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    It's World Mental Health Day today and Liverpool have released a documentary about the impact of mental health problems in football and wider society. Jason McAteer presents it and he goes to talk to Chris Kirkland and he talks about his struggles when he was at Wednesday. He's incredibly candid and I cannot admire the guy more - 1. for how he performed for us when he was internally struggling and 2. for being brave enough to speak up about his struggles. The whole documentary is fantastic, but if you just want to hear Chris the his section starts at 16:05. Despite seemingly having the perfect life - money, cars, playing football for a living etc. depression and anxiety can hit anyone. If you're having a bad time then please don't bottle it up. Speak to someone. Not many people in my personal life know that I see a therapist, but it's helping me overcome a number of issues I've bottle up for years. It's ok to not be ok. Sorry if that sounded preachy. I just think this documentary is a fantastic thing and helps people. UTO!
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    as a lifelong sufferer ( i first attempted suicide at 15, with several attempts over the years) I know how hard it can be. Its still a struggle but now 41 I have learnt how to manage things. People need to be able to talk about it as its such a lonely disease. If it was some other afflication like Cancer or Diabetes then we would openly share it but mental health has such a stigma. Keep strong people and well done Chris
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    It took me around 10 years to get anywhere. After I tried to drown myself at 15 I didnt even see any pysch. When I did my wrists at 19 in the middle of a nightclub and needed surgery the GP told my then girlfriend it was just attention seeking and not to worry. I was in hospital for a week and so no psyche. In fact despite probably 5 or 6 attempts over the years it wasnt until I had a nervous breakdown and my wife took me to the doctors I finally got some help. This GP was great. Lots of years of struggles and counselling followed (I even tried to drill my own head and had to be stopped by neighbours). Ill be on medication for life and some things will always be hard but I overcame the worst and I now know how to read my own signs of trouble. I wear the scars (literally) of my disease but I dont hide them. I'm not crazy (most days), I'm just a normal bloke with an afflication and I am certainly not alone. It took my Grandad from my mother when she was 15, I'm sure as hell going to do my best to make sure my kids don't suffer the same fate and if I can help just one other person improve their own life then I will shout my troubles from the rooftops.
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    Anyone working or shopping in Sheffield at the moment can’t help but notice the amount of students there is in our city. With more and more student accommodation being built all the time it’s about time Wednesday tapped into this market. Our current price for a student to watch a game at Hillsboro is £33 compared to £17 at the stain . Come on Mr Chansiri let’s get their bums on our seats not on the red and white ones
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    You're missing nothing, this couldn't be more of a waste of editorial column space if it tried. Any Wednesday fan who got upset with that wants castrating. Onomah merely exchanged a polite pleasantry. This country ffs!
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    I suffer from anxiety and depression and find it very hard to talk about. I feel embarrassed even though I shouldn't. I have been backwards and forwards to the docs for 7 years now and I still haven't got anywhere. It starts feeling like no-one believes you because they can't see it. It's great to see players talking about their struggles as hopefully it will make people talk about it more
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    My nephew just came home with a letter from school saying they are running a scheme with the blunts for various matches. Next match is v WBA £10 adults, £5 kids. To put this in perspective my son is 18 months younger. We've done most of the home matches this season. I think Leeds cost me £44 in total and Middlesbrough has cost £39 in total. We are both members so there was the memberships on top too, granted we do sit on the South. I'm a single dad on a low income. A similar scheme from my son's school from SWFC would have been welcomed with open arms. I know other parents who simply don't go because they are completely priced out. I'm not sure we are working like this with any other schools but certainly none that I know of. It's a bit frustrating when there seems to be so many empty seats, these days.
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    Slag Carlos all you like but that first season was sublime and we got oh so close.
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    Notice how many of us are depressed and support Wednesday
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    Astonishing stats if you ask me. Don't forget about the MASSIVE difference in budgets the 2 managers have had too. Jos really is doing a cracking job.
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    Nothing to see here, move on.
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    Comparing JL's first 38 games with Carvalhal's last 38 might be more telling...
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    Oh here we go. I can hear Doom sharpening his pencil now.
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    For the fourth season running here is my 15 match thread (which I always do after 10 matches - 2 late this season). We have now played 12 matches. Despite what people say about one team always coming from nowhere - this is absolute rubbish. It hardly ever happens! As a general rule if you are not within touching distance after 15 matches, you rarely make the top 6. Indeed, I will go on to show that unless you have at least 20 points after 15 matches you can practically forget it. IN ACTUAL FACT IF YOU GET BELOW 20 POINTS IN ANY THIRD OF THE SEASON IT MAKES LIFE VERY DIFFICULT FOR YOU! Table last season after 15 matches Wolves 32 Cardiff 31 pigs 30 Bristol City 27 Villa 26 Derby 25 Boro 23 Leeds 23 Norwich 22 Familiar look to the final table? 5 of the eventual top 6 were in the top 7 after 15 matches. The league table after 15 matches looked like this in 16/17:- Newcastle 34 Brighton 31 Huddersfield 28 Norwich 27 Reading 25 Bristol C 24 Birmingham 24 Wednesday 24 Leeds 23 Brentford 22 Fulham 21 Barnsley 20 Preston 20 QPR 19 Villa 18 Ipswich 18 Familiar look to the final table? 5 of the eventual top 6 were in the top 8 after 15 matches. The league table after 15 matches looked like this in 15/16:- Hull 31 Burnley 31 Brighton 31 Derby 30 Boro 30 Brum 25 Reading 24 Wednesday 24 Cardiff 22 Ipswich 21 Brentford 20 Fulham 20 Familiar look to the final table? The top 5 after 15 matches finished in the top 5. Wednesday finished 6th and were 8th after 15 matches. The league table after 15 matches in 14/15 Watford 29 Bournemouth 27 Boro 27 Wolves 27 Derby 26 Norwich 26 Blackburn 25 Ipswich 24 Watford and Bournemouth went on to finish in the top 2. Norwich, Boro and Ipswich finished in the top 6. SO IN THE LAST FOUR SEASONS - 21 OF THE 24 TEAMS THAT HAVE FINISHED IN THE TOP SIX HAVE BEEN EIGHTH OR HIGHER AFTER FIFTEEN MATCHES! ALL EIGHT TEAMS THAT HAVE BEEN IN THE TOP TWO AFTER FIFTEEN MATCHES HAVE GONE ON TO FINISH IN THE TOP SIX! SEVEN OF THE EIGHT HAVE FINISHED IN THE TOP TWO! This is the top 6 for last season broken down by final points - first 15 matches - second 15 matches - last 16 matches Wolves 99-32-36-31 Cardiff 90-31-24-35 Fulham 88-19-32-37 Villa 83-26-30-27 Boro 76-23-22-31 Derby 75-25-32-18 As you will see below, this is an unusual season. Fulham made the play offs despite getting less than 20 points in the first 15 matches. This rarely occurs! Also, Derby only got 18 points in their final 16 matches and still made it. This is the top 6 for the 16/17 season broken down by final points - first 15 matches - second 15 matches - last 16 matches Brighton 92- 31-30-31 Newcastle 91-34-31-26 Reading 85-25-31-26 Wednesday 81-24-28-29 Huddersfield 81-28-30-23 Fulham 80-21-25-34 So in 16/17 the only team to get below 24 points in ANY third of the season and still make the play offs was Fulham with 21 in the first third. and just for a chuckle you see where Leeds went wrong. Leeds 74-23-31-20 This is the top 6 for 2015-16 broken down by final points - first 15 matches - second 15 matches - last 16 matches Burnley 93 - 31 - 24 - 38 Boro 89 - 30 - 28 - 31 Brighton 89 - 31 - 25 - 33 Hull 83 - 31 - 28 - 24 Derby 78 - 30 - 21 - 27 Wednesday 74 - 24 - 26 - 24  So in 15/16, the only team to get below 24 points in ANY third of the season and still make the play offs was Derby with 21 in the second third. Below is the top 6 for the season 2014-15 with the same breakdown:- Bournemouth 90-27-31-32 Watford 89-29-24-36 Norwich 86-26-24-36 Middlesbrough 85-27-32-26 Brentford 78-22-30-26 Ipswich 78-24-27-27 Again, there is only one team (Brentford) to get below 24 points in ANY third of the season and still make the play offs. In 14/15 Derby suddenly fell away, showing that unless you have an exceptional 15 matches you really can't afford a mediocre 15 matches (77-26-31-20)  Points needed to reach play offs followed by points total of the 6th team after the first 15 games: 2017/18 = 75 (Derby). First 15 games had 25 points 2016/17 = 80 (Fulham). First 15 games Fulham had 21 points 2015/16 = 74 (Wednesday). First 15 games Wednesday had 24 2014/15 = 78 (Ipswich). First 15 games Ipswich had 24.  2013/14 = 72 (Brighton). First 15 games Brighton had 21. 2012/13 = 68 (Leicester). First 15 games Leicester had 26. 2011/12 = 75 (Cardiff). First 15 games Cardiff had 24. 2010/11 = 75 (Notts Forest). First 15 games Notts Forest had 20. 6th spot average over 8 years = 74.6 6th spot teams after 15 games = 23.2 So in conclusion, it is highly unlikely that any team that has under 20 points after 15 matches will make the play offs. Ideally, you want at least 24 points. In the last four years, if you are going to make the top 2, you need at least 27 points. We currently have 19 points from 12 matches. Are we confident of getting to at least 24? Our next 3 matches to take us to 15 are:- H v Boro A v QPR A v Brum Extreme Examples:- Every season I have done this people have tried to come up with extreme examples. And there are a few but they are never as extreme as people remembered:- Palace under Dowie  73 points - 16-25-32 Sunderland under Keane  88 points - 19 - 27 -42 Reading 89-18-33-38 Blackpool 70-24-16-30 They are the only extreme examples I can find in 20 years (plus Fulham last season). By extreme I mean less than 20 points in either the first or second third. So in 20 years, only FOUR teams have had less than 20 points after the first fifteen matches and made the top 6!
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    I work at the University and on the whole, students are more interested in United. I think it's partly because Sheffield United are much closer in terms of distance, and partly because United make WAY more effort to engage with the University. United essentially offer tickets to every game, they are always at the Union and it's £10 (from memory) - Wednesday offer tickets to 'select games' (for £15) and they are often not available from one week to the next. (Wednesday will pop up out of nowhere and offer tickets to SWFC v Cardiff on a Tuesday night). Also, it was easier to justify the higher cost when we were a league above, but where is the extra value now? You're asking them to pay £5 more and pay for a tram / bus etc. Students with no affiliation or connection to Sheffield normally pick United - Wednesday need to step it up. I personally think the Club should take it a step further - student tickets on the door every week (OK, excl United etc) - but keep it simple, students want to turn up on the day, not plan things weeks ahead. 50,000 students in Sheffield - huge potential
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    One thing that helped me; Magnesium Citrate. It's worth reserching if anyone is feeling the walls closing in. Apparently a lot of people are low in Magnesium. I am really glad to see people being so open about mental health on OT. Thank you to those that have shared and I'd like to say, my DM is always open for anyone who would like someone to talk to. UTO
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    We had a very similar thread a while back. Lots of us also suffered, to anyone who is fighting this disease I echo others words, speak to someone about it (I know from experience how difficult that is, but it must be done) If you go to the docs and they don't help, keep going back and ask to see a different doctor, there are also self help courses available which can help. Don't think you are abnormal, many, many people suffer with mental health issues you just need the correct help, be that tablets, discussion, both anything else that helps. Please remember though help is out there and I can't stress enough speak to somebody about it. Take care and Up the Owls.
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    Thread title completely unnecessary, is this how we support our team/players on here?
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    That’s really brave of you to mention your problems , I’m not sure depression and mental illness are taken seriously but it should be , my younger brother took his own life through depression so I understand the affects it has .
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    Very heartening to read all the stories. It might only be the tip of the iceberg, but threads like this on a male dominated football forum, with all its bravado and Micky taking, go a long way to breaking down the barriers that are still there for sufferers. Still a long way to go though. There is nothing to be ashamed about in admitting if you're struggling. I have suffered with anxiety for years, but learn to manage it and do not let it rule my life. I am lucky! I also now care for my wife who has suffered with reoccurring severe depression over the last 3.5 years (after seemingly having the perfect family life and no mental health history until the age of 42). It is currently doing a very good job of ruining her life, and has almost taken it several times. I am currently off work on suicide watch as she has relapsed again in the last coupe of weeks. The crisis team visit twice a day for an hour, and me and the kids do our best. The touture she experiences is unimaginable. Beleive me, this can happen to anyone, so look after yourselves and one another. x
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    And to everyone in here, what a great thread. Thanks for sharing and always ask for help if you need it.
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    We all know its the biggest room in the house but, I wonder if we have a squad that's more likely to improve between now and January than others. Whilst many squads are full of established first team players we have a team full of players that either haven't played together, haven't played a great deal of football lately, or haven't played a great deal of first team football at all.... Dawson- inexperienced Palmer- never really had a sustained run in the team Hector- new to the club/teammates Thorniley- inexperienced Penney- inexperienced Pulepessy- still new to English football Onomah- young, learning all the time Joao- never had a sustained run in the side Forestieri- in and out with injury and suspension for last 12 months All these players you would expect will improve as the season goes on if they can stay fit and maintain a good level of confidence. I may be grabbing a big straw, but there's an argument to suggest we can only improve as the season goes on, which is a good position to be in given that we're currently 6th.
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    It’s amazing how many of us suffer with depression to a greater or lesser extent. What I have discovered is that depression is no respecter of wealth, status, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. Talking helped me after years of bottling it up, my wife gently encouraged me to take the first step and I’m eternally grateful to her. I always felt I was alone with my feelings but, of course, many are affected by visits from the Black Dog as Churchill called it. Perhaps we ought to have an Owlstalk just talk page for those of us that need to open up to someone. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. Just keep talking.
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    Comes to something when you can't congratulate one of your mates for doing well
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    We don’t need such frippery, instead we get Bully lift his kilt to any player needing a pick me up. as for British cycling, we can easily replicate their methods by feeding the players enough stimulants and painkillers, with ‘ theraputic’ exemptions of course, so they barely know their names and rattle like a charity tin when they move.
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    very brave and very moving, the dad who'd lost his lad was particularly difficult watch. Credit to McAteer for fronting the programme too. Look after those people you love folks, depression has no boundries to class, creed or colour. x
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    Great news and he really deserves it. 5 million quid? Absolute bargain!
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    He flapped at ONE cross on Sunday, of the many that Bristol City launched into our box. Chris Woods used to flap at every cross that came anywhere near him and for some reason a lot of our fans look back on him as if he was a legend. A bit of balance lads, come on.
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    Definitely worth reading the articles I linked here as well re depression in football: So easy to say the stereotypes like "dream job", "I'd do it for £10 a week when they're earning millions" etc. etc. but money, fame, riches, they don't heal a broken mind. Compassion, support, professional help, understanding, patience are what's needed. There but for the grace of god etc. etc. I applaud anyone brave enough to speak about what they're going through and I send silent hugs to everyone struggling today.
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    To be honest as soon as I see the words clueless or clown used in realation to CC I’ve no interest in the rest of your argument. Discuss it all you want but show a bit of respect.
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    Reserves on Tuesday afternoon Mid November v Dinnington Miners Welfare second 11 ... Don't have any score from memory ...........
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    I know exactly how you felt mate. I can't explain to anyone who's not felt that way other than to say I felt completely useless, a hindrance to everybody, so unhappy, unable to want to do anything, just curl up in bed and die, terrified of seeing or talking to anybody, but worst was the feeling of desperation, the feeling that this all encompassing darkness wouldn't ever go away. At my worst (and fortunately I can now look back and laugh at this) , I thought I was a bad person who God had decided wasn't worthy and that the Devil was after me, I often thought of suicide but the fear of meeting the Devil, held me back. (At this stage I really believe I wasn't far from insane). Strangely prior to this episode I didn't really believe in God. I still have wobbly moments and about 7 years ago really suffered with anxiety, which was bad enough but nowhere near the depression. The thing for me was before my 1st episode (about 20 years ago) I didn't really believe it was a illness more a case of pull yourself together, so I understand how others who haven't had it feel. I still think it's a case now, if you've never suffered it is very difficult to understand, but if you have you know and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Darkord, you sound like a very brave and top man. Hope you can keep the Demons away, or at the very least, see them coming and are able to control them. (Think that's about where I am, though I still have nagging doubts, hidden in my head).
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    I just want anyone that might be suffering to know, no matter how bad things get. No matter how far down that blackhole you go there is always a way back. I hit rock bottom, the absolute rock bottom you can hit. It took a lucky intervention of strangers and many years of be struggling and scrabbling to climb back up but I am there. My life is far from perfect but I have a wife and 3 kids and I find happiness in life where I can. If my f**ked up self can make it then theres hope for anyone. And if anyone ever needs an ear to bend then please feel to contact me.
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    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helped me when I was suffering with depression and anxiety last year. I had nothing like the problems that some have expressed on here (well done and thank you to all). Just wanted to share that it helped me at the time and gave me some tools which so far have kept me on track.
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    Indeed, very difficult to think of anything else outside your immediate bubble when in the shadow of an episode...
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    The way they cross the roads around town will cut the numbers down quite a bit
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    It’s good that more people or sharing their problems with mental health these days. Not long back people thought you were a weirdo if you had mental health problems Ive said in previous threads that I have GAD ( generalized anxiety disorder) which basically means that I’m a constant worrier. I’ll never completely shake it off but some things do help like better diet, exercise etc
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    The two are very different. Mental health issues need to be addressed via professional and medical support networks trained to deal with these issues. a sports psychologist is a totally different job and skill set aimed at making an athlete perform better via coaching. its as different as a school nurse treating head lice compared to a brain surgeon, and ridiculous to put the two together.
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    He's finished in my eyes now. He could score in every game between now and the end of the season before leading us to promotion and I will never ever forgive him for this. Ever. I'm fewmin.
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    I totally understand what you feel , to isolate yourself and feel no one is listening , believes or cares is all part of the illness , it’s a constant battle to remain positive but I applaud anyone who comes through it and can feel a true sense of happiness . Bit deep but it’s true .
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    Footballers can really help to reduce the stigma of mental health by openly talking about it. Not easy to do so big credit to them. Alot of people suffer in silence and then take a drastic option like suicide instead of seeking help. Reducing the stigma can help prevent this. My job is to help people with depression and anxiety so I know therapy works, worth considering before medication (which can be effective but difficult to get off).
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    The fat, lazycunt will have been sinking from the beer wagon, placing obscene bets with his sycophant buddies, back to the bar, more beer, a few dozen shots and a skipful of spicy wings and is currently sitting in a bubbling jacuzzi reading this. He's slurping G&T from a goldfish bowl and smoking a moody Marlboro while he's getting cracked off, sucked off and sweet smelling lady bits shoved in his greasy gob between drags by one of the beautiful triplets from Brazil who took all three spots on the podium at ExcoticRio Miss World and whom he met whilst attending a famous hip clinic in the true Brazilian capital coincidentally whilst the event took place in his nearby hotel. The real story anyway was Jones arriving in his helicopter with Carlos, they were then met by the Doyen boys in a goldplated golf buggy and not one person has even noticed that Hooper's caddy was Geoff Sheard.
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    yer in a huge house next to a golf coarse ,not on a football field , he is proper loaded ,set for life what we pay him , he has put a ton of weight on and that comes from someone who knows him. the motivation for these kind of players is next to zero.
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    Yes quite a few sitting in reserves blowing bubbles.
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    Don't forget though, that a lot of millions spent by is now part of the squad inherited by . Just saying.
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