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    They want him. Make them pay or foook them off. No more pants down bend over we are Wednesday.
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    Some disrespectful comments about Jack Hunt. He’s much better than what most of you think. Id sooner shift out around 10 first team players before him. I also think he’s suited to the wing back role - got great energy and fitness which is needed for the role. I acknowledge that he gets niggles though but many of our players suffered from injuries last season.
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    It’s very sad, JR is a player we had coveted for years and comes across as a great lad. Very disappointing that it just hasn’t worked for him here.
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    Don’t understand this. Why is Keiron Lee training when he retired in May, like so many of the ITKers on here said?
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    Good luck to the lad. Hope we have a clause so he can't play against us, as you know is exactly what will happen
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    Glad if he is going. For whatever reason just not worked out for him at Wednesday. The deciding not to take in a penalty in the shoot out v Huddersfield was just bizarre and sums up his time at Wednesday.
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    Why would he be discussing personal terms for a loan move? He'll be getting the same wage, it's for the clubs to decide what percentage Norwich will cover.
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    Any photos of Sammy bare chested and dripping in sweat ........asking for a friend. Cheers UTO'S
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    And is better than Palmer in both departments boy do we need a replacement.
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    They can only fine Bournemouth because they currently play in the premier league, if we gambled and didn’t get promoted they can impose bigger fines, transfer embargo’s and deduct points which would leave us in a very big mess. It’s a gamble not worth taking
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    If we get a £1m loan fee and his wages covered in full we’ll have done well.
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    Kieran Lee has never been one person. That's why we bought a 6 foot 1 right back and ended up with a 5 foot 9 centre mid.
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    It's just an excuse for another trip down to the owl sanctuary
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    On the subject of Kieran Lee; am I the only person who thinks the recent photos Kieran Lee looks nowt like Kieran Lee??? Compared to.... He's deffo retired, and we're using a lookalike to appease the fans.
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    Hunt is a wing back that can’t cross a ball and a fullback that can’t defend.
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    Sensible business considering the financial position we are in. We obviously weren't prepared to extend his contract and £1.6-1.75m fee for someone that could leave for free in a years time is good.
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    No surprise to see hooper struggling at the back
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    Running yeeeeeeeees get in
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    Yet anyone who points out just how bad some of the issues at the club are gets bashed and called a blade? LOL I have 2 stories about our chairman, from people i am friends and have passed on their first hand experience of dealing with him and his ways. I wouldn't post on here out of respect to them, but what i will say is that the OP is merely highlighting just how far from reality this guy is. He has zero grasp on value when it comes to what the club should offer it's fans.