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    Jos in or out.. what’s going on with the formations.. embargoes.. wages.. iFollow.. price of going.. memberships.. What a f*cking mess. Right now this football club is absolutely garbage and the experience of supporting it is trash. The football is crap. We have no identity. We’ve got a manager with all the personality of a pile of socks who doesn’t know what he’s doing week to week. We are sleep walking to absolute disaster. The players look confused and dejected. A promising bunch of young players are being thrown in at the deep end left to sink or swim in what’s going to quickly turn into incredibly toxic circumstances. The mood around the place stinks. The Chairman doesn’t know what he’s doing, dismisses fans concerns at every opportunity and is quite happy to play divide and conquer with the fanbase, while shrugging off genuine supporter concerns with vague tales of abuse or threats. We’ve p*ssed money up the wall on dross, continue to watch talent either being wasted on the field or nowhere near it for whatever reason. Scattergun recruitment, no strategy, a team with no heart or spine or identity. No plan. No clue. And don’t let this weeks news that we are out of an embargo fool you - the club is f*cked every which way off the field. This is a short term reprieve that maybe - MAYBE - allows us offer a new contract or bring in a kid on loan. But at least we’ve still got the fans. For now. Somehow. After £90 memberships (backtracked on), cutting off Radio Sheffield, £99 replica shirts, up to £49 a chuck to watch this failing football club shamble on week in week out for a dwindling, near on non-existent walk up supporter base. Hey.. at least we got a day out at Wembley. And if as we sit now in 2018 with the state the club is in, and you still think that day out was something to cheer or be grateful for, you’re a f*cking loser. Never felt more more disconnected from this club. It’s never had less of an identity or less to feel proud about.
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    Who after Chansiri had given us a half hour tirade about how we as supporters are to blame for the clubs current predicament; and that we'll have to find the extra money to pay the highest prices in the division because 'we've all got to do our part equally'. Who then gave this complete charlatan a round of applause, just because he ended with the statement 'we've got better players than United'...you all ought to hang your heads in shame. He must've sat there thinking "I could murder their wives and children and as long as I throw them a few platitudes along the way then they'll lap it up". The first opportunity since last seasons debacle to make him accountable and you all sat there like hypnotized clapping seals. More please Mr Chansiri, more please, we love you. The buck for this complete monstrosity of a start to the season is purely down to DC, and the sooner fans stop blowing smoke up his arse the sooner he'll have to make some real decisions, stop behaving like a spoilt child and start acting like a proper businessman.
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    BRENTFORD - V - WEDNESDAY EFL Championship Griffin Park Kick off : 15:00 You know, it doesn't really matter what is said. It's about your outlook. I've seen some brilliant nil nils over the years. I've seen some 4-0 wins that were spozzy. I've seen us batter teams....and lose 2-0. But that's football. We can't genuinly decide what happens on the pitch. And we tale from it what we do as individuals. There's no point telling a clapper to take the rose tinted off. Theres no point telling a Doom monger to take the positives, You are what you are. It is what it is to you. Football. The game. In 100 years Wednesday will still be here. But we won't. So take what you can from it. Whatever that is. You bunch of bloody lunatics. .
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    So Dean Smith gets the rug pulled from under his feet as time and again, his best players are sold. He replaces them with a number of unknowns for much less money, yet they are organized, hard working, close you down and get in your face to force errors and they play as a team and create a good amount of chances. Then we have Jos, who has a bunch of experienced players, some internationals, some players who played in the U23 league winners and he can't get the mix right, they look like 11 strangers on the pitch, we contain rather than get in faces, and create hardly any chances. Meanwhile we make excuses for Jos and performances like Wigan and Brentford away.
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    There is a sizeable portion of our fanbase that is prepared to accept absolutely anything - other than criticism of the Chairman - on the basis that we had a day out 3 seasons ago. That we lost. Its a losers mentality, and I think it’s incredibly dangerous for the football club. I wonder when it will end. For how many years that credit will last. Will people still be thanking the Chairman for that 1-0 defeat if we go down?
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    Can we all now agree that it was a flash in the pan as we seem to be welcoming back the Atdhe Nuhiu that we all know and love. Today was one of the least mobile displays I’ve seen from a Wednesday striker in years, he was completely inaffective and a waste of a shirt. And after a 2 week rest after his needless red card at Wigan!! I know he scored against Wigan but his overall display that day was woeful too. Good on him though for bagging a 2 year deal at a time where we’ve been looking to trim the wage bill but when Fletcher and Winnall are fit he should b nowhere near the starting 11.
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    Bannan was having a right dig and was right to do so. He is the only player out on the pitch for Wednesday today. Terrible performsnce.
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    I know its hard to believe but i just go to matches,ive been going 55yrs home and away and i dont give a monkeys who owns us,which players the manager picks,ect,i just go. I also know there is many thousands like me.So stop whinging and just go. Thank you
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    That's why they were clapping mate!
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    We just seem to be a rudderless ship heading towards a tsunami. We have NO leaders. Chansiri was like a kid in a sweet shop, and things seemed all too easy initially. Now he's seeing the stark reality of Championship football. Haphazard planning with no strategy leaves you constantly playing catch up. And the last 18 months, have really caught up with us. Chansiri will only do it his way...he doesn't want to listen to mere mortals...unfortunately, the mere mortals have seen this coming whilst the chairman continued to bury his head in the sand. I don't put much of the blame at Luhukay's door. I've said all pre-season that this squad is relegation fodder. It's going to be a scrap every week, and it's just not in the players make-up. He's having to battle hopelessly naive and unrealistic expectations set publicly by the Chairman, whilst trying to patch up a sinking ship with bits of blue tac. BUT, the club needs someone to galvanise it. The Chairman isn't doing it, and Luhukay, regardless of his impressive record in Germany, simply hasn't got the personality nor the language to do it either. The fans want belief...and it's all well and good Luhukay talking honestly about performances...but it doesn't muster confidence within the fanbase. And we don't have a captain. Tom Lees never has been captain material. Another issue I posted about during pre-season...the necessity to bring in a leader to replace Loovens. Now I know that opportunity was unable to happen...but the fact still remains. We have a player leading this squad of players, who looked like he was going to burst out crying during the Sheffield Derby at Hillsborough 12 months ago. So at a time when we are blindly sailing towards a great storm, we have a Chairman who is deluded and deaf to constructive criticism. We have a manager, who despite a frankly impossible task, has the personality of a frozen pea. And we have a captain that couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. It's an horrendous make-up, and believe me, it's only going to get worse.
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    If you don't properly strengthen your starting 11 for three years, whilst the rest of the Championship moves on, you get relegated. Simple as. Blaming Hutch is bang out of order.
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    I fully expected us to lose today and fully expect us to be in a relegation dogfight. I genuinely worry about anyone that has been in and around this football club since January and can’t see the same. Its glaringly obvious we are in a right old mess, both on and off the pitch.
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    We should not lose sight of the fact that 8 of the 18 in our squad today were Academy players this time last season. It is simply unfair to assume that we are better than teams like Brentford with the players we have right now. I'm afraid a struggle to stay up is very much on the cards for us.
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    OK it's not a serious thread, I know its not gonna happen but we could do alot worse. Our change in fortunes started with this fella and it lasted to about 20 months after he left. Makes you realise how important getting the right manager is. Get it wrong and you can destroy a club. Get it right and he can transform everything.
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    Seriously how depressing is that? Not an over reaction but there is just nothing positive coming out of this club even the players seem confused with what jos seems to be doing after all its his call now . Player recruitment ...see Joey and Van Aken...those would seriously struggle in L1!! It all started so well but this chairman is constantly making the wrong decisions and unless something is done very quickly we will be playing in the JPT next season with this duo we have right now. Utter shambles ...
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    Wait... so you thought getting rid of CC would get rid of injuries altogether? This must be a bit of an eye opener for you.
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    At least he would put some fight in the team and have an idea what to do
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    Two play off defeats. Underachieving season last time. No new players to freshen things up. This group of players had their chance. The sooner we start taking some risks, sell players and start again the better,
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    I once went round Amsterdam red light district. Although I couldn't understand what the ladies were saying I think I understood what they meant.
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    People who say they can’t inderstand him are either not listening or don’t want to listen. His English is far from perfect and he loves a good wiffle but he’s more than capable of getting his point across
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    Perhaps they have lost faith because the best keeper in the league, and colleague for several seasons is bizarrely now 3rd choice.
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    Dont worry about any critics. I couldn’t have written a better OP. Its the sycophants that have dragged this Club down, allowed the fan base to be divided and sent the Club completely down the crapper. Its been pretty obvious from the very beginning. To some of us. ”Be careful what you wish for” they all said? Sounding a bit hollow now. Totally predictable I’m afraid. Its a Club, not a fancy, not a franchise. A community football Club - some lost sight of that and sold their souls.
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    What bothers me is..Its another sort of "off the cuff remark" by a Sports station..Same with Sky the other night when they fleetingly mentioned the Embargo was being lifted. Then..The Embargo is lifted.... Is the sale of FF allied to the lifting of the embargo?..I honestly don't know...and none of us do.... Dc talks of "Serious trouble" next season if we don't go up...Well thats coming isn't it? Bannan stood , arms outstretched askin' "What the f.ook are we doing"..Its worrying, and you can dress it up as you like....cloak it in positivity, use smoke and mirrors..When actually ALL that needed doing was...Telling the sodding fans! The fans who are paying exhorbitant prices to watch what exactly? Yea Brentford are a good team, We lost...I fully accept that..Hull City were not though..and we approached them in the first half as though they were Barcelona, throwing 2 points away in the process. If we had a modicum of openess, from the powers that run the club...I.e "We are in one helluva mess this year, sorry about maintaining the high cost of watching the club, but we are in a battle to rebuild..etc etc etc" ..You would find far less criticism, possibly more fans getting behind the club and either paying these prices, or at least coming when they can, the players taking a siege mentality, along with the supporters and devil take the hindmost support. Its a total lack of trust in the fanbase, All they have to do is look at the way the fans have followed this club through crap, over many years..Still they can't trust us with the truth? Bloody front up....
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    They look completely and utterly bemused. Three league games, three totally difference defensive line-ups
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    Anybody still pretending we aren't in a relegation battle this season ? Wake up and smell the coffee. We have a reyt fight on to stay up.
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    Gutless, passionless, cowardly, lazy, weak and ultimately crap at football and remember we the fans must take the blame for this.
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    I'm gonna have to stop reading the reactions to the matches on here because every time we fail to win a game the solutions seems to be 'we need to sack the manager.' Can't believe how many people are writing that at half time in a our third league game that is away to a very good Brentford team. It might be disappointing not to win but the reactions from some people are on par with that of a two year old that is told they can't have chocolate. (I'm looking after my two year old while watching on IFollow so I know recognise this reaction). We have played some okay stuff against a good team and although we haven't made the most of FF if MM had put away his one on one or Hutch hadn't given away a silly pen then we could easily be level, so why the meltdown?
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    Money can be dangerous when it's in the wrong hands. He is responsible for the decisions that have been made, nobody else.
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    So you leave out someone who is undoubtedly the best player in a particular, specialised position because we have some backup players who could do a job. Half the team are out of contract at the end of the season, if that’s the rationale for picking the team, god help us.
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    Sorry Phil, I have to disagree. That was shambolic. They had so many one on ones that we could have been hit for 7. We looked second best all over the field and in every way you could think of. Disorganized, disjointed, lacking desire or ambition. Not at all sure what our tactics were supposed to be, but a team of relative unknowns on much lower wages tore us apart - they are hardworking and play together as a team, while we looked like strangers picked up from a local park. And that's all down to the manager.
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    Think back a year and a half ago when we had such a high calibre of players on the bench. It almost makes me cry DC has a lot to answer for, he’s allowed this to happen. The buck stops with him
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    We dodged a bullet there. How McClarem keeps on getting jobs beggars belief. His managerial record is shocking.
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    No chance of any of them coming under Chansiri. People have heard of them for a start.
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    Never ever wanna see Pudil at full back again.
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    genuine question do you not think he's implying it ? rhodes your fault Hunt your fault not buying my crazy schemes your fault social media criticism your fault scaring the players your fault
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    Exactly, and the "well he gave us 2 playoffs in a row with some of the best football seen in years" Absolute boll0cks. Second season especially was a total eye sore to watch. Top and bottom of it is look where we are now.
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    The players and performances are a reflection of how the club is being run at the moment. That's what happens when you don't have a plan to replace your ridiculously stupid plan. I fear for the damage this will do our young prospects. Give them a break please.
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    Tin hat at the ready.... we’re we really that bad? I expected to lose and to be worse losing. I’m actually surprised it was only 2:0 and that other than the pen in first half it was fairly even. With a few notable exceptions I thought it’s the most competitive we’ve looked this season. Against a team that are likely top six material. The chopping and changing isn’t filling me with confidence but I think we’ve looked better each game this season and after a few better results I’m hoping the confidence is back in some players who look very scared at present.
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    Real fans dont mind shelling out and missing half the commentary so much better than local radio
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    This manager makes Alan Irvine look like a tactical genius
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    It's not a great price though is it ? Come on be honest .... All games every game 20 quid Now that's a great price .......
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    Don’t know if he was ever considered for the Job before Jos but he is exactly the type of manager we now need. Championship experience, brilliant results on a small budget, sells players for healthy profits and replaces them easily. All the attributes we should be looking for. Has an attachment to the club, albeit not a great one but his managerial record really does speak for itself. For me JL is coming up as a bit of a fraud on a big salary
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    Brentford are a good side (way better than Wigan) and they'll be top 8 this year, so this is not just based on today. We've played two sides that will be bottom third and one that will be top third. It's not hard to see where we sit. This is a fight to stay up. The squad is an absolute mess. As for Jos, he might be the man for someone, but he's not the man for this job. I don't think the players have any faith in him. He's had a full pre season plus the second half of last season and he still doesn't know his best team or formation. For me, id get rid, but what do i know? - Chansiri needs to talk to Milan like he said hr would) - the master of knowing when to sit tight and when to let go.
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    For all the people arguing over who is right / wrong I ask a simple question , what exactly are our tactics. We don't press , play counter attack , physical football or possession. We are just a vanilla moribund team with zero bite as far as I see
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    As usual.. I will be satisfied with a big effort and some positive intent about getting the ball forward quickly. The losses I can take.. it's the losing without trying to win that peeves me.
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    We're just setting off now, gonna be a reyt long day but i love our away days in London. Love getting home even more, hopefully with 3 points this time. I'm gonna try and get on telly again like i did at Sunderland....... and it's not even on telly "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands"
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    Wise words mate ... "Win or lose we follow the Blues".. Goodnight and god bless to you all ......
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