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    On what planet are Leeds rivals with Manchester United?
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    "What your doin' here?" "It's a free country as far as I can remember, Barry" "Yer don't usually come in 'ere" "I'm just here to enjoy a drink" "Day before the Derby?! Where were yer last year?" "I came down here last year after the game. You remember the 0-0 massacre where you got one point and we got one point. There was no one in though." "Aye well you won't be getting any points tomorrer." "Well, we'll see, we'll see. We weren't getting anything the other year when we had 14 players out injured were we. The game when 50% of our squad was in the sick bay and our skipper got sent off with half an hour left on the clock....but....well...we did." "Bleedin' fluke that were" "Yes. Then we weren't getting anything last time out either ....but, well, we did, again." "Aye, well mebbe you might actually try and gi' us a game tomorrer! If yer can get the ball off of us" "Oh you're right there , quite right, you'll have the lions share of the ball. I wouldn't expect anything else from the club that invented total football" "Eh?" "Would you like a drink Barry? My shout. Stella is it?" "Eh, what , yeah, how did yer know?" "Wild stab in the dark. Yes. Got to fancy you tomorrow. The way you play. Anything less than an annihilation of us is akin to a loss really isn't it. " "Yeah...what....hang on, no!" "Absolutely huge pressure on you chaps tomorrow." "There int" "Oh come Barry, you're the team gunning for promotion. You're team playing the best football in the league. The pressure is all on you. We can go out and enjoy ourselves really. Play with freedom. We've nothing at stake. It's a free hit for Bruce in many ways. Dropped points means nothing to us." "Erm...wey they don't to us" "They do though don't they." "Ney-ow , pressures on your lot." "Pressure's on us? Hahah. You are a wag Barry. Is this that famous banter I've heard so much about?. No, what little pressure on us was not to be relegated after a wretched start to the season. That's gone. No, real pressure....real pressure comes with fighting it out at the top end. Always has done. Teams that can see the finishing line in sight. They're the teams that feel the pressure. That's United." "No!" "No what?" "Just no. Pissoff. "There's no need for that corky. Though I suppose it's understandable with all the pressure on you." "Yer tryna mek out its all on us" "It is." "'t'int." "It really is." "Whey....anyroad, we can afford to loyse this un , we've gorra game in hand" "Oh I don't think so Barry. I don't think so. You can't count on games in hand can you? It's all about points. You HAVE to win those games in hand. They're full of pressure. Mentally it can effect teams can't it if you don't win them? I mean I wasn't going to mention it but...well..since you've brought up the game in hand it's not so long ago that you had a few games in hand coming to Hillsborough. 'Mind the gap' year wasn't it? Then lost. But more...never recovered really. 6 more years of the pub league after that wasn't it." "Look knobheead, that were years ago. We're gonna batter your tomorrer" "There we go. That's better. I should think you are going to batter us too" "Eh?" "Playing Barcelona football. Divisions top scorer on your books." "Aye our Billeh." "Should be an absolute whitewash. Mind, doesn't seem to be able to find the net against us . 5 games and counting last I heard" "We're gonna do yer! Yer won't know what hit yer. We won't come and shut up shop like your lot" "No you won't will you. No you won't. You'll come flying out of the traps" "'kin will!" "Yes. Charging out. Leaving those big gaps at the back while everyone pushes on desperate to put us to bed" "Yeah!" "Mind. We've got some pace now. Always nice to have pace on the counter..." "Counter! We'll have bloody buried yer by aif time" "Indeed. Mind, you said that in...oh when was it... '79? Absolutely flying weren't you as I remember it, yes that's right it was 'gonna be a massacre' . And it was of course, but not in the way you thought. Mind you, that was in the days when massacres were massacres wasn't it. Not two goal leads. Massacres aren't what they used to be. Yes but that Massacre, the proper one....lost the derby and bombed to mid-table didn't you?" "Ugh" "And then down to the 4th division the following year wasn't it? Funny how history seems to have a habit of repeating itself - lose the derby lose momentum" "I'm gonna smash your f*cking head in yer poncy twatt" "Is that a song by the Beautiful South?" "What yer on about you, yer dikk'ed?!" "Oooh hello, who's this staggering over? Your brother?" "That our lass yer cheeky tw-" "Oh sorry, of course, my mistake. Hello dear. Nice tooth." "Nah then!" "Oh wow. Knuckle tattoos. You don't see many ladies with those these days, it's more sanskrit on the back of the hand these days isn't it. You don't see many of the old blue ink jobs at all." "I did it forra" "Indeed. What does it say? Oh yes....I see. So are you a big fan of German Bluegrass rockers then?" "Eh?" "LUVHAT" "It's Love- hate. Yer idiot can't yer read?!" "Calm down Barry. Deary me. Is there's the jukebox in here? I'll put some music on, lighten the mood. You seem a bit uptight. It'll be all that pressure." "Do what tha wants and there int nor pressure ont Blair-des!!" "If you say so Barry. Right, lets see....one selection for a pound.... bit steep. What have we got here .......ahh...453A .....there we go. Ooh, excuse me, I've got a text. It's Stubbs, he's outside. He's come to pick me up. Right, must dash. Enjoy your song Barry. Goodnight. Try not to let the pressure get to you." "Good evening, Sir." "Evening Stubbs. What's for tea?" "Gammon, Sir" "Oooh no. Not tonight. I've seen enough gammon tonight to last me a lifetime." Championship Hillsborough Stadium Kick off : 7:45 Team News Sheffield Wednesday will hope to have defenders Morgan Fox (back) and Jordan Thorniley (concussion) fit for Monday's Steel City derby at Hillsborough. If neither makes it then left back will be a choice of Liam Palmer or a step in from the cold for Daniel Pudil. The match will see Owls boss Steve Bruce go up against the side with whom he began his managerial career in 1998. They have no concerns up front where he will be hoping striker Steven Fletcher can keep up his excellent recent form, the scot having bagged 3 in his last two games, including a terrific overhead kick against Swansea Sheffield United will have defender Jack O'Connell back after missing the past three matches with a hamstring injury. Blunts boss Mardiola will have to make a decision on whether to give a place to George Baldock who has been recovering from a calf problem. John Egan was taken off midway through last weekend's 1-0 win over West Brom but is also fit again, Mardiola has confirmed. Match facts Each of the last two league meetings between Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United have finished 0-0 - they last played out three consecutive league draws between 1992 and 1993. Sheffield United are looking to record back-to-back league wins over Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough for the first time since October 1937. This is the first league meeting between Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United on a Monday since April 1971 - a 0-0 draw in the second tier. Sheffield United have won their last three Championship matches without conceding - they have not won four in a row without conceding at this level since December 1969. In all competitions, Steve Bruce has won seven of his nine matches against former side Sheffield United (D1 L1), though he lost most recently as Aston Villa manager in September 2018. Sheffield United striker Billy Sharp has failed to score in five league appearances against Sheffield Wednesday for the Blades, only facing Charlton Athletic as often without scoring for United (also five games). COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Was at the match last night, cracking atmosphere didn’t see any bother then i turn on SSN this morning to see some idiot throwing a bottle then a coin at one of there players (possibly 2 people) Why? Its not big, it’s not clever if you can’t behave like somebody with half a brain don’t bother coming, now it’s highly likely we will face a fine taking away some of the extra gate recipients generated last night. Whoever you are your not fit to call yourself Wednesday
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    Hiirst Senior has gone to tell Steve Bruce that he once nearly signed for Man United
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    Found carrying multiple blades in his back pocket
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    I'll be sad to see him go.... Never a starter but a Game changer off the bench... Always gives 100%. Much prefer others to go before Atty
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    Today's performance left a lot to be desired, and I'm sure we can pick over lineups, formations, substitutions and individual performances ad nauseam in typical Owlstalk fashion, but in the midst of our disappointment, I think it's worth taking a moment to reflect on how remarkable it is that today's game still had anything riding on it in the first place. It may feel deflating in this moment, but the damage was done to our season not by our performance against a Leeds team who look worthy promotion winners, but long ago when we went on that terrible ten game run which culminated in Luhukay's sacking. The fact that we were somehow in with a shout of a playoff place at this late stage of the season is quite incredible, and is testament to the efforts of Bruce, his coaching team, and the players. I'm sure there will be changes in the months to come, but if Bruce can keep the positive elements of his first few months whilst addressing the obvious shortcomings of our squad, then there's no reason why we can't look forward to next season with genuine optimism.
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    No surprises there , been a good player for us though , best wishes to him
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    When you say 'rumours', do you mean the one you've just started in this thread?
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    The only one I’m gutted about. Thank you Super Hooper.
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    The authorities are fucking disgusting They have no evidence whatsoever and the guy has been cleared in a law court - yet the oh-so-knowledgeable (not!) authorities plough on... maybe they should concentrate a bit more on the structural problems they have caused within the game that is seeing clubs going to the wall regularly - proud old clubs like Coventry on the brink of extinction - and not allow clubs who have money to spend it based upon phoney manufactured nonsensical rules and then actually punish those clubs for having the temerity to spend their own money Absolute fucking charlatans who are not remotely fit for purpose
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    Woman in the ticket office when you bought a Club 1867 package When you cancelled it I hope you're proud of yourself
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    fizz me what an idiot. I’m not talking about Berahino.
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    Reda was perfect for us at the time, a colossus of a man with a heart is big as a lion. After some of the weak dross that we had put up with for many years, he along with the likes of Liera helped us become a team that never gave up. A great representative of the club at charity events. If I remember correctly sometimes stood with the fans at away games. Great goal scoring record better than most of our forwards. Might not have been the most skilful but will always remain one of my favourite players.
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    He'd be a decent squad player for most Championship clubs, and considering his form in the back half of last season, he'd be a starter for most lower half teams. I never understand the scramble to criticise or dismiss our own players from some Wednesday fans.
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    Best football we ever played. 3rd in the top division, European football, regulars at Wembley. Signed the great Chris Waddle. He never got the credit he deserved.
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    https://stv.tv/sport/football/1436359-three-out-and-two-in-for-scotland-ahead-of-qualifiers/ HOME Sport Three out and two in for Scotland ahead of qualifiers Peter Cassidyan hour ago Jordan Archer, Barry Bannan and Charlie Mulgrew are out of this month's double header. McLeish: Will be hoping to pick up six points. SNS Group Three players have pulled out of the Scotland squad ahead of this month's double header against San Marino and Kazakhstan. Millwall goalkeeper Jordan Archer, Sheffield Wednesday's Barry Bannan and Blackburn's Charlie Mulgrew have been replaced by Livingston goalkeeper Liam Kelly and Kilmarnock defender Stuart Findlay. The national team travel to play Kazakhstan on March 21 before heading off take on San Marino three days later. Alex McLeish will be hopeful of picking up six points to get off to the best possible start in a group that also includes Russia and Belgium. Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney could also be a doubt after he was taken off during their 1-0 win over Dundee on Sunday. On loan Premiership stars Marc McNulty and Oliver Burke have been called up to the squad as has Sheffield Wednesday full back Liam Palmer- whose father Carlton was an England international in the 1990's. Scott Bain is widely expected to replace Rangers Goalkeeper Allan McGregor who recently announced his international retirement.
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    Didn’t hurt us at all It’s a huge thing for the people of Thailand and must mean a lot to our owner. I think our fans showed a touch of class during and for applauding afterwards. It didn’t cost the fans anything and if it helps us to build our brand and gets the club noticed in Thailand then it can only be a good thing.
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    Rumours on twitter though....
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    We have had plenty of players in our recent history who have who have clearly believed they are above the club but that team with Reda in it was full of players who seemed to really appreciate playing for club. Reda, Jones, Semedo, Llera, Lowe all players who saw an opportunity to play for a big club, had a real go and gave there all. Not our most talented side but one that will be remembered very fondly.
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    Fair enough. A bit of class. Although I hate the scummy bar stewards with all my heart and hope they lose every game.
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    Fantastic for those two kids to train with our first team for a day. Tyreece and Billy have been off school since with a groin strain and sore hamstring respectively, but the Headteacher is confident they will be back at school in two weeks.
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    I hope we hammer you and the pigs somehow manage to spaff their own hopes by going on a dreadful run of their own making.
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    "Awful night" "Awful day and night if you're a Bolton fan" "I meant the weather Stubbs but I take your point. A great old club like that in absolute turmoil. Players not paid. Old bill not paid. Owner trying to sell. Fans protests. Stuck at the foot end of the Championship. what has this game become. Bolton Wanderers. One of the iconic names of English football. Evocative names. Like Sheffield Wednesday. Preston North End. Tottenham Hotpsur. They conjure up images. Images sadly fading... " "Indeed Sir. There has even been some talk today that the game tomorrow might be at risk" "The only thing at risk tomorrow Stubbs is Steve Bruce's unbeaten start coming to an end." "Pardon Sir?" "Everything points to it Stubbs. Club down on it's uppers. The players are in dispute with the chairman, the fans are in dispute with the Chairman. Local MPs are calling for and investigation. They're stuck at the wrong end of the table. Bottom of the home form table. Scrabbling about in an absolute mess. Players making statements, chairman making counter statements. absolute shambles from top to bottom. Everything is in place for Wednesday to rock up there and lose". "The bookies are offering Wednesday at 1/1 Sir. they think it all stacks heavily in Wednesdays favour." "They did the other year thought didn't they Stubbs when Bolton hadn't won since the invention of the telephone but they still managed to do us. Then they lose another 8 on the spin without finding the net once until, you've guessed it, they played us again. And won again. They've become a bogey side Stubbs." "Even so.." "Never mind 'even so' I've seen it too many times. As soon as we become bang favourites for anything you can guarantee it will all go big boobies up. You want to make some money tomorrow Stubbs-bang it on the trotters" "Bit pessimistic if you don't mind me saying" "You can say what you like. Besides....Phil Parkinson" "What about him?" "You struggle to get past a Phil Parkinson team. We're too nice and he'll have them ready to make it scrap. I mean look at the man. He's got that look." "What look?" "The look of the pool team Captain from a flat-roofed boozer. The who's on the blower all during the match telling her he'll be home 'when the game is finished' and 'no he doesn't know how long it's going to take' and 'what the hell do you mean has Gina travelled with us, she's not even in the pool team' and 'no I haven't got any idea what you're raving on about woman I'm out with Kev and Nige.'." "Pardon?" "Of course Gina is there Stubbs. He's took her along. Met her on the corner near the bookies. That's what I'm saying. He's got the look of that sort." "I'm afraid I don't follow ,Sir. Who's Gina?" "She's the bit of fluff on the side in this scenario! .Some rough scrumpet. But that's not the point" "If i may be so bold Sir, 1hat is the point?" "That Parkinson has that look! The look of the bloke who sinks the black, knocks back the half bottle of Budweiser he's been drinking and smirks across the table at you. While his fancy piece sidles up and puts her arm around his waist" "Have you been on the cheese again Sir?" "You don't understand these things Stubbs. but the readers of this section will know what all too well I'm on about. Namely that we shouldn't expect anything tomorrow other than a tough game and more than likely a defeat that might seem unthinkable to the rest of the footballing World but not to us." "Well I hope everyone else is more positive than you then Sir" **** Bolton Wanderers - V - Sheffield Wednesday Bolton boss Phil Parkinson has reported no major new injury concerns following Saturday's home win against Millwall. Forward Clayton Donaldson and midfielder Luca Connell are both pushing for recalls after dropping to the bench on Saturday. Sheffield Wednesday striker Steven Fletcher is doubtful due to a foot/ankle/knee injury sustained in Saturday's draw at Derby. (Who kicked him?) Fletcher was withdrawn just before the hour mark, but boss Steve Bruce remains hopeful the Scot will prove his fitness. Fernando Forestieri missed out at the weekend due to a hamstring strain and fellow forward Gary Hooper is still out having not featured for over a year. Newcastle loanee Achraf Lazaar remains sidelined after missing the last two games due to a hamstring problem. Match Facts Bolton have only lost one of their last 11 home matches against Sheffield Wednesday in all competitions (W6 D4 L1), a 0-1 defeat in December 2012. Sheffield Wednesday haven't completed a league double over Bolton since the 1982-83 season. Bolton have not won successive home league games since New Year's Day in 2018. Sheffield Wednesday have drawn each of their last three away games in the Championship, last drawing four in a row in November 2014. Phil Parkinson has never lost at home against Sheffield Wednesday in all competitions (P7 W5 D2 L0). Steve Bruce has lost his last three away league visits to Bolton, last winning there in October 2011 with Sunderland. **** "Oh Sir.... were you aware that Liam Palmer had been called up for the Scotland Squad?" "What?" "Palmer Sir. Called up for his excellent recent form" "Really?" "Really Sir" "Then f*ck it Stubbs! Forget what I said earlier! Get some money on the Wednesday. We're going to win. 1-0 . A rejuvenated Palmer with his first goal of the season. " WELL DONE LIAM COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    "Sir may I ask..." "That Stubbs is a cheeky little punt." "A joke ,Sir?" "No, not one bit of it. I'm full of beans. We're on a roll.That's worth a dabble of anyone's money." "But promotion Sir! It's not two days ago that you told Asteener you weren't even looking at the League table" "Well I'm not. I don't need a league table to see that things are on the up here Stubbs. On the up!" "You're not celebrating a 0-0 like a win are you Sir?" "No. I leave that to others.... ....to me that was just another game undefeated in our positive run under Bruce. Who, by the way Stubbs, said today that he himself believed it could be done and that we just need to keep our form up for the next two months!" "But Sir, is it realistic?" "Of course it's realistic. There's much of a muchness in this division. No reason at all why we can't go on a terrific run. The whole place is awash with positivity. The fans haven't been this positive for yonks. We're creating a vibe off the pitch which will transfer onto it and together, as one, it will push us over the line. Honestly everyone is buzzing. The manager is talking with honesty and passion. He's putting things in place for the long term but which we are already seeing signs of improving things. Crikey O'Reilly did you know Iorfa only cost us £200k. Bargain! Everyone, everyone is buzzing . Fletcher is looking every inch the top flight target man . Liam Palmer is playing like a man possessed , I've never seen him in such good form. Right back, left back....Gary Hooper is on the comeback trail. Hector looks a beast and Sammy Hutchinson is showing why Chelsea thought he was destined for the very top. No wonder all us fans are buzzing and.... ...... what the hell is that Stubbs!" "Well about that Sir. Not all the fans are buzzing." "They're not?" "No Sir. Because that alarm is the negativity alarm. "There is no negativity! We've nothing to be negative about. What? What Stubbs tell me?!" "Well. The George Hirst saga has raised it's ugly head again and people are rowing about him in that thread, on Facebook, Twitter and no doubt in the pubs" "But he doesn't even play for us!" "No, but he's been to watch a game" "And?" "And that's it Sir. But that's all it takes. 16,000 views! The most popular thread of the week!" "Ye Gods! But ignoring that, on the whole there's a positive vibe about the place. Why's your bloody alarm going off? it can't be just George Hirst" "Well, Sir, Bruce today also announced that Forestieri looks like being out of action for a month and joining Lazaar in the sick bay" "No.." "Yes Sir, and the rest of the internet has been awash with other comments he made ahead of the game.... Mr Chansiris advisor is still very much on the scene" "'You don't mean-" "Yes Sir. look, let me show you on the laptop. See here, described as 'part of the fabric of the club." "For fuc-" "AND...." "And what?" "And all this negativity, Hirst Jnr, Fernandos Injury, the advisor... all that negativity in one day... well, it's awoken Mr Mason from his slumber." "..." . "Sir? Sir are you ok?" ************ SAT 09th March CHAMPIONSHIP Kick off : 15:00 Venue: Pride Park Stadium Frank Lampards Derby County could welcome back forward Tom Lawrence, who has missed the Rams' past five matches with an ankle injury. But boss Frank Lampard, whose side will move into the play-off places if they better Bristol City's result against Leeds, is still without Mason Mount (reyt bonus) and Craig Bryson (the lad we wanted when we got Butterfield). Sheffield Wednesday will be without striker Fernando Forestieri, who went off at half-time against city rivals Sheffield United on Monday. Manager Steve Bruce said the striker may be out two or three weeks with a hamstring issue which, as of yet, the club don't if is related to an ongoing knee complaint. Sam Winnall looks set to step up into the match day squad after taking part in first team training. Morgan Fox has been declared 100 fit and the best news of the lot, Steven Fletcher has shown no signs of struggling after going down against the pigs. Match facts Derby are unbeaten in 10 home matches against Sheffield Wednesday in all competitions (W7 D3 L0) since a 2-0 defeat in April 2006. Sheffield Wednesday have won just four of their past 31 league matches against Derby (D10 L17). Derby have lost just one of their previous eight Championship home games (W4 D3), losing against Millwall in February. Steve Bruce has won five of his seven away matches against Derby in all competitions (L2). Derby teenager Jayden Bogle has provided an assist for three of the Rams' last four goals in the Championship Steve Bruce has picked up 13 points from seven Championship games as Sheffield Wednesday boss ************
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    FT CHAMPIONS Thanks to all who followed the boys on here and continued support and updates from Ethel. The boys will parade the trophy on Sunday.
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    "Few things in life unite and divide opinion like football. But one thing at this stage of every season is undebatable and I would like to offer the warm congratulations of everyone at Sheffield Wednesday to everyone at our neighbours Sheffield United for their achievement of promotion. We may be rivals but we are friends of the same city that holds such unique tradition in the football world. Recognition in the Premier League can only benefit Sheffield and we wish United well, whilst promising our loyal supporters that we will be giving our absolute best to ensure Wednesday will be tasting the same success this time next year. We must also congratulate Norwich City on their promotion and offer our commiserations to Ipswich Town, Bolton Wanderers and Rotherham United. We wish you a speedy return to the Championship. - Dejphon Chansiri"
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    I don’t think we can really talk about Rhodes in terms of the general model of our (broadly pretty dreadful) transfer activity/policy over the past 3-4 years. Despite the fact that most of us were delighted to get him here, the deal that brought him in was a uniquely naive and shortsighted one, even by our own maddeningly clumsy standards. We paid so wildly over the odds for him that we can’t possibly sell at a ‘reasonable’ price now, having had so little out of him for the investment we made, without looking like total mugs. (Although the coldly pragmatic part of me says we probably still should do, for his sake and ours - even if it amounts to a tacit public admission that we got our pants pulled down.) On the other hand, I’d love to see what he can do under Bruce, who I do believe will focus on bringing in some pace down the flanks to provide better service into the box. Finally. We haven’t had that in YEARS, and it was a big part of why JR didn’t get any joy here. Who knows, it could change things massively. Either way, point is we’ve timed it all so badly that if we give him another season here and it doesn’t work again, we’ll barely be able to ask anything for him the year after - 30, contract winding down, high wage. (A million if we’re lucky?) Had we made a better post-CC appointment than Jos, who knows. But the time we wasted treading water there played a big part in putting us where we are now re: Rhodes, ie. in a very awkward position. One thing I really think we must bear in mind either way is that none of this is Jordan’s fault, and it’s unfair to talk the way some do as if he had anything to do with the fee. We’ve spent considerably more, collectively, on at least four or five other players who’ve contributed far less between them even than Rhodes has been able to in his frustrating time here so far. There’s no use in pointing the finger at any one person, because it’s been a joint effort really, but the money we’ve frittered in the past few years on weird agent shenanigans and gross errors of judgment really has been shocking. Rhodes may have had the highest individual price tag, but reactions to his time at Norwich have for me confirmed what we already knew: look past the silly numbers and he’s a player who will score goals (9 for Norwich = joint third top scorer for us, level with Reach), even when not fully sharp/on form/starting. A true pro who always works his butt off and is great for the dressing room. He’s still ours as things stand - it’d be absolutely joyful to see him hit 20 in a season here. Can he? I suspect so, but it’s a gamble. We know we’ve stuffed up financially, and selling for just £3-4m now - although exacerbating our FFP issues in the very short-term - might well be less damaging overall than getting next to nothing in 12 months’ time (having already paid another year of his wages). Or perhaps not, depending on how the 3-year rolling loss period works out - you’d need the full accounts in front of you to really see all the permutations clearly. Can we afford to roll the dice again on keeping him? Fletcher has played brilliantly this season, but not as a finisher, whereas that’s really all Rhodes does in the right setup. Bruce badly needs a player LIKE Rhodes, but we’ve not got the money to buy anyone established - it’s JR or a young loan gamble. High stakes. Very tricky situation.
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    That’s us getting a points deduction next season then.
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    I know we have other things that need spending money on. But a draw bridge would be magnificent!
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    Changes need to be made to this mess. Total joke that clubs like Man City continue to spend what they like without being penalised or getting tiny fines. And clubs such as Wednesday have to compete with parachute payment clubs. Many have cheated recently and also received only small punishments. Pathetic English Football League!
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    There's been many ups and downs following the Wednesday. Many special memories. But this man gave me the single greatest ever season of watching the Owls. Scintillating free-flowing football and a wonderful team full of passion and character. A team that had a unique and unequalled bond with the fan-base which has lasted the test of time. The promotion and a Cup final win are almost bonuses really from a period when I have rarely felt so 'at one' with the club. Happy 80th Birthday Big-man Still, simply the best
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    You utter f.ookin' imbecile...
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    Sky probably muted the crowd when a. the Leeds fans sang for a good while "Sky TV is f___ing s__t" b. the Wednesday fans joined in c. the Wednesday fans changed it to "Sheffield Utd are f___ing s__t" d. the Leeds fans joined in e. the Wednesday fans changed it again to "Leeds Utd are f___ing s__t" Leeds didnt join in with that
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    Happy 84th Birthday to @england & #swfc #Legend Jack Charlton. He gave us our Wednesday back during a fantastic reign as #SWFC Manager 1977-1983. #oneworldcupandaboxingdaymassacre
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    Made my mind up on him today. If any bids come in, we should consider them. All the talent but seriously lacks application. We can’t have passengers next season and we can’t have players just turning it on when they feel like it.
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    I hope he doesn't run it anything like my family as I cant stand most of them.
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    Rodent Nilsson.
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    Morgan Fox and Joey Pelupessy both played well. It’s a shame that they get such abuse at times.
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    I have been supporting Sheffield Wednesday since I was a small boy in the late sixties. In that time, I must have spent Thousands of pounds on Food and Drink inside the ground. To me, a drink of Tea, Coffee or possibly Bovril and a pie, and an occasional Pint is part of what is often called the "Match day Experience". That spending, inside the Ground, has now, sadly, come to an end. It would appear that every kiosk in the North Stand has gone "Cashless". The club are now Refusing to Accept Cash payments.(LEGAL TENDER) I will not be "told how to pay" by the club. I will, of course, continue to purchase food and drink on match days, all of it OUTSIDE THE GROUND......
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    Used to say this to my girlfriend all the time We're no longer on speaking terms
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    I just want to get home. 5 Nations is a bit different to Wigan at home and Mattias falling over whilst some tart reminds me for the 8th time I can’t exit via Leppings Lane. And the bloke next to me smells like a zoo. I just want want to get off not hang about in the rain listening to Clive from Burnley pretending he’s Bono.
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