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    Yes but equally these players usually cost a lot and we clearly aren't able to operate in that way right now. I don't really know what you want anymore guru, you seem to be moaning about everything we do at the minute, it's so confusing.
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    Some of you will never learn. It’s about the team you put together and not individual quality, let’s see where we are come in just under 5 weeks
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    The four new signings are Bidwell, Wilson, Itsa, Goal.
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    Why is every other team doing "great bit of business, reyt signing, favourites, gonna be in the mix" etc but OUR team or targets are constantly being belittled by OUR OWN fans on OUR OWN (or Neils') forum ? Let's get behind them and see where they take us.
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    Can you confirm if he finished off his sneeze please
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    Tell you what, I really would love our badge if it was just this. Simple but nice detail. Probably more suited to away yellow shirt
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    few pictures of twitter of the event for people. Thanks Tracy for the photos... whover you are Got to say, Bazza I think ya need to get under them pitch growing lights if you want to be ready for the season
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    On the flip side, I took my lad & his friend & they loved it! They enjoyed the rides, games etc & even got to play football with Westwood, FF, Bannan, Joao, Iorfa, Bannan & a few others, made their day. I think it’s great that the club do something like this
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    How about not insulting other Wednesday fans who merely have a different opinion to you ?.
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    And so his Abdication will be official. Amen. Sorry, I mean Almen.
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    From tomorrow, Abdi will no longer be our player. Hallelujah.
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    Well in that case, it's time to make some up. Step 1: cite suitably ill-defined 'sources' for your info. Step 2: liberally sprinkle some carefully chosen verbs to avoid committing to anything. Step 3: search Wikipedia for a vaguely believable player with whom to link us. Step 4: cover your back with an invented obstacle which can act as a get-out clause when the transfer doesn't materialise. And just like that, we're signing Jack Colback!
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    I don't believe you really know what kind of form Bidwell has displayed these last few seasons for QPR. All I know is that he's looked genuinely capable whenever I've seen him play for QPR (and obviously before that for Brentford). Just looking at his stats - it's also noteworthy than he's got more assists in all but one of his last five seasons than any of our full backs have achieved in the same time. His fitness record is also very sound - a major plus given our fitness issues over the past few seasons. He'll be a solid signing.
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    Can you name the ones we could realistically sign on loan? Preferably not ones who are 18 and have never played a first team game as that can go either way
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    I would take both Lazaar and Aarons back.
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    A very good effort, considering he spent most of the season at centre back
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    Not just for the ladies
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    I really do think we should make this 2wats life a misery so he regrets ever doing this. WE ALL AGREE PAUL JENNINGS IS A W@NKER.
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    Very true. We don't actually need a better scouting network; we just need to wait and see who Brentford are in for, then outbid them at the last minute!
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    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new kit every two years, like it used to be?
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    Well if he went from Brentford to Brentford it certainly was a sideways move
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    Yeah I wonder why Bruce doesn't employ someone like to be head of recruitment...oh yeah it's because you know sod all about football and have shown why for the time you've been on here
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    Well another owls in the park and another win on the keepy uppy challenge for LMC junior. VIP match day experience for me and him just for doing 65 keep ups. Its like pimping him out. Good job he's got some talent cos I wouldn't have a prayer doing that.
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    You misunderstood, they were saying he’s got bees knees.
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    100%. But it needs to go both ways. People also need to stop acting like children on here too with the petty neg wars that happen. Apologies for using the term bedwetters. Let's hope everyone can be more positive and friendly from now on.
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    \ It's the South African Football team, Kaizer Chefs
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    Come on people. Stop with the insults and labels like bedwetter and snowflake, and get the thread back on track.
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    Doesn't look a bit like him.
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    On the ladder to suckcless
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    You’re too pessimistic about our chances... look at all of the teams that have been promoted over the last 5 years. Not many of them have been full of 23 year old athletic players with premier league potential. Those players cost too much money. Getting promoted is about consistency in this league as there’s not much difference between the top and lower mid table. Under Bruce we showed consistency particularly defensively but lacked a little bit of cutting edge and pace. Point is, we don’t need to rip it up and start again. We just need to add a bit to what we already have and we’ll likely be top 6 again The big rebuild comes after promotion
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    A prime goalscorer doesnt become bad overnight. Given the same service that he got when he was banging in the goals he will still score. Hes a poacher and knows when to be in the right place at the right time. His movement although not Boltesque gets him where he needs to be if somebody is on the same wavelength and can put it in the right place. His confidence must have been shot to pieces under CC. If anybody can get him scoring again it will be Bruce IF he is going to play a system which suits the Rhodes style. If he isn't .... then he won't.. As we have got him we should make the best out of him unless Bruce isn't going to play a suitable system AND we get a reasonable offer for him. I dont feel the criticism is totally justified as Carlos didn't appear to want him and didn't play to his strengths. I know it's been said before , but I believe it's true. If Rhodes stays and scores 15+ goals in a team which achieves a top 6 then will all the doubters be happy? Do they really WANT him to succeed or does he have no chance of changing their minds no matter what he does. Probably not. Rhodes seems to have the Marmite syndrome. Love him or hate him. Time will tell.
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    There's always been a section devoted to dogs. The reason being that when we first came up with Owls in the Park there were very specific dates we could do it and both sets of dates we looked at with the council for Hillsborough Park were already booked up with other events. Rather than not bother doing it, we spoke with the local Support Dogs charity, who had the preferred weekend booked and asked if we could do something together - they agreed that it would raise their profile (and support) as well as us recognising that they could add something nice as an attraction for the whole bigger event (these things aren't easy to organise). Works out rather well as the Support Dogs section was popular and they got increased levels of support and funding from it due to the bigger crowds being attracted, so win-win. It is nice to help boost a local, small charity as a community club.
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    99% of Wednesday fans wanted Rhodes to sign for a long time. In Carlos first season, with the style of football that we played, Rhodes would have been absolutely lethal.... in a team with Hooper and Forestieri. Absolutely everyone would have put Rhodes into the team at the time .... everyone.
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    I still think we have a pool of strikers who will score goals at this level. Hernandez good player, but that area of the pitch really doesn't need adding to it at the moment.
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    Wheres it been confirmed hes on 2 million ? And your right he wouldn't be out a job it would just be the same.old minority of fans moaning
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    They went up because of Colin and they will be up there again this season because of him. The best signing this club has made in years is Steve Bruce, having a good manager is the most important thing at this level.
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    FFS we`ve only just started pre-season, out for 2 weeks i guess
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    Yeah no more insults ya dirty wrong'un c*nts
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    The badge does look nicer and simpler like that. I'd prefer it like that too.
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    Van Aken turned up? Surely we'll get some value out of him this season. He was getting better and better before that injury
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    Bidwell signing this week. Embargo lifted tomorrow. Winnall to Millwall if we lower the asking price. What I’ve heard today. Hopefully true about the embargo.
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    No. The kids are 5’11 and 6’4
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    Naked female mud wrestling
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