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    I’ve got a long list of things that disappoint me about Wednesday at the moment. Hosting a Rod f**king Stewart gig and ruining the Desso isn’t one of them.
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    Yawn! This has been done to death. Once you get your head around the fact that we are not going to be promoted this season, and that playoffs are unlikely, and accept the fact that were are in a long term plan for the future, then the easier it is to understand and take. We need the frozen players gone, off the payroll, they have no future here, lets support those that do.
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    Or Maybe the organisers want a more compact venue, or maybe the council knowing that Tramlines and Owls in the Park are scheduled for Hillsborough insisted on a city centre venue to stop the locals of Hillsborough complaining Im all for holding our owner to account for things hes done wrong but lets not start looking for things that aren't down to him
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    Who in their right mind would sign up to a deal that gives the lions share to the premier league clubs ,and the other 72 clubs get thrown a few crumbs . Tell them to go screw themselves.
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    They are going to name a stand after him.
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    As a football club, I'm not sure will recover from this.
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    Madness to start Fletcher Saturday - Tuesday - Saturday. And we have games the following Tuesday and Saturday. Big dilemma for Jos, whether you want to admit it or not. Fletcher has to be well managed, and I think Jos does it well.
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    The thing that puts me off football more than anything else, is referees 95% of the time we come away from matches taking about referees and linesman, and that can't be right Tackling which is an art form in itself, has been all but banned Too many players fall over at the slightest touch To be honest, I fell out of love with football a long time ago Parachute payments have made it almost impossible for clubs without parachute payments to compete Clubs go into administration, wipe out their debts, then start spending immediately, like Southampton did when they bought Rickie Lambert for £1 million a week after coming out of admin I watch Wednesday with low expectations, but it's mainly through habit, if it wasn't for my love of the club I wouldn't watch football at all It's sickening to watch players feigning injury, going down quicker than a cheap hooker, and referees? Don't get me started on referees.
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    Will any of those Frozen Out by the hapless Luhukay be in the squad for the match on Saturday? I am still annoyed that at 2-0 up with ten minutes to go against West Brom he brings on an untried youngster. The hapless Luhukay could have brought Hutchinson on to tighten things up. Whereas he was not on the bench and we concede twice to draw 2-2. Having now gained 1 point from the last 15 and if your job was on the line would you not have the best players in the team or on the bench?
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    Rod Stewart is type of bloke whose haircut is older then his girlfriend.
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    This is terrible..........I Don’t Want to Talk About It!
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    I reckon it's purely down to location......them being in the city centre... ish whilst ours is out in some distant backwater
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    So a 6 year deal worth £100m a year to share between every club. Is it 72 football league clubs? I know it’s not shared equally, but still just a few million a season for us. Where as the premier league gives £100m per team per season. If possible, how’s about a massive f*ck off. Distribute the money more fairly and I mean all the way down the leagues. Doesn’t have to be a huge shift. Just not one that bends over and shafts everyone else who hasn’t been the the premier league for the past 5 years.
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    The Owls are joining forces with S6 Foodbank this Saturday to share goodwill around the local community. With the festive period fast approaching and that traditional time of year when thinking of others is the priority, Saturday is the ideal time to do something special. Ahead of the Championship clash between Wednesday and Derby, S6 Foodbank and their team of volunteers will host two drop-off points for supporters here at Hillsborough. And we are urging as many fans as possible to show their generous side and donate some non-perishable food items to help make somebody else’s Christmas. Twin gazibos will be present from midday through to kick-off on the South Stand bridge and across the stadium at the Owls Megastore for fans to bring food items to give. All donations are recorded digitally by S6 Foodbank and will be tailored for the individual or respective group in need. The food gifted from generous Wednesdayites will then be distributed locally to those who need it the most at the time of the year when caring is indeed sharing. S6 Foodbank works closely with all community sectors, as well as national and international brands, and we are proud to see SWFC serve as a notable addition to that list. So please help your own community this weekend – and remember, every donation, however small, will make a big, big difference.
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    It absolutely baffles me..We can pay £39 billion to f.ook off outta Europe, but can't feed our own...I'll bring a bag down, but it really p*sses me off
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    He has 3 youngsters, 1 a keeper so he tells the older one he can leave, that's pretty good blending because he played Dawson in the cup last year to check he was ready. And he is. Yes Westwood is great and was great, but good teams move on older players to bring through youth. Thorniley, Loovens leaves, Thorniley plays, he brings in Hector for experience for options which will help Thorniley. Penney has just outplayed every left back at the club, no blending needed. He still has a spine of a team in Lees, Bannan and Fletcher. I think he has done well at blending youth and experience. It is not Jos's fault that westwood couldn't find a move, that the club was under embargo, that Hooper and Lee are never fit, that we wasted millions on rhodes, van aken and Abdi and they were bad when he arrived and are still bad. That Jones and Boyd were signed, again terrible contracts and deals. I think Jos got some stuff wrong, i think we were tactically set up wrong for Norwich and QPR, I think he needs to find a better home for Reach in the team to allow his development. Apart from that i think he has done well. I know we aren't at the top of the league but we can't expect that with embargos and the complete mess that Jos took over in January. We will go on losing runs again, do we sack a manager everytime? Derby and Bolton at home. Lets see what happens. With 2 weeks he might have just got something going.
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    Making a Rod for our own back.
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    Wouldnt want that old mhanky wee wee stained plastic scotsman/irishman anywhere near Hillsborough anyway, leave him weeing on the seats at parkhead where he fits in. We already have more than enough OAP's that stink of wee wee at S6... Not just OAP's either if i'm to be honest
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    Doesn't look like we ever will, maybe a safety issue with our out of date stadium and facilities ? Can't solely blame our present dictator chairman as its been like that for years
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    I am still annoyed that at 2-0 up with 15 minutes to go against Derby Wilson brings on an Danny Sonner. The hapless Wilson could have brought Barry Horne on to tighten things up. Whereas he was not on the bench and we concede twice to draw 3-3. *I'm not really annoyed.
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    We need at least another 10 threads minimum saying the same thing in a slightly different way.
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    Malta Owls from the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters bar there got a group together to head to the international stadium at Malta to go and see Atdhe Nuhiu (sadly suspended from playing) at the Malta vs Kosovo game Nuhiu spent time with the Wednesday fans, chatting, signing, and having photos taken
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    Fletcher shouldn’t start on Saturday. Hes our only hope up front at the moment. We knacker him out we’re buggered. Let’s manage his fitness.
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    Can see it now, Wilder front row, bit o' banter with Rod then he dedicates him a few of his hits that he's adapted especially for him Baby Brain, I Am Wailing, Have I Told You Lately That I Hate You....
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    Why do we need another overpaid old man with stupid hair who's best days are a distant memory when we've already got George Boyd?
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    A club our size should be doing far more to generate commercial revenues than we do currently. We can't even sell out our exec boxes due to having priced the customers out, yet we are being hauled over the coals for FFP. It's complete and utter madness that we aren't exploring every opportunity to generate additional revenue to fund our footballing side. This is one such opportunity. I'm sorry but when it comes to the commercial side, inept is the only word to describe it. If you feel that is needlessly slagging the club off, fair do's, but sometimes the truth is so bloody obvious we just don't want to face up to it.
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    Its the stadium and location which lets us down. That is why income form stadium is poor compared with other more conveniently located stadiums. Plus since disaster nobody keen to come.
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    what they swines at the lane don't know is that Hillsborough will be the host for the 2019 transgender folk dancing ball
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    Yawn indeed. Also his critics do themselves no favours with childish name calling
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    Been our best defender this season.
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    The only thing Hutch would have tightened up is his own Hamstring.
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    HITC didn't exist in the 90s, so it must be true!
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    Dont get the knocking of a Wednesday fan ?
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    great initiative to be involved in and well done to the commercial department for setting this up They dont often get it right but credit when its due
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    An agent then. So his agent, or, PR Machine, has secured an interview for a Dutch website so that it will filter back to England via Google translate just in time for the international break to fill that void with positive stories to make us think that we want him to stay more than we do. That’s beautifully subtle and they are sure earning their corn. Thankfully though, there are no flys on you.
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    Funilly enough I finished reading his autobiography last week. We're not mentioned in it. Chelsea came close, apparently, as did Spurs. Harding wanted him when he was chairman. He had a contract agreed with Spurs I think and it was setup to go through at the end of the season but pulled out because his wife wouldn't leave Southampton. Decent book - David Hirst gets a mention as being a decent guy when he joined Southampton from us.
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    He was a glory merchant who hardly went. So what? 90% of this website are.
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    To be fair to him he got the job presenting Spanish football the season after Wembley. Plus he still does tweet about us quite a bit.
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