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    #OnThisDay in 1967 Wednesday played in front of 40,000 in the Aztec Stadium, Mexico City competing in the "Hexangonal Tournament" & beating Toluca 4-1. Goals from Richie & Ford
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    I’ve been at it again, this time it’s a tribal style pattern t-shirt. We are all members of The Tribe of SWFC!
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    Stood behind the goal at Villa Park (December 1998 I think) and Carbone hit a shot during the warm up. Uncharacteristically of Carbone, it went flying over the bar, I turned round the see where the ball had gone, and hit rebounded off a seat and smashed me full in the face. Broke my glasses, so could see f*ck all all game as well! Lost 2-1, Carbone scored.
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    We dont need any more strikers unless a few leave. How many do you want sat out each week, 7,8,9 ??????????
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    Hasn’t Hooper only just turned 30? For me he’s still the best striker at the club, there’s others I’d be replacing before I replaced him.
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    Runs out next summer, we need to act now and get him signed to a new contract otherwise I think we all know what is going to happen.
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    Who remembers this then? Looking in an old scrap book I have from the 1970s and found this clipping I had kept - I think these events happened in January 1976. How would Fernando manage do you think?
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    £15m pound striker easy
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    Hooper is the type of striker who will still be effective into his mid thirties. He uses his brain ,not speed and he's got a low centre of gravity so he can protect the ball well. For me he is the best striker at the club.
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    The club has to want some to leave The ones the club wants rid of have to want to leave Another club has to want those who are to leave or the players are paid off A price and terms have to be agreed Far from obvious.
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    Derby away in the cup, night match mid 80,s..........the one when it was so cold Martin Hodge got concussion when his head hit the pitch. There was some problem at the turnstiles so we had been led in around the perimeter of the pitch to join the away end , just as i was about level with the goals where Wednesday were warming up i heard a bloke behind me shout "Heads" , i glanced round and saw a stray ball flying towards me. In a trice i showed Wednesday what they had missed by not signing me when i left school by backing off a couple of paces, caught the ball on my chest and volleyed straight back to Hodgies hands (which was pretty impressive as i was wearing about 4 layers of clothes AND a sheepskin, christ it was cold that night). Two things happened...............i got a big Raaaay from the travelling owls and a grin and thumbs up from Mr Hodge himself. As i took my place in the crowd some bloke asked for my autograph ha ha and said "i hope Chapman was watching that............if he was he`ll be thinking why didnt that idiot just head it !!"
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    Years ago my older, now departed relatives used to call it Owlerton. I think this was in general use locally in the early years of the ground.
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    We need young blood like Daryl Murphy and John O'Shea.
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    A wednesday fan has had this carved and sent over to him from a place in Holland What do you reckon? Looks pretty smart to me Where would you put it? Garden?
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    That’s crazy, letting a player of his quality enter into the last year of his contract It’s one thing doing it with youngsters like Clare and Hirst, and regrettable as that was, it would be nothing compared to Joao
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    There's a big space on the outside of the Kop.....
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    Are Ola Tidman and Kim Olsen on Owlstalk? If so would love to hear their answers to this.
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    I’m a Southampton Owl, fed up of only having Reading away other than London games
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    Pre-season for Abdi, Fletcher et al sorted! Nowt like sleeping in cold and wet conditions to maketh the man. Few weeks of hardship and you never feel the cold. I regularly sit in me undies in the house whilst our lass tries to single-handlily melt the ice caps with our central heating on at max power.
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    Once caught a random ball back in 2012 when waiting for a train at Wembley Park station. Just came out of nowhere! Something to do with a nearby penalty shoot out apparently.
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    As opposed to you, the bloke who sets up other profiles to plus himself.
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    Are we even going to be playing with wingers regularly?
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    I caught one of Bannans when I was stood in Hillsborough Park.
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    Looks like the brave little lad had a very special visitor today...
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    Personally think he’s surplus to requirements along with Palmer, Fox, Abdi, Jones & Rhodes. I don’t think he suits Jos’ new system and I’ve been unimpressed with him as a player. Wallace was a much better technical footballer. Unfortunately, like many of the above, I think we are stuck with him.
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    I keep telling my girlfriend I’m going to the match, she hasn’t realised yet that the season has ended, it gets me out of cleaning and shopping.
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    Not for the money. For everything he gave to the club. Managers signed about 6 different goalkeepers to replace him and he came out on top of every single one of them. Absolute legend. Criminal he never got his testimonial.
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    Fitness wise he’s been dissapointing, but we would’ve been nowhere near the playoffs last season without him. He had a knack of scoring key goals for us.
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    A bit of a nothing article and totally misinformed Mentions that Fletcher hasn't done enough, yet he's been injured all season thanks to CC playing him when clearly hampered. Also mentions player wages of 30, 40 & 50k? Chairman said at the fans forum our top paid is £35k. But who would let facts get in the way of a 'good' article eh
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    Grandad always called it Owlerton. Dad referred to it as Wembley of North. Brother always calls it Church. Apart from Hillsboro I like The Old Lady.
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    Not suprisingly it's Owlerton to me . Or the old back yard !!!
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    Your Arse is your gluteus maximus, the lump of muscle that sits at the bottom of your back. Your Elbow is the joint in the middle of your arm. It is important to remember this when engaging in this thread. Thank you
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    Exactly, all my enthusiasm had been drained quite a while before January and in the end I was hoping for the season to end and glad it did. But the way we finished the season and what Jos has done so far is encouraging for the future. It's good to have a break from football or from your main passions from time to time. I've been filling up the gap by watching other sports (most notably the NHL play offs) or by focusing on other things and various other interests. Football isn't the be-all and end-all for me and isn't the only sport worth following. The World Cup this year doesn't excite me but I will still follow it but much more looking forward to next season.
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    Weve needed this for ages. Pelupessy is a replacement for Jones, but when Hutchinson is out we lack an edge in midfield.
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    Many years ago stood at the back of the kop nearly got hid by a Colin West penalty
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    Yes know what you mean I struggled to read it as hate things like this. I've never given any money towards things like this before but the story touched me I just had to give the lad something and I'm glad others did aswell.
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    Highlights for those who couldn't make it:
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    Not good enough get rid
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    Same, i hope Jordan still has a future with us
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    This has now been moved to The Official Matchday Fishing Thread ...
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