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    CC signing Abdi excited me. CC signing Abdi and not having a f*cking clue where to play him shocks me even to this day. I've never known a manager sign so many players that are best suited to every other formation other than the one he so stubbornly stuck to.
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    I thought the current Atletico Madrid shirt was an interesting striped effort, so I’ve made an SWFC version. Not sure what I think of it.
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    They'll have three teams now that their boyfriends and lovers are back from league one.
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    Looks like we've been mauled by the tigers
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    I might be in an ever growing minority here but I want Rhodes to stay. Any manager that can get Nuhiu scoring on a regular basis must be able to do the same with the previously prolific Rhodes.
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    Morón to sign for Wednesday? I’ve seen that happen before
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    Football shirts are not just for kids. Only people who dont wear them say that.
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    I have a receipt from the cafe......
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    Mods hope it’s ok to post this in here! Hi all, In September I will be taking part in the Bangers and Cash (www.bangersandcash.co.uk) car rally where 40 cars will drive from Sheffield to Monte Carlo to raise money for Roundabout, a Sheffield based youth homeless charity. Each of the cars bonnets will be painted by local artists and displayed in Sheffield throughout August. After the event they will be shipped back to Sheffield and auctioned off to raise even more money for the charity (think “Herd of Sheffield” but on wheels!). We’re all big Wednesday fans and the club have kindly agreed to sponsor our car (which they’ll officially announce shortly!). The car will be painted with a Sheffield Wednesday theme and will be unveiled at the Owls in the Park in July. To raise as much money as possible for the charity we are giving people the opportunity to pay £5 to have their name included within the artwork of the car or for £20 you can buy a limited edition signed Sheffield Wednesday print. Both of these are available to purchase on the link below which also contains a link to our just giving page. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Many Thanks https://goo-design.myshopify.com/products/bangers-and-cash-charity-swft-south-stand-artwork
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    Tbf I think we were all more mobile than JR and managed more minutes than Abdi has in two seasons
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    Is this a new thread.
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    How's that working out for you? Asking for a friend
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    Hopefully one that's slightly too small to wind them up even more ??
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    Fallen straight into his trap, stop the supply, cause a demand, start the supply and the gullible will flock to buy. Classic
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    Let's leave Atletico Madrid to being inspired by our traditional kit. Not the other way round.
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    You obviously dont ,so what do you base your opinion on?
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    You're not a TRUE FAN unless you've supported the team since before they existed.
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    You could apply that to every thread!
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    I’m two flat whites in to morning, it’s s big world... (it’s also round in case any flat earthers are logged in)
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    I merely supply the canvas. I can’t be held accountable for cack-handed artistry
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    Can't we just leave the lad alone and judge him in 3 years like Nuhiu
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    I have 3 tickets now which work out at 15 quid for me and 2 under 11's per game …….great value to watch what I think will be a very entertaining and hopefully successful team next season .
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    As the debates rage about how to take the club forward under the shadow of FFP, player contracts and trading, etc, surely the best verdict will be on season ticket sales for the next campaign as the 31 May deadline approaches. Our loyal fans have, hitherto, backed the owner financially after he bought the club and put in big bucks. Rewarded with 2 top 6 finishes, it will interesting to see supporters' reactions to last season's poor showing. While cash may not now be available, the appointment of Jos and his introduction of squad players and youngsters may refresh the squad and gives hope. With the £1 deal for some kids and cheap prices for Under 11s and 17s in May, income will be a better indicator of what Owls feel, rather than just unit sales. And let's hope a couple of good signings and sales help us push on towards top 6. We will now get real fans' verdicts.
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    Absolute top day. Think I'm still getting over the surrealness (and epicness) of playing on the hallowed turf of S6 today. Feel very lucky to have done so.
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    Hurry up then @hirstyno9 ffs!!
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    Wednesday only club team for me but I would say England are my second team. I also look out for our local non league clubs results.
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    I remember as a youngster - and by youngster I mean 7 or younger. I said to my dad - my second team is Everton. He was aghast. His reaction to me was so strong that I instantly realised I had said something that went against everything that was correct and true. I now understand what my dad meant. For a few years I didn't, but I do now. There is only one team for a true fan. I still feel dirty today having said that to my dad, and I am just happy that I think my dad does not now remember this exchange. Wednesday til I die, and no other team comes close. EVER.
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    Because there has been an admission from the previous medical staff that there was a problem but it was felt it was "manageable"
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    Nike kits. It's a tick from me.
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    God I hope not, if its Nike well have some wierd jagged stripes with some day glow orange or green maybe both just splattered all over also add a few random colours never associated with us like purple shorts or some other nonsense, I hate the Nike kits and boots (shudders just thinking about it)
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    All the while Rhodes is hanging around here, he confuses the issue He doesn’t fit either of the ways we play, and the resources would be better spent on similar style cover for the strikers we have
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    so after reading through this thread the conclusion is nobody knows a thing.....not a sausage
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    What's the first team gunna wear then?
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    No doubt be some Cambodian sweat shop for £2 per unit and then £55 in the shop.
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    Would genuinely still take Lombardo as long as he's introduced with a retro Football Italia skit:
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    Just do this to it - sorted...
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    Whatever we think of Westwood it has to be said he's reached 34 without ever threatening to become a premier league regular And he was 2nd choice to Mignolet Not the best CV to attract huge transfer fees
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    By my calculations Benzema at the age of 30 is probably worth about 50m and that goal he scored in the final last night was pretty easy. Based on the fact I think Nuhiu could quite easily score a goal like that and given he's only 28 I believe that goal by Benzema has increased Nuhiu's value in excess of 70m. Does everyone agree?
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    Of course he wants to stay, he has biscuit legs and is making a killing sitting on his backside
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    'Blue Stratos /pint on 30 minutes' in front of me hates him with a fervour and zeal usually only reserved for a Warnock visit.
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    Lost mine recently. Hugs.
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    For Rhodes, he came in under Carlos and we were playing the defensive game, not even trying to attack in the first half, and expecting our forward to just magic goals out of their buts. In that first season where he came in half way thru: He had 4 games paired with nando, and i think we've all recognised at this point that a front 2 with nando in it generally doesnt work, regardless of who he's paired with. He had twice that many games with Winnall. Winnall is short compared to Rhodes, and offers nothing in the way of link-up or hold up play. So the onus fell on Rhodes to do that job. That's not what he's good at and generally ended up with Rhodes a long way from goal, trying to flick it on of put other people thru. This is what people were talking about when they said "not playing to his strengths". We had 2 natural partners for him in Nuhiu and Fletcher. He had no games with Nuhiu and 1 with Fletch (which we won 2-0). He was then dropped to the bench, mostly getting 20-30 minutes thru to the end of the season. Shifting on to this season.. it was the end of October before he got any significant time on the pitch, almost entirely restricted to being a last 15 min sub (which is, again, not his game). Some players are bad off the bench, Rhodes is one of them. Looking at matches he played more than 60 minutes in under Carlos, he scored 4 goals in those 8 games. Which is great. a goal every 2 games is what we thought we were getting.. and when he actually played that's what we got. The problem is.. that this was against the backdrop of a lot of lacklustre cameos and the generally underperformance of our team, ultimately resulting in Carlos going. So with all these negatives, no one saw (or wanted to see?) that when we actually used Rhodes then he was delivering. It was easier to just say "everything's awful, including Rhodes". Maybe worth noting that all 4 of those goals came while partnering Hooper up front, who, while not a natural fit for Rhodes, he hadn't played up front with the previous season. Enter Jos. We shifted to an incredibly defensive formation in an attempt to stop the rot, having lot 5 of the previous 6 games. That sacrificed our attack to a large extent, scoring just 2 goals in Jos' first 5 games. Rhodes featured in just 2 of those, partnered with Joao. In the 6th game (Derby at home) Joao and Rhodes played again and Joao scored 2. That was the beginning of Joao finding some form. Jos put Nuhiu in as his hold up game was a better suit for Joao (just like it would have been a better fit for Rhodes), and tho two took the opportunity and played well, scoring goals thru to the end of the season. Rhodes had a couple of other games, including scoring the only goal in the win over Hull. So what do we take from all of this? 1) Rhodes isn't a target man. He's not built for holding it up and playing in other players. He's the guy you want changes laid on for.. But we knew that already. It's ridiculous that Carlos never gave him someone to play along side. 2) Rhodes is rubbish off the bench. For whatever reason, some players are poor off the bench. It can be hard to get up to speed in a game which is already underway, that's for sure. But also because his game is based so much on movement, he needs a little bit longer to figure out his opponent and how to get them to do what he wants so he can make space for himself. It's be interesting to see how many early goals he's scored in his career. 3) When he plays full matches his goals return is around that 20 a season mark. So the idea that football has moved on seems ridiculous. He can score when given time on the pitch.. even if he doesn't have an ideal partner along side him. When we're playing a front 2, I'd love to see Rhodes/Nuhiu or Rhodes/Fletch. 4) He didn't have much opportunity under Jos, due to the personnel available (Joao's pace is more important when you have no other attacking outlets) and because Joao and Nuhiu's form made them basically undroppable, as it should. So, overall, if we give him a partner.. and play him from the start.. he will get us goals. And not always at the expense of the player he's along side, either. He's never played with Nuhiu, but the one game he had with Fletch, Fletch scored twice. If we're playing 352, then him along side Nuhiu or Fletch seems the best option to me. Probably with Nando at the top of the midfield 3. In a front 3, I'm not sure Rhodes works. You generally want the central player to be a big of a physcial bully, so against Fletch or Nuhiu can do that. The wide players you tend to want trickery and pace to make runs beyond. That's Nando all over, and Joao's shown he can do that when his mind is actually on the game. Personally I'd bring in someone like Youness Mokhtar to play there, as that's exactly what he's built for. That leaves, Winnall, Joao and Hooper trying to find a place in the side, and both of the later two coming into the final year of their contracts. With FFP in mind, it might not be the worst idea to look at moving them on, and picking up what should still be decent fees all. We'd certainly get in excess of 10m for the three, maybe nearer 15. We could ofc cut out losses with Rhodes, ship him out for 3-4mil, then find ourselves at the end of the coming season with Joao and Hooper leaving on fees (because why wouldn't you given the payday it is), Winnall gone and just Nando, Nuhiu and Fletch on the books. Suddenly we'd need to find a goal scorer. Thanks my take anyway.
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    Yes it was, we let him go then he went to stocksbridge for about 8 years, then halifax and fleetwood. So he wasnt good enough back then , and he wasnt good enough for another 8 or 9 years!
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