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    Again today when his name was called out pre kick off. On two separate occasions. Our fans are really nasty at the moment. I don’t agree with the way the club is ran at times but, in recent weeks particularly, we really have lost our way. The club has made the first step to change things with replacing Jos. Now we need to do our bit and change the negativity we perpetuate.
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    Think the lad deserves some praise for his efforts this season. It cannot be easy knowing you are not the crowds #1 choice and hearing Hillsborough chant the name of another keeper, whilst having that team in front of you defending like a bunch of numpties... which is not their fault btw. He has done a good job this season in difficult circumstances. It is harsh what has happened but at the same time totally understandable. I hope he realises that he has a bright future and that Westwood had to come in. LB is right that Westwood’s selection picked the crowd up, and given our defensive record this season it was right to change the keeper in my opinion. But that is not to criticise Dawson in any way. Also worth a thought for Wildsmith who went from #2 to #3 yesterday. Another quality keeper with a bright future. UTO WAWAW
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    Crossed the barrier and looks like he was going to invade the pitch. Hopefully he will be identified via cctv and banned. Hooliganism isn't Wednesdayism. I weep for the future.
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    He should suffer a severe punishment from the club A lifetime season ticket that will teach him
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    For reasons beyond my comprehension there seems to be a few folks who don't seem to have much time for Bullen. I have always found he talks with common sense , understanding and a genuine knowledge of the game and perhaps as importantly the people of this city. Lovely touch re: Dawson. Now that is Top Man managment in my book. And nice to see him backing the lad too against social media outbursts. Bit of humour too when talking about Pearson- he usually kicks Forestieri!
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    Think it was Jos' family who were here for the Rotherham game...
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    More excited to see a reintegrated Winnall, frankly
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    it hardly helps a player booing him before kick off. Out of order
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    He missed the train aswell as he didn't get out of his seat.
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    Just watched Goals on Sunday. Mick McCarthy was the guest pundit, he said that fans should celebrate what a skills a player has, and what he adds to the team. rather than critisise them for what they can't do. I tend to support that view. Joey gives a lot to us.
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    Great to see Bannan celebrating with the rest of the lads despite not being part of the match day squad.
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    The team worked hard for each other, a proper team effort. Well done lads. Proving they had stopped trying for Jos weeks ago. Another lesson learned, to be banked, by our owner. I’m sure he’ll learn from it. Mr C did well today to support the return of the outcasts, and to confirm his intention of getting us out of the mess he created. Bruce is definitely coming in. We saw Clemence and Agnew at the game. All is good. Forget relegation now, enjoy comings and goings in January, and look forward to a better season next season, this one has been a write off. Worries over. It really was that simple Mr C. Just start listening eh! We’ve seen all this stuff 1000s of times.
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    Positives: 1) he's likely to be his own man. Won't be dictated to. So this could signify the end of the influence of Doyen. That outweighs all the negatives for me.
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    A couple more lovely pictures from yesterday...
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    I chatted with him for a little while and I said I wished him all the best because it had been so serious for him. He brushed it off and said, 'Don't worry I'm due back to play in 3 to 4 weeks!' Great news if it works out. It will be like signing a multi-million pounds player.
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    I must admit he never struck me as a fun-gi. I'll fetch my coat.
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    Some people will do anything for extra clubcard points.
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    I didn’t do this but found it funny
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    Rumours weeks ago that Jos was out. The announcement was deliberately delayed for some reason. The main thing is he's gone, and no more Doyen rejects are brought in.
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    Did well enough today and made some good runs when he should have had the ball but we went back inside. Re. supporters booing his name before a ball is kicked, sad but unfortunately not that surprising. There is a lairy vein running through loads of folk these days it seems and one area of its focus is football. Classless, angry, ignorant, loudmouthed fuckwits.
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    DC still has a long way to go to be credible to me. Too much bullshiit under the bridge.
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    The ref was decent I thought. Having looked on Prestons match day thread they think he was awful. Calling him cheat and everything. He dealt with their players cheating very well and wasn't going to be conned. The security for him at the end was just for his elf and safetree.
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    Never heard any but Fox gets way too much grief, he actually could go on to be a decent squad player if the fans let him
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    Every one will read what they want to read here. To me, it just sounds like he's genuinely chuffed to contribute again. Nothing else.
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    Some of our fans really aren't covering us in glory at the moment. He did his best, wasn't good enough and he's gone. I'd have done exactly the same thing as he did if I were worried about my family, I'd have taken my pay off as well like every single one of us on here would
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    I don't ever check ticket prices anymore as I've been out priced. Whilst watching the highlights I saw this offer, and with Jos gone and these prices, I've just bought 4 tickets then actually checked the Luton tickets and bought 3. How many other fans no longer check prices like me due to the extortionate prices of the last few years
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    All those moaning should have a closer look, he's actually trying to pull Morgan Fox off the pitch. He should be treated as a hero not a hooligan!! (Only kidding Morgan lad, thought you had a good game yesterday).
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    I've learnt a lot about Wednesday fans this last two weeks. Some are not only classless they are also selfish lowlifes. Shameful.
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    Well said pal. Ive never or will never boo a wednesday player on to the pitch no matter how bad they are. Played well today fox, was in acres of space at times but rarely found. Needs more confidence in my opinion
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    4 clubs promoted and playoff finals to boot. Id say it’s a bit better than ok. ..people thinking we can do better are kidding themselves - we have little to offer at present and rejecting a manager with Bruce’s record and experience at this level would be foolish IMO.
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    Although i definitely wanted JL out of wednesday i think its a sad picture seeing him sat on his own at sheffield train station ..for all his efforts you'd have thought the club would drive him to where he needed to be, being a foreigner in a different country , just my thoughts.
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    He thought his partner would beat his wife up? What a tangled web Jos weaved!
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    Luhukay’s wife and two children regularly flew over from his native Holland to support him and watch the team in action. Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/jos-luhukay-was-always-dignified-but-in-the-end-he-was-the-architect-of-his-own-downfall-at-sheffield-wednesday-1-9507303 Wonder if they were as bored stiff as we were.
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    Joey and Hutch holding, Bannan further up as AM is my wish.
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    Pity he is a league 1 standard player.
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    I'm more excited about getting Winnall, Hooper back.
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    If only we had a taxi firm to take him.
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    ...that 11 days following Westwoods bizarre and unexpected start in the U23s against Crewe that he is brought back into the first team for the first time in 12months. The only reason I am saying this is that Lee Bullen has said he only found out he was taking charge today 5mins before Friday's training session. I'm genuinely not just looking to draw a negative out of a good win today, but surely there was upfront notice that jos was going much further in advance to that. Surely someone knew and gave Westwood the nod to get some game time and be ready to start against Preston? I find it highly unlikely that jos just so happened to have a change of heart leading up to his sacking only a week and half later. Not a complaint, just find it strange. So pleased to see some of our experienced players back though. Absolutely delighted.
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    Much more involved and composed last two weeks. Bannan makes him look much worse than he is.
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    what like the dinosaur COLIN hasn't? the games same as it always was, score more than the opposition and you win. oh no! not hoofball, get it down and past it around the backline for half an hour, that's 'proper modern' football. give him a chance first, he has won promotions from this division, we ought to know that, we gave him one of them.
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    Lesson no.2 - never play Joao on the wing, especially when the opposition are down to ten men. That was a total waste today, Lucas could have a had a field day playing up front.
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    if he came returned I'd be so happy. Still the best player in the squad. Cmon Keiran!
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    Our fans are a disgrace at times. Yes it was time for him to go, but the hatred towards him is not fair. He didn’t come here and deliberately try to lose games. You saw last week after the Swansea match that he was trying and he cared. He thought playing the likes of Dawson ahead of Westwood was a good decision for the long term health of the club. I agree with him. Westwood will be gone in the summer and Dawson needs experience. He had the clubs interests at heart. It proved to be a risky decision and his biggest mistake was sticking to his guns. Is he the first manager to be stubborn? No, and he won’t be the last. He’s gone and I wish him well. I believe he had a long term vision for the club, but he just couldn’t implement it. Was dealt a tough hand and kept us up last season when things were looking pretty desperate under Carlos. But it went wrong and he had to go. I just won’t understand why people think it’s ok to go on social media and call him every name under the sun. Regardless of his pay package, the bloke has lost his job near Christmas. Never nice. Let’s have some humility.
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    Just had a look at the stats. Preston players on their arse. Before red card 25% After red card 98% After we score 0% These figures are from independant source, and can be varified be me.
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    But when he does He gets it right
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