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    He's sat thinking about his time with us? Bloody hell, Rolando - just have a w*nk, dude.
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    Good luck Lucy and to England. I’ve run and coached girls football for 5 years now and I certainly know of 14 girls who are looking forward to this World Cup. You certainly wont see the diving and cheating you see in the men’s game.
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    That's weird, because at the same time I could have sworn I saw Lazaar in Qatar, playing the sitar with Kendrick Lamar, while waiting for a flight to Myanmar. Their repertoire was quite bizarre, below par and all about his avatar that looked like Renoir. How bizarre.
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    Good luck Lucy Staniforth and England!
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    His latest post on his story eating chicken coming out of Sainsbury’s with his Wednesday shirt on.
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    Remember seeing Tom play. Looked decent. Shame what happened to him. Didn’t he have Sideshow Bob hair?
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    They signed up this morning I believe
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    Nope. This is the season the obsession with injured players stops .
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    Now we’ve released a couple, we have space in the treatment room
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    Seems a bit petty asking for the trophy back in the first place.
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    As other have said. I think a season long loan would be the best way forward. Rolando need to prove his fitness and whether he can hack a full season. I'm sure Newcastle will want to offload him, so if we do go in to buy then the price should be similar to what we paid for Iorfa.
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    But you don't have enough humanity to wish him a happy birthday...unlike someone in the pub who, on someone telling you it was their birthday, would say happy birthday to them...sums you up to a tee
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    Ritchie? terrorised Chelsea for our best ever performance in 50 years
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    Was going to break into the first team that year apparently. Always looked good when I saw him.
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    Not surprised must be luxurious sitting on the injured table no wonder he wants to come. We need to freshen things up stop replacing injury prone players with more injury prone players.
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    That is one hell of an achievement.....probably up there with Man City doing the treble this year.....,I’ll bet there’s not many others, if any, who have done that
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    Theres 6 of us...not all season ticket holders mind...and the Grandaughter enjoys it more than the Grandson, funnily enough....
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    Think these will be done at back end of window, suspect they will be loans from Premier League teams that haven’t yet decided who they want to keep or loan out...Patience required.
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    I am happy FFP ain’t a problem as I see on the O/S that we are recruiting a laundry assistant . Unless of course they are needed for sh*tstorm Friday if it gets messy
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    There seems to be some ageism on here against young players, cos every bugger they hanker for appears to be over 30.
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    The problems we have suffered over the last 2 decades can be traced back to the season we signed this Knob head, not his fault, the club's higher management got it all wrong.
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    Didn't we nickname him Keegan when we played at millmoor pre season ?
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    I have a friend who is a big Norwich fan nad he told me situation. He did not know exact amount but he said they were certain to be relegated but would be well placed to bounce back having acquired funds from Premiership and hoping current players stay loyal as having given them a fair crack of whip in Premiership. It si similar to Burnly and WBA who had yo yo approach until managed to get strong enough team to stay in PL. Think Blunts may adopt similar strategy.
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    If this Newcastle takeover goes through, you’d expect to see players like Aarons being made available to leave. I dont think we saw enough of him to really say whether he’d work out as a good signing or not, but he’s exactly the type of player we should be looking at; pacy, creative & an eye for goal. If we could pick him up relatively cheap, or even on loan again, I wouldn’t be against the idea.
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    Apparently a really bad attitude....a bit of a brat Here all week....
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    I think you make a good point, I've thought about this too. However from Bruce's point of view he's going on what he's got now, also we have to take into account we can't spend like we have done before, it is a case of' working with what we've got'. Palmer, Lee & Westwood aren't just members of that failed promotion team, they've been here a while, (Palmer 2010, Lee 2012 & Westwood 2014) played under different managers/owners, there's nothing wrong with having a squad which has a good mix of players who are new signings, and club 'veterans'. I completley support the club's decision to offer them 3 new deals & keep our existing best players like Hutch, Bannan, Lees & Reach. I'll go back to that 'mix' I mentioned, come first game of the season we could have a nice one of players who know the club and fresh faces, which is what we need I feel.
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    The Penguin will be here soon with his transfer rumours , dont worry.
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    Someone who can play more than 10 games a season. The ones that want him will be gutted Fat Gary has gone, think Rhodes will be good for us next season, design kits to see what people think and hardly ever go to Hillsborough
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    Or someone like him. we looked different because it injected pace into the team
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    happy unbirthday, sprog
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    I’m not advocating we pay big money for him (or any money at all for that matter) but with him being surplus to requirements at Newcastle, we’d be foolish not to explore taking him on loan again or signing him in a short-term contract similar to the one that is rumoured Lee has been offered (where he has to prove his fitness to convert it into a longer term contract).
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    Woah, steady on fella, let's not do things in haste eh.
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    Dear non-league managers, Liam could do a job for you, unfortunately he is nowhere near the required standard for league football. After more than 10 years with our club and with a succession of varying managers he has continually failed to nail down a first team position. This is due to his lack of positional sense, poor crossing and pass completion . However, his worst trait is the lack of urgency to get back to his defensive duties after losing the ball in the attacking half. Hope you can make a footballer of him.....he's a nice lad! Sincerely, MTM
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    No it's true, classic, you beat me to it.
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    "...why would I want to hold on to the Sheffield Wednesday trophy?" Ouch, that hurts, Paulo!
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    Think it was because he didn't feel confident taking one. IIRC he didn't take for Huddersfield for the same reason in they play off shoot out win on the play offs v Sheffield United in 2012. Still find it strange and for me a black mark against him.
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    Curtis was before my time but theres no doubt that the refs were far more lenient when I stated going in the early 60s ….the sunday papers would lament the behaviour of the players back then by writing to the there horror that on the previous Saturday they had been over 30 bookings in the football league ……didn't we go something like nearly 2 years in the mid 60s without getting a penalty?...….totally different game back then which is one of the reasons when we have debates on who's the greatest of all time I usually go with players from that era .players like messi ,Ronaldo would find it difficult to play as they do when defenders could go thru them from behind and chip them on to the gravel with the offending defender getting no more than a finger wagging from the ref .
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    the 'Independent' story about Curtis is a load of crap. Yes. If we got a penalty, Norman used to rush to take it, but considering he played Left Full Back, in an age before we had attacking FB's instead of wingers, he had a fair distance to cover to even get there. He also had what today would be considered an overlong run up,( he always ran from outside the box when taking the penalty).This gavean impression of a long run up, but dont forget this was an age when penalties were far harder to come by than they are today. The ball to hand or hand to ball was almost unheard of. If the ball struck the player's arm , he also had to get control of the ball for it to be a penalty. Curtis was the 'old school' of penalty takers who hit the ball as hard as possible, bearing in mind the Keeper had to STAY ON HIS LINE and wasn't allowed the antics of modern Keepers who resort to absurd antics to put off the penalty taker. Whenever Curtis was floored by a tackle, he invariably bouncedmstraight back up save on one occasiion when he was stretchered off with a broken leg. A truly hard man.. Football was much more of a contact sport then, and it was unusual to see the Ref. produce his book during a game. This was in the era before Y & R cards ere introduced, and consequently there were far less dramatic gestures than today.
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    I'd like to hear more about Jimmy Seed if anyone has any stories. Seems like an incredible life - survived two mustard gas attacks during WW1, his lungs were so badly damaged that they though he would never play professional football. Sold by Spurs to Wednesday at the age of 32 as they thought he was finished (and partly out of spite to prevent him taking up a management role). He was made captain later that season with Wednesday rock bottom and almost certain for relegation. He transformed the team to such an extent that they stayed up on the last day (relegating Spurs) and then won back-to-back league titles the next two seasons. Went on to have such a successful managerial career at Charlton they named a stand after him. But what kind of player was he? I'm imaging some kind of playmaker, a mix of crunching tackles and clever passes, but just speculating.
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    There’s a reason he said 5 or 6, it’s just a rough guess. It could be 7, he could move some out and it be 8 or 9.
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    Absolutely serious. I have a lifelong interest in English history, folklore, customs and folk song. I'm English, why wouldn't I ?
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    Wilder is an excellent manager, but has the mindset of a fan which makes him , for the most part, quite juvenile and immature. i get that football is all about getting carried away , and why wouldn`t they after the season they have had, but his inability to celebrate with even a modicum of good grace says a lot about his personality, and i`m afraid the old cliche about the blunts having chips on both shoulders is perfectly epitomised in his behaviour. He said earlier this season that he liked Rotherham because like them they did not see themselves as big time and were a "humble club" and had "humility". His words and deeds over the last week , stoked by his pathetic lap dog James Shields , couldn`t possibly be further from "humility".................you know what they say about being nice to people on the way up ?....................................he seems to be making more enemies than friends these days and football has a very nasty habit of biting you on the arris so watch this space guys , as revenge is a dish best served cold...........and hopefully served with a touch more finesse hey ?
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    Lowe and Llera were better technical players than Semedo and Reda. Llera was ultra cool and composed at the back and a quality left peg on him But ALL of them were exactly what we needed to get out of League One - great memories
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    We have had plenty of players in our recent history who have who have clearly believed they are above the club but that team with Reda in it was full of players who seemed to really appreciate playing for club. Reda, Jones, Semedo, Llera, Lowe all players who saw an opportunity to play for a big club, had a real go and gave there all. Not our most talented side but one that will be remembered very fondly.
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    The man is a Legend
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