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    I have a full English every morning and I'm a fine figure of a man
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    Fletcher has done for Scotland what he has been doing for us. Difference is Scotland had intelligent runners and without Matias, Forestieri and Lee. We do not.
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    Well yes, in an ideal world, obviously an excellent all-round striker, target man, hold-up player and absolute goal machine with blistering pace and bison strength would be lovely. Returning to zero-cash reality for a second, however...
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    He is not that bad is he? I agree he is no world beater but think its a bit harsh he s the current scapegoat for how badly we are doing at the moment.
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    Yawn! This has been done to death. Once you get your head around the fact that we are not going to be promoted this season, and that playoffs are unlikely, and accept the fact that were are in a long term plan for the future, then the easier it is to understand and take. We need the frozen players gone, off the payroll, they have no future here, lets support those that do.
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    Step 1: go to the bank and re mortgage you house.
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    Have any of you dismissing this actually looked at his managerial record. If so please then compare it with Jo’s, Carlos, and Mc Carthy and 3xplain why you wouldn’t wNt him. oh and who you would want.
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    O'Neil and Keane at Hillsbrough? Welcome to hell!
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    Well that just about cleared one thing up for me...is that my brain turns to mush everytime I try to make sense of it all. I do like black pudding tho..........
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    Would have some sympathy for Jo’s blabbing to the papers if we were now doing better. Those butty scoffing fatties took us to two play offs. Perhaps he would like to explain how his new methods are reaping such dividends.
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    Apologies, but even HE sought a replacement for Varadi when HE returned as Manager Chris O'Grady= Imre Varadi MKII We need HIM to find us Imre Varadi MKIII
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    Absolutely, and a shame as Ireland had some cracking players in the past, it’s just one of those things. I would back O’Neill and Keane to get more from our players than Jos seems to
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    The players are probably still having fry ups now, under Jos. Unless they all agree to have CCTV installed in their houses. In which case the players would breakfast away from home.. It's up to the players to look after their health, not Carlos or anyone else.
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    There you go bud. See, it’s not that bad!
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    agree in general however I do actually like Keith I'm having serious laptop probs so not been on myself but been eating for in ..ger.. land
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    Don’t forget me. Also available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, children’s parties, and any Premiership job going. Everybody loves me and my cheeky grin. Expecially Sky TV, Swansea City, Sheffield Wednesday fans, and Besiktas fans.
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    Why on Earth would we want an experienced manager with a knowledge of top class domestic and international football and footballers, and contacts galore in the English game? Just doesn’t make sense. He hasn’t taken a German 2nd Division team to promotion, hasn’t managed in Portugal or Turkey, isn’t cheap, has a bloody personality, and we’ve heard of him. For all those reasons, I’m out. I’ll wait for Hørst Von Tinklewinkle from Luxembourg side UNA Strassen or summat similar thank you very much. You’ll love him. Took his team all the way to the Luxembourg Cup semi-finals in 1998.
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    Paxo is our DOF , as confirmed by @Lee Strafford . Paxo has very close ties to Doyen ,and Nelio Lucas , the main man at Doyen is a director of Paxo's sports management company.
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    A mate of mine knew Tommy Tynan...think he brought him to Hillsborough to see the manager just before he signed... Anyhow he asked the same thing...what's Sheff like at night, any good clubs...I heard the dog track is ok..is it?... Owd Tommy reyt lad..
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    It was Pelupessy that said they ate fry ups not Jos
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    Typical of our luck though. We finally get one of our long term injured senior pros back who is being selected by Jos; and just as he strarts to get his match fitness and form back he gets an international call up, plays two games in a week which, puts a question mark over whether he can play for us on Saturday.
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    4th ain't he still behind David Forde
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    Apologies. Whooshed me.
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    I'd take Westwood in midfield
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    What's a 'midfield'
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    Don't mean to spoil the party, but have you seen who's on the other team's midfield?
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    I agree, lets rest Nuhiu.
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    long time ago bud and I was definetly more fun watching the owls then
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    Scotland 3-2 Israel Steven Fletcher's second consecutive start - Scotland's second consecutive win From 0-1 down early on to 3-1 up and cruising, cue nervy finish Fletch was brought off in the 87th minute to a rapturous ovation (according to Sky's text updates) Sounds like he had a good game then And finally ... Kosovo 4-0 Azerbaijan Back after suspension, Atdhe was named on the bench for this group decider Came on for the last 20+ minutes with his side 3-0 up and promotion to the 3rd tier a formality
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    To be fair, 2-0 up at home with 10 minutes to go (and playing well at the time), is probably a good time to give a youngster time - in hindsight it was a bad decision.
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    I have got to that point that I don't care anymore. We are at home, team should come to us looking for a draw as a good result, but we set up so defensive we invite them to attack then wonder why we struggle to defend for 90+ minutes. Its time for Jos to show some balls and pick a team capable of winning not one just to minimise the losses. For me anything less than a draw and a win against Bolton and Jos should be getting the sack. Enough is enough. Two week international break 2 under 23 games and quite easily we could have had some behind closed door friendlies and the only first team players getting any match practice is Wildsmith, JVA and 45 minutes for Jones. Yet come the press conference on Thursday and his excuse for not playing Fessi, Matias, Hutch etc - you guesses it no game time.
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    No he wouldn't. I knew his brother Mark back then (he worked at an Insurance office in Guernsey that I dealt with a lot - I was in Jersey) and asked him directly about it. He said there was no chance he would ever leave Southampton due to the air link with Guernsey which meant he and his wife could get home easily (just 30 minutes flying time). Incidentally Mark was a decent player too (played against him a couple of times in Insurance Institute inter-island matches) but to his eternal shame is a Leeds fan!
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    Some key thoughts. Def need to be three at the back. Since Jos took over we've conceded fewer goals and won more points playing a 3 than a 4 and we just kept our first clean sheet that way. Fletcher and Dave both been on international duty and not training with the team so I think Joao might well start instead. Hopefully at home we play at least one offensive wing back so its not just 5 at the back like last time. Our best results have come with 3-4-3 rather than 3-5-2 (eg Villa and Bristol away) so got to consider this again. Dawson Lees Hector Thorniley Baker Pelupessy Bannan Penney Reach Joao Forestieri/Matias
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    Yawn indeed. Also his critics do themselves no favours with childish name calling
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    Should get an extra 1k or so, no way will we sell 6.8k. Some people on here knock Leeds away support, but it is incredible (they sold out) Ours is very good. I would love to make this one, but just can't afford it. (Not down to Blackburn's price, due to my financial plight)
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    TC is the obvious choice,but two home grown kids Ticker Taylor and Mark Smith were superb for us that season,Smith in particular,he grew in stature as the club progressed so did he,solid and dependable,bloody good CB
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    bit harsh to include him, a young lad in an awful team who from what I remember always gave his all and 4 goals in 13 appearances wasn't a bad return …..and massive owls supporter right up to his untimely death .
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    Because they 'want to play'. Be interesting to see how many move on in January, to actually play. Like Rhodes etc did. As opposed to the McGugan's off this world, who stole a living watching Homes Under The Hammer. At least if they're training regularly, they'll be fit to play for their new clubs. They have no loyalty to SWFC. The sooner they go, the better.
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    We need to do away with this "clapping" nonsense. Grow up.
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