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  1. Fu*king does my crust in Nixon... I'm beyond even arguing about whether he knows owt or not, I just wish he wouldn't exclusively post in f*king vaguites!! Can you imagine being his wife? Mrs Nixon- "What would you like on your sandwich Alan?" Nixon- "It could be a day for corned beef, people will be surprised when it comes out" Mrs Nixon- "So do you want corned beef then?" Nixon- ''''Ham and cheese is still in the running, not sure if egg mayo has ruled itself out, lots going on behind the scenes...'' Mrs Nixon- " Oh FFS!!! Just make it yourself, you fat ba*tard!!''
  2. 0-0 atm, 11am Kick off, no spectators allowed in so im in someone’s garden with a decent view. Our No 8 had a glorious chance to score but hit it past the post.
  3. Great news on the lifting of the embargo. The Chairman has done a great job and invested heavily in our club to make this happen. We are fortunate to have DC, in my opinion. Now let's forget the failures like Zola or Coleman, the dinosaurs like Pulis or the untested novices like Rui Silva. Let's go and get Hughton this weekend.
  4. FT 0-0. Wednesday definitely the better team over the two halves. Now to avoid the stinging nettles.
  5. Chansiri when he turns up at Hughton's house tomorrow
  6. First, Boris into No.10 Now the embargo lifted! Lovely week!!
  7. Post that in the changing room at Middlewood.
  8. Can’t be bothered to read the whole thread, but it’s certainly great news
  9. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/english-football/championship/championship-team-by-team-season-preview-2019-20/
  10. I just turn on my broad Glaswegian accent and the guy will eventually give up trying to remove me.
  11. It's only because of that thread on here.
  12. Getting in the right manager is much more important than signing Hector.
  13. He’s pumped millions in. We got beat by a Wonder goal in the play-off final and failed in the semis on pens. I think the chairman is having a good go at getting us up from a competitive league.
  14. Only us eh? any other time, this would happen and everything else drops into place behind it..No manager.. Its like a f.ookin' recipe... Scrambled eggs.... Butter Salt milk... No f.ookin' eggs..... bast*rd! Its like them old Haynes manuals where they gave you an idiots walk through when you were doin' the brakes on your Cortina... You would get 3/4 of the way through the f.ooker..pads , discs an' retainin' pins all over the soddin' drive..then it would say "Now taking the special tool" There you stand wiv an' 'ammer and a pair of f.ookin' plyers!
  15. Hughton a week ago - “A very good club but this is not the right time for me” Hughton on hearing the Umbongo is lifted - “As I was saying recently, I’d love to manage Sheffield Wednesday, I’m ready to go” Steve Bruce on hearing the Umbongo is lifted - “Oh dear, I thought Mr Chansiri was lying when he said the Umbongo was going to be lifted. I think we’ve f***ed up fellas”.
  16. It was on page 454 of the Transfer Rumours thread. How did you not see it?
  17. I really like reading your posts, for some reason they cheer me up, not that I get really down or anything Dont take this the wrong way, but you’re like chief bedwetter, but you’re funny with it I’d love to sit down with you over a pint, and listen to all your Wednesday fears and woes I’m guessing you’re under 30, and Wednesday being shiit is all you’ve ever known. My son is 23 in a couple of months, I’ve taken him to watch Wednesday constantly since he was 5. I used to take my daughter too but she lives in London now, so only goes about once a season. I really feel for you guys, this is all you’ve ever known But I can offer you hope, it’s not like this all the time, only about 90% of the time Chin up chief We’re All Wednesday Aren’t We Sue me Jennings you piggy bumder
  18. That's fine as long as none of them gets injured. There is almost nothing worthwhile in reserve.
  19. This notion that 'these players weren't good enough to get us promoted' has been batted around on here for a while now, and it makes as little sense now as it did on the day it was first written. OK, so the collective group of players we had in 2015/16 and 16/17 didn't get us promoted, but that doesn't mean that each and every one of them lacks the quality needed to be part of a promotion-winning squad in the future. With a different manager, different tactics, and different teammates, the likes of Lee, Bannan, Reach, Lees, Westwood, Hutchinson, and Forestieri are all of the standard required to win promotion and could surely be part of a successful squad at this level. If we only want players who've already won promotion from this division, then let's bring back Jones, Abdi and Boyd and see how we get on. I'd much rather we keep Kieran Lee, to be honest.
  20. With this news being broken by The Star today, it probably actually happened last Monday.
  21. Rui Silva is not the Manager. He is a No 2. That is totally differen to being the No 1. Let him take his first novice steps elsewhere.
  22. Phew a day or so longer than I was told but finally the news came through.
  23. "Welcome to Rotherham United: the club with no yesterday"
  24. That goal against Brighton feels like ages ago. I went absolutely mental.
  25. Well done to Mountys for sponsoring our new manager's car.
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