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    Saw this on Twitter so thought it was worth posting. Positive things don’t always get a lot of attention these days.
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    I've disappointed many a young lady who laboured under the same illusion.
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    ‘kin’ell! He’s a youngster coming through and trying to make his way in football; give him a chance before writing him off. Very few young players have an immediate impact on the first team and no young player is the finished article.
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    He needs to make the most of it now, won’t be long before he outgrows that shirt
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    Fair enough, you get 80-85 years on this planet if you’re lucky, there’s things more important than working, I’d do the same
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    This really does make me fell ancient ! and what an abolute legend was Big Jack - imagine any other manager joining in this (in a collar & tie) . The start of the 1979 FA Cup Marathon - Wednesday 1 - Asenal 1 - goal Jeff Johnson. And snowballing Jennings - Classic!
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    They save all the good grub for truefans - you get the password with your 3 year season ticket.
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    So there's lots of debate in many threads around the relative merits of players and of course, this being a forum full of opinions and potential bias, it's sometimes difficult to really be able to look at stuff objectively. An example of such debate might be the relative merits of our strikers/ attacking players, e.g. Steven Fletcher: great team player, holds ball up, works his nads off. Another viewpoint may in complete agreement with these statements but then also question his finishing and the cost to our team of missing chance after chance. Lucas Joao: enigmatic - looks a world beater on his day, undoubted pace, skills, physicality but falls over a bit too much, loses the ball, sometimes goes missing but then pops up with goals on a not too infrequent basis. Atdhe: donkey, can't run, misses easy chances, can't jump, so slow he looks like running backwards vs works hard for team, brings others into play, good skill for a big man Then there's AR, FF, MM, BB on whom we have opinions as probably our other main attacking outlets. Whoscored have a very comprehensive table of ratings which make very interesting reading and allow us to see how our players are performing vs other players in the league. Caveat/ admission: One of the main drivers for me spending 90 mins of my time pulling this together was in response to the Jan 2019 transfer thread in which there was speculation as to Bruce suggesting a striker was on the wishlist, and debate about Steven Fletcher and what he brings to the team (see above). Was yours truly overly harsh in suggesting that David Blunkett also doubles as Fletcher's shooting coach? Did it deserve 5 negs or are they wearing arsegrape tinted spectacles? Let's find out. First thing to say is Whoscored it have a composite ranking system for offensive players which combines goals, assists, shots per game, key passes, dribbles, dispossessed and poor control. These combined metrics then form the overall rank for offensive players in the Championship. Here is the table of top attacking players by the Whoscored composite ranking. Our first player (Adam Reach) appears 74th, Bannan comes in at 117, Fletcher is 153rd and Lucas Joao 177th. (FF and MM don't make the ranking as only players who have made more than the average number of Champ appearances are included). Not great reading - even our so called best players are way behind the best players in the league in terms of output, the league table doesn't lie. However, when we rank by conversion rate, this is when the picture becomes even more stark. Our leading scorer, Steven Fletcher is in the lowest quartile for chance conversion rate. Billy Sharp needs 3 chances to score a goal, Steven Fletcher needs 10. Lucas Joao is actually our most dangerous finisher, needing 4 chances to score. Both FF and MM need around 6 chances to score. If, and this is a big if, Joao could improve his ball retention then he would easily be our most effective striker. Steven Fletcher is undoubtedly a great all rounder in terms of his commitment and contribution to our general play but as a striker, he is prolifigate and missed chances are costing us points. It's a conundrum especially as Fletch is such a focal point in the team, and at one time he was seen as the deadliest striker in the Premier League with shot to conversion rate higher than Aguero. Would love to see Hooper stats when he's on form, as his finishing is usually pretty deadly, and he is a very good link for us. For me he really is the missing link that is the difference between top 6 and mid table...am assuming Winnall would be similar to Joao - decent conversion but poor retention in general. We don't really have any other player than Hooper who has the blend of deadly and general all round attacking play. Anyway - if you're up early or still up late, sorry for the essay and hoping you find it interesting and useful.
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    I'm not sure what people expected from today. We played against a team in good form who are 2nd in the league below us. They tend to score freely and defensively we have been poor all season. We played a strong side to maintain positive momentum. Hear hear I say. We played for the most part with measured control and although we weren't scintillating we had some very good chances. On another day we win easily. If anyone comes to Hillsbrough and is organised, solid and fit then it'll be difficult for us to break them down. Unbeaten run maintained. Onwards and upwards.
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    Glory supporter clearly. The old half empty stadium against a League One club brings them all crawling out the woodwork.
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    When Bruce arrives in Feb and finds out Bannan is really called Banner he is going to be green with envy.
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    So he never played for Leeds (because he was actually at Forest) and he doesn’t get in our u23 side (because he’s actually injured)? If somebody has worked him out it doesn’t appear to be you I’m afraid.
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    I’m not gonna neg you, I just want to no what your drinking
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    I went to the Luton game yesterday. First game for a couple of seasons. Some might say my opinion means nothing as I hardly go. I loved it and miss it but due to family commitments and of course the much maligned financial side of match days that is why it's been such a long wait. As for the game I thought we played some decent stuff but it's clear we miss pace and penetration where it counts. I think we look to Banner far to much and other players need to step up and share the load with the creative side. Off the pitch, well my mate who was there with his son went to buy some much needed refreshments. He came back fuming with the wait, the service and the terrible product. Stale bread and cold hot dog- £4. He took it back and got his money back. I just thought sometimes it's the little things that make the difference to people like me coming back or staying away for a long time.
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    I haven't been a fan of Chansiri for a long time but since the embarrassment of the fans forum he seems to be turning things around. I honestly hope he can keep going and if Bruce turns out to be the new messiah we'll be golden again.
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    The replay marathons made the FA cup magical All this one replay and penalties rubbish nowadays has taken a lot of the mystique away from the competition IMO.
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    Club Statement SWFC statement.
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    Threads like this are Better stuff than that thread about Palmer being the next Kieran lee
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    I’ve written off ever seeing either of them in a Wednesday shirt again.
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    I have thought about this for many weeks now, even months. I know full well many will shoot me down, as is their right, however I think Palmer could be a new Kieran Lee. Now, Kieran Lee shares my birthday, 22nd June - I did not realise that until I visited his Wiki page to find some material in which to write this forum post. So of course, now I really love Lee, given I just found out he is almost exactly 10 years my junior. I think it was 2014 when Lee made the switch from right back to Central Midfield - I may be wrong, but he has never looked back, has he? I know that Palmer has not only played CM for us, but also for a full season with Tranmere - but he is now about the same age as Lee when Lee made the re-transition back to central midfield. Palmer has the energy, that is for certain. Can Liam Palmer be our next Kieran Lee? I'm going to get more down marks than up for this, I fully understand that - however I do think we have some serious graft and guile in this bloke, now not a kid. I think it needs to happen. Im in a minority, that is fine - but multiple managers have suggested this (then) "kid" could move up a notch to the top flight. I say it's possible, but only if he reverts to CM. .
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    All I'm saying is, Chansiri seems to have the desire to keep moving forward, despite making mistakes. We are in a better place for having him. It seems like he's learning from his mistakes, Steve Bruce is a top appointment.
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    Ridiculous isn't it ? What's difficult about spelling Barrie Bannan ?
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    Remember proper FA Cup 3rd round pitches.
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    Who is this "Bannon" ? Amazing the amount of people on here who can't spell Barry Bannan's surname??!!
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    Yeah me too I hated that "2 4 6 8 motorway" song
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    Can't believe anyone thinks this is going to happen.
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    Well it’s obvious now. Red bull Wednesday is about to happen
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    Calling boĺĺ0x now, happy to be wrong but somehow doubt it after a top German clubs were after him
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    Not going to lie I have never heard of him.
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    Went to all the games.....brilliant memories. Was on the Kop for the first game and threw a snowball.... As mkowl said because of the weather there was very little football being played so everyone was following the saga. They chose Filbert Street for the final three games because they could virtually guarantee the games would be played; they had a huge pitch covering which blew up like a balloon with hot air fans so the pitch could be kept frost free. Brian Hornsby was simply superb on those games, against his first club. But what did for us was losing Dennis Leman after the fourth game. We lost the impetus from midfield which he gave us and quite frankly the last game was a bit of an anti-climax. But the whole series of games really helped kick start us back to the big time.
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    Yep remember that day well, but mentioned this was 40 years ago the other day and thought WTF. Due to the prolonged cold snap the replays were centre stage in the media. Being able to listen to us on national radio commentary was a rarity, on Radio 2 them days on medium wave, so terrible quality but magical nonetheless for this then 10 year old
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    Which to my reckoning would look something like this.......
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    I think people forget that life still exists outside the football bubble She may have been worried about how he was coping as well, take some time off If he is the right manager for us then it will be worth the 3 games or so
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    BS checklist. 1 - It's from Twitter/HITC. 2 - Close thread.
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    Surely no one ever goes to a place like a football match, a gig, or anything like that expecting top quality food and cheap prices?
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    DC is very good at this sort of thing. He's compassionate and a good family man. I know he's made some mistakes in running the club and on the football stuff but I hope signing Bruce as manager is an indication that he's getting to grips with those things now. I would like DC to succeed he's potentially a top bloke.
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    Such a shame that we spent money on him and had none left for venancio
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    Disagree. He moves inside to draw the defender away giving space for Fox to move into. This is a clear ploy that we have used recently as Fox crossing the ball is one of our strengths. It didn't work so well today but in recent weeks it has been. What happens is Matias drags the man inside and usually this leave space so the ball can be played central to Hutch or Bannan who are then able to find the space vacated for Fox's run or Matias himself makes the run in behind using his pace, which over the last few weeks has been evident and successful for us. I believe Matias has become a key player in our team, is the one genuine bit of pace, his work ethic at getting back has improved so much and if he is to stay fit I cannot only see him being a feature in the team can also see him getting a new contact.
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    We got him from Forest and he’s been injured for months now He’ll be back in full training in the coming weeks But yeah we signed him from Leeds and the reason he’s not been playing is cause no one rates him
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    It doesn't seem to stop the other idiots condemning a young kid after seeing him a few times.
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    Oh its the Tories fault now, are you sure its not Thatcher's fault ? Those nasty Tories giving SYP less money than other forces. So if Labour/Lib Dems win the next election we can have Weekend derbies back, because SYP will suddenly be given more Money, Dream on.
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    I have no idea how long you have been following football for but your viewpoint seems to suggest not long at all. The FA Cup has never taken into account league status. It goes out of the window on FA Cup day. You basically start as eleven against eleven. If we were on a run similar to that which Luton were on and we were playing a lower end Premier League club, we would fancy our chances of progression. Don't ever disrespect clubs like Luton in the FA Cup or you will definitely walk away with your tail between your legs!
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    Hector also had some really good sound moments. Brought the ball out with consummate ease on many occasions, even on the right wing on one occasion. It's ok to slag players off but lets keep it in perspective.
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    Personally, would like to see him play under a capable manager, in a well managed team before I make a judgement.
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