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  1. His uncle Terry was also a footballer. Had an army of followers. Yrs.
  2. Who went? We dominated the game and should have been two up early on if it wasn't for their keeper, though Hooper really should have scored. They scored a good goal though can't help but feel if Palmer was marking him tighter then Poole wouldn't have been able to get that type of shot off. Still props to the young lad. Anyway we can focus on the league now with important games coming up. P.S. Ref was f*ckin' sh*te as usual.
  3. I don't own the cds but my wolves supporting mate has them
  4. I would have thought on a Sheffield Wednesday fans forum a lot of people would be bothered about a Sheffield Wednesday player.
  5. If he fancies getting [email protected] off during the match - then the Kop is his best option
  6. Sister Panna was a bit of a pudding
  7. That's the clue in all this, it's not just profit they take into account sustainability is taken into consideration also. So I believe that if clubs can show they are working to achieve this they will be looked at differently than if they appear not to. IMO obviously.
  8. They did sing it first ....................................................................................................is that enough dots?
  9. On a brighter note ... well done Conor Grant on his 1st start at U19 level
  10. Typical of Ipswich, refuse to report on our goals.This is what happens when you let farmers create the worlds first internet run solely by potatoes
  11. No reason why we can't win there on Saturday. Stoke have struggled all season .
  12. Our Meggo, who art in Grenoside Woods, hallowed be thy Name, thy Hillsborough come, thy will be done, on pitch as it is in the dressing room. Give us this day our daily football. And forgive those piggy fans, as we forgive those piggy fans who trespass against us. And lead us not into bumhole lane, but deliver us from the Championship. For thine is the gingeness, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. Praise be to HIM
  13. Agreed. Basically everything is on the table and the league regulations including a reprimand, a fine, a points deduction, further transfer embargoes or indeed ‘any other sanction as the Disciplinary Commission may think fit’.
  14. Points deduction. It’s not the only punishment (we broke FFP last year and got a soft embargo) and simply breaking the limit by a particular amount does not automatically dictate a particular punishment. They then look at how well you are forecast to comply in the following three seasons. I don’t know how our three year projection looks in comparison to Birmingham’s but I’m absolutely certain that this particular poster hasn’t got a clue about it either.
  15. Didn’t they film “ Deliverance” in St.Austell ?
  16. Your villa mate says owt and i'm f ucking avin him wednesday aggro wednesday aggro ***awaits geoffrey***
  17. Bruce out. We'll never win anything with this clown in charge.
  18. It's game time the likes of Hooper need even if it's with the U23s. Play today and feel alright there's no reason he couldn't be on the bench for Saturday. There's no way Hooper would start at Stoke after such a long time out.
  19. It's always good to get the hard ones out of the way early.
  20. Darren Fletcher was actually a very decent player and, whilst not a star for Man U, he was an important player in the team who bossed the Premier League from 06 - 09. In total, he made over 220 apps for Man U. He also suffered a debilitating stomach illness. But please, by all means, continue to spout your ill-informed waffle.
  21. It's still a call up for his country, I'd be happy if every one of our players were considered good enough to get call ups for their country. We'd be in the prem by now.
  22. Yes http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=Is+nuhiu+in+the+kosovo+squad+
  23. Some on here are deluded. Of course were are gonna lose points , unless promoted. Brum got 6 points for exceeding £39 million 3 -year losses, the other 3 for being silly buggers. I estimate ours as £52 million, down to about £47 million for P&S purposes. Extending the PLC' s company accounts only hides problem , the 3 year budget still goes to EFL. Yes, rules are skewed by parachutes but our owner / s new that before they bought the club. Blame Chansiri and Paxo.
  24. Cheers mate, and hope your wife is well. I have my good and bad days, it's more manageable nowadays but it's took a few operations to get where I am. No idea how he played football, I couldn't leave the house. And respect to your wife, can only imagine what running around after a kid feels like when she's in agony and all she wants to do is sleep.
  25. We are currently 10th on 55 points This same stage last season Millwall were in 10th position on 58 points They finished 8th on 72 points , 3 points adfrift of Derby on 75 in 6th, having won 4, drawn 2 and lost 2 of last 8 games Comparing this season and last season at this time there is a 3 points lag in 5th and 6th places 72 points this year might just do it, 5 wins, 2 draws, one defeat, 17 from 24 points especially if taking points from Villa, Bristol, Preston Hopefully this break being treated as a pre- season - season starts now !!
  26. Soccer base says Jordan signed permanent on 01/07/17,so the first part of his transfer fee and wages will be shown in the 17-18 accounts.
  27. think you have to be a bit better than crap or ok to play over 200 games in an alex ferguson team …...
  28. Its hard enough watching him in a Wednesday shirt, always feels like a chore.
  29. #OnThisDay in 1907 The Wednesday beat @Arsenal 3-1 in the FA Cup Semi Final at St. Andrews @BCFC Att 36,000 #SWFC Goals Andrew Wilson 2 & Jimmy Stewart
  30. Well I for one am bothered, like our lads to be picked for their country, although some cant be bothered to join the squad though Would not have watched Scotland if Liam had not been playing. Gives a little more interest to the international break. So to answer your question again . . . yes
  31. The Neil Swarbrick stand. You'll be charged to sit there but your mate will get in for free.
  32. Darren Fletcher has 5 Premier League winners medals, and a Champions League. Steven Fletcher has a Scottish League Cup.
  33. They could have done with him. They've come out of a double header of Kazakhstan and San Marino with negative goal difference.
  34. Don't think we will be deducted points but if scaremongering is your agenda crack on
  35. We never time owt right do we We stumbled around League 1 and the championship for years with a massive debt around our neck whilst other clubs went into administration and came out smelling of roses, most notably Leicester and Southampton. Then we finally get a minted owner and we can’t bleedin spend his bleedin money
  36. Changes need to be made to this mess. Total joke that clubs like Man City continue to spend what they like without being penalised or getting tiny fines. And clubs such as Wednesday have to compete with parachute payment clubs. Many have cheated recently and also received only small punishments. Pathetic English Football League!
  37. I’d have pictures of Rotherham on the walls and remind them that if they keep losing games, that’s where their careers will end up. We’d win the World Cup.
  38. Nobodies asked the important question yet. Will they commit more than 1 foul against us?
  39. They must be of legal age now n all *rubs hands together furiously*
  40. If he takes a bottle of fizzy pop tell him to shake the hell out of it. Then give it the steward.
  41. How does this happen?!! Westwood is twice the player!
  42. My villa supporting mate is going on the kop with me . Well he is assuming he wakes in time after passing out when I informed him of the £39 admission ... ‘jeez mate your ticket prices are disgusting’ . He has already claimed the 2019 award for pointing out the bleeding obvious !
  43. Fletcher was crap playing for a good team you needed to make 10 appearance to get medal, if he was that great in his prime he ended up at West Brom a team fighting relegation season in season out. No mate an ok player nothing special, David May win 2 leage, 2 days cups, and the champions league an ok player at a great team. stats are great aren't they.
  44. To be fair, it's not unusual for a player not getting much proper game time to pull a hamstring. Assuming he played in that closed-door match last week, he's recovered in good time. Before coming here did he have any history of injuries? Although I do appreciated that "coming here" might be all it takes!
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