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  1. Don't believe everything you're told. Particularly when they have more toes than teeth
  2. Like most on here I’d be delighted to welcome someone of Kadeem’s caliber to our squad and I’m absolutely looking forward to going on Wikipedia later to find out who he is.
  3. Not when Chansiri values him at £8m
  4. I don't know too much about him apart from that he's pretty rapid, and sometimes that's all that is required to push the opposition back 5-10 yards so they don't get caught pushing too far up. This is the 5-10 yards of space that Bannan craves to get his head up, that Hooper used to drop into, that Kieran Lee drifts into, that will allow Fletcher to back into his marker, that allows Reach to find himself 25 yards out with his left peg getting twitchy. Some teams have a rapid striker, same outcome. Some have it in a strong runner from midfield, same outcome. Some have it at full back, same outcome. Sometimes all a team needs is the threat of pace to allow all the other elements of the team to perform better. This season, we may have that plan B we all craved. If a team comes at us, they now run the risk of getting caught in behind. If they sit off, they run the risk of Reach, Lee, Fletcher, Bannan or FF doing some serious damage with the extra space.
  5. For me a centre back is a centre back. They might prefer one side or the other but it shouldn’t to be massively alien to play on the other side....
  6. Right im stepping, friendly warning time. Please can we keep it fun and friendly. Oh and ill be removing all the offending stuff as well.
  7. After some of our transfer dealings in the last few years, I'm just glad he can walk at all!
  8. Just give us normal sized blue and white stripes front and back. Is it really that difficult to design? I reckon that's what most people want and like. Instantly recognizable as Sheffield Wednesday. Looks great on Subbuteo or on attacking players bombing down towards the kop.
  9. You guys are incredible Going to all this trouble for pre season friendlies in another country I take my hat off to each and everyone of you We have some amazing supporters
  10. Most Cardiff fans are upset he’s left, they think he could do a great job for them in the Championship. I trust Bruce, right type of signing, Young, athletic, doesn’t get injured that much best years ahead of him hopefully if we’ve signed him.
  11. -1 for dissing the iconic Salvador Dali designed Chupa Chup's logo. Philistine...
  12. At the moment we basically only have one winger in Reach. I'm sure by the end of the transfer window Bruce will want to have 4 (or maybe 3+ Nando) to choose from and each of those will play some games throughout the season. In picking up these players we can't spend loads of money and need to prioritise pace in at least a couple of them. With that context understood Harris seems a perfect signing and could prove a bargain. Those moaning about it need to give alternative names that are actually plausible signings or STFU in my view.
  13. Most Watford fans were upset when we signed “The Professor”; and look how that turned out!
  14. Not a fan of Onomah. Midfielder who doesn't defend, create or score goals. While with us he played at a walking pace, often looking clueless of what he was supposed to do.
  15. I'm hopeful we've learnt from our mistakes. Bit naive to think everything has been all rosey on the transfer and squad management front Its definitely been reflected in the 18 months of crap before Bruce was brought in. Maybe thats too much for some people to understand/admit to when they think everything is perfect. I don't know.
  16. Still makes me laugh how loads of fans genuinely found it acceptable that we'd dicked our way into an embargo like it was the EFLs fault that we couldn't sell or buy players anywhere near efficiently and sustainably. Same ones that deny it this time round probably. As they sip their Elev8.
  17. Onomah did well for Bruce at Villa, despite what the Villa Championship managers say If Bruce thinks he's worth signing, I'll back his judgement rather than listen to the Championship managers on here
  18. Probably just a rumour. Why?, becouse it would "actually make real sense". The lad needs to go on loan to improve instead of languishing in the under 23s. Barnsley is close to home, so no messing about with either a long commute, living In a hotel, or renting somewhere. He'd be gaining valuable championship experience if he goes as thier no 1 too and will hopefully improve his confidence and all round game, to return a better keeper. No brainer for me makes total sense...... Which is why it wouldnt happen knowing us
  19. In all likelihood Turnbull will be fine once he's had the op, but it makes no sense to sign someone as they're about to go under the knife and facing 3-6 months recovery time. The big loser in all of this is Motherwell. Turnbull will still get a move to a big club in 6-12 months time, but they wont be able to command a 3m+ fee with him out of contract in 2020.
  20. This precedes the announcement tomorrow: Sheffield Wednesday are delighted to announce the signing of David Turnbull. The midfielder, who will be out of action until summer 2020 due to immediate preventative surgery, is highly rated and a welcome addition to the squad.
  21. I hear he was rushed to the SKALP clinic Seriously though, I hope it's nothing too serious
  22. absolutely boils my wee wee the amount of coin I spent watching that shower of poo back then, relegated as well! useless, unprofessional Fvcks!!
  23. You might've missed the bit where I said I've worked in the creative sector of the sportswear industry for the last fifteen years, and been involved in the design of products for adidas, New Balance and Puma, amongst others. I speak from experience when I say the quality of the Elev8 kits is better than anything else since we were relegated from the Prem (I'd say the Diadora kits were also decent, to be fair). It's not an opinion, it's a fact. The materials are higher quality and the construction is of higher quality. I have the Children's Hospital away shirt (black with yellow pinstripes), and quality of materials and construction is the worst football shirt I've ever ever owned by a huge distance. In fact, it's one of the poorest quality items of clothing of any type that I've ever owned. The material lost its overall shape and permanently creased up after just one or two washes, and the stitching came undone within a few weeks. In the end I only wore it a handful of times. If it wasn't forming part of collection it would definitely have been binned.
  24. That is a brilliant signing for them and for £2m its a steel he kept Kelly out of the team last season and they sold him for £12m to Bournemouth a few weeks ago. Bristol City are really starting to get their act together in the transfer market, if they can find themselves a decent keeper they could be top 6 contenders this season. With the money they have brought in the last few years from smart transfer dealing they will be quid's in as well.£40m+ in the last 2 seasons, with maybe £10-15m going out.
  25. Similar to these two different shirts?
  26. This from a very knowledgeable Cardiff friend of mine... No he did his knee ligaments the season before last which stopped him in his tracks and he missed half that season & the start of the promotion one, by that time NML was flying for us so he never got a look in after, he clearly had a sulk & rubbed Warnock the wrong way, he was pretty much fit last year but only had a few run outs, MOM at home to Fulham though.. So to recap, he’s been fit for a while, has pace to burn and doesn’t get on with Colin. It’s a yes for me!!
  27. Underwhelmed if true. Pacy, but average ball passer and crap defensively. We can do better business.
  28. Hutchinson, Bannan and Lee, will all be 30 or over, next season, so we need some younger legs in there
  29. that will never ever happen again ,they caused so much damage to the north stand ,smashed all screens etc ,the have too many tools as supporters that's why they struggle to get friendlies in England now.
  30. Dropping like flies ! I see the premiership trickle down financial philosophy is alive and working well then.
  31. I thought he looked a real talent at one point . Seems to have lost his confidence during the end of clueless reign
  32. Changed up? Get in the füç˚king sea
  33. In two pages of debate, there's no speak of the poor players. On league two wages they are probably at a similar level as you or I. About to miss their third successive month's wage. That could be crippling. And if it includes the general staff, for a team that size many are probably on minimum wage. Three months without a wage could destroy them. Absolutely unnacceptable that those who run football clubs can get away with this. If it was M&S or McDonalds it would be major headline news and absolute outrage. Should be the same with any football club at any level.
  34. Is there another internet forum as bipolar as Owlstalk?! He's free He's a good age He's quick He's versatile He's spoken highly of by previous clubs fans The pros far outweigh the cons but lets have a moan anyway!
  35. Good business on a free. I can’t see his wages being astronomical. We are crying out for pace in the side. Hopefully we’ll sign a couple more similar type players to provide a bit of depth to the squad.
  36. In the Wilko era @nevthelodgemoorowland I hitch-hiked to aways and once got picked up by 3 fans in an old mini on our way to a night cup game at Portman Road with still around 75 miles to go. Neither Nev nor I were built like a rake. It was intimate. Us Brits are supposed to hate knee-contact. That night we were sat on each other’s knee. ...and the feckin ref cut us off at the knee allowing an offside winner in a 3-2 defeat.
  37. On the surface this looks a strange signing. 18/19 - played 599 minutes 17/18 - played 94 minutes 16/17 - played 2238 minutes 15/16 - played 915 minutes So, between the age of 23 and 26 his playing time has been Matias-esque. Bruce has said on several occasions that he wants to understand and improve our dire injury record. Therefore, I have little doubt that he has gone into this signing eyes wide-open, and that the medical team are very happy and the cost reflects his playing history. But still, an odd one. Needless to say I wish Kadeem all the best here and hope we have landed a good player, who, just turned 26, could have his best season ahead of him.
  38. I would be interested how much profit margin we have on the kits in comparison to someone who does not make theirs 'in-house'. Suppose that is the bottom line (literally). As it happens this debate reminds me of the poster in our reprographics room... if we get 2 out of the 3 services here then we can't really complain.
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