsley on Saturday and you won't want him anymore. No one will.
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    You vanish for months on end. Then rock up and upset everyone with Pulis talk on a Sunday night as if nothings happened .It's not on. We've been worried sick. You treat this place like a bloody hotel!
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    Yes, Colin Murray's thoughts are what we've been waiting for all summer.
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    Based on his form since he arrived and the fact he’ll leave for nothing next summer - it’s time to cash in the chips.
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    I'm waiting for Dotty to confirm before I place any money down.
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    Is it better, in the world of FFP, to stick to free agents rather than spending cash? Over the last few years, most of our best players have been free agents with a bunch of expensive transfers flopping. Is it better to spend money on wages and ignore spending money? Evidence: Reading line up: Westwood (Free) Odubajo (Free) Lees (Free) Borner (Free) Palmer (Youth) Hutchinson (Free) Bannan (Free) Lee (Free) Reach (£3m) Fletcher (Free) Harris (Free)
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    I think the 433 system needs some pace out wide, so Harris has to be one of the wide attackers. Forestieri isn't the answer as the central striker - that's Fletcher or Joao (or Rhodes if he's able to play it). So, it's between Forestieri and Reach for the other wide attack role. I sense a manager will trust Reach every day of the week because he's steady, hard working, reliable, and gets goals.
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    Notice Ryan Woods seems to be getting marginalised at Stoke under the new manager................now that would be a very good loan move if we could make it happen.
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    I predict a Rowett i predict a Rowett
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    Until we're run properly, nothing will change
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    Would be a genuine concern. I’ve said before that Bullen has been DC’s most valuable employee and safest pair of hands in each transition. The irony of a Bullen appointment is the fans wouldn’t give him the time he deserved and DC would give him too much. Bad move on all counts. PS. Sorry Lee it’s nothing personal.
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    Not being deliberately devils advocate, but I always find Colin Murray quite complimentary about us
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