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    Us to do the grunters at Wembley, slap a monkey on it. It will be billed as the silence of the hams and will be talked about for decades to come.
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    His pace is unlocking all sorts of doors. Electric, nearly had a goal too after a burst into the box, couldn't quite hook it round the keeper. Also isn't afraid to get stuck in. Great acquisition.
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    It's almost like having a good manager is massively important.
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    I don't think it was flat per se. We've had 2 thirds of a season worth of dross. The last 2 games have given us hope and after the 2nd goal went in the mood was totally different. Then we became Wednesday fans and realised we were 2 goals up with everything that usually entails. For me the atmosphere was good, not loud, but good natured and supportive. Mistakes were forgiven. Hutchinson was laughed at when he went hell for leather but in a good way, that noise while he was chasing their player will never be forgotten by me. We felt like a team last night on and off the pitch. What a difference a few games makes.
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    All that investment and he effectively blows our final crack at getting up before FFP bites us on the backside by putting his faith in the bizarre masterplan of Jos. Where would we have been had we made this kind of appointment 15 months ago? Ah well, be reyt. Onwards and upwards if we can somehow negotiate the financial mire this summer.
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    With a really heavy heart, I don't agree, love him as a player but we cannot pay someone 20 grand a week to simply have physio and never play.
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    Never stopped barking out instructions to his defence all through the game tonight. I swear he was going hoarse and in danger of losing his voice altogether in the first half tonight. Palmer who had a great game overall got a right earful for being slow to get back into position after going upfield at one point in the first half. Good as our young keepers are, neither has the knowledge of the game or on field presence to give this sort of assurance to the team. He also pulled off a couple of outstanding saves late on too. The recent clean sheets say it all really. How any manager could not see him as our No 1 is absolutely baffling
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    "Fair play to Steve Bruce and Sheffield Wednesday - they pressed us very high, went man for man and we didn't have a solution. "We knew the solution, we just didn't do it. That made us extremely bad on the ball. It was a well-deserved win for Sheffield Wednesday."
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    A first for me in 50 years at Hillsborough. Whole crowd shouting NO NO NO NO.NO.NO.NO.NO..... as he ran manically towards that player who duspossed him .
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    3years wasted on foreign nobodies with no idea ! Millions of pounds wasted during that time also
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    In fairness he's had an education and pieces are starting to come together. I think SB's general football experience will prove just as valuable to DC as his management skills. No point looking back, onwards and upwards.
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    Said ages ago......it's like 23000 folk trying to talk a madman down off a roof I was pi55ing myself
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    ...Stephen Fletcher was truly exceptional!
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    Everyone was frightened to f**king death every time he went charging after the ball after his early yellow. It was a relief when he finally went off
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    How refreshing after 3 years of showing the opposition too much respect is the new positive attitude. We now are playing to our strengths and not worrying about the opponents threat. Great performance last night and the early 2nd half goal underlines our new positive approach. Well done SB and coaching staff `and well done to the team
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    Wilder would say “fair play to Steven Fletcher, he earned his 40 grand this week”
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    I know a lot of people have written him off but for me I still want us to give him another contract. To get a player of his quality at this level will cost a fortune so I think it's worth the risk of giving him a new contract and try and get him back up to speed for next season. With him coming back and getting a different injury instead of a reoccurrence of his old one is hopefully a good sign that he was over the hip injury and it won't stop him playing again like some rumoured. Plus with the injuries he's had the last couple of injuries I doubt he'd be able to demand a large contract. Thoughts?
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    I reckon Westwood gains us around 10 points a season. How the feck Jos considered him our 3rd choice is beyond me. Crackers.
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    Superb signing. Hope stays fit. Works his socks off, great link player, good movement, superb hold up and strenght also. But best attribute is his pace. All this and still not match fit. Bodes well.
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    We can't afford to carry passengers, we are clearly running close to ffp so carrying a crock on 20 grand a week is hardly smart business, no matter how good he was 2 years ago. Free the wages up, let Bruce get his own players in.
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    Playing like we have recently, hard work, high press, fast paced, I think he will be hankering for the golf course after 10 minutes Time to forget for me and move on
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    Fletcher easily. Led the line well and having a great purple patch at the moment. We look a threat all over the pitch - good pace down the flanks with a couple of very capable full backs, and wingers as well. Such a transformation when you see the team enjoying the game, and fighting for every ball. Another night we'd have scored a few more. Brentford had just come off the back of beating Hull 5-1. That was probably our best performance this season with not a man on the pitch less than a 7 out of 10. Well done lads!
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    Since Jos was sacked our record is:- P12 W6 D5 L1 F13 A8 Pts 23 For perspective, in the same period the record of the Pigs is:- P12 W8 D3 L1 F24 A8 Pts 27 The points gained by each team in the last 12 matches is as follows:- Pigs 27 Bristol City 24 Wednesday 23 Hull 23 Norwich 22 Leeds 21 WBA 21 Boro 21 Brentford 21 Birmingham 19 Preston 19 Forest 15 Millwall 15 Swansea 15 Derby 14 Blackburn 13 Villa 12 QPR 11 Reading 11 Wigan 10 Stoke 10 Bolton 8 Rotherham 8 Ipswich 7
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    Its a massive loss , especially to the disabled supporters who use that car park on matchday .
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    really surprised we (swfc) didnt buy this when it was up for sale the loss of the carpark isnt good news at all
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    We may see them as crocks. But Bruce would love to have a fit Lee and Hooper in his team.
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    I can see why DC went for Jos, he had a history of getting teams promoted from the second division to the top division. Obviously it didn’t work out. Thankfully DC got rid and has now gone with a proven Championship manager in Bruce. Like a breath of fresh air since he came in. Finally a manager who seems to realise what our strengths and weaknesses are and addressing them accordingly.
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    Say Westwood and Hutchinson play the first half of the season. Where would we be now?
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    If he's watching on i-follow he will just be appealing for a penalty for handball around now!
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    Right, before I start I know I've got too much time on my hands, but have just watched the closing stages of the match against Rotherham on I-Follow match replay and decided to see just how much time was actually added. When the 90 minutes point was reached and 8 minutes added time was announced Thorniley was still on the pitch so the game wasn't restarted until he left and the substitute, Iorfa, entered the pitch. The game restarted with our goal kick on 91mins 5 secs. Iorfa puts the ball in the back of the net on 99mins 7 secs. WOW ! An extra 2 seconds over the allotted time. UP YOURS, MINI-PIGS. (And Ronnie Moore)
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    Fletcher for me. Ran his nads off every game and now getting his deserved goals.
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    Sound like a team of scriptwriters for 70's Sitcoms ....
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    He hasn't played for 14 months, his injury record previous to that was poor, let's be brutally honest his fitness levels in general are not great. Yes, a very good technical player and when available i'd say was the best finisher in the club, but being realistic he isn't going to get a new contract (shouldn't anyway) so lets move on. I'd rather use Winnall, give him the opportunity to show us what he can do. Hooper's time has been and gone i'm afraid
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    When we beat the Blades in 1979 that became known as the boxing day massacre, the Blades were going strong at the top of the league. After that game they sank like a stone, their confidence shattered and found out by the rest of the keague. A repeat would do the trick.
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    Best player how??? He hasn’t been close to an appearance for 14 months
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    So impressed with his activity on the touchline. Constantly encouraging players but also giving proper rollockings when required. Bazza and Iorfa were on the receiving end tonight after sloppy defensive work. He knows what he wants from a team and he's determined he's going to get it. Highest profile manager for us since Big Ron imo.
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    I didn't rate him tonight. Still got a way to go. Decisions were off. Hopefully he is a big game player. The stage is set.
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    Parking at Hillsborough is soon going to be impossible. Once that has gone I dread to think what it's going to be like. I already arrive 90 minutes before the game and park over a mile away just to get a space (and even then it's sometimes tight). With the Wednesdayite carpark going and no new alternatives it's going to be manic, particularly for night games!
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    Exactly the type of player we need to be looking to sign in the summer.
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    He isn't on 20k and I very much doubt he would expect a 20k contract if he did get one.
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    We seem to pep up a bit when the Ref. gets throw in decisions wrong.
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    Don't you mean, everyone was right after Wembley. All we needed to really add was a bit of power and pace and we were good to go. 3 years on Bruce lands (OK jos brought in Hector & Onomah), but Bruce adds Aarons, lazzar, Iorfa and boom, gutting to think what may have been with a fit kieron Lee and hooper from two years ago.
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    Just 8 goals conceded in 12 games. Considering our defensive record prior to this, that’s staggering.
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    Just read that, not very often you hear managers come out with comments like that. Fair play to the bloke
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