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    Heard the same from some bloke on Owlstalk. So now it's corroborated.
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    Read the comments on twitter, our fans are awful and absolutely so f'ing thick. Throwing abuse out like that, no need at all. DC is well out of order for doing that. Very unprofessional and disrespectful. Who would want to sign for a club where the owner does that.
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    If we only dealt with facts on here - there wouldn’t be a forum.
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    Confirms everything the majority of us already knew in my opinion. He doesn't know what he's doing, makes it up as he goes along, and hasn't got a clue. Totally unqualified to run our club. The only people who don't see this are DC and his 3 Owlstalk mates.
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    TURN UP AND SUPPORT THE CLUB - who was at the last match when it looked like we were going into the fourth division - ME - were you? turn up support or don't bother and when their successful don't come back and pinch my seat!
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    He’s been in charge 4 years virtually and we are worse off. I’m sorry , that just doesn’t wash . In 4 years he’s alienated all the corporate clients , reducing income out of our delapidated ground further . He’s spunked millions on utter rubbish overseen by managers who don’t know what they are doing . Hes charged extortionate prices from the word go on the guise of ‘success costs’ , yet despite being the utterly woeful we are still paying more than it costs to watch most champions league teams . Apparently we can’t reduce ticket prices , funny how more we’ll run clubs manage it . His my way or the highway attitude stinks , his way is proven to be the wrong way. Maybe if he took his finger out his back side and listened from the word go to those who understand the game , sacked stupid Carlos, and employed an adequate replacement , we wouldn’t be in this mess. Hes doesn’t have my support and he certainly doesn’t have my trust , obviously for the above mentioned reasons . The sooner he goes the better
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    So our plight is nothing to do with all the appalling decisions that have been made,,,,,,,,,,its the fans wearing him down
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    It’s not like it’s the first player frozen out, it started with Mcgugan then Hirst, Clair now Abdi that we know of and you’ll never convince me Westwood is thought of by anybody as the 3rd best keeper at the club. You’ve got to ask what the common denominator is in all these situations. Players talk, even if he hadn’t completely stuffed up the finances, why would any decent players join us when this is an emerging pattern on how we treat our players.
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    Only chansiri can dismiss the bullying culture rumours at Wednesday by setting up one of his own players for dogs abuse
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    Do agree with this point mate. Was mentioned at the previous meeting without the uproar it seemed to cause last night - sounds like many were looking and waiting to pick him up on certain things. But the ‘valued’ element is key I suppose. if you are really honest, do you feel valued as a fan right now? I sure as hell don’t. To feel valued and entertained - that’s all I ask for. I honestly don’t believe it takes chucking gazillions at it to achieve this either. I know we’re talking different leagues here, but I’ve started to visit premier league matches this season. Ethihad - the fan experience is unreal (although the atmosphere pants) Goodison - a proper fans club. Stadium shoddy, but again the experience is all geared up to the fans King Power - visited 2 weeks before the tragic accident. But want really impressed me was the engagement with fans before and during. Just simple things like shooting T-Shirts into all sides of the crowd at half time. Doesn’t cost the earth, but gets the kids engaged and excited! just feel like so much more can be done.
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    How's me made more money than he's put in? I really want to know.
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    Get behind what? He's given us little transparency, despite these little dog and pony shows. We didn't get confirm on FFP until months later, we still have no clue why senior players are all frozen out, we have no plan for future growth, still with the extortionate pricing with little to show in return. I was willing to give him a chance. This forum was the last straw. Complete and utter testicles all the way through, and we're the ungrateful lot for not buying the official party line.
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    Do you really think so? Supressing comment/censorship doesn’t help anyone. Daft stuff just gets found out anyway. If the stuff communicated properly and honestly there wouldn’t be a vacuum to fill. But you'll never stop gossip. Penny Dreadfulls, Newspapers, Fox News, Internet, Forums - it’s always happened.
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    Don't sell up Chansiri. Just sack Jos, sack off Doyen, admit you need help and appoint the right people. That's all you need to do. Just the be the benefactor not the main.
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    Called it two weeks ago but got slated.
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    He said the money doesn’t cover the costs, but yeah you beleive that if you wanna
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    The fervent demand for blood by those that sit at home with their thumbs up their arses makes me smile. Dc is too loyal. Far too loyal. He HAS done some odd things and made some poor judgement calls but the way the folk on here want to chuck him under the bus makes me sad to my core. Someone asking why someone hasn't questioned the cu.. It's a disgrace. I'm ashamed. I'll get negged to he'll and back for this but those being aggressive and spouting hatred and hole based on rumour and conjecture need to learn to control themselves. They don't represent our fans.
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    Golf in the rain eh, sounds marvellous.
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    I can’t help but find some of what you say a touch disingenuous and hypocritical. 1) You state, almost as fact, as fact DC doesn’t value the contribution of Owls fans. Having met DC on several occasions I have a completely different opinion. If he’s saying the fans money doesn’t go far in the greater scheme of things, that’s fair comment isn’t it? 2) Dodgy signings. Didn’t you sanction the signings of Darren Purse and Tommy Miller? Both could be described as poor, couldn’t they? I also think the Purse signing indirectly led to our ‘prized youth’ at the time, Richard Wood becoming disgruntled? Hindsight is a great thing, but I’m sure neither you or DC intended to make poor signing? It feels a bit like you are throwing stones from your glass house. Cheers
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    I think I'm done with football in general after how all this has played out. Why cant we just say "thanks chansiri, we had a couple of great cracks at the top end:. We have so many bitter fans. Can't anyone just say "fair play, cheers" Never seen so many stupid, so called fans. Jordan Rhodes was an absolute pipe dream. NOBODY expected him to sign and Chansiri made that happen!
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    Based on what? Think your going to be disappointed. She will have zero interest in SWFC
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    People accuse the club of not being transparent then when a few journos take some words out of context "fans" are onto them like rabid dogs. I expect a club statement today to reaffirm the facts hopefully.
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    There wasn't going to be any spending anyway.
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    You said that you didn’t agree with 9/10’s of what the club is doing, but then said you would walk out if you were him because of the abuse. I think the reality is that he’s getting ‘abuse’ because he’s making a total dogs dinner of the club, and if he doesn’t expect that as an owner then he is in the wrong game.
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    Except i didn't I said that in his shoes i'd do the same We have too many fans willing to spend Chansiris money We have to many fans who when given an answer they don't like just ignore it and post liar with no backing up of the claim
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    Really good thoughtful post. The Chansiri era - I make you spot on. I agree that CC should’ve gone after the Huddersfield debacle. Holding on too long before making a change highlights DC’s questionable judgement. The Jos saga - Again questionable judgement. Jos would not have been a credible candidate for any other EFL team recruiting at that time. A decision more from Football Manger than a credible EFL Chairman / owner. The Players - I also played (semi pro) and coach (FA Level 4 /UEFA A). I have coached Sheffield Schools and was at the Wednesday Academy under Clive Baker. In all my years I can count one 1 hand players who “don’t care”. It’s insulting to them as individuals and as professionals. I rather think they have lost belief in the mangers methods and instructions. I cannot see a gameplan or tactics from Jos. There are no triggers and everything looks ad hoc. At Blackburn away, I couldn’t even work out if we were playing 4 at the back or wing backs. The fanbase - Hard to disagree. I doubt we are better are worse than other clubs though.
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    Beggars belief that Chansiri puts the club up for sale to the delight of a big percentage of the fanbase ..... And he’s still called a liar
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    Better phone batteries i think
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    As an engineer with a logical mind I just can't understand how anyone can have faith in someone who has since day one had no real solid plans A, B or even C. Even the supposed original plan A was change the manager to someone I like and chuck some cash at it. This seasons plan was even worse, let's Bury our heads In the sand over the embargo and FFP and look to the heavens whilst praying for a miracle and promotion. I'm not sure this is standard business planning.
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    I'll keep asking. I've got all day. How has he made more than he has spent? How has he recouped everything? How has his 'relentless obsession' for money been fulfilled in throwing most of it down the drain?
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    Depressing reading. Given that he has agreed to sell, and your past involvement would you consider working with others to get back involved Lee?
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    Not good news IMO, don't feel the amount of the criticism DC received is warranted. Those who wanted him out have got their way, just hope there are buyers queuing up to buy an overpriced, loss making business.
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    Neither do I. But I also don't see your hypothetical of him suddenly stumbling on the right formula. You even said so yourself he was saying things that he shouldn't be saying. He hasn't learnt a damned thing, and hoping that he turns it around is just as foolish as hoping we get a better chairman next time around. Even things as basic as selling a football player seem utterly beyond him. If it's true when he was asked what his five-year plan was and he responded with basically "I dunno"... I mean all evidence points to a bloke that hasn't a scooby-doo.
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    If he’s selling us why is it in his interest for us to go down?
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    Chansiri has been looking for a pretext to get out, and he's used the criticism received tonight to that end. That tells us all we need to know about his character. He's a rotten stick.
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    Worn the guy down and now it's game over
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    Which summer was that? 2016/2017/2018/2019?????
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    I heard he saved a bunch of office workers in Nakatomi plaza one christmas.
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    Jos is a yes-man. He won't be sacked until after the January transfer windows has shut. If he's sacked before then, it will become apparent to all that DC is the one excluding KW, SH and AA - because a caretaker/new manager won't be allowed to pick them. I don't believe anything he says. He is destroying our club.
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    Look you’ve clearly decided that everything DC does is wrong. That’s your perogative. You’re clearly a die hard fan who cares about our club. Fair play to you. You pays your money, you takes your choice. You do however make statements that seem to be completely without foundation which worries me because you’re not the only one. Why do you say “he hasn’t been honest about FFP. What proof evidence do you have? Why do you say, “he hasn’t been honest about ticket prices”. They are what they are. We pay what it says above the turnstile. Please explain why he’s “hanging players out to dry”. What would you have said if someone asked you why Abdi isn’t playing??? Please don’t say “no comment” cos DC would’ve been crucified on the spot.
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    Perfect team for the meggolomaniacs Tooting & MitcHIM.....
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    It was tongue in cheek. Making a point that you dont have to have high ticket prices to be a success on the pitch.
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    This is also what I thought he said. He had an offer to sell after the play off final which would have seen him 100m richer if he accepted. He later said it was one of his mistakes not accepting it when asked about any mistakes he thought he had made.
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    She do any other tricks?
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    Whole heartedly agree with this - some fans should be ashamed of their comments about DC - as the old saying goes be careful what you wish for (though I agree it is time for Jos to be replaced).
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