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    Some people will do anything for extra clubcard points.
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    Rumours weeks ago that Jos was out. The announcement was deliberately delayed for some reason. The main thing is he's gone, and no more Doyen rejects are brought in.
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    Some of our fans really aren't covering us in glory at the moment. He did his best, wasn't good enough and he's gone. I'd have done exactly the same thing as he did if I were worried about my family, I'd have taken my pay off as well like every single one of us on here would
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    ...that 11 days following Westwoods bizarre and unexpected start in the U23s against Crewe that he is brought back into the first team for the first time in 12months. The only reason I am saying this is that Lee Bullen has said he only found out he was taking charge today 5mins before Friday's training session. I'm genuinely not just looking to draw a negative out of a good win today, but surely there was upfront notice that jos was going much further in advance to that. Surely someone knew and gave Westwood the nod to get some game time and be ready to start against Preston? I find it highly unlikely that jos just so happened to have a change of heart leading up to his sacking only a week and half later. Not a complaint, just find it strange. So pleased to see some of our experienced players back though. Absolutely delighted.
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    You do realize he's lost BOTH his parents this year and understandably wants to spend this Christmas with his family? Hardly a hanging offense that is it pal?
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    Lesson no.2 - never play Joao on the wing, especially when the opposition are down to ten men. That was a total waste today, Lucas could have a had a field day playing up front.
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    Howson's got this one wrong. The sign at the training ground is NO BELLENDS.
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    Empirically and demonstrably untrue.
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    Unless they’ve got mushrooms in the basket.
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    I get it, you're horny, but play hard to get.
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    I wouldn't want my family there if I received the abuse he did & was likely to receive Saturday, we have morons booing a lad before he's started the game... wish him no ill feeling but glad he's gone & it's time move on... onwards & upwards
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    I don't think we'll ever know the full story of what has gone on.
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    We win a game, the awful Jos has gone and still some people aren't happy. It's almost like they hate being wrong more than us being successful. He was crap. He's gone. Rejoice.
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    Poor child trying to hold back the force of a three-man sausage sandwich.
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    It was obvious he didn't like mushrooms when Katrien tripped up one morning and hurt her ankle and he refused to help oyster back up.
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    If he is the best player available then play him, it's up to him to prove himself to the fans. Can't see him getting the opportunity though.
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    If Westwood were to leave, either now, or in the summer, it would be on a free. In that case, I’d rather keep him here as an insurance against relegation, and deal with it in the summer
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    Spot on Simon. The negative ninnys are out in force this weekend.
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    Spot on, really stepped up for us today. Handled the situation with class.
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    I think Bruce would look to play to his strengths. He’s always played pacy wingers or someone in the middle who can play strikers in. I think within 18 months our current side and the way we play will be vastly different to now?
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    It’s like the grief Dawson gets. A young lad Wednesday through and through. Yes Jos should have took him out the firing line, but us fans didn’t help his confidence either. Just brainless.
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    Just an utterly shiit footballer, no other way of saying it
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    Spot on. I have never got this feeling sorry for footballers and managers in situations like this.
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    The same Dawson who looked solid back end of last season? Many fans on here were saying sell Westwood to ease FFP, we’ve got capable hands in Dawson and Wildsmith. But as soon as that decision turns out to not be the best, Jos is a villain? He was stubborn and should have took Dawson out the firing lane agreed, but like I said most managers stick to their principles, just look at Carlos and Dave Jones two of the most stubborn coaches we’ve had. And just because we’ve kept a clean sheet against 10 man Preston today with Westwood in goal, doesn’t mean we won’t concede three against Boro on Boxing Day. We were far from convincing this afternoon. I agree his time was up, but calling his disgusting names on Twitter to act big and tough behind a screen? Grow up. You’d probably like the bloke if you had a conversation with him.
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    He’s the worst football “spoiler” since Billy Davies. I wish that the Football League could takes steps to stamp out such gamesmanship.
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    To celebrate the end of what has been one of the most flat, dour and passionless 12 months I can recall at Hillsborough can we please have 2 simple traditions returned today: 1. Waterfront back as walk out music 2. We are Sheffield Wednesday video in full on the big screen again prior to walk out the recent experiment of random Sheffield music and little snippets of the video has failed and is synonymous with the Dross era IF we could walk out today with these 2 things and as the cherry on top Westwood and/or Hutch are in the line as well I think I'll self combust with excitement Please Wednesday make it happen lets get the pride and passion back x
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    That's why he was on the bench, Forestiere is mushroom sauce.
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    Fine if you just stick the stalks up.
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    I understand that Mr Chansiri always said that the manager picked the team. Jos, as manager, didn't pick Westwood et al. Bullen, as manager, did pick Westwood et al. That seems to vindicate Mr Chansiri as telling the truth about team selection.
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    I sincerely hope not, it sounds like very dangerous territory to me. What happens if DC & his associate have a fall out? What happens if DC does decide he's had enough & wants to sell up? Any prospective buyer will also have to negotiate with the owner of the stadium.
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    I think if Brucie takes the job it could mean we are not as far up sh1tcreek as we thought . Interesting times
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    Standards are low greengrass
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    He's not a vulnerable teen - he's a wealthy man sitting having a coffee before he boards his first class carriage taking him home for Christmas where he doesn't need to ever work again.
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    Jesus, S73 you'll have a pop at owt
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    See the alright jack season ticketers are out in force now the managers gone.
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    Full house - no excuses if not.
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    I didn't read it. I was responding to the other poster and making a general point. Telly Part-Timer.
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    I had to look twice ffs.
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    Sign the lad up, he gets nearer the pitch than Abdi.
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    Yeah villa could have folded like many relegated clubs but he got them to the final. There was some faffing about with the takeover and then he got exactly 2 months of the season. So it's hard to really judge his time at Villa. But he's experienced and knows the players in this league. Which people scoff at but he'll know who he needs,where as Jos couldn't really know the players inside out in England. We can pick spots off his career but equally point to the promotions. He's no guarantee of success but id be happy with him. He will need time. Especially as we won't be throwing money around. But I have more faith he could build a side given the time than Jos could.
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    From the title I'd assumed this was another post about the photo of Jos at the station.
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    I can’t actually believe that we could get Steve Bruce in our current state - I think if we got him it would be absolutely brilliant to be fair
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    I got goosebumps when Waterfront was played. We need the contender pre kick off too
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    He probably recognizes that the people booing are maybe a few hundred out of a decent sized crowd who are supportive. I know people think the atmospheres been “toxic” but I personally think most Wednesday fans are pretty patient and fair. Its been a long 20 years.
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    Valid questions about Bannan and Reach. Two of our better players. Bannan can be our heartbeat but can also be the problem. By dropping deep and playing keep ball with the centre halfs he can take away all our momentum . Two managers haven’t solved it, now looks like Bruce ,a massive fan of Bannan ,will get the chance. Reach was great in the centre last season because he carried the ball forward and got us up the pitch. This season his general play has been poor. Obviously can’t criticise his shooting! He has developed an awful habit of standing still and shows zero anticipation to get to any loose balls. Needs playing in a position where we can benefit from his ball carrying and running but also he needs to get back to working hard.
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    I’m not a fan of his but would never boo him.
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    Bruce wouldn’t be coming unless he’d been given assurances that the likes of Westwood would be staying or that he would be given adequate funding to replace them.
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    Nigel Reo Coker just described it as a disgusting tackle on Quest and said that Preston and Pearson had nothing to complain about
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