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    First a word from our sponsor: @asteener1867 said: The football Gods owe nobody nothing..They are capricious and to even contemplate what they may or may not do can bring about their wrath... Do you want that...Gods wrath?..The wrath of the Gods.,.....Does that sound like a good thing? Carry on goin' "Well thats us not relegated then...." *Kills ANOTHER f.ookin' chicken...* Zeus: Look at them. They think they can actually do it. Poseidon: Shall I raise the river again like I did before? Zeus: No, that was fun for a short while. But once their old chairman got his underwater phone sorted they soon recovered. No we need something more. Something more painful! Aphrodite: I have made them fall in love with Hector and set them up to have their hearts broken in the summer. Zeus: Thats the long game. We need something now! Immediate. Hera: Don't worry dear, it's all at hand. For Hades has come from the darkness and is letting the other lot on the other side of the city have a good season. There is no greater pain. That's punishment enough. Zeus: No! We need more. More smite! Fetch a.. Ares: Do you want me to summon some of my sword fighting skeletons and wreak havoc near the beres tramstop? Zeus : No. They like a fight these lot . Ares: Kicking fences , throwing a bottle of pop with no lid and pointing aggressively is hardly match for my skeletal warriors! Zeus: They have no fear or skeletons when they've 8 pints of Stella inside them. No. I want worse than that. Hera, knock me up another Dutch manger ... another Darren Potter. Oh, and ....a non-striped home shirt. Ha.ha. Hahaha hahaha hah All: Mwhahahahahahahahhahaha
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    Brilliant form for us right now. 4 goals in 5 games. 6 goals in 12 games (11 starts) Playing game-in, game-out. Finishing beautifully, full of confidence. Vital player. Held our attack together all but single-handedly for months now.
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    He is suspected of breaking the law.
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    .......and I'm going to take a millennium to warm up again!!! As for the match, well done to:- 1. The travelling fans. Tuesday night in horrible weather at what was, weeks ago, a nothing game: 2. Bannan and Fletcher for unlocking a stubborn defence on 42 mins; 3. Winnall for showing professionalism to honour his responsibilities and look like he will make a difference to us going forward; 4. A.A. Rons for a piece of quality to settle the nerves and put the game to bed; 5. Steve Bruce for giving the players freedom again. Sleep tight all. The season has some life left in it after all
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    I remember a few seasons ago Cardiff set off a firework in the away end that made me jump out of my skin! Still had enough presence of mind to drag my misses in front of me as a human shield. That's survival instinct!
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    I am saving up for Wembley
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    Before we start patting him on the back for finally bringing in a manager with experience of the league and getting promotion - something that his legion of advisors never told him to do but the fans have been calling for, for the last 4 years. Lets wait and see where we are in the summer. The team is grinding out results and giving us a chance of making the top 6, but if we miss out we have 9 players out of contract in the summer and 3 loans players going back to their parent clubs. No money for transfers in and a probably embargo of sorts for going over on the losses. All of the positives of the last 3 months and there have been many could be scuppered by DC inability to run a football club. Let hope we make the play off and get promoted then the summer will be all so different.
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    Jos Luhukay did two very good things at Wednesday: 1. He signed Michael Hector. 2. He f*cked off.
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    So much so you opened a thread asking where he was! Then took the time to reply.
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    All Steve Bruce..an' Steve an' ...........Err..Steve.......... had to do was, to come in,and steady the ship. Avoid going down and building for next season...They have totally f.ooked up what was an easy job, given the players available. Here we sit 3 points offa the play offs..THAT WAS NOT YOUR REMIT!!..you f.ookin' idiots! It baffles me how how 3 blokes wiv the same name, who have worked together for YEARS!..can get it so wrong! Its really worrying, Theres Jos..out of a job,,STILL sat in the railway station like a low budget remake of "The Terminal" wiv Tom Hanks..watchin' us on the telly on the wall goin' "No No..not like that...." I'm bloody fuming.... You just get comfortable with Bullen..win one lose one, pearl one...stay up...Then these 3 cmad f.ookers come in...and.. 3 points offa the play offs in no time...fans bouncin' about like idiots...and the little ray of hope that has danced about, just outta the reach of Wednesday fans since 18 60 f.ookin' 7. Its bloody typical..it happens every few years and its annoying.. That warm little feeling..then you realised you have p *ssed yerself....I'm not falling for it..its tempting, but I'm not falling for it...We are goin' down....
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    The same fans forum he got laughed at when he said he still thought we would get promoted this season.
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    It's not. That's doing a massive disservice to the rest of the team, who have put in some very well-organised and disciplined performances, as well as Bullen, Bruce and the new coaching team. Westwood has certainly played his part, but it's a team game.
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    A Bolton fans perspective of last nights game, seen a few of this fans videos, she knows her stuff is fairly balanced and has a big YT following. Not the typical looking fan (but who is). A nice view of Aarons goal as well.
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    If we could get a decent crowd against Blackburn to help keep the slight chance alive. Saturday 3pm On form Only home game for best part of a month Feel good factor in full swing If you can get to the match it might make a big difference
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    100% not bothered if he was there or not!!!!
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    Outstanding tonight. Man of the match by a country mile.
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    Please bear in mind in the same forum he assured us that Jos was the right man for the job. It really didn't look likely did it? Credit to him for giving the job to Bruce. Great appointment and all we've wanted for the 2 years, a proper football man.
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    Why do you want Preston and Swansea to win? Swansea can pass us with their games in hand. Preston will with a win. Its ok to be optimistic, but do you really think we can challenge for 4th or 5th? We need those chasing 6th to drop points: losses for Preston, Swansea, Hull, Brum, Derby. And a draw in the other.
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    We can still have the last laugh if Abdi returns with Medusa's head.....
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    Hold a fans forum quickly. We can all shout at him about how everything is going too well right now.
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    There are subbuteo players that are more sturdy than most of the current squad!!
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    Its time we changed our way
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    Don't tell Popeye!
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    We worked far better with Reach left and Aarons right.
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    We were so much better as a team when Winnall came on Actually started to press as a team, which is impossible with Nuhiu on the pitch as he’s constantly chasing shadows or giving fouls away cause he can’t keep up
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    Can’t believe some of the low scores for Iorfa in here. Watch Ameobi running at him in the last ten minutes and how he just bounces off big Dom who comes away with the ball. He’s fast, strong as an ox and has given us an extra dimension on set plays. I personally don’t give a crap if he occasionally gives the ball away or takes poor throw ins. He is everything you want in a DEFENDER!!
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    It's just nice to see him carrying that consistent goal threat. He's always worked his bo11ocks off, always had good link-up play and could always chip in with a vital goal when required...but now he's scoring goals on a fairly regular basis. Tbf to him, I imagine a big part of that is playing week in week out and not picking up injuries (touch wood). Contender for POTY imo. Very impressed.
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    He’s like a super sized tampon!! What ever they throw at him he just soaks it up!!!
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    Westwood Iofra Hector Lees Palmer Reach Hutchinson Bannan Aarons Fletcher Matias Winnall not quiet ready yet but would bring him on for Matias
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    Pigs aren't even playing and they've been given a penalty.
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    Don't think there has been a playoff semi final at 3am on a Monday morning behind closed doors.
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    Bandits in my opinion. They want arresting. Don't care if thst makes me a miser or not I remember a firework getting released at Cardiff arms park many years ago at the end of a World cup qualifier. It whistled right across the pitch from one stand to the other and hit a man in the face, exploding and killing him. Maybe they'd think twice if they'd seen the aftermath of something like that.
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    ...May they long continue:- Bristol City DLDLL Derby DWLLLD Maybe it’s like a golfer at the top of the leaderboard, who goes all wobbly when he sees the name T. Woods making a run up the leaderboard. Perhaps the shadow of S. Bruce puts the wobbles on lesser managers.
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    I’d let Bruce do all the talking. Focus on the football. We don’t want to prompt the Chairman into talking and saying something which will potentially get pulled apart and seen as a negative.
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    I would image he’s kicking himself for not hiring a manager who knows his stuff sooner. He could have saved himself a lot of money
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    Not wanting to be a killjoy here but then again, these things are pretty hot (a marine flare burns at up to 1600C; about ten times hotter that the heat needed to grill your bacon). Folks have been killed and seriously injured when these items have been let off or thrown into a crowd so it's a bit surprising to learn that arrests and prosecutions don't appear to be high on the list of priorities for the authorities.
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    My brother was falsely identified as setting off the “firework”. Stewards came up to the stand shortly after the second half kicked off and said the police wanted a word with him. The police took him onto the concourse where he was questioned, and arrested on suspicion of setting it off. A couple of Wednesday fans who saw he had nothing to do with it mentioned this to the stewards who then looked at cctv to confirm it had nothing to do with it. Thankfully he was released and we managed to catch the last 20 mins of the game. No idea who set off the firework, and no idea if they were later identified by police.
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    This season will be a memorable one half a season 'managed' by a lunatic who made us play that feckin stupid sideways passing defensive russian roulette with half the available squad DC perplexed at this football malarkey and the fans' unrest gets the message and gets a proper football and man manager in Bullen does a handbrake turn and shows the exiles are available Our new manager watches the cricket instead the little teaser walks in arranges 3 players who improve us in 1 day converts palmer into a player 10 games unbeaten with such a shame about the draws How we are 3 pts away feck knows Fairly sure we could have been in the top four if managed correctly from the start The odds are it's going to be another chance that got away but we can dream
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    It would take some strange results for us to go down now.... 19 points clear..20 really if we take into account goal difference... After the first few months of the season, I thought it a distinct possibility..Now..It looks unlikely...obviously its still a worry...but its receding
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    Apart from the lay-off to bannan for the opening goal?
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    The table won’t look as good after tonight’s games all we can do is win our games and see where it takes us but with Leeds and Norwich away still to come I’m not getting carried away , we have some tough fixtures coming up .
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    You missed an 'M' out. Still, that's the thing with starting a thread when you have a cold and a blocked up nose. Don't worry though. I know what your meant.
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    I see the Hector situation as being similar to when we signed Bannan. Money talks but I think sometimes players who suddenly feel appreciated, valued, settled and working with the right manager do see things a little differently. I certainly don’t see this as a pipe dream by any means.
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    He doesn’t right now. He is clearly nowhere near match fit. Blowing out of his arris after playing 20 minutes. We need to lay off Nuhiu. He will have plenty of game time as one of our two fit strikers, and he is the only one who can replace a Fletch when he needs a break.
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    Real quality player. Seems very clever as well with the runs he makes and such a cool calm finisher. Massive fan of his. Hope we start Fletcher and Winnall on Saturday.
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    Well said. Its Bruce. It’s no nonesense tactics. It’s not trying to pass out of defence under pressure. It’s getting rid when necessary. It’s eleven good players playing in their best roles. It’s having genuine width in Aarons and Reach. It’s confortable systems. It’s pressing. It’s a midfield duo that are playing high up the field, playing really well and working like dervishes. And yes, it’s a superb goalkeeper of course. Well done Steve Bruce. Well done all players.
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    Dreadful at passing? What a load of Shiite his reading of the game is premier league standard, and always looks to play the pass out to the midfield and usually succeeds might not get them all right, but his passing for a defender is strong
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    Think folk have forgot what a terrible passer of the ball Des Walker was and he was top notch
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