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    I wouldn't take 10M, it's weird how some of our fans can't wait to sell Reach, it's almost as if they hate the fact he's proved you all wrong.
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    Here is what one of my Engineering apprentices created.... Just thought I would share it as I think he did a pretty cool job.... all designed on the computer from various images on google... Now I know it’s not a 100% accurate model but not bad going.....
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    People that think we should take £10m for Reach don’t understand the game Perfect age, great engine, rarely injured and the ability to single handedly win games. Any lower than £15m would be very disappointing For evidence look at the fees of Josh Murphy and James Maddison
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    Worth closer to £15 million for me, easy.
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    Is Dave Jones turning up to finish the talk off halfway through the night ?
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    Highlights out problem very well. Very little commercial activity outside of match day.
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    Currently morphed into CR7’s abs - due out 1st Feb
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    Play offs let it go. Hooper hasn't played in over a year, he's not going to play any time soon and if he does it'll be near the end of the season before he's anywhere match fit, that's if he doesn't break down injured again which seems far more likely than anything else. As it stands he brings nothing to the team. His contract is then up in the summer and we'd be stupid to offer him a new one, same goes for Kieran Lee. It's a golden opportunity to start clearing out the pile of players ( as you rightly say, FF included ) who get paid huge wages for doing next to nothing. We need to start rebuilding a fresh, fit and cost effective squad and Hooper isn't going to be part of that.
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    12th. I'd be happy with top half. With signs of who we want to be next season. Main things are that a lot of this team (almost half) are set to leave in the summer unless they stake a claim. I just want Bruce to see the whole deck of cards and work out who is going to be part of a team thats pushing for the top 6 next season and who hasn't got it. No room for sentiment for me. Get rid of the injury prone like Hooper and Lee etc. We need a team thats fit and ready every week. It sucks having to say 'if only we had X Y Z fit then we'd have won'. I think its unrealistic to think we can push for a top 6 place which would require an estimated 75+ points. Can people honestly see us getting 40+ points from here on? No chance. The club is gearing up for a push next season but not this. Thats ok with me. Its realistic and understandable.
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    Yr a bit repetitive on this subject and a bit disrespectful of the players imo. I care because they have been outstanding for us in their time here. Probably two of the best players we have had at Hillsborough in our football dark age that is the last twenty years.
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    Who did we swap him for when he went to Man City?
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    I remember his brother Ollie Varadi.
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    I believe it's a percentage of income. Unlike us, Norwich had income from transfers. Last year was about £34m, and this year £37m. Guess how much we had. With matchday income representing almost half our income, all this chart does is demonstrate just how poorly the club is being operated.
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    I very much hooper they reach for van aken first...
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    "And so it came to pass that "The Megsiah" once again returned to the East bank above the swiftly flowing Don....He took his place atop the vast terrace and looked out onto the multitudes... He turned to Simanaic and sayeth.. "Feedeth thee the multitudes of The famous Sheffield Wednesday football club" Simianic quaveringly replied "But Lord..I have but 5 balti pies and two small hotdogs...Howeth do I feeedeth ..err eth them?" The Megsiah looked down upon his disciple with pity "How Longeth hast thou travelled the woods of the Greno at my side Simianic"? "For many months and travelled many leagues Lord" replied Simianic. And Simianic...How many times hast thou gone without repast?..How many times have i left thee going to thy cot in hunger?? "Well; nary a one my Lord, but we always went to the Wadsley fryer of an eve....." "Just hand the f.ookin' food out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Saw this on Twitter so thought it was worth posting. Positive things don’t always get a lot of attention these days.
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    Did he? I’m pretty sure Elphick played for Villa against us on the first day of the season when Di Matteo was at Villa before Bruce.
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    He's not, but he is. Today's market is ridiculous, Reach has games where he looks Premier League quality, and others where he looks very ordinary. 10 years ago he'd have been a £1 million player, now between 10 and 15 is probably the going rate.
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    I would be sorry to lose him, but we're not in a position where we can afford to turn down an attractive offer for any of our players.
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    Is Lookman cup-tied ?
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    I may as well make it 15 pages then.
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    He picked up a minor niggle in training...
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    Massive shame really. He’s quality and makes us tick in a way that no one else in the squad does. Fair chance we’d be in the prem already if he hadn’t got injured before Huddersfield, but that’s part of the problem. Unless he comes back soon and has a storming rest of the season, which is unlikely, then he’s going anyway so may as well go now. What a player though.
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    ‘kin’ell! He’s a youngster coming through and trying to make his way in football; give him a chance before writing him off. Very few young players have an immediate impact on the first team and no young player is the finished article.
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    i'd rather not tempt providence and talk about playing chelsea when we have earnt the right via luton
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    I think within the next 12 months we’ll be a totally different side to what we are now in terms of personnel and the overall balance. Bruce knows you need Physicality, Power and Pace to get out of the championship.
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    ^^^This^^^ Statistics mean nothing in isolation...so don't let's turn this into another stick to beat DC with.
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    Sheffield Star...using the Daily Star as a source. What a time to be alive.
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    They let Derby play their loanees against them. Only fair to do the same. Everyone seems to be underestimating Luton though. One of the top ten form teams in the EFL over the last year or two. No easy task getting past them.
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    Yep, comes out after Megson has called the organiser a c*nt.
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    *Waits for @Simaniac Owl to buy ALL THE TICKETS*
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    Best for all parties concerned. He gets a move to a club where he’ll still be able to pull the type of wages he gets at Hillsborough inspite of his age and injury record and we get an injury prone big wage earner off the wage bill without running the risk of him coming back to haunt us. I’d be actively trying to get him the move sorted in January rather than waiting until the Summer if I were DC.
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    I thought DC said as fans we contribute very little in the grand scheme...
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    fairly convinced MTPO rings in and makes up a reason to ring in as he talks
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    my team got spaffed by non league barnet but I'll ring up and make a silly distraction point about Wednesday spending only to look like a [email protected] when you get facts wrong
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    This says WAAAAAAAAAY more. And proves DC right, in a terrifying way!
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    Footballers don’t have a value, they’re worth however much the buying club are willing to pay, if it’s a prem club coming in for Reach, we should rinse them for every dime
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    Reach is worth way more than £10m in today’s market. The fact he’s young, English and left-sided means you’d want to double that. If he were doing what he’s doing in the Premier League he’d be £50m at least.
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    I think that’s achievable to be honest
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    Tbf think the people who brown nose Chansiri are the ones that haven't worked out he's irresponsibly overspent with us.
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    Washington Golfers.
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