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    I’m 59 and I’ve always bought them, and worn them My reason? to upset the cool kids
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    I am one of the first to criticise the club and those at the top when I think it's necessary, but I thought I'd start a thread to thank the club for providing so many Wednesday fans with the opportunity to play on the hallowed turf this summer. I believe it has been possible to play on the pitch in years gone by, but this year the club have really tried their hardest to get as many Wednesday fans as possible to have the day of their lives. Apparently it was Katrien Meire that put the idea forward, and James Todd has been the driving force behind making it all happen. Personally, I have managed to feature in three games, and each one was better than the last. Firstly, I was picked to represent the SWFC Fans against the SWFC Staff on the Family Fun Day held at Hillsborough around Easter - I was one of only a handful to enter a Facebook competition! (the SWFC walking football team stepped in to bulk up the squad) The weather wasn't great, and we were only allowed to use a set of long unused changing rooms beneath the North Stand, but playing 30 minutes on the pitch was utterly surreal and there was enough adrenaline in my legs to last me another 90 minutes, regardless of how energy sapping the pitch is (it's gigantic!) Then I entered another competition with Ladbrokes, and again not a lot of people had entered, so I was able to bring a friend with me. This game was even better, as we were able to walk through the players entrance, behind the scenes, use the home dressing rooms and walk down the tunnel and onto the pitch. Getting changed in the changing rooms was like an out of body experience - thinking of all the players that have been in there - and the celebrations that must have taken place - gives you goosebumps. This time, I managed to go one step better by completing a full 90 minutes, and even better, scoring a goal in front of the Kop - mind-blowing. The second best bit was the Cruyff turn I managed while playing out from the back. The third best bit was sitting in a bath where Chris Waddle's testicles might once have been... Last but not least, I organised a squad of mates I play with to play another squad of lads on the pitch today - a fair few of them Owlstalk members or AFC Owlstalk players. Whereas the first two had been freebies, this one cost money as we hired it out - but it was still the best experience.This time I was the first to the changing rooms, and looking back to see my mates taking it all in was a memory I'll take to my grave - all of them Wednesdayites, and all of them open-mouthed as they walked towards the home dressing room. Brilliant. Whereas I'd played with all of them, not everyone knew each other, but we soon settled into it and everyone played so well. To say a lot of them didn't know each other, I was so proud of how much they had gelled and looked like a team. This time, the best bit was giving a team-talk, then hearing the referee's bell to call us out. Walking my team out onto the pitch to the sound of family and friends cheering us out was absolutely stunning. We lost 1-3, could have won 6-3, and a few of the lads were gutted at not taking chances, but every one of us was absolutely buzzing after the game. Our average age was 35ish, we had five players in their forties, but it was like seeing a bunch of giddy 9 year olds in there! Amazingly, James at SWFC allowed the family and friends onto the pitch for a good 15 minutes after the game for photo opportunities and to allow the kids a kickabout - he really is an absolute gem and I'd assume one of many unsung heroes at the club. I got a picture with my dad on the pitch. Nuff said. So to James, Katrien and Mr. Chansiri, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If any of you get the chance to do it next year, snap their hands up - it's an experience you'll never ever forget!
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    Talking to two blunts today who genuinely have second clubs in the Prem / in Europe. That’s the difference for me. Wednesday TIL I flipping die. No second teams. Ever. UTO, FTB (and everyone else imho)
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    ...and I haven’t bought one for years but I’m buying one this season if we go back to a proper traditional striped design. My reason? To encourage Mr C to stop fvcckking about with our identity.
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    Looks like it's been attacked by Freddy Krueger!!!
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    CC signing Abdi excited me. CC signing Abdi and not having a f*cking clue where to play him shocks me even to this day. I've never known a manager sign so many players that are best suited to every other formation other than the one he so stubbornly stuck to.
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    I thought the current Atletico Madrid shirt was an interesting striped effort, so I’ve made an SWFC version. Not sure what I think of it.
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    They'll have three teams now that their boyfriends and lovers are back from league one.
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    Looks like we've been mauled by the tigers
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    I might be in an ever growing minority here but I want Rhodes to stay. Any manager that can get Nuhiu scoring on a regular basis must be able to do the same with the previously prolific Rhodes.
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    I'm 47, and live in a village near Peterborough. Have bought last 3 seasons home and away shirts.. i wear them to my local pub just to show my support for the mighty Wednesday. i may not look good in them (although i think i look great :-) ) I have found that wearing my shirt that i get the "WAWAW" shouted at me and made a few good friends because of it. OK i might be overweigh (a little) but down here i like to show my colours.. and like i said.. i might not look like Ronaldo in a shirt but i'm pround to show my affinity to the club i love..... and at the end of the day... what's wrong about that??
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    If we go back to stripes (and it is a good design), then I'll buy it. I'm reasonably optimistic we will be going back to blue and white stripes this season. Just wish we'd go back to our old badge too :(
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    I wouldn't worry about it yet. Still six months till it appears.
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    The only second i have of anything is pudding
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    Morón to sign for Wednesday? I’ve seen that happen before
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    I think it’s shortsighted commercially to not go with a “prestigious” and well known brand such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour or New Balance. Irrespective of whether the quality is poo or not, the potential to upsell other items (such as polo shirts, tracksuits, socks, etc) in the club shop is greater with a fashionable brand than it is when it’s a less desirable one IMO.
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    Dunt mind sloppy seconds. As long as it were me that med it sloppy FFS
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    Think of the most uncool thing you've ever seen, then look beyond it I'm that dot in the distance
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    Football shirts are not just for kids. Only people who dont wear them say that.
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    I have a receipt from the cafe......
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    Same here, no second teams for me, Just The Wednesday and Rangers..
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    I was talking about school dinners......I have no idea what you mean!!
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    Mods hope it’s ok to post this in here! Hi all, In September I will be taking part in the Bangers and Cash (www.bangersandcash.co.uk) car rally where 40 cars will drive from Sheffield to Monte Carlo to raise money for Roundabout, a Sheffield based youth homeless charity. Each of the cars bonnets will be painted by local artists and displayed in Sheffield throughout August. After the event they will be shipped back to Sheffield and auctioned off to raise even more money for the charity (think “Herd of Sheffield” but on wheels!). We’re all big Wednesday fans and the club have kindly agreed to sponsor our car (which they’ll officially announce shortly!). The car will be painted with a Sheffield Wednesday theme and will be unveiled at the Owls in the Park in July. To raise as much money as possible for the charity we are giving people the opportunity to pay £5 to have their name included within the artwork of the car or for £20 you can buy a limited edition signed Sheffield Wednesday print. Both of these are available to purchase on the link below which also contains a link to our just giving page. Any donations are greatly appreciated. Many Thanks https://goo-design.myshopify.com/products/bangers-and-cash-charity-swft-south-stand-artwork
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    Had a quick look at a Rangers forum yesterday to see their thoughts on Rhodes. Saw your post warning them about him. Must be the fifth time I've ran into you on various parts of the Internet.
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    I quite like it, after 8 pints those stripes will look perfectly straight. UTO'S
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    Thats quite a spurious way to have a dig at the club fella........................well done.
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    Aaahhhh, Prunes in semolina ( insert chundering emoji thingy ) FFS
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    Which begs the question, is supporting a team that does not exist the ultimate in fan loyalty or just plain daft....?
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    naw there delivery plan was shi-t
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    Why?? We've treat him him like poo!! One week he scores the next he’s on the bench...IMO Rhodes is the best striker at the club...and his record says he is!! But we don’t play to his strengths and there’s no point playing him. proof...the last 3 years we have slaged n knocked nuhiu but with an arm around him and a bit of belief, he’s come good. Rhodes is no different!! you don’t score 1 in 2 for 8 years and become a bad striker.
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    Snooker Loopy nuts are we, Bukta, Puma and Nike......
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    Probably been misheard and it's a bloke called Mike who's doing it
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    2nd teams I’d rather Wednesday finish in the top 6 than England win the World Cup
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    Seriously - why do people care? I get kids buying them, they will wear any old cr4p. But why adults? Do people watch Nightmare on Elm St - then dress like Freddy Kruger? Maybe Sesame St, and there are 20,000 fat middle aged Elmo's walking about? Can somebody now please do a Photoshop of Freddy Kruger mauling loads of fat Elmo's?
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    How's that working out for you? Asking for a friend
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    Yep. Pies were a disaster this year. Horrible dry things that just didn’t want to be there. All went wrong after that. Let’s return to the way of the Pukka and push on for promotion again
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    Football shirts aren't just for kids. In fact they're for all ages and genders. Doesn't matter if you're young or old, it's just a piece of clothing but if you want to buy it then what's the harm, plus it helps the club we all support. Personally I occasionally buy them or the run out jackets but mostly buy old shirts to collect them. I didn't like the last few, especially the last couple of home shirts but did buy the fan designed 3rd shirt and recently bought some more retro shirts. Will wait to see what the new ones look like first but hopefully the home kit is back to stripes with black shorts but if I like it I will get it but if I don't I will just get something else from the club instead.
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    Let's leave Atletico Madrid to being inspired by our traditional kit. Not the other way round.
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    You obviously dont ,so what do you base your opinion on?
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    My second team - anyone playing the blunts.
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    Where’s your evidence!
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    You're not a TRUE FAN unless you've supported the team since before they existed.
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    You could apply that to every thread!
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    wow Existentialism at this time of night...
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    pftbdid you have to mention my ex (THE LAST NAME) FROM HELL I am having nightmares now LOL
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    It’s easy to slag the approach in hindsight but it did have us on the brink of the premier league on two occasions. A bit of quality and experience was the difference at Wembley so it’s not surprising that’s what we aimed for. Abdi was lauded as a great signing at the time, Rhodes was seen by many as the final piece of the puzzle given that we had been creating chances and missing too many. Reach was a solid investment and Fletcher has mainly done what was asked of him with reservations on the length of contract. David Jones seemed an odd one as did Emmanuelson and Fox. Lessons need learning on youth players and a balance needs to be struck between buying players who have been there and giving the next generation a go too.
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    Think it's quite ironic really. You'll never walk alone..... unless you screw up in a Champions league final.
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    Can't we just leave the lad alone and judge him in 3 years like Nuhiu
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    I have 3 tickets now which work out at 15 quid for me and 2 under 11's per game …….great value to watch what I think will be a very entertaining and hopefully successful team next season .
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