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    It’s very sad, JR is a player we had coveted for years and comes across as a great lad. Very disappointing that it just hasn’t worked for him here.
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    Any photos of Sammy bare chested and dripping in sweat ........asking for a friend. Cheers UTO'S
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    #OnThisDay in 1998 he came home :-)
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    I'd drive him there myself if it wasn't such an awful route consisting of mainly A Roads and a high possibility of getting stuck behind lorries and tractors several times for long periods during the journey.
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    No surprise to see hooper struggling at the back
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    The day our demise well and truly started.
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    I'd have thought the bare minimum would be a fee that covers whatever Middlesbro are owed this season ... plus 100% of his wages for the duration of the loan ... plus something for the kitty We aren't a charity after all
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    We should have gone for Marshall when we signed Rhodes. Marshall even made Madine look a decent striker. Norwich are piecing the jigsaw together well. Don't let him go out cheap Wednesday, or that's a promotion place given away.
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    Maybe I'm slow, but I've just noticed "PRO-FIT" is an obvious play on the word "profit".
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    "Come to see the Bury, you only come to see the Bury"
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    and as he is only on loan, and he recovers his form, then we get him back when all the other guys currently in their last year of contracts move on.
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    The sale of Hunt is very dependent on his replacement...assuming there is one. If we bring in a young, athletic wing back, then fine. I'd still feel that £1.6m for a modern day full back in his prime is having your pants pulled down...regardless of his contract status. For a comparison...Bristol's Joe Bryan, is very similar to Hunt in terms of the type of player he is, has played a lot less games at this level, but is a couple of years younger...he's out of contract in 12 months time...what is Bristol's asking price? £10m. I'm not saying they'll get that...but it's a long way off the £1.6m were been robbed for. However, if we rely on Liam Palmer and Ash Baker...we'll soon realise how fortunate we were having Hunt at right back. I simply cannot agree with anybody who tries to justify Palmer as a suitable ready made replacement. Palmer is lazy, has the heart of a pea, and is inferior both offensively and defensively. He's poor...always has been, and has shown no improvement since he's been moved to right back. From the brief performance we saw from Baker on the final day, I'd suggest Baker has more in his locker than Palmer has, already. A loan deal for Byram...just doesn't add up. By all accounts a move to Forest is agreed, they are just waiting for West Ham to sign a right back themselves. But a loan deal for Byram wouldn't be cheap also. I reckon we'd be looking at a loan fee of close to Hunt's transfer fee, and his wages will undoubtedly be higher than Hunt's. All that for a player that isn't our own. It wouldn't make any financial sense whatsoever. A loan move for Ola Aina, who was at Hull last season, may be an interesting alternative. Still pretty raw, but played a lot of games last season, is lightening quick and physically strong. If we're looking to reinvest, Nathan Byrne could be a shrewd signing. He's out of contract in 12 months time, and so should cost less than Hunt, both in transfer fee and wages. Can play all the way down the right flank, and has pace and a bit of quality in the final third also.
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    Always remembered for the crutches in the crowd celebrating
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    Arcadian/rocket owl might disagree with you there B&W. He disagrees with everything positive about rhodes. The only positive you will get from him will be when he leaves. I tend to agree with you and hope that Jos can regenerate Rhodes to his former self.
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    Scott Carson’s a very good goalkeeper. 2.5 million would be very cheap.
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    Our struggles last season just highlighted that he is our most important player. Without him we're nothing more than a mid-table side.
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    ha ha, yup you maybe right, Bury did really well to be honest to only get beat 6.0
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    Or they had some kids sizes that needed modelling
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    This is a masterclass from De Bruyne, Hazard and Lukaku.
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    To be fair, didn't he have Barnsley playing like they were Brazil?
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    I'm not attacking you I don't do attacking. Merely detected a negative tone to your post and your response is, in the main, negative. I am happy with the way things are going. You are right that we can't buy before we sell and we have some talent about to come through from development. Last season's injury woes were unbelievable and for long periods we had to play second and third choice players. It would be just too horrendous to believe that we will suffer the same again this season. We have a fantastic squad and with renewed belief in players such as Lucas Joao and Atdhe Nuhiu we have fantastic options. I am also very happy with prices. My season ticket at £15.65p per game is awesome value.
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    Most fees that are reported when attached to transfers are based on "sources" and aren't usually announced by the clubs themselves.
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    My main worry about letting him go has always been that he will rediscover his goal-scoring form of old. Because the only clubs which can afford him are our rivals. And bearing in mind his record against us, well, I hardly need to say ...
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    Loan agreements don't cover performance related bonuses, he'll be going down to discuss these and any possible future contract with Norwich (if it's a loan with a permanent option)
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    Bit of a scaremongering title really. Every club in the entire football league will have quality players in the same situation as B.B. It’s part and parcel of the modern game and unfair to highlight it as exclusive to Wednesday.
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    He did. To dive, bully, cheat and try to get fellow professionals sent off. Didn't work did it. How was the early flight home Colombia? Ha ha ha. Sorry for being childish!!
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    Don't disagree, a genuine shame he couldn't do it with us. But at least in that scenario we'd have the option to sell and at least get our money back.
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    Have to keep hooper and bannan imo...besides if they sign a new contract they would bring in a better transfer sum if we did decide to sell
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    Big Gary is fuming He will stop and point in a minute, mess about with his shorts, then blame someone else for not running
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    Is Inter really a bigger club than Villarreal? Both decent clubs in decent leagues but the leagues are dominated by other clubs
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    Jack Hunt had his medical but sat down after 67 minutes looking in a forlorn way at his shinpads, and walked off clapping fans, high fiving his replacement. It was a scene seen 37 times during the 2017/18 season.
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    Maradona is a massive charlie uniform November tango
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    This leaves us terrifyingly light at right back. Palmer has shown time and time again he's not good enough in this league. I like Hunt, I think he's a solid performer that you can, for the most part, rely on for a solid performance. And £1.6m doesn't sound like a lot for a solid Championship player, 1 year left on contract or not.
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    People seriously need to get a grip on here. We have sold one average player for more than he is worth and reduced both the wage bill and stagnation. With regards the right back spot it's incredulous to think we aren't going to address how poor we are in this area during the close season now we have a grown up manager. CC ignored our poor defence year on year. Neither Palmer or hunt are good enough. One is gone and I wouldn't be bothered if we got rid of Palmer. I imagine Palmer is the lowest of the two salary wise. We are not skint but cannot spend any money without risking breaking the rules so we have to sell a few to lower the wage bill.theres a good half dozen more high earners we can lose without really weakening the squad. It really is pretty simple.
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    I hope getting shut of average players is very much a sign of things to come. The automatic names on team sheets from CC's reign are a thing of the past. Players have to earn the shirt. Youth is given a chance. Income has been generated. More of that please.
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    Lovely indeed......if you are going on a bike ride!
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