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    No reason for this post, I just didn't want to be left out seeing as everyone is starting random topics about our players
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    Under the last management we were heading to division 1.
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    How about some Thai girls who can fire pickled eggs out their lady garden.
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    The U18s will be parading the PLD 2 trophy at half time they won against Cardiff on Friday. Let’s show our appreciation for the National Champions by giving them the biggest cheer of the afternoon.
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    Think it was a Fokker
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    Even William, who doesn't allow Down's Syndrome to dampen his unlimited excitement, managed a smile on the pitch after that game...
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    £8m for Joao and FF?! I'll get the car started...
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    It was shown respect....I was half worried The Blades fly past would go over at the same time an' everyone would Boo... chansiri would walk out an' Dave Allen would march back in..........
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    Brilliant, your lordship You set the bar high and maintained the standard all season long But what's all this about summer retainers and gentlemen's agreements? I've had posts deleted without explanation - and whole threads pulled out from under my feet And never received so much as a brown penny!
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    Thanks @Lord Snooty for the brilliant match day threads this season. They have been more consistent and more fun than the team. Hope you sign a new two-year contract, for 46 match day threads in the 19/20 season, and for the 38 matches of the 20/21 season. Many thanks.
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    Tbf, the football usually is
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    Missed him and Reach today. They provide running and energy others don’t. Two most important players by far.
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    To the 6 already leaving and thank you for you trying to get us promoted and wish you well in the future.
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    Being pedantic. He hasn't accepted owt yet
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    I want Wednesday to win every game, friendly, dead rubber, whatever the game. The season as a whole was average as well.
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    Be gutted if this is the last game for Westwood. So important he starts the season as our number 1. We would have to bring in a new keeper if we did let him go and imo we would have to pay a lot to get someone anywhere near the standard of Westwood.
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    Still 1 more than Abdi
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    It's news like this that makes me realise how little I care about promotion to the premier league
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    Squad player that cost us £350k what do people expect? we have bigger issues than Pelupessy.
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    Upgrade to C+Taxis by Christmas at this rate twice as expensive
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    I pay the bills at my house but I don’t have a say in what’s on tele.
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    This is just the start I expect us to try and offload some players in contract too Bruce will be onto their agents to see if they can find another club I also think Bruce will sell Reach, Forestieri, Tom Lees, Joao, Winnall, maybe even Fletcher, and anyone else he can get a decent fee for Jordan Rhodes will be our main striker next season
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    He's gone, we won't miss him because he was never really part of the team. Let's forget about him until we have the next ' who's our worst ever signing' thread
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    I'll just thank them all for their efforts and wish them good luck in the future. We don't know what has gone on behind the scenes so probably unfair to judge.
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    The amount of times you see a players ego take over when taking a penalty is incredible
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    Posted in last hour on OS: https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/may/thank-you/ Again, not bothered about any of it personally, but IMO you need to really be *trying* to get mad in order to have a big problem with any of this really
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    Nothing to do with politics. Mr. Chansiri owns the club and if he wants to mark the coronation of his country's King for 5 minutes then he can do so. I don't think he should but I remained silent respectfully just like I do during the ridiculous clapping when someone I've never met and certainly didn't know has died. I hope Thailand never get to the World Cup, their anthem is so long their matches will never kick off !
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    Westwood and Lee not on the list though which I’d say is good news!!
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    Sets our bloke up for a knighthood in his homeland, while promoting and marketing our brand abroad....as a decent club. Win, win, for a little quiet and a polite clap at the end. Wish some could just see the bigger picture sometimes.
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    Yet we all clap on a certain minute for someone we've never met and ppl think it's meaningful.
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    That's Plane Silly That.
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    Recorded it. There’ll be a time some time in the not too distant future to give it an airing.
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    Only a few I'd be sad to see leave. Westwood, Kieran Lee, Hooper, Bannan - that's about it. We are a long way from having a team anywhere near capable of challenging at the top end of the table.
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    We’ve got bannan barry bannan I just don’t think you understand
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    He’s 28. I’m a fan of him but Bruce clearly isn’t. He’ll probably be out the door.
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    Thought Westwood was going to murder him or somebody after 2nd went in. Never seen anyone so raged.
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    Gives his all, makes a good tackle and every now and again. But ultimately not good enough.
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    Should put in a shift, hard earned money spent to watch players going through the motions is not on.
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    So it could be 100 grand. And Norwich have earned the best part of 200 million by going up. Whoop de shagging whoo.
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    Fletcher. Don't agree that he was only good on the 2nd half of the season. He's been bang on it all season. I guess the team playing better helped him to stand out more in 2nd half of season, but in terms of individual performances fletcher has been a monster throughout.
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    It was me. I was looking to see where they buried Abdi & all his dog ends.
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    Missed it on purpose
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