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    I hate change...with Wednesday I know I'm a dinosaur and I know I'm probably wetting the bed over nowt...but it makes me feel insecure. I don't feel comfortable with the "D-Taxis"..I don't feel comfortable with a drink that if you had to rely on it..you would be dead in 3 days.... and in no way would I feel comfortable with Hillsborough being called owt bar Hillsborough I'll go along with it...as if I had a choice...but it smells plastic...it smells desperate...it smells different.... I don't like stuff that smells different...I never know whether to eat it or not
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    "Programmes 100 quid" doesn't quite work does it?
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    get yerself a can of Elevate...phone a D-Taxi..then let us know
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    SWFC make MI6 look transparent
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    I like the lake district too.....
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    I'm guessing this will only apply to fans who can't get to matches. 23 games X £3 = £69 (£31 for postage) In the cup we may get drawn away / get knocked out early. Am I missing something.....unless programmes are shooting up in price.
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    having lived through it we were so far ahead of the game ground wise latterly due to the vision of Eric Taylor we got complacent and our pitiful on field performance and lack of finance over the years has just meant we cant do much about it . I'm with @asteener1867 =don't want change but ... TBH this may change the place i want my ashes chucked chansiri stadium nah
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    They've got promoted in the Year Of The Pig, so that puts that one to bed.
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    Thought this was a thread about Jack Bruce and the importance of his strong bass...
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    Reading this I feel like I’ve had a line of ket.
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    Still in the championship would be my guess.
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    Stop trying to eat Hillsborough ffs!
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    Anyone who goes to the youth games got info about the youngster James Murphy who we had a couple of seasons back (2016-18)? He’s on trial at my home team Arbroath
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    In a roundabout way, that could be a hint, that the kit (s) could be 80s style modern homages?
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    How great would it be if we have the 3 new boys all in our 3 new strips for next year. Half this site would have a meltdown
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    IPTV is the way forward. It's the future. I've tasted it.
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    BREAKING- Almen Abdi has taken up the option of a three year contract extension at Sheffield Wednesday.....
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    At the end of the video it says “Level Up” which happens to be a hashtag that Elev8 use on their social media. Probably new kit related?
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    Think their new coach may decide who he wants more than Lampard suggesting "here ya go,ya can borrow Hector"...................just a thought like.
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    Don't get all despondent...you can always turn on the Chairman again LOL
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    Crikey you have a vivid imagination
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    Mrs Tibbs goes mad if I don't remove her best cutlery.
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    S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5 in bidding war £260 million is my tip
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    How long will all this take to go through? we need it completing asap if its going to help lift our embargo.
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    Think the finances will have more of a say than Bruce, I'm afraid.
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    We'll have to see because that could be a way of trying to speed things up, like in a similar way to asking to lower the asking prices? I'd still expect quite a bit of wheeling and dealing or loaning in and out. Hopefully Bruce can still be able to wiggle in his targets, in spite of the difficulty to ship players out. I trust in Bruce to get the balance right and to make us a contender, whether we more or less go with what we have or can still manoeuvre in extra quality in areas that we need it. The main thing that for me gives us a shot at it, is having a manager like Bruce, I'm sure he'll use his contacts to get in some quality loanees and more than any signings or dealings, having Bruce is the best business we've done as a club in a long time.
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    I always used to buy a programme on match days but then the stewards stopped me from taking my colouring pens and scissors into the match...
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    It’s a strange one, we are oversubscribed in some areas of defence and attack, and you suspect players will have to leave from each department. It hasn’t stopped the manager adding to those defensive areas though, so presumably he can do the same with the attack
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    That's fair enough and a good point. Bruce has got a few areas still to strengthen and he did suggest, he'd prefer to reduce the squad, rather than increase it. Think he prefers working with less numbers, quality over quantity. Loanees and out of contracts would be a smart way to go about it. Hector still is key for me due to how well he fitted in, that sort of impact would be hard to find and replicate. The numbers in defence and in attack, suggest we'll have numerous options but also suggest, we'll probably sacrifice a few of them if possible. Like you said, we need to strike a balance and utilise the loan market. I'm sure we will but I'm still hoping we'll somehow manage to bring back Hector, as to own a player like that, who fitted in so well, would be a great solid foundation to build around. I expect us to also try and fill some of the gaps or other areas needed strengthening with some quality loanees, if possible.
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    On the previous page Nightowl mentioned, if funds were available to try and get Hector and Morsey in. I understand why, but in terms of CB, at the moment we have Lees, Iorfa, Borner, Van Aken, Thorniley, Fox and Hutch if the latter 2 are required. Seems a lot of options s for me, and not unlike our long list of strikers. If funds can be freed, or loans utilised, we desperately need midfield and wide players, so create some balance and options s within the squad. Not withstanding the good points Nightowl raised.
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    I read earlier that some journalists believed we were interested in Vaulks as well as Turnbull, and that the soft embargo is now lifted. They think we'll be in mostly for released players and loanees. https://www.sheffieldwednesday.news/news/journalist-claims-soundings-were-made-by-sheffield-wednesday-over-then-rotherham-midfielder-will-vaulks/ But if there's some cash spare or we can get rid of a few players, then hopefully we could go for Morsy and try and bring Hector back? If we can somehow wheel and deal or engineer a way to buy one or two players, my preferred choices would be Hector as top priority with Morsy as an outside second priority. I'd be happy enough with quality out of contract signings and a few quality loanees. But I also think, if possible, Hector and Morsy under Bruce, would give us what we need to have a real go for it.
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    My prediction is we announce the 3 new signings, Reach new contract and kit is released by surprise signing Frank Ribery.
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    Your all moaning but the fact is, the club has just proved they can release any old poo and people will lap it up.
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    Breaking news??? Was on official site 8 hours ago FFS. Please try to keep up.
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    He made it look so easy at centre back, even easier at centre forward. I think Colin Hendry will still have nightmares about those 2 goals at Ewood.
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    Because I've paid a lot of money for the season ticket. I'm a supporter of the club. A well run club keeps supporters engaged and doesn't leave them in the dark. Unfortunately we have failed miserably in that respect for a good number of years.
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    Howson said he felt it was more intense than previous regimes. Also, it felt like one man and his dog under Jos. There's Clemence, Agnew, Bullen, Kalinins, Strudwick and numerous other staff members and it just looks more structured.
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    Problem is, he’s getting older, playing less, and his value is going down by the month. What do we do, pay his wages for the rest of his contract or cut our losses. It’s like selling a house and you have a price in mind that you won’t budge on, because your neighbour sold for that 2 years. Unfortunately the neighbours house was better and the market prices are not what they were 2 years ago. We we can only sell for what people will pay.
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    So dingles have sold all 3 of their keeper and best centre backs. Hilarious considering they've only got about £5M for them combined.
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    Hutch, Sasso, Benito A heart stopping back three. Let's scrap 'traditional' defending and just make the other team too smitten to attack.
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    They're designed quite well to be fair. They wouldn't be my preference to be honest but they do look smart. I thought the thin stripe shirt, like the late 80s home shirt was going to be the home shirt? Can't remember who mentioned it but someone mentioned it on here a while ago.
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