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    Wilder would say “fair play to Steven Fletcher, he earned his 40 grand this week”
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    I reckon Westwood gains us around 10 points a season. How the feck Jos considered him our 3rd choice is beyond me. Crackers.
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    Its a massive loss , especially to the disabled supporters who use that car park on matchday .
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    We may see them as crocks. But Bruce would love to have a fit Lee and Hooper in his team.
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    Right, before I start I know I've got too much time on my hands, but have just watched the closing stages of the match against Rotherham on I-Follow match replay and decided to see just how much time was actually added. When the 90 minutes point was reached and 8 minutes added time was announced Thorniley was still on the pitch so the game wasn't restarted until he left and the substitute, Iorfa, entered the pitch. The game restarted with our goal kick on 91mins 5 secs. Iorfa puts the ball in the back of the net on 99mins 7 secs. WOW ! An extra 2 seconds over the allotted time. UP YOURS, MINI-PIGS. (And Ronnie Moore)
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    He hasn't played for 14 months, his injury record previous to that was poor, let's be brutally honest his fitness levels in general are not great. Yes, a very good technical player and when available i'd say was the best finisher in the club, but being realistic he isn't going to get a new contract (shouldn't anyway) so lets move on. I'd rather use Winnall, give him the opportunity to show us what he can do. Hooper's time has been and gone i'm afraid
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    Best player how??? He hasn’t been close to an appearance for 14 months
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    I didn't rate him tonight. Still got a way to go. Decisions were off. Hopefully he is a big game player. The stage is set.
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    We seem to have a difference of opinion
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    4 wins 3 draws I know i'll get hammered for this but we really can do it and i'm usually quite negative. The play offs are a long shot granted but since Bruce has arrived not only have we started to keep clean sheets but we've found our scoring boots and the likes of Reach & Fletcher have hit form at the right time Its highly unlikely I know and we need to win most of our remaining matches to stand a chance but why not be positive when things are looking up Beat the Pigs and we might just do it
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    Were you one of the vulnerable Mycroft?.
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    I like this. Also letting the 4th official and linesman knowing how he feels. It shows the players that someone is fighting their corner.
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    When Hooper is back fit he will be the best option in that position we have. No contest. His injury is probably the reason we didn't go up in our last playoff push. Stop writing good players off. He will be a massive boost when he returns.
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    AND...... Westwood and Hutchinson weren't dead after all!!!!
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    Who listens to that loud wailing nonsense?
  16. 3 points
    Fox. Hes been playing well
  17. 3 points
    Fox if fit without a doubt
  18. 3 points
    Villa to beat Derby Preston to beat Bristol City win Monday night, 3 points off play offs with Bristol and Derby to play. NUUURSE!!
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    Fair play to him for that Wilderbeast next week will be saying goals was offside and pitch was like a cow field and we dominated play
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    Update after Brentford at home. We are now above the red dotted line so even if we lose all of our final twelve matches we would be unlikely to get relegated.
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    I predict that we actually give them a game this time. Result could go either way.
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    Sorry, Gents, I suppose an oldie like me should keep off intelligent web sites such as OT.. The post you have been having such fun with was posted by myself immediately after the Chelsea/Wednesday cup game, which I thought I had deleted, though it is still relevant. The question I wanted answering was more relevant. I had read recently that FIFA had banned Chelsea from transfer activity for 2 transfer windows. If this is the case, what i wanted to know was how Wednesday would be fixed at the season end when Hector's loan period ends. Just a simple question which was led by a fault on my part. However , it is obviously not within your scope to answer simply, so I'll not bother.
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    Just on my way back from Wembley, I think a couple of additions and next year we could be top two.
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    Nah fuckem. Take the hit.
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    As a wheelchair user this is a bit of a nightmare. I’ve no idea where I’ll park in the future, but it sure won’t be as convenient or easy.
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    2nd half kick off, no pass backwards, Fernando goes straight on an attacking run. That summed it up for me.
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  28. 2 points
    Sorry disagree - sadly he is probably finished, even if he returns his long term/ consistent fitness will be questionable. We have done this sort of thing far to many times and we have to move away from this - players need to be playing 30+ games a season, we just can’t carry players who spend 70%+ on the treatment table - they can’t contribute from there.
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    You have got to be joking FF had an excellent game he was full of beans and harried and chased every ball
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    Love how direct Aarons is, when he picks the ball up his first thought is driving at the opposition, which we have lacked. Fletcher was immense again, love to see him battling in the air for every high ball.
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    Yeh let's hope he can get back in time to win a contract. Outstanding player he has to be given a bit more leeway than Yr average Joe.
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    Undue influence by certain entities and individuals unfortunately. Bruce is the the type of appointment many of us wanted in summer 2015
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    Such a perfect Steve Bruce type player. Wouldnt be surprised if he is offered a new contract.
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    Pretty certain he’s not played in a Sheffield Derby yet. Both him and Fessi to boss it on Monday
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    He was magnificent from first to last tonight. The Brentford CB won’t sleep tonight. Delighted he got the two goals. Thoroughly deserved. MoM x 1000
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    Agree, got to be tartar sauce, white pepper and vinegar.
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    Houses of Parliament the king of sauces HP enhances Fish Fingers off the chart
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    and had to listen to far less bullshit.
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    Thought Fletcher was very good. But was going for the all round team performance thought everyone played well with the three 8 as stand out players, Fletcher being one. He had a great game but to be honest thought the game he had over Christmas at home (cant remember who it was against) was better then he was a 9 or 10. But on this occasion don't think the marks throughout the team should differ too much as they were all good. Forestieri too, people suggesting he was disinterested is a joke, he worked his socks off off the ball covering both wings and central midfield, not a lot came off for him with it but you can see glimpses of him coming back. With Joao in the mix our strike force looks strong.
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    11am on Tuesday 16th March on police advice.
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    I'd offer him a pay as you play deal with an offer to cover all his medical needs until he is back to fitness. Something along those lines. I know he's been injured for a while but he is a great player and to see him turning out for another team willing to take the chance on him would break my heart a little I think.
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    Better off with Ben Stokes - he can beat the s h i t out of anybody that gets in our way.
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    Lol he's a crock ffs
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    This time next year Rodders...
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    Remember all the old threads about how he must have had a row or caused bother or a contracted clause but all along it was just Jos who wouldn't play him. He's fantastic gets us alot of our points. Well done Westwood.
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    Had to quote this again. Lol
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    They love me, they love me not. They love me, Oh...
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  49. 1 point
    Loved his little pat on the back for the linesman near the end
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    I’m looking forward to it - couldn’t say that for the last 2 derbies. It could be a real humdinger actually - BRING IT ON!!
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