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    They want him. Make them pay or foook them off. No more pants down bend over we are Wednesday.
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    Some disrespectful comments about Jack Hunt. He’s much better than what most of you think. Id sooner shift out around 10 first team players before him. I also think he’s suited to the wing back role - got great energy and fitness which is needed for the role. I acknowledge that he gets niggles though but many of our players suffered from injuries last season.
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    It’s very sad, JR is a player we had coveted for years and comes across as a great lad. Very disappointing that it just hasn’t worked for him here.
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    You won't have to wait that long, it will be after every goal he scores for them. For some reason Rhodes has been defended to death on here, and had so many excuses made for him - far more than any other player has. If he agrees personal terms with Norwich and the only sticking point is the fee, I would let him go on a free if that's what it takes for him to get him off our wage bill. A absolutely terrible signing who has been giving an incredible amount of chances with different strike partners and different set ups. Sick of hearing about ' how to get the best out of him' . We've done everything reasonable we can for him, most of it based on his history and reputation rather than anything he has shown whilst here. This move needs to happen.
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    Don’t understand this. Why is Keiron Lee training when he retired in May, like so many of the ITKers on here said?
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    I don't think it's just our star players mate. I think it's all of them even the under 23s. I even have a strong suspicion that even some of the fan Base may be aging too. FFS.
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    Good luck to the lad. Hope we have a clause so he can't play against us, as you know is exactly what will happen
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    Glad if he is going. For whatever reason just not worked out for him at Wednesday. The deciding not to take in a penalty in the shoot out v Huddersfield was just bizarre and sums up his time at Wednesday.
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    Why would he be discussing personal terms for a loan move? He'll be getting the same wage, it's for the clubs to decide what percentage Norwich will cover.
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    Any photos of Sammy bare chested and dripping in sweat ........asking for a friend. Cheers UTO'S
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    And is better than Palmer in both departments boy do we need a replacement.
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    They can only fine Bournemouth because they currently play in the premier league, if we gambled and didn’t get promoted they can impose bigger fines, transfer embargo’s and deduct points which would leave us in a very big mess. It’s a gamble not worth taking
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    The Owls academy are delighted to welcome on board the new scholars, who joined up with the Under-18 squad earlier this week. The 11 youngsters now begin their two-year scholarship at Hillsborough and, along with the rest of the Uner-18 squad, will be put through their paces across Europe as part of their pre-season preparations over the next two weeks. In association with the Erasmus Programme, the Under-18 squad are set to fly out to Vilamoura, Portugal this weekend for a two-week training camp and academy manager Steven Haslam said: “Every player should be proud of starting the two-year scholarship at the club and the hard work starts now. “Our aim is to develop players who can play in a successful first team. The scholarship is a demanding programme, the players train, play and also continue academic studies at the academy. “We look forward to working with this group of players who have been carefully identified and have a huge opportunity to develop as players and people at Sheffield Wednesday.” Head of Education and Welfare Dan Potts added: “The Under-18s depart for a 13-night pre-season training camp in Portugal this weekend, where the players will train and play matches against Hull, Oldham and a local team. “Another element of the tour are the cultural visits in the local area and the players will be learning about the history and language of Portugal.” New scholars (pictured above) from left to right Elliott Vasalo, Michael Ellery, L’varn Brandy, Lewis Farmer, Declan Eratt-Thompson, Luke Jackson, Charlie Reaney, Toby Kenyon, Luke Cox, Sam Oliver, Charles Hagan. Good luck, boys!
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    Is that the price in pounds?
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    If we get a £1m loan fee and his wages covered in full we’ll have done well.
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    Kieran Lee has never been one person. That's why we bought a 6 foot 1 right back and ended up with a 5 foot 9 centre mid.
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    It's just an excuse for another trip down to the owl sanctuary
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    On the subject of Kieran Lee; am I the only person who thinks the recent photos Kieran Lee looks nowt like Kieran Lee??? Compared to.... He's deffo retired, and we're using a lookalike to appease the fans.
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    Hunt is a wing back that can’t cross a ball and a fullback that can’t defend.
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    #OnThisDay in 1998 he came home :-)
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    They should send Naymar to those Thai caves to teach those lads how to dive.
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    Beats me how all these poor South American countries can take thousands to Russia.
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    But, you were one of many many people who were saying our squad was too big and we needed to get rid of some.......I mean, I even agreed with you, don't change it now
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    Last seasons strip finally out. They're getting the hang of this.
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    It's amazing how quickly people have turned against Jordan Rhodes. I want him playing for Sheffield Wednesday, not sold off or loaned out to our rivals.
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    Everybody wanted him to succeed and we all thought he would. In the position we are in as a club we need to balance the books. Of all the players we have on 'big money' contracts Rhodes would have been top of my list to move on. I don't think we are as good of a team without Bannan, Forestieri, Lees etc. We can easily get by without Rhodes in the team due to the strength in depth of our attackers.
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    Good point well made! Every way you look at it this is good news for us !
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    I’m just worried that we won’t even attempt to replace him and make do with what we have, in my opinion that would definitely be a backwards step.
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    I think I'm in a minority here but I think this is a massive mistake and will come back to bites us on the arse.
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    I'd drive him there myself if it wasn't such an awful route consisting of mainly A Roads and a high possibility of getting stuck behind lorries and tractors several times for long periods during the journey.
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    Sensible business considering the financial position we are in. We obviously weren't prepared to extend his contract and £1.6-1.75m fee for someone that could leave for free in a years time is good.
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    No surprise to see hooper struggling at the back
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    Running yeeeeeeeees get in
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    Unlikely mate. If they kept talking about Wednesday they were undoubtedly Blunts. FFS.
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    Both shirts for under £200 as well Great time to be a Wednesday fan
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    My 9 year old grandson is currently being watched by the Real Salt Lake Academy scouts here. Be interesting to see if he gets picked up at the end of the summer. Who knows in 6 years time might have him on Wednesday's books!
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    Official... Defender @Hunty32 has joined @BristolCity on a permanent transfer.. All the best for the future, Jack bit.ly/2MTefDP #swfc
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    Yet anyone who points out just how bad some of the issues at the club are gets bashed and called a blade? LOL I have 2 stories about our chairman, from people i am friends and have passed on their first hand experience of dealing with him and his ways. I wouldn't post on here out of respect to them, but what i will say is that the OP is merely highlighting just how far from reality this guy is. He has zero grasp on value when it comes to what the club should offer it's fans.
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