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    Notwithstanding lots of examples where language/meaning may have been a challenge last night, there is no ignoring many of the messages that came out. Dejphon does not value the contribution of Wednesdayites, he only wants praise, spend and positive support from us. Dejphon thinks that the Forestieri and Bannan (I would also throw in Reach) signings should offset the dozen or so other signings and renewals which we should never have made, which collectively have put us in financial trouble while agents have made or fortune off of that expenditure. Not to mention the loss of our prized youth to Paixao and friends. Dejphon does not grasp the fact that when you fill a squad with dodgy signings then the good players and staff are undermined by this, making it impossible to build a strong team spirit. Dejphon is either incapable of admitting his key mistake of entrusting Amadeu Paixao with all of his family and our (not inconsequential) funds and or he is actually jointly invested in our club with Paixao and associates, either way, its clear that this is what has been and continues to undermine our club, and Dejphon is in denial about it. Dejphon is clearly the one who has clashed with folks on and off the pitch wherever there has been pushback from players and staff on either the lunacy of his relationship with Paixao and associates and or DCs dictator complex, this is all you can conclude when DC says 'Jos picks the team' and Jos says 'he picks from the players which are available to him' after DC labelled Westwood a trouble causer at the prior fans forum and last night lashed out at Abdi for disrespecting him (I believe that is what DC meant when he said Abdi was disrespecting the club). Looks like Dejphon is hoping we stay up and the FFP / P&S rules are changed this summer and then he can get us promoted and then sell the club. With a corrupted culture within a football club it's more likely that his and our losses will just increase.
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    I couldn't take anymore without the bar open and with the video link in Charlton suite. They may as well have been in Russia, not 2 floors below. Here goes Said he had doubted his self and did the usual talk about family. Repeated the following many times throughout; I love this club, I never lie to fans, I try my best. Worrying statements I didn't ask the players what they though of manager on Monday. I don't know what the plan is. Next season is too far away. Could t answer question about strategy over next year, 2 years, 5 years etc. He was too tired. Did talk about fans on social media but didn't appear to blame fans in general this time round. Said Noone knew more about FFP than him. We have faced embargo before and will again. He is working tirelessly on minimising impact. Claimed it was very normal for championship clubs trying to get promoted. Denied that anyone wanted our players emphasising that to get rid of someone you need a buyer and them to want to leave their contract. Claimed he didn't think he'd gambled but that he'd spent all the money to stay up and not go down. Didnt acknowledge the risk of going down and said. We will not go down. Told fabs not to believe all the negativity bout Doyen. He trusts them, he still has the same recruitment approach and he believes in it. Yes some players don't work out many of the reasons couldn't have been predicted. Comes across as very defensive here. Sid if we had got promoted the recruitment team would have been labelled hero's. My advisors are all experts, they know football. I trust them. All good clubs use advisors like this, man City man utd. Roeder left the club because he wanted Carlos job. Denied contracts or appearance bonus influencing team selections. But hinted more factors came to play than that and fitness. There is no budget now or for summer because of FFP. He is working hard to rectify. His costs remain high so ticket prices the same. We still have a very expensive squad. Won't go away anytime soon. Laughed off red bull buying the club. They are looking at premier league teams. At one point nearly cried and asked himself why he was here, he misses his family, people love him when he has money to spend and don't like him when he can't spend. Perhaps I should have sold. I can tthi K about the future here, I am dealing with now. Jos related statements I am not sacking Jos. He didn't rule it out though. His concern was around who he could get that was better. Defended Jos for losing it on Saturday night. He is a human being etc. Defended Jos for what he said about fans expectations. Igbored question regarding why Jos won a game and then changed players and formation. Ignored it. Said Jos doesn't like players that can't last 90 minutes. How do I sack him, we need a reason to sack him, I don't have one. Says we can afford to and its not a problem if he chose to. Was pressed on how long Jos contract was and suggested it lasts til end of season minimum. Encouraged a critical fan to apply for the head coach position should come available. Positive statements We must stick together, it is most important when times are tough. KM stated they had made improvements to youth players contracts to stop what happened losing our young talent like Hirst and Claire. . Other events some Jos out clapping when people spoke out of turn. Lots of talk about other challenges - GDPR, fanzone, meadowhall, beach towels arriving for Christmas, filling the stadium. Heard nothing about women's football team. On Abdi. Was told he was amazing, the professor, Carlos wanted him to be the hub of the team. Abdi kept getting injured according to his own doctors but he was telling the press he was fit. He was very critical of Abdi and it didn't matter what he said as he won't play for the club again. My summary DC looks like he is struggling. He was very emotional in most of what he said and came out with some very worrying statements. Top 3 being, he didn't have a plan, there were other problems with players aside from fitness, yet not related to contracts. For some people he's not prepared to sack Jos at the moment. For me, there has been some real problems with the players not just Abdi, Forestieri on occasion but probably Westwood. The latter one instigated ask me about this when players have left. Luhukay was brought in to manage a difficult situation with players and it seems likely he is playing so much youth to up their experience because we will need players next season we can't buy or sign. Playing either difficult characters, players that can't last 90 minutes or crocks isn't the plan. DC appears to back him for that. I felt sorry for DC but that doesn't make it OK. I was not convinced by any of the other people on the table present or that spoke. I remain highly concerned and feel I have learnt a little more. It is not a happy camp and the strains of that are obvious in DC tone and emotional language.
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    Before you start giving it big licks and getting all angry with me, please read the full post. The Chansiri era Started off brilliantly, the first season up to the play off final was outstanding and one of the best for decades, this was because of the money that the chairman made available. No one had any complaints at that point. Second season was a bit flat, although we made the play offs again the football wasn't great and we went into the play offs and I wasn't expecting much, purely down to the performances over the season. I could count on one hand the good 90 minutes that season. I believe that is when CC should have left, he had done all he could and had ran out of ideas, he's done that all his career. The recruitment over those 2 seasons was poor, a short term fix that obviously didn't work. The difference in recruitment was huge, signing players like Bannan, Forestieri, Hooper, Hunt who at the time were in their prime and proven players with time to progress further. We then switched to signing 30+ players like Fletcher, Jones, Abdi and Boyd, a very significant change of approach. Carlos' last season was not a true reflection of the quality in the squad, the amount of injuries we had was ridiculous and that ended the season unfortunately. This for me is when it started to go wrong for Mr C, the appointment of Jos came from nowhere and for a team trying to challenge for a place in the Premier league did seem like an unnecessary risk and a cheap gamble. The Jos saga He started well, we finished the season strongly, the players reacted to Jos well, however, we see it all over football, a change of manager does often bring about a change of attitudes and many players up their game for a temporary period. We then had the summer and god knows what happened, Jos managed to lose the senior players. We chose to let Loovens, Hunt and Wallace leave, who were key players over the last few seasons. We then entered the season without many of our other senior players unavailable, Westwood was a fans favourite and one of our most valuable players at the time, similar could be said for Hutchinson. Jones, Abdi and Boyd were cast aside. The Players I have played football, I coach/manage football, I watch games as a coach and not a supporter for my sins, it's been clear for a long time that there was an issue at the club, and results are now reflective of it. We will never know for certain why but these player are not giving everything for the boss. We are conceding sloppy goals and none of them care, they just let their heads drop. Where is the fight, the passion, the anger? Where are the frustrated tackles and silly red cards? There isn't any because it's gone passed that, there is an apathy on the football pitch, they are bored. The Fanbase None of the above is that controversial, this bit might be, I believe we have to take an element of the blame. Sheffield Wednesday fans are amazing when we are winning and things are going well, yes I know, we haven't had much of that. It's the other side of the fanbase that we need to take ownership of, Hillsborough can be detrimental, its awful at times like this, the negativity is outrageous. Social media is a tool for people to speak openly, it doesn't mean they should, some of the comments I read are disgraceful. I read a comment on here this morning from one of the posters stating he stopped going when Chansiri bought the club, this individual didn't give the new owner a chance and here he is sticking the knife in at the first opportunity. We all wanted success, that means for us to be back in the top flight, for that to happen we needed to make sacrifices, the chairman spent money, when promotion didn't come we had to slow down. Would anyone be that bothered now if we were still spending 3, 4 or 5 million each on 4 or 5 players every transfer window. No, but because that's dried up the fun's gone away and we are back to making loan signings. The majority loved having a go at it for a change, we were competing at the top, well, it didn't happen, we now need to do it a different way, with good management, well, we aren't getting that at the minute. It's not the end of the world, is it? We still have good players worth a few quid, we just need someone to manage them properly. Some of these reactions are excessive, extreme and unnecessary and trying to force the chairman out is plain stupid, we are in a dip but its nowhere near where we have been in the past. Why is it that it's always us? Maybe we need to have a look in that mirror, what can we do better?
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    Don’t blame him, genuinely I don’t
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    Lee is just a fan like me and you. He is entitled to his opinion too. Some people just need to let go.
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    Plonk Sadly no, my last effort brought too much pain to my family, plus I am fully committed to my current project. I would happily advise any well-intentioned party, including Dejphon if he were to swallow his pride and face up to his mistakes.
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    Heard the same from some bloke on Owlstalk. So now it's corroborated.
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    He’s out of his depth. Feel sorry for him.
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    I think he's a decent bloke. Badly advised and a little naive in football matters but still a decent bloke. After all we've put up with in the last 40 years we finally get a chairman willing to put money in and a desire to see us great again and we drive him out. We will live to rue this. I genuinely feel sorry for him. And for us.
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    He's not helped himself. He's never learnt from his mistakes. He takes everything to heart. He doesn't think or speak rationally. Like a man in control. Or, like a man with a plan. Ironically we found he doesn't have one. I'd happily keep him but he's proven he can't change or won't change. He's taking us one place and some fans can't see it still. It's astounding.
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    He's in way over his head. The atmosphere is absolutely horrific around the club. It's best for all parties that a buyer is found and he moves on. The current situation is unsalvagable imo, outside of selling.
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    Fans have brought season tickets at record price in record numbers. Brought replica kits in record numbers at records prices (well according to the club anyway). The price the club pays for this is that expectations are going to be very high. Players, manager and owners will be treated as gods if they get it right and will get a bit of stick if not. Are Sheffield Wednesday fans any more negative at the ground or on social media then any other club? I really dont think they are.
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    I don't believe a word the Chairman says
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    What we saw in my opinion, is somebody totally out of his depth, who has made huge mistakes and continues to make them.
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    He's spent millions on sh#t, then tried to invoice the fans for it. We're paying top end premier League prices to watch terrible, Sunday league football, the club is sliding backwards at an alarming rate with a rubbish but very expensive squad, an alienated, disconnected fan base and seemingly, is now in a worse financial state than when he arrived. He's failed in almost every department, what's astounding is that some still defend him and think he is fit to run the club.
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    I said when this meeting was called that there would be emotional blackmail involved. And, here it is. And we’ve got the first “IN CHANSIRI WE TRUST” thread seconds later.
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    Read the comments on twitter, our fans are awful and absolutely so f'ing thick. Throwing abuse out like that, no need at all. DC is well out of order for doing that. Very unprofessional and disrespectful. Who would want to sign for a club where the owner does that.
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    Sergeant. obviously there is much truth in what you say, but as well as the power of fans to change the atmosphere at Hillsboro, we are dealing with an increasing disconnect between the club we love and the way it is being run. I swear it was easier to support the team in the dark days of beating Southend to stay in Div 3 because you knew the team was operating at about the level of its abilities whereas for a whole combination of reasons including crazy team selections, the current squad aren’t. I can’t agree with you that the team dont care - I think that is exactly what annoys folk like Bannan and Lee who obviously are bothered. There is maybe a difference in that back in the day, Mick Prendergast, limited though he was, would be risking his own kneecaps week in week out for the cause whereas some heads drop a bit too readily with the current crew. In my view, DCs biggest mistake isn’t Doyen Carlos or even Jos, it is his alienation of the POTG fan who can’t buy a season ticket by the kind of prices which make us seem like a Billy Big Balls Ken Bates club rather than the ground up rooted rag bag of rebels that we are. Sincere thanks to DC for trying but unless he changes and presses the reset button on some of his decisions he would be wiser to sell.
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    I absolutely dont trust him. There hs never been any indication that he has the slightest clue what he is doing. Sorry.
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    I know we are feeling a little bit sorry for ourselves with the current plight of our club but yesterday was the traditional day of the clubs players, staff and owner visiting some of the important organisations in our area. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/december/what-a-day/ Good to see some smiling faces for a change.
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    Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is in massive trouble. FFP is a huge problem and isn’t going away. Seems to bigger than any of us actually thought. Steps to resolve it are required immediately and won’t be alleviated by expiring contracts. Named and shamed Abdi as “disrespectful” to the club, to a facepalm by the CEO. ”I don’t know” when asked about the plan for the next 5 years. Your money doesn’t cover anything, but he can’t put the prices down. The manager isn’t going anywhere, but at least he’s human. A point nicely clarified for us across multiple questions. Tired and alone. Values club at £100m. Says we should thank him. Multiple vague references to “won’t be as bad as before”. Outright states we won’t be going down. Buckle your seat belts, folks. This rollercoaster is heading back down and fast. I think we’re as likely to be out of business as we are a Premier League side within the next 10 years. Oh, and that banner at the back of the Kop? Can we take it the f*ck down please?
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    I think the whole point of the Fans Forum, was to announce "Club For Sale" Thats why he needed, the journalists involved. So he'll have made his mind up and put plans in motion well before the forum.
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    I’m leathering the smallest bloke that shines a light.
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    Bizarre outing that was...like meeting Marlon Brando up the river in Apocalypse Now. UTO.
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    If we only dealt with facts on here - there wouldn’t be a forum.
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    Youre putting in the work for DC on here tonight. You must have REALLY enjoyed that day out at Wembley..
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    In all the negativity around our club at the minute. Let's take some positivity. Today's turnout for this man was unreal. Simply fantastic. And that shows we can all stick together. I don't think the crematorium has ever seen anything like it. And the spontaneous clapping when Wheenie and his dad arrived in the cars was just absolutely amazing. The send off he deserved. Well done everyone. Rest in peace beast. Long live the beast
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    Looks like one of those illiterate tattoos that a bird from Heeley might get.
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    Anyone else looking forward to getting our proper badge back?
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    Confirms everything the majority of us already knew in my opinion. He doesn't know what he's doing, makes it up as he goes along, and hasn't got a clue. Totally unqualified to run our club. The only people who don't see this are DC and his 3 Owlstalk mates.
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    Well whatever anyone else says I am definitely grateful for your efforts. Thank you.
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    I wouldn't trust the guy to peel an orange
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    Evil evil sheffield Wednesday fans. What are you on about?
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    So shoot me , I think the man deserves a little bit of respect, he’s made mistakes yeah ... but we can’t unite as a fanbase and try to support him the best we can and move forward together , no ... we’re too interested in tearing each other’s heads off its pathetic
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    Jan 2015 - First involvement - the signing of Sergiu Bus, Marnick Vermijl and Filipe Melo. Apr 2015 - Chief buddhist 'blessed' the ground. May 2015 - Three 'advisors' appointed - Glenn Roeder, Paul Senior and Adam Pearson. All three left within weeks. Jun 2015 - Signed Darrly Lachman, Marco Matias, Lewis Price, Lewis McGugan, Rhoys Wiggins, Modou Sougou Jul 2015 - Season ticket prices - cheapest Kop adult up from £360 to £395. May 2016 - Losses of £11m announced May 2016 - Average price of cheapest POTG ticket over 15/16 season - up from £23.57 to £31.11 Jan 2016 - Club badge changed. Fans not asked. Jun 2016 - Signed Steven Fletcher, Jake Kean, Almen Abdi, Urby Emanuelson, Morgan Fox. Jul 2016 - Lewis McGugan frozen out. Jul 2016 - Stripes ditched from the shirt. Fans not asked. Jul 2016 - Season ticket prices - cheapest Kop adult up from £395 to £415 Jul 2016 - Membership price up from £30 to £50 Sep 2016 - Golden elephants placed outside of South Stand for good luck. Aug 2016 - Bizarre squad numbering announced. May 2017 - Losses of £20m announced. May 2017 - Average price of cheapest POTG ticket over 15/16 season - up from £31.11 to £33.26 Jun 2017 - Signed Jordan Rhodes, George Boyd, Joost van Aken, Joey Pelupessy. Jul 2017 - Season ticket prices - cheapest Kop adult up from £415 to £455 Jul 2017 - George Hirst frozen out Aug 2017 - Club1867 announced. A bronze plaque for £1,500, with a 'free' 3-year season ticket upon promotion to PL. Sep 2017 - Cakeball. Jan 2018 - Katrien Meire appointed CEO Feb 2018 - Fans polled regarding ticket prices and squad investment. 70% voted for ticket prices and squad investment to stay at current levels, 30% voted for lower ticket prices and promotion of youth players. Apr 2018 - Sean Clare frozen out Jul 2018 - Membership price up from £50 to £90 Jul 2018 - Keiren Westwood frozen out Aug 2018 - No pre-season player signings for first time since pre-WWII. Youth players promoted into the first team squad. Aug 2018 - Fans told that the transfer embargo has been lifted, having not been told we were in one to start with. Sep 2018 - Sam Hutchinson frozen out
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    Sure its £50 million? I was on the golf course and heard "Fore"
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    OK, so I’m not one to call for a manager’s head usually. BUT, even after tonight’s Fan’s Forum, every fibre of my being knows that Jos is not the right manager - and never has been. The Fan’s Forum has confirmed it for me. I genuinely believe that we have problems at all levels. I believe that we genuinely can’t effect much change for a lot of the issues - BUT, I believe that Jos is completely out of his depth in this league, with these players, and keeping him on board is currently a greater level of risk than replacing him. Am I right? Sign below for JOS OUT.
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    I never said the pain inflicted on my family was from the fan base of Wednesdayites......apart from the odd couple of complete loons and a small group of people linked to the caskateers causing all of the said pain, I have never had any problem with the broader base of Wednesdayites. & I did not align myself with a football agent with an interesting business model and an interesting set of business practices, there is no comparison, my self-harm was trying to do something and what that visited on my family, DCs self-harm is getting involved alongside an agent who carried on trading as an agent alongside of helping [sic] to run our club.
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    "We just want the club to to be honest with us..." Oh, hang on, not that honest
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    The FFP limits surely go up each yeat, with some kind of inflation link? We could request that our increase is linked to Zimbabwean RPI.
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    TURN UP AND SUPPORT THE CLUB - who was at the last match when it looked like we were going into the fourth division - ME - were you? turn up support or don't bother and when their successful don't come back and pinch my seat!
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    How has he been hounded out? He's made very poor decisions across the board. He's even managed to spend TOO MUCH money, to the point where we can't effectively manage the football team. Ad a result he's attracted criticism, which clearly he either can't understand or cope with. Seriously, what sort of response from football fans did you expect?
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    He’s broken, Round of applause for the Sheffield Wednesday fan base
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