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    I don't think anyone realised she was Tom's brother.
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    Surprised you are not going , one more fanny .
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    He's sat thinking about his time with us? Bloody hell, Rolando - just have a w*nk, dude.
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    Welcome to the Family and Wednesday little Clayton Wright x x
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    Maybe everyone is just on holiday and couldn’t give a töss how badly some internet weirdos need to know what is happening.
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    Exactly the sort of pacy, creative player we should be targeting. With a full preseason under his belt, he’ll be less susceptible to injury. If our fans are really turning their noses up at Aarons, I’ve genuinely no idea who they’re expecting us to sign.
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    Weird cus I once saw something bizarre. It was Lazaar undoing the bra of a lady tsar as she got her weekly caviar from Spar and was tip toeing her way round some broken tar that a young 'la' from Temple bar had hit after flying kff his handlebars. Lazaar outside the spar said to the lady tsar, who had hold of his ma's jars of caviar. Good job that young la didn't hit my ma as she's waiting in her car that she bought in zanzibar using Yugoslavian dinars. The sad thing is as Lazaar was walking to his car dodging the tar, a nightjar smoking a cuban cigar stole the tsars bra, shat on the zanzibar car and then flew afar. So bizarre.
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    Why not give it a chance? You might be pleasantly surprised, standards have improved significantly over recent years.
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    Saw Tom play a couple of times and he was a very promising centre half.......................good luck in the world Cup Lucy from all at owlstalk.
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    Absolutely mental. The guy absolutely beasts games in this division. Wages will probably be huge but if its possible he'd be an absolute gem of a signing and exactly the kind of dominant experienced midfielder we've been in need of for years - no way is he suddenly too old.
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    I once saw Lazaar in his car in Dunbar, with his door ajar outside an abattoir pulling his plums into a jar of caviar.
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    I once saw Lazaar at a bazaar in Qatar from a far buying a jar for his ma, she said ta. Is it August yet?
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    Does anyone actually enjoy women’s football or do they make out they enjoy it because it’s feels like it would be a good idea to enjoy it? The goalkeepers worry me. Remind me of Belgians in Its a Knockout wearing big Kenny Everett foam hands.
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    You're wasting your time mate...he makes Trump look like Einstein
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    We looked a different side last year with his pace out wide. If a deal can be done I’d love to see him back at Hillsborough.
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    So I'm very confident Palmer, Lee & Westwood are staying, if this is the case, below is our current squad as it stands, what areas are most important to strengthen? who would you listen to offers for? GK Westwood Dawson Wildsmith (make available for loan) Defenders RB - Palmer RB - Baker (make available for loan/transfer) RB/CB - Iorfa CB - Lees CB - Thorinley CB - Van Aken (make available for transfer) LB - Fox LB - Penney Midfield MC - Bannan MC - Lee MC - Pelupessy MC - Hutchinson ML - Reach Attack SC - Fletcher SC - Forestieri (listen to offers) SC - Joao SC - Nuhiu SC - Winnall (make available for transfer) SC - Rhodes (make available for transfer) It's quite damming how much we need some pace on the wings, we need 2 or 3 really! Another centre mid is needed too, Hutch & Lee have the ability but we'll be lucky to get 30 games out of them each, Pelupessy is a trier and can do a job but I'd like see someone else come in who is creative so we're not so reliant on Bannan, Nick Powell would have been ideal but glad we pulled out of it if he's wanting crazy wages, them days have left us for now. Not sure who's going to buy any of our strikers but for me I'd play Fletcher up front with Joao as it stands, all though if Nixon is right and we can get 8 million for him then he'd be gone for me! Defence wise, we need either Hector back (unlikely) or another CB, the German lad who's name escapes me looks like it's all agreed so you could put him in there, maybe Van Aken could come good if he has a decent pre-season? Not sure, doesn't seem a Bruce type of CB for me. Thorniley was brilliant last season and wouldn't be surprised to see him partner Lees next season. Big season for Penney, I'd like to see him be our first choice LB, he was brillaint in September but was played out of position and his form suffered, then he got injured... he's a great full back though and think under Bruce we could see a quality player, I wouldn't be surprised if come September/October time we're screaming for him to get a new contract again as he only has 1 year left, but also think we could strengthen at LB, I think Bidwell would be a good free transfer. Fox I'm not bothered about either way, I think the stick he gets is OTT, decent squad player for me but wouldn't be bothered if he went elsewhere, but I think he's a good squad player, a bit below Palmer I'd say in terms of 'solid championship full back'. Also sounds like Odubajo is coming in too, not sure if it's all agreed but he'd be a good addition. Iorfa probably move to CB next season but gives us cover there too? Baker probably won't fit our squad. If Bruce wants 6 new signings then I'm guess it'll be a new CB, RB, LB, CM & 2 wingers (with pace I hope!)
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    Saw a group of Sunderland fans do it once when the Ozzie Owl club emptied and they were found on the Kop lol
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    You’re absolutely bonkers you are We haven’t signed these players yet. What do you mean ‘yet another’ when nothing has happened.
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    Exactly the type of player we should no longer be interested in
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    Can’t wait for the women’s World Cup should be fantastic
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    Good luck Lucy and to England. I’ve run and coached girls football for 5 years now and I certainly know of 14 girls who are looking forward to this World Cup. You certainly wont see the diving and cheating you see in the men’s game.
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    He probably kept it on the far right of his trophy cabinet
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    Bobaar.............? It rhymes I didn't infer he's shìt though .......
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    That's weird, because at the same time I could have sworn I saw Lazaar in Qatar, playing the sitar with Kendrick Lamar, while waiting for a flight to Myanmar. Their repertoire was quite bizarre, below par and all about his avatar that looked like Renoir. How bizarre.
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    According to transfer market he's had 3 injuries prior to that since 14/15 season, missed 14 games in total. So not really injury prone.
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    His wage demands would be high so I'd pass but at the right wages he'd be a good signing. 31 isn't old, probably got another 2 to 3 years in him. Some times you buy young and sell for a profit, sometimes you bring in experience and quality knowing they won't have resale value. It takes a mixture to get the balance right. I accept our average age is older than desirable so we need more young players but if the right older player comes up at the right price we would be daft to turn our noses up. Suspect this one will be out of our wage structure and will go abroad.
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    You're using the two best players in the world as examples. We're shopping for top-end championship where we can't afford much and the league is very physical.
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    I'm diametrically opposed to this thread with respect to the official transfer rumour thread.. TBH..
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    Good luck Lucy Staniforth and England!
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    It's not about turning your nose up at him. More that Wednesday fans only seem to be able to see as far as the end of their noses. Wednesday fans love looking backwards. It wasn't Aarons himself that was the revelation but the system we played to accomodate him. Let's go out and sign someone who will play 35 games a season though.
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    Y'know...Ive been sat thinking about my time with the club....not even a semi yet
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    Would love him back
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    I remember it well. Issuing a writ for the trophy ! How embarrassing! He left us because Wilson couldn’t handle him and redknapp couldn’t believe his luck. He’s allowed to have a personality. The biggest tool here is whoever issued a ‘writ’ . Cringe!
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    I can't believe how tedious this has become. Roll on the start of the season because at least then there will be something to talk about other than Palmers great/useless, Rhodes is past it/a top player. We are/aren't selling the ground. I might have to go and talk to the wife for a bit....that's how bored I am.
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    Congratulations. Only got 5 so far, all Wednesday. O. W. L. who lives with us and his mum, has just retired to bed, having driven me crackers with Buzz, Woody and every other Toy Story character. It's exhausting.
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    Grimsby away could be hairy if you got caught on your own in Cleethorpes.....I remember havin' to sit in a dodgem car for 20 minutes while some Wednesday turned up once...head down pretendin' to look for two bob to put in
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    I don't know how he's keeping his head above water.... Hope he's not got kids, the poor little buggers.
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    The one thing for me is we keep hearing the reason we have not got promoted is because its the same 6 or 7 players in the starting eleven for the last 4 or 5 season. We need to freshen things up, bring some new blood in and some pace on the wings. Then we get to the start of the season and the line up is the same as every other season Westwood, Palmer, Fox, Lees, Hutch, Bannan, Reach, Fessi, Nuihu, Joao. I am not saying these are not good players, but there is not a lot of freshening up happening each season. We need better players in key positions or we will continue to not be good enough and the league gets stronger every season.
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    It’s like those week long holidays when after 3 days you’ve run out of things to say to each other and now it’s desperation finding something to say. Anyway, the weather is looking a bit patchy later this week
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    Now we’ve released a couple, we have space in the treatment room
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    Great player but an absolute wankmaggot!
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    Jordan Rhodes - honest footballer who had the guts to say that he didn't feel up to taking a penalty in one game. Gets forever slated Fernando Forestieri - disgraced the club, his teammates, and his fans by refusing to play in a game because of money. Fans favourite I don't get football
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    He'd be a decent squad player for most Championship clubs, and considering his form in the back half of last season, he'd be a starter for most lower half teams. I never understand the scramble to criticise or dismiss our own players from some Wednesday fans.
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