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  1. I've heard of him so probably not qualified to come to us ….
  2. I have a full English every morning and I'm a fine figure of a man
  3. Apologies if already posted, had a quick look but didn't spot this link on first page here, only been up an hour or so: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/nov/21/nations-league-and-international-football-10-talking-points Guardian have highlighted Fletcher's performance(s) for Scotland as one of the stand-out talking points of the international break - well done that man: 2) Fletcher comes in from cold to prove McLeish wrong Alex McLeish rails against the notion that he stumbled across a winning Scotland team. A raft of players either making themselves unavailable for selection or withdrawing through injury for the double header against Albania and Israel left McLeish with precious few options. What can be said with certainty – albeit with hindsight – is Steven Fletcher proved his manager categorically wrong with his forceful, intelligent displays. Leigh Griffiths, Johnny Russell, Steven Naismith and Oliver McBurnie had earlier been preferred to Fletcher, to the point where the Sheffield Wednesday man could not claim a place in the Scotland squad. Fletcher’s willingness to bring others into the game, a strength endorsed when Scotland had James Forrest and Ryan Fraser deployed on either side of him, brought a fresh dynamic to McLeish’s attack. It now seems unfathomable that Fletcher would return to the position of being an afterthought. In the recurring, external wish for fresh international blood, this is one player whose experience is clearly valuable. The bold part at the end is particularly valid for us - while he (rightfully, sometimes) gets a few pelters for his goal tally as a high-wage striker, banging goals in isn't really what his game is all about. He was forming a lovely partnership with Hooper on the occasions GH was fit, but it just didn't get chance to bed in due to that last criteria being such a rarity. I still think Fletch could have a really key role to play for us this season, if we're going to scrape anything (or avoid anything!) other than lower-mid-table. Not saying we are, but if. We really need to focus on who he's partnered with; for me Atdhe isn't mobile enough to really feed off the good work SF puts in. I'd really be focusing hard on Joao for that role if I was Jos, and potentially FF/Matias when (if) fit. Heck, even Reach if we're that short of healthy options. Anyone who can pick up on Fletcher's smart positional/scrapping work and run with it.
  4. This was Kevin Pressman's breakfast in his prime and he was an adonis.
  5. Come on then all you 'closed shop' merchants complaining they cant get tickets a few weeks back. 2250 sold for Blackburn so far, Saturday 3pm Kick off, reasonable ticket prices, not that far away.
  6. Meanwhile, Carlos has thrown his hat into the ring to replace O'Neil, he's supported Ireland since being a little boy etcetera etcetera.
  7. Fletcher has done for Scotland what he has been doing for us. Difference is Scotland had intelligent runners and without Matias, Forestieri and Lee. We do not.
  8. He's a great player is Fletcher. One of our best. Criminally underrated by our fans.
  9. ---------------Dawson--------------- ---------Lees--Hector--Thorniley--- Palmer----Pelupessey------Penney --------Reach--------Bannan-------- -----------------Fessi------------------ ----------------Fletch---------------------
  10. It's bloody ridiculous and a damning indictment of those who are running the country that things such as food banks even have to be considered in what is supposed to be a modern and civilised society.
  11. I'm sorry, I just can't focus on the football knowing that we missed out on the chance to host a Rod Stewart gig.
  12. Well yes, in an ideal world, obviously an excellent all-round striker, target man, hold-up player and absolute goal machine with blistering pace and bison strength would be lovely. Returning to zero-cash reality for a second, however...
  13. prefer this one ( for later in the season) especially if you look at the colours of the one about to get battered
  14. Madness to start Fletcher Saturday - Tuesday - Saturday. And we have games the following Tuesday and Saturday. Big dilemma for Jos, whether you want to admit it or not. Fletcher has to be well managed, and I think Jos does it well.
  15. Fascinating - Do you speak like this in real life?
  16. I can’t actually believe they wouldn’t. He is JUST what this club needs. Been successful everywhere he’s been, massively experienced. If we could persuade him to come ( which I very much doubt) we should do it in a heartbeat. There are now two massively better managers out of work now in O Niel and Jacanovic.
  17. Have a feeling we will win on Saturday. Played Derby last season at home and we were on the back of a bad run and won a mid week game 2-0, think Joao got them both. Can see us winning like that again and threads on Owlstalk will be all about turning the corner and season starts here and then we will lose v Bolton. Its always been the Wednesday way!
  18. I’ve got a long list of things that disappoint me about Wednesday at the moment. Hosting a Rod f**king Stewart gig and ruining the Desso isn’t one of them.
  19. OK, silly (international) season but Jos's revelation in a Dutch newspaper last week that some of our squad ate a fry up before training with Carlos shows some of the blame for our down fall also lies with these £25,000 per week wasters. We all remember pictures of Hooper and others with pictures that looked like Michelin man , or John Parkin after a binge so may not be just club's PR. In fact, Fletch's form has been great since he shed a stone from last season. By way of a contrast, at Udinese and Watford each player has an individual diet and their wife / girlfriend / partner / chef is given culinary lessons in how to prepare this. That's the sort of professionalism needed to turn us round. Plus a top DOF to help Jos etc end this circus.
  20. I'm opting outta this one now....not worth the ban...............
  21. We definitely need an experienced DOF after seeing that. A Director Of Fryup's . Overcooked eggs, poor quality black pudding, cheap tinned tomatoes, cheap, tasteless sausages, and cold toast. Not even a bit of white pudding FFS . FFP FFS
  22. For the amount we are paying for Fletcher we could have got Tammy Abrahams on loan from Chelsea. Which striker would you rather have a forward who holds up play well bringing others into the set up for them to score, or a striker who gets you at least 20 goals a season. We have had a lot of strikers over the years, that were team players or workers hard or put a shift in but when you are paying someone as much as we are for Fletcher the only stat that matters is how often and how many does he put in the goals column.
  23. Martin O'Neill would have a been a dream appointment 10 years ago but not so much now. Doubt he would come if offered, he is 66 so think he will retire.
  24. I don't believe this tbh I think it's one of those apocryphal stories based on some tenuous link - a loose basis of foundation that some people have converted into something else As always it's beholden on the players to act as professional athletes - whatever was on the menu they weren't force fed
  25. Our form nosedived as soon as Matias and FF were unavailable meaning we had no attacking threat (Joao doesn’t really count at the minute, I’m afraid). All depends on whether one of those is starting.
  26. He is not that bad is he? I agree he is no world beater but think its a bit harsh he s the current scapegoat for how badly we are doing at the moment.
  27. I can't plus any team that includes Pelepussy
  28. 54 mins CLOSE! Scotland 2-1 Israel Steven Fletcher gets up early (too early?) to meet a corner kick and his header loops just over the top from eight yards out. 'Fletcher will be disappointed' Scotland 2-1 Israel Willie Miller Former Scotland defender on BBC Radio Scotland
  29. Watch some Derby fan get tw* tted by a bag o lentils...and we'll be on the back foot again............
  30. It absolutely baffles me..We can pay £39 billion to f.ook off outta Europe, but can't feed our own...I'll bring a bag down, but it really p*sses me off
  31. Yeah but we’ll skip past that and mention the demonizing of the hapless manager, whilst those supporting his tremendous record then demonize players that have actually contributed a lot more, plus the posters pointing out the shambolic nonsense others seem happy with.
  32. I am still annoyed that at 2-0 up with 15 minutes to go against Derby Wilson brings on an Danny Sonner. The hapless Wilson could have brought Barry Horne on to tighten things up. Whereas he was not on the bench and we concede twice to draw 3-3. *I'm not really annoyed.
  33. Yawn! This has been done to death. Once you get your head around the fact that we are not going to be promoted this season, and that playoffs are unlikely, and accept the fact that were are in a long term plan for the future, then the easier it is to understand and take. We need the frozen players gone, off the payroll, they have no future here, lets support those that do.
  34. Crikey, and I thought I was pissed.
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