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    Is Dave Jones turning up to finish the talk off halfway through the night ?
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    Currently morphed into CR7’s abs - due out 1st Feb
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    Play offs let it go. Hooper hasn't played in over a year, he's not going to play any time soon and if he does it'll be near the end of the season before he's anywhere match fit, that's if he doesn't break down injured again which seems far more likely than anything else. As it stands he brings nothing to the team. His contract is then up in the summer and we'd be stupid to offer him a new one, same goes for Kieran Lee. It's a golden opportunity to start clearing out the pile of players ( as you rightly say, FF included ) who get paid huge wages for doing next to nothing. We need to start rebuilding a fresh, fit and cost effective squad and Hooper isn't going to be part of that.
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    Did he? I’m pretty sure Elphick played for Villa against us on the first day of the season when Di Matteo was at Villa before Bruce.
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    I may as well make it 15 pages then.
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    i'd rather not tempt providence and talk about playing chelsea when we have earnt the right via luton
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    I think within the next 12 months we’ll be a totally different side to what we are now in terms of personnel and the overall balance. Bruce knows you need Physicality, Power and Pace to get out of the championship.
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    Cardiff paid 6M for Madine Villa paid 12M for Hogan just based on that Reach has to be valued around 15M
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    This exactly! Wolves set the bar for a championship player at £20 million when they signed Adama from Boro. Reach is in that category plus he’s English ..... why do Wednesdayites want to undersell our best players ..... the Chairman won’t!
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    Lee is my favourite player of recent times . Hooper was good but not really value for money . They are both surplus to requirements and a drain in resources . Not exactly ‘disrespectful’ . They have been paid very well and have had good times at the club . Those times are over so it’s time to move them out
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    Dredging this up from memory, but it could have been Giles de Bilde who was brought down.
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    Hooper hasn’t ran since he’s been here so I think he’s telling porkies
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    Medical should be a walk in the park...albeit with a limp.
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    I think they should scrap all replays - finish it on the day
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    They save all the good grub for truefans - you get the password with your 3 year season ticket.
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    Tell the lad "well done" and to ignore the comments.
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    How about gently sucking on a Worthers ?
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    tin of 'full monty' on sourdough toast So funny listening to the blunts saying Clarke acting like he's not bothered they were creaming themselves last year we knew this was coming the lads not connected right upstairs
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    There will be all sorts going on. If it was as clear cut as we need to raise 18m cash before may. We would have never have spent the money we did on getting Bruce and he would never have come. Jos would have continued his cost cutting mission or we would have left bullen in charge.
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    For those mentioning Fessi- there is no way any bids are going to be coming our way for him now, what with is injury record. That boat has sailed and we should have cashed in when we had the chance.
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    The argument isn't about how much Reach is worth. It's whether or not our P & S situation means we need to sell him. If it does, then don't expect Bruce to see any of the money for immediate rebuilding because we won't be able to spend again until we are off the P & S radar. If our situation is such that we are okay with P & S then why sell at all?
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    Nowhere in that Star article does it say that Villa are going to offer £10m. It just says they are going to make an offer for "the £10m rated Reach".
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    Agree 15m plus for me, anything lower in this crazy market seems cheap
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    Nick Powell is out of contract this year. A good age in an area of the pitch which will need bolstering in the summer.
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    To be fair he does have all those weddings to go to. https://twitter.com/bruceatwedding
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    It still bothers me that their keeper didn't get a red card...even thought we ended up winning.
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    Chelsea away. We are so losing to Luton!
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    Yeah cus when we charge up to £40 on the Lep fans are treated to the best caged food outlets, cramped stairs and broken toilet doors.
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    If it was up to me I'd keep Westwood, Palmer (as back up RB) and maybe Matias and Kieran Lee. Not sure on the youngsters.
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    Yep. I got it too. Bloody Tories
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    Would be surprised if the new management team know we have Abdi
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    I couldnt make home game but sure it was 15 we charged them
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    This is not news because he was guessing.
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    Another bad day on Owlstalk for torres.
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    Nowt wrong about bein nostalgic for a time when footballers were made of sterner stuff, more in common with the supporters, stayed loyal to the club for longer and put in the effort week after week. Those players wanted to play in the cup competitions as they all would have loved to play in a cup final at Wemberlee. It was the pinnacle of many players' careers. It was the managers with bigger fish to fry, sorry, more money to be made from champions and other runners up league . and other European matches. Started IIRC by ferguson and wenger and perpetuated by foreign coaches who didn't realise, or who didn't want to realise how much passion the players and fans had for the cup. Most of the foreign imported players have no interest until it gets to the quarter finals when they might stand a chance of winning a medal at the expense of the reserve team that got them that far. And while I'm being nostalgic and sentimental,, let's bring back the Central League so that our second string and returning from injury players get more competitive games. These days it is too much of a step up from the U23's to first team imo. UTO FFS
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    Wow ! How did you swing that one ? 4 months, lucky bas*ard.
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    I got lucky with the wife last night, first time since my birthday mind and that was 4 months ago!
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    BS checklist. 1 - It's from Twitter/HITC. 2 - Close thread.
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    Protest against who though? Football sold it's soul many years ago, clubs have the option to not accept skys money but they never will (unless someone bids higher). Daft kick off times are the price we all pay for the over-inflated wages everywhere in football. Same with the police it's a money thing, if the clubs offered to contribute more they'd probably be happy to let us play on Christmas Day if we wanted to, if we don't they'll continue to make life difficult. Best thing we can do is get promoted and never see them again.
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    and replace it with canned crowd noise, it happened a couple of weeks ago.
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    Ohhh you’re reyt ‘ard
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    we have all had issues with chansriri`s decision making at our club but there are some pretty horrific owners out there ,ie hull,blackpool ,Charlton . £24 for a kid is disgusting ,the league should have a rule that no child can be charged more than 50% of an adult ticket
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    i saw a copper truncheon in hand hit a wednesday supporter over the head with a full swing... the kid went down on both knees and his head lolled forwards, a split of about 4 inches open up and blood was pourin' out... the copper then drew back a second full swing, and had just started his downswing when someone shouted "GET THE C*NT"... he didn't get his second shot in, about a four or five took him down, seconds later you couldn't get near him as about a dozen were wearin' their dm's out on him... i've often wondered if that evil, spiteful ba$tard ever made a full recovery, or not...
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