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    Yawn! This has been done to death. Once you get your head around the fact that we are not going to be promoted this season, and that playoffs are unlikely, and accept the fact that were are in a long term plan for the future, then the easier it is to understand and take. We need the frozen players gone, off the payroll, they have no future here, lets support those that do.
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    Wouldnt want that old mhanky wee wee stained plastic scotsman/irishman anywhere near Hillsborough anyway, leave him weeing on the seats at parkhead where he fits in. We already have more than enough OAP's that stink of wee wee at S6... Not just OAP's either if i'm to be honest
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    Its the stadium and location which lets us down. That is why income form stadium is poor compared with other more conveniently located stadiums. Plus since disaster nobody keen to come.
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    Yawn indeed. Also his critics do themselves no favours with childish name calling
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    Yes, 6 sixes. I remember that. Captured on camera too. A great sportsman - transcends all loyalties. I saw Tendulkar too, in his last game the Oval - IIRC he was out for a duck. Tendulkar (for those who have any interest, was the first non Yorkshireman to play for Yorkshire- aged 16). I still think Yorkshire should only select from those born within its boundary - it made us special. Parochial but, special.
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    I am the night shift manager...
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    It was Amy Stewart. Got them mixed up Paul. Forgot he was in the Eurythmics with Annie Lennox too. Sweet Dreams.
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    Flipping eck. You’re right. Don't feel so bad now.
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    My top three Rod Stewart records are: 1) Maggie May 2) Stay With Me - The Faces 3) In A Broken Dream - Python Lee Jackson Make of that what you will!
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    I have got to that point that I don't care anymore. We are at home, team should come to us looking for a draw as a good result, but we set up so defensive we invite them to attack then wonder why we struggle to defend for 90+ minutes. Its time for Jos to show some balls and pick a team capable of winning not one just to minimise the losses. For me anything less than a draw and a win against Bolton and Jos should be getting the sack. Enough is enough. Two week international break 2 under 23 games and quite easily we could have had some behind closed door friendlies and the only first team players getting any match practice is Wildsmith, JVA and 45 minutes for Jones. Yet come the press conference on Thursday and his excuse for not playing Fessi, Matias, Hutch etc - you guesses it no game time.
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    I think the P&S rules will break up the EFL more than the new Sky deal? I see P&S being more of a concern to the Chairman than the TV deal?
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    It’s cool to not like Garrido like its not cool to not like the National team. Stop been miserable you weirdos.
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    Only £40k? I’ve heard it’s closer to £80k and nearly as much as Jones is on p.s Wilder is a massive bell end.
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    there selling bottom tier 1st once gone they get upper tier ,last time I went was on upper tier think we took 4000 that day 3 years ago similar time of year .anyone in future mentions about cant get away tickets I will bring this game up as this wont sell out with it been just under 7k
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    He was most likely asking him what that big net thing with white bars attached to it was for.
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    I went to my first match in 79 therefor after got in for 3 quid 6 months preg , jack charlton manager , in 3rddivision against gillingham n now 4 kids later i go wen my health permits but whos ur fav frim that er?
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    The English Football League has agreed a controversial new television rights deal with Sky Sports, worth £595m. The deal, which runs from the start of next season until May 2024, is a 35% increase on the previous contract. But a number of the Championship's larger clubs feel it undervalues how much the rights are worth and will meet on Tuesday to discuss their next move. Taking into account DC's action with Radio Sheffield, do you think he'll be in favour or should we reject the offer along with clubs such as Villa, Leeds and Derby. I'm for rejecting the offer. We can get a better deal. Or am I getting mixed up with the Brexit thingy?
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    long time ago bud and I was definetly more fun watching the owls then
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    Was thinking about you yesterday btw. I was back in Sheffield for a funeral and after a couple of pints back at The Big Tree following the service at Hutcliffe Wood, went to see my old Mum. Then I remembered your posts about visiting your old Mum when you’re over. Mine knows nowt about football though. Awaits is she a Blade comment..........
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    Yes, I’d go with that. Having a battle with the wife now - Baby Jane FFS. Some Soul Sister, she is. (Probably liked the Leopard Skin Tights).
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    Absolute golden age for music. It started in the 50's but really all happened in the 60's and 70's!
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    Still be in a relegation battle...f.ookin' shambles that we are
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    Sheffield Wednesday 14 - 14 Crystal Palace We're Saved
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    I think Wednesday should create their own league.
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    If there is one bloke walking this planet who should not be wearing an Alice band, it's David Jones. He looks like he should be working in a bank or tucked away in an office doing some audits.
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    No he wouldn't. I knew his brother Mark back then (he worked at an Insurance office in Guernsey that I dealt with a lot - I was in Jersey) and asked him directly about it. He said there was no chance he would ever leave Southampton due to the air link with Guernsey which meant he and his wife could get home easily (just 30 minutes flying time). Incidentally Mark was a decent player too (played against him a couple of times in Insurance Institute inter-island matches) but to his eternal shame is a Leeds fan!
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    I've always hated penalty shootouts. At the end of normal time, every player on each team wearing coloured boots or a headband has to removed from the field of play. With 3 against 4 we'd always have a winner in extra time.
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    Not sure its a great comparison really .. i could pick out some more players that would probably surprise us, that have either played at a decent level or for lower league teams. There's a lot on that list of United players that went to lower league clubs but played a lot of games as opposed to same or higher level it happens with all teams ..
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    Now you are just getting technical For the good of the game what's a few seats here and there.
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    Hope our lads shine through in the tournament this year. Chelsea v Owls U18 was televised on BBC earlier this year, if I remember correctly. Fancy this crop of lads to avenge that defeat, if we draw them again. Chelsea have been dominant in the Youth Cup over the last decade, beat Stoke, let's see if we draw these again.
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    I doubt any offers will come in. He'll probably see his contract out then either call it a day or go to a Scottish club.
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    International breaks have been the highlight of our season.
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    Should get an extra 1k or so, no way will we sell 6.8k. Some people on here knock Leeds away support, but it is incredible (they sold out) Ours is very good. I would love to make this one, but just can't afford it. (Not down to Blackburn's price, due to my financial plight)
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    Shame we didn't use the same tailor for Nuihu shirts thats hasn't fitted for the last 2 seasons.
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    JL “The match setting of the players is also unprecedented. I do not have to say anything before the kickoff. The boys do well together. At the same time, on the field, they take too little responsibility in my eyes. English players take everything the gaffer says. I think they can think more about football themselves and have to solve things on the field. We are working on that. I want to give these guys something, for when I’m gone. Whether that’s tomorrow, in a year or in three years.” I think its a good interview from Jos. He spells out the problem in the final paragraph of the article in a nut shell. Its all about a lack of responsibility on the ball, making poor decisions, not taking risks that will win us games in forward positions. Not running at defenders. This is why you won't see JL shouting on the touchline, he's not a control freak, he's given the players who cross the white line responsibility to play. Now getting eleven players together we can rely on week after week is the real problem
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    Step 1: go to the bank and re mortgage you house.
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    Not if your club is in a perilous financial position and you need an increased chance of improvement from such a move it isn't.
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    cant complain at those prices and potentially take a few there too. Time for people to go that are moaning they cant get a ticket for away games.
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