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    But we persevere with Dave with a similar record.
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    London derby? We'll play that one at 4pm. Potentially thousands travelling to London from Sheffield? Yeah stick that one at 6pm with limited opportunity for them to get home by train. It's only football fans, who cares.
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    Despite having no evidence to back it up..I always get an uncomfortable feeling when we're going to be on telly in front of the watching nation.
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    Leg fell off press conference table. Back in two weeks.
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    I know I'm late to the party but here's my little girl with her new kit - got her name on the back too. Might try and sneak her into the Luton game seeing as that is only 10 minutes down the road from us
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    A very enjoyable day at the office ! As such - We looked like world beaters.
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    He's an arm around the shoulder kind of player. He needs confidence instilling back into him, something I don't believe our two previous managers, nor karanka at Boro, we're good at. Had he been at Cardiff under Colin, I believe he would have been much better due to his almost insane man management skills. He could come good under Bruce as I feel he is a far superior man manager than anyone we've had for a long time, but time will tell.
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    I doubt in my heart the lad has any long term future here. I thought that before we signed him to be honest and that was a thought only strengthened after he arrived. That said... The future is unwritten. For all we know Bruce might think he's a useful lad to have on the squad. He'd certainly look more of a threat the way we have played more recently since we have ditched the "100 passes across our back four while the opposition retreats and regains their defensive shape" approach which has haunted much of the last two years. We'll just have to wait and see...
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    Great, a dry bumming on national telly.
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    Get off, straight to work! Phew!!!, i thought it was going to be a pain
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    On this day in 1908 ! Imagine the meltdown !!! Southern League Norwich City best the 1907 FA Cup winners - 1st Division Wednesday ! From Heroes to zeros ! (as they say) Th Those pesky moulded soles !
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    it will be going on the Pigs honours board................ Ex manager win manager of month.
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    Guess we are to assume that Abdi's gangrene is no better?
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    Great for me living in France, but I'm amazed they're showing this game, better upsets possible in other games. I mean, do the BBC really think Chelsea can sneak this?
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    Dominic Iorfa available on loan and is free in the summer, big, strong right back and an improvement on what we have, Wolves are happy for him to leave and if we get in now could be a steal of a signing for us.
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    last one is actually 23:59 and gets in 07:45 3 changes
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    what many of the 'tiptap' boys haven't understood is that whilst 'playing the 100 passes' not only allowed the opposition time to defensively regroup. that assurance allowed them to attack us with larger numbers with the knowledge that once wednesday got the ball it would be a minimum of a couple of minutes at least before we mounted any sort of threat, thus allowing them to wander or stroll back into position. walking pace football is needed in excessively high temperatures, it's not a great deal of good in the uk.
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    As brilliant as it was it wasn't as good as Atdhe Nuhiu winning it in the 90th minute in the snow last March
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    He hasn’t been anywhere near up to the standard for the money we paid. That being said the football was so negative for the managers he played with. He thrives with balls into the box and when he’s facing goal. I can’t remmeber him missing say 12-15 chances for us. Watch other forwards at this level and they can do easily miss that in 5 games. Think it speaks volumes about the service our forward get and also his inability to create chances for himself. I banged on about it for ages and there wasn’t a recent thread about touches we have in oppositions boxes, shots in the area etc. We often play to deep and when we do get forward we don’t work it into the box. He might get a chance again and I kind of hope he does. Players like Billy Sharpe at 33 have had dips in form like his in terms of goals, but in their attacking set up, loaning the box and putting the ball in there he thrives. I seen them as very similar players and no reason he can’t score goals given the opportunity. Problem is I don’t see us playing that way so he will more than likely continue to be an expensive flop. Fresh start for everyone anyway pre season under Bruce for me.
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    Special moment when your first born wears the stripes for the first time! Merry Christmas
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    Apparently he's a mucky kid . Face just like s dustbin lid. FFS.
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    We'll sell out no matter what
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    Matt Smith's heat map for the game
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    Ffs tv ruins football
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    His best days are behind him They were when Middlesbrough signed him They certainly were when we signed him We need to claw as much back of the ridiculous outlay as we can.
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    You'll never have anybody like NUHIU!!
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    Tbh we've already done the change I wanted so. I'm. Happy to wait until August for new faces
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    I think Bruce will get signings...... just not this transfer window. I dont know why but part of me feels that Chansiri has something up his sleeve for next season. We just need to ride this season out and see what impact the new manager can have on the current team and then strengthen ready to go again next season,
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    Bruce will want signings. Bruce will get signings. That type of manager. Just like big Ron was.
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    You've got to bring them up right
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    Bet your a lorra lorra laughs at parties
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    Surprise surprise when the unexpected hits you between the eyes that’s a surprise that’s a surprise you see surprise Surprise
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    My grandson was a season ticket holder six weeks before he was born. This was a necessary step in his development as his mother, other grandad and uncle are all Bl*des.
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    Let's worry about Luton first!
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    Last jump I had I kept mi eyes shut...
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    I know we may not even be involved in the tie, but this after the Monday night derby just stinks
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    That's ridiculous. There's absolutely no reason for that timing, they've got all day. Last train out of kings cross to Donny is 22.35, then there's no trains back to Sheffield. We'll struggle to sell even 3k now if we get through.
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    Don't get at all why we ever bought Rhodes for when we needed to strengthen other areas of the team that we still haven't strengthened yet. At the time he was a bit part player for Middlesboro low on confidence. He didn't suit Karanka's defensive style and he didn't suit Carlos' style. We'd just signed Winnall and all we needed was a extra bit of creativity or some pace and power. Our recruitment ever since Wembley as been so poor. I hope now with Bruce coming in and the likes of Hector on loan, that Chansiri's learnt his lesson from the past mistakes.
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    I think Bruce will want him back, at the very least to have a look at him in pre season and asses it from there.
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    No, 5 goals in last 24 games.. He's never shown anywhere near the right potential.. time to move on and forget about that waste of money.
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    I don’t think now is the time to be investing in the Dodecanese
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    First time I went to Spiders I was warned about the drinks. Ignored the advice and drank 4 green monsters in about half an hour, then went into town and ended up hammered. Woke up the next morning having pissed and shat the bed.
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    Yes mate, the 2nd photo is my son about 4 years ago and it's still my favourite photo. Next photo is about a year and a half ago, he loves all things wednesday especially if he can wear it We live in istanbul and he is desperate to go to hillsborough these days! His name is Ahmed, named after his Turkish grandfather who is a big Trabzonspor fan. He want to score goals and have everyone sing "Ahmed champion"! His mum wants him to support Fenerbahçe, and he always says that if mum asks i like fener and Wednesday, but don't worry dad, i only like wednesday, so dont tell her!
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    Stick Jordan Rhodes in the pigs side and he’d have more goals than Billy Sharp. It’s no secret he’s a confidence player and prior to going to Norwich he’s played under Karanka, Carvalhal and Luhukay, 3 very negative managers. Right now his confidence is in tatters. His goals records speaks for itself and at 28, to suggest he’s past it is laughable. A run of games in s side that plays positive attacking football and he’ll start banging the goals in again.
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    Too many dreamers, cant spend means no transfers unless we sell. Thats the reality.
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    Agreed. He wouldn't have taken the job it wasn't able to strengthen the team.
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    I know couple of Leeds fans and every one of there phones were switched off after that match, they still get stick about it now, what a day that was
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